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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 10, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, the chilling images revealed late today in the second impeachment trial of former president trump. never before seen video of the deadly riots at the capitol. house managers presenting graphic images of that day. much of it from security video from capitol police. showing the mob of trump supporters storming the capitol building at the very moment congress was working to certify the election. the secret service rushing former vice president mike pence and his family from the senate chamber to an undisclosed location. the mob yelling, "hang mike pence" and "fight for trump." the mob searching for house speaker nancy pelosi as she was being evacuated. the haunting moment they call her name in the hallways, with >> where are you nancy, we're looking for you! >> reporter: -- with her staff
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hiding under a desk in a locked room, as rioters ransacked her office. officer eugene goodman seen rushing senator mitt romney to safety, before leading the mob away from the senate door. senator schumer seen racing down the hallway to get to safety with others. and the difficult body cam video tonight of an officer pinned against the door, screaming in pain. house managers arguing former president trump had become the inciter in chief, not just the day of the riots, but in the weeks and months leading up to the attack. tonight, the reaction coming in right now from senators inside that chamber. former president trump in mar-a-lago and what we're learning tonight, his reaction. and that image of his own vice president being whisked to safety. rachel scott and jon karl standing by. the other images revealed late today. the first rioters smashing their way through the windows. the security cameras showing a lone officer pepper spraying them, but overwhelmed. house manager stacey plaskett saying among the group are members of the proud boys. pierre thomas tonight on that part of the story. where does the investigation stand and how many arrests have been made? the other news this
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wednesday night, the new cdc report showing tightly fitted masks do make a difference. and that a tightly fitted mask with a cloth mask over it, double masking, is also effective. what the numbers show from what they studied and what the head of the cdc is now saying tonight. there is also news this evening about that deadly shooting at a health clinic. a mother of two killed. and what we've learned about the suspect. more than 100 million americans bracing for dangerous snow and ice tonight. winter weather alerts across 33 states, from oregon to texas to the east. snow pushing into the northeast. wind chills 30 below in some parts. and rob times it out. and there's news tonight about bruce springsteen, accused of drunk driving in his home state of new jersey. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on this wednesday night. and we begin tonight with the harrowing images revealed late today in the second impeachment trial of former president trump.
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house managers essentially working as prosecutors, making the case on this second day of the trial. that the former president's own words, not just on the day of the deadly riots, but in the weeks and in the months ahead of that day, all led up to that siege at the capitol. they pointed to the president's own words over and over again. what he said that day, and how supporters in the crowd were reacting in real time to what he was saying. and what they did next. a short time later at the capitol, they were there and then house managers late today with a warning about the graphic images they were about to show this country. much of it seen for the first time. rioters approaching the capitol, smashing in windows, then breaking right through them. and then crawling right into the capitol building. and today, for the first time, the view from inside from security cameras. a lone officer overwhelmed, armed only with pepper spray. the rioters pouring in through the windows, breaching the capitol. we have reported here on the heroic officer, eugene goodman, and look at this view tonight. he's guiding the rioters right past the door, leading them away
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from the senate chamber. and tonight, harrowing video of vice president mike pence, for the first time, taken down the stairs to a safe shelter with members of his family. house managers saying some of the rioters were talking about assassinating the vice president. then the mob seen searching for house speaker nancy pelosi, at times using the president's nickname for her. and the audio from the hallways tonight. >> where are you, nancy? we're looking for you. nancy! oh, nancy! nancy! >> that was the audio in their search for the house speaker. and this view tonight from an officer's body camera, the assault. we have reported on so many officers who came under attack that day. we will carefully guide you through it all here tonight and the reaction coming in right now from senators who were inside that chamber today, as the evidence was presented. abc's rachel scott leading us off from the hill again tonight. >> reporter: on day two of the trial, house managers, acting as
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prosecutors, made the case that former president donald trump's own words, not just on the day of the riots, but that his words in the weeks and months before the riots, all led to the horror that played out on january 6th. repeatedly telling supporters for months, the only way trump loses is if it is rigged. >> his false claims about election fraud, that was the drumbeat being used to inspire, instigate and ignite them, to anger them. >> reporter: they say he became the inciter in chief. tweeting, "be there, will be wild." then on that day, the former president said this -- >> we fight like hell. and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. >> reporter: house managers methodically showed how the supporters in the crowd that day received those words from the president. and late today, house managers issued a warning before showing these images.
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what happened shortly after the president's words. never before seen security footage from inside the capitol on january 6th. the vice president whisked from the senate chamber down a staircase to safety. >> while the vice president pence was being evacuated from the senate chamber, rioters were, at that time, breaking into the capitol. >> reporter: showing what was happening outside. trump supporters smashing the windows. then, the view from inside. >> we are seeing the inside view as the mob approaches from outside and beats the windows and doors. and a lone police officer inside responds and begins to spray the first man who enters but is quickly overwhelmed. among this group are members of the proud boys. >> reporter: you can see senator mitt romney warned by officer eugene goodman to find safety, then seen running down a hallway. senator chuck schumer and others
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fleeing, too. >> as you were moving through that hallway, i paced it off, you were just 58 steps away from where the mob was amassing and where police were rushing to stop them. >> reporter: staffers seeking shelter wherever they could as rioters breached the building. house managers repeatedly made the case -- the president's own words led to this. many supporters carrying the trump flag. >> so they came, draped in trump's flag and used our flag, the american flag, to batter and to bludgeon. >> reporter: they again spoke of the heroism of officer eugene goodman, who can be seen leading rioters past the entrance to the senate chamber. impeachment manager stacey plaskett on the danger for the vice president. >> they were talking about assassinating the vice president of the united states.
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>> reporter: and then, the images as they search for house speaker nancy pelosi. >> where are you, nancy? we're looking for you. nancy! oh, nancy! nancy! where are you, nancy? >> reporter: showing the speaker's staff hiding under a table as the speaker's office is ransacked. you can hear her staffers whispering in horror. >> they're with -- we need capitol police come into the hallway. they're pounding on doors trying to find her. >> reporter: it was graphic, visceral and it was personal for the senators who now serve as the judge and jury in the impeachment trial of former president donald trump. accused of putting their lives at risk. and they argue trump reacted with glee and delight when the violent mob laid siege on the capitol. >> he watched it on tv like a reality show.
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he reveled in it and he did nothing to help us as commander in chief, instead, he served as the inciter in chief. >> reporter: and amid these new and horrifying images tonight, these words for the senators. >> the truth is, this attack never would have happened but for donald trump. >> so, let's get back to rachel scott, up on the hill again tonight for us. and of course, house managers, democrats essentially working as prosecutors here, making their case first as this trial unfolds. and they did so today, rachel, as you report tonight, using this harrowing evidence, much of it never seen by the country before. and rachel, i'm curious, what was the reaction inside the chamber as the evidence was being presented? and i know some senators on both sides are now -- who are now jurors, of course, now reacting to all of this tonight. >> reporter: david, complete silence inside of the chamber. senators straining in their seats, shaking their heads in disgust. republican senator lisa murkowski saying tonight that she is outraged, calling that evidence damning.
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and then senator mitt romney said it was his first time seeing that footage, watching the moments where he ran for his safety. he says that he did not flinch at all, but he had no idea that that violent mob was just steps away. tonight, romney thanking the officer that warned him that danger was ahead. that officer, of course, was eugene goodman. and tonight, he is back here at the capitol, spotted just right outside the senate chamber, david. >> really something for these senators to see themselves in these images for the first time. rachel scott leading us off again tonight. rachel, thank you. the former president in mar-a-lago, now his defense will come, of course, later in the trial. i do want to bring in jonathan karl, our chief washington correspondent tonight, and jon, so many of those images we hadn't seen before and, of course, the video of former vice president mike pence, an ardent supporter of former president trump for four years, so loyal to the president. then seen escorted from the chamber, whisked to safety, his life in danger. and we reported at the time here that there was no call from the
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president to check in on the well-being of his vice president. >> reporter: david, this was damning on so many levels. it was especially jarring to hear those blood thirsty chants for mike pence's life, and to know how close that mob, to see how close that mob came to getting him. and consider this. while pence was locked in a room just outside the senate chamber and as that mob was closing in, donald trump took to twitter to attack pence for not having courage, for not having the courage to overturn the election. and we now know that just two minutes after that tweet from donald trump, that was when pence was rushed out to safety and the mob was closing in. and you're right, we reported earlier that donald trump didn't bother to call, to check in on mike pence during that day, in fact, david, it was several days later before he even spoke to his vice president. >> all right, jon karl on that part of the story tonight. jon, thank you.
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and of course, the rioters, you saw in all of those new images released today. the arrests across this country. i want to bring in pierre thomas, our chief justice correspondent, on this part of the story tonight. and pierre, as we go back to the video, the body camera video, officers under attack, overwhelmed. the house managers, congresswoman stacey plaskett, making the case that among those in the crowd were members of violent extremist groups, proud boys and others. pierre, what are you learning about those groups involved in this and the arrests tonight? >> reporter: david, the video and the audio are chilling. hearing the concern in the voice of the officers and seeing the fury and the violence they faced, so compelling. i'll never forget the look in the eye of the d.c. police officer who told me that as he was being beaten by that mob, some were yelling, "shoot him with his own gun." they played a portion of our interview today during the senate trial and we now know that among those in the crowd were proud boys, militia members, qanon conspiracy believers and others. and david, some of them have been accused of planning to attack beforehand. nearly a dozen ex-members of the military have been arrested
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along with several police and even an attorney. as one source put it, it was a large and broad group. 400 suspects identified, david, with the potential for hundreds more. >> pierre thomas, rachel scott, jon karl, our entire team on this date two of the trial. our thanks to you all. in the meantime, we move onto other news this wednesday evening. the new cdc report showing that tightly fitted masks make a difference. and that a tightly fitted mask with a cloth mask over it is also effective. what the numbers show in this new study and word tonight from the new cdc director. and of course, the race to vaccinate in this country. 33,783,000 people getting at least one dose. that's 10.2% of the population, as we continue to track this. abc's whit johnson tonight at new york's citi field, the city's newest vaccination site, opening just today. >> reporter: tonight, the cdc is out with new evidence that shows how important it is how your mask fits. in helping to protect you from
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the virus. the cdc conducted experiments to assess two ways of improving the fit of masks. first, wearing a medical procedure mask and fitting a cloth mask over it. second, wearing a medical procedure mask and knotting the ear loops, then tucking in the extra material close to the face. each scenario could reduce the risk of transmission by more than 95%. >> the bottom line is this -- masks work and they work best when they have a good fit and are worn correctly. >> reporter: the proper use of masks and getting more people vaccinated, all the more critical with new variants raging across the country. california today reporting its first two cases of the more contagious south african variant. >> we have vaccines that work well against it, and obviously we're going to be planning, if necessary, to upgrade vaccines in the future, if we ever have to do that. >> reporter: some experts suggesting the increase in mutations may require vaccine shots every year in the near future. >> i think we're going to try to configure a vaccine that has much more durable and widespread
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protection, but that may take a few years. >> reporter: the biden administration says the nation's vaccine supply has increased by 30% since taking office. the u.s. now averaging nearly 1.5 million vaccinations every day. but getting vaccinated still a challenge. long lines from texas to illinois. in new york city today, citi field, home of the mets, now a vaccination site. but opening day coming with a dose of reality. a lack of supply. you can see, not much of a line here. that's because, for now, the stadium can only offer about 200 shots per day. >> we're so ready for more that if we got it today, this evening, we could start doing 5,000 vaccinations a day at this site here. >> reporter: snow, now, david, back to that new study on masks, whether it's wearing two masks or twisting the ear loops, it's all about having a snug fit. and to be clear, the cdc is not recommending any changes to its guidelines, they just want to make sure most importantly that everyone is wearing that mask. david?
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>> that's right, whit, in their words, the bottom line, masks work, they work best when they have a good fit. so, either wear it very fitted, with that little nose clip, or the cloth mask over it. those are the two scenarios they put out thk actumas erence. whit johnson tonight. thank you, whit. when we come back here, we know more than 100 million americans bracing for dangerous snow and ice tonight. winter weather alerts across 33 states. we're going to take you through it all. rob marciano standing by with the forecast tonight. ted, i now earn even more cash back? oh i got to tell everyone. hey, rita! you now earn 3% on dining, including takeout! bon appetit. hey kim, you now earn 5% on travel purchased through chase! way ahead of you! hey, neal! you can earn 3% at drugstores. buddy, i'm right here. why are you yelling? because that's what i do! you're always earning with 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase, 3% at drugstores, 3% on dining including takeout, and 1.5% on everything else you buy. chase. make more of what's yours.
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ask a financial professional about pacific life. we are learning more tonight after that deadly shooting at a health clinic in buffalo, minnesota. authorities say gregory ulrich opened fire, killing medical assistant lindsay overbay. she was a mother of two. four others wounded. court records now show he had been barred from that clinic, accused of threatening and harassing a doctor there. and we learned today that bruce springsteen is facing a drunk driving charge in new jersey. the national parks service confirming he was arrested in sandy hook in november. he was cited for alleged dwi, reckless driving. authorities say he was cooperative during his arrest. tmz now reporting he has a court date in a few weeks. when we come back on the broadcast tonight, celebrating the tuskegee airmen. robin roberts and her very personal connection. by refusin. the ford motor company does not resist,
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in world war ii, the tuskegee airmen fought for america while fighting segregation at home. in a new documentary, robin roberts explores their bravery. she saw that bravery in her father. >> reporter: their historic achievements would inspire great change in the military and at home. my dad was in the 477th medium bombardment group. our war, my dad said, was also fighting bigotry, prejudice and segregation. the men of the 99th are used as escorts. one of the riskiest roles in air combat. their job was to protect white pilots flying in b-17 and b-24 bombers. >> round of ten. keep your eyes open.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: to the surprise of white pilots, the tuskegee airmen go on to play a vital role in the u.s. victory in world war ii. >> yesterday, i fulfilled one of my ambitions as a combat pilot. i got one airplane. >> reporter: they had flown over 15,000 sorties and earned one legion of merit, one silver star, 14 bronze stars, 96 distinguished flying crosses and many purple hearts. but the returning tuskegee airmen were in for disappointment. >> segregation was still a part of the army leadership. >> reporter: just prior to the war's end, at the freeman field airfield in indiana, a group of tuskegee-trained pilots decided to push back against their mistreatment. by 1948, president truman integrated the armed services -- >> we didn't set out and go do it because that's what we wanted to happen, but certainly what
5:58 pm
was accomplished, that we carry on the lessons that we hope to carry on. >> i never thought i'd worry about my baby girl anymore, but -- >> reporter: oh, no need to worry. >> it's beautiful. beautiful. >> reporter: wow. my father passed away in 2004, but his legacy, like that of all the tuskegee airmen, is enduring. it is a legacy of determination, pride and courage. >> courage, indeed. and robin's documentary tonight on the history channel. good night.
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it's a holiday weekend. a lunar new year begins friday. taking the same precautions because of the pandemic. a refinery spill into the bay that may not be as bad as it first looked. and when it comes to california dreaming, diversity is a strength in more ways than you may realize. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> yesterday i also said we hadn't identified any south african variants. that's no longer true. >> and what a difference a day makes. another coronavirus variant has come to california in patients who are right here in the bay area. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. the concern with the south african variant of the coronavirus is that it could reduce the effectiveness of some of the vaccines. it was first identified in south africa in december, and now the fist cases in california are among two bay area patients. protecting our health is a major
6:00 pm
part of building a better bay area, and abc7 news reporter kate larsen is live now with late details on this new strain. kate? >> reporter: dan, here is the detail. there isn't one confirmed case of the south african variant in alameda county, and in santa clara there is one case and another presumed case involving two people in the same household who recently traveled internationally and developed symptoms after returning home. >> the encouraging news from our end is that this person upon returning immediately quarantined. and therefore we don't know of any opportunities future further spread. >> reporter: now a lab at stanford performed the genomic sequencing for the studies. there is very limited capacity for labs to rapidly identify and track these emerging variants. she says it reminds her of the early days of testing in the spring when there was no


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