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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 13, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air, former president trump acquitted in his historic second impeachment trial. seven republicans joining democrats to vote guilty on the charge of incitement of insurrection, but falling short of the two-thirds needed to convict. he is hereby acquitted of the charge. >> the decision coming hours after a dramatic debate over witnesses. following the vote, strong words from senator mitch mcconnell, despite voting to acquit, saying trump is, quote, practically and morally responsible for the events on january 6th. and tonight, former president trump reacting to the verdict. rachel scott and terry moran standing by. double winter punch. more than 200 million americans on alert as relentless rounds of snow and ice slam much of the country. hundreds of thousands without power.
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treacherous conditions wrecking havoc from seattle to d.c. in nashville, icy roads causing this 21-car pileup and it's not over yet. more snow, ice and bitter cold on the way. relaxing covid restrictions. several states easing rules this valentine's day weekend. new york city allowing indoor dining at 25% capacity and montana lifting its mask mandate. this, as a new report suggests the uk variant is likely more deadly. subway stabbings. new york city adding 500 officers to the transit system after two separate killings on the a-train. two other people slashed or stabbed on the same line in just 24 hours. what we've just learned from police. the major earthquake overseas. the 7.3 magnitude quake rattling fukushima, japan, and surrounding areas. hundreds of thousands now without power. and a golfer's big dream. the setbacks and determination
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driving one man to his first pga tour. good evening. thanks for joining us on a busy saturday night. i'm whit johnson. we begin with the historic end to the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. this time, accused of incitement of insurrection, after the violent assault on the capitol. tonight, the senate has acquitted the former president by a vote of 57-43. seven republicans joining every democrat in voting guilty. but falling short of the two-thirds majority required to convict. the vote after a dramatic twist. the house managers acting as prosecutors moving to call a witness about a heated phone call between republican leader kevin mccarthy and the former president during the siege. mr. trump reportedly refusing to tell the rioters to stand down. the president's lawyers expressing outrage at the move.
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an adviser to the former president saying if there would be witnesses, their side would call more than 300. then, a compromise. a statement from a representative about that phone call in question would be added to the record. donald trump immediately issuing a statement after the verdict, calling impeachment, "yet another phase of the greatest witch-hunt in the history of the country" saying his movement has only just begun. but then mitch mcconnell released a blistering attack on the man he had just voted to acquit. abc's congressional correspondent rachel scott leads us off. >> reporter: on day five of his impeachment trial, former president donald trump acquitted for the second time by the senate. >> senators, how say you? >> reporter: on the charge of incitement of insurrection, the majority of senators, all of the democrats -- >> mr. burr. >> vote guilty. >> mr. burr, guilty. >> reporter: -- and seven republicans finding trump guilty. but still falling short of the two-thirds necessary to convict.
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>> he is hereby acquitted of the charge in said article. >> reporter: before the vote, some last-minute drama in the chamber. lead house impeachment manager jamie raskin saying republican congresswoman jamie herrera beutler must be subpoenaed to testify. >> needless to say, this is an additional critical piece of corroborating evidence. >> reporter: it came after news reports overnight about that heated phone call between republican leader kevin mccarthy and former president donald trump in the middle of the riot. herrera beutler saying mccarthy told her it was a shouting match. mccarthy pleading with trump to tell his supporters to stand down saying, quote, "you've got to hold them. you need to get on tv right now. you need to get on twitter. you need to call these people off." trump responding, "kevin, they're not my people." mccarthy then saying this, quote, "yes, they are. they just came through my windows and my staff is running for cover.
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yeah, they're your people. call them off." the former president telling mccarthy, quote, "well, i guess these people are just more angry about the election and upset than you are." [ crowd chanting "hang mike pence" ] >> reporter: that afternoon, mccarthy told abc news about his attempts to get through to trump. >> as i was stuck within my room, i called the president, explained to him what was going on. >> reporter: the house managers saying this account is so damning, herrera beutler must testify and share her account of that conversation. trump's defense team objecting strongly, claiming they were blindsided. >> i think that's inappropriate and improper. we should close this case out today. >> the clerk will call the roll. >> reporter: the majority of senators -- >> ms. murkowski. >> aye. >> mr. romney. >> aye. >> reporter: including five republicans voting to call witnesses, hear depositions, see more evidence. but the defense team erupting, banging fists on the table. there was confusion in the chamber.
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senator ron johnson telling colleagues, "this should have been over by now." then senator lindsey graham. >> i'd like to change my vote to aye. >> reporter: threatening to extend the trial even further, tweeting, "if the body wants witnesses, i am going to insist we have multiple witnesses." after debate, an abrupt change. there would actually be no witnesses. neither side wanting a lengthy trial. both sides agreeing instead to admit a statement from herrera beutler into evidence where she laid out that conversation. and then democrats moved forward with their closing arguments, making this impassioned plea. >> senators, this cannot be the beginning. it can't be the new normal. it has to be the end, and that decision is in your hands. >> reporter: but by the end of the day, it made no difference. the outcome, what most republicans predicted from the outset -- acquittal. >> this has been perhaps the most unfair and flagrantly
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unconstitutional proceeding in the history of the united states senate. >> reporter: and after it was all over, perhaps the most forceful condemnation of trump came not from democrats but from republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> there's no question, none, that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. no question about it. >> those comments getting a lot of attention tonight. so, let's get right to rachel scott, who has been covering this trial from the beginning. and, rachel, this was historic. seven republicans voting to convict a former president of their own party. we heard those blistering comments there from senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, but he voted to acquit former president trump. and tonight, he tried to explain why. >> reporter: yeah, whit. mitch mcconnell not holding back tonight, but still defending his vote to acquit. he says it's unconstitutional to try a former president, but it's
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worth noting here that mcconnell could have started the impeachment trial while trump was still in office. and tonight, his words have democrats outraged. house speaker nancy pelosi calling it pathetic. whit? >> all right, rachel scott, thank you again for all of your reporting on a busy week. let's bring in abc's senior national correspondent terry moran. and, terry, former president trump is responding tonight. we haven't seen him publicly since january 20th, the inauguration, and this is his first reaction to the trial. >> reporter: it is, whit. and it will come as no surprise that president trump, former president trump, has no expression of remorse or regret at all. as you pointed out, he calls the impeachment another phase of the greatest witch-hunt in the history of our country. and then he looks ahead in this statement. he says that the make america great again movement has only just begun and "i look forward to continuing our incredible journey together in the months ahead." and so, he sounds not just undaunted, but triumphant.
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>> and, terry, we've also witnessed the bitter division within the republican party over this impeachment. where does the gop go from here? >> reporter: no one knows, whit. right now, it looks like mitch mcconnell and other republicans are trying to drive donald trump out of the party, not by voting to convict him, but by essentially accusing him, holding him accountable for the riot and almost inviting local prosecutors to do their work for him. but donald trump clearly is going nowhere, and you can't name another republican with greater name recognition, ability to raise money, dominate news cycles or generate big crowds. i think we all know donald trump, he'll be back. whit? >> all right, terry moran on this historic night in washington. thank you very much. and now to our other big story that we're following on this saturday night, the brutal winter blast from coast to coast. relentless rounds of snow and ice wreaking havoc. more than 200 million people on alert. near san antonio, texas, a car overturning on icy roads. in greensboro, north carolina, ice downing trees and power
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lines. a transformer catching fire there. more than 800,000 customers across the country without power heading into the frigid overnight hours. here's abc's alex presha. >> reporter: tonight, 200 million people in the path of dangerous winter weather. relentless rounds of snow and ice paralyzing travel coast to coast and causing mass power outages. icy roads to blame for this 21-car pileup on interstate 24 in nashville. at least a dozen people injured. this 18-wheeler in washington sliding off the freeway and tipping over. and watch as this suv skids, struggling on the icy road. and tonight, more than 800,000 customers without power. in greensboro, north carolina, an ice storm covering trees as far as the eye can see. the storm now marching north, hitting d.c., maryland and virginia. thick sheets of ice wreaking havoc, ripping down trees and power lines. the weather forcing several
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covid vaccination sites to close in washington, oregon and texas. crews there treating roads. the governor issuing a disaster declaration for the entire state. >> all of texas is facing an extremely dangerous winter storm. >> reporter: and in san antonio, good samaritans coming together to flip this car that overturned on an icy road. here in d.c., our live location was actually supposed to be up a hill around the corner, but we couldn't even get there because of all of this black ice. nearby, virginia state troopers have responded to nearly 300 crashes since midnight. whit? >> all right, alex presha for us. thank you. let's go right to meteorologist brittany bell from our raleigh station wtvd. and, brittany, walk us through the timing of all of this. >> reporter: well, whit, that major winter blast will impact most of the lower 48 this weekend through early next week. even bringing another round of heavy rain and snow across the northeast, as well. these alerts stretch from north dakota all the way down to south texas.
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and then, an ice storm warning for washington, d.c. you'll see that snow falling in the central and southern plains and then moving to the northeast again early next week. on top of that, we are expecting accumulating snow and ice across more than half of the country, that ice stretching from houston all the way to new york, making travel very dangerous over the next few days. whit? >> all right, we'll be watching all that. brittany, thank you so much. next tonight, the coronavirus and cases falling while restrictions are being lifted, even as the highly contagious variants spread across the country. montana ending its statewide mask mandate. new york city resuming indoor dining at 25% capacity. 37 million people have now had at least one dose, that's 11.3% of the u.s. population. and tonight, the surprising new study on just how rare allergic reactions have been to the vaccine. here's abc's trevor ault. >> reporter: tonight, several states relaxing restrictions this valentine's day weekend amid seemingly optimistic
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coronavirus trends. starting sunday in new york, the restaurant curfew extending an hour to 11:00 p.m. and right now in new york city, indoor dining returning at 25% capacity. >> valentine's day, we're open all day. all our regulars have been waiting 11 months to come back. >> reporter: montana now the latest state to lift its mask mandate. but mutations of the virus continue to spread across the country. and today, a new report suggests it's likely the uk variant is deadlier though more research is needed and vaccines have been shown to work well against it. regardless, health experts are warning against states returning to normal too quickly. >> with cases, hospitalizations and deaths still very high, now is not the time to roll back mask requirements. >> reporter: more than 13 million americans have now been vaccinated, but getting access to the shots is still a hurdle for many. los angeles sites like dodger stadium are expected to stay
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closed until tuesday because they're out of shots. and a dosing shortage at this site in alabama meant hundreds turned away before the doors even opened. >> we got here before 5:00. and, yeah, i'm surprised at how many people came out. >> reporter: in hopes of ramping up supply, moderna is now in talks with the fda to potentially increase its ten-dose vials to as many as 15 doses. and as thousand of teachers get their shots before heading back to school, the cdc rolling out its new outline for returning students safely into classrooms. an issue still hotly contested across the country. georgia special education teacher mark suttles died of covid this week. his wife lashane says he'd been teaching remotely, and she doesn't know where he caught the virus, but he had been coaching high school track in person. >> you're putting educators in danger. you're putting the people that are teaching the future in danger. >> reporter: and tonight, a new study shows allergic reactions to the vaccine are extremely rare. out of more than 17 million shots examined, only 66 people had reactions.
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whit? >> that is encouraging news. trevor ault for us. thank you so much. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the deadly subway stabbings. two killed after a string of attacks on the same train line here in new york city. the move tonight by police to protect commuters. and the latest on a major earthquake overseas. the quake striking near the site of japan's 2011 nuclear disaster. stay with us. e plans, there's so much to take advantage of. like $0 copays on virtual visits... ♪ wow ♪ uh-huh $0 copays on primary care visits and lab tests. ♪ wow ♪ uh-huh plus, $0 copays on hundreds of prescription drugs. ♪ wow ♪ uh-huh unitedhealthcare medicare advantage plans. including the only plans with the aarp name. most plans have a $0 premium. it's time to take advantage. ♪ wow ♪
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4:18 pm
wounds to his neck and torso around 11:30 friday night. and just two hours later, a 44-year-old woman found with several stab wounds. both happened on the a-train, though miles apart, and both victims dying. and police are investigating two more stabbings on the same train line on the same night. now, they're increasing patrols around the city's subway stations like this one, with 500 additional officers. >> we will immediately commence a surge of officers to patrol both above and below ground. >> reporter: this comes following several incidents of violence in recent weeks. a man slashed across the face in a confrontation with another rider. >> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: and a woman surviving being pushed off the platform in the bronx in what appeared to be another unprovoked attack. and, whit, though there has been a recent increase in violent crimes, this comes amid a drop in overall subway crimes since the beginning of the pandemic. whit? all right, janai, our thanks
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what else can you do? absolutely nothing. like nothing. to the index and a major earthquake off the coast of japan. the 7.3 magnitude quake rattled fukushima and the surrounding area, causing damage to shops and homes. power was knocked out to hundreds of thousands. no reports of irregularities at the fukushima nuclear plant which, of course, suffered major damage in a quake ten years ago. to the latest on the fatal shooting of a yale student. a funeral service held today for kevin jiang at a church in new haven, connecticut.
4:23 pm
the 26-year-old was found fatally shot near yale's campus last week. m.i.t. graduate qinxuan pan is now wanted for questioning in connection to the murder. authorities say he was last spotted near atlanta. when we come back, driving towards a dream. the golfer making his pga tour debut. the incredible story of how he got there, next. do we really need a sign to live, laugh, and love? -yes. -the answer is no. i can help new homeowners not become their parents. -kee-on-oh... -nope. -co-ee-noah. -no. -joaquin. -no. it just takes practice. give it a shot. [ grunts, exhales deeply ] -did you hear that? -yeah. it's a constant battle. we're gonna open a pdf. who's next? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. no fussin', no cussin', and no -- ♪ ♪ be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? finally tonight, america strong. from using a stick as a golf club to teeing up for a pga tour, the golfer finally living his dream. >> 109, the yardage. >> reporter: making his debut with the pga tour this week, 27-year-old kamaiu johnson
4:27 pm
driving his way towards a dream he once thought impossible. overcoming a life of struggle, raised in a two-bedroom apartment with six other family members in tallahassee. a school dropout at just 13. but his swing catching the attention of jan auger. >> the first time i met him, i was playing golf, and i saw him across the -- two fairways over. >> i was swinging a stick outside my apartment complex. and she comes over, and i'm like, oh, is she coming over to tell me, like, to get off the course? >> and i noticed he had a really nice swing, and that's what caught my attention. i said, "hey, you want to go to the range and hit some real balls?" and he's like, yeah, and his face just lit up. >> reporter: auger taking johnson under her wing, becoming what johnson describes as his second mother. her support boosting johnson's level of play. and his determination propelling him to win a dozen mini tours before he learned of his big break on a video call in october. >> we would like you to be our exemption and play that pga tour. >> are you serious?
4:28 pm
>> yeah, i'm absolutely serious. >> wow. that's -- that's life changing. >> reporter: then that joyful moment shattered by a covid diagnosis the very week he was supposed to play. >> i was devastated, man. i mean, because you don't get these opportunities to play on the pga tour very often, and especially coming from where i come from, man, like, you know, i didn't think i was going to get another opportunity. >> reporter: but this week, johnson was back on the course and living his dream at the at&t pebble beach pro-am sharing this message. >> never give up, and that's what i have on my golf club is to enjoy the process and never give up. >> and we are cheering you on. that is for sure. thank you so much for watching. i'm whit johnson. i'll see you tomorrow on "gma." linsey davis right back here tomorrow night. good night. >> announcer: thank you for making "world news tonight with david muir" america's most watched newscast. >> announcer: robin roberts, george stephanopoulos, michael strahan, wake up with america's
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number one most
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>> i mean, it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking and frustrating. >> on abc 7 news, a call for healing and unity this lunar new year following recent attacks on asian-americans. today an east bay city takes new measures to stop the violence. >> and a new mass vaccination site in the bay area booked solid today and the latest covid-19 numbers are encouraging. and fire ravages a piece of bay area history. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. the senate judges that donald john trump former president of the united states is not guilty as charged in the articles of impeachment. >> former president donald trump


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