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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 15, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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president trump has been acquitted he's said to be planning his next move in politics. and here's a live look from our abc 7 roof camera at the embarcadero. rain fell overnight and mike is tracking lingering showers. >> good morning, again, everybody. it's monday, february 15th. happy presidents' day. mike, a check of the weather. a little rainy this morning. >> yeah, it really is unfortunately, if you're trying to get out and about it's damp with periods of rain, drizzle, everything is sloppy and wet. that's going to be the case through the morning commute. in fact, we're a 1 on the storm impact scale. less than .15 left out of the storm. your hardest commute weather wise because of the slickness on the streets will be this morning. a look at live doppler 7 plenty of gray and not a lot of rain radar. the moisture from 880 is close to the ground. the radar overshoots it a little bit. it is drizzle with light rain,
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1500 since midnight in oakland. 48 to 52, mild, mid to upper 50s with rain still around. by 4:00 it will be mostly cloudy, same at 7:00, dropping into the low to mid 50s by then. a couple more chances coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's kumasi with the first story. >> we are on vaccine watch as we work to build a better bay area. today two of san francisco's largest covid-19 vaccination site will be closed because of a lack of supply. abc 7 amy hollyfield live at moscone center. more on the temporary shutdown. amy? >> good morning, kumasi. this site was open for just about a week, but now they're having to temporarily close it. they'll also be shutting down for a little while, the site at city college. they will both be closed because of lack of supply. city officials opened these large sites and said they hoped to have the city vaccinated by the end of june. but at moscone they have the
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capability to vaccinate 10,000 people a day but supply has been inconsistent and it's difficult to know how many people to bring in to staff these sites when they don't know what they're going to be getting. officials say they need to pause for now. >> it is really hard to pause operations. none of us want to do it. it is temporary. we know we will get more vaccine and, you know, it's really -- it does appear to be a supply chain production issue. >> reporter: the mayor tweeted her frustrations saying the two locations have been running well for weeks and the only thing holding us back is lack of supply. she says city college should reopen friday to administer second doses to people and she's hoping for more information about supply in the next few days. this site here at moscone will be closed at least a week. live in san francisco, amy
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hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. other bay area counties are facing a similar situation. mass vaccination sites are open but only so many vaccinations can happen with a limited unpredictable supply. san mateo county's event center by appointment only. opening spots as vaccines become available. the alameda fairgrounds has been set up with a vaccination site with a goal of 5,000 a day. the number of people naitsd at this site is far fewer than it capacity. santa clara they're shifting personnel and vaccine from site to site to make sure they're all in operation. >> we moved the appropriate number of doses to the various sites to make sure they have at least a minimal amount of vaccine to be able to continue the operation going. >> now there is a bit of good news coming this week. a mass vaccination site is opening at the oakland coliseum tomorrow. state and federal agencies will operate the site together and
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have access to a different supply pool. the plan is to operate at max capacity on day one and that's going to be 6,000 doses per day. here's the latest look at the pandemic numbers in california. the state just reached a milestone that we haven't seen in months. the seven-day positivity rate is at 3.7%. and it hasn't been under 4% since the beginning of november. the state reported more than 8800 newly diagnosed cases on sunday and that is below the daily average for the past two weeks. another encouraging sign is that hospitalizations are now under 9,000. abc 7 news is monitoring the covid vaccine rollout in california with our vaccine tracker and you can use this interactive tool to find out when you might be able to get the shot. you can find this on our home page at happening today, republican senator richard burr is facing censure from his own party. burr is one of seven republican senators facing backlash now for voting to convict former
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president donald trump over the weekend. trump was acquitted of inciting the insurrection at the u.s. capitol at his impeachment trial. tonight the north carolina republican party will vote as a statement of strong condemnation of senator burr's vote. and this comes amid growing questions this morning over trump's next political moves. he's hinting at a comeback saying his make america great campaign and movement has only just begun. abc news reporter faith is in washington with his potential plays. >> reporter: good morning. trump has stayed out of the public view making no public appearances since leaving office. however, that may soon change. former president donald trump ready to step back into the spotlight now that cloud of impeachment has been lifted. senator lindsey graham telling fox news the former president is planning his next move in politics. >> he's ready to move on and rebuild the republican party. he's excited about 2022. >> reporter: as he tries to perfect the art of the comeback the former president facing
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legal issues. >> i think that can lead reluctant officials who might be on the fence, even though if they believe a crime has been committed to move forward. >> reporter: officials in georgia are investigating his attempts to subvert voters after calls to election officials to find him more votes. in new york a criminal probe into his taxes and finances. a new abc news insis poll shows 14% of republicans believe trump should have been convicted in the impeachment trial, however 83% believe the trial should not have happened. abc news, washington. the impeachment trial over, democrats are turning their attention to president biden's agenda. priority number one is the nearly $2 trillion covid relief plan. it includes $1400 checks for most americans, money to safely reopen schools, and hundreds of billions of dollars for state and local governments. the clock is tigging, though, to get a bill on the president's desk. federal unemployment benefits
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for millions will run out in a month. >> we in congress need to move forward with delivering the expanded unemployment checks, stimulus checks and reichlts in our economy that the american people need and deserve. >> republicans have said that price tag is too high but democrats have the majority and have signaled they will go after it alone if need be. still ahead, addressing the recent attacks on asian americans. the resource announced in oakland. >> plus, a look at wild winter weather that is hitting much of the country right now. >> thankfully ours isn't that wild but we have wet weather to contend with. you can see from south beach, .12 of an inch since midnight. trying to stay dry while outside especially this morning. drier weather this afternoon and the next
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. happening now, a winter weather emergency. dangerous frozen conditions from the southeast to the dakotas. the national weather service says at least 150 million americans are under some kind of ice or winter weather advisory right now. the roads are turning into skating rinks and this is in texas where things are particularly bad. there was a deadly 100 car pileup there. windchills dipped below zero in san antonio and temperatures are so extreme in houston the city could see its coldest february in 122 years. >> it's insane. i've been here 30 years and never seen nothing like this. >> it's very, very important that folks stay off the roads so that we don't cause a disaster on top of a disaster. >> all right. so let's take you out right now for a drive. this is in texas which you can see is pretty snowy this
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morning. this is a live look. the highways there most of the extreme weather expected through tomorrow morning. here at home if you're out driving it's going to look like rain on the roads. no snow, but be careful because some of the roads are slick with the rain. mike? >> that's texas. that looks like north dakota. >> yes. >> i mean i used to -- i used to live in shreveport, about three hours to the east, in fact i lived with -- worked with one of our other co-workers heather and she's from there and i know a lot of people that have lived there 50 years, nothing like this. a once-in-a-lifetime storm up to six inches of snow, windchills below zero. it doesn't happen there. wow. low to mid 50s opt on the peninsula with cloudy and misty conditions. it's a mild morning thanks to the damp air mass that will bring us rain, drizzle and mist through the early afternoon hours. it's going to be slippery this morning. here's a look at future radar and you can see as we head from
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7:00 to 9:30, it tapers a little bit, but it's still heading north to south. as we head past the 1:00 into the evening commute that's when we start to sees the clouds open up and it will be a much easier commute at least weather wise during the evening hours than what we're dealing with this morning. francis has all the details. let's get her in here to talk about them. good morning, francis. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. the slick roads have caused a few spinouts and solo car crashes. one still throughout in san jose it's on the northbound to 280. if you're heading northbound 280 consider the almaden boulevard on ramp instead. we have a lot of green traffic out there looking the -- moving across your screen and the through the north bay great right now.
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right-hand traffic for taillights southbound through san rafael an earlier injury accident in petaluma has been cleared and the bay bridge looking better fog advisory has been canceled. happening today, federal, state and local government offices will be closed for the presidents' day holiday, banks and post office. that includes cal trains and san trans. bart will run on saturday service. golden gate transit offers reduced regional route but not commute routes or ferry service. coming up, a former bachelorette discusses the backlash against long-time host chris harrison who is stepping aside after making a
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the los angeles police department is investigating reports that officers circulated a valentine's day photo mocking george floyd. the post allegedly had floyd's face and the caption, you take my breath away. the lapd says the department will have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. floyd was killed on memorial day 2020 after derek chauvin a minneapolis police officer hand cuffed floyd and put his knee on his neck for several minutes during an arrest. activists in san francisco are calling on city leaders to address the root causes of violence following the recent rash of attacks on asian americans. the issue of race and social justice is one topic abc 7 is focusing on as we work to build a better bay area. on sunday hundreds of people took a stand for safety by taking part in an anti-violence rally at civic center plaza. the family of an 84 killed in a violent attack attended. police arrested a 19-year-old
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suspect. >> everyone keeps blaming covid-19 but these are just attacks on innocent people based on race. >> a similar healing vigil was held saturday in oakland. police there have announced a new community resource officer to help bridge cultural and language barriers. as the bay area confronts issues of race and social justice we're here to help. head to action for a complete list of conversations and local resources. presidents' day weekend among the busiest for ski resorts and shops as well. we found people lining up for equipment at sports basement in walnut creek. >> a couple weekends ago we had just for one day over 250 reservations and that's a big uptick compared to what we normally see. >> i'm just getting a tune-up today for -- so i can keep up with my kids. they're all up in tahoe with my husband on this valentine's day and i'm getting ready to join
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them. >> this shop has had so many rentals it had to extend its normal closing time by two hours. stay-at-home restrictions were lifted last month but officials are asking people to stay within 120 miles of their homes. if you needed an idea for how freezing cold it is around the country right now, here's a good example. a teenager in north dakota couldn't really eat her rawmen noodles. they went from boiling hot to freezing cold in about 20 minutes. the temperatures in the dakotas dropped to as low as negative degrees over the weekend. this is a mess. the nationwide winter storm isn't going anywhere mike? really? >> you really don't understand unless you've lived there and, you know, before i moved to the bay area i lived in minneapolis
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for three years and the coldest windchill i think i had was minus 45. everything freezes. your eyelids, stuff running out, liquids. >> you were outside? i don't think i would go outside? you would have to find me. >> had to walk the kids -- >> california. >> you have to take the kids to the bus stop. they don't stop school for anything up there. >> zoom. >> to see those temperatures and the snow down in places like brownsville, texas, also in shreveport and almost into new orleans getting snow that's fascinating from a -- my perspective. i'm sure a lot of other weather people are also. you can look on twitter and find the frozen challenges people making villages out of their frozen sweatshirts and jeans and all sorts of weird stuff. rainy times with afternoon tapering. one on the storm impact scale. drier, brighter and breezy through wednesday and back-to-back storms, thursday through saturday morning.
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also a 1. see by the afternoon hours the clouds open up for sunshine, 56 at half moon bay, to 62 in concord and fairfield on the warm side. around the state we're looking at 50s and 60s with the rain in the valleys and the snow in the mountains tapering as we head into the afternoon hours. with the drier air moving in and the clouds opening, significantly cooler tomorrow morning. mid 30s to mid 40s and fog will be an issue during our commute tomorrow unlike the mist and drizzle and light rain we're getting this morning. a look at thursday it's not until the evening hours when the rain rolls in and by friday, midmorning to mid afternoon, we're between storms and then friday evening, a quick shot through saturday morning. saturday afternoon and into sunday we'll see more sunshine and feel warmer temperatures that will jump into the mid 60s. we'll be in the mid 50s to low 60s all the way through at least friday. all right. nothing like they're seeing nationwide. back to you. >> all right. mike, thank you. speaking of, let's turn to
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ginger zee with a live look at what's coming up on "gma" at 7:00. good morning, ginger. >> hey, good morning to you, liz and kumasi. nice to be with everybody this morning. i was hearing mike talk about it, it is an incredible storm and several storms and the arctic air more than 200 million americans had some sort of winter weather alert. it is an unbelievable map. and we know that almost 3 million folks from texas to west virginia are without power. so this morning, houston, dallas waking up to their first windchill warning ever in a couple decades we've been doing those and i've got fresh ice with ice storm warnings here in the northeast. i have a lot to talk about coming up on "gma." also ahead, new fallout this morning after former president trump's acquittal in his second impeachment trial. the republicans that broke ranks are now facing some backlash. what's next? could trump face a possible criminal investigation? our political team will get into all that. and new developments as the race
6:22 am
to vaccinate ramps up across this country. new concerns this morning that uk variant could not only be more contagious, which i feel like we've known for a little bit here, but deadlier. the states that are easing restrictions as the cdc director is warning, quote, we're nowhere out of the woods. dr. jha will have more. and then the new royal baby on the way. i was very proud that i didn't hear about this until this morning. i feel like it's going to be years hearing about meghan and harry and revealing that they're expecting their second child. very exciting. it's all coming up here on "gma." >> that is so exciting. happy for them. i hope you stay warm. you look cute in your outfit but i know it's cold. >> thank you. >> i'm trying to make it fashion.
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police in new york are investigating a weekend crash that reportedly killed the father of rapper nicki minaj. the artist hasn't made any public statements about it so
6:25 am
far, but police say that her dad was crossing a street in long island on friday when someone hit him. the car took off and the 64-year-old died the next day. investigators haven't released a description of the vehicle or a possible suspect. >> that's very sad. all right. former bachelorette rachel lindsey is talking to abc about the backlash over long-time host chris harrison, he is temporarily stepping aside from "the bachelor" following comments he made in an interview with lindsey last week. harrison defended a contestant on the current season for the first time ever has a black bachelor. images surface that appear to show the woman at an antebellum party in 2018, harrison called for grace for her and criticized the, quote, woke police. lindsey shared her thoughts. >> we need to better understand each other and sometimes that's holding someone accountable, sometimes that's giving someone grace, sometimes that's people
6:26 am
humbling themselves and realizing maybe i don't know what i thought i knew and i'm going to take the time to better understand and educate myself. >> you can see her full interview on "gma" at 7:00 after "abc 7 mornings" and then watch "the bachelor" at 8:00 on contra costa continued a tradition with a twist. they held 21 wedding ceremonies. there was a glass barrier between the newlyweds and the official. appointments for the valentine's day ceremonies filled up quickly. the county typically offers destination themed weddings at a picturesque location on the holiday, but not this year because of the pandemic. clearly that did not steal their joy and i'm happy to see that. four-legged friends at a local shelter got extra love on valentine's day.
6:27 am
the east bay spca held a spoochs for pooches drive. animal lovers were able to drive up in oakland and dublin and wave and see the animals up for adoption. the shelter is encouraging people interested in adopting to apply online. so cute. >> dogs deserve extra love too on valentine's day. yeah. coming up next at 6:30, the opportunity starting today for more americans to get health care coverage. >> if you haven't made an appointment yet you're too late. the preparations under way for a mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum. plus this story, the emoji no longer cool according to gen z. if you use it you are dating
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. building a bay area for a safe and secure future this is abc 7 news. at 6:30 the rush to vaccinate people here in the bay area. the new mega site expected to open tomorrow, while other locations deal with a lack of supply. president trump acquitted and a new abc news poll shows how americans feel about the result of his impeachment trial. and presidents' day deals under way. what shoppers can get at a discount this holiday weekend. good morning, everybody. it is monday. it is february the 15th. we're going to get a check of your weather with mike. it's raining out there, mike. >> it is. it's really misty, damp morning out there, kind of mild with temperatures in the 50s. good morning to you, kumasi and liz, and hi, everybody. here's a look at what's going on with our storm impact scale. it's a 1 for periods of rain and drizzle and a little bit of fog at least through the early afternoon hours. less than .15 of an inch of
6:31 am
rain. the morning commute will be more slippery than the evening commute. live doppler 7 picking up a batch moving through the heart of the bay. put this into motion and you can see it's moving northwest to southeast. if you live south of the san mateo bridge or 580 it's not raining, it will be shortly. here's a look at some of the mist, drizzle and light raining falling on the western span of the bay bridge. 48 to 52 at 7:00, mid to upper 50s at noon, at 4:00 with a little bit of sunshine and low to mid 50s at 7:00. i'm tracking a couple more chances of rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. see you with that. here's kumasi. two people are dead after this fiery crash overnight in san jose. this is video from the scene. it's along mckeyen road here the reservoir. chp says when they got there they found one car off the road and the other car on fire. officers found one victim in each car. they haven't said what caused the crash but the road is shut down in both directions while they investigate. this morning if you were
6:32 am
planning to go to san francisco's new vaccination sites at the moscone center or city college think again. the sites have paused vaccinations because of a lack of supply, but another mass vaccination site is opening to people across the bay and abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more on what you need to know about that this morning. good morning, amy. >> hi, good morning. the zigging and zagging of this vaccine situation, moscone is shutting down because of lack of supply just as oakland is going to be opening a new mass site. this one is going to be at the oakland coliseum. it's going to open tomorrow and they will vaccinate alameda county residents 65 and older, educators and health care workers. the site can administer 6,000 shots a day and they're going to have access to a different supply chain than san francisco, so that's why they're able to open tomorrow. they do have vaccine. officials have also worked out a
6:33 am
way to provide public transportation to the site and that will include a shuttle from coliseum bart. they just opened appointment slots yesterday. they appear to be all booked. if you go to our website, we have the link to the -- all the sites you need where you can sign up for vaccine. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this morning there are new concerns over the rising rate of covid-19 variants here in the u.s. "the new york times" is reporting doctors have found seven variants of the virus originating here in the u.s. and it spotlights the urgent need for better tracking of mu tagsz. >> these variants had the same exact mutation. that could just be a coincidence, but some researchers are worried that could this mean that the virus is getting smarter and adapting. >> up until now scientists had mostly been studying variants from other countries. the south african strain, which is more resistant to vaccines
6:34 am
and the uk variant more dangerous and there are potentially more deadly. the head of the cdc says this may be reason to slow down on the easing of restrictions we see happening around the country. speaking of that, las vegas is coming back to life as covid restrictions loosen in nevada today. business capacity limits are moving up to 35% and that includes casinos, bars, restaurants, gyms and churches. museums and zoos can soon operate at 50% capacity. nevada is allowing public gatherings of up to 100 people, however the statewide mask mandate is still in place. and happening today obamacare is reopening for sign-ups for a special three-month window. it's an opportunity for americans to get coverage if they lost their jobs and employer based health insurance during the pandemic. kaiser estimates this could benefit nearly 9 million people uninsured. the enrollment extension will last through may 15th as the
6:35 am
democratic led congress pushes a boost in financial help that could cut premiums by double digits. president joe biden will have his first meeting with g7 leaders this week. it will be a virtual event with the world's major economies including canada, france, germany and swroip. the white house says the president will speak about the need for a global response to the pandemic and expected to recommit the u.s. to the g7 in stark contrast to the former president trump. the virtual g7 happens on friday. california senator alex padilla will have a big role when it comes to immigration issues. he's going to be the chairman of a state immigration subcommittee. padilla is making more history as the first latino chair of the subcommittee. he became the first latino senator from california when he replaced vice president kamala harris. he said immigration is an important issue to him because his parents came to california from mexico.
6:36 am
developing news in the acquittal of now former president donald trump. a brand new abc news/ipsos poll this morning is underscoring a nation divided on the issue. a vast majority of american democrats and independents say trump should have been convicted for inciting the insurrection at the u.s. capitol. the poll also found just 14% of republicans agreed to convict. it's a party that is now divided. seven gop force are facing swift backlash from within their ranks for voting to convict the former president. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell voted to acquit but after the verdict said trump is undeniably guilty. >> no question. none, that president trump is practically and morally responsible. >> to convict a president that's out of office. the acquittal now leaves trump free to run for office again if he wants. richmond city council wants
6:37 am
answers about last week's diesel spill into san francisco bay. council members are asking representatives from chevron, the coast guard, san francisco bay keeper and state officials to appear at their meeting tomorrow. council member jimenez introduced an item on the agenda to discuss the response to last week's spill and the long-term impacts. investigators say hundreds of gallons of a diesel water mix leaked from a pipeline on tuesday. dramatic video from nashville shows the dangerous conditions millions of drivers are facing with the latest winter blast. home footage captured the moment a truck spun out and started sliding down an icy street. look at it just gliding sideways. wow. you can see it looks like a sheet of black ice. drivers across much of tennessee are being asked to put chains on their tires. that is scary. well, let's move on to something a bit happier, shall we? the snowstorm that hit the
6:38 am
pacific northwest over the weekend it was a lot of fun for this polar bear. this is 25-year-old blizzard and the zoo he calls home in tacoma washington posted this video with the caption, blizzard is having the best snow day ever. we should all try to be like blizzard. people are struggling in texas trying to drive on the roads when they're not used to that weather. >> right. they'll ha they'll they don't have the tires or equipment. where will you find chains in tennessee. nobody has snow chains in tennessee. negative saw them when i've been there. they don't have the capacity to handle it. their houses aren't built for the freezing cold temperatures they're dealing with. a lot of the houses in shreveport is electric not gas and it doesn't work as well. they're not as efficient as far as insulation. it's really, really a lot harder
6:39 am
on them than what it looks. 49 to 53 down in the south bay. that's our spread. most of us around 50 to 51 and low to mid 50s just about everywhere. fog along the coast, a little bit of fog in the north bay also. here we are in the south bay which is where we're still damp. everything under the commute planner for the morning hours is going to revolve around being wet and damp. for the evening trier. concurred and walnut creek and towards pleasanton, dublin grade, hayward, going across whether it's the san mateo bridge or the done barton bridge or trying to get over from san mateo to half moon bay it's all dealing with light rain, even the dumbarton bridge, and that's all heading to the south. south bay about to get another round of light rain that's what it is. periods of rain that will be rolling through, less than .15 of an inch of rain. 7:00 to 9:00, still throughout, but you can see once we get the lunch hour, most of it is in the southern half of the bay and by
6:40 am
the time we get to the evening commute it's about over. so it should be easier. it's tough this morning. let's get over to francis, several accidents this morning. what are you seeing now? >> yeah, mike. we saw quite a few accidents and solo spinouts this morning. luckily it has quieted down but the roads are still wet. although it is a holiday so traffic is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays. you want to slow down because of the water splashing. you can see it there with the live shot and the winds blowing. across the golden gate bridge, it is delay free right now but if you are heading across highway 1 in pacifica to half moon bay, be careful because of some thick fog. and for presidents' day, ace and cal train on a modified schedule, bart on a saturday schedule and the richmond station is closed today for some replacement track work. and that will be reopen tomorrow. you may want to head over to el cerrito to take the bus bridge
6:41 am
to add delays to your trip. kumasi and liz? >> thank you. still ahead, remembering cicely tyson, the public viewing today in honor of the late actress. love in the time of covid. bay area couples getting creative on valentine's day. the proposal that brought a crowd of strangers to tears. >> us too here. it's great. you're going to love it. first, a live look outside. we're look at lake tahoe. you can see a little bit of snow there. just a calm, peaceful morning in tahoe. a lot of people hitting the slopes.
6:42 am
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chance to say goodbye. they will lie in repose at her church in harlem. tyson's family invited the public to the viewing which will be a socially distanced walk by because of the pandemic. the actress died at the age of 96. her career included three emmys, a tony award and oscar nomination. gun violence has left at least 17 people injured in san francisco and oakland over the last three days. victims include six men hurt during a shooting around 1:00 saturday morning. it happened at ninth and washington streets in the old oakland historic district. this is video of that location. saturday night six people were wounded near third street and caseda avenue in the bayview district. early sunday morning, three men were shot at turk and hyde street in the tenderloin. police say they don't know if those two shootings are connected. two people were also shot at a hotel friday night at drum and market streets. a man from fresno turned himself
6:45 am
in. meantime in the south bay, dozens of drivers were ticketed and at least four cars were impounded following multiple side shows. this was in san jose over the weekend. you can hear the gunfire, though it's not clear if anyone was injured. now to your morning money report. the presidents' day deals out are out there for the taking. a few tips on the types of items offering more special savings this year. big time discounts you can find for winter clothes for next season because we're getting closer to spring. for example, eddie bauer has 40% off the entire site and then you get half off of clearance items and not just winter clothes all clothes are getting cut down this year. up to half off everything at old navy, 46% for dockers, 25% for
6:46 am
adidas, and also some big savings on refurbished laptops. >> you want to make sure you're shopping from a certified refurbished retailer. many of the major retailers have their own programs as well. >> coming up at 7:00 on "gma" after "abc 7 mornings," home items seeing price drops this year. there is a new recall we need to tell you about that's impacting more than 1 million mercedes vehicles. the luxury car maker says software could fail in a crash. the recall covers several models made since se2016 and a feature supposed to report your location if you get in a crash. the problem could cause it to send the wrong location. this morning, the town in marin county considering upping its minimum wage to at least $16 an hour. our media partners report the increase could start next year and a subcommittee is looking
6:47 am
over this proposal. the statewide minimum wage is $13 an hour for companies with 25 workers or less and it's $14 an hour if there are more than 25. a special valentine's day proposal caught on video in san francisco. s it was so sweet. abc 7 news was there when edgar lopez got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend of 14 years to marijuary him. it happened under the cupid span sculpture. lopez was a nervous wreck. he had been waiting over a decade to pop the question. last year the pandemic got in the way and yesterday he told his girlfriend he had a surprise. adriana sanchez wore a blindfold as she walked toward edgar. >> i opened my eyes and saw him right there, my heart just dropped. >> she said yes.
6:48 am
i've been waiting for this moment and for me it was like it's never going to happen, so this makes me believe again that things happen. >> i feel great now that she said yes, you know. >> oh. >> now the newly engaged couple is working on choosing the right date to get married. that is so sweet. we have the full video on our instagram, abc 7 news. bay area florists were busy on valentine's day. a long line of people at the bud stop in san francisco. those lines formed early and were growing strong well into lunch time. what were folks looking for? >> roses. but lots of other things too. you know. some people, you know, whatever color people like. this person likes purple. >> there are also plenty of folks at the flower mart south of market. florists say after a year of
6:49 am
supply chain problems and lighter demand they were happy to see the crowds. >> beautiful. if you use the laughing emoji you might want to use the skull until that becomes uncool because apparently the laughing emoji is no longer cool. the internet generation millennial and gen z going at it on line. gen z seems to be labeling certain signatures uncool. on top is the laugh cry emoji. next skinny jeans and side hair parts, apparently middle parts are the rage right now. so many of gen z they call the laugh cry emoji too bland and now they use the skull emoji which is slang for i'm dead or dying. >> i can't. i feel like i woke up one day and realized i was old. >> you're fine. embrace it, friend. embrace it. >> thank you. >> i will send you a laugh cry
6:50 am
emoji. this is my season. >> all day long. >> mike is not into the skull either. >> i'm guessing i have 15 -- no. i probably have 15, 20 years on both of you so imagine how it makes me feel. definitely not sending the skull emoji to anybody older than i am. that is mean. rude. i like what you said, kumasi. if we start using it it's going to become old and they'll change it to something else. let's not get on that bus. the dumbarton bridge south towards 237, san mateo bridge wet by a light shower right now and this is part of periods of rain we will have over the next six to eight hours or so as a cold front issing if to eventually sweep through and bring us a quieter late afternoon. you can see some of the drizzle falling at sfo and some of the light rain and drizzle on the san mateo bridge. rainy periods until the afternoon when it tapers. tonight much cooler, 30s and
6:51 am
40s, patchy clouds and fog and the weekend will turn dry after a chance of rain thursday, friday, into saturday morning. all right. for today, mid to upper 50s along the coast, 58 to 60 around the bay, around 59 to 62 inland. as far as what's going on for the rest of today, you can see ta -- got the wrong graphic right there. i wanted to show you the dining graphic, who doesn't want to eat out again after valentine's day? we've got temperatures that will be in the mid 50s at 5:00 and dropping down into the low to mid 50s by 8:00. they will start off damp and get a little bit drier as we head through the evening hours with a drier rush of air coming in behind that cold front. look how significantly cooler mid 30s to mid 40s tonight. so here's a look at what's going to happen as we head into thursday especially the morning, pretty quiet. in the evening hours you can see the rain moving in around through friday morning. midmorning to early afternoon
6:52 am
hours a break and friday evening through early saturday one last chance of some light rain. then the weekend is trending drier with temperatures reaching the mid 60s by sunday. keep the umbrella handy today, thursday and friday. kumasi and liz. >> thank you. a survey shows kids are going without dental care during the pandemic. abc's dr. jen ashton says this is another example of the ripple effects of covid-19. she points to a survey that says 32% say they had a hard time getting their kids in to see the dentist. >> one of the good findings of this survey is that parents and kids were engaging in more positive beneficial behaviors at home so less sugary beverages, more brushing. there's so much fear and concern because of the close proximity. a lot of aggressive steps to protect safety with face shields and masks and i hate to say it, doing that hard scaling more or less of the ultrasound blast to protect everyone in the room.
6:53 am
>> dr. ashton will have a full report on covid, kids and dental appointments on "gma" at 7:00. those annoying robo calls only seem to be getting worse. here's proof. americans were hit with nearly 46 billion span calls last year and that is 50% more than 2017. as a result, many people are getting better at how they just refuse to answer the phone. 94% of people in one survey say they just let the unidentified calls go straight to voicemail. looking for love you might want to try going online. dating apps like tinder, bumble and match are all reporting a surge in users. data tracker app tope ya says 8 of the biggest dating apps saw active users jump more than 10% in the last quarter of 2020. "american idol" is back and so are judges katy perry, luke bryant and lionel richie and there was another familiar face auditioning. >> i'm claudia conway, i'm 16.
6:54 am
my parents are high profile political figures. my mother is kellyanne conway. she worked for donald trump. and my dad is george conway. he's a lawyer. he worked against donald trump. he's here with me, though. >> for the audition, claudia kind of got off to a rough start singing a rihanna song but katy perry stopped her and asked her to sing something else. here she is singing adele's "when we were young" ♪ you look like a movie ♪ ♪ you sound like a song ♪ >> two of the three judges said yes, and that means she's headed to hollywood week. you can watch "idol" here on abc 7. it airs sunday nights at 8:00. and there's a new royal baby on the way. harry and meghan are expecting their second child. this is the valentine's day photo that the couple released for the announcement. a spokesperson for the duke and duchess of sussex confirmed that couple is overjoyed by the news.
6:55 am
the baby will be eighth in line to the british throne. a buckingham spokesperson said the queen and the entire family are delighted and wished harry and meghan well. >> i'm happy for them and hopefully now that they've moved it will be just a little easier for them to just experience this without the stress that they dealt with before. >> i agree. i hope they're finding peace here in california and a little bit of less paparazzi in their face all the time. that was a beautiful photo. i'm team harry and meghan. >> really cute. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. abc 7 has launched new streaming apps as well. we want to make sure you know. wherever you are you can get live news casts, breaking news and weather and more with our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv, fire tv and
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6:57 am
it is 6:57. if you're just joining us seven things to know this morn. number one, part of mckeyen road in san jose is shut down this
6:58 am
morning after a fiery crash. you see it here that killed two people overnight. it happened near the reservoir. one car caught on fire and the other went off the road and chp is investigating. number two, the city of san francisco is pausing vaccinations at their two largest sites because of a supply shortage. it's temporarily shutting down the moscone and city college locations for now. number three in the east bay, a mass vaccination site is opening tomorrow. it's going to be at the oakland coliseum. that site is jointly operated by state and federal agencies and they have access to a different supply pool. the goal is to administer 6,000 doses a day. >> number four, obamacare is reopening for sign-ups today. it's part of a special three month enrollment period to help americans who have lost their jobs and health care during the pandemic. the deadline is may 15th. number five, waking up to drizzle and light rain from a
6:59 am
one light storm on our storm impact scale. we'll have periods of rain through the afternoon hours. less than .15 of an inch of rain. most impacted this morning's commute. see on live doppler 7 some of the light rain moving northwest to southeast across our neighborhoods. and number six, you can see that the rain and wet roads have caused some challenges for drivers this morning. here's a live shot on interstate 80, of interstate 80 in emeryville. still a crash in san jose blocking the north street on ramp as well. look at this number seven, most of the entires u.s. is waking up very cold and this gives you a pretty good idea of how cold. so this bowl of boiling hot ramen looked like this after about 20 minutes of being outside in north dakota. why are they outside in north dakota? no. >> for the gram. >> doing it for the tiktok.
7:00 am
actually speaking of us being old it's the tiktok now. >> yes. mike. good morning, america. double cross-country storms. more than 200 million americans on alert coast to coast, snow and ice sending big rigs out of control on the roads, black ice wreaking havoc. plus, the historic big cold blast slamming the deep south with some of the coldest air in decades, and the dangerous ice storm warning for the east this morning. we're tracking it all. impeachment fallout. former president trump plotting his next move after he was acquitted in the senate for the second time in the most bipartisan presidential impeachment vote ever. now, the republicans who broke ranks facing swift backlash. but the big question this morning -- could trump face criminal charges? race against time. new concerns about those coronavimu


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