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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 21, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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mask. totally creative. that's it for tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. moments ago, the faa issuing a directive that would require stepped-up inspections of some boeing 777s. the move comes after the flight suffered an engine failure. passengers describing the terrifying moments. the u.s. on the brink of a devastating new milestone in the coronavirus pandemic. nearly half a million american lives lost in a year. cases and hospitalizations falling nationwide. but the concern now those covid variants could lead to a new surge. new york reporting its first case of the south africa strain. this as the country tries to catch up on vaccinations, after storms delayed 6 million doses. could the country get back on track this week?
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plus the virus' devastating effect on some children. water emergency. millions in texas still without safe drinking water. one week since the first storms hit. houston lifting its boil water alert. but now many families are assessing the damage. and more texans faced with skyrocketing electric bills. one man charged $17,000. capitol riot investigation. more than 200 charged since january 6th. and now the man who could lead that investigation, president biden's pick for attorney general, merrick garland, on capitol hill himself. gun store shootout. three dead after a man opened fire inside the store. other customers and staff returned fire. what authorities said led up to the deadly scene. honoring a trailblazer. the rocket launched into orbit. how this celebrated one of america's legendary black mathematicians. and the virtual honor for a
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very special group of eagle scouts. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm linsey davis. we begin tonight with breaking news. new developments in the moment of terror over denver. late today, the faa ordering immediate or stepped-up be thehrering boeing 777s.ofen moments when the right engine of the plane burst out in flames. parts of that engine missing. passengers said they thought they were going to die. huge chunks of debris raining on a neighborhood below. people on the ground running for cover. at least one country overseas grounding the planes. gio benitez covers aviation, and
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leads us off. >> reporter: this was the terrifying sight at 13,000 feet. a 777's engine blown apart. the pilots immediately calling a mayday. >> mayday, mayday. aircraft just experienced engine failure. need to turn immediately. >> reporter: now tonight, we're seeing new images from inside united flight 328, bound for hawaii. some of the 231 passengers on board now telling their story. >> when i looked out the window, the engine was shaking really bad and all of a sudden there was just a big boom. and the ring around the engine flew off. >> the plane was shaking pretty hard, for -- it didn't stop. >> reporter: on the ground, people watching in horror. >> it's got a blown engine! oh, no! >> reporter: hundreds of witnesses calling 911. >> we have debris falling everywhere. >> yes, we're getting a ton of calls. >> reporter: massive pieces of metal falling into neighborhoods below. this piece landing in kirby klements' front lawn, crushing his truck. >> we heard this crashing boom
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and then saw this big silver piece just rolled right in front of the window here. when i stood up and actually got a look at it, i go, "oh, no, that's the front of a jet engine off of an airplane." >> reporter: people seen on camera running from falling debris. not a single injury on the ground or on the plane. but tonight, questions over what went wrong. >> anytime we see this kind of failure with the kind of damage that you see in the video of this engine, it's always suspected that one of those fan blades let loose. and now we see video that shows clearly that one of those fan blades right up in the front of the engine is broken off halfway up. >> reporter: a person familiar with the situation telling abc news ntsb investigators will focus on what they call a possible uncontained engine failure, where pieces of the engine fly out. a rare occurrence we saw in 2018 with a southwest flight. a passenger was killed when she was partially sucked out a window.
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>> such terrifying moments. gio, what more can you tell us about the inspections? >> reporter: the order is calling for immediate or stepped-up inspections. but just moments ago, united airlines, the only u.s. airline using this specific engine, has decided to take 24 of its 777s out of service. linsey? >> gio, thank you. and now tonight's other major story. the u.s. approaching another dreadful milestone. nearly 500,000 american lives lost since the first reported death in this country just a ar ii, and the vietnam war combined. and "the new york times" with this poignant tribute. nearly 500,000 dots, each one symbolizing a life lost. here's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight, the nation on the brink of crossing that horrific milestone. half a million americans killed
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by covid-19 in just a year. ♪ >> he provided the soundtrack to our lives. >> reporter: beloved middle school band teacher alfredo valles, dying at 60 years old. gwen and mike albert, together for over half a century. but over christmas, they got the virus. saying their good-byes to family over zoom. and passing away eight days apart. >> i was able to be with her and hold her hand. as they turned off the ventilator, we did a zoom call with my family. >> reporter: covid tearing so many families apart. >> it is stunning when you look at the numbers. >> reporter: that timeline of deaths, charted by "the new york times." each of those tiny dots representing the nearly 500,000 lives lost. you can see the staggering toll in just the last three months. tonight, cases falling nationwide by 73% and hospital admissions dropping by nearly 55% since last month. but the variants threatening to spark a new surge. new york today reporting its first case of the south africa
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variant in a long island resident. and the vaccines may be less protective against it. >> if in fact this becomes more dominant, we may have to get a version of the vaccine that is directed specifically against the south african isolate. >> reporter: fauci also warning americans could be wearing masks into 2022. saying the nation's vaccine distribution should be back on track midweek, after brutal weather delayed 6 million doses. black and latino communities bearing the brunt of the pandemic. and here in california, governor gavin newsom today touring a new vaccination site in hard-hit inglewood. why the focus on minority communities? >> we got to be more transparent. we all have to be more accountable at all levels of government to actually deliver these vaccines, save lives. >> reporter: but for so many, the vaccine just didn't come soon enough. vania underwood, a wife and mother of six, a nurse who worked hard to fight the virus, only to die from it right before christmas. >> you would never think that it
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would hit so close to home, and you can't get closer to home than the queen of the house. >> losing his queen. the virus continues to take such a devastating toll. zohreen joining us live from california. we know how important the vaccines are to ending the pandemic. it sounds like the nation could soon be getting a big boost. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. vaccinations are happening right behind me, and more could be on the way. the fda is having a public hearing about johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccination on friday. it could be greenlighted as early as next weekend, and we could see the first shots by march 1st. linsey? >> zohreen, thank you. and as the nation marks that grim milestone, there's news tonight about the long-haul covid patients. 10% of adults are still battling effects of the virus several months after being diagnosed, as well as some children.
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the touching moment from a 13-year-old boy who asked dr. fauci for help. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: boyhood, seventh grade, and being james bond were all going just fine for 13-year-old hudson beard in missoula, montana. until november, when he caught the coronavirus. and unlike the majority of kids who never show symptoms -- >> when covid hit him, it hit hard. >> reporter: months later, hudson is in constant pain. his condition declining. which he was invited to speak about in a forum with dr. anthony fauci. >> every day when i wake up i have constant migraines, severe headaches, and i'm super dizzy. >> reporter: in new york citd m relate. >> i was sick for about five days. it was pretty bad. and then i felt completely fine for five days. and then i got sick again and it never really went away fully. >> reporter: what she and hudson
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are going through isn't the multisystem inflammatory syndrome some children get. they're in a different category of rare, with the so-called long-haulers. about 10% of adults who get covid experience this post-acute covid-19 syndrome, pacs for short, where symptoms last weeks to months to even longer. still unknown is how many childhood cases there are. like hudson. what have the doctors said? >> so right now, hudson's on a couple of medications. he does take an anticoagulant for the dilated heart, coronary arteries. >> and it's hard being sick for a long time. >> reporter: perhaps the hardest part, the lack of answers. >> no other doctors can help me. can you help me? >> we don't know enough about it, hudson, for me to honestly tell you what's going to happen over the next couple of months to a year. >> reporter: that's hard to hear, but it was also the
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truth. hudson's mom told me he's resilient and that they will not give up searching for answers. linsey? >> our hearts go out to hudson. stephanie, thank you. now to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in texas and mississippi. millions still without running water and in other areas, the water is not safe to drink. trucks bringing in water for residents in jackson, mississippi. in houston, lines for water and food. late today, the city lifted its boil water alert, but thousands remain without power. reports are coming in about people hit by sky-high electric bills. some for thousands of dollars. trevor ault is on the ground for us in houston. >> reporter: tonight, one week after those devastating storms first hit texas, reality is setting in. >> we heard it like, it was gushing. that's when we noticed. >> reporter: all up here? >> yeah. >> reporter: breanna bolden showing us her grandmother's home in ruins. the pipes bursting under pressure from the freezing temperatures, leaving the
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ceiling collapsed, and her grandmother heartbroken. >> every time she walks in here she looks up and just be like -- and she just walk up in her room and close the door. >> as you're seeing, no running water at all. >> reporter: tonight, houston finally lifting their boil water orders, but problems still remain across texas and beyond. elwyn lopez is in hard-hit mississippi. >> reporter: here in south jackson, 70% of people are without running water. the city providing this 5,400-gallon tanker just to be able to provide people with water to flush their toilets. >> thank you. >> reporter: and as more stories emerge of people freezing to death inside their homes, the family of 11-year-old christian pavon, filing a $100 million lawsuit. the family believes the extreme cold contributed to his death. and many people who felt fortunate to have power and heat now receiving those astronomical electric bills. in ft. worth, ty williams was charged $17,000.
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>> so we were held hostage really with our rate that we were working with. it was really crazy. >> they should not have to bear the responsibility of paying $1,000 a day, or $2,000 a day. >> reporter: and senator ted cruz tweeting out these images of himself handing out water saturday, after getting in hot water this week for traveling to cancun with his family. and communities are lifting each other up through this crisis, knowing people like breanna bolden, and her grandmother's home, are worth fighting for. >> it is worth saving. my papa really worked hard for this house. >> reporter: tonight, the governor of texas has announced a moratorium on disconnecting due to unpaid electric bills. there is some talk about possibly using money from the federal disaster declaration to pay off these inflated prices. linsey? >> trevor, thank you. and big temperature changes coming for much of the country this week. let's get right to rob marciano.
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what can we expect? >> reporter: well, a remarkable and welcome swing of temperatures from below zero in dallas on tuesday to 74 today. the big picture showing the big warmup tomorrow. tomorrow's high, well above freezing. the jet stream has migrated north. that's where the storm will be as well. we have a storm tonight in chicago and milwaukee. green bay, some snow there. i-80 tomorrow through detroit, getting into cleveland. wet snow in pittsburgh. much more manageable than what we saw earlier this week. linsey? >> the storms continue coming in. rob, thank you. tonight, so far, the department of justice has charged more than 200 people in connection with the deadly capitol hill riot. the man who would lead that investigation is attorney general merrick garland, beginning his confirmation hearings this week. rachel scott is on the hill for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president joe biden's pick for attorney
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general, judge merrick garland, vowing to fight domestic terrorism. hill riot was a "heinous attack." the department of justice announcing conspiracy charges against six members of the extremist militia group the oath keepers. and now, according to "the washington post," the doj and fbi are also looking at whether donald trump's associate roger stone and others may have ties to the rioters. on the morning of the insurrection, men wearing the oath keepers' insignia seen flanking stone.denied any involvement. >> it makes sense to explore their roles fully. >> reporter: this would not be garland's first domestic terrorism investigation. he supervised the doj's probe into the oklahoma city bombing. president biden announcing garland as his pick for a.g. just one day after the capitol hill riot. >> the rule of law is not just some lawyer's turn of phrase. it is the very foundation of our democracy.
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>> reporter: in 2016, when garland was nominated for the supreme court, republicans would not hold a senate hearing in the middle of an election year. tomorrow, he will come before some of those very lawmakers. linsey? >> rachel, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, gun store horror. cuomlved i wh we're learning. and the special rocket launch this black history month. how it honored katherine johnson, the trailblazing mathematician. how it honored catherine johnson, the trailblazing mathematician. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure. do not take if allergic to farxiga. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash,
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or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. to the "index." and the urgent search for a young woman with autism. police released a new surveillance image showing 21-year-old noemi bolivar getting onto a bus in broward county, florida, on the day of her disappearance. her family says that she left her parents' home to go to a nature center on february 11th and never returned. more than 200 volunteers joined law enforcement to hand out flyers in the hopes that someone will recognize her. and the space launch honoring one of nasa's trailblazers. the ss katherine johnson rocketed into orbit on saturday. the work of johnson, a black mathematician, was highlighted in the movie "hidden figures."a helped john glenn become the first american to orbit a planet. yesterday's launch took place on the 59th anniversary of that historic mission, and nearly one year after johnson's death at
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the big virtual celebration in honor of some young ladies now emerging as pioneers. >> i am proud to announce the first female class of eagle scouts. >> reporter: in its 111-year history, this is a major >> it wasn't just about me. i also wanted to prove to other girls that they could do it too. >> reporter: in 2019, the boy scouts of america became known as scouts bsa. the name change, a game-changer for girls like sianna eldert. >> you have to do so much work to get where we are. >> reporter: where they are is in the history books. nearly 1,000 young women from across the country soaring into the inaugural class of the first female eagle scouts. the accomplishment is so rare that to date only 6% of all scouts have achieved this status. >> the fact that i can help lead and i can help recruit and i can show girls, like, in the face of adversity, you are strong, you are more than capable and you
5:58 pm
are more than qualified. it's a really great feeling. >> reporter: collectively they have earned roughly 30,000 merit estimated 130,000 hours of community service, even in the middle of a pandemic. for april bowlin -- >> i had to do it. and i got through it. >> reporter: reaching eagle status, the highest rank in the organization, is a decades-old tradition in her family. >> my grandpa and his brother and then my stepdad and his three brothers and then my older brother. >> reporter: ming torres can certainly relate. >> i wanted to get it to prove to myself and the boys in my family that i can do what they do. >> girl power. congratulations to that inaugural class taking their place in history. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir is right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. good night. here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. good night.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. in. the excite over new vaccinate sites in the bay area. here is something you don't see every day. an entire house being moved through the streets of san francisco. it's history and final its nation. and new details on a drive by shooting that left a firefighter and paramedic injured. abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. really excited! >> i'm excited. i'm just excited. >> as they should be. excited was the word today as another bay area community opens up a drive through covid-19 vaccination site. good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lynn. one issue we focus on in our
6:00 pm
commitment to help build a better bay area is your health. that includes the covid-19 vaccination effort which is gearing up in the bay area more than ever. north bay residents are lining up in their cars today to get the long awaited covid vaccine as new drive through clinic opened. our reporter joins us live. does it mean they're getting more vaccine shipments? >> reporter: yeah. vaccine supply is increasing slowly week by week. it's one reason why this drive through clinic was allowed to open. here at this terminal parking lot starting today, shots are being given 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. by appointment and many folks we talked to today couldn't be happier. >> yeah. >> reporter: the wait was finally over for terry. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: she was first in line sunday at new drive through covid-19 vaccine clinic. >> i live


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