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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 23, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PST

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milk at the end? >> no. i don't like good morning, america. president biden's emotional candlelit memorial honoring more than 500,000 american lives lost to the coronavirus. >> let this not be a story of how far we fell, but of how far we can climb back up. >> calling for unity and consoling the nation. >> this nation will smile again. this nation will know sunny days again. this nation will know joy again. >> as the administration races to catch up on vaccines after the winter storms. and the glimmering shot of hope, johnson & johnson announcing it can deliver 20 million doses of its single dose vaccine by the end of march, which could be authorized as early as friday. urgent investigation. new images this morning showing more damage from that midflight in the side of the plane.
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this morning, new details on what may have caused that engine to blow apart. major defeat. the supreme court setback for former president trump in his last-ditch effort to keep his tax returns and financial records out of the hands of prosecutors investigating him and his business. could he face criminal charges? behind bars. the beauty queen wife of mexican drug lord el chapo set to face a judge for the first time, taken into custody on drug charges, accused of conspiring with her husband to distribute drugs and trying to break him out of prison twice. hero deputy's dramatic rescue. a missing 13-year-old girl finally tracked down in a motel room with a man she met online. >> how old are you? if i have to ask you that question again, i'm going to sey >>hat r is saying this morning. >> the thought of my daughter being in that situation got me extremely angry. >> and what all parents need to know. matt james the first ever
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black bachelor saying the past few weeks have been devastating and heart breaking. what he's saying about the show's troubles on race. more on the fallout this morning. ♪ hey look ma i made it ♪ and photo finish. the first stunning sights and sounds of the perseverance rover making it to mars. the historic 300 million-mile mission, sticking the landing. >> touchdown confirmed. >> now, what's next for the red planet robot. good morning, america. it's great to be with you on this tuesday morning after that somber memorial at the white house overnight. >> it was somber. amid candles lit to honor those lost, president biden, first lady, dr. jill biden, vice president kamala harris and second gentleman doug emhoff led a moment of silence for the 500,000 americans killed by the coronavirus. >> all this as the administration ramps up the vaccination effort. more than 44 million americans
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getting at least one dose so far. now johnson & johnson's single dose vaccine could be authorize there could be 20 million of those doses by the end of march. our senior white house correspondent mary bruce starts us off with the very latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, joe biden is urging americans not to grow numb to this painful loss and these horrific numbers. biden, of course, is a man who knows grief and is drawing on that personal experience to remember the more than 500,000 lives lost and to comfort all of those left behind. ♪ an emotional president biden consoling a nation with a somber moment of silence marking a staggering milestone. more than 500,000 americans dead from the coronavirus. >> we'll remember each person we've lost, the lives they lived of the loved ones that were left
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behind. we will get through this, i promise you. >> reporter: the president memorializing the lives lost and urging americans to fight this pandemic together. >> as we all remember, i also ask us to act, to remain vigilant, to stay socially distanced, to mask up, get vaccinated when it's your turn. >> reporter: and this morning some good news. johnson & johnson announcing if authorized they expect to deliver enough doses of their single shot vaccine to vaccinate 20 million americans by the end of march. the administration now racing to catch up with delays caused by winter storms. >> we now anticipate that all backlogged doses will be delivered by midweek. >> reporter: the cdc now reporting that more than 44 million u.s. adults have had at least one dose of the vaccine and nearly 20 million have had both doses and there are clear signs that vaccinations, along with the decrease in community
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spread are having a positive impact on nursing home deaths. since early january, weekly deaths in nursing homes have declined by about 70%, in fact, the covid tracking project reports cases in nursing homes last week were the lowest recorded since may. in illinois, kate wrigley and ashley kennedy haven't been able to visit their 85-year-old grandfather in person at his nursing home since march. they say they're grateful he's getting his second vaccine dose this week. >> we're excited and looking forward to when we get to see him again. we have missed him so much, and we know we're very blessed that he's still here with us. >> reporter: now with new variants emerging there is still a long way to go. two new studies out of san francisco show that a california bred variant may be more infectious than others. it may explain the recent explosion of cases in that state. researchers are now requesting that the cdc add it to a watch list which could make it the first u.s. variant added to that list. george? >> mary, thanks very much. overall cases are coming down and that means lockdowns are being relaxed.
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new york city movie theaters will open next week for the first time in nearly a year. that announcement was made by governor an zdrew cuomo who whoo under fire for misreporting the number of nursing home deaths in the state. eva pilgrim is outside a theater in brooklyn with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. movie theaters like this one in new york city will be able to re-open soon with limited seating. the governor highlighting the good news as he's facing tough questions about earlier pandemic decisions. overnight new york city announcing plans to loosen covid restrictions planning on opening movie theaters in a limited capacity for the first time in nearly a year. >> movie theaters in new york will be brought in line with the rest of the state, 25% capacity. no more than 50 people per screening. >> do you know why you're here today? >> is it because indoor dining is back in new york? >> reporter: the move seemingly ripped from this weekend's "saturday night live" skit comes
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as the state's governor, andrew cuomo, is under fire. cuomo, who was praised for his early efforts in the pandemic is now in the midst of scandal. the fbi and federal prosecutors in brooklyn investigating how his administration handled nursing home deaths during the pandemic. after an aide admitted the administration withheld the nursing home death toll from state lawmakers out of fear it would be used against the state by the trump administration. >> we created the void by not producing enough public information quickly enough. i get that. but then it was exploited with misinformation, people playing politics, republicans playing politics, personal attacks, personal agendas. >> reporter: the governor now pushing nursing home reforms as well as easing other restrictions. the covid numbers here in new york are down. hospitalizations, deaths and new
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cases are all on the decline. michael? >> that's some good news there. eva, thank you so much. we turn to the latest on that united plane's midair emergency over colorado. the ntsb saying so-called metal fatigue may have caused the engine to blow apart shortly after takeoff as the uk bans boeing 777s equipped with the same engine. our transportation correspondent gio benitez has more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. yeah, pieces of that engine are now being flown to the engine's manufacturer as questions rise. when was it last inspected? this morning, new images from the ntsb showing even more damage from that 777's midflight emergency over colorado. debris from the engine hitting the fuselage leaving this hole in the side of the plane, luckily missing a few tank. this as we learn new details about what may have caused that engine to blow apart. >> mayday, mayday. >> reporter: the ntsb saying the preliminary investigation shows
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evidence of metal fatigue. when metal is weakened to such a point that cracks form. investigators say one fan blade broke off hitting a second blade. >> for the fan blade that was fractured midspan, damage with it is consistent with it being struck when the fan blade separated at the root, banged into it. >> reporter: the uk banning 777s with that specific pratt & whitney engine from flying into its airspace. most of those planes now grounded in the u.s. and japan. while the engine is an older model no longer used in newer planes, more than 100 777s 777s have them, requiring deeper inspections. >> in this case there was a question of when were those inspections done? were they done properly and why did this airplane have this crack that eventually led to a catastrophic engine failure? >> reporter: this weekend we saw a very similar incident in the netherlands with a 747 cargo plane. engine parts falling after a midair explosion. the debris injuring two people
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on the ground. meanwhile, the engine's manufacturer pratt & whitney says this, that it is actively coordinating with operators and regulators to support the revised inspection interval of these engines that power those 777s. robin? >> all right, gio, thank you. now to the disaster in texas. those record low temperatures may be gone, but residents of the lone star state still dealing with the aftermath. vital supplies hard to come by. millions still without water. marcus moore is live in dallas with more for us. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning. things are improving here, but there are still millions of people under boil water notices across the state. this winter storm bursting pipes in homes and businesses. we've also seen a number of water main breaks here in the or aa an this has had a huge impact on the supply chain. longes
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and also distribution sites. and then you compound that with sky rocketing energy bills that some people are experiences. some have received bills for thousands of dollars in the midst of this crisis. state leaders have said they'll address this issue, but it's unclear what they'll do about it. depending on what plan they have texas charge customers a variable price if the demand is low, that bill will be low but can skyrocket when demand is high. the governor called an emergency meeting over the weekend, issuing a moratorium on disconnections due to high bills. george? >> some small relief there. marcus, thanks. we turn to that major defeat for donald trump. the supreme court rejected the former president's years long quest to keep his tax and finance records from prosecutors who are investigating fraud and other crimes. chief washington correspondent jon karl has the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a big defeat for trump.
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it was his last-ditch effort to keep prosecutors from getting his tax returns. now the manhattan d.a., cyrus vance, will have access to eight years of donald trump's tax returns and other personal records. and it's not just trump's personal returns. vance will also have access to the returns of his company, the various trump companies. it was a one-sentence unsigned order from the supreme court rejecting this and it had no dissents. so if donald trump was counting on the three justices that he nominated to the court to bail him out of this, he was sorely disappointed. trump responded with a lengthy written statement, george. it said in part that the investigation in new york is, quote, a continuation. the greatest witch-hunt in the history of our country and he said the supreme court should never have let this fishing expedition continue, but they did. >> meantime, jon, what do we know about what prosecutors will do next and the possible exposure for president trump? >> reporter: well, look, they're
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investigating potential financial fraud here, prosecutors will get access, we believe, to those returns within days. but, george, one important point here is grand jury proceedings are secret so the public won't see these until or if charges are actually filed. >> jon, meantime, president biden's nominee for attorney general merrick garland had his first confirmation hearing yesterday and made it very clear his top priority is investigating that siege of the capitol. >> reporter: yeah, remember, oklahoma city was what garland investigated in 1995. it was really a defining investigation of his career as a prosecutor. he made it clear he will pursue the capitol siege, anybody involved and added, george, we will pursue these leads wherever they take us. he didn't specifically talk about investigating donald trump, but he certainly didn't rule it out. jon karl, thanks very much. michael? >> thank you, george. now to the wife of notorious mexican drug lord el chapo, emma coronel aispuro is accused of
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helping her husband in that daring 2015 pris >> reporter: emma coronel the beauty queen wife of mexican drug lord el chapo, heads at his trial last year, waking up this morning in a federal detention center after being arrested on drug charges at a d.c. area airport monday. according to federal documents coronel is charged with conspiring with her husband to distribute drugs including cocaine and heroin and of conspiring with el chapo to spring him from a mexican super max prison. her husband had run the largest narco operation but since his arrest in 2016 coronel hasn't exactly lived under the radar amassing nearly 500,000 instagram followers and starring in an episode of the vh1 reality show, "cartel crew." [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the 31-year-old
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born in california and has dual mexican/u.s. citizenship and married el chapo when she was 17. she relayed messages and orchestrated the spectacular escape from the mexican prison in 2015. el chapo dipping into a hole in the shower floor that led to a nearly mile-long tunnel outfitted with a motorcycle on rails. then in 2016 he was finally taken in. mexican authorities showing us how he nearly escaped officers again using this elaborate escape tunnel. he was extradited to the u.s. in 2017 and despite trial testimony painting him as a monster, coronel insisted to "the new york times" that she still admired him. now, coronel has been under investigation for about two years since el chapo's trial revealed to how deeply emeshed
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she was in his operations. these new federal documents say nothing about her involvement in the sinaloa cartel since el chapo's extradition to the u.s. in 2017. robin? >> all right, matt, thank you. now to the historic images beamed back from mars. for ft actually landing on the red planet. will reeve joins us with more images from the rover perseverance. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this video is extraordinary for what it shows and for what it represents, a new phase in a long journey. >> navigation has confirmed that the parachute has deployed. >> reporter: after traveling nearly 300 million miles from earth, it came down to a nail-biting seven-minute descent from chute deployed to landing. the rover entering at speeds over 1,000 miles per hour. once the heat shield drops five cameras and radar get the first glimpses of the surface. the red planet's massive craters visible below. >> we are currently performing the divert maneuver.
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>> reporter: the rover now just 20 meters from the ground. mounds of red dust plumes kicked up. the flash and the rover detached from the parachute. >> perseverance safely on the surface of mars. >> reporter: in a final speed around 2 miles per hour the moment the mars 2020 team had been waiting for -- and then listen to this. perseverance sending back these first ever recordings of the howling winds on the surface of the red planet. perseverance or percy, as she's known to the mission team, will now continue to go through her checklist of things to do on mars. one big unique unprecedented item coming later this spring is the launch of ingenuity, a drone-like helicopter attached to the rover that will give us an even better view of mars down here on earth. guys? >> exciting to see what they'll
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discover. >> we'll see. a lot more coming up including the bachelor matt james breaking his silence over what he calls the show's devastating and heartbreaking issues with race. this dramatic rescue. a sheriff's deputy who went from motel to motel searching for a missing 13-year-old who met a 22-year-old man online. first let's go to ginger. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: morning, robin. a little last gasp of that cold air and winter weather yesterday in allentown, pennsylvania. dropped three to six inches of snow. they're 30 inches above their normal. look what's going to happen. last friday, this country was 72% covered in snow. something we haven't done since we started recording in 2003 but the warmth is eating away at that snow today. this morning, 35%. all right, dallas could hit 80 for the first time since november, by the way. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the tuesday trivia sponsored by state farm.
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good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. nearing record highs today. likely the warmest day so far this year. breezy in our hills and mountains but it's going to come down to the rest of our neighborhoods and take our temperatures out of record territory. look at the low to upper 70s. 68 in half moon bay. that's one ofll be back. >> we'll be back. we'll be back. or psoriatic arthritis, little things, can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...
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crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. >> announcer: this is abc7 news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." three bay area counties are poised to move to the red tier and it could happen as soon as today. covid case rates are low enough for this change in marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. restaurants would be allowed to open 25% of their indoor dining rooms. they've only been allowed to operate outdoors recently. gyms would be able to welcome people inside up to 10% of their capacity. city college of san francisco opens up its site for second dose appointments. supply issues forced officials to delay reopening to thursday instead of yesterday. there's currently a backlog of about 33,000 doses.
7:24 am
no appointments were actually canceled because spots are only released once the supply is confirmed. we're going to check in with meteorologist mike nicco and what is set
7:25 am
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welcome back. let's take a look at some neighborhood temperatures under a partly cloudy skies. we go to 61 in fairfield. most of us in the mid to upper 40fo coat to no coat if you have to stand outside this morning. we have some issues tomorrow above 1,000 feet. some damaging winds are possible. use today to make sure everything is locked down or brought inside. near record highs today. a little bit cooler tomorrow, but warmer than average most everyday. coming up, the bachelor,
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get your faves, like the mcdouble or the mcchicken for a few bucks. only on the mcdonald's 123 dollar menu. i left her by the telescopes. >> welcome back to "gma." you remember that. the classic scene, "sleepless in seattle," meg ryan and tom hanks. tom hanks is a single dad who is looking for and finding love in the 1993 movie and this morning we're helping real-life single parents get back into the dating game. our love coach is breaking down the big questions in our next hour. >> i forgot about the music in it. i just remember the scene, then the music. t.j. is over there rolling his eyes. why? >> look, i'm on bachelor beat this morning. so forve me if love ain't flowing through me. >> dressed for the part.
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the velvet smoking jacket today. >> what is it, velvet? what is it, velvet? >> can we move on with the show? >> t.j., want some headlines right now? >> let's do it. remember president biden last night honoring the 500,000 lives lost in the pandemic with a moment of silence and words of consolation. he also urged americans to remain vigilant, to remain socially distant, keep masking up and get vaccinated when it's your turn. also right now the senate is amine the failures that led tog the breach. four law enforcement officers, three resigned will face lawmakers and merrick garland says the capitol riot investigation is his top priority. this frightening moment for a dog owner in tennessee. sid slipped and fell through the ice right into the pool. the family rushed him to the vet who said it was a miracle he survived and sid is back home and recovering. >> glad the owner was there to see that. we are going to continue with the bachelor speaking about
7:32 am
the show's issues with race and host chris harrison's comments. matt james calling those words, quote, troubling and painful. t.j., tell us more. >> you know what else he said? he said "the bachelor" franchise has fallen short for years on issues of race. he's breaking his silence. he did it just hours before the new episode of "the bachelor" aired last night and while the producers of the show remain silent about the racial controversy, you can hear it in matt james' statement. his frustration and that there's plenty of disappointment to go around. the first ever black bachelor in the 20-year history of the show is now openly criticizing "the bachelor" franchise on the issue of race. matt james calls the past few weeks some of the those challenging of his life speaking for the first time about the controversy surrounding contestant rachael kirkconnell and host chris harrison writing on instagram just before last night's episode it has been devastating and heartbreaking to put it bluntly.
7:33 am
kirkconnell in the final three apologized after she had liked photos with a confederate flag in them and after pictures of her at an antebellum themed college party three years ago went viral. james overnight described those pictures as incredibly disappointing. harrison immediately came to her defense. >> it's not a good look. >> no, well, rachel, is it a good look in 2018 or not a good look in 2021? >> reporter: characterizing kirkconnell as a victim of the, quote, woke police in an interview with rachel lindsay who in 2017 was the first ever black bachelorette. >> it's not a good look ever because she's celebrating the old south. if i went to that party, what would i represent at that party? >> my guess, these girls got dressed up and went to a party and had a great time. they were 18. does it make it okay? i don't know, rachel, you tell me.
7:34 am
but where is thiup and was it a and were we all looking through it in 2018? >> reporter: harrison later apologized announcing he's stepping aside from the franchise for a period. time. but james writes chris' failure to receive and understand the emotional labor that my friend rachel lindsay was taking on by graciously and explaining patiently the racist history of the antebellum was troubling and painful to watch, a clear reflection of a much larger issue that "the bachelor" franchise has fallen short on addressing adequately for years. james' post was applauded by andi dorfman, kaitlyn bristow and tayshia adams weighing in too. it's long dealt with a lack of diversity and faced a class action lawsuit claiming it discriminates against people of color. >> i think what's hard is we are all linked and attached to this franchise and you don't want to be attached to something that seems to be so problematic when there seems to be so much that still needs to be done. >> reporter: james says he's been pushed to re-evaluate and process what my experience on
7:35 am
"the bachelor" represents saying, i'll continue to process this experience and you will hear more from me in t he goes on to say, guys, in his statement he wants this to spark conversation. this is a history, this antebellum history, people should understand and some don't understand that an antebellum party can represent and glorify the same thing as a confederate flag to a lot of people. and so if that sparks a conversation and moves it forward, then fine. now, as far as the episodes go chris harrison, of course, taped months ago so he will continue to be part of the show as it continues, but the show has not made a statement during the episodes that aired live so far. >> can we say again how rachel lindsay, how well she handled that. when chris harrison was being so dismissive, i think it's not just what he said but the manner in which he was saying it that was quite disturbing to many. >> she brought it home by saying, you went to that party, you could go. what if i went, rachel lindsay, to that party, what would i be? you put it in that context,
7:36 am
maybe it brought it home t people who didn't understand. so the conversations continue. "the bachelor" is helping us in this racial reckoning. >> matt james, his statement was right on point too. thank you, t.j. appreciate it. now to the independent investigation into the death of elijah mcclain, the young black man who died three days after being restrained by colorado police and injected with a powerful sedative. his family is now speaking out. stephanie ramos joins us, and, stephanie, the report says police had no legal basis to even stop him. >> reporter: exactly, michael. the report also says officers had no reason to believe elijah mcclain was engaged in criminal activity or posed a threat. elijah would have turned 25 years old this week. his family says at least now they know the truth surrounding his death. this morning, the family of elijah mcclain is reacting to the independent investigative report condemning aurora, colorado police officers and
7:37 am
paraundimek man. >> just glad because another pair of eyes say the same thing we've been saying for the last year and a half. >> reporter: the report released monday states the aurora police officers did not have the legal basis to stop, frisk or choke the 23-year-old with autism. elijah died in august of 2019, three days after he was stopped by officers responding to a 911 call about a suspicious person. >> stop. stop. >> i have the right -- >> stop. >> reporter: three officers wrestled him to the ground, put him in a chokehold and handcuffed him. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: a medic then injecting him with ketamine, a powerful sedative. the report criticizing aurora ems for giving him that shot even though he wasn't resisting, quote, giving the 140-pound mcclain a grossly inaccurate amount of the sedative, enough for a 190-pound man. >> so what we see is a young man
7:38 am
who did everything right and he was murdered by these police and medics because of his race. >> reporter: mcclain suffered cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital where he died three days later. elijah's family still heart broken. >> elijah mcclain mosley was loved. he's missed and hopefully we get justice for him. we miss him every day. >> reporter: the aurora police department has not commented on this report, which was paid for by the city council. the family has now filed a lawsuit against the city. guys? >> okay. stephanie, thanks very much. what a case. coming up later the parents demanding answers after their 6-year-old was accused of sexual misconduct by his school and they're speaking on camera for the first time this morning. next, caught on camera, the hero sheriff's deputy speaking out after rescuing a 13-year-old girl after meeting a man online. what all parents need to know. what all parents need to know. ♪ ♪ my life my life, my life, my life ♪
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back now with a dramatic rescue caught on camera. back now with a dramatic rescue caught on camera. you see a sheriff's deputy track down a missing teen in a motel room with a man she met online. we're hearing from the hero deputy this morning and erielle reshef has the story. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, george. we are following two heroic rescues in just the span of a week involving teens and now we are also seeing that stunning body camera video. >> ooh. where is this guy? i think this is him. >> reporter: you're watching the dramatic moment a sheriff's
7:43 am
deputy finds a missing 13-year-old girl, all caught on body camera. the terrified florida teen in the corner of this video, running into the arms of the officer desperately searching for her. >> what's up, sweetheart? are you hurt at all? she noticed i was a deputy and she came running into my arms because she knew that she had been saved at that point. >> reporter: the teen's grandmother reported her missing after she didn't come home from school on thursday. a friend of the girl telling investigators she was planning to meet a 22-year-old she met online to go to a motel. >> how old are you? if i ask you that question again i'm going to lose my [ muted ] mind. how old are you? >> reporter: volusia county sheriff's deputy royce james went to motel after motel looking for the teen before finally finding her. >> yes, i am. i found them. >> 10-4. how old is he? >> too old. >> i was extremely angry.
7:44 am
i have daughters and the thought of my daughter being in that situation got me extremely angry. >> reporter: police taking 22-year-old tyler thompson into custody charging him with interference with child custody and traveling to meet after using a computer to lure a child. police say additional charges are pending. deputy james telling abc news despite being in law enforcement for nearly a decade, he found himself overwhelmed. >> at one point i did go back to my patrol car and cry. it was pretty emotional. >> reporter: in north carolina investigators say this man, 38-year-old william ice took a 14-year-old from her home after he communicated with the teen on her school-issued computer. she was rescued by officers in arkansas and the suspect took his own life. police say he had been in contact with ten minors. authorities warning parents to set controls on your child's electronics. experts say there are some simple things parents can do to protect their kids from internet
7:45 am
predators. >> talk to your kids about what apps they're using and get on those apps yourself. learn how they operate, how you can friend somebody and what really goes on. how that communication works. >> reporter: this morning that suspect who was caught with the teen in the motel is out on bond. his attorney declined to comment. george? >> erielle, this is all happening as the center for missing and exploited children say they're seeing a spike in calls to their tip line. >> reporter: that's right, george. they received 16.9 million tips into that hotline but now this year during the pandemic, that has jumped about 98%. so, george, of course, experts are saying this is an example that even though our kids are home more often during the pandemic, we cannot let our guards down when it comes to who they are communicating with online. >> wow, 98% increase. okay, erielle, thanks very much. michael? >> all right, george, coming up next our "play of the day." finally moved in. it's a great old house. good bones, wraparound porch. the pipes are... making strange noises.
7:46 am
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♪ ♪ i love that music. back now with our "play of the day" and the insanely intense trick for one talented dachshund. take a look at parso, the balancing hound, one, two, three, four, five, six. >> look at his eye. >> seven, eight rice cakes. that's right. standing tall. >> look how he's looking up. >> how cute.
7:50 am
he is no stranger -- can balance pancakes and countless other treats. >> how do you get a dachshund that calm? daisy would bite my hand off if i put one rice cake on her head. >> the eyes looking up. >> the eyes looking up like can you get this off so i can get my treat? >> the question is can he balance grilled cheese sandwiches. this morning your ultimate comfort food upgrade, the secret trick to making the perfect grilled cheese and tomato soup soup. it's next level. we got a debate to dip or not to dip? she's dipping. >> that is the question. >> we're on team dip. come on back. n back. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women
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avalanche danger is high for >> reporter: avalanche danger is high for parts of the cascade and northern rockies. stevens, snoqualmie, white passes were closed then re-opened and had to shut it down because of snow slides. watch for that as you've gotten to close to a foot and a half in some spots. coming up here on "gma," parents' night out. how single moms and dads can jump-start their dating lives. then are you ready to upgrade your grilled cheese and tomato soup soup. ah, don't miss the secret trick to making that perfect sandwich. >> this segment sponsored by amazon alexa. your local news and weather is next.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by cascade platinum. nothing cleans better.
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." san francisco is expanding a loan program benefitting black-owned businesses impacted by the pandemic. the fund stands at $6.3 million. the mayor created this in june. borrowers can receive zero interest loans of up to $50,000. let's take a look at what's going on from our exploratorium. temperatures today are going to be near record levels. it will be great for outdoor activities. look at this. we're near record high. low to upper 70s, expecept for that 68 at half moon bay. we'll still stay a little bit
7:57 am
above average with dry weather through monday. coming up, parents night out. how single moms and dads can jump start their dating lives. we'll have another update in 30 minutes. you can always find us at
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president biden honors more than 500,000 lives lost to the coronavirus. >> let this not be a story of how far we fell but of how far we climbed back up. >> he consoles the nation and calls for unity with an emotional candlelit memorial as the nation catchs up on vaccines. new details on what caused that engine to blow apart and new images showing more damage from that midflight emergency. debris leaving a hole in the side of the plane. fighting for answers. after a 6-year-old was accused of inappropriately touching a classmate at school, his parents say the school alerted the police without telling them first. their emotional first on camera
8:01 am
interview. what they're demanding from authorities. trail blazer on the court and in the boardroom. katrina adams, the first black woman and the youngest ever to lead the united states tennis association joins us live revealing how she changed the gaow you can own the arena too. get your groove back. this morning helping single moms and dads find their match. our coach is breaking down the big questions from meeting the kids to what you should and should not share on your profile. ♪ and we're burning up for the sizzling new spin on this crispy, crunchy, melty perfect grilled cheese sandwich. don't miss the surprising kitchen trick as we sa ame i'll share my sandwich with you, robin. without a doubt. i cannot wait to try it. it looks delicious.
8:02 am
we are glad you're with us on this tuesday morning, everybody. >> we're also learning the easy kitchen secret to whipping up the perfect sandwich and interesting spin on tomato soup because when you have a grilled cheese you got to have the tomato soup. >> you do and you're a dipper. >> i'm ray dipper. you a dipper? >> no, not really but i'll try it. >> i'm a little dipper. [ laughter ] >> every morning with these two. >> let's get news. we start can the coronavirus emergency. more than 44 million americans have gotten at least one vaccine dose so far and as the biden administration is ramping up efforts to vaccinate american, the president held that somber memorial at the white house last night amid candles lit tohans let's go back to our senior white house correspondent mary bruce. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, again, george. the president is urging americans not to grow numb to these painful numbers, to remember the lives lost and so many families that now are
8:03 am
grieving, but with cases declining across the country the president is also trying to give americans hope saying that brighter days are ahead. ♪ an emotional president biden consoling a nation with a somber moment of silence marking a staggering milestone. more than 500,000 americans dead from the coronavirus. >> we'll remember each person we've lost, the lives they lived and the loved ones they left behind. we will get through this, i promise you. >> reporter: the president memorializing the lives lost and urging americans to fight this pandemic together. >> as we all remember, i also ask us to act. to remain vigilant, to stay socially distanced, to mask up. get vaccinated when it's your turn. >> reporter: and this morning, some good news, johnson & johnson announcing if authorized they expect to deliver enough
8:04 am
doses of their single shot vaccine to vaccinate 20 million americans by the end of march. the administration now racing to catch up with delays caused by winter storms. >> we now anticipate that all backlogged doses will be delivered by midweek. >> reporter: the cdc now reporting that more than 44 million u.s. adults have had at least one dose of the vaccine and nearly 20 million have had both doses. now, if the johnson & johnson vaccine is authorized which could happen as early as this friday, then the u.s. would have on hand by the end of dose -- by the end of march enough doses to immunize about 130 million americans. that's roughly half of all u.s. adults. now, the ceos of these major pharmaceutical companies will be on capitol hill today testifying about their vaccine's supply. to the latest on that united plane's midair emergency over colorado. the ntsb saying so-called metal fatigue may have caused the enskrin to blow apart shortly
8:05 am
after takeoff. back to our transportation correspondent gio benitez with more. good morning, again, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning again. yeah, investigators are focusing on that engine sending parts of it to the manufacturer. let's go ahead and show you this dramatic new image from the ntsb, because this is what we're learning that debris from the engine actually hit the fuselage leaving that giant hole in the side of that 777. this could have been so much worse if that hit a fuel dapg. now, the ntsb saying overnight they saw evidence of that metal fatigue you mentioned on one of the engine's blades that broke off midflight. investigators say that broken blade then hit another. now, we should tell you most of the 777s with that specific pratt & whitney engine have already been grounded around the world. george. >> okaygio, thanks very much. when we come back, demanding answers. a young boy accused of sexual misconduct by his school. his parents say shovels say
8:06 am
authorities called before alerting him speaking out on camera for the first time. our series, parent's night out hoping single moms and dads get back in the dating game. and "the new york times" contributor carolina gelen is taking your grilled cheese and tomato soup to the next level. we'll be right back. ♪ (vo) welcome to the next, next level. this phone paired with 5g ultra wideband-- wow! (vo) the new samsung galaxy s21 is here and it's on verizon 5g ultra wideband, the fastest 5g in the world. available in parts of many cities. it's not just a great network. it's ridiculously fast. (vo) stream your favorite shows in ultra hd. i'm so excited about this. streaming is crystal clear. select unlimited plans get the disney bundle included and discovery+ on us. yes! buy samsung galaxy s21+ 5g. get one on us. only on verizon. depression makes it hard for me to follow through with my plans. my antidepressant helps, but there are times i still feel depressed
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♪your sauce is lookin' think hon' fix that quick.♪ ♪when you're in my house you pour it on thick.♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma." nice tuesday morning here in new york and tomorrow kelly marie tran joins us live. >> right now time for "pop news" with lara.
8:11 am
good morning, lara. hi, robin, good morning, you guys, great to see you all. we begin with quite a te,esidenr together on a new podcast called "renegade: born in the usa" and the eight episode series on spotify will have the boss and former commander in chief engaging in deep and revealing conversations with each other exploring a wide array of topics including race, fatherhood, marriage and the state of america. here's a little preview. >> i grew up thinking, you know, my father was like ashamed of his family. that was my entire picture of masculinity. did you have to deal with that. >> see, my father leaves when i'm 2 and i don't meet him until i'm 10 years old when he comes to visit for a month. i had no way to connect to the guy. you know, the guy is a stranger
8:12 am
who suddenly is in our house. >> so interesting and the podcast is being produced by the obamas' production company called higher ground. stream the first two episodes of "renegade" on spotify right now and more to come. also this morning, people around the country are stepping up to help texas, bethanny frankel, her be strong foundation jumped in delivering food and water and now it's matthew mcconaughey's turn. he just announced a virtual benefit that he is organizing to raise upon for charities providing to those in need there asking texans to help each other. take a look. >> remember, right now is the best time to safely check on your neighbors. go knock on a door. go volunteer. if you're a have, help out a have not. it is needed. >> matthew also saying his benefit will be held in the next
8:13 am
couple of weeks and that he'll give details on that very soon. also giving back to their home statehouse native beyonce is teaming up with local charities to raise relief money and fixer upper stars chip and joanna gaines revealing their magnolia restaurant flooded during the freeze, that's not stopping them from helping others. the gaines donating $100,000 to relief efforts. looking to help, head to our website, for details. also in the news this morning, nick jonas breaking out on his own again with a new single. it is called "spaceman" the pop star sharing behind-the-scenes clips from the upcoming music video over the weekend and this morning, well, now he's giving us a little snippet on twitter. listen up. ♪
8:14 am
"spaceman" will be nick's first solo single in three years. it comes out this spurs pretty much everywhe a 10-year-old with an ingenious idea for dogs. we heard all free libraries popping up in neighborhoods across the country. now jeremiah carter and his dad decided to give dogs their day building a box full of free sticks for all the dogs in their canadian neighborhood and that's just the first branch, if you will, of this library for dogs. another box just popped up at a dog park five miles away. the facebook page writes, no late fees and new sticks arrive every week. enjoy. and as for dave and jeremiah they say they're not done yet. they hope to branch out to more neighborhoods soon to connect with other dog lovers. i thought that was a really great idea. thanks, jeremiah and now back to you guys in the studio. >> and thank you, lara. appreciate it.
8:15 am
for answers after their srching 6-year-old son's school accused him of sexual misconduct. 6 years old. his parents say the school alerted authorities before calling them. erielle reshef sat down with the couple for their first on camera interview and she is back with us again this morning. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. the family says they are shocked and devastated by these accusations against their young son and are desperate to clear his name. they say they also hope sharing his story will prevent this from happening to other kids. a family says they're seeking justice for their little boy. >> he had absolutely no idea that anything had happened or that anything was wrong. >> reporter: in their first on camera interview flavia perea and shawn robertson speaking out after their son was accused of inappropriately touching a little girl in his first grade
8:16 am
class. in november of 2019, flavia said she got a call from the school. >> when the dean of students called me on the phone she said that he had touched another little girl and that they were required to report all incidents of sexual harassment and she used the term sexual harassment twice. >> reporter: flavia says by the time she was notified the school had already alerted police who filed a report which is now sealed. >> it's important to distinguish between a child being, you know, sexually curious but it's not sexual in the sense of an adult sexual interaction. >> reporter: under massachusetts law children under age 12 cannot be charged with a crime. but his parents are concerned the little boy, now 7, now has a permanent record on file with the state department of children and families and local authorities. >> what do you want for your son now? >> i want his record expunged. that should not exist. unfortunately, when school personnel often look at a black
8:17 am
and browning boy, they don't see a little kid. they don't see a child behaving like a child. they immediately assume the worst. they criminalized his behavior. >> reporter: his parents say the boy, just 6 at the time, had no history of behavioral or disciplinary issues at school. >> have you had conversations with your son will what is and isn't appropriate in the classroom? >> we've actually had several conversations with him about what's appropriate, what isn't appropriate. like any parent would. it's heartbreaking to -- speaking as a black man, to send my son, our son to a place where i think he isn't safe. you never think that you were sending them out a sheep amongst wolves.
8:18 am
>> sexual abuse is a public health issue for our children, but certainly you don't want to overreach and overemployee a situation and certainly make it into something much more damaging and criminal when, in fact, it could have been handled at the level of the school between the parents. >> reporter: overnight somerville public schools telling abc news our teachers and staff have and are expected to follow all necessary reporting procedures and obligations as required by all relevant agencies and authorities adding, our district and our school committee are also fully committed to continuing the deep equity work that we have been intensifying over the last several years. and the state mandates that the school follow specific reporting protocol when it comes to cases of potential abuse but the family says they hope that the school will help them expunge their son's record and apologize. they also hope their son's story may serve as a catalyst for change nationwide. robin. >> i know that is their hope. i'm so glad they sat down and talked with you about this,
8:19 am
erielle. >> >> you can't blame the teech rsor following rulesk and n entirety and think about, the parents, the father, what he was saying and the mother, but -- >> maybe they'll do the right thing. >> we hope. >> yeah. ginger. >> yes, and i've got to spring you into a bit of spring. sunday in springfield, missouri and this was monday. temps are working eating away at the snow cover by a lot. i mean on friday our country was almost 73% covered in snow all the way to the deep south, this morning, only 35%. so good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. nearing record highs today. likely the warmest day so far this year. breezy in our hills and mountains but it's going to come down to the rest of our
8:20 am
neighborhoods and take our temperatures out of record territory. look at the low to upper 70s. 68 in half moon bay. that's one of time now for day one of our new series, parent's night out helping single moms and dads get back in the dating game while raising a family. this morning, we're kicking it off with three incredible singles. they're about to join us live to get answers to their biggest dating questions, but first here are their stories. >> this is what single people do. they try other people on to see how they fit but everybody's an adjustment. nobody is perfect. there's no such thing as a perfect -- ♪ >> mastering the dating game is not easy and doing it as a
8:21 am
single parent can be even tougher. we found three single parents, emily, carl and risa who are trying to date again. >> our life didn't work out the way we had planned so now we're doing something different. >> reporter: emily now a widow after losing her husband two years ago helps her thousands of followers move through their own grief. >> celebrate the small win, don't look too far ahead into the future and just focus on the next great thing. >> reporter: but when it comes to dating again, she has trouble taking her own advice. for girl dad carl, he's the self-proclaimed single dad on social media. >> i guess we'll never know. >> reporter: he says the relationship he has with his girls comes naturally but date something different. >> we should take honor and pride in the fact that you are difficult to date. >> reporter: and for risa, an empty nester, she knows that she needs to find a man who pushes her out of her comfort zone. >> i'm looking for someone that
8:22 am
also challenges me. i can be a bit of a handful, not a handfulei single for a vy lon kind of get stuck in our ways. >> joining us now is professional match maker paul c. brunson and he's answered emily, carl and risa's dating questions. good morning to everybody and emily, we'll start with you, you're a widow, a mother of two. now we know you've dated a little in the past two years but nothing has really clicked for you so what's your question for paul? >> hi, paul. so my question is, if i should include the i'm a widow in my dating profile or not because what i found is that when i'm actually on a date and my loss comes up it just gets really awkward so i'm wondering if by including it it might make the guys feel a little more comfortable or prepared to have that conversation and then i'm also just wondering how i should showcase my children on my profile. >> fair.
8:23 am
these are great questions, these are very important questions, right? let's look at the pros and cons. the pro is that not everyone is suited to date either a widow or a single parent. the con, however, is there are a lot of people trying to take advantage of others, namely, widows and single parents so as for that reason and i know this is not popular, but i believe you should not, i repeat, you should not include the fact that you're a widow or single parent in your profile, but you have to tell them at some point, right? i believe that's private information. private information should only be shared with those we have trust with, so make sure he's earning your trust. you know what i mean? make sure that he is committing to promises, he's showing you respect, maybe he's being vulnerable first. make sure you only share private information with those you trust. e adce ay carl, you're up. you're a girl dad. you' you're back in the dating game. last time you were single almost
8:24 am
a decade ago. what do you want to ask paul. >> yeah, that's right. paul, my question is i'm not sure if i should be focusing on dating another single parent or someone who doesn't have kids. you know, often i find that when dating other single parents we have our kids on opposite weekends, so i would like to hear what you have to think about that. >> yeah, definitely. i tell you what, the fact that you are a single parent interested potentially in dating another single parent, this means that you have to first be open to having a duly blended family, now, carl, that's a big commitment. you know what i mean. it's a very big commitment and comes with big decisions like how will your kids adjust? how will you blend the family, rit? carl, i know money is important to you. how will you handle the finances and where will you live? these are all big questions, now, you don't have to answer these questions before you start dating, but know, carl, these are questions that must be answered at some point. in terms of the weekends, know
8:25 am
this, when you find the right one they will ee have no problem working out the schedule because they know your beautiful kids come as a package with you. >> that is a fact. okay, great advice there, as well. finally, risa, you're a single mom of three, empty nester. so what question do you have for paul? >> so the question, paul, i have for you this morning is, as a single parent i live in a small-knit community and i already know many people here. so my question is, what is the best way to branch out meet other people outside of my circumstance. >> ah, i love this one, risa, repeat after me, right, say, i'm going to stretch my wings. >> i'm going to stretch my wings. >> and i'm going to fly without boundaries. >> and i'm going to fly without boundaries. >> without boundaries. that's right. here's the reason why i say this, yes, because one of the best things that's come out of the pandemic is that we're willing to stretch outside of our physical comfort zones, and
8:26 am
keep in mind this, right, we have no problem moving for education or for a career so why should potentially be moving for marriage, which is one of the most important decisions on the planet, right, why should that be different? this is what i call boundariless dating. i've been married 20 years. if i could go back to dating my wife i would move to the end of the earth for her. i believe most would do the same. have no fear when it comes to boundariless dating but if you get into a long distance relationship make sure there is a plan to end the distance by at least having a date to end that distance. but, risa, i want you to fly high. boundariless. >> fly high. thank you, guys, for your questions, we'll be right back, everybody.
8:27 am
>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from "abc7 mornings." three bay area counties are poised to move into the state's red tier as soon as today. and that includes marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. restaurants would be allowed to open at 25% inside and gyms would also be allowed to welcome people inside, up to 10% of their capacity. movie theaters and museums would also reopen in the red tier. let's take a look at some of our neighborhood temperatures. you're going to see a lot of mid-40s to mid-50s. temperatures haven't budged much because of the high clouds. no rain, no fog, it's completely
8:28 am
quiet as far as weather goes for your commute. near record highs, though, this afternoon. a little breezy tomorrow and the covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures.
8:29 am
including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree: reopen schools. putting safety first. hey, bay area, "live with kelly and ryan" is coming up. >> we'll chat with evan ross. plus shawn colvin performs from austin. >> that's at 9:00 on abc7. we'll have another news update in about 30 minutes. you can find the latest on our app and
8:30 am
taking a live look at the golden gate bridge right now. the news continues with "good morning, america." ♪orning, america." back here on "gma," another ultimate upgrade to help warm you up on this tuesday morning, grilled cheese and tomato soup. >> it is a classic pair and take a look at this video viewed -- liked more than 21,000 times. the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, comes from food 52 "the new york times" contributor carolina gelen joining us. carolina, thanks for joining us. let's start with the soup. you say forget about the cans and makes you're going homemade in the oven. >> thank you so much for having me. absolutely. we're forgetting about the cans and everything. everything is going to be happening in the oven, right? recipes are super easy to make. dump a bunch of stuff in a pan, forget about it. do laundry and we'll be done
8:31 am
with dinner, okay? so here's what we're going to do. we'll dump a bunch of oil in a pan, right? oil, love it, 10 out of 10. some onion, right, roughly chopped onion, throw it in there. a good aromatic. next up i got a surprise little ingredient which is a whole head of garlic. i know that might sound crazy, but i promise you, it won't make your soup taste like a bowl of aioli. it will get creamy and sweet in the oven and nice and swishy, okay. next up i add the tomatoes in there. here's the thing, winter produce is not that flavorful so what we're doing by roasting it in the oven, we're just like bringing all those flavors and letting them concentrate and marinate in there, adding basil because tomatoes and basil, such a good combo, some thyme in there. maybe more olive oil on top. if you're a fan of spice that's also very nice, i'm adding
8:32 am
serrano peppers in here and last but not last very important when it comes to tomato, salt and some pepper. and that's our soup right there. now we're going to add this to the oven, we're going to bring it right here. add it to the oven and this is what we're going to get after 40 minutes in the oftenen at 500 degrees fahrenheit. this is our soup, it's nice and caramelized, everything is super juicy and jammy as you can see? >> how do you turn that -- once w make sphave. >> that's the great question. great, great question. i'll add everything to a blender with some vegetable stock and something creamy. i like to use full fat coconut milk but you could use heavy cream instead. dump them all in the blender and blend well for about three to five minutes. i don't have a high speed blender but this one works really well. i'll just pour it so you can see the texture on it. look at that beauty.
8:33 am
oh, my goodness. are you seeing that? >> looks delicious. >> okay. get this out of the way. >> now we have the soup. we have the soup. we've got to have the grilled cheese and we hear that you've got some really tasty tricks for us. what are they? >> that is correct, robin. i like that you asked that. my tricks to a really good grilled cheese sand wi67. i want it to be crispy and i want it to be melty. you know, in order to do that, what's going to help us with that melty super ooey-gooey effect is low moisture mozzarella cheese and toasted my bread on each side. that will add a nice level of crunch on both sides. so i'm just adding the mozzarella cheese in there, then i'm adding some cheddar cheese, like a really good sharp cheddar cheese that brings the flavor so just mixing them all in there
8:34 am
and just sandwich it all back together like so. there you have our sandwich. >> any other tricks? >> there's a little trick, george. here's what i got for you. i like to dump -- i like to have a lid on hand and like to dump about a tablespoon of water in there. it's going to sizzle, okay. be careful with this, like that and i'm just covering it. and here's what that does, it lets the cheese melt fully because there's nothing worse than like breaking into a sandwich and there's a big chunk -- a block of cheese in the middle. >> that is true. >> let me just show you what we've done, okay. i have another sandwich over here and i think we all know the most important question, don't we? >> yep, to dunk or not to dunk, that is the question. >> that is the question. let me just open the sandwich,
8:35 am
see what we've done here. i'm going to open it right over here for y'all. ooh. >> that's the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich if i've ever seen one. >> wow. >> i think the answer to your question is very, very obvious, which is to dunk. dunk this in here. >> people have very strong opinions about this online. >> i'm glad you saved that perfect stretch for national television. that was great. >> i'm dunking mine. >> i could never do that like that. absolutely delicious. >> thank you. this was great. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thank you. >> and all these recipes on our website. katrina adams on owning the arena and making you
8:36 am
8:37 am
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♪ just a little bit ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t, our next guest. the trail blazer on the tennis court and in the boardroom. katrina adams became the first black woman and youngest person ever to be the first former pro player to leave the united states tennis association. her new book, "own the arena: getting ahead, making a difference and succeeding a tel rising through the ranks and how others can do it. i see you dancing, katrina.see .
8:39 am
you can'theearsp thok you were just 6 years old when you started to play tennis. you have two older brothers, they were taking you to the court. didn't have to change the rules to let you play, katrinay. >> just a little bit. i badgered, bullied my way onto the court with the coaches and my parents, program was for 9 to 18-year-old, i was only 6 but i knew i could do it better than anyone else on the court. >> this is somebody who i cannot believe this, you were not 6 months old when you learned how to walk. come on now, 6 monthom says. my mom and everyone says i was up climbing around at 6 months and fully running around 8 months so she wasn't happy with that. >> so that means early on, katrina, you were somebody that sa autyou?be thebo,ha hat
8:40 am
>> that' and eryone else said. my momee bere y ce a leadership position about myself or disposition at such an early age. >> so what if you are not somebody who is born with that kind of confidence. what is your advice to somebody, to build that confidence in themselves? >> i think it's really important for each individual to really go inward to understand what drives them, what motivates them and once you can determine that, then you can excel to be the leader that you are born to be. some of us are born leaders and some have to work at it but everybody has the capability of rising to that level. >> i have to agree with you. i think we all have that within us and it takes a little -- sometimes sports can help bring that out. with you it was tennis and growing up in the area that you did in the chicago area, that you were exposed to tennis, but you had black coaches, you played against other black
8:41 am
tennis players. but then when you started playing on the national level, that changed and also when you went into the boardroom, that changed. you were then all of a sudden the only person of color. so what was that shift like for you, katrina? >> you know, my parents kind of raised us to love everyone and be around everyone. their co-workers were white, jewish, black, hispanic, everything. i grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. the program was black. the coach was black. the next program i went to was black. the first tournament i played was the nationals which was black so i didn't know that tennis wasn't really a black sport, if you will. so once i started traveling outside into the suburbs and nationally, i realized, you , w? it's a little different. but it didn't stop me. it was because it's what i love to do. my parents supported me and i didn't really see myself as different at that time. just saw myself as someone trying to accomplish the same things that my other competitors
8:42 am
were doing. >> and that's what you did as president of not just one but two terms, not anybody else can say that, two terms president, usta and you really wanted people to see and also to hear and do you feel you were able to make an impact, katrina? >> i believe i was. i was very fortunate at the usta many years ago really focused on diversity particular in the boardroom. when i got to the boardroom my dearest honor rl mayor david dinkins was on the board and martin blackman so i walked in with two other men of color in the boardroom and it progressed over the year, but it was very important for me that when i took the stage, that everyone could see that there are possibilities and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. and so i wanted to make sure that every platform that i had an opportunity to go and speak on, that i was able to represent not only the usta, not only
8:43 am
myself but a broader group of people that perhaps did not see themselves in our sport. >> you helping that -- tell peopleha there in harlem with the harlem junior tennis and education program, really paying it forward. >> it's a chapter and we've been here 49 years now, i've been there 15 years and serving up community youth, putting rackets in kids' hands for the first time developing them and really giving them the tools necessary to earn a college scholarship, whether it's on the tennis court or through academics so providing tennis, education and wellness to really benefit the entire child. >> yes, we've had some of your graduates here and they are phenomenal such as yourself. all right, katrina adams, good to see you. thank you for all you do. continue to be very proud of you especially, "own the arena," your new book. you take care. >> thank you very much. >> "own the arena," it is available today. now back to ginger. ginger. >> robin, they are going home,
8:44 am
i'm talking about the sea turtles. you can see some of them here port aransas, texas, where they were stunned by the cold, more than 10,000 sea turtles had to be taken in across the whole coast because of that chill but now it is warming enough they can be placed right back there. looks like kind of a fun slide and the slide is what's happening with the temperatures. check out the numbers here. the mildest air, a lot of folks have seen it in month, new york city should see 50 even though we did that last week but mid-50s in philad good morning. are you ready for some record warmth? it's possible today as temperatures will reach the low to upper 70s after starting off in the 50s at 9:00. increasing sunshine todododododd you are going to want to odd stick around for this because linsey davis is going to tell us about her latest children's book. beautiful. come on back. ♪
8:45 am
like, seeing my mom. it's unthinkable to me that i can't see her and i can't hug her. not being able to hug is just like somebody has to tie me down. touching someone to say i love you, to hug you... those are the things that i miss. ♪ ♪
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back now with an emmy award winner andbest-selling author who just happens to also be our friend and part of the abc team for over a decade. linsey davis is joining us to talk about her new children's book, "stay this way forever." good morning, linsey, great to see. >> you good morning to you, michael. so good to see you. >> always great to see you. in this book, this book is really a love letter to children, i love it so how do you want them to feel when they read this book? >> i want children to feel and know that they are loved and adored and cherished and specifically for why. parents often t the a day i love you but we often
8:48 am
don't tell them i love you because because of specifics or curiosity or your laugh or your joy or your playfulness and i think it'll be so powerful for parents to read this book to their children, pretty much as an affirmation of how much they love them and why. >> and the title of the book, "stay this way forever," i've said that about my kids when they were 6 or 7 years old and i know your son ayden is 7. what part of this book is based on the things they actually does? >> the whole thing. he is my muse, he is my inspiration for why i do all of these children's books and i really think that parents are going to relate. they are the mopes you try to memorize before they slip away if you could savor and push that pause button and freeze, you know, certain aspects of childhood that you know that are fleeting and you really want to hold on to and embrace and i think about specifically with my own son hearing the pitter-patter of his feet before he jumps and clients into bed with us in the morning or the
8:49 am
certain way that he laughs or dances and just these moments that i just want to hold on to. >> yeah, i know that feeling all too well. and as much as you do here at abc, you have found the time to iss h you do it but it must be important for you to expose readers to diverse characters. >> yeah, i think certainly what you're passion national about, you'll find a way do it. initially it was the importance of making sure that my son was able to see himself reflected in books, but now i look at it additionally that this is to allow parents to expose their children, i think and i hope that especially coming off of the so-called racial reckoning, the summer we had where parents were thinking, what could we do and what kind of conversations can we have and i think you can start by having toys and books and giving that gentle introduction, exposing, giving your kids experience to kids who don't look like them. you know, i hope that parents
8:50 am
won't say, oh, well, this is a book with black and brown characters so it isn't for my child. it is. >> it is for everybody and your books are best-sellers and why do you think they resonate with families so much. >> i mean, i would like to think that it's because it's pure, it's genuine, it's authentically who i am as a mom. it's not like i'm trying to image what would it be like to have a child in these various stages and hopes and what you're trying to instill and inspire in your child. i'm living it every day and i imagine that my experience is that of parents who are just trying to do their best in loving their children and raising good solid citizen. >> you're doing your best. you're inspiring spoem. you inspire us here at "gma." we got to say a big congratulations, you are the matoea a prime time news ld new
8:51 am
show on abc. oehat >> i certainly have know, carol simpson who first had that spot and i would say that she and robin roberts and a handful of others who really paved the way, there's so much power, michael, as you know in seeing someone who looks like you achieve and excel. i can't say growing up i wanted to be a journalist but the seed of possibility was planted because i saw it was within reach, it was tangible so more than anything i feel grateful and so grateful to carol and robin, who is a constant mentor for me. >> my baby is growing up. my baby is growing up. all grown up. >> i love, linsey, when you say the seed was planted because now you're planting a seed with everyone watching what you're doing in your career and also with your books and as you said these books are for everybody out there and we appreciate you taking your time this morning. it's always great to see.
8:52 am
>> you thank you all for having me, so good to be back in the building. >> yes. know the feeling. >> this was a tough booking. >> tough booking to get her here, i'll tell you and her book, "stay this way forever." >> my family members love, love her series of books. >> fantastic,o talented. "stay this way forever" is available now so make sure you pick it up and help your kiddies
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> announcer: this week, eddie murphy is coming to "gma." >> sexual chocolate. >> one of the most anticipated sequels of all time. the all-star cast and working with his own daughter. >> it was really fun. >> what do you mean it was fun. you grounded. >> announcer: this week on "good morning america." >> oh, goodness, that's going to be fun. >> cannot wait for that. >> have a great day, everybody. thanks for being with us. ♪ just a little bit ♪
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from "abc7 mornings." starting today, you can take muni for free. show your appointment confirmation or card. rides will be offered for free within the city. >> check out this view. this is right across from the station. isn't that serene? outdoor temperatures, everything is going to be great today. the high clouds will leave us with mostly sunny conditions. low to upper 70s. breezy tomorrow and cooler the rest of the week. now it's time for "live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan." boo we'll be back a >> announcer: is "live with kelly and ryan." get on your cowboy boots and get in the car for "live's virtual roadtrip." next up, austin, texas. joining us in the virtual lone star state, actor evan ross. plus, a performance by shawn colvin. and hope you're hungry because it's texas taco tuesday. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, from the virtual state capital of texas, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: wow, how beautiful. >> kelly: welcome.


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