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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 31, 2021 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news. democrats stage a walkout w overnight to stoppage passage would restrict voting in texas. this morning, the new plan from republicans to pass the controversial bill which they say is all about election security. on the move, the first almost normal holiday weekend since the pandemic began. a crowd of 135,000 at the indy 500. record travelers at the airports and today, more covid restrictions being relaxed, but from the bad weather to the six-hour wait times for customer service, what you can expect today. out of bounds. an nba fan throws a bottle as a basketball superstar.
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his teammates lashing out. >> these men are human, you know? we're not animals. we're not in a circus. >> what's happening now to that fan. plus, the familiar faces on board a small plane that crashed in tennessee killing seven people. sticker shock. the rising price of meat for your holiday barbecue. and trending this morning, the indy 500 winner who says the old guy's still got it. plus the new record at the box office and "jeopardy!" prepares for a new guest host. good morning on this memorial day. we begin with breaking news from texas. an 11th hour walkout protesting a new voting bill. >> the legislation making it harder to cast a ballot was on the verge of passing overnight, but democrats dramatically left the building denying republicans the minimum number of lawmakers required for a vote. >> but this isn't over yet. the governor is vowing to revive
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the controversial bill. >> reporter: breakingovernight, one of the most restrictive voting bills in the country failing to pass after democrats in a texas house walked out of the chamber in protest before the midnight deadline. >> they were prepared to cut us off and try to silence us. we were not going to let them do that, and that's why the democrats used the last tool available to us. we denied the decorum to pass that bill and we killed that bill. >> reporter: they used a text message to spread word of the plan saying, members, take your keys and leave the chamber not. leave the building. the voting bill has stirred controversy across the country pbecause it would make it easie to contest an election on ys wh many black voters normally go from church toul ban 24-hour drive-through voting which would
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increase turnout among minorities. >> much like the insurrectionists tried to do on january 6th, that's what worries me the most. >> this is a state of emergency for democracy in texas. it is clearly aimed at people of color, at black and hispanic texans. >> reporter: but supporters argue the bill will improve election security. >> i think what the republicans here would tell you is that they're trying to make sure that the person voting is the person on paper so it's a legitimate vote devoid of fraud. >> reporter: with passage of this bill, texas would join at least 14 republican-led statehouses that approved restrictive voting laws this year. even though they prevented a vote overnight, the republican governor isn't giving up, responding this morning saying, he'll add the bill to a special legislative session, ensuring the integrity of o elections systemingnmergency in
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texas. president biden responded by contacting them at the federal level. there was a mass shooting that left two people dead and more than 20 others injured. the hunt continues this morning for three suspects. police say the gunman wanted -- waited more than 30 minutes outside a banquet hall, and then opened fire as people left a birthday party for a local rapper. one woman's son was shot in the stomach. >> he called us frantic, saying he had been shot, and it hurts, it hurts and he loves us. he said the guys came with ski masks and hoodies and they started shooting up the crowd. >> $130,000 in reward minuoney being offered in the search for the shooter. no word on the motive. this is the most normal holiday weekend since the pandemic began. people are packing into restaurants, bars and airports and today, more restrictions are
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being dropped, and the weather will finally be improving. abc's faith abubey is here now with more. faith, good morning from washington. >> reporter: hey. good morning to you, andrew. americans on the move, but not without some frustrations this weekend like six-hour wait times and terrible weather in parts of the country. this morning, the unofficial start of summer kicking off with covid cases dropping, and americans getting back outdoors. >> the fans are back in the stands. >> reporter: more than 135,000 fans turning up to watch the indy 500, the largest sports gathering in the world since the pandemic began, and in louisiana, this parade drawing thousands of spectators. >> i'm feeling free. no mask. it's so good to be out, and it's a beautiful day. thank you, jesus. >> reporter: wet and windy weather in the northeast not stopping crowds in philadelphia from taking in the sights. a return to normal indoors as well as states roll back more restrictions.
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today, new york will lift its midnight curfew for bars and restaurants. pennsylvania is lifting nearly all of its remaining covid restrictions. movie theaters also easing restrictions. many theater chains now allowing vaccinated people to go maskless. this as travel ramps up. the tsa screening more than 6 million people since thursday, a pandemic record. >> i haven't been home in two years, so whatever i got to do to get em ho, i'm going to do to get home. >> reporter: but travel not without frustration. delta airlines topping six hours this weekend, and flight attendants are on edge with scenes like this becoming more common. >> hey. hey. hey. >> reporter: a southwest employee losing two teeth after being punched by a passenger. flight attendants say in-flight behavior has never been this bad. in response, american airlines is now joining southwest in restricting alcohol sales on flight on the ground -- [ playing taps ] ♪
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>> reporter: what memorial day is all about, remembering those who sacrificed their lives serving this country. president biden paying tribut to fallen service members in delaware sunday. >> those names that's on that wall, and every other wall and tombstone in america, are veterans, the reason why we're able to stay here. >> reporter: the record cold and rainy weather put a damper on some plans across the northeast, but those skies are expected to clear up later on today in most parts. so at least some good news there, andrew. >> thank you. we'll take a closer look at the weather in just a few moments. now to nashville and the search for the bodies of seven people killed in a plane crash. their cessna plunged into a lake after taking off from smyrna airport. there were no survivors. gwen lara was among ssgers.
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her husband was also on the flight. he starred in the '90s tv series, "tarzan." no word on the cause of the crash. in washington, time is running out to strike a bipartisan deal on infrastructure. pete buttigieg says talks can't go on forever. he says a clear direction on a plan is needed by next week, but both sides remain far apart. republicans last offered a $900 billion plan compared to president biden's $1.7 trillion plan. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu may be on the brink of losing power after a record 12 years in office. opposition party leaders are seeking to form a coalition government to replace him. netanyahu says his opponents will endanger israel's security. time now for a look at your memorial day weather. so cold weather and clouds will finally move out of the northeast today, but scattered storms are expected across kansas and missouri. in parts of oklahoma and texas, we'll also see some
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thunderstorms for their holiday up into the 70s from new york to d.c. 80s across the southeast, and triple digit temperatures are expected across parts of california, southern nevada and arizona today. 85 in miami, 88 in new orleans. so coming up, your memorial day barbecue will be costing you more. the prices on the rise. but first, out of bounds behavior. the nba fan arrested for throwing something at a star player. and tennis star naomi osaka is fined for refusing to talk to reporters, saying it could affect her mental health. how her fellow players are how her fellow players are reacting. because of our gender, who we fall in love with, the color of our skin or the ability of our bodies. hrdt'me for .
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back now with more bad behavior on display at nba games. boston celtics fan threw a water bottle at brooklyn nets w arre could be banned from td garden for life. some spoke after the game. >> have respect for the game and human beings and yourself. your mother wouldn't be proud of you throwing water bottles at basketball players, spitting or tossing popcorn. so [ bleep ] up and enjoy the game. >> follows three other incidents in three different arenas last week. tennis star naomi osaka responding after fined $15,000 for refusing to speak with reporters. she says protecting her mental health. >> reporter: tennis star taking a stand after winning first round of the french open.
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osaka giving a brief on-court interview but refusing to participate in mandatory post match news conference and fined $15,000. four-time grand slam champion announcing on social media, saying would no longer participate due to concerns about mental health. athletes asked questions that bring doubt into our minds and i'm not going to subject myself to people who doubt me. fellow stars reacting. >> i understand her, on the other hand i have my point of view the media is important part of our sport too. >> billie jean king writing it's important that everyone has right to speak their truth, i believe as professional athletes we have responsibility to make ourselves available to the media. 23-year-old osaka is no stranger
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speaking out on important issues. >> yesterday i woke up, really depressed, i don't know why. >> reporter: tennis officials say she could face more fines and suspension if she continues. statement says they tried unsuccessfully to speak with her, check on her well-being. she reacted sunday, tweeting anger is a lack of understanding, change makes people uncomfortable. osaka is asking her fine be donated to mental health charity. >> thank you. new warning about grocery prices, especially the cost of beef and pork. costco says the meat prices have gone up 20% because of the pandemic. food costs risen 2.5% last year and items like aluminum foil
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>> b.j. passed away this weekend after a battle with lung cancer at 78. and beloved actor gavin macleod died. played on "the love boat." 100 years since the tulsa race massacre that devastated black wall street. people gathering in tulsa, looking back and forward. >> reporter: hundreds gathering to honor the lives lost and forever changed by massacre that began here 100 years ago. >> a black eye on america. >> reporter: unfolded 1921, angry white roying the p igorodgreenwood, s. more than 1,000 homes and
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businesses burned, estimated 300 people killed and more than $1 million of damage left behind after allegations never proven that black man assaulted white woman in elevator. no one was punished or held accountable for the massacre. >> survivors never received reparations or benefits. >> reporter: focused on remembrance, making sure people hear what happened here. >> going to repeat this again. >> reporter: church rebuilt after the massacre. people sheltering in the basement while the neighborhood burned. >> survived by the grace of god. >> members of family with historic ties to the church gathering for reunion. >> looking forward to the future now that more of america knows the history. >> reporter: events commemorating the 100
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among older athletes. >> tom brady won the super bowl, other guys still get kki young guys' butt, you know, teaching them a lesson. >> ended celebration by dousing himself in milk, part of the indy tradition. a thunderous box office debut for "a quite place part ii". >> highest debut of any film during the pandemic. >> where, where, where? >> oh, my god. >> it's on pace to earn $58 million by end of the holiday weekend. already talk of another sequel. must be pretty good. next a big surprise for some college graduates in ohio. >> after students struggled through the pandemic, wilr niversity canled d of 2021 and 2020.
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$325,000 debt wiped out with help of organizations like the negro college fund. >> because you represent the best of your generation, we wish to give you a fresh start, therefore the wilberforce board of trustees has authorized me to forgive any debt. >> some say will use the money to invest in their future. big day for mai yam bialik. >> she says it's a honor to be mentioned in same sentence with the iconic game show. told will ganss why she's perfect. >> it's in my wheelhouse. game person, a geek, got it all down. most iconic thing i've ever been most iconic thing i've ever been asked
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by l'oréal paris. checking the top stories. a bill that would place new restrictions on voting in texas failed to pass because democrats walked out in protest. would reduce early voting and ban drive-through voting. governor vowing to call a special session to pass the bill. texas man arrested accused of planning a mass shooting at walmart. investigators said they found guns and ammunition at home, man reportedly on felony probation. remains of 215 children found, school part of effort to separate indigenous children from their families, forced to convert to christianity, in use until the 1970s. weather, northeast dries
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out. scattered storms in plains and north texas and triple digits in california and arizona. jedi in training, father and son learning to master the force. >> will ganss has their story. >> reporter: in a galaxy not too far away called seattle, j.j. kim is a star. >> i've got the money. >> reporter: obvious from the moment you meet him. how are you guys? >> we're great. >> reporter: the six-year-old going viral for shot for shot "star wars" recreations with his dad. >> huh? oh, the ifm. lukeskywalker, i'm to >> reporte tt j.j.'s been t for. a flydi at p? >> yep. >> what does the training look like? >> when i knock outside like
4:29 am
that, here's another one. >> reporter: j.j. has always loved outer space and nasa, so "star wars" is a natural fit. ♪ j.j. also passionate about music, shredding on his mint green guitar. >> on stage or in front of a crowd, just a whole new energy and persona comes out, like the spirit. so i think he loves that connection with people. >> reporter: and people love that connection with j.j. the actor/astronaut/musician racking up hundreds of thousands of views on instagram. spreading joy no matter which hat or darth vader helmet he may be wearing. >> don't underestimate the force. >> reporter: j.j. is fluent in korean, can write and speak, andntifyn the odic tle
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number. >> the force is right now on "america this morning," breaking news. democrats stage a walkout overnight to stoppage passage would restrict voting in texas. this morning, the new plan from republicans to pass the controversial bill which they say is all about election security. on the move, the first almost normal holiday weekend since the pandemic began. a crowd of 135,000 at the indy 500. record travelers at the airports and today, more covid restrictions being relaxed, but from the bad weather to the six-hour wait times for customer service, what you can expect today. out of bounds. an nba fan


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