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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 25, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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good morning irk, and merry christmas. this morning getting into the real spirit of the season all morning long. "operation christmas drop." the season of giving, american airmen come to the aid of those in need dropping food, tools and clothing and hope from their planes. how their service is changing lives. ready, set -- return. if you're just opening up your presents, you may find a few that missed the mark. we have your gift return game plan. the strategies to make it easier this year. yuletide dinner. showing us how to create a christmas feast like a pro. simple recipes you can whip up right now. what make as christmas movie? angels? >> angels.
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>> elves? >> santa's coming to town! >> oh, my god! >> and santa, of course. >> donder and blitzen, hey! >> but john maclean? >> we reveal the secret what really makes a movie a christmas movie. >> ah! >> announcer: live from abc news in new york, this is "good morning america". captions paid for by abc, inc. good morning, america, excited to have you with us. here at the desk celebrating the holiday, nice to have you. >> merry christmas to you and all at hole. full disclosure. letting you know we are on tape so most of our staff can celebrate at home as well and hope you are having a fantastic holiday. >> however, through the wonder of christmas technology, able to track santa's path around the world. there he goes. check him out. >> very important. there he goes. tracking it throughout the morning, of course, but getting into the holiday season all
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morning long, and first we want to go to erielle reshef for the top stories. good morning. >> reporter: thank you, whit. happy holidays to everyone. turn to stories making headlines on this christmas morning. we begin with the pandemic. the surge in covid cases worldwide. at least 14 states reporting some of their highest daily case numbers in over a year, experts prishgti predicting omicron surge is just getting started. cases on the rise. the u.s. averaging 176,000 new daily infections. well over the peak seen this summer. the cdc estimates this new variant is accounting for more than 70% of new cases. los angeles had 3,000 cases on monday. today, roughly 10,000. >> we could be looking at case numbers we have never seen before. well over 20,000 cases a day by end of the year. >> reporter: the virus and surge of omicron upending travel plans, too.
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>> it's sad. just really sad. the whole trip has been canceled. >> reporter: united, delta and jetblue grounding hundreds of flights citing shortages. >> nothing you can do. out of your control. >> reporter: the spike leaving many medical workers and personnel stretched thin. the cdc updating its recommendations for vaccinated and boosted health care workers cutting their isolation period to seven days. new york shattered its daily infection record. the city logging more than 44,000 cases. up 53% in two days. >> we've had more testing. we've had more opportunities, but also we know that hospitalizations are continuing to rise. >> reporter: the state now shoresening the quarantine period for asymptomatic essential workers to just five days. president biden says he thinks the general public should keep isolating for ten days, if they're exposed. >> i just listen to my, my team and the docs, and they think we
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should keep it the way it is for now. >> reporter: 8,500 americans died in just the last week with the heaviest toll on the unvaccinated. >> if my parents got it it would have saved their lives. wungs they're gone, they're gone, and there's nothing you can really do to get them back. >> reporter: thinking of those families and experts say thanks to vaccines, boosters and negative tests it's possible to have a safe christmas with loved ones, relief for so many who are gathering for the holidays. the pandemic affecting christmas celebrations across the grob. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. [ applause ] >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> pope francis delivering his annual christmas day blessing
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from his balcony at the vatican calling for peace in the middle east and ukraine. last night the pope marked christmas eve with a service in the basilica attended by 2,000 people. more than the 200 that were allowed last year, but still a far smaller crowd than in years' past. the pontiff urging chriss to take care of those in need especially during the pandemic. members of the royal family attending christmas service this morning at st. georges chapel in windsor. the queen not in attendance this year but will deliver a taped christmas message to the nation. this is the queen's first christmas since the death of her husband the duke of edinboro. also absent from the church service, the duke and duchess of cambridge, said to be spending the holiday in norfolk. do you feel lucky this christmas? powerball jackpot reaching $400 million. there hasn't been a jackpot winner in 34 drawings. the third to grow this big in
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2021. the drawing is tonight. good luck. now here's a look at your local weather. >> and those are your top headlines for this holiday. have a safe and very merry christmas. back to you whit, lindsay and stephanie. go to for today's news as well. christmas around the world. beginning in the uk. known globally for its spirit. maggie rulli headed to the holiday hot spots in london. ♪
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>> reporter: look at this. a real-life gingerbread house. decorations so delicious you could bite 'em! ♪ come on. look at this! i mean, i know i'm biigsed as a newish londoner myself, something about christmas in london is just so special. ♪ hey, guys. merry christmas! really happy christmas, as they say around here. we're in london on search for the city's best christmas tree and had to start right here with this one, the middle of trafalgar square, the city's most famous christmas tree. look at her. okay. might not be the best. a lot of hate this year for how she looks but a ton of history. i promise. every year a spruce is donated to the uk for all the help during world war ii, a tradition going on since 1947. this year people weren't all that impressed with the tree. went online, did we just declare
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war on norway and even the grinch wouldn't steal a tree that looked like that. guys that is harsh. that's mefestive, jolly cheer there. i promise, justr . looking at all of london's best trees. come on! you can really find a tree for anyo anyone. this one designed by two london-based artists's there really is a piece of christmas artwork ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree ♪ >> reporter: using one of the top hotels in the world named synonymous with elegance and sophistication especially around christmastime, but this year they went edgier. check this out. christmas tree by christian dior. ♪ do some carolling ♪ >> reporter: okay. ready? we saved what many call the best tree for last. look at this beauty. the christmas tree in the middle of coventry gardens.
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packed with life more than 200 ornaments. it's absolutely beautiful, but is it the best? so queen victoria is actually a popularized christmas trees here in the uk. we think no one does christmas like the royals. maggie rulli, abc news, london. now to "operation christmas drop." the air force's annual tradition spreading christmas cheer to people in need. aviators dropped much-needed supplies to people in the remote islands of the south pacific. fly in, just like santa. >> reporter: the u.s. air force thousands living on the most remote islands of the world. dropping more than 3,200 pounds of food supplies toys and educational materials as part of 9 air force's "operation christmas drop". >> amazing to be able to spread the joy where the community comes together and in the spirit of the holidays it's full in the
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air. >> reporter: this air force senior master sergeant and his family are part of the team that makes this happen. >> amazing, because it's one of the opportunities where our families can come together and play a small part in this mission. >> reporter: air force tech sergeant dorsey says takes about a year to plan and pack packages. >> fish nets, fishing gear. tools, food, and just some toys to bring the holiday cheer for those that could use them. >> reporter: air crews from the region deployed to andersen air force base in guam. the crews then drop cargo to islanders throughout micronesia and republican of palau. >> amazing feeling to be a part of a great organization giving back. >> reporter: the tradition began during the christmas season in 1952. when an air crew saw islanders waving at them from an island southwest of hawaii. in the spirit of christmas, the air crew dropped a bundle of supplies attached to a parachute to the islanders below, giving
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the operation its name. today air drop operations include more than 50 islands throughout the pacific and it's the defense department's longest running humanitarian operation and going strong. >> a unique opportunity to highlight the military's ability to help surrounding community and spread holiday joy. >> all: happy holidays from guam! ♪ and there's no way around it. sometimes people just try to give you the perfect gift, but the sweater doesn't quite fit. the time of returns is coming up. deirdre bolton has a game plan. good morning. >> thanks, linsey. all been there, a great holiday, friends, family. you have a gift or two you simply don't want or can't use. if regifting is not an option and hiding it in your closet doesn't make sense, three tips for happy returns. tip one, think before you open. some merchants won't accept
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returns if an item is opened especially with damaged packaging or missing tags. one thing to open a shoe box and realize it's not the right size or style, but once the packaging is off from sigh high-priced goods in electroics, they may not be returnable or you may incur a hefty restocking fee if opened. tip two. keep gift receipts and packing slips with paperwork or digital record. most returns are pretty easy at most major retailers. experts say in the worst-case scenario, if you don't have relevant return paperwork but all tags are attached, item unused, most retailers will give you a gift card to use online or in the store. tip three, check return policies and time limits right away, especially if you think you might be returning that item. you may only have a few days or in some case as few weeks after christmas to return something that was purchased at the end of november. often there is a 30-day return window. good news, though. most retailers give a longer
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return window during holidays knowing that people are buying gifts in advance. also, many retailers do have drop-off points in their stores for returns even for items purchased online. which leaves you more time to move ahead to making your new year's resolutions, or not. >> deirdre, thank you. to a basketball star who is giving the gift of fun this holiday season. phoenix suns center deandre ayton part of the nba's cares program and knows how to throw a party kids will love inviting families withn event they will never forget. >> melo drives in. sent away by da! >> reporter: the 23-year-old is a real enforcer and a play finisher. 6'11", the suns' star stands out both on and off the court. >> ever had a christmas tree taller than you? >> never. always been able to just put the
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star right on top of the tree. eye level, or below. >> reporter: this is a special holiday for deandre'. the first time he'll be playing in a christmas game. >> playingday. >> uh-huh. >> steph curry. naughty or nice? >> i would say, nice. steph curry is having a big year. to be honest, i think he's mvp this year. >> reporter: deandre' is having a big year himself. deandre' jr. was born in march. >> nine months. getting anything special for a 9-month-old? >> not much sleep. >> especially middle of the season. >> yep. >> reporter: originally from the bahamas. >> mom taught me be humble, give back, never forget when you came from. >> reporter: he's big on family and community. >> get this thing started! >> reporter: this year in phoenix and even though playing, still taking time to share in the christmas spirit. >> got popcorn? save some for me? all right! >> reporter: recently hosting a private screening of
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"spider-man: month way home." >> can't wait to meet him and see the girls trying to look up to him. >> how excited to see deandra? >> really excited because they're so tall, like -- really tall. >> what does it mean for you to be able to put smiles on these kids' faces? >> extremely fun. seeing sparkle in their eye. i seen the twinkle in my eye when inspired by something i wanted really bad. just doing that for them, i don't know. you can't really explain the feeling. >> reporter: it doesn't hurt the suns' center and the kids all love spider-man. >> if you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? >> ah -- i'd say visibility. i'm pretty tall. i would like to be invisible sometimes. >> reporter: christmas miss not his height but his heart on full display. a sky-scraping santa who doesn't need to fly to deliver a special gift. >> thank you. the phoenix suns playing today in one of the five nba
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matchups caking over espn and abc today. we're leer to break down all the action. >> thanks. the most wonderful time of year and highly anticipated dates on the nba schedule. this packed christmas slate kicks off in new york city where the hawks are coming to town to face the knicks. then lakers face-off against the nets in our primetime matchup and coming into the season, many thought this could potentially be a finals preview. also have the defending champion bucks in action against the boston celtics in the valley taking on the warriors and's phoenix represented the west last season's do it again? steph curry and the warriors likely have something to say be that. certainly playing like they do. once you've had christmas dinner, maybe a little dessert,s jazz and mavs, the night cap. so much to be excited about. a full serving of the nba.
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back to you. it's a full day of nba action on abc and espn kicking off with the atlanta hawks taking on the new york knicks at noon on espn. and the nba christmas takeover wraps up with dallas mavericks playing utah jazz at 10:30 on espn. talk about musicians topping charts usually referring to hop stars or rock bands. not priests. a record by a group of seminarians in germany sat atop traditional classical albums chart almost every week since its release. what makes this the record the world can't get enough of? abc's reporter checked it out. >> reporter: it may be set in a quiet german village, but behind these walls, st. magnus abbey is alive with the sound of music. echoes with songs that have been sung for 1,000 years. ♪ these are the men singing them. soon to be catholic priests from
4:18 am
st. peter's seminary in bavaria. for them song is more than a daily ritual. >> singing, it's a way of showing your feelings or your love for someone. it has always been a very good and profound way of expressing your feelings ♪ >> reporter: this christmas, they're sharing those feelings with the world in their first record album. christmas matins from bavaria. >> moments during the year i think to myself, wouldn't it be wonderful to share this experience? this beautiful music, and beautiful liturgy, withhe outside world? >> reporter: the album debuting at number one holding top spot for over eight weeks. captivating listeners with a rendition of "silent night." ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪
4:19 am
> reporter: as well as a collection of centuries' old bavarian chants. ♪ >> were you surprised such an appetite for these chants in the u.s.? >> yes. yes. and very happy with it. it's very interesting to see this movement of -- people recognizing, and young people recognizing, the value regarding music. >> reporter: the group recording their album in the middle of the pandemic. many actually coming down with covid-19. ♪ as cities around the world fell silent under lockdown, these wise men followed their northern star singing and got to work. >> did working on this album help you get through these kind of dark times? did it help kind of lift your spirits at all? >> i think it can help us to live this difficult moment with
4:20 am
bringing joy and happiness to the soul. >> reporter: the choir collaborating with ten-time grammy award winner crist mer adler. >> what comes over very strongly with them is their belief in what they sing. that comes over to us. >> reporter: recording their music in this 12th century abbey, which they say had just the right acoustics for gregorian chant and months later sweeping across the globe. >> there's a comfort in hearing people doing, in this case, singing, doing something they believe in and they do well. >> reporter: at the seminarian's insisting the success is welcome, their focus is on the music. its message. what it gets across. even for those who may have never opened up a bible. >> i hope it brings them consolation, of course, and we hope that they will be able to love the music, to be able to -- to see the beauty in the truth, and goodness in the music. >> reporter: its music these men
4:21 am
hope brings the world the wonder of the season and a little bit of heavenly peace. ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," reporting from germany. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," what make as christmas movie? chris connelly makes a list and checks it twice to find out. i am star sergeant deployed and a holiday shout out to my mom and can't wait to see you. >> hi. i want to say happy holidays to my kids back home in marietta. i love you, miss you guys. see you soon. >> hi.
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lieutenant, and i wish all friends and family in seattle happy holidays. wish you the best. >> hello. joint base charleston deployed here overseas. shout-out to friends and family back home in south carolina. love you, miss you, can't wait to see you. yeah, that's right. wait — so if geico's 85, that makes you — are you asking if i'm 85 years old? i mean sea turtles live to 150, so...nn — i — i was not. do i look 85? what! no! you, you look young,, you look young for...however old you are. geico. saving people money for 85 years. with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin.
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welcome back to a christmas day edition of "good morning america weekend." our art director, liz did that. hopefully get them right today. >> a nice gift. >> my gift to you, these are fun and not too difficult. >> oh! pressure's on. >> and we -- channel 5, we love
4:28 am
you. jerry siegal and -- joe shuster. co-creators of this comic book character from the planet krypton grew up in cleveland. >> superman. >> that's right. >> yes, yes! >> that's right. >> krypton. thank you for that. >> da, da, da! the exterior shots of ralphy's house in this holiday film shot in cleveland, ohio. just talked about it. >> "a christmas carol." >> "christmas story." >> "it's a wonderful life"! >> "home
4:29 am
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you really are santa claus. ain't ya? . yes. >> welcome back to "gma weekend" with santa enjoying the ultimate joy ride. this day i could use incentive especially in the last month for good behavior. my way to motivate santa may not come. might fly right over our chimney. >> exactly. a busy night. more business left in the morning. following it closely. promise. >> such a good point. you don't want that coal. >> that's right. remind me. >> exactly. turning now to the informant fear and faith in the heartland. a father of two finds himself in the midst of domestic terrorists planning a strike that could have rivaled the oklahoma city bombing. then goes under cover putting his life at risk to stop it.
4:31 am
george stephanopoulos talked with that man and investigated the near catastrophe. good morning. >> my documentary, "the informant, fear and faith in the heartland." story of an unlikely hero, husband of two from garden city, kansas. went to a friend's barbecue discovering it was a militia recruiting event and then became a confidential fbi informant, wore a wear, put his life in danger to stop a terror attack that would have rivaled the oklahoma city bombing. >> so when you went to these meetings, were you acting? >> yes. yeah. i mean, i just threw myself into it, and these guys were from southwood kansas. i could relate and have a conversation. >> my direction from dan from the beginning was, don't be the idea planter, but if there is somebody that truly wants to do harm to another person, then we want to know about it.
4:32 am
>> then i meet -- patrick stein. >> how would you describe him? >> talking about muslims, somalians. he just became irate. just go on, you know, those cockroaches and just need to kill every one of them. >> this is the street -- it's -- mostly refugees. during the weekends you will see a lot of children playing outside, and barbecuing. typical american life. >> the -- >> how would you maintain your muslim faith, your somali culture, in the middle of garden city, kansas? >> you always find somalians gravitating towards each other. always try to build this little community within communities. >> it's like there was a world within a world in garden city. one world together as a
4:33 am
community, and another world -- >> yeah. >> but you had no idea? >> huh-uh. no idea that people could be so hateful. >> so you start to go out with patrick on some of these surveillance missions? >> right. we were going to do surveillance, in garden city. we'd meet at the dollar general store just a block from the somalian apartments and the mosque. and two somalian women in traditional headdress came walking across this trail. he had this gun right beside the console and that's when he was like, i should just kill those [ muted ] cockroaches right now. he had his gun, started to reach for his gun. >> you thought you were going to have to shoot him?
4:34 am
>> i was pulling my gun out. he was pulling his up, and i'm like, split second, i'm not going to let him kill these two innocent women because of who they are, what they believe, what they look like. somehow i, you know, i was able to get him to chill out. >> so what was the plan? >> they were going to have cars with bombs in them, like at certain points around the complex, and then across the road, at certain parts, to all of these, and this. >> they wanted to pack the bomb with razor blades, screws and sheet rock nails, and they said they wanted to do that to inflict as much damage to human bodies as they could. >> young, old, babies, grandmothers? >> they didn't care. >> the informant fear and faith in the heartland is on hulu right now. stephanie? >> let's go ahead and get a check of weather.
4:35 am
and coming up on "good morning america," what make as movie a christmas movie? chris connally looks at some of the most treasurened and unusual choices. and you can be a christmas chef just like this iron chef who's here with great dishes that your family will love. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this year take the time to melt into your holiday moments with lindor. ♪ ♪ irresistibly smooth chocolate.
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ah! back now with the question asking all morning long -- what make as christmas movie? kris kringle connelly our friend looks at the secret sauce that make as movie a holiday classic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning from los angeles. even christmas day holiday-themed movies can make the heart beat faster. but what makes something a holiday movie? maybe a little more than you think. snowfall, ice skating and almost all-important almost kiss. a few of the christmas movie must-haves and script writers
4:40 am
anonymously divulged to ew a while back. from the afternoon arctic hilarity of "home alone." hi, katherine ahoyo'hara. to -- >>♪ ♪ >> reporter: from the winty city regathering in "nothing but the holidays." >> why is everybody fighting? >> they're conversating. >> to "die hard." wait. really? what make as christmas movie can be as universal as the sunrise as in chuck jones' animated version of dr. seuss's "how the grinch stole christmas" or as specific what you're hoping to see under the tree. like poor ralphy parker writer narrator "a christmas story" whampl. >> what do you want for christmas, little boy -- >> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. >> reporter: making for a christmas movie magic.
4:41 am
♪ bring it back ♪ >> reporter: take this cooking in the kitchen number. and can you name them from the peanuts' crew in "the charlie brown christmas"? or macaulay culkin front and center in this version of nutcracker." it's not just about christmas when it comes to christmas movies. ♪ somewhere out there >> mouseka wits, and the kwanzaa documentary. "the black candle." >> you are what we have become. >> reporter: whether will ferrell and "elf." >> santa's coming to town. >> ah! oh, my god! i know him. >> reporter: and bill murray -- >> you are going to be visited by three ghosts tomorrow. >> bad for me.
4:42 am
>> reporter: or tyler perry playing an apartment store santa in "a madea christmas." >> does santa really work in the north pole? >> no. he don't work. he lays on the couch and drinks all day, kind of like your mama. now, bye! >> reporter: and performances work. what better to relieve the season's stress? make your way to the sofa, bring on the gift-giving and raucous reconciliations on screen. saver what they bring most. laughter, and a little bit of hope. >> you just need a little love. >> even as you might be tempted by newer releases coming out, these time-honored movies stand ready to brighten your celebration today. guys? >> thanks to kris kringle connelly. one day only, folks. coming up on "good morning america," a new children's book about the first black girl to star in "the nutcracker" written by the 12-year-old ballerina who made history.
4:43 am
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back now with a story of a trail blazing black ballerina told by herself. the first to play maria in the "nutcracker" at the new york city ballet now has written a children's book. the true story of a girl who may ballet history. she talked about the book with abc's reporter. >> reporter: in her own words, this ballerina is telling her story about making history at just 11 years old. the new jersey native and school of american ballet school thrust into the spotlight in 2019 becoming the first black girl to play marie. the young heroine in george
4:47 am
ballentine's "the nutcracker". >> wanted to make it special. not only to make sure i was doing a good job being the first person to do it and also that i wasn't the last person. >> reporter: charlotte now 13 kept that vow authoring a semiautobiographical picture book blending her true story to the classic tale of the "nutcrack "nutcracker". >> pretty surprised, because it's been, the show's been on for a really long time, and sort of surprising to me it never happened before. >> reporter: she hopes the book will allow the next generation to see a reflection of themselves in the dynamic illustrations. >> mostly just about how i started dancing, and playing the role of marie, and then not only christmas for marie but also christmas for me and my own family traditions. >> reporter: flipping through the pages we get a glimpse of hours of practice and dedication put into her craft. this stunning image.
4:48 am
charlotte pictured onstage at the renowned lincoln center looking out to the crowd before opening night. for charlotte, who was born in 2008, the year america elected its first black president, her achievement felt long overdue. >> i just hope that people can sort of be able to see themselves and think, oh, well, if she did it, why can't i? you know? like, there shouldn't be any sort of, like, doubts in ability. it is possible. >> reporter: the milestone, 65 years in the making, bringing the conversation about diversity in ballet center stage, and charlotte's family traditions, a combination between her mother's trinidadian side and father's filipino roots. >> my grandpa known for his adobo and we all love to eat it during holidays. >> reporter: her unique background is starkly different than the character that she plays, charlotte says the magic of christmas bonds them. >> everybody can sort of relate to that. spending time with family. >> reporter: and through support
4:49 am
of her family the ballerina has come so far. >> honestly, i wouldn't be ale to do it without my family, my mom. she, like, all throughout elementary school, she would be the one taking us out from school early to drive us to new york. >> reporter: charlotte, a testament to the power of representation herself. vividly recalling years ago when once seated in the crowd watching american ballet dancer misty copeland in awe. for "good morning america," reporting for abc news, new york. >> great story. mona, thanks so much. coming up, our "play of the day." stay with us. ♪ every day feels like it's christmas ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer
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4:54 am
two -- one -- [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. new york city's bronx zoo flipping the switch on its extraordinary holiday light show. the outdoor celebration is a magical walk-through experience. featuring immersive light displays, custom designed animal lanterns that sparkle across the zoo. the show on through january 9th. done it whip my kids. if you haven't, get in line. so much fun. if you go a little early can see some animals, too, before the sun sets and lights come on. second hour of "gma" saturday is coming up. celebrating steals and deals. >> santa, acert your eyes a moment, getting out the ugly christmas sweaters. are yours as bad, or as great, as hours? stay tuned. our christmas edition of "binge this." christmas classic movies and what to watch after dessert.
4:55 am
i'm specialist david larsen stationed in bulgaria. a shout-out to all of my loved ones back home. billings, montana. wish you a merry christmas. i love you and miss you you . aboard the "uss shout-out to family in chicago. >> and from bulgaria, shout outto my columbia falls and my girlfriend back home. >> and from kelso, washington, wishing happy holidays to my mom, grandma, grandpa, cousins and aunts and my dad. >> major here in bulgaria. wish my two daughters abos a a a christmas. >> and training area and want to say merry christmas to my family in bozeman, montana. >> i'm from mount caramel, pennsylvania. i want to wish my family happy
4:56 am
holidays. >> master sergeant deployed 332nd support squadron, shout-out to my husband and love you, miss you, see you soon. >> tech sargent deandre' buffer stationed in okinawa, gentlemja. special holiday season in warningville, ohio. happy holidays! welcome back to a christmas day tradition -- >> look where our props manager -- >> fancy. >> arts director, liz did that. >> hopefully get them right today. a nice gift. >> my gift to you, fun and not too difficult. pressure's on. w-e, channel 5, we love you. jerry siegal, and joe shuster.
4:57 am
co-creators of this comic book character from the planet krypton, grew up in cleveland. >> superman. >> that's right. >> yes, yes! >> that's right. >> krypton. >> thank you for that. >> da, da, da -- okay. this one, exterior shots of ralphy's house in this 1983 holiday film were shot in cleveland, ohio. just talked about it. >> "a christmas carol." >> "christmas story." >> "it's a wonderful life"! >> "home alone," which one? >> get your tongues off the old cold pole. >> exactly. we'll be back. i am staff sergeant denae waters deployed and i want to give out a holiday shout-out to my mom, my brother, my sister. my nieces. i miss you so much and can't wait to see you. >> hi. cody mccracken aboard the "uss ess essex" on deployment. happy holidays to my kids back
4:58 am
home. love you, miss you, see you soon. >> and i wish all friends and family in seattle happy holidays. wish you guys the best. bye! d. and senior airman out of joint base charleston deployed overseas shout-out to friends and family at home in charleston, south carolina. happy holidays, love you, miss you, can't wait to see. >> how's it going family and friends. deployed in kuwait. just want to tell all of my family and fri
4:59 am
5:00 am
"good morning america." it's our second hour and merry christmas. now that santa has stopped by, we're keeping the festivities going, but plenty of yuletide merriment all morning long ♪ it's the most wonderful sometime ♪ >> christmas dinner crunch time. go ham on your holiday spread. chef alex has pro tip it's you need for the most wonderful meal of the year. ♪ jingle bell rock ♪ >> and pulling out all the stops for our christmas sweater pageant. "gma" takes on a christmas carol. the ghost of christmas past, present and yet to come doing the most. plus, the latest headlines as we say -- "good morning america"! ♪ that's the jingle bell ♪ >> announcer:


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