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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 21, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. a 3-year-old and 6-year-old are missing tonight. the highway patrol has issued a state-wide amber alert to try to find the two northern california children. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> good evening, everyone, i'm heather holmes. police tonight say those two young children from stockton may be the unintended victims of a car theft. 3-year-old rack he will moor
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and his 6-year-old sister were taken from stockton. the 3-year-old black male is three feet tall weighing 45 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. aleen is a 6-year-old female 65 pounds and brown hair and brown eyes and wearing a pink shirt with cap are you pants. their father got into an argument with a woman. >> the two adults, the female and the father of the children get out of the car. and they move a distance away from the vehicle. i am not clear at this point how far they moved away from the vehicle. but when they did, they left the vehicle running with the doors open and the two children in the backseat. >> police say that is when the suspect jumped out of another car, got into the buck and then took off with the children inside. now, the car is a pink and red buick park avenue four door
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with a grey interior. the car has a california license plate number there on your screen. there were some frightening moments at a bay area gold dealer's store today. ktvu's eric rasmussen is in mill valley where he has learned it wasn't gold they got away with. >> that's right, ken, it was cash and police say more than $10,000. this place is a little bit off the street. this robber did not give detectives much to go on. witnesses say he was wearing all black, a mask and surgical gloves so he didn't leave any prints behind. police are guns drawn fanned out around pacific precious metals at 10 a.m. but it was already too late. >> he came this way. there is the old deck and the parking lot. >> reporter: building owner barbara chambers was just pulling up when a masked man with a gun was making a get
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away. hit her tenants with two customers inside. >> the robber put a gun, you know, to their head and said, you it know, give me all of your money. give me whatever you have. threw a black bag on the counter. they filled it up with the cash that they gave him. >> you can still see where the robber went through the ivy here and over this fence. the owner chasing this guy even hurt his hand going over that chain-link fence. police from several agencies searched for the robber for two hours but couldn't track him down. detectives are reviewing surveillance from these cameras but say it doesn't show much. at a time when gold hovers near record high chambers hopes it doesn't make her building more of a target. >> we have a lot of activity and gold prices are higher so there is a lot of the activity. but this is too much activity. >> reporter: they are looking for a light skinned black or latino man six feet and 220
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pounds. he was wearing a black shirt and pants. police did hold a news conference this morning about the robbery. watch it by going to and click on the bay area news tab. the oakland evangelist who forecast that the world as we know it would end today was wrong about the rap tour. ktvu's john sasaki is live now in oakland where the pastor's prediction stirred up a lot of controversy. john? >> heather, on grant a he have in oakland where four hours later it is clear that life has not ended and the world has not come to an end here. [ music ] everyone was celebrating at the oakland masonic center a non-judgment day party put on by the west coast american atheist culture. >> here is another rap tour and nothing went on. >> all day there was anticipation for 6 p.m. the time that harold camping and his family radio network
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predicted the rapture. and that brought out christians and believers. >> we are here to offer hope to people who might have bought into harold camping's prediction that this is the rapture. these latest predictions of bronze age tales are getting in the way of progress so it is my job to make fun of it. >> it is not our fault. so we brought our rainbow flag and we will single handedly stop the apocalypse. it won't happen and it will be our fault. >> the countdown to rapture arrived. >> 3, 2, 1. >> hello. >> after the rally we went to harold camping's alameda home. notes there but his neighbors supported him. >> he has devoted his life to i think really trying to do good. i don't think there is an evil thing that he -- i don't see
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him as an evil person at all. >> christians and atheists alike felt bad for those who believed harold's campings predictions and gave away their things. >> they called to ask rapture about the earthquake that shook just after 7:00 tonight. that quake was centered two miles southeast of hercules. plenty of calls from people in hercules in that area who felt the boom and also a violent shake. but there have been no reports of any damage or injuries. numerous people, though, said the quake does give them pause as it comes on the day the rapture was predicted to begin. a couple planned to say some extra prayers tonight. >> oakland police tonight are investigating a fatal shooting that left one man dead. the shooting happened at 5:00 on high street near carington street. the victim, an unidentified man was sitting inside a green
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lexus at the time. he was driven too highland hospital in that lexus where he later died. no arrests were van made in the case. >> oakland police are looking for three young men believed to be involved in three deadly shootings last night. the shooting took place at 3:45 at east oakland. on 90 avenue a man was killed. another was shot at 83rd and d street but drove himself to kaiser hospital. police believe four african american men about 18 years ago were involved in both shootings. as of right now no arrests have been made. a man remains hospitalized tonight in critical condition after being stabbed several times with a screwdriver while riding a muni bus. it happened at 8:00 last night on the 14 mission bus that was travelling on mission street. the police say a fight broke out between two groups of latino men and women. the victims suffered stab wounds and also cuts to the
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head. muni riders tell ktvu they aren't surprised to hear about this attack. >> if i can avoid it, i avoid the 14. >> there is a lot of crime. there is a lot of robberies. and there is a lot of drunk people at night trying to argue with the driver. >> investigators right now are looking at muni surveillance video taken at the time. so far no arrests have been made. >> an investigation is underway tonight after a 25-year-old man died mysteriously just hours after being taken to an oakland jail. according to the alameda county sheriff's department michael warta of fremont was booked into the north county jail at 3:00 yesterday morning. around 9:30 a.m., a nurse and doctor were called to check on him after he started having shortness of breath. the sheriff's department said he stopped breathing while the doctor and nurse were attending to him. he was pronounced dead at 10:10. the coroner's office expects to conduct an autopsy monday or tuesday. a town hall meeting today in oakland took a look at what
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one city official calls an emergency. more than a dozen people showed up to learn more about oakland's proposed budget. council president jane brewner hosted the meeting at the elementary school. she says the city has already cut $90 million and 600 positions in just the last three years. the revenue is down. and the way cities are financed is not, you know, it's not a business model that works for a city. and the city is a business. >> reporter: brewner says oakland mayor jean kwan has provided the city with three proposed budgets to consider. they are facing a $58 billion deficit. san francisco is preparing to mark the second statewide celebration of harvey milk day. members of congress, city officials and others will gather in front of milk's former camera store on castro street tomorrow morning at 11:00. they will be celebrating the grand opening of a call center for the trevor project which
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offers suicide prevention for lgbt youth. he was a supervisor becoming the first openly gay politician. >> the steel is to be used to create the sculpture for the napa 9/11 memorial garden. it is expected to stand near main street at napa creek. a ground breaking ceremony is planned for september 11th of this year. and the hope is to have that memorial completed by spring of next year. well, all eyes are on the mississippi river this weekend. it crested at a level slightly lower than expected in some places in louisiana. but now isn't the time to ex hail. elizabeth pond tells us more rain is expected in the coming days. >> most people leaving their homes in louisiana as water flowing through the spillway is reaching the area. town officials say the river is expected to crest on friday at
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a lower level than previously thought. but some folks are still staying. as officials try to decide whether to issue an evacuation order. >> this is supposed to be a national disaster that's unfolding. i am not going to put my tail between my legs and just run off. >> reporter: once the water comes, residents may not be able to return for weeks. many business owners are frustrated. >> the fishermen can't fish. we can't operate at all. and the fishermen's homes are flooded. now that right there, you know, that has put the icing on the cake. >> reporter: yesterday the coastguard shut down a five mile stretch of the mississippi river after some barges broke free from a tow boat and crashed into a bridge. three barges carrying corn sank corn sank and another was taking on water. >> there are no reported injuries. no reported pollution. and no damage to the levies. >> reporter: the national weather service reports most of the mississippi river has already crested. but rain in the forecast for
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the ohio river valley and the mississippi valley will keep the river swollen. while the water levels have started to recede in certain communities after opening the spillway, officials warn that these waters levels could stay very high for several weeks. in st. francisville, louisiana, elizabeth prann, fox news. an investigation is underway after a fatalities explosion at a chinese factory that makes ipads. the same factory that has seen more than a dozen suicides is. at least two people were killed and 16 others injured in the blasts at the fox con factory in shangdu yesterday. the plant is currently closed. last year 13 employees committed suicides. the factory workers are subjected to harsh working conditions, long hours and low pay. one of those who committed suicide last year had worked 286 hours in the month before he killed himself. >> radio talk show host and
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former ceo of godfather's pizza herman cane announced today he is entering the 2012gop presidential race. >> i came here to declare my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america. [ applause ] >> cane is replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax and wants to cut government spending. he has never held an elected office and lost in the republican primary seven years ago when he sought georgia's senate seat. [ music ] graduation day, a huge crowd at san francisco state. the major move some of the grads are making due to the economy. the proposal that had hundreds of people and their dogs marching this morning in san francisco. san francisco. and a place [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
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♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services. no home phone required. . it's taken four years and for some students even longer. but graduation days finally arrived for thousands of san francisco state students. as ktvu's ken pritchett reports some are entering an improved work market but some are going to wait it out. >> reporter: the procession took sometime because 20,000 filled cox stadium at san francisco state. many parents hoping to snap a shot of their graduate at
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center stage. >> i'm excited and proud and nervous and scared. i have a bunch of emotions going object right now. >> reporter: her ultimate goal is graduate school. but with excitement also comes some concern. >> it kind of scares me because i know there are not that many jobs out there. >> reporter: california's unemployment rate in april improved to 11.9%. the first dip below 12% since august 2009. >> it's a slow turn-around so we're just telling students to be patient. >> reporter: san francisco state career center director allan fisk advises graduates to not shy away from enter-level jobs. when the job market is down the university says it does see a trend in the number of graduates who opt to go to graduate school or take jobs out of the country as they wait for the economy to recover. >> it's one of the reasons i plan on teaching overseas. >> reporter: because of the job market? >> there is -- i mean, for english teaching overseas there is a lot more openings than there is for a fresh college graduate. >> so there is a good strategy
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to get some more experience. >> reporter: with california's job recovery lagging behind other states, fisk says graduates should cast a wider net. but some graduates are more worried than others. >> graduation is exciting for me rather than terrifying. >> reporter: okay. good luck. >> in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. more than 600 people came out to oakland's lake merit today to call attention to the persistent problem of poverty. [ music ] >> aztec dancers took part in the sixth annual walk to end poverty. the event was sponsored by oakland's community action partnership. city leaders say more than 76,000 people in oakland live below the poverty line. >> average person in poverty holds two jobs and still doesn't make enough to make ends meet in a liveable wage here in the city of oakland. >> according to the u.s. census bureau since 2009 nearly 44
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million americans live in poverty and about a fifth of those are children. a man accused of pulling off two brazen street robberies in palo alto pleaded guilty. 21-year-old fono admted yesterday to robbing two people at gunpoint last year. he will serve five years in state prison for those two felonies. his girlfriend was accused of driving him to the scene of the second robbery. she, too, pleaded guilty. highway 50 at echo summit re-opened to traffic this afternoon four days ahead of schedule. the highway had been closed for the last nine days to allow caltrans to replace an old rock wall on the side of the roadway. traffic to and from south lake tahoe meant a 35-mile detour starting again monday, weekday traffic will be reduced to one lane for the next couple of weeks to allow the crews to finish that job. >> a stretch of coastal wilderness in san mateo county will be preserved as open space. the rugged coast called rancho corral is located near moss
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beach. congress this week approved the remaining money needed to buy the nearly 4,000-acres. the area will become the southern entrance to the golden gate national recreation area. with the land, the park officials will be able to connect the bay area ridge trail with the california coastal trail. there are just nine days left for people to speak out about a proposed dog leash law in the bay area parkland. ktvu's allie rasmus was there today as the critics marched against putting limits on canines. >> reporter: an estimated 400 people and their pooches walked from ocean beach to sterngrove park in san francisco today. they were trying to send a message with a march. >> don't take our walking place away. >> reporter: they are upset the national park service's plan to cut back on off leash areas at the golden gate recreational area. >> my dog can't play frisbee on a leash. i can't walk two dogs on a leash. >> reporter: park representatives say the restrictions are need because
11:50 pm
unleashed dogs trample on wildlife and make other park visitors uncomfortable. >> if you look at the 2400 page report that they came out with, there is no real evidence that dogs are causing any major problems. >> reporter: this woman who wasn't with the protest group was sympathetic to the park services plan. >> but when you've got dogs running free all over the place it is scary for kids. >> reporter: others say it is a balancing act. >> you need to accommodate both the needs of bird lovers and p.m. pets and children. >> reporter: they have been meeting with the park services representative to do just that. >> i'm cautiously optimistic. but, you know, this is a long process. and i don't want to assume anything. so we have to keep the pressure on. >> reporter: may 30th is the last day for public comment on the proposed restrictions. and after that the national park service could take anywhere from one to one and a half years to make a decision whether to implement them. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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children and one western oakland neighborhood have a newly renovated playground to call their own tonight. >> 1, 2, 3. [ applause ] >> the wade johnson warning on the 1200 block of kirkham street was re dedicated today. wade johnson was an oakland activist who founded the united taxpayers and voters union. his two daughters were at the event today. the oakland school police department spearheaded the park reservation. his headquarters are right next door. a first for the vatican today. the out of the world history the pope made by simply picking up the telephone. and here it goes again. that iceland volcano was spewing ash and dust into the area. but will it impact air travel and will it be as powerful as last year's eruption? sunny skies across most of the bay area. but that will
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. dna experts are reviewing dna evidence of lib did knox were given more time today. a tearful knox sat in court with her lawyer. she and her boyfriend were convicted of killing her roommate marion back in 2007. she was sentenced to 26 years in prison. her appeal hinges on new testimony and a re-examination of that dna evidence. the experts now have until june 30th to examine the evidence and deliver their verdict. the taliban has released a defiant video following the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. the man appearing in this video is wally ur raman the commander of the pakistani taliban. he spoke about osama bin
11:55 pm
laden's death saying: "the great leader is gone but his fight lives on." physician in the last 28 hours they have been stepping up their attacks in pakistan. 16 cars were damaged when a remote control bomb was damaged carrying oil. 16 civilians died when they tried to siphon fuel from it but it caught fire and exploded just moments later. in other news of the world in nato libya has been carrying out new air strikes against moammar gadhafi's military including eight war ships in tripoli harbor. the air strikes came when rebels attacked a government bus carrying journalists. they blamed the journalists for fuel shortages in territories still controlled by the moammar gadhafi government. in syria this amateur video shows a funeral procession today where it shows six people were killed by syrian security
11:56 pm
forces as thousands of mourners carried eight people slain to a military. as many as 900 people have been killed in syria in two months of protests against the regime of syrian president asadd. and in iceland, the island's most active volcano is erupting spewing dust and ash high into the atmosphere creating a 2100-mile no-fly zone around the area. it is not interrupting major international air travel. scientists don't believe it will be as powerful as last year's eruption of a nearby value cay know that spread -- volcano that spread across europe grounding air travel for weeks. >> slam prime minister seemed to be in damage control mode as he spoke about agreements between the u.s. and palestinian. he said the disagreement was blown way out of proportion. the prime minister had criticized president barack obama for suggesting israel should base future talks on palestinian statehood using
11:57 pm
israel's borders before the 1967 mid-east war. the president acknowledged the disagreement but calls it a difference of opinion between friends. in the last week, two groups of people have been busted for trying to sell moon rocks. on thursday nasa investigators arrested a southern california woman who offered to sell moon rocks like these from the apollo mission for $1.7 million. last saturday, four college students working at nasa in orlando were arrested for offering to sell moon rocks following the theft of a vault containing monday rocks just a few days earlier. astronauts aboard the international space station got a long distance call from the vatican today. pope benedict 16th spoke to the shuttle endeavor crew and the astronauts who live on the station. this is the first time the head of the catholic church has spoken to astronauts in space. he offered mark kelly best wishes for the recovery of his wife congresswoman gabrielle
11:58 pm
giffords. the pope said the view from space shows that we all live together on one earth and how absurd it is that we fight and kill each other. the growing problem of bullying. two girls describe their experiences and who experts say needs to step up to stop it.
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion.
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from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. . the stereo typical school bully is a large boy who picks on smaller, more vulnerable classmates. as ktvu's mike mibach reports, that conception gets blown away when you start talking about girls. >> reporter: it's a student- made video create today drive home a point, so stop teenagers from bullying. >> i used to get beat up a lot.
12:01 am
and i got called names every day. >> it's really bad sometimes. >> reporter: two girls, both from antioch, both say they have been targeted. >> yes, they actually call me a lot because i'm really skinny. >> reporter: the two friends sat in on the first educational forum to stop girl-on-girl bullying and spiking. the founder and director of girl talk was the keynote speaker. >> not just bullying for bullying's state, it is really to own a stake of something. it is designed as territorial. >> reporter: more than 500,000 students were polled this academic year. 17 bats said they are bullied two to three times a month. 10% said they bully others with frequency. this forum was not just a get- together. the point, you need to do more. if you're a parent, if you're a teacher, you need to open your eyes. you need to open your ears. you need to communicate. >> it's the parent and the teacher's job to kind of notice some of those things sometimes
12:02 am
to actually step up and say, you know, what's going on? >> i think as parents we've got to be vocal. i think we need to be present. i think we need to show up. i think we need to talk to other kids. >> not every parent or child showed up today. but these two say they are thankful for those who did. >> i had to switch schools because of bullying. and it is really touching to me and a touching subject. so i am grateful that they are actually talking about it to other kids. >> reporter: mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. hundreds of international tour guide operators and travel writers fans out across the bay area today as part of the u.s. travel association's annual international powwow. crews were visibly putting together displays for the convention that showcases america's tourism and hospitality industries. the floor will open to visitors on monday. organizers say the powwow is a huge boon for the host city. >> we not only have an immediate economic impact of
12:03 am
some $6 million on the city. the city itself will reap another $350,000 in return business in the three years following the show. >> some of the writers did field trips today including with one trip to visit wineries in the historic downtown. that's where travel writers learn that there is a lot more to be found in the bay area beyond the san francisco city limits. well, questions tonight about barry bonds' former trainer's new position, coaching youth baseball in burlinggame. some parents there have expressed concern to the mercury news that greg anderson should not be allowed to coach children because of his felony convictions. and the steroids scandal. other parents say anderson is a good coach and don't have a problem with him volunteering for the team. the graduating class at west point had two high profile visitors this weekend. today the head of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullin reminded the newly commissioned offers of the
12:04 am
importance of remaining apolitical and you need to remain accountable no matter which party holds sway. last night first lady michelle obama spoke to them at their graduation banquet. >> it is very clear to me that you all reflect everything we hope to see in ourselves and in our country. firmness of character and strength of heart, a strong body and a ferocious mind. >> first lady also reminded the graduating class to remember the families of the soldiers that will serve under them. internet calling service skype has cancelled its ipo now that it is being sold to microsoft. skype served notice it was withdrawing its initial public offering. it was going to go public last august. the deal is worth $8.5 billion from microsoft. about 170 million people
12:05 am
worldwide use skype for video calls and phone chats. ibm's jeopardy winning computer watson could now be called dr. watson. they crammed him with million entries which watson used to beat two jeopardy champions. the ibm team is working with doctors to fill that computer with medical information. and it is hoped that dr. watson will eventually be able to help real doctors diagnosis disease and injuries. zombie preparedness, the centers for disease control and prevention has launched a campaign warning of a zombie attack. but the tongue in cheek program is meant to draw attention to some very serious and real disasters. >> when asked about and radiation. and interesting the spike. so i thought zombie preparedness. i walked into my boss's office and we are going to do something with zombie preparedness, i don't know what. he didn't throw me out. >> the cdc says the server actually crashed this week after so many people checked
12:06 am
out the agency's website. the zombie preparedness campaign was launched in time for the upcoming hurricane season. near record snow in the sierra this year actually led to a drop in attendance. the california ski industry association is reporting a 12% decline in skiers and snowboarders this ski season compared to the previous one. the area saw attendance drop by 7 million people. the trouble with so much snow, of course, is roads are often close. several ski resorts blamed bad driving conditions for that drop in the numbers. well, it could be a cool- off that we will be seeing
12:07 am
12:08 am
. an update now on a story we brought you at the top of this
12:09 am
newscast. we have just received word from the stockton police that the amber alert we told you about has been cancelled. it seems the father who reported the two children had been kidnapped was lying about the entire abduction. the childrens' mother says the 3-year-old and 6-year-old were never with their father today. police are now investigating and say that father could face multiple charges. [ music ] >> well, plenty of sunshine across the entire bay area for today. as a result the temperatures are fairly mild with the 60s and the 70s. the fog right now re-grouping this could be a factor for tomorrow. believe it or not we could be talking about a few shower chances in the extended forecast. get to all of that in a second. the maps on live stormtracker 2 the low clouds are re grouping primarily south of the golden gate bridge. we do have mostly cloudy skies being reported closer to sfo and also right around the oakland airport. that cloud depth will be on the increase for the next 3-6
12:10 am
hours. here is a look at the overall weather story. for tonight partly cloudy skies with coastal fog increasing. tomorrow it will be a bit cooler. the extended forecast a sun cloud mix. temperatures really dropping off as we do head into your mid- week forecast. first thing tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies, fog targeting the coastside. areas right around the bay and temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. and right around the low 50s for san francisco, hayward and also san jose. wrapping up the series for tomorrow the as and the giants playing at at&t park. bundle up with partly cloudy skies. winds do go up to right around 60 degrees. look at this weather system moving in from the north and the west. this could generate a few rain showers to the north and east of the bay area right around sacramento closer to redding. and the possibility to at least for us the main impact is temperatures 3-6 degrees cooler. partly cloudy skies and gusting winds really increasing into the afternoon hours around 25 to 30 miles per hour.
12:11 am
here is our forecast model showing you not so much in the way of rainfall but some lower clouds. the fog is regrouping coastside right around the bay. then into the afternoon hours still dry. but we could be seeing a few puffy white clouds pushing into the region. some white clouds pushing into the region for tomorrow afternoon. that's why we do have partly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning areas of fog upper 40s and lower 50s. 55 to right around 62 degrees. partly cloudy skies at 4:00. we could have a few extra clouds closer to fairfield and antioch right around the delta. especially closer to sacramento. temperatures for tomorrow the warmest locations only in the lower 70s. san jose will go 68. and san mateo will be 63 degrees. here is a look ahead. the temperatures continue to cool off as you can see into your monday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers by tuesday. and heather and ken, no rain clouds just yet. put them away for storage for the next few months. but there is the chance of a
12:12 am
slight sprinkle on wednesday the latest forecast model showing that. we will keep you posted for tomorrow. when you put those away for storage, can you lock the door really tight? >> yeah. >> at least until november? >> i will try to do that. but might keep them handy over the next few days. we will have to wait and see. >> okay. >> thanks, mark. >> coming up next can kentucky derby winner animal kingdom make
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12:14 am
[ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. the giants and as have built their respective teams with similar philosophy. just that the giants are a little better at it right now.
12:15 am
tim lincecum is the ace of a staff that could be the best in baseball. he simply mystified the athletic. at&t park a gem among the san francisco city escape. lincecum and brett anderson locked in a 1-0 game in the 4th will. andre torres flattens out and takes a hit away. at this point lincecum had allowed only a first inning hit to ryan sweeney. and anderson gave way to joey define who pitched for the first time since army surgery. a perfect relay sweeney to ellice to powell cut him down at the plate. powell keeps up and walked off nicely and remains a 1-0 game headed to the 7th. in the 8th the giants broke through to pad the lead. cody ross with a base hit off brad. buster posey running hard from second doesn't draw a throw when con never jackson had trouble with the ball in left. 2-0 giants. tejada has the fly-ball to
12:16 am
medium deep center. the giants challenge the arm of crisp who throws to the cut-off man but the relay is not in time to get ross tagging from third. no question about this call. it is 3-0 giants. in the 9th lincecum gave up a lead-off single but then got barton swinging and sweeney looking. sick strikeouts goes the distance with a three hit shut- out that evened his record at 4- 4. the 3-0 win is san francisco's fourth in a row. lincecum has 133 pitches the most by any pitcher this year. but bruce boche wasn't worried. >> we checked on him in the 7th and 8th. i feel great and it is nice and cool out there. he is like a closer. that's the poise he has out there and that mentality i'm going to finish this. >> especially with the kind of lead we had. it wasn't nothing big and anything could kind of happen. it is a tough situation. you know, you've got to go out there and, you know, put out
12:17 am
whatever is left in the tank. >> you got to find a way to get it done, you know. nobody has a magic formula. you know, you just score runs or either you don't. we are not doing it. you know, it's just frustrating. in philadelphia cliff lee got a shot at the team he played for in the 2010 world series. some support for lee in the second inning when ryan howard got hold of a kobe lewis pitch to put it into the seats in right. homerun number 10 for howard. texas struck out 10. gentry and moreland had the shut-out for the phillies who win this one 2-0. the old uniforms because the cubs and red sox haven't met in fenway park since 1918 this weekend. kevin and mark held their collective breath. bird was able to walk off under his own power and replaced by reid johnson. johnson drills the shot off the green monster in left with the
12:18 am
bases loaded. two runs score to give the cubs the 4-3 lead. they get 8 in the inning for a 9-3 win before this weekend, the world series 93 years ago was the last time the cubs visited fenway park. horse racing's last triple crown winner affirmed. in 1978. it will be at least 2012 before there is another one after a win in today's preakness stakes it has to be considered a mild upset. kentucky derby winner animal kingdom won off the 2-1 favorite. 15 horses down the stretch animal kingdom trying to catch 1-1 underdog shackleford. >> and up the gate there and animal kingdom is trying to get up to shackleford. and animal kingdom is coming from the outside. and shackleford, animal kingdom. shackleford holds on to the preakness. >> aboard shackle it ford jesus wins the biggest race of his career.
12:19 am
the winning margin was a half a length. the triple crown wraps up in three weeks at belmont with a 33-year drought now since a horse has won all three races. after splitting two games in dallas, the ton deer and mavericks resume their series tonight in oklahoma series where the home team did not take advantage of the home cooking. not a night for the billing names. kevin durant in something of a funk. jason kidd had three on the way to a 13 point game. up by if at one point. the mavericks took a 16 point lead to the locker-room. the thunder battled to make a game of it with a furious fourth quarter rally. james hardin with the assist. a six point game with 3:19 left. dirk just 7-21 of the field but makes the big one here that puts the mavericks back with 42 seconds left. dallas hangs on 93-87. mavericks lead this series 2-1. the game is set for monday in okc. the pole for this year's
12:20 am
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[ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. . after digging an early season hole for themselves the san jose earthquakes are trying to climb their way out with the new england revolution in town tonight, the young fans hoping to see some excitement at buckshot stadium. had to wait a while but did see a textbook pass. a header in the 71st minute and it was 1-0 san jose. and then 13 minutes later bobby bentone like convee. the free kick curled in perfectly in the upper left- hand corner of the goal. the net keeper never had a chance. they improve their record to 3-
12:24 am
4-3. >> a mound and outside challenge in the tour of california 76 miles from carmel to mount baldy. those can take so lace from the pope as they faced the grim reaper. the riders do all expect to be around for stage 8. radio shack team is in control. chris horner and levi lighthammer both in the lead. he retains his 38 second overall lead with only tomorrow's 82 final stage left to be run. the sharks will try to pull even with vancouver in their western conference final series tomorrow. the canucks could be without key defenseman christian air hoff and aaron rome who both stayed out of practice today because of injuries. both were hit by attacks on the sharks. jamie was hit with a five minute major boarding penalty and ejected for this hit on vancouver canucks aaron brown. he will not be given any additional discipline.
12:25 am
the sharks led 4-1 and hung on for the 4-3 win after the vancouver canucks scored on the powerplay. it cost them games one and two. the comments against brown didn't sound out that remorseful. >> like i said, on all of my hits i am not trying to hit anyone. unfortunately he is hurt but it is probably good for us. >> right now in the playoffs you want to complete and work hard. we won battles and worked hard and good on special teams t comes down to work ethic. we established the game planner off the bat. we came in and skated and got deep. we got moving and we created some powerplays. we need to eliminate maybe some of our penalty. and if we do that we should be all right. a wild one in the eastern conference where boston goalie tim thomas found himself leading 3-0. but tamayo in the third went in front. ryan with the steal and the
12:26 am
pass and passes it. mike smith who was in goal for tamayo shuts out the bruins. the series is even at 2 apiece and headed back to boston on monday. the pole sitter didn't come from one of the big indy car dreams. a rough day at the brick yard for ryan brisco trying to qualify ends up on the wall and down in the end field. he did return with a backup car but not in the first eight rose that were determined today. rain halted the proceedings and shortened the qualifing session. the top nine drivers competed in a shoot-out. 37-year-old canadian driver alex tagliani won the pole and averaged 27.2 miles per hour. joining him on the front row are scott dixon and servia. charlie wi started the
12:27 am
colonial tournament seven strokes back. wi is now in the position to win his first pga event. armed forces day in fort worth with ricky fowler said thanks to a couple of servicemen. shoot a round of 66 you can expect good things to happen. wi and his pursuit of david tom. part of it was a good round by wi but also the 74 shot by toms. he missed a par putt at 14. and then he missed the bogie putt coming back. he three putts from five feet. a similar shot cost him last week's tournament in the playoffs. wi will try to win his first tour event tomorrow leading by a stroke. the cal rugby team tonight did what it does. the bears defeated brigham young 24-14 to win the national championship. that's the 26th ncaa title for the dominant team in rugby. that's it for this saturday night sports wrap. see you again tomorrow at 5:00. >> that was one of those sports that was threatened and retained their varsity status.
12:28 am
>> awsome job. >> thanks, joe. >> that is our report for tonight, everyone. be sure to join ktvu mornings at 2:00 starting at 7:00 a.m. more on harvey milk and the
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