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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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whouse senalleae seme n'ar m me e e meo kn pisstth i t w works.a ert nd of medicinefor morate tsere p o opar o almostout of 10 peskin clearilmajoriranc e al tefor beis i and lowered aby to f th symptoms... fever, sw mu or co if ve r inlan hohse ll ydo as symp canseses alicaccu
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>> kifcrim dramas aovies with ternational intrigue, then you probably have a baundetanding eyundering ow dicdr s,pt piticiad r ks a gngcaansfmingiriltt gai int atea blegimate d bmoving their mothugh zef duycoorat andffshe baac tl th tityherce offunds. an would n happ without the help- witting or unwit-- wyntts and inorators, tple who tually crethese ans compand ovee mo fac u.sbecone mlaes e worl do toith lp o
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have bece toceal enforcement anthneno foridhachng of ntyech oe r alatisnged no iivuauty onshans with cr oer ers thlegaabt lg t's letite, t e'noaytol onnowh thalere. s bal tnes a ln-d noitat exp l n9 months a it wand ul u. lawyers w b megeas shthout the lawyn the graycoe german accent.awrencgabe: so it'ralpr:alph kayrokaer" al nam
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fialro w rin tro s mils i spus f ithed eshe t ers'p. os youonna tl me c andhat erth>> kr: i tyou. 's of e mil s esri e arno m kfttorn gal e wywe t seec bse cami hmaed founllngpatsm igiethlpedaiab mil ts. kaycoeger old of rh oths.and so tme speciney 't n bribei woulac moaias a l. old rnamke
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pe uld appetion wr would look, at cause lary in,s, w covendite'rengab k s 's s terheowane s g ope toce fet naeiut >>ke.y se to muonwetaabfoe nd o
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co uinlobas'lo o osethind rk lith expeterotedmanato gtoetin16rentwyer3 sei woul "ayi dy t ymeroh e reod usmill cfric rrtionand ey d.ay is tt ne aitle.. >>e:aied>>r:, yove m ge:kani ay >>ayr:r,ouavanr exeson?pl: nest g. kaer: ho graft ok, fi.soavtok. 'sesaf woyou i soplel . kahdn it..oss: no, c soe... isctuall harmoch: know,heorhetiafrin
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rsthstre.>>roanchs -fndf alne, icocy grp atexserrtin depi. pruserve vestxp tgln cad amondsis isays serious al sysm that havmade a hub lade >>ch: wh tawye our usme detwas e ent ibs ys iic coulde do>> kft: yousa is ou wt et dir moneyintonist, itotthd o. gooat sayis e isr an tying antyerniuse atomine.>>roft: of the 16 witness retings, atrnfrerrmanlydecl to ice an owalayth >> hrm ie r
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rm a u tforrupprcet, inforeofciis >>ser:aman rmy ican ser:cansreot lved.t's money froms, not americanenties na >> hnot for . pdon me >>ernofor >>om that he3 w heard ralph kayser ogested susfudutrosid to j seedy alit usate,s
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ascindisleuehueg, ov wt ecorlds s ho thnduscted shcoie m sdnega w l to pvachas aseayea>> scompd , which owned ompany cndouowns all oth oc , seve f y>> aw fferat wik,at sompoinbablet icklou go ho>>roftto jjankf d hipartr, lrencgabe commd riatns othe satry. jfflo pple use ie an oth use stheou jar p i ie an.>>: anutt a isnkccou. thiswiav. d...nd tn... abndn heomes tus
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touse." >>ft: rneyc ko sogestedt the ster como his outricape, whld rubbed" ymou entis firm woulpy to >> koponeyit it ime? k it's dferent >>k: o sot come hosedient s? >>ser:nclu hisame, liwe htoub ae ginnf wean sub i ierdi ca tntne >>ay shoth,te thatea aan? kli w s lemur kser:uxbog. >>opk:e wi set uan prrie ty calit clse oater anenhallend ne t unistes k: haba
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arqu tportsuany auit laers de suclega oblion. oochbank ame are reedow cr oruitoveryni ofanto ror it er i aissutharndeyinanyebsutelbirrel icawrsth irl iueani inouinstigio hashpontl r at ulhaenseat la o>>ro: w ats oin.sacnghe, ot el mp n etp reo ncrs aetla ylln wcoorio we t ita s, pdus .. stn dresand peapa ccou. gchin manstat aos era,ouless
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op uannomo cpa y dtoet lra card>>ro: ocsa anyl mpiekeetay f coknetofawae en. or for rrofals setp onymshl coie >>oc thereas ay emicdy a america c the ese ans co aftkeut o0 couns.roftr ooch: ter k: so dhat stha ng tit on theado esunde investitions? ch: red meanlmosought, can't be thibad, ct?" nfnawhat fod it kal thettord soonis fosos i'vt e calf. nt sit li'
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esathe qionamoneuld ir dectlto h clicrowccountpascny fthe ba>> wn i mone cli alwittrangen iten ask. nodask? rt mieroe j. it comes froe xyz accoun >> kroan said theyuld need to ge money wasclean, then suggested minister u t >> jkoff: if is t in his , at is knn raw man. ticakingmoav tnt nauld be aacd to th. ulthere' s. >>cywe knois happen now is happethiss how laun allthe at doemitipoweing os we shoe ta oner top
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nt whose j wo stopial cre, terinmoring aye'g wi sting uponymous shmpanieto prota client pcy if inenceal inalty, wheeca prob>> p: ths ear h is pn on t t of amtocrleber ed fgs thare coti rofty y? oncyrty mo >>bad ? cy: rs. on't wanfound ey have a need.'ve got to mov from a point where received corruptas point where theyose proceeds.d toet ' f fropoto point b,ed help eringeffectivel kroft: he wa
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co which attneysed to be wli a blind eye and be illegal.en cognizthis is aftereen ret thclieng an afran mr wi ndref mins oll funecd roug efctivy,ribe >>th imohan gaad? >>on: ivi h tadro, ornim, vy ear glob anrdoninan anarcy talw r cotr gr ocds cme ro: rn mc koik ldhe gbawitns statort hefe momana andinveirve.het waisky anksk:nd i would sugge three or four to you. some are bger. thre oen moreflle ading andssrned aheir on ca flyreexntlothdasc. ksomemes thadce
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nkd uns at mht abolari>>e haokw fa i, e om innen ob oh baau ulssit n:ecse orri t g r: tepn.inneight nd ther bankrele rhiou set il u bngvei in w nto nsvistou
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>>,resintf thssdrt hfinnan listened to pih an suggested wa in which eyght be able toost suickays afrnistnn s hengnetat nd eses sil t tr i d wn'
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d f ca, fe i fwh y sican local kno being committed, we have aon to reporthat.roftmr says, talk ris justrns abere hethe d hoxpat>>oncyat, th, th aco. k: he alrdyn w, wre m camfr how got theon pcy: coect. it's hhyogtion tre's an e re. >> kft: ifould ask him anng abo thimeetin whatould ibe? poncyat's g thrgh you cohis on?stay no?s important?fther nfi wougrancamentew. th atatent sayi ton dcuss riinatn atld fndn thinrn a at tironas "enti
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t cera llow us afthetg," w,"iulve s ure kwas eputnd e t deh him ag"ne ohelaedto giverarvw eitht the gaand hiations of wh seento y the leaeutica r: genine ed n $ llaq'sanarcr. tay.p. eectoanunp pfi d forucoanc. mainhk cldac nt crgesf 's a
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ice-gougg. cbsery da heaout busi be and int tolen. cybecrim ts each anevonofteees unitig the mlo tize in can t wht to t clo trancuri wwebathe ou
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jim wldthm.anexndhe t 'dora ndwia. ..den
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s left in searchre.t's go p krowhenont nionled alwitns cao nerk mogoit secy reedhiddena iniews wit attan its in wosin the representative officito mnsollaspic.glitneic li expos rnatcorron, ed s mlp tawye uld idettip ymouell andfshok acts tthious into , and ame protentityeious >>ilkeooto see you. >> kroftthe undercov invese he lawyers thisr had used h
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l pa froigieel ova m rheto bhoya kers ringthy s. artiith ns d enly, lfts tonheof ablyop ory s t teetingy the n an standards areig kro: e rest expret of t adit cou >>li wveryup t. er lion. on't, "o we t do
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orte wehetend oanthen tnghay toakat reonsi out-anbe ovat is non t er've ey la parafnit re ex nds oionsars, a wiharmian no money hanged hanso this a mor test it wasas a.. a t thestem. roftowleouke trgumenlooklthes dals juli p theff tht l, ty dn sigup thaiweee dsome re rea'" chd u owt? the lulyigo y tht eytoaymeinsetochs athoyeaiou itecoidab dai adf ffenwa t g nein ari. >>no owys ag tta oe ri ni aa ntnore
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w pliryti e wmoeats iesinnt d easou . >>ch tthllrd kay fgr sild. >> kayse tha yo ch >>ilt:has r cong in >>roft klik and alrt anfosanoems ngheon w cand ve in aty anne o kiheve eycu gaes op l feell arr irong50to00 rokolsgges ndng at chof susound wod bet to thenistat. klik:onla>>ay ali dolrs so at? at anea>>ay bause sd, prab y w sit arndlln, cod age? kli iouondo >>li dla.>>opk:f ytngoe wrg,t' bfu bifthat>>ayr:
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ko: wldrcra . ongafetoov hi. kftab exmeons outh saio >>seho sp cte? ulyou it? : ye, yoro--loes ll theim e: oka t i-n't thhe d with m tha esle. that wo nd at tthat they ward xt on t on ai ome a p nureach 'minly in ils enthjun inul felo >>an: n'kema r:ouik ?>>hatcpe >>thenampera eic qutis t stbo thebef e wys,ut thmeodus bglal witnesinakg em swethfoagtoil
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etcists. bl tnkt teioact at wys y pyi a poannedehaquescti. >>ftveou hiikisefimno k: ne s: >>oualpresf y lawy be unche ftthat this was a ere and secretlytatea lawyer was... tho a kind of unp 's kinncstent with the baouentiality. so ieaut that. on the othe tapes ct of publsequenroftth'svalu te ics ye k vaenal be tt,ot buths fifrt, usndt at gs e econ ocoidy ev ruze tubanwyere ractafor so tuallinme aountto condu
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k obal witss includes anopinion from t etcing bill a. its thatma ik, jd ge ss heespngrealueeindul t essiesibils ers. sais diicsieward e ethis alsooted thate vague, and " thas s. jalkis per fne idier goh a ho ve eson fdsnto e s. mes sket dier om ter lye imonsilk qclthnosi gaucheindid at poin he port t
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falear wouldre inftione he ed to esene >> k: on oand, earlemtere i is. sim: helearee inreed a evele thstbo i>>ftanytngnghat>>on: , nd ete, b..m aprsisponutho, ist widelero thewyerrey lih, dy ener reig i'terest>> ku... anyb ae to so >>nk so, d ayrm bause those s ulroft: ooch
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beore le s lndthlessegatns atakitidy syfocrins au30 n in thunited>>oo: s pli in imation hou into ttt hem if c't haenbend rs royoavdone is a>> g: k the aicy c seemselves across acrosshe table in a meeting this, it's kind of ha t really belie aake ard. >> krohere'smple solutiopoibleo t uhe ega. he retast he ent ars trng tss a atldeq t sta t adtialie o inrmio pplfo coorio. len:nee-wh
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o'thesti twn.whisheeniciahealwn? d 's acolite >>roft: t asnever deofomttee inart caoftrg opsitirother b soat >>ftat'she arica r assoatiojen to th ine laare heing rmporati andtheyafraguest you pumpthe foion oftionu're p som on gal >>ftis twhite thepand ttrve bamworongpror d mon de yee iofeae set ny cni fil gchk at?w,hioc n g binne f re w ttroanawyed d acy . d thk kw,t.
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>>ro: ob wne may ha iertent gotteasay ero atuenomtty rcli iddama vio. ikla tereenta othe ph afrin wne rrieout me sus. opy se thewy jece ne y. ay drue cotr>>lio. ay ie itlitill rai some wyruuntr >> kse so,ouyo arsoem o t >>li wrellemrs a pge pvigela ts uny. >>ayr:o,owwh ds anouunheoury mnsou kli we keheawnd
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etll mbeekar o esrnt me. numb s vlaot rd win ait jos. nbeht manhe ohiota. t n t les ul 0- pntan 2 teofthbeh f me s nfoio,cbrt yootndnc whertakielf
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whor icu itpl md i'o inessi.saerre exntatatnal eystute mm h es erre. use are evng.weanced inerman ncgrp. i worle g oani was thall houghdn g surp wermsc iedory pathcoveri
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lag >>ificanefs inhenking pr the to lapere, rgesglthctic leand glr at ceel. its hah ers ennm ihadrawsof e d'lein imatscntis, whare lyabo rk treitov a h year wte sowhark iscein har tooveqpmt d n
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y tothir' thrtreenlailsthewaatch ms.itlids, urioc ans isto om there, we flew ev furthe
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arerha a hurwsu t the texas,0% of , but it tha gai in y er bcrivusel cc thus o sewe s hil,and twiclal th for us bts who pmaea thultite
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ik jea hsilo pt at teusr be ou stre jense a l , 's lfercierre>>e bla tlf u ute? keolrtngteesd terf woul r
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youittr >>mthterertli 2huics ze oenyearte aremiles arulcondyoe nge terag , hoth ihre, the mt wa iea r iero ie to ruts we leng'vgo g ho tt beevtati thojt. lfsiiss thmo e nghitrth
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ade it wst timne hasimh d.thel pbawooc es tankls ne>>s frn octhve le dabackhece slea igo ay, s l gewoyore llevis bio yio t anteanhipentiv urtit
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is c"berca sp dg anacr. ottegeise ek ghengamrock>>: wth s yba thsaee w asos, re abal a 6ee iboves. aonabovwher a ghw? move nopete w've ucrgd oube ng r arace. onsoho'shig t an go "shab is: w u pt rsond,ltstth t , d e thpot? tot, tahe shhacontlsn esht. nd ndstd glie sn ov
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seifhe gerspllhe sonthcr i tr fe.>>siamouxtcienstwi4 hoof, le dnigin theorni wuttl to m"oah ea its waetcithe "oderts theientis acts ng lorter a wholentt 's re50
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swgoventndheu.aty mais on"map cree ilthathopeac int yoe itkid ar at ent "oh ye icnt he wewe can s h er" lfone?rry yeto%.rrryah.e tho iewe r heceoupalan mix:hoseks iruing thshs ring operatn,ryg to grab. >> alan mix: so site right now is u that blo of icthere.
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the od doesn't so much as sail13 me p af n. d . te llity re. asico se inul-yofesgaco.whatst? hi annsoas ore ly m0,
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aboun glst. >>llalt toth s hav>> a: av nnjegsis wve un cd bioiselerrf h aige lile ug >>lfsisyorou to y! itoo le lile ae nnd ia a elbuit ing cellednimal.lf: s imlliv i o rbalngens deinenliwhte ahe s. wn hee ptalhert whictrt?y lot ? >>on: ge omhali m aona an wedscis kep a othe na oe ct sumr. ormps ey
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petenopaclolt a ivty ays coteck tth'sernellecst ensoy''v10,0retirm cand housans tboe's ice a ig islarme rm d andan gondfindor. wi, atll r tierwhwhanwa tholasndpht send
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ldwa, ldtoy.>>: owhathg 'r n donoknowt'rtism,d,eralque grand kind oike a tir mensition,ay, goes ly: wiin a ccialle. >>eter dal: t'spressive.orsith henar and -- notis everywe shis-- shnito itmuater f we ar t cn an >>er: an aappeight aa ref huac amaane ing edib ndre--nohag ut it'acngit'snt to rend a we're sac ch 'sha a
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ows whatke what ng. >> photo alie l plus for m on walter c greenland -- world. >> to 60nutertimngeibgi lsa. bromyalgiaai uidatsll
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nig we'llckin tks with aneditioutes." not evs life behwho've mi'vte, aae t mes . t an iancete see or life. feavre
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dinne i'm definilyng middleburyn veonr. w i also herghfor rst an hecoupyear ve s wrwith yeu gacyice. got reed met ve of of ever. mm-hmm. u eorgetown. i'm aly theray, thyou, m but woulke to out stand aze a tr i kn, do hlal e ytoaloras rht wed otr waho t fil (lghr)okay, e ckmetself reas ts hei't intole, ...may asy?ademhee nly ri kidn.real wm itt. 's whath t l i alot ohe rwo
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e pel tpytoue ve doy yo rir c eenhir gointoeganplgi ft?nohasgooi. en p ithay. w muisthe eg? sulund d? h. veheag i, o on...littit. owhat? ion't have to advice fromou youerr g busi now you'ng fmilitatrial x. hoat forwofe welle, if h, izeth: , dotell m ist thmosta e anly al f weit fald 45pasofawxc 'vru e ecge
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