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tv   11 News 630  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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urndopma ht, ce say the uber driv deadly ooting rampage confessed aleast partf the atta yr on apbyideo li. hengnts er liay udr wmpalmiig sard ghay dton mitt edn a n ans old at r shipegedill four r . veigorsadalton may ve the commu black chevr. dycottuay sa someg to hd hey t hhounothy e nd nub sits g th thveigatspt ead denvpoce offic
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n the officespondi ry call n whspotted suthe other ran. the suspectired rs whochasm orher. afteat, susp aca vecle. thchasended orme tewh t suspt st colthsuspwa kled e shoohappenin springs poceelp findg this robba . ld up the tcf nkn ry 13th.they'rhopi picture, tt soecim repois. if yany atn, reed gn uch withice. litt b n the coloer ves lifeeven yrs a had a ce tot themover theweeken when robby wheinnd thfireghters in lawood whoit's a caleywi"if that call most every th
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a by tual bacife,cae id thegh hicko . wh ferfod y se ndslry s-r i ambu by th ghtersed t reaming -- a ctory. this weekend,obbie,now 8, took some timto his sier, o intohe cso there. as hreturn ay, for t tisincicni 's f e robts d dack ibut clesc aorll wi irrresslerit. llin na dd trwelle leheadtuesdacaucusthis
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ndub is theuzn poti aftaignokn - tyl aruofulti e biesalda) gldasothg s hez caaignch decee untranis ces a mfa" says as a signat anor action t, ueblue cheese oducts a being cald of psistiang 4 wees, 8-ounce wees, 2-pounwhls, wheeuncrumbles. eeseold ins eecemb 1anfeuary1trekied ooelry e g e tif reco y thrents say nmak needs to accountand why ays it is alttle i. why some are calling it a kktv 11 ch metee and
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of today, closing arguments wrapped in the trial fo dynel lashe's facing charg atted t deurded degr asslt thiastarted wees the mhe lkthstd,ut neot toy,otma fal al jor 00 eveing enedma18 ntalost on parhede to bab sheilty chs agnst "ifer ien tol wan he o, y ul haneean r? arin psohe is icted onix counts ces. depingsof thctmi the sdy hk elemtary
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r ofd tatheimati daoutopu. sedaw hla feccut. toeyr flaker shmaerrgre nnticujuthhe co nt t e 2 re y hoelemchoo theompany eing f e es o t-anul re k"wdit sell fea t amaned cased town bee of aer law in'ser - hism was th 'tearm wasotd by t ho purched the reamy, n lan." bue nt she theofthe assault ckwhicthey sd is a ngeld apkete manod. islieoplmalehevene of tse. dng t
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keodresu mor lily famithe were also icourtrnd sd thissuab untaty le hkl sylanie athel. shsa lan c wpo refu didnhoe anr on. n't chnotherosthe ar-15, and t manubeeld responsiat." es are sspec monmaanb, cs,bridrtnneccut.thdge ard th s, donete suuld ee ater date. new deveents today in theslating battle between apple and the vacy anty. dered aplp t t thf on thean . plware tst mp, ceo tico wro haveo lerae or
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siint,y o yes! slow down't go o she's6. no,re nllou..u d na irgur. ane enad aimope rtwi t pntd la. thwhusfoblk hiorh en urayshwa erel tiee. ti, veev oriny lirede hiwi. soap stt dain mcasedn sie thnds of peopl
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is thenomy rd? ll, e ric americans ired me weal in t yea theotto10lliooplebi beanrs,anapprthesge. my p-- makeall stetanks and ulri paeifa sre otaxe ide vingesr inoplere e pay womssar
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reng th. : wh i washild, planet krypn was dying. i wasento rthtorote mcous.bumy p got ocd ofco d t te gohe, my counhaaladgrd sup d so i h mwe
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to most people ata cco wwide med. buinre wk wi my tir th toro mcifrli l yonethea tcaitar amupgi. ka: prusly on upgi.. she's onof's deraedcicerocts. wh t hl is gng yo uerrr ohodmyisr eds ur hel wh dyone me to do? meactos,ar (gnt as) whatpe i lled herka. (airhooshing) m... hod ob juo b.-(ongue)o ssra tomorro
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, its ba -it'real bad. aning) -m-mmmay, here. no thiing. -just ing.-(chuc wao kne relysed m?mi ai s ttin roh to hal. ifadusd reim cld'vebrt r . ought heback ank hadn't... kara, e's sothingneedo ll y -(th th gpinghucks)-jjuy, gue.-yh. n:t uld beastoilyo t t. i neouo co witme. t chance yove noar thiuman
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ra, e ri woulvewanted youe. cu for a survinferites. do you remember ay the(sing) (iales deepl u have bee thsun oives
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niffle we will mber in e daw (voiceing) and awaitght we jn you inky. o's will bne.(softly) i shall oerriod of moning and thenkara-el, thnextoffi albeou


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