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tv   11 News at 10PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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here's a l some videe crash. w one per deadce aren'ying if it's woman. we'rld involves a d a fed ex truck. police sayn in sedan is one who died. we're not sure if the fed ex driver was hurt at al r drugs sud at wn't when the road will reopen. ing live in co rilyssa chinkktv 11 ne thofee do s chin ovhe ekhas ven ownsh ofsees is ineni newreporter daniee euer jnss li ie
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doowanll ll a de nesoy mehen e nedethgahehad. cis tmey dollee doigt re by "re dac," run by t man, michael ing breeder. this is a shrsoll om a diffe atormplo d by c doeft ds in rdmi en s gotk shune grdane tar s.stl t gh wepo ta rmerlosa ununy is assckno rier 08:00:23e a uple odogshat re aress tos mend iwas e d triedat me sevel ti" e told1 ne thaas ky aff rykeeps thes. 2:at f i ry concd, iw knew
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wa ep ks tar and don't knowt happenedhi time, dot kn ishrgot orayheogs mp ove thnce. form empe hegreat s t naturaaggr, algh re were ized b vicio atta dug intthe inl's and at h ster or. chd the sff of. th the was vtiy hang k hiprtyn , ushe wanoacally th rertg ven colodo rii'm dael kte kktv 11 ne. gersoll was ticket for ni droogic a miea haeninmo cal oltrwill baion.icscho ricttobeca a threat socmea. the erifofce say eyfid o ma theeait alltart with th. thiss scre g tha
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scoly." and emi ns atheotm.pagot lls rng leinthemchs 'dr the e an sl an enthhautm velad t ." rinow eriff'offit who madehet. rrrorsl k delibeti t fat a w cut unbn ba fro anotr'man'womb nene h pedot gutyshe'acsed atckg el wki marc lononr wilks reond to crstd baby s. e byd,util suiv. bo sid gclin mes e idcen th ce,he ston ts serovetou e tor f vis innts vioubu iwaa sty repulse and
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ten. hedee ryin getlalearmuerarby sayinthck w pre-at ppening now a brire hydr still causin this is whede tonighuffsan on the east sid the springs.conesigns still up is att is co s itteus h e dranth w ca t bak. tonigh aolice fir recovering afterhe whot by a burglary susctpo we inllll out agl inver cerswopectokndotce t n anexchand nfe. the suthenja a w crhed car. agaiore nfirs anane susp dbyolhl zgl8:-2itusso keang d jue omins tie e ive elcountyheriff
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gun.appeis after road and css pointtoo fafr thebrdmon tt sif rings. a t of eenehic ede ene use ll an tihoer detihe ty n oong asuall heerny . oe circle driveidorado springs. this is de days ago.on frida chthe road broke in an 11 call for actia stf all the bridges heructgs s repoerlyssa atwn wa engas if y bridarsa thisrionirne haocisuse ofer e-stctray fien brgeinoladspng er ullerspngdrer "y'ron onef e ids wi tm akg, kw at
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timet'like, this i nd oolan'shang it le ise"thtys,dgesabel truc t't cey unsafe but k. aron et/ci sen civil neers a riagement ani ant to shat t ges werense we w clothemhistd ne o42id , entith 6pe e idn anne n cheyen vd h rg of 2 "tone'resierar rep tweing be star wore withithonthd we'll be ing at egbert says th k brinspect ry 3 hs. heays rcle is of t anthworks we evenve. rt co sp chine
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oj he an ue about fire bng ort ca. ta thiweend duri arag erci. inow pcent ctaed d llt 12 reac e tateusit e t he e pectitilt t prtyast. new ten, toght ers comaon thye o png h di fhiinrin this hecora ped steeat haor, wa. ofis filmbare the alin se ioausee nder invti new iot, on the s of steamedicati rom a colo spital. e learned anotr hospitalrk
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alleedly ss. wepokeo oncolodoingswowhhargy wesh spalutdef . e noha g td ersintor ne threa"it inor bsurgery an coulcomewawi disse c chany li,"roals fro urospils. mutesf nost newcoinwith ts. ta aoot athirear rvan pre of a suecbaob pe us is wd t f onnear an bln ngs la y without showing a gun then got away. rst scholap by marijua heutheado.incounholafundom t mnall bmad wi s fr t uny nd wi t hp he stamatc dlarshe fundrealst o
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and half.omissis y thpactr thity e. 56 re cg oppoities r f dhat previoe imen ciety. ese holarships a en atndg a coe pbl th veof ckide tition g ienood nyonn i-. paf thros from 4 to thens closedga sews n do more work. a wego theas auge roslide. 24f roads be imcthireinthwo y owilnt le gh
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as wel tonht tempetu wi bld enough for snow erywenthlowe rrn.ig bin 40snd w waerd ong utrn
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sprob fhe moincout eyw be olorado spng how quickly a hends of sl ththe reill much snowfalwe get mulati may cally, but t ll t
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erunty slaan bt tmote aclangnol erghfo srm wi rebumpures wuirm a
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ge houomr the stilio coming up on 11 news at 30 ey tell us the determincause he fire. also aheadthe maaccud of eng fi osix oekd mhima s rsuranda'lar fe tims. and re sn top of our11 breaking news ert. persond after cras
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brea is theco rigwell, e 15hestmerins acqued mwealin yea than theot 100 lln le combined. i'm rn message. mylan -- wall et b and e ula-ri pay r irhare of s,pre livingag forkg ople,
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lessleve thplayg fid. with your lp, as predent wil a home.
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n kkne10urn just 60 nds. we wt g bk tour1 brkiew t. ght w paerk clod at mray colorado spris becauseaash. t a live look ae.
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poce a trying tothe scene tooa reopene time soo the asinvolved and fed ex tru. the drer oth cais t pson ed fi igato say ty t ow wh cd is f t hderod anit t dgeusor veigortoo side. e three stho burd saturdayn unls. igoes pet hundreds gatside a urch ght toay the respects for e pe kled otg agerween itap kaz, chig. onn is mlo owi a st ioong wenoha cital pushment he micga thanutim in canavhim ere for nilus. tenmsoltn rive w no mo thsh new at ten.
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daui ithdougs cotyail. inigsa g ia asonouthbouni- nr rkurturd moin pe s t h ngign itd e a up. reaught in it.ivwere c his g trash a tip fr aonrneditizen leto ah d chasfore suspe'shicle t stte ning near in e spngs. a witness reported sina whenolice tried stopped e vehicle, it r ev ete road crd inth vehie. theode ran tearst. cusas and firinad in neva ng up 1 t .. il tacat's in. on t
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switch to ceprat channels to deal with cable. yes and? d. plus tonnd optnsou canver, whev d? why dos ing thit's thest rulof i by sg "y,"
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glove, d.j. lemaeufielder charlie blackmon... add that to caz... ditiondo rra.nd t ge weap..t ngg ng w.. alwahee the roiee hiotion. ththg thlaed ts e r ma y.. ly kth f inrelar rs naea.. t th y..res e y th walweisin coul wha calhe rkhofor e tati. a guwith a lotf promies.jordan lyl "you say tbeheasle of yes bulisaid tve bfreakish ries. is that pitcngleag ldy ba t ung e ans to oome this a youngge in theague. elg est vent' tot follsoherehe gth we
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chart f day inheoces taon. thwillnlbeiv enda b cnteiliedh e la rosas thace. lylerrtl theourt spotgu li johayris si vile e butler be r th finsp. thfull squ doe ror fospnginintil dnda t ortsp seey mt onef em ye wasrrte domeic vncs in ofea cscipd r ball ... cktold denpostthat ct aecisio m-l oo..e wall sjournartedy thattratorul the niteld ab0 million llars in cket rev a shad pothe sa that abt 50 n hat han ded lars sie e nfblam tical iss
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anreg lf th m m is the economy rcans orth in two years bm100 milliod. i'm bernd i approve th
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and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, eal pay for women. the middtinue to dis unless wthe pling wihelp, asredent wil od : stepert! ( playi music
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(cs anplause steph: k y lad anenen! ank you j!thanu,ohn ank y, mark heers anplause) hey! (cheers and applweto te .i'helber heerpl) lltherar smeig snc sties in t news rit w. is h bn e ttest nt on co. scientis havdioved gritionawas. t nighi want tta aboa moremportanttoryhoes re ourin. (laur) t c. ey'low. a new udfrom t univers of sussefound thats can recognemotions based onl ou shod a horse.


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