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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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cacaioning funund by cbs > od morni. it is friday, , bruary 26th, 2016. welcome to " "s thisning." arco rubio and ted cruz tear i io donald trump in the nal debate before s ser tuesday. could thisise a turning int? a gunman storms a kansas cty,y,illing coworkerer victims desc the cha as they tried to run from mh 57. will l lk about the oscars backlash and creatinghange in hollywood. look at t day'"e"e opener." yourorld in 90econds. seen euy p pl upp and hoppededut with ak-4-4 and fired
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nt and t tucke down nt iohe i ddl shoototgee kaas. l enforcrment offffiare callg this an act of workplace violencece > was a good debate if you like the roman liseum. >> this s8y is aoke artist a thth guy is a liar. >> when with i was leading the fight ainst the gg of eight, where was donald? wasasiring dennis rodman on "c"cebrity appppnticic >> do you know where ee would be righghnow? >> no. i knkn yououe ememrrasd and you are too but keep fightin keepswswging. ingor thefefe. whole ti! a lot o o fp here e nit, have to llou. >> i auge f ff privacy. >> james comey testififd with a dispute e th apple is the hardest questiti he has ever ep inngovernmentnt ourur need foror pcafety and our neefor priva is crashing into eachother.
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>> dramatic images o o of columbia as officers pull up on a gang of r rbe and all captured on a officer's body cam. >>8^hererere you ing? hey! rightnow, we haha golls or collision! >> tom brady intducici the family's new dog fluffy. >> and all tha matters. >> a good rublican w wld fendedz aftererertonini at ain't ppeng. if@fou kill t cruz on n e floor of the senatatanthe ial is inheenate,e,obody could convict yoyo >> on "cbs thihimorning." >> scottel is abooo return to earar aftft spending anannte yeararn space. >> i cldo anoth hundred days. i could another year if i had . theheheawond ump'ss poll numrsnd said, yoknow, i'm od u re. announcer: this portion of "cb this morning" spsored by toyo.
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welce to "cbs this morning." > gayle kings off. vinita naiis he. welce. theeinal rcan debate before super tuesday was more keavywei)fht with maubs thehe h hting dede ouououes andndnd c ces you are made i m moo and ina so you're staing a a tra war agagnst your own ties. ou wouldn't kw anynyingg abiut it cause you're lousy. >> i don't know anything about bankrupt c cpani. >> what is your plan?? >> that is theherobl. care? worker you ed 38ears ago. i i ess there is statute of limitations on es. >> cruz and rio hitrumph e verbal attackfter another. >> majorarrett watcheded the ca he is at the >> reporter:rzood morning. thtense repupuicananebatatat
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queson -- what do you gethen you combine lititil despspation withthilesesf arcx? donana trump wasmemed ver befofofos his republicann vals hoped against he t to slow his momentum. >> we are having a lot of fun up here tonight, i have to tl you. thananyou. >> donald, donald, relaxed. >> go ahead. i'm relaxed. you're t t basket case. ahead, , ahead. don'tetetneneous. >> reporter: w wh the 34th prident george h.w. bush looking g , rubio and c cz had verbal aacks on donalaltrp. he has had not inherited millions of dollars, do u know where he w wld be rigig nw? mpn immigratio >> if heheuilt t t way he built trump towers he w wl be using illegal immiation to do it.
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abouthe poll i'm beating hin awfully bly in the p pls. >> b b you're not bebeing hillary! if i can't beat her, you're real going t get killed aru? >> repr: oneipolicy, trump sasahe art of tha a mimimiwon middle e st >> t t ptinians are not a a realstate , dold >>o,o, no. thenot a real l te deal. >> a deal a deal. i learned long time ago. are you dealing w wh terrorists? >> rorter:`:he most heate exchange delvedntootrump's planan to replaceeamacar >> w% should have@ gn rid of the lines here is no competition. weweavavto g g othe lines arou the stat >> >@hsssepeaeangmself.f. >>no,,'m'm n nepngng se, , no. ated hrreaea himselflf fiveveimes foureeksago. repea yourselfive times four s sonononago. >> reporter: trump f fteted at tis and found his footing and landed ymakers. first of all,l,his guy iss
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liar. i know you're embarrassed and u are t t but keep fighting, men. swinfor thehehncnc >>epororr: i the aftermath of the shout m mches trump sd e was thinin new to learn. there anyththg about your`r rience tonight that t lls you it would be worth your time to brush upore on the substance of either entitlemts, health care -- >> no. >> paleststians, any of those sues? >> i think i did great on every subject. reporter: one questiothatat sn't answered in t t debate -- why hasn't trump released his personal tax retus? during the conversation, trumpmp blamam an ooing audit for ignoring their release. the first man who raised his issusu 20122 repububcan nominee romney said t ttt is n n excuse. florida setor mah hf ko bio is witit us now from m housn. senator, good morning. good morng. >> did someoeo hithe panic button last nighgh >> well, i don't know what you're talking about. i can just telel thaw a con artist is about to takovererhe
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vementntnd we haveo putut a stst to it. look athe r rort youuys just d. donald trump had no answers lasas t ononhe issues o oealth care. if you listen to t tt report & that led into thishe medias pumping him up as some s st off unstoppable foroe. donald trump is coistently fighting for the working peoeoeo he says and heheas a stick to workinggeople for 35 yrs. if a a other candidada in this racead h hecord thereill be nonstop reporting on , but, ununrtately he is pumped up because many the in the media with a buy oos know he is easy totoeat inini theeneral election. weweill t a stop to itow aa no w w weil allow a con artist to takakakver the conservative movemen andndonald trumps a con art i i- >> whattto you think a qrumpmp sornment would lk like, senator? >> it would be chaka. no one knows but it would look probably \ike e eeositns heh has heldld forll of the years. ononanan of t tse issues, he is whly unprepared toe pridenof fhe uted ates. he refusus to ar queio a scifipubly.
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eysked him aut the de. hehela hs ing to cut e de b c cting frandabababanernecknowledge he didn't any fololw-up d pre oha ao oby pssed on him aftererththnd i t to get the modetors to ask hihiaiout that. this is s e st i iortant job on the plat ane are about to turn over the conservative movememe to a persoso who has no ideas of any substance on the important issu.. e nuclear code o othe united states to an erratata iivididl and e conservative movememt - - a career sticking t working people. >> plelelelet et a few more questions in. >> we want ask you specifically about a meeting that cnn is s porting`thisis rning. that ycampaignager met with top donors behind csed doors and the possility of a conteste convention ininrder to eaea the nomination to get the nomination was discussed. is that something yoyore thin t? >> no. but the tru ishatt it ssible that nonene gains the 1236, 1,236 delegates that are necessary to win. you look at t way it's ing now, no one may have that numberf f gas s thth in
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convenon after the first rou legates are free to v ve whever they want and prefer that not to be thehehe case and muchh er have someone win t mination in this process but not a con artist like donald trum >> you've saidid that number of timememe artist like dald ump. you' been on n e stage with him throught thi campaign season. u were very different lasas night and muc mororor combati th i have ever seen you. >>elelele becse it's a narwer race, number one. number o, i acknoedge we are an ununrdog. >> are you acknowledng t tt you faedo do this so fafa no. well, first of all, would prer not to get int a fight wiwi other@r repububca but i wowomuch more preferr not to turn over the parar to a c c ararstptike d dald trump an lastight i s the lt debate before super tuesdaynd i'm asasng everyoneechchch tononht you're a republican and you don't want your party taken or by a c c aistike dond
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put an endnd to this allowlunacy. >> a new poll shows that donal trump is s sll@adadyhouble digi that is why i asked that ququtyon a autheanic ttot. it appears tha donaltrump is rolling towardrdhe nkmination. >> yeah. wewe, if y want to base thatt one poll, that't'ne. weweave our own polls andther publicolls show that is not thecase. will win florora. i kn our statete v vyell@ andnd itits not voting for somne like donald trum i will a anowlhere a a soue peoeoe watcng ts oaoaast ar irigued a a stigig-talkerrr and fits for the lititeeuyuy tonald ump hasas0 ars s ickikikit t the little gu or loer y time - of busininses ( yoknkn who d dn'et ididid e li g w worng hi e ininte you t tme to neneyo to the ble,nator. thyou forhis rnin hayou.. thank u. >> joinis isce t nation" morar and picic news dirtorf cbsjohn dickerson who is in washington. >> good moing, charlie. >> repororr: h hp ususerstand what is goingnn the
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areehehehenn a momentf ps norah suggted becausetooks like tru is going and marching righghto t t mination? >> re. last nigigig w w@ thehe best venen f-r mebody like marco rubio to you're not gng to win a twitter war withh donald trp. e dedete venueues one in which rubio cou have hownwnhy a trump preseueu couou be dangers ande had th exrtisis for the triy challengesacing america. en you get into rah shouta shoutg bhach donald ttump you'ree plpling on trp's turf the tal points you heard om t t sator a ones he didi delererast nig the onessss he probably would have prefertototoivered bute got into that shouting match th him a seeeef thaha does uuythingngorvoters. >> john,, d d thaha math f f up. as we look towards tuesday night, we w wl a a be h he together wn cbcb looking at those sultlt hoh#close is trump to capturing this nononation? at will w w see on tuesday night? what will know? >> thehe is a dealt question n d mentum question..
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texas is a a big one we wilil be watching that to e how cruz es, caca he do welll in his own state. tonald trtrp, i he wins a a heesesof the ,ven if the other ctestan get somemeatomomg o o that, the question is whwh will ththcocoersation b afterwarar? if donald trumpins a whole bunch of states, let's say he wins ten of them, while the others may be amassing legates, it will contnnue this kind o o snonoalling othe trump victorieand the question then becocos willeoeoe join behind his campaiai? there is some sign that is hahpeng. cerly s se questions we wille e kiki at table shldhat happen. john dickersoso thankyo on sunday h h hall talk with senator ted c c cn "fe the nation democrats s te in sth carolina torrow and recent pollllive cltoto andnd erwhwhming lad. she attackck sanders gun contrtr rd y yterdayr church wherernineneeoeoe murd st . wneedolose theunu s s
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charlestkn looooole. whichh m m opponents suortete pwhicicans at thend o o t tee days,hetherheac eck kpkporororyoget t e gu 's what the kilil here in charlest didi >>the new yo t"s morng calls fo clint t transcripts heraid ll s seet speech an editorial say votersav ery right too knowhat clinton told these groups. . >> tuesdad our entire! potitil team will b you susur tuesday results in prime time. our special l vege b bins a a 10:00 p.:000nt > dingde ingin- adl shngngpr fro n, ns. e chaoed at a factor whererthe soter worked. >>bs n ns hasntifieddhe shshr asas cedri fordrd court recos says he has pt run-ins with the l l and our repopo i iututde of the excel industry p in hessto goodododmorning, manuel bojorquez.
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the deaths occurred in the building behind me here at theef excel plant wre fdd worked as papapar.r. his coworkerss said heppeared normal when he arrived t work on ththay.ininstigors ar now ting to fi o o what trgered the shooting. wiwiin seconds after he fired, he wasight to thelding within fivee seconds. >> reporter: loved onessushed to the excelelndusus plantn hesston,kans whenn they heard ofofhe shooting. dric ford a -year-old emoyee oth factory, had opened f fe on his coworke. >>eardr him yelll something and that got our attention and turned around and popped out with annak-47 itppearerelike and firere a few shotsutside before h h wen in and ducked down a went t`t` the building. >> repepter: armed with an asulstylylweapon, police say the rampa started on this road around 5 50 p p. the ooter opened fire his hitting someone in another vehicle. ford continued nth shootingg other person in the l l and ststling their car.
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excece facto wherere he shoho one peon inhe parking lot and theh a ather 1inside the buildidi before annfficer gunned him down. >> the law eorcement her in hesston have respondedight away a a avenhough he too fi, he wentnside that place andavedd @multiple, multiple lis. a ro, as r as'm concererd. >>eporter: one man whohoas spoke witht o oichita afafliatk with h fromm his hoho bed. >> we d ts and people reust running, sayinin somebody w w shooting. and d xt thing you know, i felt got hitth leg. i w w't be hapap until i seeee him in person, you ow? iieelike i'm inn a nightmare righ no reporter: jennifer trujillo's's husbananwas insidedehe p pnt andnd the two were reuned o olive . >> oh, m mgod! >> reporter: vid p pted t foro's f febk aountppea shom firi a guno a fid. his rimimilast includes
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anan fleeing from police and disorderly conduct. the fbibnd atf areoining the instigatatn, butupupso far, there e e nono connections tooo any foreign t tro oups >> manuelllllha you. > apple issking fedetal judge to rerse her order telling the compapa toelp unlock the san bernardino gunman's iphonon ogle, facebook, twiwier and microsofare expected too filee legal briefs supporting apple.e. ff pegs is in ington. >> reporter: tech industry giants are coalescscgver this - isiu apple's 60-page motion accuses the governmenen toseprorism survivilithis a saysshe fbi isiseeki dangerous powow apple's motion t droro the demand com more than a week after a calififiia judge ruled agagnst the tech git. in urstay filiple aims t governmentays just this once, andus this phphe. but appleensists the govovnment
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tr. the compy is rejectingng fbi's claim that the urt' ruling is limited to san rnardinohooter syed farook's phphe. fbi director jes sey tol congress faok models unue tother phonon. theombinatif a 5c and nunual t tit unlely to be a trtrlblalar. >> reporter: the government i asking apple to develop software uld, in part,able the auseunctn t tip the e cleanner pass code failsls times. apap iis t tt the request viates its firstmendnt ghts. >> thahaha a a act of speech.h. soft is a languaua, le spanish. the tenology, when youdo privacy cece it gets r rlicad d in t f lon run,ell pay. >> reporter: apple saythe requts are unprecededted and it h h c cperated wit investigors beforereut t tt theovernment has never askeded em to create a progrgr t tt
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seritytyramewowo. apple will holol its aual arehololrs meeting ts rnrng in upealifornia. the firsrs hring i court isp scheduled fofo mar 22nd. > > ust urs, a partial cease-re set to bin in syria. speaking at thstate partment,,resident obama waed rsid ehehehyria gornrnrn the world wilbe watchi the teteorory t tce wilill not include isis or@ the al eda affiliated group al nusra frontn ou elilibeth palmeme isn a sysyan-controlled wn south of the capital damascus. rorter: goooomomoing. weweave been driving dowownto e soh ofia a we ard d l alon t w w t sounds of rocketg bombing.g.g. ththsyrian observatory foran righ ds confirm that the army is on aressive attacac i in thur leang0into o at we hope will become ceaea-firwe already k kw that someups are excluded.
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nusra, and now the turksre saying they resesee the r to@ continue to fig kukuku th united naonses that es enough smler position grgrps willing to buy into this ucucthat, a a last, aidnd supplili can g in to help t t hundredsf thousas of peoplpl who ardesperate and have beeee t off for months or eve years. norah? >>ncredidie reportrtg iz inri thananyou. drump odby mild todod highs in the 50s and 60s. wmeand wivdy saturday, 60s and 70s. we'll stay mildland y through monday with chances
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announcer: t ts pon of "cbs ththorning" spononred byby walgreens. at the corneof happy and hethy. the evotiononf arica on the small screen. >> ahead how television captures thpuls society and other papas ofofollyododre trying catch up. > the news is back khis
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t will b bbrzy t ightly windy at mes too... this will bring in theheoncern forocritital fire weathe outdoor burning on sasarday is not a a od ide a re weaeaerer watch h ll go into effect late saturday morning for pas of s colorado. our next chance foror mure may arrive monday night into tuesday... that will alsosoringiwh itit coololown for tuesday. right now w is s t t oking too o witespread or significanan we'll warm back up and dry out for the middle of next week. increasing volume farme slowing thrososo
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traffic movingng oothly to denvernd pbo. dave or katie. now to an 11 breaking news ert. thorits sat t man, damon er in custody y r rertly bricangimself cal home. sw mbersrsere callededo e e i` fouain arnd thisimorning. the el paso coun sheris office says brimer was wanted on kidnapping and.assault charars... this after aeporord incident last monththt rden of the gods. brimers accused of pistoto whipping and kidndnping a woman. thorories have been trying to nd h h ever since. we will keep you posoud ononons developing
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> e cars@ss this suny and markshe officiald o black story month. it's been announced that ve president biden will b presenat sunday ninit's oscars yeye. yeah. so diversityblememed! >weweomback to "cbs this morning. mingp thal hour, nman lear whohoreateded tv stsdike "the jeffersons." never shies a#ay by talking race.& why people may want to looooat evolutioof television to see how tevevioan be reflected i entertaient.
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-ont-ruruer pridess himimlf on giving. tim to s sw yoyosomef the mornrng's p adlinesefromomround the globe. snapapotfrom astnaut scott he is scheduleto retn to earth tuesy after 340 days on the internaonal space ation.n. that is theeongeststtayy in - space for a nasaonauau kekey wieiteded e emomoti thatsearlrl 11,000unrises and sunsets. he has also posted hundredsf phphos. > thth detroro n ns says int's toxox water reached the clar. e-mailshow i ictober of 20101 aides sa the water shoddd be stemem the call w w promptedy general mors worries that river water was rusng tir engine papas. sterday, snyder's c cef o&
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titiut it s too spevspee. >> the lasegas reviejourna repos thatevada goor ian sandovalalolg the whihi house heoulder not b b b nsered for t suprememe ur >"usa today"eporor on facebook chihi mark zuckererrg's stern memo t workers. black lives matrs was erased from company wallslsndreplaced withll livester. zuckberg sayss is a deeplpl rtful antire e eience fofothe e ackommunity and i nonoconsid this m mious and crossing out something means silencinin eech. facebobobos investiting but not commenting. teresting, they said this is several instances of the same thing happening. >> a afacebook, yeah.h. "the washington pt" reports on senator ldsey grahahahom taken presenen re anann papay. >>he most dishoneses person ha, ha. who isbout to be president.
7:33 am
how uld that be? my party is s ing [ bleep ] that crazy!if y y killledd c czn thth flr o t t sene a a the trial is in t t senate, nobody could convt you. ha, ha. >> there y y . the south carinaenator ammeme donald trump, but saidd he wouou bacac him if he is nominate graham addfd, quote, i am l le theheeam that bought a ticket he titan aer waw the movi we swe you h donald trump's riva pressed himim but last night's debate on relelsihis tax returvssrump says the fededel government i ikeepepg him from dso. his opponents claim he has something to hide. lianna goldldn du into trtrp's moneand she looks just how charitable he has bebe. goodmorning.g. >> reporte goomorning.if dond trump releaeadd his tax returns they would show his come a a whaha percentagagof at he is payin in taxax and and to what arities.
7:34 am
>> i was the first one t t t file a nanaial disclolure, almost a hundred pages. you don't learn anybody about somebody's wealth wi tax turnrn >eporteonalay the internal revenuseice is @ epininhim from releasing his tax returns. >> for manyears,,'ve been audited evy year. twelelear sometetng lik that.. every year, they aid me,udit . >> the only reason y y're not releasing them is h afraid he will g g hi >> reporterj no rulehat prents trump fro releaea th whether audited or nototnd somothing the irs an't confirm. federal prohibits them from disclosing if a a private citizen t t t audid. >> i give a lot of money to people and charities and everything. i love people. i think i' n ne person. i want to be a nice pepeon. repter: his campaigig s ss hasiven ay over00 million. trump's tax retetns would provide a complete picture. >> 1nd t tt ishe part thatt iss really tricky and, you know,
7:35 am
ththr private donatis, but we pst d't haveb sense of whwhher that is tru or not. reporter: scy p pmer is t editor of the c conicle of ilthroro. >> certainly when harvard gets a big gift and s sse are naming a school after somebody, they say it's million dollars at we received and we all kw abt that and h h it verified. yoon havehat withmp. >eprereo get a bter e of trump'sp hilanthropye turned to sundation. over that period iga o o o $5.2 million. e e stst of grant recipients skews towards celebti andh i-cludud chahaties associated with joe torre, arnol palr and jenny m mary and larry ng. in 2014 donatioio from thehe trump donatis dropped 35%% from the year before
7:36 am
philanthropy he is onehe of the biggest dors or the one in american phililthropy? , weon't see any evidence th. >>ore than % of t@eoney drump givesway doesn'tome from h hhif. wlthy donor in new york ticketroker gavave nearlrl$1.9 million to the foundadaon. as for trump'secentharity drive for veterans,e says he hahadistributed million his cacaaign won't't pde a comprehensivivlist of where the money ha gone. has be distributed yet? >> wdon'n'have aomprehensive talay ofhich organizizions it's gone to and how much each organization has received. >> julianan, thank u. airline passengers had a disturbing reaction a famamy forced off pla over dicaemergenc a 7-ye-o boy had aerc reaction to a dog ona plane. he was traveling with his father
7:37 am
the family ss the f fghtt attendant wawarude whenhey were asksk tohange seats. the takeoff was delayed andndhehe were asked to take another flight. that is wheh a numbebe ssengers applaudinggs thehe milyalked off the ple. the boy described it as a sad experirice. >v moryyf this, my dadad remembering this of people clclping othe planeehen he gogooff.f. >>heamily says it isn't agriwith al@agri ri -- angry with allegiant andd the airline has apologiged >> the man who brought you archie bunker and george jefffffffftalks abouou race in hoyw shouldhe te thtamam ess asasheoviebubuness? thth xt if you're heading out tdoor, watch us liv thrgh your all-accessssigitit adadce. you w't w w w toiss spipi lee
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is t t econo rigigd? well, the 15 richest americans acququed more wealth two years than theheottom 100 m)llioiopeople combine i'm bernie sanders, i approve th message.. mylan -- make wall reet banks and ththultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide livingnwages fofoworking oplele ensusu equal pay for women. the middle clalalawilltinue toisappearar unss wlevel the playg field.
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the@ontrerve this ar'sar nominas, another part of hollywood, television, has a l lg history ofoles featuri peoplef color. so doeshehellllll screeno bett job of showiwi true dirsity in america? ben tracyalketo a m known for p phing boundarieses well, we are moving on up >> reporter: more than 40 yeyes, noqm lea pioneered a new genrnrof sitcoco by casting lead mannrolele hehejeffs" a o tv. w mamy yeaeaean t e show doeoe this l lererepict? people of color came to m and talked too me talald about what the show mea to th. rurul s saw georg ffersoita c a he never forgot.
7:43 am
told meth a black man uld writa check. >> whahait n nds is some mor green. >> norman brought tot thehe tuatatn comedy, this ideat it was profi a a a suscessfu for tv s sws to t tk about what hapapning in the culture at the time. >> rorte in episode that aired 1919, the lead chacters o onlyxchanged slurs. >>on call me punk! >> why you so sensite, all of a suddenen >> he is t t only one. >> howowld youike it i if call you [ bleep ]? >> go [ bleeee >> reporter: the succece of le's proams phe way for heosbyshow." and "the fresh princncf b-llllre." but these depictions of upp midd class blala fil iludedeal es. it doesn't feele talkk about
7:44 am
th you were doing on television. >>merica doesn't look itself in the mirror andee itself stst. as a consequence, we don't have realal good riaiaiahonest conversaons about ou prlems >> i ieed a real man!n! >> now w@b reaeda poi ere all tv networks so deerate for audiences, they are turning women a thehe are tuing to peoplef color who proportionately watch television more than white audiences. this is importan we are all goingo sit and watch "it" tototherer >> reporter: this week,k, the abc@ comedy"blackish" badcast an episododon pololeerutataty. kundsdsdsd"crow arorod the countryre intenselel wting the situation. >> what are we going to tell them? >> they archilen. >> ty are nono justchildren. >> theare black children a ththeed tknow t t worlde live in. comememe! >> repororr: most ofhat we see on television has not quite made it to theig reen. . .
7:45 am
underrepresented in television an in lm, but in film it's muchworse.e.orr: a study release e university ofou caliia showsredominant whil holololod spepeinin@ characte in 0 m m ms and tv shows d 71.7% are white and 12.2% ar black a 5.8% latinonor hihianic. so you have many of you scripts here on the wall. norman lear is developing a show for netflix with a a all-lati cast. you think televisions pushing that envelope todays mumu as you $ back then? i did thinke weree shininan envelope. i thoughghgh w welingith the problems a arican families fing. >> reportete and reflecting ciciy iss sll lele passion. for "cbs thororng," ben acy,y,os angeles. >> really important study. i terviewe n nmanear once and iisked him originally when alalthis ce , how did he
7:46 am
said soen he would be ridingnghe s sway and loooo into homes s d realize how similar people w we t t the lifee he was living in these packed houses ananapartmenen and made h realizizhueed to show thaha simirityty >> he created e hit aer her. >> yeah. nius. spike lee e st arrived rig hereren stio o7. so paybance cofounder i here. gogoorningngys. >> this is a crsat'd li t t he. >ahd, w he changed his mind on wheheer a ale should be forced t unlolo the s s bernardino gu's goodbye mi t tat highs in the 5050and 60s. warmer and windy saturday, 60s and 70s. we'lstay mild an dry troroh monlay w wh chances for owers on
7:47 am
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7:52 am
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> papa people! it is fririy f fruary 26th, 2016, welcome back. more real lfws a ead including a tag team verbalssault at donaldldrump at the gop debate. did marco rub a ted cruzdoo enouou t t improve thehences on super tuesday? butirsthe eye opener@8. >> pice say the deaths occued in vheldin behd $$ his coorke ahe say he apared normaln he arrived@d to wor
8:01 am
>> you are not going to win a twitter wa witit dond trump. >> no way we willl allow con tiststoo take ovevehe conservative movement and dodal ump is con artist. >> what dody think arump gogoment woulook likeke >> chaos. >e isisavineltt down popoing g eat. i i neveennnyge at.. we he to h he somebodyhat doesn't sweat. >> donond trump released his tax returns and he would how at he is paying in txss but h h said he can't. think he was cool. this w him i2008. nonn he'soncndered leses coco than this gugu plse playing basketballl withh pensns pocket. hold on a send that'swowo points for me.
8:02 am
pseveed by nationwnde. i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell. gayle is off. inveigators say they are close identifying a motiti in yestday's shooting rampage in kans.threople were killed by th gunmananndnd5 hurt. ur are in critital l ndititn.n. eaindicaons dooo not show any connection betwe t shooting and foreign terr grps.
8:03 am
a protectiveerder on a abusivi you are the only person on stage red from hiring pe illey. he said'm n n t p fllll% isuya fihy sgusngd eland choulbeed a ole.>> i i y y build a wall the way yoyoild trump towers he will use illegal labor to do it. >> iet ang wh everybody. youon't getlong wit anybodod@d you dodot have one replican tor r d work witht thevery day y our life, although you skipped a l l l of ti. these are minor details. onalds promisingng he will t deals ishon. rht gooal
8:04 am
dedecrats.>> this is r hoo her he talks a corruptptn o his finaial disc form. he didngt put that he borwe monoy from citibank andoldman sachs. ththinsurae companies get what they want. we should ve gotten of the lines around t t steso have real mpetition. >> that's the onlyprobm. >> y havecompetition,o many pls. now he is reati h hlf. >>no. i don't reat myself. >> you don't rept urself?@herereuy ttt@ rephiel >e f f mb, t tmakekemeriririrererereagaiai we' going to win, n, w w w he's winningngn n th p p p. samemeighthtvery ththth >> l lt ghgh debate both marco
8:05 am
ght with the f. th tech giant said if apple can be forord to wri code is case wto stopphe government from demanng that applwre code tur on miophone inid of gernmt rveillan, activat vid c rarks record conversationsr turn on location services to track the phone's user? nothin >> fbi director jamesomey sd on thursday it was the hardest question i he seen in golf and it'soing to require negotiation andconversation. we are pleased to welcome max back to studio 57. welcome. let me@ ask you ol sple % estion,,0 how do you s@e t controversy, other than the need for conversation and negotiation?n?
8:06 am
a toughghuestion andnswer. fundamentalalhang myiewsws the l lt sevalal days listening from debate going if the teist black andhite case the wayay to my view today which think is the rig one,e,e, ndndndtallll suprting tim come i i ihahe ising g . isiss aueueion of dwiwi line in e e nd and a new set of oblems. fbi, law enforcement asking a company to write today surveil it is customers is unprecedented and what tim cook is tryg to do bring it in to public debate, all theay to congress a the supreme court and have a clear set of laws created because there isn't anything on the books today. i they is profoundly important. >> you heard the case the fbi director made, he said the code works on onl this phone. so the idea that it is getting
8:07 am
and your phone is not the real thing.g >>8i'm sure it is possible to writde that only works on that iphoho, but thehe can work onny others,oursrrrr myy lalaop. ifhere iss law that says that's okay, what tim cook is trying to say is we all need to hear it. it cannot bne in the shshshsh c carlytateteto the amerplwe are a fin is. >> max, you w in thehe instry. what do you t tnk has changed? asas look athisdebate, apple has been cooperating with law enfoement and`u.s. intel intelligence agegeges foror years. why all of a sududud has apple decided to draw a line inhe sandororhis case? >> i can't spe for apple. i suspect ands it'somplexex issusuand a of us -- certainly as aarent andsban my
8:08 am
enfoemenbut it must have felt thbhe slope has gotten slippe. where u start byandnng over ta you h hccesto i icourt ordewould compel you to, now you are asked to builil new ftwa. why n t t pectct apple to havav software in your phee that rererds everirhi ypp sy? thats something that clearly could not deall with wititut@ ving ittthth out publicly. >> why is i the@governmnmnmnmnmnm ed apple's help? people would think w not recruit people from silon ey aououavar own cability of t tkinghackckg in t t a phphe. >> ts p iculararne i iue chnologillllithwut apple's hehes impopopo..e securi in the iphone today is strong enough w w t t compselfasap@m@mpp lolo itthth ara comllll@ buthest hackerr i i thth world wititut applplpl uldd not.
8:09 am
precedence and worry about having acceses anany.early peopd t wld u the presididt. t t prevevtss sociejy fromddiguring o o a way totollow them to informati about terrorism? i ihinn wetet are ultim rried about theecce. thetetetheng hete. . . . >>8 precedence takeses prerent liveses o people thatt maybyb dangerer b teorism. casese i think what tim cook is sayininh % ist dodo. r rlly h hdore to h hr myse s s "yeye@ i does" butk om a p pectiveff w wkind o o o o country wee want t t live
8:10 am
public debate abououitit lawaypt i i i s. have e en hehe befe..frfratererererer b brding a a a asa scananls w havsisi nvnvsation o whais important t/ u uaa as a socicty and ountrynnavorororor of solving problem immediately in front of usndouououurselves@s@s@ s/sl sechinover andveragain. thk ithey are to prglgltto y y thihi convers takinin planow w w r a thereme coururlevel b bore cgress sothing willchanan? > absolutely. >> thank you. grt to have youhere. eat dididision > > e le i in theheden roomom willlook athe oar controversy andeillearn ab goodbydy mildldldayayighs i ithe 50s an 60s.s.armer and windy sasardrdrdrdrdand 7070 we'll stay mild and dry through monday with chances for showers
8:11 am
announce thirtioioof "cbs this morng" sponsore nanaonwidede nationoide is on your side $ 8poce say he stutued how to ll off a perfe poce say hee sdied to pullff a pctmurder.
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tomorrowight"4 urs" examines a bizarre killingn seattl a man was sbg traffic and gunned down simpl for the thrill. that is@hat prosecutors s wasas the motive for murder. man arrested n the shooting was s iled as a genini. peter van sant investes the prodigy who alleged trained for years to cmitthe perfect rd here is a preview. >eportete et waa murder thatut the city of seattte on eded. >> it was likeomomd ddropop >> ne of us everr fe. any of us c cldbe hihi reporter:secutors aian mccoy and krist richardson say thmurderf@ yancycy noell shot to deatatin his carxhile s spped at a r r light seemed totatlyly random.
8:17 am
quiesumm nn 2012. local wine sward yancy noell was ivivg h/he from work when wfoururures in e ad by a manan in a aw s srtss car who flededhe@ scen >> yancyado criminal hisisry history, no history of being a t-adad>>epororr: detective da duffy ander partner frara ark suspected it might be a casepef road rage on sterok. >> we didn knono if iwas a taeted s soting or i iit was a a randnd shootin >> reporter: weeks wen bynd then police got a tip. e name vin bowmanan who appeared to be the mostt unlikely o potential spects. >> the people thatt we have ok to o ve dcribed h hs brilliant. a genius. >>eporte bobond his wifejennifer were taken t t police e headarters whe bman refuseseto talk. poli spectedhe was coveringfor her husbsbd. >> he you heard of any murders
8:18 am
ur h hsen the last few weeks?s? >>'m n sure. >> yououe not sure? it's a yes ono quon. do you want totoalk to a lawyer or t tk k usfirst? >> iuess i'dikoo talk to a lawyer. reporter: bowman gohis lawyer and he wawaarrested. fe jenni was relelsed but stood by her man.n. there were ndndds of jajahouse phone lls. hey y d pet wn pice examined bowm mput, they discoved h h h beenuildin a library o information on ath and murd. and videos reveal he was an exrt marksman. >> policicdidn't knonothey we looking for a udent of murder.
8:19 am
ll. >> peter van sant is here with "me justo kill." that is s e move? yes.` is sas a random killingnd one of the mosos terrifyin kinin aiuss engineer. th man was working on making the fifit ectric motorcycle. he d dignene robics anden to college when he was 1.(2. very mucucalone fancied mself like jamesond and could fire hanuns accurately and won a a shootg mpetition with b#t hands and ayed it t to t js tragic end. >> what question is your piece asking? ur piece is trying to get side thedf someone who had everything in life to hievevand,t, chose a random actf vioionce that is similar to w wt a gg m mber would do. heheulledp ongse a a coletegernd putr ll his and y?y? backkk story fascinating. especiallllbased onhat you've told us. what a prodigy he was. r, thank you.
8:20 am
student of murdede omorrow night on cbs, att 10:0:09:00 ntral on cbs. > the sneak preview ofn auction that rocks!% you're wating bs this morning." lookinfor 2424 digve supporor try aln r a non-stop, eet-t-eat-gone hold-onto-your-tiara, ki-oday.y. live4/7 with 27 digestiv suppt.
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#1 rattt0w!thi!!%4 (> talking aboutighteous brothers and sonny andhend mammma andnd papa. >> it includedea golden b by dpnate b byeorgrgber& gends and one bybb king that famousald lululle.e. i sawarlie'yess lit . may he'l bidding? mambe not? >> filmmaker spike l ls calling for change in e music
8:25 am
ahd, we say the real battle is in the executive ite. that is after your local news. he fray! tempmpatures are illy this morninin the teens 20scrthe rereon. we have mainl ear skies ananwiwis bebeeen 5 and d mph. we are warming up today... highs will reach for the mid 50s to upper 60this aernoonlong withlenty of sunshine. today rougugthe end look great you'veveeen waitinfor some weather to g tdoors! saturday looks to bet day with highshsn the 6060and s. it will be breezy to sliglydy at tis too... isill brg ininhe cononrn for critical firirather tdooburnon saturday is not a od idea. a fire wther watch will go into effect late
8:26 am
parts of s colorado. our next ance for some moture may arve monday nighghinto tuesday... that wilalso bring with itit ol down r t t day. rht now it is not looking too wireadr gnifift. 'll warm back u and d out for the middle of nuxt week.ineasiolso farmeme slowing roh me s efat sce ag traffiviy to nv. sarah pping now-- rcrcpiras are back at it one local neighbororod.
8:27 am
ho in this home surveillance video, you casee car pull up and a woman gets out and ta[eththpackage. itapd wednesday near fountainibnd powers coloro springs. pp e@homeowner thinks t thies were watchinthe e il tcknk d caugututhememn m raa eahe pge@bnudubfititasaseliverr rdon pkage stolen: 8:07:35 "it's like they saw e package ing delivered and then&ey cba@.@2@2mins aerwalid anfedey gn tget anrton y y ywiwiwiwi delivermememememeststtltlreroroe e e e e urururkakakakayoyowilllllllle.e.e.e.e.e. fedex also sgests requirg a gngngne e r yoyo d d d d d e lalast o o o onbelelvasty. popopo say a woman took ovov hehewomamas enenen..r fofo y y y y y irir told d u abiswowolenananaststst shng chargrgrgoror ididtitytyheininhe pasasasasasasas years, records show she was arrested and sent through the court system several times, all whilelusing
8:28 am
tracked down the ported victim in this case, who says her wallet was en durintrip to coloro springs. tiffany porter/identit yheft victim 14:15:26 real mad, i didn't know who it was and i'm all the in aansa sbasically there nothini could do about it." ==tt to= jo bliss/fanal cris unit detectivespd 13:41:02 s far as the vicm, was unable toxget life togegher because kalena winston had tenver heidenti." witois nown feral custody and cing several charges. the latest-- on a rmer chemrlrldingoach accused of xuxu assaulting teenager. miael greenstreet has eaead guguty in the case w hetingngnge how ng heill spend d pririn.n. rdg to arrespapepe, greenstrt was a coach "colorado cheer acady alta." greenstreet lle sentenced d
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> that's new engndarterback tomm brady recrti a claic "lionkiki" moment to welcome his w puppy i to the family brady the pup named fffy om an anim shelter in lo ananles. >> he's got a lot of cututeogs ththe.e. tream lightoming down on t pupp >ery cute indeed a different picture thanhat we saw gnk ingnyesterday. sortrtf a contrast. >> a different kind lf fun. >>a w documentnty on miceljackson los at maj turng poininfor the king of pop.
8:31 am
direor spikeee is right here in studio 57. w he believes hollywood can take othe dirsisise with thts wees oscarsnder f re.e" that iea time to sow you some o othe tpe morning's hehelinene the cleveland d$ajn n aler reports on t t natios fit uterus transplant.t. wednesdas operattook place the c cla c cc. a 26-year-r-d d man wawaa recipient. the utusasrom a deceased donor. the patient will have toaitt least a year boree tryin to become pregnant tough invitro fertilizion. >>sn't thamazing? >> yh. muci, medidine, medicine. >>the st. louiuitch dispatch is covering a university of missouri prefer who is fired a profess@ho targeted a a student prototte a campus. help get ts reporter out of here. hehe mge him out. >> the s sool's board said melissa was not entitled to
8:32 am
agait a udent. "los angeles tis" reportsts the oscars are mising many face en icometoiverty. fothe send yeyr, all20 acacemy awdd acting noms arare. 91% of osc voters are whe. do ro 12. 76% aremalele 1%drop. a ack, a sght increase e acemy membersicked for life slowi tush to dirsity. the oscars are two daysway. sosoigollywoodames will not bebethere. two-time nominee and hononar caripientkeee aled o /instagram thattt h h and d s wife w wl nototot attend t tpceremony. the motion picre a a a anced january i w wl take actctn to make i i membership more ilusive butut lee thinks the problem i deeper. he's o witne domentary,y,y,y,
8:33 am
motown to o theheewall spike, welcomemeack to studio 57. >> how is everybody y ing. didn't ask where i will be. >> where will yo bebe >> madison squque gardens. my beloved kopopully p the e heat. >> gooone thth. >> should we lk at t standings? we are a the botto of thee east.x >> tking about what your belove knicks need,rere u going to@be the nht ofheh os world's'sosttt famous ara. ,,, he meantoay was- >> i thoughtouere j jing with me cause we love th knks.p gameme >>ou are not calalngt a yc yououdecision not t tend. has beelongtatag for you. you comomntedboutut thifor ars nown
8:34 am
thatadeeou say i not in >> the nominatatns ce theay befo national hid, mlk day. and for the second year a row, those kping s#sre at mesports fans, 2 20. two yeyes in a row, -0. two years, 40-0. that is riculous. i think so many pepeormances that g g overlooked. myife and said, we can't go. we didn't ll abody. i was s t onhe phone with jada or will. we did this independently and they dididt indendently anan her people havne ininpendently too.o. it's pervasive aeoeoeosaidididid we areedananangoin - youay is nononost those who vote, you say itit a aroblemem withthhe major studios. >> yes. ve you seen "h"hilto y? >> yes. >> o of my favoritso-- >> n in n e room. >> yeswe got to in th room! i want to be i can't si but we are not in
8:35 am
we are n in thehgatekeeper posions. we don't havgreen lights. vos. m n ppy that abc appointnt an riamerican wanans a new enenaiperson. that's gre at's a srt. thoscar thing,t'the wee nonoin gate keeper >> couple of things totoo he. number one, what you want to do is me rican-american >>eoe of col. >>ple ofofor? >> yes. nfl'l'oney rul >n the enenrtaient inry. do you ink ocess is the only way things will cnge? throughout thehshowowe discussedthatatefore. you have a good poioi. it always cocos downo from montgomery boycott to universisi missouri, w wn they knew th the football teaeawagoing to
8:36 am
wrira 1 million dollarheck, ey forfeed that ga to byu, that prent othersityty of missoi, the board otr got together a he s out ththe. comes dodo to do bills. thereas a new u ua udy at found whehehalf othcast ofobobovie is nowhitit the film h h hore success at the box office. there is the aument to make the studio heads, rivht? >hat ishe thing.. forget about ts beingnamerera d what iright to d tlelgs s peal to the bott line. itededtates ceceus b beau id by the yea2036 whi americans uld be a minority. >> rig. >> i&ii'a businessssn, i wt to make m ney, i'm going to peal to what this s uny looks tar audienc>> y. you ot ignorpeople of coin this country like the industries have done, i don't ink. >> you're advertising ur n documentary on your shirt. >> no surprise therere
8:37 am
th ia nice loooong t-shirtrt >> what about your documumtary? >> t gagela i i let's deal wi the m kic. the otr r stufre. dealh hisenius and t't' at we have de.e. >> wa was his genius? you have seen a lot of gegius i entererinme world. he was ablto, james brown, frankinatra, gene kekey. i memn steviee t te and make it h own. i' h peoeoeealllike this. whqabout this pararcular timen s fe? >> thi ikey. follows him foreign policy
8:38 am
in nthe wi where heh met@ casey jones to off he wall. thrillerd. >> intnresti to hear himim s`y i deeplyelve i i perfectionon was a a perfeconist. >> spikelee, thank`kou smuch.>> thank you f having me. go knicks fririringht.t. i willllot be in l.a. >> y y can watchichael jacon wall. ead the blueue devils the a a o kindnesshat aowed a aan t too see ke play. we will take you t t goodbye mildodayayighshsn th50u d 60s. warr and wiy saturday, 60s anan70s.we'lllst mili and y y rough monday wh chan showon
8:39 am
8:40 am
i'm hillary clinton n d i approve thisisessage. r life's work has bebe about breakingrierer ananso w wld her psiy. which is why, for evereramerican who's nonobeing paid what there worth... o's held back bybstudent debt or a aystem tied a ainst them- and d ere are fatoo many of you- she understands thaour untrcan'reach itit tential... unless we all do.. er..
8:42 am
duke wongain lastight duke won or floriti ate. e viviory me aererr grn aln apar t t otheplayer he w cle ear for a foul ene tripped a louisvle lay playay. laststighthtfficiaia did not call a sgloul the latt viory, thee gunningor a 40th ncaaan.. udenamp out for cnce see the blue devs play when a long-te fan w wm tickeke re out of reach gogoto cheer them on in person. kenneth, goomorning.
8:43 am
marty slusus heeprotecting ananservrvothers f years a to me abouhis timen etnam and three decades with new w 's fire departmene b what t tpened to him here is week, he'll neet. you've met a lot of ststents, i cacacaagage. >housands of th. >> rorter: martyhutss lping peopll h h hife but for th62-year-old last night, he w the one gettingnghehaelp. >> it's been dreamami'd say, to go to an actutu de basketballame for the last ten years. and i was so excited that i i couldn't even sleereou wh, marty! >eah. everhing goolo >> got yousweaeahirt o >> got my duke shirt. >> repter: working as a securi guaua at of duke's campus libraries, he is wenownwnacacto the students. he works the graveyard shift ten hearing g e cheers from @ neneby indmeron stadium. >> going to o e game tonight? >bsutely. & >>eporter: not once hahahe s in the stands to cheern his beveveveve devils. whwhis that?
8:44 am
per expensiv >v i thoughtis such a friendlyly you see him walking dodo the ll a a i i inthto be friends thim. @ >> he hawork here 12 years. so it's azy that he haha't eno a game biforor >>eporter: duke sophomor kakaa z d lauren perry, created a a fund meage e looking to raiai 43030o0larsor papjf etd m m mes cfteshg ok they hhehe goal and d yond >t just makeses rlize how prprious he is to the ststents d hohomanynyeople love and respecechim. >> people are going specifically because you're going. >> repepter: what went throuou youruread when thehepeesented you with thoho tkets? >> i i going to a duke game! and i'm v%ry, very excited! >> reporter: it'like a dream for u? >> a dream ce true, actually. >> you going in to watch the game? >> yeah, we are. ->> reporter: thursday night, wearing his duke colors with a
8:45 am
been for 12 long y y, but thth time it was just a line. foa two-hourame, a dade in the making. we spokeh marty right after --e gaga he t td me simy, i iwas esomomand that he hahaa llll rah? >> what`a grgrt story. i love the fact the studentstsid isisor him! >> i ie that they raise even more mhan they needetototo theyeyovhim at much. >hat' a pretty goodookikg girl, charlie, youent to. goodlace to go. couldn't't't it in to geortown. next we will look at all that
8:46 am
8:47 am
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you're watching "cbsbshis mornrng." hmm hmm hmmmm-hmm counting the carsrson theheew jersetuke they'llllomeeto look for r erica a [ cheers and alause ] all come to look for america
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e wt to@ tak a momeno salute a long time member of o o cbs news family. anonyantos is retiting after an a a35earrun.n.n.n. he started on n e road and worked i our veotape departnt befororecomg an associate director right here at "c this mornrng. congratulati tony! >> it' a a remarkabae familylhere rat cbs andd at cbs and h hh iss an iortant part of it. ne int "cbs eveninnews totoght with scott pelleyeyndnd watch r 24/7 networc chts.cbsn. leles look b at theeek tt was. have a greatweekend. >e won with young. weon with oldn we won with h hhl educated.. we won with prlyucatat.
8:50 am
>> donald trump got me v v ubio a a cruzombined byy nning everercatego. >> no wayayel@ allow a con artistake er. . what do y y t tnk a truru governnt would looklike, senator? >> it would be terribibib >ou're looking at him.m. >>heht goeson. >> the na victory was a a huge eforhe clinton ca. >> we never d dbted each otr. >> theevastion justt epic.e budings have been blown eanoff. >> our houtart shakg. >> rvs thrn likehildldn's to is somomlace a scrcp yardnow. a`ple e ecutives say this is appy slope. back door d/fsssput millis of custors at risksk they received d mplaints about t dalton'sat behavior >> are you jason brian lton? >> yese >> bill cosbyby waseserved and
8:51 am
hey eyo 7eeee t tt boyal i'm jesea whwher you tos j jt because i struggle >>ou said there shoulde a voltltinst pts. >> a, aret a ab s none of us ho pants. >> i inkt's a gd ideaeaf . >>omebody you are considering to havavcontext with traveved t south h erica or a place there is at zikvirus.s. what is the diplomamac w w to
8:52 am
>> letete s sppp againi >> new yorke c itt a decline of civilization. croissanarar getting straighthted out. >> i is scar ni a whoells me anything else, i don'think thre speaking the uth. >> truz the other nig in south cali said we mad hihiory toght and i thinking, whatind ofhistory? yore in@he uth. u cawa a block whout runngntoo white evgelil. tnk, mike. >> okay. >breou d de? >> well, no! >> it's the clock. not you.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>> mike, mike, you need a hug. hello. happy friday! !fmperatures are chil this morning in the teens to 20s across the r gion we have mainly clear skiei a&a winds between 5 and 10 mph. we warmrmg upupoday... ghs will reach for the mid 50s to upper 60s this afternoon along wi pnty y nshine. today through the weekend look great if you've been waitingorome weather r get oursayooks tbe wa day th hhs in the 60s a"d
8:56 am
ightly windyt titoo... this wilbr thece r iticic firatr sooutdtdr buqnon s suris not a good idea. aire weher wall go intoffec turday morning for partof s coloradad our next chance foror some moisture mby arrive monday night into tuesday... that will alsoring with it acoown r tuda rht w its nookintosp osisnanwe'l'l bacup and r the midd next week. u uate to onebiggt auecec
8:57 am
lawmakerare accusingakatof faking test results to cover up & thexplpling airbag issue. a report looked atakata docucunts from the past 12 years one document a manager tellingthe senior v-p-pproposed limitations might be violation of our mal obligatiti to o ect the public." in this 11 call for acacon investigation a warning to parentntabouthe potentntl sks s everyday em th after a nickek%sized d`ject almost coson yuld,his lifef we spokokoith h e y's mily whohyshe o spread awaress about evudaytemsouay nnkcould sohrt ---]hing res && ococs edo the emergency room where an x-ray revealed a dangngous problem. liththm battdged in s esop@2urlateteitit was s moveututut criris s r frfrfrfrr.r.r.r. c cing g g g g atatatatthth t ty y y y t t d ththnursrsgagagae e e e e boboboboitititititodod b b b b b b b b boooong i i iand i saidididid akak dididt t t ananan s s syeyeyendndndndndhohobad d d t?t?t? ananheheaid,d,t't'black and it's burnt
8:58 am
it." thththtttty acac bururd a hole esophagususnd leleed chehecals i io his body. childrs hospital in aurora says they see an average 18 non- intentional button batte ingestions per year. brock does somlong term colition hileft vocalord is pyzed but doctors sait wot efefct his abilitytyo speak. a a cal rgis celting a succsf surgeryn his de tit ever. yeerday rning door david corry performed a surgery on 102-year old jim dodoing...w.o had en hahing ni strokes befofo the procedure at memorial
8:59 am
-did y fineverythihi l righghtoda -i dididthananyou. when you get theew &was caca frorokum & & , yolllliscover x w w st thrererdrdadd up. it's the easy way to earn points on the things you buy yanet more ofofhat you u ve
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and start rewarding yourself with more today. kum m go w &eaore. now, from yoyo brebkbkg ws leleererthis isikktv 11 news at 9. a sneak pe of@ilur morning weather. in j jt a minutes we'll l ve a lookt your forecaswith hehehe


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