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tv   11 News at 9 AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 9:00am-9:30am MST

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and start rewarding yourself with more today. kum m go w &eaore. now, from yoyo brebkbkg ws leleererthis isikktv 11 news at 9. a sneak pe of@ilur morning weather. in j jt a minutes we'll l ve a lookt your forecaswith hehehe
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it's n ne o'clock. good morning! we are warming up with plenty of sun today. temps now aren thth 303 to 40s for mosos wf s coloradadand our merara ross the rereon are showing nothing butut clear blue y. tis warth this
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and that trend will stick... dry her hahabecome a ncer.. currently 21 days nce@measureable rain/sw. more on how that t ll iuiuct fire danger forhe weekend comign up we start with an 1 1breaking newswsle. we're told thiman, dam brbrer, is behind bars tpis m mning on some pretty serious s arges. while you were sleeping, he barricaded himself insnse a a me ocolonial drive. thats nemr fountain mesa road and mesasaidge parkway in fouai th is v deo of t scene
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told swat eventually fnd brimer hiding ia basement closet, covered in clothes. deputies werokokg fofodamon brimer. he was wanted on kidnaping and asult with a deadly weapon charge ththrrants stem a a incintast nth at garden of f e go park.ringpolice said brim pistololhipped and kidndnped a man. th is at e epaso county shshiff offifi said about the stand off this morning that led to bmers arrest. it is scscreere e servrvd otand that what we're ing to do anthashe re for evecuating the homes.s. rerembereryou can stay on toof today's 11 breaking news withthhe 11 newsws mobibi app. it'se to doad, st check the app store. ppening now-- popoh h teare back at it i ove lolol neighborhood. the thieves steal packag delivered to homom. inhis s deo, you can see the r pulls up a`d w wan gets ened wednesday near fountain anpowewe in lorado s sings. the homeowner r inks thehehievev re wawahing the mail truck.k. he saihe cght them on camera stealing the
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was delivered. cesar rbona, package tracng nber and it s sd was delivered to his f fnt poror. soi ==butto== 8:06:40 "i wt backcmcmmymy secucuty camama system a a there thth were,." asked shippcarriers h combating this problem. u-p-s and fedesay yocan sign to get an alert on your phonononth the delivery time. you can instantly rereute your package if f&u wiwiot be homet thatime. fedex also sgests quiring a gnature for your delivery. this morning... publican presidential candidates are turning their focus back to the campaign trail... aheadadadsuper tuesday. last night, the top five candidates f o o in a debate in texa ld tmp was the target... many`yords, coming from marco rub. t p the esesthin got and d e asone hao competitio because wha lis aroundhe s ste so that's the plan? just the nes? the fact t at we have interstate competition? the attacks betweetrumumand
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personal. i'm having a lotf fun up he tonight donald relax i'm relaxed.d.ou're e basket case on the demratic side hillary clton and bernieieandersrsake a last nute pitch to minority voteraheaeaof tomorrow's primary i south carorona. happening now... a new campaign ofofofer a aacks... aimed at the terror gup isis. the eralalgo is totoessen the group's abity to use soci medanthe ternet to recru fifiters. / thsurge of cyber attacks started lala month. / thththe focused at disruruing g g the group's online actitities, /# like puttininout opagagda and videos. the lalast on anannbievavae story. police say a wowon took over another woman's identity... . r four years. first told you about this woman kalena winston. she's fafang khahaha for idenenty theft. in the past four yeaea, cordrd show she was arared and sent t rou the court t stem several tis, all whihi using someone else'same. we tracked down the victim, who
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wallet was stolen during a trip colorado springs. tiffanrter/ideneit y yheft viim 14:15:26 w w rl mad, iidn't ow who o w and i'm all`the w w in aansas, s ssically y ere nothing i could do about ." bubu to== = joshub b,bssinancici crimes unitettive cspd 13131:02 "afar r the victim, was unable to get h%r r"r" t tethehe because kalena winston had taken over heidentityty winstois now in federal custy anananci several arges inclusinfiling adult tatas. an update on o state's e eort to c cck down on marijuana edibles. / having pot edibles would be a misdemeaear in the bill pupuing its way througe legislatur this is hahaening in wyomini. / inally... ititoulu have been a felony. /# but the lguag s changed yesterday. wyoming s s en a spike in marijujua edibles and beveraras nce colorado legalized recfeational pot in 2014. . e latest now, about the sudden signation of an entire high schchl girl's basketballlloaching staff. it's h hpening at pine creek
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gears up for t tir f fst plplplf game. . the gis' head coach kenny van-ryn n't think at's happen in the dertment is fairo the studts othe othecos. he sayhe'shankful fothe timememet coacacng. dirict 20 would not give any details about e sudden resigngnions. the head coaoa emailed us th statatent, sayininquot- "/"/s very unfortunate ting but it's w wt the school felt best to do at the moment. asasarar ashe rumors about why and people attacking my chacter, #i im trememy proud of the work i put i ithe ststouple months with those kids andnthat's something no one can take o er how haha thehetry." as far athe playoff game, thth boys basketbal coacacng staff will b% f l lng . hahaing now... vestigators are trying to figure out the mive for deadly shootg. three people died... 14 people werereurt... after police say y man oped firinside a lawn mower prodts p pnt. this is vio of the scene in kaksas. we t td you abouthisis as an 11 breaking nevevelert yesterdada
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survivor r rived the terrible m ment he w shot. sus fierros/victim people were stunng saying somebody w w shoong a a next thing you know i felt i got t ininhe leg and that's w wn i turned andnstststd running" ford was killed in a nfight witthfirst officer on scene.
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conditiojo nasaeathes n%wmagef o'o'north po. the cy's new horizons spacacraft took the p ot ile the earth'rth pole is p known for s ozen mpures-- pluto'sorth pole is s vered in frozeze
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picturur they y e the yellow papas in t image. the long c cyons rununertically across the area... ananthe wist canyon n n abt 45 miles wide d runsnslose to the north pole. a unicn isisack home safe this morning.g. take a look at juliette... she's 20 year ololpopo who spends a l of her time posing as uninirn for pictures i icafornia. she lolor r urunng ngouou
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heunicorhoho eventuly, highway patrol ofofcers w we ableleo catch r. juliette's oers say ey are king some e ges totoakaksure she does not get loose agaga. a local zoo is swiwiwis new video of theiririojococo anits m. tata lk. thisiss heueblzoo. ise y ussix weeks old and loves to play and snuggle wiwi momomthe o is havg naming contest fo m. ey are taking ideas thugh h march 12th... go to pueblo zoo@ dot org to seninour
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ggesti wawainup just t t ime foe e ekend! p
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hpppy y idaywe are warming up da.. highs willlleachororororid 505 to upper 60s this aftftnoon along with plenty of sunshshe.
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the weekend look great if yo been waiaing`gor some weatheh to gegeoutdoors! saturday looks to be e e warmest day with highs in the 60s and 70s. i iwill be eezy to o slightly w wdy at t mes too...
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utdoor burning on s rday isot aood idea. a re weathth watch wil go into effect late saturday mornrng for parts of s coloro. our nextxthance for some isture mayrrire monday nht into tuesday... that will al briri with it a
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it is not looking totototo widespread or signififanan we'll warm back up and dry out t r the middle of nextxt week. 'sckck b boming a popular dishsht restaurants ound to... anannow, you'll ve a great recipe for it. mistererood takes up through h ard winninmac-n-cheese. " with oscars s ng up this weekekekat meanslywowo is abz as it gets reaor oneof t bgeststigs ofhe` ar. d while those who will be walking dodo r carpet ararstill l cing wch designer to wear, teams of chehe and p p p plananrsrsre kicking into hh ar getting rererefor all those fancy black-tie parties. onondish that t ways earns all rts of praise at those dinners is dpessed-up mac and chee, like this one. once we' melted s/me butter in a pot, we add some our and a fespicesesnd let at s smer for a bit. after adding some milk and leleg g athicken up,e add lots of shredded cheddararnd havarti cheeee. . w our cook pasas
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into individual r rins, or we can use a larae babang dish. the crowning jewel is ate e nkle these with a bututry cracker topping, which makes them to- die-for. after these bake and thtop gets crispy, let m m assure you these e oscar worthyhybelilie me, thisiss nonoyour run of the mill macband cheese. i hope y'll go online d get threcipe for our, "award winning mac 'n' cheese," so you can host yr very own oscar dinnnn party without having to get all dolled up. i'm howard, with t mr. fd test kitch. kelly: maybe we'llllin an oscar thth y yr. hord: i think we'd have to be a movie bebere we can win.n.utwith this wre all guaraeed to win lots of . "ooh it's so good!!"
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lo of . "ooh it's soood!!"" rememb, you can check out all of mr food's reces ririonur websi. clk on mr r od u uer the tab.
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after a quiuk brbrk. bernie sanders -- the courage stand up to big oil because he won't'take theieimoney. that's why sandede said no to the keystone pipepe and never waffled.h.
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sandererhas the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. ie sandnrs - - people before pollllers. sandnds: i'm bernie sanderer ani approve this message. right now -- a gd remimier about fire danger... the dry weather increases fire danger. yeststda a g gss firirin calhan w s startrd b b some construction n rk. it happened off eurich and mc-clasky roro. th about 45 minutes s stf colorado spriris. about 100 acres bu. . crews tell us no buildings were ever threateted. so r rht now -- we'rrkg to find out what caused ts grgrs fire. tataededterday ipenrose, soututwewe of coloradodoprings. ese ere pictes fm the frfront countyheriff's office. the sheriff's officeceays e fires contntned. the fire stayed in a creek bed and never threatened any buildings. roros in the area are also
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new infofoation into the newsroro this rnrng...enry-old p)p isandali our pars at the gazette... it's the ano ovluididof see communi cafe on pikes peak avenue, near nevada avenue in colorado springsgs ththpipio's donator says wever damaged it, brock e e ck, and put t ciree e tts it.t. lting a tarp over the piano after catc fire. ththpipipa of a projojt to encourage the ar in colorado springsgs this year's flflvacce is working pretty well... according to the c-d-c. . it cuts the chance of getting the flu by nearly 60 perernt. at makes it one of the most fectivflu vaccines i recent y%yrs. st season's flu shshshnly reducececeu risk by just -percent. as we've beereporting... t c-d-c says it't'stililno o late to get a flu shot if you've yet to receive on one st took oue re w%w fororheay k ba ifor 11 nat noonorupteyo
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>> welcome to movie week.. honon of the oscars, wewelayingngur g ge totoy th s se of theiggest movie fans i ithe country, and itis showtime. let's play "who wants to o a millionaire." [dramatic music] hello, everybody. m chris harrison, weome to the show. you guys ready to ke pling millioire movie week? [audnce chehring] this has been n absbsute blasas ououreturninincontestant. is a high school teacher who's inspiring g negenerationon of movie buffs.. fromomamererwn, , ssashusetts, give it up for dave weintraub. hey, dave, welcome b bk. >> hey, great to see you again. >> good to seeou, as well. >> all right well, you're doing great, and by the way, we're gonna jump ahead, 'cause you have threrelifelines remamaing. yeah. >> one of f em is yo


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