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tv   11 News at 10PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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t i saved probly 3,000 . ma mo thahathth." he t td d e e e it - why h saysysysysysm'm'wao eaeaea sanity. wewed zou this fe- spsp quiuily thia a afteteoon, but it d n@t spreadad to houses. new tonight, why the fire department ld homes wewewewewed. and wee in a a a breakakakak weatatr t ght t w, ththfire dangeis goioi be ebd l end. just how low the hudqele wiwi drop. . now, from m ur bnewsws leader, this is kktv 11 news at . hfllo. im donon hello. im d p to breaeangeather w whave ueen v vy y4y coioio over few weeks leading to dry fuels. thisisombibid the winds
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tomorrow morning will lead to critical weaththt t t righghnow temeereturuu chil and w wdsre light b tomorrow fire danger will be themama cononrn high fire dangereromorrow s our mmunities on edge. th oneneurnedangererety close to homes thisernoon near on reing bl helelelas w w i i ia fire e danger wee. 11 news reporter dtin cuzick joins us live.d-statatatatkingngngng peopleleo do? +--- the g gss`s therush ound homom cutut short. thth say it'o the reansp today's's'rejdjdt spspsp#to h pp nenebybyomeseses morerehan #a b bned.n at one strtu
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barby y lker/y/y/ybued: "i"iasasng back home a noticed d ue smokeken t e distance. since it was high firere ngfr called 911 qighdh fire srtedd d on, , spd y fifiar. spread q%q%kly roh open elds, , t got osero o o homes... n dmar/falcon firi departrtnt: "sma p ppl hawed their pastures a a a lawns d asses arou housesese when f fcameouou it ju drped d d fhowever high it was burning tground level." 0the ng is a a across uthehe colorado.. this fire near calhan& yesterday burnrnrnearby 1 0 res. and o o n n npepeose forcrcuation beforo crews got i iunde cont fifiep mcrcrs soututut colorado wl be o ot for whatould be a bad d re weekend. dmar"oprrews w wbebe andnngin t tir w w w wd d d firefightingngngr d it's zust raraed s suational ass athe danrs o there arargrgre in t t t t f fg ea.b.b
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to t t obviousushihis s ke wingngaret butts o%o%oor having open fires outside, you should avoid ings thahacotentlly rowowosplike erating g rtn epuipmen e:@zay's firwa arararby someoneneho w w working g tcar when i i backred.reportrtg g ve, dustininuzick,tvtv1`news+p thanks dusti we checked andndnd pson starard todadadafirereill l t t t fa crgrgrgrgrgses o oou11 b bakinin ather alert. you have yourprprrtrthwhw tau nododoload nofor ee. . w an exclu s sry that new tonight shoote a ano iererew, done dada robertrde spokokokokws aboutvthaha ppenedhay and @ whwhheays he did it.t. u'l$l$l$be three peopl reteteled ansevevel l jujud the accusededunman n enen at t t nepahood in in colorado springs in november. 11 news reportrtrtatieieeltotoins use e om t el l so
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p hehe e" e,e,et c ce les court weekf at wasase t t ing abt?t? dearayayheheantstso talk t the media about secret se files. when we asked about them, he mentioiohohothe files are aled f his casasase e ld u u u thon't wanthany ofofofof stuff to be known beca q-otmbar e powe thabe. ( ( ( (( 11113:3:3:3:3:3: jgogogo$- knocked off." robert dear rattled off several conspiracy theoesesurinifa mbling phoneinterview with 11 todayay"ty y n&do aavpsy him wasumbebeone ponent o ooba the s s s s s ur when wewask about the planand panthtod shshtiti, agn, hehsays i iwas for bibibibi 11:34: "yeah ted to save babies, yeah." "because they were selling baby parts, too. not only are they killing the babi, now thth're selling baby parts." dear aitto t k klings, and tells isisian in court. :36:45 " (, well i'm gonna ead guilty cuz i k kw i'm
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int is, that yeah i k lled three people but iaved obably 3,000 babies. maybe more than that." why he w nts to repsese pp himsms 1 1 1:5:5:5've cbcbcbcb mymyawyeye lyingeveral t tese anthey're the es ic#operation with the $pe." is hcompetent? 11:35:25 ")"m a colllle graduate. i'm not ininmpetett." " 11:38:00 "the point is, if they want me to plead innocent by reason, nsanut st that dodo is that d dininhes my y - - i'm ne when in reality'm'm'mmaking aor stand fororor moraracrimes of 100 million baes rhey've killed, worse chambers a,a how mananhe killed."." ouououat d dk y.y.y.37:48 "i"i ink it wighto o the@ 3,0000"0 dearlso tell they've been sending g to
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wednesday's hearing was`hedudud totollowowororti for r r m@ntal h hltltevaluatiti to be leted. the e e o oour r e call, ar addeduote ust p p p@ t t t td.d. reporting g veat p pton tv n n thk yoyokatie. dear wil back inourtext month.e'll l you know whatat. happens. cocoradodsprings police needed t, ndininis wand fugitive.e alixixermeno h hine waantsts ououfor araf. police a few ds ago, h ractct thetata at thththlas ecy ststio hotel, tn stole from the casbs awaw police say other crimes he would go as far as flflding t t bhrmso ct s sffff h hstole from them. he is s s s et one, thth, , , , brown hair andndroro eyes. if youanypformion caca crimestoppers at@6 ;top. you could earn a cash rewa. there is a good update to report about a deputy who was shoa a fefefefego. deputy k kby martrt has beeupgrad n from rious s s aiaicondndioioio
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hehehe s s s s w wayayn iley while s sving a a evicti notic& anhehededety, nate carargan,died.d.dototoxs alady en released from the hospital. the gunman was alslslled in n n tout. w toght. lawyer f fhe filof a a a missing wowon says theyeyililntinue to pursrs a segainst the mamathey tnk killed h r. the "feralalalwsuit filed by ththtamily of kelsls scscllinibis nowowowmissed. but thth attorore e tonighghthe e mily still will pursue a wrongful death se againstststststststs in "state" " urur helling g g ppeaea bruary of f 13 as she headed to puebloloo visit t r boyfrirnd d ntntucuc. r mothth f ledededawawaw nst man andndndo puebloloolice. at d dn with her in novemb she told me about the frtrations she has the c c "w"wkn that shshsnd dodohe met "he s mimied that they m, t wh transpipipiafter is where the lies bin and where the ststements don't match the physical evivincncatate have."
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recocodedede e y at f ferer lawit was ally ssed o.@11indtf non n n s p ntufs with this. this man i ibehind bars g`t afteananarornini standoff. damon brbnbn wasasanted d r r kidnapping and assault. we told abt a a mamawhwhwas appe olpvedt en of thth ds l@ ntn. policicic im was auactthat case. the e do started earlylylys s rning onononiaiadrive in fountain. . en deputies entethho eyay brimer r s hiding in a ititauauauauawawoftiwi i the nieghborhood during the overnight hours. 12:0:020 "my dauauter waxing to l lve and same e nng thththom, woke everyrydy up d e th thtre s a,ashsh thoughgh mebody was walking the ighborhood loose butawlalalalalala a a aotiationononon brimer is now facingever pargeg. a denver area bus driver is s ililononon, acacof drivinchildrdr homomfrfr
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staff f mbmb suspececd michl hohos s vingnglcohol o ohis ta, and d d fied t district. by the time the transportatio n offife was n nifed, the busuwawa y on theoad. hob allegedlylfaileded r r ride briety tester droppipi offudentst!t! there is new inforororon abouttttckcke@eaea o i i-i-i- wood sprcdot haseen awd repairs. the money comes from an emegency rief f . laststee a rsle closed a ioioof the inifrsrste. yeststday, o oe eaca# rereren wareop. was a l lge tururtoday r he auauabald for bucks evenenat rrtrtigh h $&$& ohn colorara sprpr it raises money for the leukemia and lymphoma society lolololosmetologt s anan stylisonated thehehe servqces the eveve 12:27:06 realdy y y ous s atir, but i s realcited and i li h it t utt to 12:23:3:3:"i"ia good c cse and lili, , o#o#ompeople w o
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33-thousand s.s.s. is year they'r'rping t/t ing g more thth 50 thou breaeang w wtheh ale temperates will to the 20s and d d d d night with mostly clear skie afafrnoon ghghgh s surday wiwiwi be in n n 60s wiwi@ breez slslslly windy atas toto this w wl inin t tcecebbb for critical fire weather so ouodododododg onaturururis not a gogogodede a a a warning will gintotetetet sasaayaying`r r parts of s colorado. as we saw frfrfrririy'grass s
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arerererereveverys@ececeey alg the plplnsnsnsns next chance for some msture y ararve monyayaght into tuesday... thahawill aing with i ia ololotn for tutu rigig n n& is nololog to widespread or signift. we'll warm back ktryry f f t tmimimi of next wee
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pika vusus comimip 11 news aten... what we're learnrnrnrnoveach hehe casas ght after ththk.k.h new detatas #the s sotinin
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shooter's first targ shopng for qn suv_ wellthiss the time. anururord dealal issthe place, g g 0% fincg r 60 hshsrduvuv at'sight. just announced. prd e elorororoed.e.e!ie.e. expehititi..are lable with 0% financing for 60 months. ford suvs. designen%elp you be 5nstoable. mo wder fofds amamicics best selld.* t hurrrr 0ncing fofo months on ford cuvs is aamited ti offerere yoorordealer t d d d rn sthe cococococoto standndto b oil rae he w w w take their r ne that w w sande s s to keystonpelili and never waffled. 's'slsthe canandnte ose ackingbecae kiki canndrr drdrdrng water aten our clima. sanders has e mostar-reaching plan to figngngngdild clean n ergy futur
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nder i ininier a i apapape is m msasasa we are leaing re aut yetserdas shooting ikansas.
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j-j-0 0 cocos. toghwe're hearing from oofofhehfhfst t tgeof a m willed d ree peopop kansas. med with an assat rifle anan an`automomhh pistol cedric f fd iururur4 coworkerand killed epople. thories ndndhd$& kill h na dcececes onofd'fitargets.e trietorjrjhicle.e.e e ot bqt t ssss "i"i"ild have bebeisir viviim thaed bececect t reighthe//you duckckckckt in "id the sotin fd wa edith a prototot order tan by his ex rl. auaues b bieie tt
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inineveral prfant women r%. man n`juju f fhs pr wshe avel t hondas. positive for zika virusat 9 wks she miscarrisays t t t a 9 irird pregnt mememeth thehehea a a s in the . whatatat i ith mewhw(werenfecd wiwiwithfifit tr, 2 2 d spontaneou mimi momo s s slly,f those ca t won hathy bababa, o had miriageseseses o o i`at t t@ pregnancie one haa born with mimiocochaha. e all hed ofofudging. . llltoday, dold tru t wateteinkiki i iteadad 37 iruru ummo r's 2013 stste e e hehenion reseseseswhwh pauso wa a a a of watete e twhaadjaja ap e e eotheheer since e e hththtbaba today, t tmp picked up an
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theris no onwho is better prepared t' prove am wi t t s s s serer t ititeeds bh h omd gpnd thrl donond d d p p t's too early y whhehe$dsi cpie fniatat there is a new endangered black rhininat t t%d%dzoo. ruru arrededfdday.righghw h% iin q q qntine e period w he gegegeged d hisi inin. ru w w worn in 1993 azozoininins. black k k os crititilly dadadaeded ththare e wer@thth 5 thousand left.thockey history came to life coors field tonight... out a dododohaha of f me re at coors fitonoght playinininininmnmebedeeen ththavavavd e e e red ngs.s. hihililililiomomom. . . and we cererinly have nonorgten abt ououloaded nig igschool hoopspspsdon't godo anherere. . r r tended
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tv 1 1spor wititsam farnrnoroj. for a seven season strtrch beginning in y y ybybybyb t t nhl than avs anded ngsg.. thoho two tea to wififi of n stley p tltltln th me... tonini....a nifofofofofofoa at c crs eldlas m m mothe-fofors fof tho teams the ice e aga 's'she a ai me for the outdoor stadium series... lolololol ofofamams s` t-t-e toni.... === rst periri... avsvscoror rst... veri kameneky w wh h the e e meme. 1-old avs... ==== it wouldldtdben alni n nht wiououa a e sakic c dl....t.e.wrisr e 2-1 lead... milan hejduk and ray borque also ed... avav winint
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thdgetwewewen llas t... finalonds game.... ray felton has a wide ane totohe hp... t tstit at0808me gs ertimeme=== = swaeduckeke for thefirsf f minutes... t w wttws gallas the ad with th.... e nuggetnevevegot ba itit. lososin-t 2-6... pothololadodcoememand ajr force ree icictonighghah t f f sesese in(ing dodn... falcons net six goalsl they getetee e e 6%1... = = d the tigers w wewblanked. ththt 3-3-3-to mi tptpwis-palmer r r#rbasketet teamas been n ininte playoff m m, cor state tities for manynyears now... totoghghgh they betheiei urururaihe number all ed4-a a ate basketetllllll but t t 're noththly ones making a run at it... a lot of sosohern colorado tetetetee on ththcotonighng the run for a state title continueuewithin...
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brbr+.lastear r leles-paer bs baba team tered d e stattournament with a four seed... not expected to get out of the cond roundnd. rute did... d went`all the w to ththmiminalsls lososg to t t eveveual statatchchch, ,jr acacemy.z.tonighdh.. they start e tournamene with the numbmbmbne ovevell seed.d. d e rangererstate e urney p run beginsgainststst 8th seeded steamboat springs... === 1st quarter... sond chance points for the@ rangsn.. bly cook with thehe ack fofofo 20-7 leaea.. =u= bit lar.......dr pasa2by angelolgatstelli to fororwo... ers lead nt toin t 2 2. . = ill in t tono. joe decococorives s d d es to thomas mcnabb... l-p up 26-7... lewis-palmer rolls to the second by 50.0. 941... pueblo w%w%w hasasber one eded. thththth stededa a dge.e.
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3qememridglead leb ewt t ea the ball fast break dk k grizzlies up 55-48 ===== p west cack branihlele3 3 3 ter theheead to 3 ===== = other shirley y rereinte tiesesheheame at cyclones win3-84 siwent to t e state semifina last year... comes into the tourney thththear withhe second seed against e)t) ridge... === dhququtete.. kn wiwio es ananscsc fortwo... stallions up ten... === 3rararar....... jegs stepepacerer. aiai i i i33-21 sierra leaea.. = then... after a bit of a wheatdge ruru..stepha deeditititbow e... ra h h#p on in a dig onene 48-44... eblnth h a a a a ad.d. g dedededeat the atatrounds... . === 1q1q1qefieldlduc lacy 3 popoter gladiators early 9-7 lead
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ter 1212 clllllllld ===== souths maleek johnson 3 potete& south wins 1 3-stststemifinals s tween lar and st mars toght in eblo. ===== ls angera f ftere5-5-lalalele ======st mamy's gradadgogsgsgs layin n 5 piraras lelele = = ter ininhe 1 1 1 st marys dan raskob 3 pointer st marys wins 59-34... rereams 5 g lllllld first t t round byeses. . - rsaction m mthe state playfs wh se rndnd tchupsps. we start off wh thehpini cek@kh gihoststcherokeeee... ==ququrf.. pine e eek k k tsts pulling away... jayne lydiatt wiwi@ihe cornethree.e.e. a a -2mead... . . = = en..l!didit w) theicic ss out t a list for the bucknd the f.. 39-9-
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t t tdown thelo... lydiatatis lefe alone so she steps up for another bomb... lady eagles take 20 point lead... pipipirerm win-29... doherty h s a a mber threeee edght inr)ck momomomo ==== checoul pyb kalani i popoa@ck awaand ivor& masching s hdwayo the ho witthe kisshe glass...partans wn teeut start to roll... ==== aubrianna noti w wthe bobod d d e putbackc.. doherty dowow one.e. === bit later. pal nice dish to noti for the l l and the lele... . it was tigig to ththwirereut spspty han sn for r e 49- 4646 win. teh rampart girls had the 4-5 tchup agait res- jeit... = = paininin the sec niceeliely with e e r madi wrieie. rampmrt ah bybyououou u u u gis made ne papaes too.... ia j o o@ threceiving end to kp the raiders with threeeene === = = secoco half was all rararat.t.t( eliely with the three...
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adnce totohe sweet 16 with thth61-4-8wiwi won itstsou game s on road tonight t ththseco rou... numr kewo... ost badldldl -3..=== and hoababt this scker h eded g)g)fieldldls k kckck off numb one longmont in the firsround d - ininin 4-a ploffs... . . 4 4irlslslsnumber one sanan crcrk atomo%agaiai standleyake... === 2nd quarr.....ororh ceballllll frfr theheororpocket. -33 orpions lead...(== later... n ne e e from liah davis to shayl artrong for two... sand creek up ten. then here comethe prprruru dpfense.e. ceballes knocks way.....iana squirere fi oth wayay sasareek stepspsnto the send round withthth51 7. . anafnumber pueueo east h lclcn the fit d d hehehe pulo evenenenenter... ====== 2q pueblo east kayla albo 3 poininin game tied at 15 ====== spme quarterer alalalaladadadamamamamamhe 10 footer r ts in t/he 217
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3q pueblo ea kassi ove lalain
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isisheheconomy rigged? wellllllll15ichest america acquired more alth wowoears thananan b btom 0 million people c c cned. m berfie sanders,and d apapape thth mesge my plan -- makekeall street b b b b d thultra-rich pay their r ir share of taxes, ovide living w wes for woing people, equququay f f women e middle classwill continue to disispepe unless we e vel playing field.
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papaer h hh h h ol is teacacng studentn about lowerg fofo wawae and givi it to


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