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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:00am-8:00am MST

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captioning funded by cbs goodg,t'ebruary 272016. welcome to "cbs this morning: turday." > a showdown today in the democratic presintl primary in south carolina. hillarclinton looks for a boost over bernie sanders in the states she lost t ght years s o after years of alleged rruption, a new day for the world's biggest sport and counting down to tomorrow'w'
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rrinlld' bst nit. we thimog aootos s or.ur w i sds l me icl ldagn.>> sigo dem oprararnth at rubio! >> fdso not l friendsvoon ars.>>'t kwhthey will d up nononati. wbe entertng, that' forr sure. >> the damagand repututioio of
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>> theam actist and aist w of jn leust found unconscious homno eruptednd sent ash ,000fefe. >> a train reaion crh. >> >he womom was bucked off a hoe anrun over. >> all that. >> here is george from -- oh, yea! >>hreeointer i! a a a thatmatters. >> she usually ist the 16th hole. >> look at this. it could be ry, very good. >> lookkt! >> oh, yes! >> s's done it! >> on "cbs this morning: saturd >> tmp and rub a e fightg day outt which oea more make! he d a lekeupngapngmakeup around his mush atch s! he uldn't have a sweat mustache. >> the wiv are going, please,
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> welcome to theweekend, everne. vita is off ts ing we e joininylaine quano. eaow y aku ithe arivesesmornrt n whe,ororan 80 years, a group oilm dectesave en fng and eservingla cryld film. find out howheir work evenon them an oscar. pl, cf beau macmilan has spent 20ears runng one of the best restaurants ithe country. w he is known as much on his turn on television. hel join us in "the dish." >> lou dollon, her family's fame nearly prevent herrom sharing her secret passion, music. we will talk with lou aut trying to ma her own name and she will perform in our saturday session. our top story this morning. hillary clinton and bernie
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primary. the latest poll shows clinton with a significant lead over sanders. the primary there is a key step 12 states that go to the polls three days from now on super tuesy. >> let go make america all it should be again!
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both made their final pitches last night in the state's capatacity of lumbia. >> we are goingo invest for r yng people. >> reporter: clinton has camd out in the state all week, precting her lead. sh her husband, and dauter about cned campaign ents just yterday and ominafrin-eransike coren ji clyburn and new jersey sen cory bookekeavavgoo bator hewhat is tatorrom@ new eyngouth carolina >>n old saying we are all in this together so what affects south carolina ae whole country. >> reporter: sanders at a fh fry opened with this line. >> in 1963, i was there with dr. king for the mch on washington for jobs and freedom. >> rorter: all thatas ershadowed friday b the republ food ght whi was just fin with the democrats. in a statement, the democratic
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wetting their pants it's rubio. the sur pac supporting clinton released a picture of a seal cracking up. clinton, herself, didn't mention trump, electing to let the republicans turn on each other. and watch what happened when we asked sanders about it. what do you think about senator rubio and donald trum no thoughts? thatppeared to be a no mment. a few weeks ago, the sanders team was predictina comeback here in sou carolina, but they are not doing that any more, especially after clinton -- with african-americans in nevada -- beat him wh aican-americans in nevada. he is not stiti around to watch the sultss tight and leaving t thing this morning for texas annnesa, a coue ofof sur t tsday states. >>ancyordeincolumbia, soutcaronaanks.
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of e-mls f fm hillary clinton ll bpublishe the daye super tuy. la ghgh jt bortodas soh li prar t ate dertmenteld 881 eailsm hillary cln'person rver othelsere clasfiedthti they wernt on thetheride of th presidal campan, repuicans are more fiercely dividethan ever this weekend after a bruisingebate on thursday nit. donald t tmp decided to lick his wound on friday by pulling a big surprise endorsement. here is major garrett. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership tha it needs, both at home a a around the world, than donald trump. >> reporter: chris c cistie sai donald trump is t best candidate to take on hillary clinton and praised his executive experience. >> he'll provide strong, unequivocal leadership. heill do what needs to be done to protect themerican people. >> reporter: but wn he was a candidate, christie questioned trump's fitness f f the white house.
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entertainer in chief. showmanship is f but not the leadership that will truly change arica. >> reporter: the high profile endorsement turned attention from last night's debate when with, for the first time, marco rubio, trailing trump in his home state of florida pummeled the billionaire with personal and policy attacks. >> here a guy who hiredinherited 200 milln. if hhadn't inherited that what would he be doing right now? selling watches in new york. >> i'm the only one on the stage who has hired people. you ven't hired anybody. n't tell mebobo it. >> senator.r. >> you haven't hired one person. >> he hired rk pola. >> that i i wron aft t t baba, told ussut rubio. >> t g is a joke artist. i watched him melt four w agwith chris christie. i never saw anything like it. helted. >> reporter: trump continued the theme on twitter with this never
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of rubiond s sge makeup and at his press conference. >> i saw him back stage he was a putting it on a with a patrol. >> reporter: on "cbs s is morninin rubio put@ut new attack line. >> donald trump is a con ararstst >> rter: at a rlyn llas, rubio t tne u u t t heat en more. heke trump's tweets b nongtrump's early morning missssllllg.g. >> marco rubio looks like a ttle boy o stage and he elled lightweight, so he got that wrong. >> reporter: ithat weren't enou, rubio resoed to toilet& humor. >> he asked for a full-length mirror. dodot t ow y, because the podium goes up to here. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. >> reporter: trump hit back and itating rubio's 2013 resnse when he i ierrupted his speech
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>> it's rubio! >> reporter:rthettacksksave led many in the republican establishment to throw up their hands in dismay, as former candidate lindsey grahamidid last nigh >> my p ptysoing [le ] bat azy! >> rter: paul le pagee endors t tmp sayggeou be one of ama'reat presiden if heut together a go am. chri is non tha tnd trum l lt on tsili oficking christi eit a a ruruinmater@ a member his cabinet. for "cbs this morning: saturday i'm major garrettn dallas. >senator ted cruz is looking for a big win in his home state of texas on super tuesday. cr spokeo john dickerson t thatatnd trumums new endorsement for tomorrow's "face e nation" here on >> what did you make of cisis christie endorsing donald trump? >> o o listen. don'n'think that was a big surprise. ththk a blow to the rubio campaign. but at the end of the day, the washington estsdlishnt is gointotoo where they are going to go.
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for you on super tuesday? >> i tnk super tuesday is the most important day off this entire primary ectionon it is the most delegates awarded in a single night will be arard on super tueueay ynd i thk we are positioned thave a very good night on super tuesday. you know, about 65% of republicans bebeeve t tt d dald trump is not the best candiditete go adado-headitit hillary clinton and we are the only campai that has beaten donald trumand we are the oy candidate that can beat donald trump. if you look at the superuesday stat, we are rni neck a neck with dd in states a across super tuesday and so it is myop that all of the republicans who rognizehat minang aandi who agreesith hillajy clinton a host o o issues, who has very similar record, is not the ph victory andnd if we comee together and if conservatives stant t gee will have a great ninit on tues >> can s much more of
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's's guests will alsdedede nald t tmpnd senatat bnie sanders. after fiveears o bloodshed, th first c-fcece th civilar in syriaegeg is undef midnitocal
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fewen r r r r r r t t any way,ping h wo >> elililithr repororororoo from damasc, . > eotes are s bebeb counted thisisorning in an's parlrlmentaretionk.k.k. re t tn 50li pplere e\igigigigo astp blots o fray.a ghghurnoutptas expted. rlrl rultsw t ttt rtiepearbe gning ndndndty e e ingoratararar dedecrat changes and better es with the u.s. and other stern n tis.s.p" runoff e,e,eions aectetetesosoities anananwns.
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ng d dn a m m m m killed rerele a a wououed@d@d 11 otrs in a shooting rampage. e attack was at a l l mowowow rts planann t t tdaynd cococohaveveoneen muchc longer ififhe gunman hada nototeen lled. manu bojoj yn hesetototo nsasaswi the latetete goor. >> reporr: gd d rnin kakakakaka womom isowow i i i custody of providing weans to the shooter cedricrd, even ththgh shehenenene he e sss a conviclefelon. ee h hototneedo the e tata,olice fd thoho w wponnn aotot spree t tt stataededefe h bched thth b b binininhere workeded m mcar stppd. he was already out of the car and had ts big machine gun.n.` >orr: e eecrne ofof38-yeaceic ford's s rss.s.rrorter:r:hahawas s lili? an >> reporr: h trieded too r-jack h h but shot and ssss. >> couave deen his fst hat died. because it was directed right at my head.
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me?eaea i didnd r>ror j jt up the, fdt and r-r-r- a rpon a t t d d dhahaha. tois job, e e endustriess & ton. his bububg,, a aed withhh an asslebnd a pistol, he shot4 coworkers and kil ththth t untjlic gugued h h d d d 90 minitete befefe thehe sh, fofo beeee withth a proiverr takak out by his former g glfriend who wrote,e@ iss an alalhllic, olent,pressessy beefe@h desperate need of medical and pchological he. auauorititselieveve t prottiverd triet ford actns veo omis facebook aount pearto showim f f n.(0 thoritieiey 28-yar-old sasa j j hopkinkhne he wa a convted lo y purchased the weapons for him, an aault riflepimaro@ ak-47 and 40 caber@pistsl.
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stop shoo.. the on reqeqn heh stoed shoowingsec thfficshst the shooter. >> reporter: it wasn'tust an ovficer. as t down's police chief, gougschraeder. kansasovornorlsam brownrack. >> en thohnotng on backup went right in a did roic dut andservivi. >> repter: there eere still two to 300eoplnse ts budingn poce cefstste atta hwas n injuredti spen public. >>anuebojorquez hess kansas, ank yo >> ape is a california judgto thr o a court rd to force theh giantttoel the fbi break io a i i by terstpd s ro e of thean bnardo shootersape's icomes more we a aer aud ord eompany t treate software
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s ne justice rort paula re is following t case clel this case is making heaines for weeks now. where do we sta as of today? >> we currely in a standoff. this case her i a case of a generatitn. this will anerha w have all being -- how far does tech have to go to accommodate w enfoemenand how far does it gethem in thecases? the laws are outdated and people are waiting for this case that hopefully will answer tse questions. >> the pho in question%hes thproperty of farook's former empler. cod they not just demand that apple open it? >> they tried and it does make it easier that the indivl in question is deceased because that takes away somef uprivacy protechat wouldave existed but apple refused to do what they are asking here. they are asking apple to write software to undeine their siatursecurity ptectns so they can runn unmited numb of passwor without the fear that fture that erases
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ten incorrect pass cos. this really@s somhing extrinarth ty are asnghemo ight.. soou kin ousnswere the question t but in ape's filing, they do claim, the government says just this once and just this phone. but the government knows those statements are not true. so explain once more. what exactly is it that the government is asking of apple? >> it's not just this one phone. whatever hpens in this case willerve as precedent for every future request because there iso law on this issue. so in this case, they are asking them to write software that will undermine the security feature that would otherwise wipe out any data that is on that phone if they tried ten incorrect passwords. and whilthat's a very specific quest, really what they want to do is to be able to get into all of the phos in the future for future cases. so the fbi wants precence. th haven't been able to get congress to pass a law and trying to push this through the the courts to get precedent to
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requests they need t make. paula reid, thank you very much governor rick snyder's inbox for months had e-mails about the inin werer crisis long bef e wat crisisecepublic. >> reporter:roblems surfaced afr thi city underrders of a governmentn appointed emergency manager switched its water from the lake huron to int. it was c b b b b water wasdisoer and fl s a pe gotck. jim isistetor. >> timd tim again, membe hstevelf vernntav carlyust en lyingthe cit of int and to eonelse. reporter: n e eails from governor rick snyder's own aide show ey, to knew theer was bad ely on. in october of 2014 half year intohe an, snyder's poly
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uld cause long-term mage if michael gadola wrote the following. experts insisted t river water wafine. but dependent researchers said the heavily treated ver water was so corrosiveead from aging pipes was leeching into the water to home toda they held a press coerce. >> theere red flags in thes e-mails if you look at it a beyo e-mails. we didn't cnect all of f e dots that i wish w have. >> reporter:elissa ms was among th first to complain out e water re. whenou rd the eails day, w did you el? furious. i keep tling mylf, nothing is going to ock yo any more. alof tse time, pple sat in e officeack and fort e-maing abt this b b never stepped und helped us. reporter:overnornyder has
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pay the waterills they are still getting. lehouldn't have to pay for water they cannotdrink, as he pupu itit for "cbs this mning: saturd," dean reynolds, flin michigan. me to show yououome e is moing' heads. assoatedress reports the top nuclear arms man at thnk ientagon is sayaren borrowed time. they are in goohape for the pmissiles but should be modernized and soon. the price t to modernize runs hundreds of billions of dollars. some critics say it's neither fordable nor nessary. t japanimes ookyo reporte latt census gures showhe japanes populatiti is inindecle. theurveyonduct every f fe yearot the 20101 populnn is 1 mlili sincece peaking
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> ororortata s s s smedi in quebec facingg a tribunalalalalalalavinin a teeger a the e tt o o hisjojomilylyssng aerererikee puputiti n noror"d"d"d news" ports y yo heidow offff john nnnnnn is recovererggt the e spspsp aftftordly having flmptoto eas havavgggub s sakininininininin and thththeded t t tonrnrn shehe suffered a strokeke hese concece wittayin the only thing his mother had was atroke of us.heen she rlly finene tnk for w w wisheses we e to h it cause whenhe repor surfaced lasght,ot of
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weiwncer t1 n`f.s.s injeieisijjroehe ssaveen b coned in nineregnn. ( hhepth of e ued g vergrg byy of wosoer.@.f9fan we wl ow whatlet o
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mog:atury. e rld a present s to grgrple th.. sometimes you n't even imagine. th t job. ane'e whs prpren e get don ..ura ivrectio nar w wpo. ...sndinst these ofom ...proctinso sec
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.and winningh re f 8 miion il.. e e esencys the ughe job t wor d she's e e wha ree you.m hiary clton d i prov ts meag cntwn t oscaris we wtake a look at t t mo and a aors whore
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llddis conover prm.> n wek aou b for co >>as >> t tas secretkeer.for sou kp ae secrets d w y're wri a bookbout t secret m ouwillhe procece foryou and was difficult for you to do? diyoutruggle wh firl, ie boing fwhe. yes.s. idf kno mwn. >>ot it >> s wte to ihi ed i t sication. yt t ho becl th cey cia d nsnd t dirto o oninllig. fre,n eco i py chottoay eryth wtete y, even i gotothe w iante to sayit hat was your process?s?
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let's tak siannn nuclear reactor.pu o a aut 20,000 words and am of@nscusness. go to agency and ask t ttalk talko people a meet with them andenri the basic tline e a a i'm about 80% of the way i want to be on tha chapter. >> c c i ask you about the current presisintial batete i know you know bob gates well. heential has saidthat, you kn, it woulde- it's baassisisihe level d dgue that is going on. when a cdite says twant to carpet bomb isis io oblivionulthat be possible >> no,o,t would bemol and unworthy of arepublic like ourselves. and secretary gates i i absolute right..
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ththe are h hd issues and > china' yu lin had a great day yesterday playing golf. on the6th hole, the bl kt rolling back and it rolled and it rolled and wt stight into the cup. she's de it! s get a new hda f ho inne a cam onl a day teshe turrsolwhat a great way to celebrate your birthday! >> impressive our top sto ts hal hour. professional soccer isuzzing is morning ovethe election
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he stunnsalm by winning in zuch. johnathan vigliotthas more in london. reporter:gianni fantino looks ststned as if to say how d th half? five mons agooe wasn't even in t te.& onriday heasanded one o sports'sost powl and controversiaposts. iant to workith a o together wit all of you in order to restore and rebud a new w eran fifa andew era in fifa where w c put ftball in theenr thestage. >> reporte infantino' competitor sheheh salman a member of bahrain's ral family was long consired a favorite friday's vote but qstions over his h rights record m have hit rd. in t first round tair re separad by four votes and infantino we inn the second round and won with suppo from the u.s.
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time so a big j j to beone but at least we have areformed progm a at least we have got trtrt. >> reporter: iti i one of e only winne to eme from a corruption sca thatoo many in fifa. the 45-year-old swiss ilian sososo adminisator was only in the raceecausehis ooss was suspend f taking a more thth 2 milli payment from@ sgraced f psident se atterfwho tepped down last yeye am a growo web of financiafog a&d sned from soccer six years. llower@rriday, fifa vot prevent omti sese. chs apoved yrday were e followg.
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18years.infantino and btder g g g upxx hoholly,`,he felar omhe tree.( > 's not just shat is seng bigigange baseballllllmplentinggewewew rulessccct itstststslaye bentnttatatans wewwililllouboutute thanfirst,there lk at the atr. up next,edicalewss i i i our "mor rounds."." and health b befits fromcoffee. that morning cup might do a lot
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>> doctors jon lapook and holly phillips about a commonelief@ you're watching "cbs this morning: satury." look e wolf was hufng a puffing. like you do sometimes, gndpa? we, when youave copd hard tbreathe. canananhardo get r ou which can make it rd to get air i so i talked doctor. she id... symbiccould help you breathe better, stng within nites. icort doesn't replace a rescnher r dden symptoms. mbicort helps pride ifanimement your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic ithonot bebeaken ttwicy. mbicort contai fmotero medicines liliormotetecrease t eisk death omomsma prms sysyict mamncrseyour risk of lung inctio osteoporos, d soso eye probleme. u u ouldell yo docr ou have a heart condion or high blood prsure before taking . symbicort could an a d d
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tt0wx#hi!!%4 ( (\ tt0w!tx#hi!!el (6^0 tt0w!tx#hi!!ed (0\t tt0w!tx#hi)8@ tttt!tx#hi%!kzx-z,< tt0w!tx#hin-x-0 > time f "morning rounds" with doctors jon lapapk a a yil i iestititinkore than a dozen cases of eika vis that may have spread through sex. zikas suspected of causing severe birth defects. here ijon with more. >> reporter: this cole was ling in brazil lt summeme whenustin wasdiagnosed with ka and anjelicaas prosecuting. rlier this month, doctorsold thememo practice safe sex. >> the dtor suggested to us that use prprection.
6:38 am
the c c all pregnanten ose le partners hbeen t t zika-infected countries. february 2ndhehe firsr sexually tnsmiedasas was ported in n llas. wi t t week's 14 susuced cases, t t cdcs thinking how ththdisease spreadad jennifer mcquiuian of cdc. >> with@ the new cases we are investigating were becoming more arerettttexuaua transionayapnore n n ane pviously@ ought. >> reporter: za has been link toicrocephaly in newbornsnsith abnormally small heads andddelopntal delays. e virus remains in the blood onweek and can stay in semen many longer, 62 daysn one %% case. no evidence of sexual transmissisi from wowon to m@n. >>jon,fhehe cdcdc is recocoidering how thih disease spreads4`4ow c ccerned shoul wee be? >> therere i i a l l of anxiety. of course,henever y y don't have a o othe information an it see likikevery day there is new information here.
6:39 am
just leainist gu-bar som c b increased. will million dollar question of course, is whaha ectly is the relationship between zika infefeion and thiss mimioceply. herereome e he thihi that has to hahaen? we are seeing g inrazizi and it's not clear is happening elelwhere so mayay it's a one-two punch h u have to have something fit,be an infection and d en get the zika. that is so important. i think pelehod eectt is almost certainly ing to me t t a mosquitit in the united states andndndbably in t south first. people need to e uect that a weeed to be prepared what actly are weoing to l@. >> next . aeweport find mtectomy rates areincreang. theyncreased % between 2005 and 2013 even though the ratef
6:40 am
hoy,hat iausi t j e? t v strtr repopo.i ink rathings rlly contributed to this rise probablyosimportant t dodoitit a high r ofevoponbr cr i eir me, w awar thatrentiveastectomy a aoption. th is, in part, because lebries likengelina jolie and rita wilson have invit the blic to com along wiwiw them on their journey through that procedure. there are other things a ayay knurgery etan itdo be. women were concernrn they wo be disfigur after a masctomy buw wewenow youan achieve beautiful aesthetiti result e most important pect comes wn to screening. nowe haha a family history andh
6:41 am
to 90% chance oeloping breast cananhe lifiti theyou have multiple screenn tethrougthe yea and couple of ultrasounds and mm a@se positiveand th l csttimbo i have@ to wait for these results, what is going on? there are womenpaying i want to be done with it at all and lowow isks a takeut thereast tissue. >> jon, should we say this is a good thinin this increase? >> it' a good t t t if women have more pea of mind as holly s sasang and a good koscosmetic re is a good thing. i s talkg toto head o breast surgeor a mal ceer sheed youha taref inms thinngs there a survil benet? th is not a clear.esesciallyor women who have had, say, a an early breas cancer in onenebreast. dododoa bilateral mastectomy, it's not clear that has a survival benefit o er just d d a lpepeomy and diaiion. ovall, what is so imptant i
6:42 am
ananwomen h talkk abollll ofofhe p psf th conth tirto a rea go ovov wt is t tir rk profilee and whato they w wt t specififal >> a cup ocoffee is a mususor many people the morni a aer a longight outnnhe town. a new reportinds coffee may d more than just help eehe effects of a hangover. holly,hat did this report nd? >> restg. the repoeallyound that drinkingoffee may help to decrease the risk of delopopg a type o liver damagag calledcirrsiic isaud uaby healcoholke ernge lnesses anhessnd ammune disease. researchers lookok atine ies alreadyn p plied involvlvg more than 000 patients and t ty found tt people w o dran e two of coffe aad44% decreased risk o developingg cirrhosis. we have to point out that thiss wasn't c car cause a effec sty.
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direlylyerhe rrf itast ananssiati o li. strhis kls a million peopler. th no re p,o whev wean doodecrease the risk really matters. >> finally, we know how paula abdul els about opposites. a naturalhing we go together >> a new s sdy s ss her classic hit "opposes att" might bewron seararerut urs anmined fro momoha1 thound,500 pairs and found at o oosites don't seem t attract. we seek similary in relationships and drao ke-mpeople ou're re ly
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mae thin k stery y ivendon'tell l each o oerour me, maybe? t trks relyl da!>> all rit. dr. n lapk and dr. holly phillips, ank you very muc up next, big data.evererery our smartphones and computers and c csather@ information about usus. where were and what we aree doing. a new documentary exploreshe human face of big data and it's quite a portrait. you're watchinin"cbs this morning: saturday."maa a in opopl' tday thromonday!... becayes2u was s s membertake an extr 20% off!... and rnrie poinin - - - mattehow you pay! get $5eward for every 100 pots plusus eveone ts 0 hlash every $5spt! u ca andedee rewerdpooh cashoughghthe e! e'r )s anyo is qu andn'sas roll, and srt
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atapsing m every minute every data clectct tur phos anrs and otherices and da hps us withome he wowod'd'st challelees b at w wpric a n%w octa theum ce o o b ba dea withow ive ountofortion abou u our w areei
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we areowololclin much& data lng tou t and using algoririms to o o what we wouldev see before. everyowerful toolas a dark side. ery last one. >> rick smsman i t fi's execive producer and aututr of the book on whi it's sed. jay walker, a leading figur in the film is chairman of walker innovati, a company t t%ts big data to work andnd curatortpd meme an ann stn al care. od m to bo >> gd mog. ciyoui dibs a th nerfrus`system f the an. u me? >> w a a af thi tt alssurmartanr gooeahe aof things war dng in the co or da tt w wchinhirowt of ptary pl e yououchour
6:49 am
know youount ior aek. now a fe bacmanba. are able sol it in a a much me efcient way. >> jay, remarkabl advancementnt en it comom to theealth carefield. your film you talkboutow doctors are now able to predict the onset of potentily deadl infections in premate babies i thk that is extraoaoinary. tell us about. >> the mwlecularndellular l,heata is ere. 's dat se at all c cce i a celh different data nowe a@eo sding d set in thece i e m biomom a i vuses d#f theirime t on see it beret mes g,ut start to inenand angege it >>hich hprof implicionsordici. >> exampl youou heozen ncer thrhrghght
6:50 am
er of bontas ngprinof every ncer tumor in y yr body. agine a world of cancer we not s sshing breasts and maog b reang moleces and ces too findut how my different tumors do you ve and how old are they? >> rick, let me ask you the tential to help with socoall causesesto world huhuer and civilnrest as well as respspding in real-time to lisasasrs around the world. i i i k that is so fasciciting, because you have the access to all ofhis ioronw. wl, gaco tme ideofs becoman seor theerblak in it f yrs ad t oar on the s ttec srsd tng relfergizatns n wer thurcs indown. instd f ik bda is takinve olis, h no becing ayers this so of dynam-te system. >> jay w talked a h to
6:51 am
but howits t ts infoatio and are they already? >> cities are ung real-t-te data a the ti. th are using it in crime prediction andrime response and look at the iue ofater cleainess michigan. big data is way to sxaentconstantly morn the r. the ininstal worldthe icorld and theata wois erythelse >>reraoioior be se pele say a dosi ck, te uboomf fhth ye led.d. el lk.i think seone h wked up y ten y and id, cod i plant a@ttle de yoat wel me whoho you'u'potoday a w u' cur aututndhat okuave read? yoyowowod say no way i'd let ybody putt device like that on me.
6:52 am
y id s eloeneny in the film you don't get one side witht t e other. en is there a n t it's good verers evil. what we artrying to do in thihi documentary start this global nversation who owns our data and what are they doing with it i i ink we shod opt in and not opt out.t. >> so interesting. ck and jay, thank you both so much.. really interesesng. >> glalato be hete. theuman fe oigata#prrrrrltionss and d at big changes in major league base thise comin . ininnew rulakg ilga wshout'about. u'rechch"cbsmomog:ur" m c i'm rerereto plalatoday dr. phil likes to watctcfootball. renne, whw wants slsppy joe on ththmeveveay.
6:53 am
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new`air wick rm mist wi life scscts is a mti-layerragrance, just like scents in real life. nanay, true-eo-lifefragrarce, ,orour lilely home. airjwick.. hohoin their.` ne i ie ci, pag is h hd f fd.liliryondres..and do sho o geo becaususyocoulve hundrebor insunc ah, perfeft.x( valet parking. herere tey u u geasy on mye,ma, , sof ton... toee h mucu coulven car insuranc tico.o.m. ah! ar alarm snds) it's ok! >>they will t getet the dble play.
6:56 am
as the tying run scores! >> a slide that rocked@ the sports world. >hat's not a legitimate slide, man. >> this is the way the ge is played, especiallllin the playfs. >> diy. totadirty. now frser tha fa pleague ball cnging i stting thisseason,unners ying to break up a doue play wi bequired to make a bona deo rchai these ddio rnel be ibit fmmhagis pathway tiateontact wit elder. so a hard sde like thth. >> boyle went right after hik shin. >> woululueil whilthis oh > would ba-a-. >> she slid at t bag. she hit the dirt b bore hit fielder a she did not go ove the knee. that is a legal slidand that is the difference e om@this yeye to last yearar >> still outraged about that slide as aets fan.
6:57 am
couldn't carar less > > next, caut on cameme. ahorsdrawn gon es out ro eails on t cide, yoeettyere o "cb th morngtu.".">>i thinkor t m mt part nevebeenonoefore after wiwiing a aorldld p, first a foremost, , want to ckba cns because er beenone bend nt tbe a par of. this. u've bee cled the best goalkeeper in theisryf thth men'national team.m6 n green ro,hehe sathworld. inherld! du u ree wh at? >> in the world! own it, hope! own it! >>f that is tr, what m kes you so good a a a goalkeeper? wh makes a great goalkeeeer? >> o sh i ask myself thatayn and day out. goaltending is a difficult job.
6:58 am
atat quat tere n knowe pyinge poorer cotre ces o dot ry bld t women's s , feeonoreded be on t field wit us becaus they kw thatnheir countries, women don'tea e arting these ams, ey davlo sourcesn thehe co soontln'n' acon. i the five sut b i dn'teel earne all o . >> pee y pion r 30 ak,y say. going to 35. doou even feel like youe evenenlose t peaking? well, where i was going with that is goaoa keeping is something you c never really mast. there are so many d dailsnd- intricacies and angles and it's a mental ge more than anything else. >> that is the exciting part about it. >> yeah, it is and why i never want to walk away becae ere is alws sothinyou n nd t leard it'slways a challenge andrybody w
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:59 am
and ld hererredency. which is why, for evereramerican who's not beg paid wh they're worth... who'o'he back by stude d dt or stem tilted against them- and there are far too ma of you- she undstands that our country n''s ntia.. lee all tother
7:00 am
>>welce backoo " "s isis rnini: sataty. m ananon ma >>laine quijano. th halho,will pviewewsutuy'otin a wcaate ttir party's minati. a a spotlig o tomorw ghs acemawards will t he the b b ones ananhohoill host chrisisococ drdrs e coversy? >> sakininofes weill e h somf hoywd'rl a g presererd. insnde the race to restore these crumbling maste pieces. votes are bng i day's important demococtic primary in south carolini. hillary clinton appears to
7:01 am
bi pt in next week's super esday ting i a dozen nancy cordes has more from >> reporte gd mornin thllserer inouthola epepe:0 too 7:00 so you're seeing voters cast their ballots behind me. not a lotoof mystery inouth carolina w i goi to th that. they want toho not justhe can n bhe can wing. shiahaen cpe out n soroli ove e week,rytounp thscore an ty wahow states. a number of souern states coming up three days frfm nown peretuesday. they wt showw she can dominateith minorities.. ee docracctororee m me e
7:02 am
esyytas like aabama, like georgia, and so for clinton, this is ahae t tshow first timemsince really srtrtrt offhese primiuiet shes e indeputiab front-nn, bn age that w wenteddomewhat enenhe los to bernie saerer in the landslide in hampshire. >>ancyors inolumbia,a, uth calina anks. ur ditilil netcbsn haveeoverageth soutli d drac yonig sinb 6:00 n ti ctually trend i hope youjoin .. yo canatchinsnewcom/li on the cbs new p a dd other dev lik amazonon fire. republican presidential new w w . jersey g gernor chrisp christie sprised many peopl on friday by throwingis ppt behind trtrp. a f weeks agoandidate stst said the country did
7:03 am
ief. anioencecetrnoc`riie says trump is the best voiceor aonservative ice i the w wte house. the biggest evt far in this pololically charged year i i i coming up p hree days. ononuper tuesday, republicans and dra will cast votes in 12 states. >> lots of delegates are up for grabs on both sidis. meaning super tuesday will have a major impact on w w i nomited for president byoth @ part with a previewsur "the washington nost" polititalal reporter phillip bump and prlllvarez coveveatio od in >> gd morning. >> illip, did thristie doroement surprise you? >> it didii mean, chris christie is a sittingovernor. naldldrump until this week hadn't any estabmeme endorsements likehattnd chris christst out of the ue. i think what intntesting out this usuly the candidates look for endorsements that will help validate them to ele i think what this was was risto@alatruo thestaishmt. i thihk shy it's importt. he doesn't bring a lot l te
7:04 am
frhat sndint i thihi gegeing --ok, this is a guy you u u al with i thin was very important. >>priscilla, where iser tuesday s iortatathe republican side? supuesdsd on n e blicananidse orre momw for ted cruz. so offisd. in they wilee cg ou the p t iss h h e. while cruzuzas t td right now they closin him, bio andp. ey werer camignghe bein w wk a d g gngngng trumha leadn otheh stasss and d s s e vote amo evangelicalslsls crur loses texas andt may not bode well movinin forward. in that case s dferent florida? >> rubio is going toeally banking on florida and ohio march 15 is hugeor him. he doesn't hava to win march 1st.
7:05 am
among getting delegates.% but, yeah, he is really going to haveooome out i i frida push f fward f that nonation. >>articularly if@ cruz dsn't wn tudada let mk you t dd trtrp. oess t tolal ndapeook lileor him right t w? >> it looksreat forim rig no unopble? >>otunstope. i ner un and ma predidiio aonald trum afool'sam athis pot. issoi extmely well and he is well-positioned for tuesday ananhe iss leading rubio. this is the amazing thing. he is leading rubio in florida after sh dropped out. the theory that all of the tablishmt would lep behindar r ifygot --t is . iea hrida and ru insists he willin orida and he has to in orde to keep his campaign alive but donald trump is in the cat bird's seat. for republics, you've had
7:06 am
two of cuban descen evad t won tisni vo, di he id we havavtosihow w . thca-ers 8% wepe latino n n necessarily presestatave of the country as a ole. bu it was a cle indicator thatatn the - itevealshe two cubann ari sor ren't dog wel itit ans. th wl bmpgan texas wre %atinos m state. so what, yoyoknow, who are g gngor t a thaha i somethinhaha w w beally teresting at ofor. >> phillip we sawawhris chrtie endorse testerday donald trump. i remember another high profile endorsememt. sarah papan when she endorsese hih-h- alaskakas s ming u uand 2 republican d degeg a a stake. hohodoespalin's endorsement help trump?? >alin the last time we saw new w ing was0101 and she was a netegativ andple
7:07 am
wa popul a aoverr t dothk it hel her in her home state. i think a lot o #people who liked sarapa\an whon't like d dd trumum a a they aree similar i theapproa politi.. myuess is her endorsesentnt ed a l l mor nionanayy than i a self>>witcto drara at i skekehen s ser tuy.y.soliodndkeo wtty big th she needstatat>> yh.h. . the qution has as bee llnonwhi votea hihiary clinton? south lina kck on wood is a blowout but it looks because of nwhite voter rnout hillary clinn will do well and thththill s s her on the path towawawanominatioi, think. phillip bumu andil alz,you. tnk. >>tuesda pal amill bringou super esdaresults rimeme time.
7:08 am
> in h hst a scary accident invoing horses aseo cau itnd hundreds of ridersode inor a liveock show on saturday. it was frightening andled woman on the horse a the woman wpizedosbl withroke leg. hoe ablo sta u ananim a!nd dng iicatn orighgh e pul t ry sryry y yh, really frightening. it isbout 8:00 after the hour. now here is a look at the weather for your weekeke. upnext, "the rerent" is a
7:09 am
oscarb oscarominated film.
7:10 am
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tter tn alest t larmell nhear ld ysome ld'vwaitedenn itaythe's acrthree teay notaki one of thos thatne! ey gave authorities the slip, in a arius. w fontnten inherestea is that ? i think that's us! public supportrtsat a fever pch. what stataed as an amateur heiei is now a glolil phenomenon. one doesesave to wonder, hoholong can this che go o lookokwe're trending! let me see that.
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under way atly'sdoy for rrow night'scademy arar who o ll t te hoho tarlelee e ptnd howil the ademeal wit t iss of s ihollywood. matt, od moin >> good momoin >> let'salkk aut diversity first. >p sur >> t ts has been such contentious issue anansothing thatathe t ttterse and social meded is really intent on focusingn. how doou think they are going to handle that thisyear well, i tnknkou'r auall e to probablbl me diity on psents an thewinners. it's realling to come down to chris ro's monologue. i thinpeople are waing to see how he handles it. hosting the oscars is@ may the sthankless gigollywood
7:14 am
re eec himo unny but i ththk people are looking him to makee a statamt. it's a tough job. i'm m ad h h is the guyuyhon is yr. thini d nt to see mogroames cond annethaway l's te looat the r cateriris starwi best picture. who o e eront nners? >> thr f fm raceeehe thinin@n potlightand you he t"bout invto profited fm theconomi collse in 2008 andnd "the revenant" is leordoo dicapriri crcrling through tnow a grunting while he is trying to ll tom h hdy. who do youu thinkill n?ou'rooking a "the revent." yes.
7:15 am
with "theig short" a lot of peopleleing it's going to win but it's a comedynd comies never do well at t t oscars. >> a s sioio medyny true b "therevent" is seriris wi aapit snd n jokekein i al! impoant gnd i i inthro w it' in wk aw witit. l l me ooest acto you'lrdy saideonard priodo you think it's so lose?@ >>d. all of fhe categories i think this is prprably the one the most of a run-away. i think daprio forure.e( even if you don't le "thehe revenant", you can tell how i feel but i think every is gjfan ofeonardrd andnds fandastiti actor and you c c't fault the efforts he putn@ here. he's a guy never won an oscar and bulous actornd everyonee lolos hihi t t stro catego. not like a guy you can look at it andnday this was an incredib point and we are
7:16 am
>> best actress, rumors brie larson is a fr. f l the moes tssr ie il p out d they seeeehe nervou ss too dar andoo deessing a it's an int fifi@i for.. bubui thk likekeke r it's no desing,ok is r,ie lars. you r perfoance andhe love sheas for chacter f r and what s will do f hiin these incredible siations. incredible. it's a f fulous performance. i haveveo problem witit her winning whwtsoevev. >nother competiveveveegy iptdictn, nt ishatt u're thinking >> it's t mosttirected mie of the yea i would say.. is somethat something we can give the awarfor? i love potlight"" and think a fabulous job ofl directiti it. but if you look at the movies sideside we haven these incdible
7:17 am
edibightndrang a erhing aboit lengths wen! it waso fft ak i i st -- i kin ofantotoote against it@tutul havee a a hard time bettinggainin it. >> bestuppopoininacto ter s se ishe ntimtal ri the t nnert this point? >> inkeean he a s stint fitende is due l)lete aieve s s of tngndeally grere peormae. i thple lererallone in "cnt myself in that category. i think "bridge of spies" was a teific mefgovie and steinin sens
7:18 am
>> i like aciaa vicckander. the long sufferingng wife of a trail blaze somethie@ see in lot of these oscar movies b she madehat cracter flele and blood and real. >> the razzies are tonight. first fifi@ithe y yr goesto >> i think ixs. and worstdam sandr mov!>> tstm sandleov isememintsel up , they haea wo osc forheirir rkte om eer he ent decadresein ms w w w as fafaas % ceury o. some e how some of t`e greatest films all tim are being saved fro desuction. you're w wching "cbs this morng: saturday."t! could they gue what it was? rich smooth. re crey. i keep touchchg myace. so what had used?
7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:22 am
ananscar of their own. ey find and prese classicic fis, many ofch werer made %% almost q centuryryago.o.heilchesth seum o oodern art, curators are trying to restore a silent film clalaic. >> iff you look closely you can't see it nowow but you c see it's very scratched. >> r rorter: the 23 film "rosita" starsarry pickrd ef e amica's firslm ic ishe onlvintf thislm yes. eporter: katie managhe prt.t. this wawaat a a now eyeyre ithprocess ofof through it ly ame-by-fra>>epte t ahis artein1935s t oes in ththd. ts urittley. >> rorter: soflntial, th in 1977 t t t ademy noree mus for its
7:23 am
>> repter: nice!modern art departmt of film. >> specifically for our woror in film preservation. >> reporter: chief cururor j royy says ass the libry panded it tgrere the new ity titi so this agcality w inn pennsyia it'ld in all betr toeep th atemperaturere w5 grs, r rativedry.`. we can keep t esese for aost 400 years.s. >> reporter: wow. this is s st one omore than 50 storage vaul foror25,000 tles. evything from expxrimental films to classic like "birth of a nation." rapes of wrath" and "the thi man." >> of oav someald citen kane
7:24 am
keep atdrdrldvi the alo stoge veio a aay the thihi anwhatselelelet n kng ave a o>>orr:se o eranihgs rsnd recor fro ritorsrsrs sdio. repororr:r:e alve thos w. htht arell ttlta "gone with the wind." >> rorter:ike the stutuo press book of scr cliings from "ne withhe wind" 1939 premiere andndncludede a page wiwi the black a as on the filmlm >> darker side of "g"ge with the window >> repor hisk with "rosa"a"ill take two y yrs and brininback a m mryry pickfofo fm thth was t tirstrin moen gerer direor erneseslubitsch. how es a fil like that disappear? >> apparently mary took a peonal dislike it and fofcr reasass still notarticularly
7:25 am
tfilm. rororr:he meu discovered clpy ie sovovt unn thehe 1970s. >>n hblitititit w w jusoouch foror t chnologyf tt t t hale repepter: now osita" te ha finally come and kehrhr wishes more films couldld be restored to eye the iron mask" made i 1929. >> this is a very crisp copy because it h beeeemade directlyrom t tgina cametive theheual pas t cas hese >> r rorut even showing these films wil become chalnging. 35 millimete projectors are no longer manufactured and kehr says spare parts willeep existiti proctorng` footr dede ut aer ,e hahe to start digitizing this masayve collection, whwjh is such a huge undertaking. it just makes my head explode.
7:26 am
you're in a race? >> i is getting there. i don't think riousness of this has reall settled inve the ahival ununy. ilvitovs are absolu wha acaidst t 20th nty a atsefiningm i don't to o se one fre oft iy dot. >> amazing stufuf onef the inlfresting allenges hisist c c cost 20,000, to digize a film and if you're talking about doing that for a brar it'ss a l l ofof monon and a l l of time. >> ieell they couldave e and h with s s of that work. ope exexaordinary thing to kind of go back and touch these things, rit, i i this igital age to go back and tch these things are so important. >>up next, "the dish."
7:27 am
d eveat bobbyby fy rohef willltitf beau macmilan ahead. there was a newstudy. i don't knf you sawthth. found whwhwhalof the c ct of a vie is n white, t t film has more succet theoxfifithere numenoh stadright the in etut beingme d atrighto t's appeaotm line. ited sta c cssea s by the yearr 2 2636 white ameririns ll be`e`minority. if i'm making a movie i want t t make aovie thawillppl isiee. you caigrepl of @loror thi couryehe dustes havene, donon k. -@u're rtg your n cucenty on yr shirt. >> no surprise ere. >> w wre is o t-shirt? that is a nice lookingt-shirt.
7:28 am
documentary, i think people would have tught maybebe legal oubles and maybe other issues it's the beginngs ofhis life >> the second d dumentara i'vee done on mimiael jackson. the game pn is let'sust deal with the music. all of the other ststf,ot hear it and justt deal whis genius an what weaveunn th0ononwith "bad and "5." >>ha haveeee youisd out his nius? e waseohae gr ank natr ge i vie woertas-my dis jr.and mat his owi'i'ryappy thaeoeoal is >>hahabo this pticur time his life >> oh, this is ke because this folls him from one of the members of the jackson five him be starring innhe wizhere
7:29 am
thatat whyhyanders said no the keystonpeline and n@ver ffled. he a aththonly cananante toppppe fracking because e acan eger drinkingat thaten our c cmama.. sanders has the most far-rching `lan to fight climate chaan build a cln engyutur bernie sande -- people before polluters.
7:30 am
o% i'm standnnn a corner in winslow, arizona s sh a feight to see it's my girl >> beacmilan's pason for food staededt anarly age. ing up in new england, fresh fish was andant thereutome of his greatest mories was in his grandmother's kitchen. he w a short order cook whenn hehwas just 1ears old! by 17, hsdy wng top hensnd well on h wawa >> mmias bn a voriten t t nworks 'contesesnt.. co-ee thellim prevention cookbk boost ain h%althnd spentrl 2
7:31 am
elements have en callele fine didinggem. gsufgazizi cal inene of000esan in e coy. he i aecti nationally known by beau mac and we are pleased to welcomeou to " "e ". >v i'm pleased to be here. >> tell us what you brought. >> famamy style is t w to eat, passing and shing. i ve these green bns wch aot ofund one o vo snatust therestau. brsels sou wit r dragogo and pork lly. >> incredible. the sauau tha glazes tt is a seseeed sauce of ginger and sesame and is delicis. this has chinese sausage and musp room muomndhisnu p pilil yle! tha azazaz
7:32 am
ordeok? how did ttet? ipeneecsereizedarhaiast goingbe t vedto o igscho >> lotpepe r thaha buth d k t nt >> t tt's s ue, that'sue. enenofine h a a uncle that had ltleauntnt stantltli ke tbe invon th aoond creative side. i wawaalwa a cative e person. i think there is no greer way to express yourself, youoknowow through fo. it's my first language. . >> by 17 you really had lif changing job, didn't' you? >> i really d. i in a a mentor. i stumblbl uponhis restaurant that had 30 seats. we did the menus freshvery day d workheve day. woedhhe c a h meas franisj i was filling out my application for e job and d@ offered me a piece of c ce. first i refused and the i thought maybe i'm defendingn him. so ultimately i i iedt and i said at t tt mentnt i ho idea food could actually taste
7:33 am
it was just on another level. i said to self, if ian be halfs good as t man i'm e mebo sedayayay i try tel yngeoeow in t fld b patnd if yontntntbe an azing , u' got to b amang'sotstt ttttay and .ths thetr h inlife in thisarr has ok >> youe been at melbk since 1999. >> i have. >> how do you go from growing up d workingn e oseaas a gentl cald time. i got lucky. i was working in los angeles at two great hotels for amazing chefs and came on a whim thinking what is in aririna? tumble weeds a cactus? within t days i was like this is so beautiful an i have an opportunity here. abt a y ar intnt , t bossosown and sililon into trorty reopened that nctuary. jackpot timing and i've never
7:34 am
>> can w w talk about iron chef? youuamously feated bobby flayy and that is like beating muhammad ali. dithat chae your lifi? >> i remember one of my bosses theheet that day and saiai id whaoue done u ndet youe dodo! i ngi won a etn. i coulfaobbybyen tim ig b meineutte that was myydada afterwrwdsus knew it may an my life and i'm gtefu d essed forhat but it's not gog to changme. tell l bo the aua event you holdldvery ar. you have this gathering, ririt?t?t? >> love it. >> y have g and master@ chs. tpjustrooundnd the cou t frfrrounhe rld. >>e dondt's itsh ye. sp proud of althe pporte have hadnd rll any time you get the o oortunity to celebrate food andine withther chefs, they come. i've been blesse it's such a great program. you gu got to ce apend time w wh me in the summer!
7:35 am
beau c, if i mayal you tpat. . >> yes. >> sigish and youou d arth meal with yone p por present who would it be? >> i love it would have to go andounds cliche, but my grandndthth i one of the greatest people o o earth and it was about the cari she provided and it was about making surur everyon comforble and learned at the tae. fome, so many great experiences. she s frommoal qu gesmeriri is a a people lovovandring amamg bouy and sharing food thugh h r.ri would ll to ha her back >>chef,hanknkouch` r mo on b and tur websisi cbs
7:36 am
at up next, lou doillon ithe daughder of movieoyal b b growg lwayad a lovir w musi ilininoduc y t mod a shel perform from her n album ahead in our fantastic session that is cocong u u yoyoyo wating "cbs thi morng: satury." >> announcer: the dish iss
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flying as it should be. i was t in tining room, u know, etinthe resints ani had a ntleman stst md ask me i imade his dinner. head lost t wife recentlbui didn't knothat. heade a rk to me aboutnot he waed to be there ymore,t sothinatathasttohihiday. r ha y yr dinnnn, i think wa to stick around a while and that really meantsomething to me.
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buff and shinfor rtless wow il sop th tt op\ nfidcecr anshineltronic ncareys from amo nd it in t t footcare aisle. > i ts s morning's"sat io lou ilnth daer ofr rty and a love of w w she is kikiere the e e . >> rorter: lou is awellno tress dn mel in fran. until@ fe yearsgo, s
7:40 am
>> so m mic camessssd of et garorotect mysf against o wititt the rest of the exexsu. it was somethingng extremely ivate.e. thbest part, igugu i ouououwas a born g gie so i was always around musicians and the boyfriends s smed to haveve the@ common link guitarists and singers. >> reporter:hats very erous. >>eah. it t a lg te fe toruali wa i l wh the guar inste of >>epr:he d dghte of french film director jacques dolon she was 6 when she acted in a movie with h%r m mher jane birken whoho had alreadyainedd fame. r old lf-sterrt gasbou anr. sinclou was a fashion "" gi, she struggd to find her ownce tdle of
7:41 am
as rgompe o ju doomhingo le mel en ttfhese lerounmeecau i i spted d em so ch.i suddlyurrender w(n was 28kingyou know r 'm neveroi too@ makekeit >eporter: whahadid t m ming it@ meanan because a lot of people wod look at whatou achieved at that pnt and say, how can you y i've m me it? >> well, i guess that it was, you know, doing neafly 20 momies thth hadever really had the success had hoped they would ve. >>eporter: but then a frienen remindnd h of the songs she had alwaysys written in jona>> he was weecse he e said, you know, ththst thingng ababyou, havehidden. i though well,t's because what ieally am and i h ven't got the guts to really sho that. cause people are going to hate me.. d heas britain. said, they already do.
7:42 am
i thought, ok. used to stand do the wd rep her dut alb "places" releasedn0101went doub platinum ininnce. nominated d r bestt femal artist atatheictotor easqs, thenchde awds. i thought,t e , because ere t n,hey tak iay. >>te33-year-old singer s isnsn sure theast fpw y yrs have e entnrery real. >> it was like a fairytale. >> repepter:r:o yoyobelieve in it nono i wi- no,o, ivet's eenn plsure. it's le, yeah, t t tng the best food the plan,, the
7:43 am
aw is frightening. but t ank god. >> reporter: who is going to take it awayayw? >> yeah, that'shat i think. when i haveassisi panic falling leep, i do believe if there is fe people@ wananng to come into mykikin, i c stililnghem sgs ando on n tatatat away.. >> n wit a track f her new album "l low" this is "good man" fm lou doillon. ee
7:44 am
when ion i hope just becse i iant to do wt i'm told and a a cengege becai wa get i all please don't tell me theext time what to do a gd man please don't tell me the next time what tdo to ad mama whenn i think i can't keep holding on what is akwayy i pretendll theime when ig d dp
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sttingit5 mimitete caca ogo onlto l me about a a ee2talfferouououffor your m mication,trmablp. he ill sn callede
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i know h wentswon't >> this is "wherere to started" from lou doiolon's newewlblb "lay low."m loillon'al"l ""from lou don's albu"l w. 7 wououn't know where to sta & f er wer to ask m if i ever say so just why yore prosio me s b bond certain things
7:51 am
if only you'd noticic if o ooul hesati got t start for a reason let youw what it's like without me i'm always here i'm waitingfor you to get a litite loose hehe andow b i ionon blame you
7:52 am
if oy y'd notice m ifnly you'd fee i g t to shout i it o i got to feel for a rson to let itt out ve got to hout the seation i got to fofo rean lett o thouu >> stawith us. we wililbe right backck you'u' watchchg "c"s"shi morning: saturday." yeah.. ahh... ah. u probably say it a million times a day. ah ahh...ahh! igna, we w hel evyone s ice a y say hh". >>ah.. cigna dicacaplans cover
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sasy it so asy yeeah leavyo b b binin you dot net oveyyd >> morrow, interview w wh one of thehere makers of all time. sir elton john, including what he has to say about his friend and long timeboto bernie bernie taupin and besactress in "b > monday, s sial y tprough the lele of singlee
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than for wchin youstl b bu, w wlelelewithououoror musro u u doiln.this is re mic fm her track "lay l." prerenor l ltltlwhile let's turn our backs toto thehe reasons we shouldn't
7:58 am
ow mons the world lay low lay low i know he it wasn't fair a i d'teeou to tl m s l laiaow i don't want to think i i n't nt t kno youror tur on m m lay l y lo t m lens o a m
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the mniaye y y bernie sanders -- the coure to stand up to big oil because he won't take thmoney. that's why sandersd to the keystone pipeline and never wawaled. he's also the onlylcandidate to oppose fracng becae acng can endger our drinking water and threaten our climate. nders has the most far-reacaing pl to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernieanders -- pele b bpoerer
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narror: y on "luck doseeingblbl randon rescueswo lilo palpingo landn thsame f fev me brandon: i ie se it million s where you separate t dogs that havevepent their liv together, and it just shatters their world. they're never thsame after. m not going to do that to t two. narratorbuhis plan isout toit severe turbulence. brando h h, hold on, ld on. the`difficulty of training two o o at once is theyy feed off each other's energy.. it's a aost liki one battere2arging anoth, charginoer. bran'm brand, d i've dedicited life to saving the lely, unwanted dogs that areliving without hope.


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