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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:30am MST

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io jnsnsoh, quy oductsor the ericamy ha bee a trion for neras >>d rning, cha ooodto offay i j paeythis is apealitn o o undamog" o ise. noo atollywoos bi nyieonntio res ad ueor but st h te that clm. th a qestiia
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y in cov sto. >>henu hds sed i iedby actua eenh goes throh yourds? hg on to your hat. foufig ehtnoneesor btieal to of thoseagori. ea th "sunday mni minihe movies weang of te.auy: eln jnc ge not enti a host 's tinthisorniit anthma >> elt j has bee wr hi sosyri rna ne 50ears >>ever aumenever
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re nin>>e'ettinge for h bibi party tig eses wllrmin sir eltonoh ten@.sundayorning." in wrditant to dazz s w r ti movi trrs ceigens sometitisven ann c cnill sw us >e c ce tohe mies to se >> just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. thee continues. >>hey can get us back tes inurry.y.hell njaws 2" >> c cttinf thie trailer l ler ounday morning." aule bbon those wawaini foropo olse
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distin namehich she veveatatly h har >> i have two movieses > yes. if thehests didi. auauy:y:y: b b a arere ninit't' yououout coenenr. >> s-a-o-ior-s-se. >>ing upp.. soso a aonon. >> elizizeth palmer meetsts the film buff behi the imdb vie website. tavis smiley weighs in. david edelstein sharesisscar picks and more. first, t headlines for te sund morning t8th of february, 2016hillary cnaailyeate be sande insterday's soutarolinemocratic primary.
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from blackocrats. republican canhidates ted cruz and marco rio botheleased veral years f tax returns yesterday... bobk then caed on billionaire busineseman drum to do same. despite umerous violations ere seems sophave gone into effect@tn sear californiai thth islami stt isn'^ obseing the cecee fire. a virginia poce officererer w killed responding tola night in subject y are an washington. ititas h her first s sfs aftft being g orn innn fridada. she's th 10fficer killed in the nationno fars month. they gavut theheazzz he's lastt ninit in los a aes. d the winnre o ohe golden@raspbebefor e worsrs film, theo "50des grey" now that sn likely i the northern
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same goes forne and thehe papafic nortrtest.t. everywherelse warmer than usuatemperatures. showers e forecast for manyn areaof the startf the new we butunny in toutheast and southwest. ahea moe trailers. coming s t tea youou
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elton johnhn ththworld a president hato grgrple e th. somememes you can't evev imagine. thgt t t jobob d she's ththone who's proven she n get it done.e. ...securing g massive duction in nuclear wpons... ...standing up against t abuse ofom... ...protecting social security... ...expxpdididienits for e natitialalua... ...and wning health care fororor million children...
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jane basededn a true story, it's a boast thatatan be a plussor a movividuring osc season. whetetr the claimoo up i ite anher maaterer our verry is rededy marthahaeine >> we@re pleased to announce e film secte as theest picture nominee. >> of the eight nminees for bebe picture, see if you c ess at fr r thehaveve in common. ththe four, "the revenentn"
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)other wds, halfhe nominad films this yea@laimim b based on a tru story, or inspired by true events. last year's best picture minees, samehi. fofo oututf eight. the yea before th, wopping six ououof nine. incl"1 yarss a sle" whichh wn. hollnds t t sts s tiground ards season. true are they? how true should they be? en you har wdsd onrue storyryry pired by actualvents." whatoes tough your mi? >> hack to your hat. >>nne is chief film critic withhe "washgton post." >> generay if youou see "based on" ndoumhathe fiakeke iendinhhignal
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when you see "inspired by" you get the signal that some more@ bebes are@ goio b taken. >> what happed was ue >> i wn't tueat's h e chainaw msae wawa marketed. more recently 20 best picture winner "argo" w he aut the actualeue of u.s.s.iplomat om i in. >p>y are cleared f takf. ud tilr sne ere ahing their darting plane. didn't'tappepe >> some ofothehings we so over the to had not had p pople
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uteno,o, screen writerdeateded from finncom te memoir. for example, hehanged his unfortunate car from a mercedes into aamborghini. >> to thihi i can look at the story say, this is germane to the telling of it. this is in t spirit of what actually happened. and i can mixnd match facts.. it's not a documentary, nothing that i've worked on has erport to i have e titutu to say,hihiis an enrtent. >>elce tanisn. the new ta fey movie out is friday is based on reporter kim barker'sp experices in
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>> toyhehe li erits e r/ad. >> she's m shortere than mm, i a 5'10" b b her name inhe movie is kim baker nonokim warker. in the mov she is a tv journalist, i am print journalist. >> just part of the expeencing r@fefe her bok aoutt@ >> m meaio dringnghen vi wa please let thi b op, please l it n embarrasscme. at a ceeeainoioi/i/i s srted breaeaing more. i felt like, this iskay, this is actually a movie. it's good. >> in the end she felt the liberties taken were okay. >> like esere the things that happen with movies. i don't thk itakes away from the fact that the nartive in
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pretty mecthe same. that's w wt i cared's vot exactl trr b i sort o otr.>> w wt is theor hisry think er stone' 1 191 fk." still controversial because it explores the coopiracy theory versrsn of thehe kennedy assassination. >hy was kennedy killed? who nefited? who has the power t t cover it . thehere manye onjf"ho abablutelyelieve t version of events thathey saw inn that film that's where they getethe history. >> i think for sophisticated viewewhe makes t t verylele th this is a almlmt visionarar interpretation oevents o ois part. but i tak@ youour po that has reaer..
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ewers we ifchoolren't tin orhat's s le t s s sld bing media lery athis popot. >pan win gd m fili. >> the maker o theio pic "race" about runn jeie owenss were given practically no opportunititto fge the facts. >>he f astestprinter j jssie ow>>7oen fr ms a at the berlinymymcs a eratat. >>ed t s scpt pe by gene be,e anumb o adjujumes wchy honored. and the reason that was
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and that t t factse right. >> owens' daughter maaene d gloria insisted on s sript approval. >> thasheme tt they tho, thatoest nee to sininre.. >>ouon't tell m m what it i i >>t was - there some was nudity and we just didn't thik it teedednecessssy or appropriate. >> pple who makeopvi exse artrttic licee.t tis so oururife. >> tss our lifif accu a ao matts t the spspgeles prs clubub whhhhkday handed outirst ever veritas award f the beest lm based on or inspired by real events oreopl
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>> boston prieststs. >> judged equally on fidelity to the subject matter and artitiic excellence the wierpoigig" a a a a th "b"bnlobobesgaga aboutople priests so, isis an om, when the envelope oened tnighgh w thene bhut >> paulele comingp.& >> he saa, thank y i love imdb.
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out xeljanz.z. >auley: db t ininrnet movie database. is the go-to websiteor movie fa which recently maed its 25ththnniversary. elizabeth almer foun it crcrtor. whererelseat theovie>>nk back to the f. oni nigor avie ll "sufagett, stre here is gina d dvis. ththiggest hol insider here this evening is with his wi completelynrecognized. walke@ ecyedia for of im. the inrnetoe databa was
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now one of t mt popur, its focus may be hollywood, but i was born here in rural e egland whwhe he works, if you can call this woror >>is i it placece >>an you calllpy fil i have 11,000 blu-ray d i can ta anyf th froro just theress au. >> h h altimeavorites tchcock's "v"vtigo." >> whenid you see it fi >> 22nd of n november, 1989. >> how do youn know?w? >> i have a dary where i recorded it.>> kno eveva -- i ha t@he day i've seeryryryovie jaarar
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>> i start i 19 when c youngmputer engineerosted his diiy to share with otheies. very simplpl what did ito? >> well, it had basic rmation.n. u cou srch. uldeaovivi>>ha the th ino dbasou 1998 by amazon's ce a powerfufutool tothelpp amazon exxpand beyond books and into movieses how muku did hee pay you? >> that's not a number that we've ever dsclcsed. the home c gema a >> that's hoot way off sayping, a lot. decided to stay on as ce carl
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ogieslace fan e.likeheve ihone inrue sty. theran iphone, a advanc model iphone thahaidn'tit ame.>> oo idb h ateter, ns clie ws hoho who is t.thector robert p i gtsoic he invid to audition for "twilight" and landededhe hero's role. >> i met ro we have smiled about this. eventeven spielberg uses oscars. h grbed mymy hand he said, thk you, i o lovevemdb i
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i've used thepp, join the cemony. it w jst wondful.l. then g golluc ve "js."" >> ande does real, really lov "js.all for ttb mattca's ponons pures ev evev saw. >> i do have that. >> hod wereo>> was fiv. >> tt@ washe beginning ---- i was in love fromm that int. >> fastorward to imdb's 25th anniversary celebration not long ago and i iimateinner fohis british staff. >> it'semararble to have come
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little onlin film dary to methg t mll opop arothe rl e moh. chee. cheers. happy a lte a st-salain thay is o ier, you know exactly where rl is heading. >> i get dizzy.>> pavley: next. iinhh in fre hurry, joinzar 3rd d get 1 month fr. enenigarette cvinghit,all i can ink outu etfh rief. lyloloette mini has a patented fast-dissolving foula. it starts to relieve dden cravingfast.i nener r r w w wi'i'i'neneneeleff.f.f.
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>auley: now our co annual look at t oscar swag bags. byhe numrsrsrs ththfjs ararutut tth by coany, distin assets. los geles marketininfilmng offered to nominees in five categories. reretedly inclcled are, a
7:28 am
slimware plates at $30. ththe's ilet paper, priced at $275.. soingll aae st lr900. a sl trall pack everhirom a te- $480stayheor sortndpa. a tn-d- $50 isre an mchorede some m mtano coider is at eimat lue of eacbaga toe some $232,000 which inin us too one las nuer of teze zeei tonnection betweeivnd motion cture academy. the academy actually filed suit againsnsistinctive assets cusing the companyfffalsely usingg the acacamy's rademark to
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affiliation. ill tooo atress sae ronanafromoklyto thecarp. lat - oscar night p pty
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>> for my dearest darling whom i worship withespectcto adoration, admira, kisses, grath taught.>>aule sed mmen thth2014 film "the grand bupest hotel" tonigig she's wawawag for the envelope plelee at the ocars. ichhhe traveled too by way of@ brooooyn >> i n nri. yon't sounis aule hr rss aliare roln e film "rororon"oirse n is mingg nameor herself. it's tough to pronounce and hahaer t tspell.
7:32 am
>> almost.t.t. it's s-a-o-i-r-s-e. it's o oirisis word it means freem or liberty. >> we n nd irish girls i brooklyn. >> sp feeling thth i want too be anrish girl in ireland. >> nominees are -- at1 se' tst t t timouoould car nomimie since angela lansbu in 1946. her first when s se was just 13 for supporting actress in "atonement." >> i've doneothing wrong.>>ehad asrmion a frr. >> never?? >> really? >> what are you chasing meryl streep or somein
7:33 am
awltluck. wasoklyn" b? >> ando oe expected us. >> passport please. >> wlclce t t the united st, 'am. >>boklyn" is the stororof young woman wlves he family andnds ini irend to o n n y f worornd nds new li and love in 1950s america. > don't knkn. esfood in the world. i lii i@talian fo@od. >> how muchh practicece did itake you -- >> i tued upp t day, had read in the scripthe hasas bit of difficulty eating spaghghti, i
7:34 am
m ging ee -->>spsh his mer his faerer torld. ndntict g i veve dn anyfilm > mo r rsotes s r saoirse in deeply personal way asas child of irish immiants. >> i camame heroor they came her to work and no work at home. d e b wn a tt had itarge ih polation. >> youre an americ citizen. yep. >> in fact saoirsese was borin the bronx and used to come to this diner w w her parenen. u haveveeen her foror awhile. >> i haven't been here sinin i s three. it was so wed. i remeer everything. i rememberherere w wusese to sit. wh the oside looks like. the e unun are the same.
7:35 am
grillese thmi m/ued bkk tla whhe whr. r fa becon ac ntrod soirie tois agent. >> i w ws que imaginave. i usedd differces and ces. >>8> could you just not do tt at eakfast? >> kno for herkill wititces, s'sne fm eric tenager it lelybo.">>at gos -- >> pauau to a teene german assassin in "hna." >> can't wanttourt anyone any more. >> pauley: the roleeepte te blanchette bug to e attentn of theater director. >> iappened to get in touch when she was mang that movie. i'm working with a a flous younreses
7:36 am
>> pley: he cast her in th starring rol thrr thihi er playththciblbl >>utrongn with -- >keneme..eton ne nth wa whethey shiis yur first really? >> like firstver. i've n- apt fom auauy: w biggest role in school? >> one year i pllayedh local prciple. which was really n%w for me. it was a stretch after t t tree season.
7:37 am
oldn a. yore putnge o o s . auy: re a professionalal >> a rock would beike this. aprockcks a rock. and if a rk had eyes. d ikat pau osrromationd bad make anyo's headp. tao gou kesrelane. spea wh heototrveryry day.i membereading tha ea@rly is aarticularly c chalnginghing for young g men.n. >> i'm not surprise that it affects yoyog womenn more. there's more pressurere not only, of courr, whh it
7:38 am
way we're l cmpared tea her,h wearnnrehomeols mayea onthd cpetn bdha it c tot scess. 's'slmost that yove too be apologetic abobo. >>et there she is as "the crucib" abail willilis, saoirse nan g2g2gs one of the talles m marquees on broadway. what did you think of it? >> it's veryei t t have your face platered alllver theater. but iave to sayvenen thouoh i doetui s sbobo tatort stuff, thees something abt seei your nao cetthe t a broadway theater that m mes y y go, oh, wow, this is a a bit o a dream. pauley: excece that it's real.
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>> pauley: now fosome comingttractions. compliments of lee cowan. >> the great alfred hitchcock certainly knew how to make a movie. >> h%re we have a quiettle mo >> he a knene how t s sl a voe. hi y yououadadel s him l begtedy a almost maniacal w wan w wnoh to drivenyoyo to the extrem-- let's go in. >> this wasis trailer for
7:42 am
remarkable six and a half@ minute rhaps stemarkable thahati hhchchc dn'tivawoouc >> bigference.e. yoave sn blo >> wond whahaha w w w think of totoy's trailers. eyre exquitely edited. but also heart warming and funny. >> that i is aell-known fact. >> trairs are a alales pitches. >> howo you so tgod. ut a theyan be.>> not bble the finc >> what do you mean?
7:43 am
from one recurring cticism. why do theyy sell everything in th movie trailer. >> gets that complaint aot.>> he works for ertrtent rketincoany , aipark. onof dozens offishat spec in pucovie traiairs l le thneneorhe la "ad maam. e job h sayso dazzle collorate with bh studios and film makers to showowsehe best film hasoo offer andhbt oftemeans incncng within an eyelash a apoiler. >>verr w wrry that sometimes the trailer will b better t dn the moe lf no. thatoal. really? >> if the t rilers better than theov tt willl get pple
7:44 am
>> it ued to be wenly saw traiaiau i i theaters, oggally they ran aer theeature prtation. that's how they got the name "trailer." in theilentrahey we lmededhilil lis e fobeurrrr"raccallll ex tad but thatvehe top s sesn ship. itit of hope and despr.r. >> when you're avertising th sa kd ofroducuc againnd n i dodot ththk un sathth foa wirent uati.. a filmstn, hes not eryoovavo m theifilms inin such a basy. sonnesr examp,practilly madeun inn his for "citizen kan,." >> how do yo do, everyone.
7:45 am
thear in w wt follows is supposed to advertise our first motion picture, "citizne" is the title. hpfulla cocongttraction >> he did i i inn a artful and decreet this timetive w with to wl in cekhere h san the ou this a pece bae h theayre more an they aig busins. trrailers a2e ueruc microscope now. you constantly of@f have to out do yourself. >> in fact they becomemeheir o o genre so muc s t tt traiai trtrle havavheij ownwn award sh. likekehis one. appropriately`alled, the golden trailer award. feveany. s svery lilehot, e, mentfalthat we're trooeasmb twoinute puzzl rting puzle pies,
7:46 am
to w wtch entire film with th sound off. sometimes watch it a a backwards. >> looking for the monts, the headurns, thehe lkk litlte smiles, just looking for fractions of a sececd that are going to hit me i a an emmotional level.l. those ermy trar nt h c trlers for the la twoes piiurur "bbird man" and "12 yes alave." this year, h hwas hirired to make the trailer foor the oscar nominated "the rent.t.t. >> it was tryin t cony thatat feeli, thiseal exrien oe moe.e.>> " "he revenent" full of ana cinma too g i can feeee
7:47 am
had tod sethingls terererssons three th is rrying y y tgh ich is h breath. >> hee bended his breathing with e sound ofrums then with the sound of a shovel diggga .. grave. it all builds, sweepinthe would-be movie goer along wit the action. allhe elements c cmingtogether to kind of create this@ eling. >> mf us sal the days t with te boing narration. >>ver see a ghost? >> they catchheht that
7:48 am
thahas theoice heh late don lafontaine. >>bove grath am looms greatest heroes. >> featured inn morehan 5,000 trailersthat deep barine so regnable he wasubbed thunder thrhat. >> the voice overoror comedean movirailer. railjeyseld "cian" ated aeroice o >> i aorlheeught ng aaugs ma a le funfiif. ust on t e ospe. a girl. >> no. >> t tirls. >> more t tver. >> stop it. >> i heeou >> the voice of godrraterer are gone now. most modern t traers the
7:49 am
>> they may geway t much d vie goers m myrumble there are too many. argument c be madehh trtjlers areres s ch aa of the p pgeantry of film as thee oscars themsves.
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> pauley: coming up. >> pauley: at lst o o little gl in mainenes enjoying child bth t tt'just ducky, stute hartmanhows us why. aofido tohe pk to sctcttr-old kiley bown takes
7:52 am
snowflake comes herereo swimm arouou theond and then returns wh called beuse snowowake try believeve that kiy iss his mother. and the duck is notlone in this dilututut >> n n really his mom. >> yes. i'm his mom. >> h did you first find out. ate du >>h- k w i bely cutut since iever did rover ask that question again. t me just tell y yhat kiley first noticednowfke's attachment thehe d day they brought her home. for whatever reason the duck imprinted by kiiley no tter theour. when skeefus s sy hek yaile y theyeyadoh butto
7:53 am
hodu.>>eore@e a alloaler 'rt awewei dodot ou 2-old o or yeye-ohan't leavho who is anggt. shld nve hwiout he and that point nothing is netiablelele >> s sowflake goes to the beach in summer and sleddingn winter. been to socc practice, gone slpo, event ick-or-treing aslafhehe maom foz. ovov t tim bca ty bototh ncely eyeyelon totoer sowflake and kiley formed a bond like mostf us will never know. >> it's special.l. ev at 5i don't yrs old that's the typepe of person. >> she is really gogog t t m ma great momm someay.
7:54 am
>> grow up goo c#cegeg >> what? >> ahead.
7:55 am
7:56 am
sir eltotohn., p "sunday morning" goe to the osrs heragaiis jane paulul. >> pauley: that's elton j john with lady gaga performing live on s srieerday. o cur i msicc l who isut toohrow another oscar nightrt t only afteritting downwnithh rnny man. >> fonear hf atury he's'seen one of music's mflamboyant perrmers.
7:57 am
he tkhe sta a thhearin los angt month. >> i i sl nous ighi thit's'sbably a good ing.g. he has me than 50 top 40 hits. but thisight sir eon wasas also debuting some new s sgs. >> you can't really playore than three oour because audienen really doe't't want to ow. whats thateing l? >>t's lke maa h i'veveri t sg iee ireoio spi . >nndl,zyzy n 3r studiolbeger sdcelebratathindl fe. u hve a aertainone.
7:58 am
sounded d ke it was made nowow >> his lrici i sme songwritgneforr yrs. problbl mor imptto ri son h h h totote words. so have warm hand for bernie taupin. elton. when young reginald dwight answered this ad seeking ngwriters. >> i look back on m my lttle -- - can't believe i had the balls t do it but i did. >> the record label paired him with t tn they cld, imdiely. aped te that cision. my lwode been cocoletely didferent. nking togeer. >> we l led at my paarents' apartment in north lond, he&
7:59 am
wawattt motiol, aufuy.>>art r a st sepion in the lee '0s, the workededtogegiervevesince. becoming one of the most sug itg or >> do u a to expin i >> no. never. >> you don kno what levon is about? >> no. but i have my own idea. evtime i siing ii have thts vionofof in myy mind. thatat the magic of tho ly. every time you singtou thinkabout sothinent. negettaugh upphat song. i' thinking abou david, my boys.
8:00 am
>> the thinwith himim and i we dropped our egos. >> h hw didjou dohaty dou do that?t? >> because itas necessary. we've nevev, on my children's life er h a argugent erer>> why? >> thenooint 'sar wo wewh hen beenehavin mysese. he'sold m% the truthxh but it's never been anrgument. >> elton went throughg an esseally dk period in the '80s when he battttd drugs and dedesion. when you were dealing withthouou drug problew didou keep going? >> i did. that's what kept me alive. if i i sted at handdot appearar forix months uldne hereecau wou llysel >> musicas b b m mend sie i wasorres ol wheny ntti
8:01 am
listsnintohe rt.thct mus kepte al sedy >>eels likeou traded it for andction to peorming. > addiction t the pforming wasger thann drugs, thank god. piano is black or d. >> elton will perform again the3rdnu oscar party he'll thro tonigh with his huand, dav fursh. a bnefit hisss daon.w iteive he planning? >> it'smazing. 's got to be 9 0eople now. wetartedff with0elen a a&staurantnt in beverly hills. we raised fou orr five million dollars. it hd work, because you hve to go schmooze everod you don't get t watch the cars o-- thest
8:02 am
world. >> i think probably acceptable facefoomoseseality which i realiziny later years can open few doors.. >> reonsibili comes wh that as far as you're coerd? >> responsibibity comes with it.t. >> r rponsibility to engage rlddeaders l russia's president who has sken out against h hmosexuality? >> i had call m prididt pun i'm going to meetet h some time this year, i'm expecting toha to strahtway. h you thougbout wha yo going?o.o. goino say yohave to thiou h he oat. thot the to aproach it. i ve nxpepeatio ihaedng i may take0 ye inut,hoho knows. ssou try4- the singer is citizen ofof the world now wh houses innand, frce, atlanta and here in berly hills.
8:03 am
>> w w hs pgeest'san oaasro zachy w fifind e eijij ie t@ b le it herethave e yd toy in. thth l le the weather. >> can you keep up with them?& >> oh, yeahah i just love them. te years ago if you would h hesaid i'de sittingn thihi house with twohildren, ih rried to myusband,ou wouldd haha said youurazz it in my drk. the best decision iny wle li. >> are u upris@dow you've been as f fther? p i'm'my y i thoht i nd it irritatini'm a at fi ts to b-- i lik objects, i lke to be i certain position. theh b bss are brilliant. >> fatherhood has chhand the way elton john ss his future. >he put everything in persctct it's led toe ing what i'm ing do the rest of my lif
8:04 am
evevything i i arrangeded around their scscol olidays now. i will l ille working but i will be cu down and in the end i w wl op. nt to see them gow up. i havehh great life.e. >>ffr four decade o t%d,, upup ahead,to c seeend ofof roa
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and selitrts nttwo ve. at? oh w. i me with all th technogy. that's a game anger. auy: laf raraalversity ong tonight's ross esonover. at atactethatntio hor ps hora iley.cadywd nonati,ri orotesesshlioe and cal foroboyc of tonigh telecast. nono leee cononss rig u front htt i d/dntd to watch tonight for two reasons. chris rock aru kidding me? this is a comidss dream, the jokeare prtically writing thlves. but this yeae!slackout is no lahing matter. how do we explain that bla folk a a winng in music but not film. ers been disruptive
8:07 am
tists to reco, promotete and distribute their music. not so muchni but loinkhat a cnge ing to. abintbo thisistn that fk have bn ststony maized by the academy. sure, i see whole lt of blac writing and dcting, producing& an a ainggalent being ignored by hollywoodo but black thespianrrn't t on vms. hoywd l/ses out becauseooot re tall then could b b delivering box office as well give a chanan. wh's even harderr isha rysressive d don't th exlllln fili comvay p lebe hst tgbtcommuny has grained more oundh hollywood over the past decade thaha black folk have covered 50ar tonight in fact we'll see aor
8:08 am
delth hy alent otors esses,t said,,oo lling tm sb, i ip wn you l let ar uwhenou w w w wu donant mediocrcr tbe the nxct r t s of hvngc oscanominees. sosoyou must acceptt te fact that a isubjective. you must also acce that ther is right and wro, not just better o /worse. know it to be better not just on oscar night bu eveve day. auley: next -- bette davihey're lik actress whisperer. aule rt osborne ife ovieetetemem ene e old pe when theacacally d stt ving. this g b bween when should start saving
8:09 am
why o many of us aren't preparedetirement. ju start as early as you can. it'soi to o y off in the future. if we all stsaving a little more today, we'll all beetter preped torrow.
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>> pauley:a li in mo is wt rob osbsb. he rneharht he's lelened withisablb t dice. eeeery p pud to present thenele te only, "ne wi@th theind. >>ouhould bebe kissed annd ofn and bomeone who knows how. >> i might be. he's been uering audiences intollywood's c cnematic pt for 20eaow >> i heeee' nn kaas any me. >> t dr bn o starar larant robersborne't juhe lover of old h h hwood..hehe beseererna frien of biggest stars lanaurner. >> y yo see how happy we would bee totherere. >>auren ball. >> you kno how to istlel st put your lips togher
8:12 am
>>ette davis. >> didve acigatt w davis oh, ys, many. >> you u uld buy your ticket for your dime or quarter or whatever you come into this place. >> we met hmthegsgs theater in brooklyn, splendid today as i was ding the depression when movs offered escape andd s slace.&. movie palalce is the word for it at better placeo talkbo passn tha has csumed osborne all of hisi. >> you weno movieke this beauaufullheer eittingght g ininheark. >> and thos wonderful peopl t there thehe dark.
8:13 am
town colfax, washington, he caught the movie bug earlyy by college was o oessed.. >> i every sturuay incollg tveryryopypy ofhe " "yo tim abt 2eyriod. a lt ofveohat played and howowgt ra >> rain manike. t ty should hav lckedoh me up ng a. >> h nknisecordok acky thth is your@_ie bible.>> yes, it is. y 299 '42. yankee doodle dandmdmid for 20 eks. >>orne k kw heanted to work inn movies he wasn't surehere h h f in. toangen d aing. nowow thas what i c cl coffee. >> one thing that i never liked wtetetodo payomomod
8:14 am
briefce. >> sorry to interrupt. >> the pilot off beverly hibillies. >> in a suit. watappened. >> the struggling actor wa@ut under contract by none other than lucille ball.l. >> sheeall was loong for people whoo could sing and dance,@,i coun't do either. shjustke. >>hstoungngersohat laid eyen ad, bo, said, wohaha younu man. >> lcyas impressed by borne'deep well of knowledge about hollywood's golden ra. she sesehim on aew cououe. l luticoaged w n a she saide h enough acts. s s osboeen c chrororoing hollywood and o h
8:15 am
i te hecam tertainm@rter. t hlywote gooning. heasn't' entirely comfortable in this le. when hollywood i iiders learned thatkudson has contracted aids, osboe he refused to rert it. >> yu need to tellhattor i id, noion't's therid he's nvernnt oia>> n national securit iue. >> he's anan a aor. he h a righ to choreograp his own life. >> oborne waasntereed less inxposing thaha clebrating his viviheroes. some of wh had bcome close friends. >>arbara stani, bettee davis, the actress whisie leseeople. ey wre so instg be arnd thwewe peoeoha onc
8:16 am
now ty hadd powerre nobody c c.. but friendshyp with bette davis got f to a bumpy stt on one of their firir meeting osborne had just seen 199's biggttlockbuster. >> iaidhave youeen the new "stata wars" moe. said it's reall good.i thinu'd enjoy i i she memwith full lu sd, tdou, i hate m m m& s sd,ananan bve y somethin so supid.she zipped around looked ae, i ought,he'going to kill me. then i looked at hernd inew i had her.r that'shat she was waiting for a challeng we wererfriends from t tn on.
8:17 am
contendedefor t host. robert osborne had snt his life rsi fois re.e. wepr ieal job that didn' exi.0 >> his favorite ierview, rmerovie musil star, betty dson. by the year 2000 had notot appearedn cameme in almost 20 years. >> howre you today >> i'mcared. >> she openedp to osborne.e. hwas terriririhe was gotosaeopl ldememher. e in p beuse ad t tis v vlnerable ma wh hadeenuch big st tearingnger hartut. >> my prive lifefe been hell really hl. but my profofononon life -- was wonderful.
8:18 am
workfry hear fobt osboe, movieieare life. only bette >> i tnk we to havav ea weweeed a ltle c cmen miran we nd some of the dancing. you neneneenee kelly hanging ff thattamp post. we nd to b takn into a fantasy rld not be aaid to go there occasional >> i think this iss the beginning a beautriendship. ese et we rst t my ly taduate from lle, ised activtwin gir, and trned as a nuruj. but i couldn't beaeamy diabetic nerve pain any longng.
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t ofofisoio beeird oscar nigh wee, otragr t l whittof@aj nene w wlhe sbt probegulexoo ympathi wititeem pra,, t have an aricann americ president. they gave honoraryryward to spik leeee they picked cris rock to host. it was their mostly white, male, over 5 5year-old voters who let themowow ah'sight,, lot of the look like me. veodomiteced" and directorad of just the whitguy in that mvie sysyes stallone. i would have vot@ed for idriss elba. in "beasts of no nation" amon others. so, who is in contention?
8:22 am
bade " "e revenent"" h hauls his brbren b byver meses o&o fozen tundra, give hii his osca already. hear "the renent" will win, too, and mny people love it. iound dictor alejandro, showw off machoenique d bogus nana aricaca spituaua down r rht icky ""the big shor all rur n o rn thth br lars. w have a ha swing g theheamamamam who by t wayor st actress >> id t tal@ mysbsb i need to hol my hususnd. >> the supporti actress front
8:23 am
i'm rooting foreifer jasonleigh anan her ile through oken teeth. finay, i hea stallo wil n forggock bancee bow i c inn "cre" he mina f theriginal, but oestcr toeter finchornetwork." rocksh w in this arena, too. past omissions, that' whathe academy does well given omissions thth year theyett get busy. youncan't predict... e market.but at t. ro price, we can help guide your invtments thugh h od mes and d. for over 75 s, our clclnthaveelieon u
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ivarietof rket conditis... caelelconfiden perien.e caweri re scit orouvivie hopp ke t t mof youtiment savgs t. rowe ice. invest with confidence. pet moments are betiful, unlessou have allergies. thenour es may see itdifferen fseovovo rebo ururtchyhy wateye d d ngng otherasalaler say can n n that. mple allergy relelf or incomplete. let t ur eyes decideflonase changes everything. aulele tooh ckson fce the nion. goodor dkerson: morning ne. stt wi t t t reblicics, donald trump,p,
8:25 am
decratic side talk to bernie sanders. >> paule good luck to you news of our own n we're plplsed to report crles osgod had s s s surgeryryn wednesdahere in new york. he's now out o@f the hpita and restin a home arli s syecue tou..nextk,e"ay in wewe get te ne fro hy huntererer we'rin to ge. one totatay fosed on at's next for your business. e true p ptnersh wherpeople,technology and idids push everyone forward. acleng innovat acceleratingransfoation. accecerating next.
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>> pauley: we leave y this oscar sday while o outstse hollywood ineathalley. li ened up by whats known a aas super bloom o o oowers. pauley:m ne paul ly,
8:27 am
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8:29 am
he's also the e ly candidate to o oose fracking becae fracng cananndananr our drinking water and d reaten our climate. sanders has ththmost far-reaching plpl to fight clima chbnge and build cln energy fure. be sde- peop be uts.
8:30 am
>ickerson: today on "fa the nationcan anything or anyone stop d dald trump or hillary clinton from going all the way to their party's nominion. and superuesday, we'llll talk to the ree top republican contenders, donald tmp w ads bybyig margins i most per tuestatesnd te nator te cruz. er thes n doubt inald stm lls thrper tuesday,e may welele unstoppable. don'think that will happen. >> dicicrson: he's not the only one vwing to s op ld trumu wel talklko senat marco rubio. >> i will dohaver it takes. dickerson: hillary clinton thunders tough south carolina with b win.n. we'lllalk to her rival bernie sanders about hislu w cbagrnd trackekemb a a aheadn " the tion captniponsoredy cbs


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