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tv   11 News at 530PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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cod ea a ch re. a man is b bind barsaccucud of causing an explosion in home. thomas shi-muh-lookee wawawalegedlmangash l whwhwjppenedsamarc d at in het raring( ewrepoereresca leich joins usive e now. jessica you spoke with neighbors earlier today, what are th sayingngbout the exploloon? they yl me they didn't hear tht explosion t saw lots of fire t tcks in front of thome jus aftete30 thimorng. eyreusglad that eryo is ok. "aneneor 'my hay, i'mted because werar ty. everything comes to the suace soon or later and now w 's ter r r them." in colorado, it's illegafor ateur cooks aksh
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th vidhot w daeroue occan - rado sprgs fighrs did this sting. you may rememb in au, coloradoprgs city y unci ap a mea so liceed mamacturer s slso ce rerictns. bretcsfd fe mars"unftu, we f fd le bomomg very creativ but not necessarily being intimatelyamilr with the science thth's involved. andnso as mistakes happen then that aces other people in daer." hashil is extracted from marijuana,a, rece ordance restricts the use e "volatile emicals" to make the oi "i'm relieved d cacae illegal activivies s sd d exposed and taken re o" itit ili tmamaasasl inbutaneprane,heor aohol. igors ll me th hep iliet wn reeinehbod. reporting live in colorado springs, jessica leicht kktv1 news. firsrsforecast with teteologist jessica lebed%
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e 5050and d ght kingng a erl sufter oututde. there is aight eeze in cocorado springs with mainly light t ndnd sewherer skies will stay partly cloudy ernit within
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new at 5:30. puebloolice e y a man was shot and killed durg a fight outside hapapned around one this moing outse of iron horse bar on north main street. po s6 old ark k k otr s a are in stab ndndnda arby ital. police sayresn't spectsc ts . :08:2424s ju a nig t the bar, re still
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circumumances but as soon the fight broke out, somebody drew out a apononndt happedo be a hanun. if know ana^hing thqt can help p pice,all crime stopoprs right away. the number is 542-stop, you could earn a cash reward. some southern colora farmers are wod about losing worrs if a labor progm involvivg mateends. calawmers,ndmers he atibouthehe olo correcaldusuries rengtsoffeer l m" b21percthis yeathre of the prograrasays thprogram is inphased out because workeke aren't learning skills that are helpful when they're releas. s s e expressing concern at 10 of 17 local contracts ve yet to be renewed for thth season. developing tonight. an army staff sergeant is facici murder charges after police say he killed h wife d ened fe onhr poli offers wngn,
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it whe fst dn thjob for the officer who was killed brn webb has t story. "natofnnnn 00;00;46;16 officerown. i d knhehe i cer ashl gndonon s st t and killed satdaon her fstst y paol with the prince wilam county police dertment in virginia she clearly y d a passion to serve ot that wenteyond herself. guind and two other officers were responding to a a domemeicispute saturdayayight, about 3030iles outse of washingngn dc. . police aested 32 year old ronald hamilton, an active dut myff sergrg assned to t pentagon theyay hsh andilled s wife then opened fire on the officerssot t on zimplemanneigh b it was very scary. i ieard the shotot like 4 to 5 sts back to back. yeyeowape roped off the crime ssensunday depaid the res bey avapapn over
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reisorn pture was posted d t rtrt twi pe weominr d anr office it sabe safe". hamilton is scheduled to be in csurt on monday. ban webb for cbs news." the two othehehefifers are expected to recover. officer guindois the fourth officer ll in t t department't'story. the fefel l iation administraon is investing a dely plane cra. it hauped ts moing inin navasote near housn. the f-f-saysnoth pil spottethe wreckage in a woodclc to the lalrprprp e sherifthersays the victims s clultwo childrn a big night in the presidential election is coming uppin more than a dozen states, including here in colorado. still ahead on1 news. more on the b ggesescontest far in the 2016 election season and.. what you need d know to ve on
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but first. you'll remember when millis off gallons of wae wates releleed froa mine and into the anim riv.
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ma se somethinke tha ner ens again. ppeng toow. governororohhiloers ping to lachederlyunde nup d o min hienrsemt of sup ne wouldnclu theheolng ne t tt ntwaater io riri in n re states t ts s st august. the e-p-a wod overe the projt, but nends a aroval from the govevend local offials before moving forward. lasweek san juananounty, including t t wn of sierton, announced their apapalthpl. ththe-vertently trigthree`of 3 millgallons as om the gd ng mininduring premiry cleanup work.
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cubagrants were pied uyestery by a a caalrue sh in e gulf of me. pipipiurelers neerjahaisosphot sf thre to his m pa. ses a enf pi" rip athletes d muci onboard.d. ththcoast gud sasaescues li thiaren't heard of. the migr areak to e pt of call wherer n llwaitg fo . ing ahead. more than a dozen states and tetcitors will hold primaries on s per tuesday, , # udg here in corado. it's the biggest contest so r in the 2016 eltiwneason. hillary clinton is hoping to keep the momomtum from lasnights win in south cacalina through theote on tuesday. senator be sders skipp ents in sou carolyeday mpaiai i e south.h. prenal candidatete"im gonna be askg r yoyo voteses on t t tay, , , neoran atrom m u.u.d yourp the daafter the geral
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alone. " donald trump, comi offffhrhr big winsnss hoping t t sweep the super tuesday states. his rivals are working hard to try ancatch up. we have all the information you need to , he in colorodo, , super tuesda wee a lin r website, kktvom. it ideinformation on poing ons. jesswhen@n cnce me ininnd snow? dls comup
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world a presididhato grapppe w`th. somememes you n't even imagine. at't the jobob and she's t e one who's proven she can get ititone. .surininmassive reductn in nucucar weapopk... ...standing up ainst the abuse of women... ...protectg social security... .expanding benenits for the tional guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the pridency is the ughest job in theheorld and she's the one who'll make a real dfee r yo
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jessica lel todawill lng lotofofofsuns andighs i i ithth 50s and 60s with c cmer winds than surday. monday will be another mild day with clos builil through the
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an60s.t chce memestste arrives monday night into tuesday. rig nt is not lookoko wirere or r gnificant. it wi bringcatt l rai shows moaynoonefore itchg over ta wintryixix and urries overnht. the er divide, mains, and e. plains have thbest
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e cdo . is w imct event. cdions ll c d in esdaand will ilso bring with it a cool down in temperatures totohe 4 4 40s. we'll warm ck up p to t l 5 andn60s0sesda ananremain d tgrert of t work ek wld
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we're talking baseba tonight. spng traing gagas jujuju few daysysway. wel he frorowa about one he rockies and ye was wildior
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pack... i've got t thighlights.. sckround spor is nex kkkk 11 sports hehedo have a mimiutde not urrym way toba! ! hat a shfromomomry! ! ! d therit i i..n case you sssssst...he 32 foy eph rrust cond ftftn o-t. thwarrioio we on t f brink of tir 6th loss of t tean, t currturnrn@it up i ithe 4tqrqrand oveimimas ldentate wald away wiwi a 121-118 w in overtime. steph tied a anba sing- game record by hitting 12 3-p-pnters, and set the 'sgle-season league mark' with 288. hello. i'm alysssschin. llege e atinupare noin tomretch of the gulaseasefor coerrnam begin n n thos-oh sortanutatic bids in the d. . . both csusund cayg today.l t with the motaint. nevating t cado ate rarares day.2n
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cin n omhe elbowowitthe the up 38 - 34 ter.r. csup 44-40... jeremiahaiaiaiititthe rn jumper. ams s . == len 3 o in relatiwi......twancoco- a handhis ce frorodownto gets@it to go... rams u65 - 62 ==== but we would ginto ortime, shot clock winng adelijahoster some h h gets to go... as theye_ould go on to bt the e ms 87-8080n overtime in pac 12 acti.. colorado -g izonstate e&ould today.. 'll pickt up ith half....uvuvuv0.0.0j fortute en lin. . . he free t t s his own boararicic t t-shaun etetet. who s th3! buffaloes 56-50. ==== tater.r.buffup 3.. j jh ssott.t.working hi way to the hoop for two.. colorado u5. ==
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ki from downtown.. kcks itit down and the alalget n 9. stt f fhee day with 15 points and 6 bounds. fothososwaititg d ttetehehehe sunflower r eds at the balalpapa and taerica's pastme... ve wait ststite t long..nless u' headede do th spspraining-inhichase,es es! for r e co 'l'l ckg g gsgsgs a ainst n n n st cs ue e e izona amdbacacyeyeerdamanar r waltis wasskskpkboutnter fieerckmowhyoma memeerlad cospris e skx re t res leeaeaast seon, he was nkedecond the leagu with 4# stolen b bes. hererg w w wwes sa about ackmon taking another step forward this seseon.. walt "he's a great example of hard rk ps off ya d d't know w he next t t h is i think susuaining whahelreaesesououou be a gooooplple e tartrtm,
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rs in the ag, veryad o hitter, spee a t e ements ow. kyuschchcn thelo, bubu t bacof t f ahe`faia postst inspecon. ==== wilalago......r r kevin harvick- on the left side of the screen- pits undegreen and gis the lead to jimmie johnson... =-==== with 3 l ls to g. johnson appears headededor vivioror@r@ril rn ne blowswsws tireringininout & just 2 othe y == on thnhnleleg t b had fough his way ba gets a great art from 3rd...but hnson js ablbltool him off.. that's chase elliot's car at caught t@ ththback....josoth career c victo6.whh ties himimnd l ldada- -
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here whats cing up11 t . tonighghweweee with robert dear.
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anneparerehohmhmhoototg in colodo sprgs. . ree pelele re k m md in thettack. whatatear isisling us toght.t.t.t. plus s noecret t t some foods, like can a sa, arel su our 11 call fction alalt.t. wel tell y how peoplplmimimimibeating g g g guguthun thtinin ea f f fhe .
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we're always on at kktdot com. our ne newscastpisisis itnini&funde cbc
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prents, preserving the past.t. >> the $540 llililal museum of africaamican utory and culture risinininiie e tional m ml. mplered shad oonon, , di ofcololoagaitphiors itit ma this is m ed isinoththum fficicp it is the museumumhahasays h b bancecehistorof america at aows uuo cry y d s%il >> italy i ihoho to twthirds of theor's culturall sures,ubub is thee cocotry y trokeep itstshiicooms, churesnd ntom crumbli to n n n nme most
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a governmentut by a a a respececitutio shsine > p pe for us fothe coununy, we ne t do w. >> when benedict xvi came to fia he e nseceaeadd the church as a balica. >> not since883 when it was first ensioned by anni i i d it been se i&iallofts glolo.


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