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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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a governmentut by a a a respececitutio shsine > p pe for us fothe coununy, we ne t do w. >> when benedict xvi came to fia he e nseceaeadd the church as a balica. >> not since883 when it was first ensioned by anni i i d it been se i&iallofts glolo.
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ata is >> cbs money watch pup date brought to you by: >>lor: good evening. apple and b.i. te tir enenypypattl congresy. a push todor.a.o seit how cmped airline ats cabe.. d wren bfettaidhis weekend berkshiathaway added $15.4 billion to its n rth
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i'jefflo cew e rosthaliveinin you ke c. and in these times, wed that... need d u to rush in, when everyrye else is running away.
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elely:y:ood eveneng,nd weome e e 60%q presents." m ot tonit,esng t t p we'll plore the memorable buildings, where architecture is honored and hiory is kept aliv we're goto begin in shington with a museum tt has yet open its doors.
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since america'original sin,ananstill, riots are ignited in the econ bween race an juice. ashideba conese smithsonian is cplg nualroth$5 llnaaleu afcaeran hrynd ur th wasuthod n t ofoness,hich called it "a tribute to the neo's contribuon to the achievemen ameca." the wos are jarring becae the act was written in we first toldou lt spri, dihimuum h been lonstrule, just like the story it hopeso tell. beside the monument to washington, a slave-holding president, the museum is breakingreof grod on
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eight decades ter congress ed muserand en faileto fitthdream is being written, this time in steel and stone: ten floo-- five above ground, five below; its cplexion, rendered shades bronze, a building of color against history's white marble. you've been at this nine years now. it's a big job >> lonnie nc wl, as tell people, at 8:00 in the morning, i have theest job in americaca and at 2:0in the morning, it's the dumbest thing i've ever do in my life. this is a romare bearden from the 1950s. >> pelley: sleepless nights are all in a day's work for the museum's founding rector nnie bunch, a schor of the 19th century bunch: clearly, this is... ought to bone of tho momen whe e opre going tso efct, us whats it mean once we open? what does mean in terms of development oppounies? >> ple in 20, president signed the law creating themu.
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and bunch has raised most another $270 million. >> bunch: i knew that this is where th museum uld have to be, that this is america's fro lawn, and this ithe place ere people come to learn what it means to be an american, and this museum needs toe there. >> pelley: so,e're on the groundloor. this is where the visitors will come in. this will be their first experience in the museum. so, what's going to be here? >> b: they will walk in ei from m e mall or from constitution ave, and d ey will to amazing pieces of can-amamic art >>ely: when all of this is finally compmpte, what will america have? >> bunch: america will hava ace that alllls them to remember-- to remember how much we as a country have been improved, changed, challenged, and made betteby the african americic experience. they'll have a place that they can call home, but they'll alsls have a place that will makem change. >>elley: but e en this place isisnly space ununl yoyofill it.
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now, did somomody already look at some of these things s you? >> no. >> no?! pley: seven yea ago, the smithsbegan rummagagg the attics and basents of america. >> thiy have m mked a mileone in hisife.e. and what we dowhwh th w w. >> but a aleast it g ges me something i can vestigate. >> pellelele,000 pple brought their family historyo 16 smhsonian events across the countr >>ary y liott: and this is the early free blackamily based out of baltimore? >eses >> pely: it sosods like "antiques roadshow." nancycyercaw:w:t is like "antues roadshow." >> pelley: mary elliott and nancy berc are curors. >> elliott: we have experts from acacss t museum field. expertin conservation.n. expepes who understand about paper,r,bo metals, abobo you name it-- fabrics,exles. and they c ce i and they review jects for thf ic.. >> the c ctingn th is pret goocondndio >> some e that looks like it's drieieouttle bit. >>nd don't put it near the a a cocoitioning unit becausthatwill dryryt out too much.
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someone to give a pricecess familyeirloom? >> bercaw: do you know what? our museum p pches itself. all weweave to do isisell the soluteest truth. people havbeen waiting for u people in america have been waiting for this moment. and so, literally, t ty y st handthingsgs lliot: a we're very cid like you are. elley: thohoandsf rerecs wewe eneneut only 25 will be in the collection. thth ie of them. >> renee anderson: this was actuly a connection we made with theamily. . e bue wawawa enslave e s ard withplaying ion and enenrtaining t t slala holdede and his guest. >ellehihihe hshshan's'wauce in lala, ,he2e2sty is ing wrwrten.n.n.and d ese are few ofhehehe nenene
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the suofof35353n full paymta neneo o y bybyhe nof boboen years old, th31ay odececeer, 183535353 jim woulhave beemiliar with-- shahas dating fore 10, bondage that might veeen n oken if ththkeeper of this e had succdein his s oo reblion.t t rner had s s s g mmananhim t b b ai. his bis taken awayefore his execion. paarduluo leaear of t cutininieaea augardul: : think ny us who know the story of slavere knknknbout t t tr;knkn aut naturom t t perspective of perhqps areedom fighter, perhaps a murderer. we, we knonothis is lilipe.. kw thisiss a pers whohoao rere, anwhwh yououegith th, and d ose e sde the persov o&bt rner and
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light. and ok to do t t agaiaiaid again,ays thate ean seewewe-worn ststs, s sriri we think k k kw,n a new light. >> pelely: yayayhink you know the sdoryf f boy ered until you are confronted with his casket. >> bunchjhthe ory of emmett till is a u#iallant story ter of what itellsus, b#th about sort of reinvigorang t c c righth monentbut r@t'a y of h mother, mamie mobley, who was really one of the st werful people, who said that her@son's murder should not be in vai that it suld help trsnorm mnic>> pley: no one s pued fothe erf emtt tlnhibogsxhumed ia later investigatio and original casket was neglected. >> bunch: but then the questio was-- would we ever display it? shld we ever display it? and i wrestlel a lot with it,
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hearing mamie mobley in head. and she said, "i opened this casket to change the wld, to make the worldonfront the dangers, the power, the ness of race in america." >>elley: a lot of the things that you intend to put on display are going to be hard to look at. >> bunch: wh i'm trying to do is find the right tension between moments sadness and moments of resiliency. >>ley: one rilient men cameutf thblue. air force captain matt quy and his wife tina rebuilt an old crop duster, and in cuosity, they sent the serial number to an air force histoan. >> matt quy: and he said, "are you sitting down? because i have some news for you." >>elley: turned out, in 1944, the stearman trained america's first black squadrons, the tuskegee airmen, who flew to fame in world war ii.
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known much about the tuskegee airmen. i'd seen a p-51 plane, but i'd never really, truly understood what it meant. >> matt y: te your time. >> pelley: before donating t plane, known as a pt-1 t quys cared the last of the airmenack to the air. matqund it was st grea sitack in b seat and look at this real tuskegee airman in a rll tuskegee airplane. just magical. >> leo gra the greatest thrill in my life was sitting in the seat where you are and watching the ground drop out from underneath me. the pt-13 was the baby that we used to learn how to fly. >> pelley: the smithsonian coected the thoughts of lieutenant colonel leo gray 2010. >> gray: they said we couldn't fly. but we had the best cord of any fighter group the 15th air force, and probably in the r force itself. we stayed withur bbers, we
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coul and we proatwe cld fly >> pelley:ime the enemyf histor so smit conservationists have been workinfor years restorin america's heritage from xtiles trains. this 1920 railcar had two sections-- "ite" and "cored." the same number of seats, but "cololedwas compressed in half the space-- ysysalaltouchable, jim crcr c cfinene just like gugud d wer from t trisoso in angola, louisiana, notototosss r r ueltlt >>arlolobustanan: it'sbout21eetallll d th i i ist cononon s s it'senusec >> pelley: from monumental tominiscsce, carlololoststananansss ececmanager buildingngace e r 33,0,0,0,0enen in me. usususnte: so o o y y yad the railcar,r,he railcar p pces,
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ppt t t pmpmt, w whad d d convoy of about 12 semucksks travelinininwn t t t tacacss six ststeseso gegehe d itook them aut t da.>> pelley: dyoth thin into thisuig? nt sp very, very large cranes. and these cranes are... rare, thn ofheth siz dnhtkeupse vavbasalalalror si a`dow@d d dn abtu60t& gpapavv >pel t ans, mohesetc io@ilnwyoput e objects in pla a youuild thbuding arothem bususmae:xact.- ths s ej wayay >> gardullo:ftens,t i'm awn are some of allethin ss glath were up tee in t6tet
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eee e all,sc tmamatha lenge an wonrf. pel wt isomething y yesant an have not bn able tfind? >>dull i wt llie mays' hs >>elle whi wld be ite catcispl a witloartronhoand chuck rry'ho behth chro os '7caac ere's the wee mins playuse,hichesonedmi monan als adge, isti condndion. anis firem's head ge, aa votioninioin4 byha garmorg.. you thihe cou'seady r th now bch: t ink amerera
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really readyo e lit on ahe dark cornerof the icxpieie bui hope this museumill lpin aayto d that >>lehiis n the amicananusm ofve? >>ch: thisthe se tgedy s t t odiulmoment is e muum t, "his balstory oferica that alls to crcr anil >>pell: on sepepmber4th, erics k iden wiut rn heitiafit naonal sef can amer hiy cuur inon.c.cance yae ae riald copythemanci
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inife the th waa toh anusdot. the erchsssssslet.
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>> pelley: it's estimad th aly home towo-trds the world's cultural treasures. trouble is, the e untry's too brokto keep itithistoric ins, churcrcs d monuments
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italy isp to itstseck k debt, xego unpd,d,ruion n n n an overstutued bureaearacy is rife. t now,w,w,w,w, i i most treasuananenenngnred landrks are beininsaved-- not@ by theovnment, buty a re rerereteteitalaln instution,n, the e shioness. asasasley safer r ported inn 2014it stepped i ito rescue some of italy's most iconic sites-- among em, the very symbol oits rich, olent and inventive history, t t colum in re. >> morley safer: wititss ning, timelessights, it's justifiably called "the eternal city"-- a holy pce to billions; a vast landsca of e sacred and profane; an ititraradelit, especially when viewedt suns.
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cololoeum,m,he greatest ivwond oe cien wowod, a memorl to the rise, declinand llllf imperialplactrcoloal krlre k seats about 50,000pl but t isbedepeon h--de y thi tom behinwa ouhinkt hhi tyocacaulate lesmall nds, you saf: basides asidofesr ows the rect of e ic aca aner ant medirrann n who sevy f the colossm. e's taking us the vy p vel, ave w tri ead, aightt,re ce vy feop haveeen thd. >> bow: view i ifng!e ew is trinary.look at isis iwhthpo peosa you alethe scale of thth building here, though. ok hok big this is. look how big this is! pele arents!
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e ss justen year finhed half- y tethe iopeororrs her gliato, wildnilsen means. i gaer tth wheheent nterthe broaayity,es? bes w e whpoisiso pruce&rvs,proda tathou havamaz the di. ith e per, natoarwn a ane leith e le we theves d won,up ae p. s: n?>> besme li, you don'waomeno tetoo clost gdis. you ne to keep theheseparate. cause your greest fe... u've two frs if you'u' a roman man.onon tha youslsle is going ilyou onda ybeanurecd fe is that ur we oio of with a slalike aladiator.ths everyons id , you've got put n the to
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eir r y. >>owestheye. >>afer: turn to ood for de how it veke (ch appe) es: ere'mon orwherl cre waout ht wrear >> serpressos s e fimarsmas fo hioricccuracy he uteciocoss b: e whe a relylye-actmofan nq, e contual exioioofhe ee. >> safererckstage waactually underground-$ e basement. >> bowes: until recently, this was just filied dirt. s: a labyntcoors-- dungns slas, foanim a brought from the f f reaes of e pire. and wooden elevators, raised by ropes and pulleys\ leading to trap doo in the etage. >> bes: ere's a wondful ene in "gladiator" where t t
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thiss`exactlthki of thininthatatgvld have e usu ts sow the audie safn e theh18thh y, htanatholici hasavenerererhesseuymboofotod rlo put to death for their beliefs. profesbowes tetes visitors e e e e ndndndeayy stnsnsuietetetetcutete elseseere in r re. f f fheheheossese...... bowow: wewewewewet ononpipipi ofofvidedededede anynyhristianan e er kill i ithis building, not one. the are, ink, rerely inininststg rereons for thth. ououake a grououof people balaccountstsare traoaoinarilbravavininhehehe facecef ceceaiaideatat andndou puthem in this space andndut them on display, who's everyrye going to cheer for? they're going to cheeror the christians, right? beuse they show such extraordinary bravery. this is not a smart thing to do politically. >> so, i'm in the famous colosseum. >> saf: simillion tourists a
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selfies and posing with rent-a-gliators who pass thtime with cigarettes and ce phones. e ple has surv fes and hqs t cenries. no there's a new csis- finding e monoy anage the crowds and keeup with ba maintenance. the ct of thcolosseum isrossella reu. >sella rea slated ): the`money isn't t ere. there's verytle, totally inadequate fundi. on 5% o o hat weeed. safaf: too little meyand frhe italiarliamen too much r t t ta lot of people say the& bureaucracy sp heav at the reason whwthin don't gegedodo. >> rea: reaucracy is not just heavy, it isrerelylyeavy, and we a theheirst victi. bureaucrcry,y,ors,s,s akiller. >> safer: but thth scaffolding yoyosaw earlier is a sigigthat help is ononhe way. e colosseuis getting aadly
6:28 pm
nlelsour to prevent f fther ruin,n, bector is spending aar d d leg-- $35 millioh-- one where, 200 years a a, gladiators a a slas s terally lost arms,egs and ves, andall inhe n ne of sw business. benefaor is de vae, a aront itatabusinessman who kns s t t the busisissssf showing.g. della valle is c.e.o. of tod's, the luxuryryeather gds cococoy.crafting stylili sho@snd bagag s long been antalian specia having gade e s bundle, dellll vae ded d give me back the state.. y spend so much of y y yown money, millions upon millions,
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>> diegogoella vallewhy no well, i am itataan. i am very prd to be italian. and there a very famous kennedy speech, no?@?@ is the moment that w yt is possiblblfor u uto do for r country, we ne to o now. >> safer: the shs at made dedevallels une are asseseled the old-fashioned way- hd, stch by stitch.and d wo he's funding at the colosseum is also about as low- tech as it gets. it's being cleed literally ch binch to gegerid of centies s ced-on dust* ime,e,ir a auto poll the stone traverte, a kd limesne. chemicals arerelllw, only purified water and elbow grease- days, wewes, months,s,earsrsn end of subbi. built by hd, saved by . w long is it g gng tke? >> della valle:ethe e losseum, i think, three years from now.
6:30 pm
like, do you think, when they're finished? >> della v vle: i am very curious. p safer: to get somomidea, we were s own a few sections that haha been complelely cleaned-- 0 years d,nd`doooong most brand n. and d the world of high style, it's become fashionable to follow delalle's example. entire parade of faioninias e bankrolling similaworthy causes. the fendndfashion house donated$3.5 mlion for somnew plumbibi for a familiar waterworks. it's the trevi fountain... marcello, come re! >> safer: : .where, 54 yea ago, marcello mastianni an anita ekberg went wading in feini's a dolce vita "the sweet life,"orever linking romend romance.
6:31 pm
helplp a lot to builis poweweululmagef thtrevi fountainin cinema has big p per.& >> safer: silvia fendidi grandfatheheststted the business 90 years ago. e huge e owow had a a st chanc t ia co re t cng of the site pa endi: it m thahayou ll be in od health in order tot come back, so o 's v important for us. this country gave us a lot, and sot's nice, a pointnttoto. to givivivck sometng >> safer: elelwhere in rome, the bulglgi fashion house is payininin to clean and repaithe spspish steps, where touriststop to rest their feet. a janese fashion company with titi to italy isisestoring the pyramid of cestius, bubut to hohor a noble roman two decades before the birth of rist and after the roman conquest o o
6:32 pm
and in venice,ethe 4 4-year-old rialtodge over the grand canal will be cleaned an strengthened, thanks tot$7 million om t t tma r r r rosso. is theovernmtopoorooo br maieasures? >>enzo rosos: nononothink k have to f ce wititite reality. ththreality is shat they donon ve money..>>afer: ss ames son, a self-made man known as "j"jns genens," asasn didi jeans. he b blt the brand from the ground up, expanding into other businesses and becoming a billionaire several tis er. >> rosso: : want more short. saf: his slhequarters l hihin co ey, at w wh the pr bars and d d care, where kids learn the inrnrnrnnal language of business. >> claout, clap in. >v safafbut the fashn industrys a rare bright spot in the stagnant italian economy, and these woers the lucky
6:33 pm
elsee, fully hf thth cotrung tsunploy there's coon, , bl and private, a wesd x asn. >>: thalpele a red hirruption. bebeuswe hav that stetony peo put t y inis pocket. we he 40% of people who don't pay t! cayou imagine? 40it's unbelievable.e. >> safer: pope francis talal about the problem in scathing terms, saying rrupt politicians, businessmen and priestare everywhere. and e cos neyoununprp maen, s declarar war oe litil establhment, saying e whole system s s sd be scrapped. dio o lla valle agrees >> della valle: i think it's possib nowo.o op a old t vw with]nns hon the nepoinof vw.i push for t newoint of viewew
6:34 pm
scrubbbbs ntue t tir wor it's worth noting that hispgeneffo storee try'greatewasmid in beaucd forlnearly three yeyrs before wo could begin >> bowesthis is the realal challee that italy has. this is why sites are closed and monuments e faing down. the bureaucracy will he to change in order t actually make it possible for someone to comom and say, "here, , you want $25 llion?" witht the bureaucracy ngelow avto thi abo it." >afer: but time a way of standnng still forlilians. past glories are as presen thod r rainserb d thble s l bricth nvon. heurfaceit s la dolce vita, he sweet life."
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mebody else's probobm.i conature made fish.because trtptheieiqualy. they were the fifit to have a pruct verifi busp. an indepdent oanavat that sets striuaty andpuritaards na m nuer one pharmt recoended fi oil brand itits a a ststst bd,d,yeyeso smomoh, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a tatae you u uld d joy, frfrh brbred, or one p at a timim black sili, fromgers.
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tt0w!tx#hi!!%4@-*! tt0w!tx#hi!!el &l l tt0w!tx#hi!!ed@m&$( 0w!tx#hi%!)8h-fzt tt0wx#hih!kz[5( ttttttx#x#%!h-.\$ tt0wx#hih-< tt0wx#his"!thiueh-tt0w!tx#hi%!7hx is thehehenono rd?we, th15memeca quir me alth in yrs than t bottommlliopeople combined. m bebeie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall strere banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, prpridehliving wages for working people, ensu equal payor women.
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less w wlle playinel withr , rerent, beforepping dn as pe, benedicxvxvcarrd t thousands offficial duties over eht years, t ly once did he travel outsidi romemeo bestow the vatican's higigst honor on a chuhuh,ransforming into a silica, , ed placreve ght,e' goio y to that extraoinary church. it's called the sagrada faa, and, if you've ever been to rcelona, spain, you couldn't have ssededt. it m`y be one of the most spectacular r ildings ever constructed by man, , e visisi of genius spanish aritect antoni gaudii, knowntas g
6:40 pm
'sr nstror 130 years, and it's stililnott fied. why woulchake so lon to b? beus as lairrepoed i20, gagaii design was as complicated as it was advanced. today, the sagrada famiilia has become tht l lgest running architectural project t earth. >> lara logan: when pope benedict came to thesaada failia two ars o, was f hadevn held h in an n cienentradition as o as the catholic churur, he consecrated d e sagrada faili as basaca. not sinc188383when it s
6:41 pm
bn en i iitory.0 icesild thr,ne targe cirhe worl a cloo 7,000 peop ered, celebrating a momont at had taken 12828earso arrive.. while the inside is mostlyly finished, outsididhere's still much to bee. you can see thspires and construction cranes for miles. watch as this picturmomos in om above-- tseingures beare ople dwarfy th ive faccccade ringm t main entnce c ch. ni wfoundl devo, d thasisisoo makekamemes to god forhe sinininin of t modern rld. >> gijs van hensbebeen: : mean, he wanted to w wte the history of the whole of the tholic faith in one building.
6:42 pm
extraordinary d how ambitious d how, i ia sense, melomaniac that idea i >> logan: gijs van hensberern imimrsedimself in antoni gaudii's life for ten years and wrototwh considered fitive bgrhy hek te e natity cc ty,rt built while gaudii w alive. >> van hensbergege it's the bible writn inintone. >> logan: so, eversingle tng that u lot ere,ry detaimbizes meing real& vensbern:eah,nd th was the ia, that together would spend dayhere-- me teaching u, ii w s a priest, what thehetory was, d what the s sbo was. and once you g insididisis wonderful, kind ofpitu boost. oganthilg isstngisplayf udii enenneg nius.
6:43 pm
forestbeca's wheree believed man could feel closest to god. and d enenen looooupwawas,ouud's columum ching ouli t tes. >> van hsbn:es allyinhe sd.d.itws where to thw ou br d if y look at the sagda il"l"today, that'exactly what happepe wh those bie,eccentri.. ty ok bre eccentriut@engineerininbeneit is absoly exceptional. logan: van nsbergen pointed out that, as you move toward e altar, theolum are made from sonr and stronger stone. gagaii choho r porphpry from iran for the ones th bear the heaviest ld, becauset't' among the strongest in the rld. if you h h to define, sort of, the one inthat dtinguiedgaiis arcctwhat d it be?>> vsberheacyto s in a tollyy
6:44 pm
explode, to see a building as aa sculptute raer than n sts a place toive in or roofver yod. heomeo wentee lauagearec, ich other@brchitect hasrr naged to do. log: how many years ahehe of his time s he? >> vanensbergen: oh, hwas a century ahead, he was a century ead. >> logan: gaudii knew the sagrada fafailia a uld not be completed in his lifetime, so he spent yearbuilding these elaborate plaster modelslsls this one is thehehurch's ceiling. they wou have to act as a guide for ture generions of architects to followis lid signd hehehe that, tht t em, it wouou ne finisisd d waheinteed >>oror bet: amolt.>>ogan: yo vol bete nntnt yes. >> l: t? b: log: gaii legacy s been in the hands of this man's family for more than 80 ars. jordi bobot came herfor the fit time in 1932, when he was just seven years old.
6:45 pm
lili when you first memeere? >> bonet: yes. ogan: was s nothing like this? >> bonet: nothing of this. only this faccade, t t walls. and the her faccade? this was nothihi. >> log: foyearsthe sagrada faiibliwas tt more than in, a pilef rurule and o on y.d itaystedhay we inot for thisikne fam this is jordi i net's father, who was one the lead aritects he fo than 40 years. rdi followed him as chief chitect for almost tee decas, a a ais daughter maona is an architt here toda together, they've spent re time working on this church than gaudiiimself. the detiti to gaii runs de here. japanese sculpr etsuro sotoo s sp35 yrsthis chur, and is ier
6:46 pm
his lifefefeulutg the e e s( ado gdi final mastecec cmed tan and d s visisi.>> etsuro o too ((translated ): gaudii teaches me and helps me solve problemsmy work. for me,@he's not dead. >> logan: why did you convert to catholicism? you beme a catholic. >> etsuro sotoo ((translated ): i was a buddhist, but aftere working here, i realizeded cocodn't do my job witho ing gaudii and to know hi you havto b inhe place hwas, atwaofth. >>anudud'seep faith asase mewn"g ais iof t fotograevevf hi waswh he starte rkini on the sagdaamiiiiii and over the next 4343ears, it became an obsession. >> vanensbergen: he looked like a homelels reon. his trousers were he uwititi stringng
6:47 pm
and... bause a a he was interested in was the sagrada miilia. meananthat was every wakak hour, to the pat the end of his life, actually,here he s sleeping on the site. >> logangaudii died sudddddd at ntsen in92whenh he wy .t hed ase, thlovearitece fofoa >>an hensbn: ptossow you tkind o bereft of their buder,he builder o& god. >> logan: after hideath, the builder of g d's plastodels continued to g gde construction for ththne tenears, unti 1936, when the spanish civil oke out. anarchchts attacked the sasaada famiia.a. this p pto captures smoke billing fr itstside. all ththe mols gaudii h h ent years budinge e hetopieceses hesere a origil
6:48 pm
histud. arrry:uptheye sorofaikily idenenfied ogan: ese shatte pagments re r froe le and aes by jordi bonet's therernd a team of archts. the are thousands of them loed away inside this room in the sagrada famiilili they are the structural d.n.a. of gaudii's church. >> burryrytxey a absutely the link; not a gue nk, t a uriden--se soururevidence. lan: w zederk rry studctur at camidniveinanenf)o saa a miiilia on a backckcking tr qn 1977. he'd comom just the e ght moment. e aritts w we the se faccadhad juee cote`,ndhewere rdy tonhe othe chch, none couldur out t@w to build it as gaudii innded. what we you going to do that they couldn't do?
6:49 pm
actually reverer-engngeer e models, ifizou like.@.@. loganreversrsengineer them he could undersnd how gaud's'sretogether.. b: this ide kewoshop. >> logan: ...almost ljljhe pieces o oa complex puzzle. he told d gaui's design was so adncedthere was nothing lili ie nguage o architecture at the time. inhend, urnetohe stophiicaucalll degn se ailae. >> b hok t t otr pressis actuallyaced t mplexities of sasaada famiilia, wch are basicicly mplex x apes andndurfaces, so that's the v vicle indndtry--the car designers, t thihi desisisis, the pla designers they've en grappling for decades with t very same is thagaud putng acturhage >> logananso you ung t most up--date aeronauticic engigiering soflwarereo complete something thatate conceiveof
6:50 pm
>>urry: absoluly. >> logan: after 34 yrs, mark burry isowne of the ad archts too u their tructionone wawaabovci. frfr, yocan see althe way to theedidraraan. how did th buildhese towers 130 yeyfs >> bry: eyhem@by hand.ogan: day, msiras swg g avuit t d materis acrohe sky, nstrtrti the sagda famiilili precisely as gaudii envioned. burry ys they still rely on gaudii's'sodels to guide them,m, nearlyly hundrdr yearsat >> burry: what's extordinana isbecause of the system that gaii putn plple usinthese particular geomemeies, it all fi within fractions of an inin. >> logan: the spot where we're standi iere thth'r budiauenal ter 66eet,llakth
6:51 pm
gaudigned it tbehreeee fe shorter than tatat rring uninin fefencncnc g g.whwh you fininh this tower, 's going be double where we e right now? >>urry: we're going to get this v vw amplified by two. >> logan: mark burry says it will take at leaststnother 13 years to finisthe e gradaa famiilia, which is paid for entirely by donations to the church. dudung the pope's s sit,ordi bonet was called on to represent ththe neratis chginenedd ptorwhhaveughtgaudisthis f do y thinkhkou will see thisls complete? >> bonet: this is very difficu totanswewe my age is a big age. but it is possible..
6:52 pm
in your mind that this will be finished one day? >> bonon: oh, yes, i... i bebeeve. >> allela, >> this cbs sports update is broughto you by the lincoln motor company. i'i!greg gumbel in new yk with a few upts i i colge skskball today. a stutuer in the bib east asseaton nalll knocks off xavier. in the big 10, ohiote rallied at home to shock iowa and ove itscaaouament resume anan the aits s t ge agnst rankedponty bng numbe5 dukeenioq day for t tnthers. for more sports news a a
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