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tv   11 News at 10PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 10:08pm-11:00pm MST

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investigats say heas& dodn thacausus thehehe explplpln. plus, , man acacaed ofil thrhrpelee plned parenthood buildldg in coradoprgs iing 11 newmewiim inside the pas jail. what he's telling us tonit. now, fm your breaking news leader, this ikktv 11 news at 10. hello o m dadaelel kreutter. we're glad you'r'rwith us. neneat ten, tonight, we'retinunug to tata with the e cused p,p,ned parerehood gunman.n.e firs spoke with robert dear on friday and agaithis ing. tonight, he told us new information t what happenen that day. 11 2ews reporter katie pelton n joins us live from the el paso county jail. katie, you m wititdear today.. what stood out the most? robert dear said his d dision to
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tohep of a c cheaihe girir of waitghe weg gr vend h es clcled$ t ththwe t tkethrougp a video f edededed whaen thatorric day. we cn'inr camara de theail vitati cter ening i wh nm robe dea igan with mbng conspy ries. theh he talked about the shooting at the planned parenthood clinic. he told mesaw his girlfriend at the hosostal thatatorning and said federal agents were followinhim when he left. tonight, he told me he was at war with the feds so he cked the momovil spot he could think of foror battle, so he pipied here. told me @e was armed wiwi an ak-47.hreeeople were kilild that d. heers no remorse. welso talkeg to him overhe phe on fday. dear: 11114:34 "i tried d save babies." tonight, he told me quque "100 llets went by" and said quote "god's protecting m" ter the in flip, h htold me ust yelluote " ging up" aalked ou
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three people but ied prob,00000 baba. ybe more than thth." dear told me`ee's never been to thatlinic d sayse's ve protested there erked wh would'vhaed if coitossame e up tails. . heaid wldsathere loloer and waited. reporting g ve katie p pton n tvtv 11ews. thank you katie. heheill be back in court n nt moh wherebwewewe find out if he's competent to stand trial. we'lllet you know what happpps. right w this wom is cing attempted muerharges. police say she shot ater husband and then went missg. officers were lookikg for tracierkeyhis teooter r and her gedlgo toto ear t ts mo vestatats were e entuall le to fier in a homen colorado springs.
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motorcycle crash. 've e arned 27 year o d atatnanana z of parker isis facink chahaes for the cra state patrol says munonos car crossed d ton comingraffic, hitting two motorcycs. brian and lehner of rker w we on of theotorcy a die the scen pharlettofolor ngs s theer mcycle, as minor injuries. muz isisha w wh twco of vehicular homicide, and driving unr th uence of alcohol or drugs, or both. statpatror tells unone of the victims were w wring helmets.s. happpping now. colora sprprgs police tete us a man is facing chargef/r a a hashillosiononhihihome. ththmiski leley makikiash during the explosion on san marcos drive. neors we spoke to say tpey're glad no one was hurt. 20:19: e lived here for about 39
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always oneneo the exception. that house has been a proem spot for a whe." manufacturinhash oil is against the law r everyone in colorado springs. developing tonight. anrmy staff seeants cing rder chaes after li he kiedis we sht relifirs iwash, . ficeasey inn washotillele satutu on herst da prol.l. indod two other office wereponding meic d dpupupuast nighd poceesd ear r p ld h hilton,n veve du army staff rgeant assigned to the pentagon. they say hshot and killed his wife then opened fire on the officers. chief steve hudsonon prprce william co po dept our condolences go out to ashley'sother d her extended family a awelllls all of her lolod ones throughout this
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beyond. the two other officers are exexcted to rerever. offifir guindon is the fourth ofce& killed in the partment's histo. 11 minutes of non stopopews continues with this. police are looking forhwever fired shots duringng ght outside a local bar hurting two men, and killing another. it happened arouou one this morng ououof 'onor r'n lon in street liay 2ye oldevclk wakilled otmere shond i ab itn a nrby hoital. police thereresn't a auspect dederin at th te. :0 we e ill n't knexacmberf rorods reut it s eno strike topnd evee s behihi me." if you know anything that can help police, cl crime stpers right away. the number is 542-stop, you could earn a cash rewawa. . looking ahead. presidential candidates on both
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the biggest day in the 2016 election cyclele super tuesday in colorado, the democts are holdg a caucus where supppppprs choose a nominee, then tak preference poll, naming the winner the republics will gher delegates who will represent colorado at t e national republican convention. the rereblicans likely will not relee thth resultltof a preference poll til l e race is clos 20:055caus ss for evyo, republans dedecrats on tuesd nigigigt 7 o'clock.k.utut9:59:33 "if we n't make o%o vovoe n th other people e ka our f u s yonees cou." we hl ththinformation n u edn informed vote e@oue. explains the whole process for r esy, and iludes caucus locaons. just heato happening tomorrow. governor johohhickenlooper rs expected to o&pport a planhat would hopefullllavoid disaststs
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plan wouou be a f%dedelly funded cleanup of dozens of old mining sites. hicicicooper's endorsememt a 's'sfund z ze' would incncde ththld king mine thth sent milliogaons of waste water into t animas river last august. the e-p-a would overere ththprojecec but eds approval f2fm statand d local officials. new infoation tonight ababt the mealervivi for flflfly. papaounty de nate carrig was shot and killll while servi a aeviconon notice lasas we her detiere shotot inreb be klililihe susus wee armerial service focarrigan will happen arod d d n the morninin mch 14th.h.h. the jefferson county sheriff's office is stepping in to cover calls for service in p pk countyty during the memorial. totoy y iends and li of the victims in a deadly shooti rampage came togethth remember
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cedric ford shot 17 people includudg 14 co-workers at a factory in kansas ththsday, killing three of tm, befpolici st d lled himadam miller came face tfaite shooter. "i s him coming around the ernd he looked kind of nfused, so ito himunthers fi. he stl look consed ld hihi n d heaiw, tn otot churches held services, honoring thvictims,s,nd there w w w etat town haha, where they honoresergeant chris carte one of the firsrespondede to the ooting. wd yeyewhwh caused this ed fire in pueblo wewe. ittarted this afternooand as you can see in these pictures, the shedas destroyed. we're told a dog died in the fire. several firefighters helped put out the fire. the federal aviati administration is investigating a deadlylane
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the f-a-a says anotheril spotted the wreckage in a oded area ose to the lococ airport. the e eriff there the victimiminclude two chchdren. some farmers in southern loradoreorriri aut losing workers i ia labor program voing teendsds lolawms,arme held aeeting about the "offender labor r program" b@indud b) 2enenisye. thorf thprs be phased o iatwos areainls tar lpful treea nonoit's timfor nwa ather with meteologist jessica lebel. monday w wl another mild y with clouds buildi through the afternoon
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s and s. our next chance for soso msturur@ arrivendig i tuy.y.ight now it)is not t oking too widespread or gnificant. it will bng scattered l lht rain showers
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switching over t mnd flures overnighd. . e papaeride, mou plaiave bebebe ance oaeng lht swers ole the i-25 idor will be mainlnldry. this willlbe a l l impact event.ontiwile bmirning
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it cool l teeratures to the 40and 50s. we'll warm back up t 50s0snd 60s on wednesday remary rough threst of wo we with mi temperatures. a popular cruise ship turned& into a rescue operatn. still ahead on 11 news at 10. wh the coast guard says about these type of rescues, a what happens next.
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facing felony charges for what they did to their teacher during
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break. e udenen aused of trngtoeir teacr.r.
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sends. heart-broken and her carere will never be the same after an incident involving three 12- year-oldldirls. the three middle schoolers from florida are cingelonargegeafter
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investigators two of the girls ured@ushed reded peerlakekeke their k ile anotdistracted hthe teacher ffer sorth, stomacacpapa and shortrtss of eaea. r r fla w, it'ill dd chememal compound toood or drinks wititthe intent to o rt someone. investigators say thisisas done in retaliation after the teachch sent onef the girls tohe principal's office. "they gotta a helresponsible for their actions or they, ththtbe e v%r,thth're never gonna op." the 12 year d are lockck up tonight in a juvenile detettiononacility. there's an investigatiti tonight foowing the brutal killing of a pastor during a church service. his brbrher is now under arrest. thacsed ter's mily ysstruggd wien es polachhr. f a a ofofhingg on he wa deg wi."paor l l ls w
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ban mimian were pied yestda a carcruise ip i e gulff . urgh steelers backekekjas rron posted photos of the rescue to his instagram page. the cruise is s "legegds of pittsburgh" themed trip with athleles and musicians onboard. the coast guard saidescues like this arnot frequent, or out of the nary. and migrants are takak tthe next port of call where immigration ll be waiting for r em. hatomorrow, aus childapt willbebecourt. vestststororsa'seen e n r 15 y yrs a was on a aoswanted list out of ohio. . u-s marshals arrrrted d m north denver yesterday. he wasorkingt a hotel and tried to run, but w@s caught. he's f fing eight counts of rape and&seassault. new rkgt charleswante fel rnmento
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rdg thema leg omaies was once about 35 ch, but is n/n closerero 31. s sd the average seatidth has shshnk froromore than 18 nchch to less t tn 17. the only thing that t sn't shshnk is airline profitit they had requter,hein 15, thr its re33 bill in 2016 they're supposed to be36 billion, anan yet the passenger is getting squeezed." senator schumer wants to stananrdize airline seats back to their rg densions. he's introducing the movovas a amendment a bililthat auoriziz theed avon@n mini, h s to ssmah 31.
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to miss a femes.. ll tl u wh happed. plpl! cleghoops.y y me untsng int mahe ramsmd wolfk thear tonigh ie t the highlights.. stickround sports is@sext!t! wod a est has toto apple th. metimecat imag 's t job. and she's e one oven e caget itone. ...secura mareioin n nlepons.... ...stag upgain a ofom. ..teg sosoal sity. ...expxpdi benefs e tional gua...
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the presidencm is the tougugst b in the world d she's the one who'llllake a real difnce for you. m hihiary clinton and i approved this message.
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they' ato lamicicrslae ] ome ook foameric all come to look fofoamerica
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throw down by aaaan gordon" that was from tonight's sixe gam. th ss tn n n nuemai in n e e h. orndo ntto 130116.heo.o.'m alya a . llege hoops arating up. we arnow inhe h he stretch of the regular season before the conference tournaments begin d those -oh so important- automatic bids into the big@gance. both csu and cu playing day.. wewel start with t mountainiwes neneda hosting t cocorado o state e mmies s today.. 2nd halb..ramsmsp oeoemafr the e ts the t point. csu up 3838 3==latete.. c up 440...jere p wit tuarou j.. rup == le tha3 o s- a ha ihis ce frown ts itoo... ra sp 65 -2
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but we would go inin overtime, shot clolo winding down.. nevada's elijah foster some how gs it to go... as they would go on to beat the rams 8 8 8 in overtime. in pac 1action.. colororo hosting arizononate bou today.. ==== 'll pick it up in th2nd half.. buffs up 53-50... josos fortune on the line.. . sses the free throw, but grabs his own boar kicked out to tre-shaun etcher... . o nails the 3! buffaloes up 56-50. ==== latete. buffs up 3.. josos sct.. workrmg his way he hoofor tw. loradodop 5. to py... bfalo up 69-64....eorg ki fm downtown.. knocks it down and bubuals t ththn -69..... sh s sttisd thdath pois an6 ds morrowowig, e e nuetwill be ome athepepsce thosthe grzlie. buthl
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signicant timeft spraraini hight ankle e nuggets' 1-116vertime to thll mamas fy nigh raysnegatiti, t llo o o willndergo an mri i determine the severity of the injuru. hehehes it's worse th the december ininry- in whiche sat 6ameses the nuggets e currently 18 mes behind northwest leleers oklahoma ci... denver 23 and 36 overall. pga now...dam scott into the finarod of the honda classic tied for the lelel=== here on the 12th... 1 rds out... from out of the bunknk... scott with t great apprprch shot... would go on to birdie fororhe twotre le. == on 1.. src ttininfor the rdieie aaaandockin robin- hdrs as onstroke within ththad8 de==
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stro at 9 der. a thief stole moy from thesese girl scouts while they were selling`cookies at their booth. aurora police showed u uto look for the suspececand several office eed up makiki dotionsnanavyi ckies. e trp leers sawhat t rs dugtotes.starting today, dieyland in lifornia and walt disney world floloda come with demand- based icing. the resorts will charge three different prices dependingngn the time of year foror leayark ticketet a vae e-day y ss a a disneyland on momoay through thursday whemost schools s e in session will dp p 95- doll a regular pass for most weekends and mm weeks rises to dololrs ththe ll then@shoot t t
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atatlus mostf er, spng breakweekjuly wees.s. eyaptsrge icg" wi- ote ----he spread oututisitation." ben and jerry's isoing vegan - with new flavors that include chococate fudge brownie, pnut butter and cookies, chunky moey and coffee caramefudg the desssst flors will be dede with iced almoilstof eaea na aut to cee e highest milita h comi up,hat heid to save anotr ericanife.
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after the k.k. we're glad you're with us. tomorrow, presidt obama will award the nation's highest military honor to a navy seal who helped rcue a u-s hostage infghahastedwa br. took pa in rimissn to ve ddnd he liba chchle kinskhahae story. a navy ededye jr.
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the nighthof december 8th, 2012 brought t,enty of it. : "the misison that nighs a hostage rescue missionso to` that means it's a no-fail mission.ur objective - our goal - is to bring back an american htage a ave."d that, and other seals didi rescuing doctororilip josepwho the tan infghanian hadeen lding captivfor abfo days. t atathat poinatgeon i wn p andumofofwhe on and onto the doctor whoas about three or four or maybe five feeeeawaw fm me t tmy right." r hiheheic efffft,t,resident oboba is ding ahest milita hon : "isn't'tntilcaedndi peo m th. d he said, "ngralas. at yoururewarand m appring you to receive thecocoressional medal of honor." 'sit le e is rea
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co seal tourntthe liban deououtotoree dooroseph. the first al, nichas chehe, s s lled. "nick was. he embodidi what it means to be an american hero. he willoror be memberedn the pages ofistory for the crices he made." plenty of pele a a aalling byers a hero as well, but his young daughter might note e of them. : : daug khat i' daddy, a s loves me just thth. . ououalk k h ononon-onel l l you the veveififnininimemeshfor , , don't thththe ofhem cl hero." the magagdededeth mont isn't loson everyone thoughgh especiallmom. : "w"wn i calledy mom thth night and toldlder - got to love my mom - -hefirst question out er mouth was, o yoyoink ll bable to come tot?' and i was like, "of course mom. . m pret sure
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gave him - quote - "a cond ance in life."" bybys will bthth11-th liling service eember to receive the e dal of hor fofof tions s afghanistan today is theth a aiversary sincthe persiagulf war came to an end. operation dese storm pushed dd hussein'forcesf it thaqi leaderccied that naon in e erf -90.t thu-sesed aln at d re t600-thlusa tops in the their ou offffsixpd e iraq in ur days, following wewes of h hvy airsrsikes. 3 amerans di in the gulvlv wawa the washiton poststays some vetans are unhappy the defense department didn't hold any remony to mark the anniversary. what night it was s the oscars, recognizing excen e fi indtry.
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r brge of al vikanwa suppngctss f the nish girl. there'c'a lolooo talk abgbt e host, chris rock and hihiopening monologugud all-white nominees. "otherwise known as the ople's cice d." ie rs fort acess s herolelen om. and r aor, onar diprioon the revent. best movie wt spoight, a moabjourlis unve the catprieie scdal. ad lib w tease
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dry?etails c on jansh sach a aer served-ht, ntic.iswsn water that is cold, clean d pristine, oflavorl l trs,s,and that c ceshrouinin! e y hiit t ur rur 's n n not oy doe use thehighest quititcod, we still hand-batter it the old-fashioned way. that's remarkable. and we thinke geththbest fish filet ndwich because othat. this is the best fsasach meca. "welme tou"
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small buintee my niece, hanh. , yeah. and you, uake kara? ah she does. showow how intenseu e, hannana -yahyah! ah! -(karate sounds) oh, my... hehe yes! nowowinish him. -bow to her, peter. -i'm not gonna b ta... bow totoer, per. (gong) big flavor in a little package. new li cckies anl' dgi and bri and drink r $30 ve t mines
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jeica`lel. monday will nother mild day -- cud
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and highs in the 50s and 60s. our next chance for some msture arrives monday nht into tuy. nowis nolooktoo wireadr siificant. it will bring scattered light rain showers monderno bore swywchinin
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flurries overnhtthe palmer dividouns, and e. plaiave beststnce of seeing light showers wle t t i-25 coid will be mainly y. isill be l levt.dionllar mid morning tudaand will also bring with it a cool dodo in temperatures tthe 40s and 50s. we'll rm back up the 50s and 60s on dnesday ana&remain dry thugh the rest of e work week with mild temperatures.
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ur fd? comi up, yhi yoururd hehey,y,ust how much food 'consumeme reports' found that has sugagain
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we'll expln when we me back. da and dououts are ed wh dega b 'so di wheouay asasctt even in fos s at sound nutritio. sarah schwabe shs us how people might be eatinmorereugar than they think, a it coulbe harmi their health.. in this 11 call for actiti alert. food companies toss`addesugar to almost three quarters of all packaged products.
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teaspoons s added sugar. whole-wheaeabread n alst aeaspn n suinli. sha cmepos he p w wh o o ch added gar our diet goes s way beyondhe c cors. it dodo ise rk be, itlslsis yr r of t seasand pepewobes." \ keed rso tn n peent of daialab6 for men d 11oo for m. en small amounts add up fast. and whwh consumem%m%ports compar similar foods, , ey found sugacounun vary widely. ke cerios. origichrios s auaer tsp sugar e-ana-quarr- cup servin cheerioprotein has more than four teaspoons in the same amountntf cereal. and choose frozen entrees with re, espepeally those witsaucuc th amy's asian noodod stifry has four teapoons of sugar, but amy's asian thai stir fry has less than one teaspoon. tt's natur applesasae s ththe asofofgarsrsalfrompple mott's o oginahas
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"the type of sug mrse e tul gaui the nremuf lem for yo health. w matters are added rs. . look on food labels for things like sucrcre, dextrose. but you also wawe to be careful of thtngs that sound hlthyhylike aporat cane juice or agavevnectct. thohe are e ded sugars, too." soe a a gar sleuth and read labels carefully. . rah schwe, kk 11 ne if tooand drugug mira has i way, packessosot d n separa ne, , milar tohe w w total fat and d turated fat e list sepat you'u' g se egeg baet g r to gous , regiy awome od game. nationally, it a pretty gatatay for coege hoops too, a slew of upupts.. a`d i've got the highlights. plus! r rdy because we are just a few days away from bababall!!... we'rtalking about the rockies and one young up and comer.sticaround
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kk 11 sports "t he a a me odedet se cryrom y wn town, bang! bang! oh what a shot from curry! " and there e is... in case you missed it... the 32 footer by steph curry yjth just secos left in o-t.t. st night, the warrioro wereron ththbrink of their rth l ls of the ason, but curry turned i i up in the 4th qrt and in overtime as golden state walked a ay with a 121-118 winin @nrtimim sth ngle cord bhittinin 3-in, ansethe 'single-season league mark' with 288. fothose waiting taste the sunflower ses at the ball park and take in america's pasttime....we'l'lhave a w wt just a ltle bit longer.. unless yore headede down to wah spring t t ting- in which


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