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morning. hello. o. ppy mondwererting out th teeratat in th20o s for st, a few lo40s. clouds are moving in from m w t overall moaro stt e day. we'll seld tempepetures continueueoday... highs will range ththugugthe 50s pper 6 6. we'll sesevery sghchances for scattered showows this afafrnoon and eneng aseries s weak disturbances push
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in and. pl hthe best chaofinght er e th25orrir ll be mainly. isl im e. e llk our wis d rt ile gh re danger. a red fla warning goes into efctt on today for the springueblo anancanon city. conditions will clearmid rning tuesday and also bring with ia cool down in temperatures to o e 4040d 50s. we'll wm back up to the 50s and 60ononon wednesday ananremain d thrgh the re of the work week with mild temperatures. a look at your mornini commute withamesrown maj problems for your morning commutut ghg volulu of traffic. eas and wef the spngngng afmo sothl s s owthrougme tonctaro problemsmso
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t traffic date is coming up in 1mis. this morng, no jor ow downsn yoyo majors rly y your mondayte. . getetrom c c io 24 s dao toraic wat oourp next traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes. we're learng new dls about ththplplned parenthood shooting. 11 newtalked with the accused gunman. firststpokeith robert dear per t t phone e friday.and talkededo him again last night. we could d take a camera i i i thvisisision . . ararri greenes and`closos his eyes o oen while h hwas talking. we talked to him thrgh a video abobohappen dhat day. deolol11 news he was at war wi the feds and picked the most evil spot he could think of for a battlele hed use wi e quo "10 lletwenty." d the opleerllllll b
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here what he said on the phone on f fda dear: 116:6: "i'm goa plpld guil cuz i knom gubut e t is, that yeai ed threepeut sav prqbl 3,0000babies. ybre than that." dear told us his decision to surrender all came down to the f ip of a in because he said he got tired of waiting. after that, he said he yd quot"i'm ging " d o de w wl be back in court next month where we'lfi o i 's cpetent to and trtrl. wel t you knowhat ppens. haening g da- an a ay staff sergea accused illing a rookie lice officer anhis fe expected to be arigneonder arges.s. ronaldn leen fi on ofrsesponding to a domestic vnce callhappedwewein rgia, ab 2020ilouthf inon
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new from overn-- otrs arerereoug e hanging ced a a aler. this i ippg pisisn. ehn reportedlyhot t former governor that he worked for. he accused the governoof asphemy for caaigning in suppppt of a christian woman jaed foalleley decrinone quthexecn geprotests seveval c cies after soso religiousnd political leaders, awelllbs tantros,s,y fefeedhe k kr. st soolsrcrco close rea er ar of olence. mng- man is fangerer chaes...aft a delyra year d na muns cuof cssg in coming traffic and hittg two motorcycs. it happened overhe weekend, uth of fnkto. briad jae le,
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ononne of the torcycles and di at the sce. state patrol sa a colo springngman, ph barletti, was oth he ycle reperdly s minor ininries. ri mun charged with vicicar hode andving und the nce. state patrol says the ctims wereot w wringng helmets. loing ler t t we. team bind a landnd ut tnsplant xpected to shthdetaof historic oporation. the 26-year old patient is po t t tn stab itn. we've e arned the transplanted uterer came from a deaseseorgan donor. the operation s done last wednesday at the cleveland clinic. it's theheir o oits ki in united states medical history. update now -- on the controversy surrrrndininthe on going water crisis in int, michigan. wly leased emails -- rely showovr ri snyde s somethins onwithlint's water asasar back as octotor 20204. the emials show the aides diussed switching the
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ve l lhu the us is tesix ntftqnstd g it for king inatare lookto y the city d dn't eat t e te antiorrosisis. ppening tomorrow -it's super@ tuesday. anprestidaar ying to vots. e last c-b-sl shows donald trump and hlary clinton leading in k statas. in all - mororthan 15- hundred delegatee uporor .... in ababt ze states. includinlo. fof/evevevhing you nd noabt super y in our state --ead to ourchanl, k-k-t-v docom. haeninnow-- prentiti ndide is geing a t ofancial suppt in c c a a r r o o is the st- funded presidential hoful in el pascounty. that's according to our partners at t gazette. el pascocoty repuicans ve donat more e an 82 thsandollars to thaignbersonasaimo tha 79 thousand dollars.
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th 52 oundlarsrs hillararclinton is coming of a g wiin the soh carolirimary ovethe weekekerpais l lking athe res aicatorof how mo he southern sta tomorrowuring super tuesday. so far, clinton has won three e of fofr ts
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mamaouepredbete priaiates?! don't have timeo eat right or exexeise. i'm a busy mom! oh, you're a busy m/m? yeah..this is g gat news!p! busyoms neveve pred it, wh?lete ..h!/ thth is althe le at rk orredietetet and waover here-- syoms. ? whew.hamoay! retarting t wiwi teeratthe s rts r mo, a los.clouds aovov frothe e but overall mostlylylear to stt thday.
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highs will range rough the 50s to upp 60s. wel seveli ans for attered owers thisexnond eveneng asas series of weak distbances p ph through... the pmer divide mountains, and e. plains have the best chancof seeing light showers while thi-25 corridor will be in dry. . is will be a l impact ent. these will kick up ouj%windand` as a result wsee hi fire dangege a red flag warning goes into effect at t on day y r the springs, pueblo and canon city.
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will clear by mimimorning g tuday and ll also bring wi it t coolown in tempateseso the 40s andn 50s.s.s.ll warback up to t t 50d on dnesyarery thrgh the rest of the e work week with mild eratures. heo.oo'm alyssa chin. college hoops are heating . werereow ithe home setch of the regular ll ilya ch llhoarheatg we are nowown the home strch of theegulul season beforthe conferen urnaments ben n d those -oh so imptata- automatic bids inin theigigance.
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stery.. wewel ststt th the mountain west. nevada hog the colodo sta mmie today.2n2nhalf. u..cin fr tlb hptshe t teenteru up 38 -4 ====r... jere p witththtuarouums up 6. han 3 to oin relation..antwtw scott- withth hand h hace from wntoitit.. ru up 62 == but ou go rt shot clock winding down....eva's elijah fostsr me how gets it to gogo. asas they _ould go on eat the rams7-80 in overme. h aronstate inoulderay.. ==== 'll it ithe 2nd half.f bufp 53-5-5.. j jh fortune on the line.. sses t t freeeehrow, , but grabs hisiown board, kicked t to tre-shaun fletchch... who nails the buffaloeu 56-6-6-====later.. buffs 3.. jh scott.. wog his way to t hoop for t..ado o 5. = == 4:efto p..uffaes up 69-64....eorge ki from downtown..nocks itidown n d the
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sh scott finhed thday with 15 points and 6 rebounds toght, the d d dr nuets ll bebeack the pepsi center to host the mps grizzlie. but they'll ha to dot without theileading scerer danilo gallinari says he'll like miss sigjificant titi after raing his right ankle thegets' 126 ovti to e dallasavericks o friday night. x-rays were negative, but gallo will undgo an mri to dermine e severity of the injury. he says it's worse than th december injy- in whic satamesthnuggets arcutltltl gas s hi northwest leers oklahoma city..dedver 23 3 3 36 eralal that game tipspsff tonigig at t p.m.. sam farnsworth will have highlights at 10. have a great
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a lolo aur morning cocmu withthames brown. mornincoeoute. light volumef trfic. east apd west of the springs trfic momongngmoothl se sling througsome of the conruction eas. no probleleo o de opueb for live trafbic ctions 24 hos a day, go t ttraffic watch ourur channel at kktv.v.m. your next traffic date is ming up in 10 minutes. traffic is moving alononsmoothly this mornini, no jor slow downs on yourururors early onounday cteto get ououde rmyit wl you t in ts moing...foffcoio4 s go tff wch ononur web cel i.c...y r n ntrtr upda is co up mis. happening toda--e're hopg to learn more aboue n acsed d causing a a explosio his hom loprin pole say
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jua cotrinise e e s snxploonir ininis kitchen. itappeped sterday morninneararcadede and hancock ininolororo spris.neighbors telllls ey're glad none was hurt. 20:19: "we lived here for a aut 39 9 years and it's a w wderf neighborhood. just like anything now, there's always o to the exception. thqt house has been a problem spot for a whihi nufacturinhash oil is agait the law in colorado springs. this morningng this woman iin jail facing attempted rder charges. police s s shehehot at her husband and d en went missing. offifirs were lolog g r r acie burkfy yesterdfternoonfter and h r husband allegedl got into a fight early tha morning. i iestigaga were evevtually ae to find her in a home in colorado springs. happeng today-- this accused child rt will in urt.nvestigars s he's been theun for 1 s was a mt want list ou
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u-s rsrrhim rth dov thd. he wkit a hotel l d tried to run, but was caught. & he's facacg eighcounts orapepe and sex assault. happeninnow ---- a a udent tainedn north korer twmont is speaeangout. f friri warier r confessed "hososle act."thunivtyviins cud of trying t# sal nner containing a p,litical slogan from the walls of his hotel. wisth the united states administration never manulatedpeopop le mymylf in thfuture to commit cres against foreigngn countries. it's not if he wasasoerced to speak. e north korean governmen s s wabmer encouraged by`y secretive unertyty soy and the c-i- ths a st rles fm stfingngven mosusuerer coachne rkorharlrl ys hs dingngdment to an f-a-a bil.. tt d reire the ency to t a
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aiin. apple isxpected to release its nenest iphone at the end of march. the phone willlllportedlhave a smlefour inch screen and look identical the iphone 5 -- cept for cued edgeses d noinclude the 3-d toh feature. tech expxrtsay move could satisfy users who like apple's smaller phonesith longer battery life. happpping g day-- president obama will award t nation's'sighest military honon/ toto navy se who hped rescse a u-hoststst afgfgnistan. edwa byers junior tookart in sky miion save dockipe t tali r s heroicfft, p psisint a is awaing ers e l hor. 0 loahead d tthe memorial service r a fallen deputy. you'll recall -- park coun deputy ncarrigan was ot and killed while e rvinin evicti notice lt week. two othepu werot and injubebere kil the suspect. 've nfnfthe merial seice for carrigan will pp around d d n the
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biblchel. thjesocounheriri's offi iepng c c s r r ice p p pco dpri t memorl. e world a present has gre with somes u caen image. at's the job anshe one whs pren she get on .sinssivrectn nucleie. ..inupupstbu ofomen......protectinghsoalalecury... ...expanding benefits for the tial guard... ...and winning health care for 8 milln chcldrenen. the presency is the toughest job in theorld and shs the one m me aa real d dferencfor you. i'llary c intotoand i approved this messag th is hoyosayitit oy
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that, yes, we'ind you memeere to stay and yes, your children will haveakfkf
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to a disterrand lp us keep a lo at your morng commute with james brown. no major problems foyo morning coutut light volume of traffic. east and west of the springs trfic c vingngmomohly. som owowg ugh so he cructioioarea n prlele dpnvr pueb. r live tffic conditions 24 houos a day, go to affic watch on our web channel at your next afafc update is comingp in 10 mis.& traffic is movinalong smoothly is mor majoslowowns on yourajors rly on your monday commute. to t om south acamy to nort
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live tfficonditis 24 hoursrs a day, go traffic watch on r web channel at r next traffic update is mi up in 10 minus. happening now -- policec ofcersn colodo springngare epng dn following recent mass shootingng cordrdg tour partners the zette.. 52 officererle the force last year. their resignation leers blame violence ainst law enforcement. rerent police acadany recruits will likely help fil somef those position most of the ficers left after working there for l ss than two years. three months a, a u-c-c-s ofofcer was killed in the shting at a plannenepantntod clinic. five oicers were injured. riw --a young girl is recongrom a dog atck. thogtttt thstk,ououayayayemr r ldwettkeby-ree grea dadas rush. ppened in the parking loof walmart near the chapel hillsall in colora springs. witnessetell us if nearby shoers didn't stop to help... it could he been much worse.&
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mauled ba dog, s was eedidi profuy ov g gut othcao puheninil f he lieie/works neay "thepeomnity steppepeup aot, a lot of people ctoed, a lot of peoe we standing over r ere trying to help her at least with what th could and what thad. iwas a good eling to know people just didn't l the bite her and drive o&o."" police say she was taken to pepeose hospital for bite wounds ro h fe. ey'tw atd of d theheir say i was n hees pk ea
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the -- mt the erroncanhave been waing fwi pmaing tireinto aort by t nvertpth s san wce his rereme decn by the end the we. the report says the infoation comes fr two sources. r sports director sam farnsworth reached out is broncos soues. the e am's only response was this statement from ththvice presidt of publireons.. saiote eyeyha de a disio h futureplannsns ho o contue tks teathis week." wel owt happen xt.t ght now -- 'r'rwaiting totoinout what caused thifiri. it happened a shed in puebloest. it s sed yesrd a aernoon and as y can see inheseseictures,s,he shed wa destroyed. we'rldog died in the fi. l ghrs held put e re. wouldo ts? iesty tse cos ile therllg cookies eir ot auauice show up to loo fosut ra
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tradersawhat ce did brghd them to tes. new drug cld be the rst to tataetet huhuington's disease. that's aording to doctors in canada. huington's is a rare deaeay genetic disease that causes uncontrolled movements. resechers say the drug has proven safe and effefeive in nab mice and d her animal disneylandnd w wt dieyld haveembasein e rtrtllhathrep erent esendi mef ar f sileay pti. a e e e y pa at disneylandn mond ththugh uray wn momo schools are ininin ssiow)ll drop to dolllts. regular pasfor most ekends a a s umer weeks riris s& to dla. the e ice will then nhoot upo 2 ars pk days. that ilulumokof cember, spring bak weeks d weweendsn july. take a look these little li bs. theyelebrated their
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fit bs bn atat thzozo eyven n ozenilk d d r thr r l birthd. hi t cute rica lili ccabe selafitingh h ch her,r,nd curling up
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ldea fighting is e only way i n get what wan respeco one respects me! nanaor: asarent, y won't alys see eye to eye witur chi. call the boys town national hotline today. our trained d unlors are ailable 2424o prove sistce fvemost diulpareg prle. dd0-448-14
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storshern ta lo at rnonofrom ns , th itv 11 ws morning. hello.... thanks for joing us this morning. i'i'sarah schware. and i'm david nancncrow... it's ) happy mondaywe are starting out with tempmpaturesn 20s rtrts fost, a los. ds a min fm th t al ststlear to start e y. wel semimi tempmpatures continutoday... highs will rge through the 50s to upper 60s. we'le vevelight chanans for scattered shers this afternoon aveni as a


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