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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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elecon. whcandidates a targeti ahead of torrow's super esda andnthis morning... five ku klux olent fighgh why police le emo. om youbrking n aderthkktv 1 1th morng. hello.....ankskfor joining us isorning. i'david nancarw. and i'm sarah schwabe... it's ) & leles sendhingovero emily r a lo ax todad's breaking atheert. hay nday! re staing & out t th mpures in the 20s rto 30s for st, a fefew w s.
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buovmostly clear to start the day. we'll see mild temperatates@ctinunuday. hishwiangn thugh e s totoer 60s. pp we'll see@vf slighchchces for sctered showers this afternoon and evening as a serieof w urubncush thtoug`vhehealmemevide, mounininnd e p e besthanclit t shwhile e r ll be dry. is wilbelololoctthwill kickp r r ndanasresult we will see@eigh h ngng. a red fl warning goes in effect at noon totoy fo the springs, pueueo and canon ci. conditions will clclr miesesesananwillll so brih a cool l emememres he 40s and 50 we'llp to the 50s s 60s s wedne a ry thrhrgh thet of the workeek k th mild teuperatates and now w ordan withxh lookt toy's s afafc popo no major proroemfor r ur morninmmlight volu of trafc. easand west of the springs trafajmomong g g whlpve ing thme
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problelclco o depuebe for lili traraic conontitis 2424 hohos a y,totoururebeb k kdodocom m m click on affifi avavcontntuing covagagof this 11 breangngeaeaer ale hohoand dry cocoititns are expectedsouthernrnrnorado. wiwi s smany firesesess s nth,firencncs co warnini f fie out the e lgee peopti message? 11 news reporter gina esposito lookingngntntththgrgrfie se. . e ve e ecolorado s s sgs wewe any of f e firererema caused? dave, sara fir starin lco as caused by a cigarette. thats someing that fire crews &al wawa asasasaa day y keke
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caedy p@ople. . ass re ionfrs artet%t%t% car bed. a fire in calh sparked ththsdayayhen s se e n re workinonon cstion n trair u u y have seen or smelled uooke e e e e t t e eres s ernl pasoun. thananl l homes w we ctedll crews in falcon said that a big reason why the flames did) nononoreadhos becse lieseseseye ea kept`theieih grass s sh near their homes. d with h hwns s lioln 0he firmost- dedtroyed d thththland haon, homener/p2e y y r`in pkikicenter 7:525252 the fence lip there and was going that dection. big flames adadhat directio yould s s t em, alalthe going g at way towas lin.n.hey were h h( la week, we al saw fires in bb bndndn pu
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southeheheheheadad at ri a fire t tay. lili in cocorado spring, i'm gi espit kktv, 11 news. remember, you can n ay o otop of tototos 11 brereing weathehehehegh fire dangerith e 1111ews momole app. itititto lownlnlt ececthe e ste.thl test oe pland rentntntntntoting. ns lked with thd nununu f spokeith robert d thene o iday.. andntto h again st nit. weould not take a caranto the visitation center. but, we talked to him through a video feed out what h h h hthat d d deells 11 news he was war withth f fd picked the most e el spsp he ululthink offor le. he told us hmeththn n ak-47. he said quote "100 bullets went b" end d e. three eflee kill.. butut ar offers non/
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re's what t s s son the phone friday. dear: 11:38:00 the point is if they want me to plead innont of insanity but see whahathat does is that d dinishes s cause ." ar told us his d dision surrender all ca down n e flip of a coin because he e said h hgot tireof ing. ter that, he said he yelled que "i'm givinupupananwalked out. dear will be bacacin court next h l find out if hehe competent t stanananl. we'll let youounow at hpens. now the late on the 20-16 esidential campaign esday... muliliing on theheepublican sisif f e e e for the wte house is at an allllime higher the weekend, mao rubio targed donaltr. evmakipersonon attas. sen. marar/r- - esential ndndate "h waysngle mar and i' admit he's llern n't unrsnd why hisands are the ze osoone o isis
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u knhahaeyay a m wiwi sll s" nator ted cruz is taking aim atrump for not condemning supportive commts from fmer klu klux klan leader david duke. seseseededz/r-r-redentia candide the's s ways b b ug element p pits and no ndidate can control whatoutside groups do. but in my viewewism and bigotry has no place in n litics" on theemocratic sisisisillarar clinton caaigned in the south, hin to capitalize e hehebig win among black voters south carolina. a cbs poll shows hillary clintonon is ahead of bernie s in gegia, virgia an texas. for everythiho y y need tonow out supepetuday inur state -- head to our webchahael, t-v dodocom. happening g w-- e e idential candate isisting a lot of financial support in colorado. flora nator rco bio is e be- nded presidentntl hoful in elelasascounty. th's according to our paners at t t g getteteel paso untyty rereblicans have donatedororl an 8 8
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ben rson has raised mo t tn n 79 t tusand dollar ted cruz coming at number the with more than 52 thousand dollars. this morning....fiveu klux klan members a free, ter ing . itpened ovovovhehehekendndn ei c cifornini lice say the f fe leleed bececsesehey acted in sdefee. seveop still iil, were seen beating, stompi andhdttacking t t klsmen with wowo pts. it all happened ri ast on saturdada sgt. daron wyatt/a/aheim pd "wn the kkkkmembmbarved inveveveve maye ininnene vehicle. a aroupf the counterprote sters i iediate atavededheheas theexited the vehicle. that resulted in stabbing right off to the left re by the fire hydrantnt least tee people were d in fight this m mning- a womanais fafang s sious chaes.afte r a dely crash 27 year old athina munoz is acsed of croroing to on coming trfifiand hitting two mototoycles. itihihned over the weekend, south of franktown... which is st of
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parker, wereon o o of thmotorcrcles and died at the scene. state patrol says a colorado spris s joseph bartoletti,as on other motorcycle. rortedly has r injuries. right now -- munoz is arged with vehicular homicidend driving under the influence. state patrol sayshe viims were not wearing helmets. right now. more people confirmed ad after backcko ck suicide bomomoms. this iththaftermath of the bombinin in iraq yesterday.the terror group isis is claiming responsibility fofothe attacks.... 73 people are confirmed dead re tha100 people are in the spal. happening now... a hack into thehe i-r-s w wse than originally tught. the agency says hackerergot re th 700-tusd acun th's me the prev estimate the ination stolen incs rmation ableo file a fae tax rernnd llect a refu. e r-s is maili notifitiononto affected tatayers.
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the rse s nally broken for leonardo dicaprio nht - who finally ok homthe best actooscar fohis role in the revenant. many praised hoschris rock who pushed the envelope in adesng the oscars-so-white conty. and inn upset, the movie "spotlig won best picture. a local n waking up facing some charges... after reportedly causing a hash oiexosion in his home. still ahead on1 nene this morning.. what wre wororng tlen about his fireig now. but first... a dead shooting outsida lol bar is under investigation this morningwhatolice are telling us about a potential suspect. plus a look outside this rning. wre under11 eaking wther alert. wh can you expect for yo nday? emily has your forest... and jordan is
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morning drive. the economy rged? well, the 15 richest americansacquiuedore weth two years an t bottom 100 million peop combined. i'm ieanders, dhi apove this msage. pn -- make wall street bks and the ultra-richpay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for workpele ensu equ payor women. the middle classwill continuto disappear lee level the playg field.
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fost, low 40s.louds are in the b eral c tary. 'lsemild mpaturonnue today. highllge throth50 uer 60s. werygh ans foscatow this aftnononondeveng sers diurbresh thro.. pmer de moinndndplns h the behaofingh er e thi-orr b mainly dry. this wil a impact event. theswill kick up our winds s as a result w wl see high
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warning goes into effect at noon today for the ngs, pueo d city. iowilear by d ing day d ll abrg itwntempaturesto the 40s a s.arm ckp to 50s ans edneayreinry tou t resof e rkeek withthd d
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look at today's trfic report thgstill lookingoooofo orning commutewers bl. is the busiestoadway. things are picking up on the south end. 15 minutes throh townwn47 mutes to denver. 39 mites to pueblo. for live traffic conditions 24 hours a day, go to our web channel at kktv dot com and click on traffic. right w-- police a aoooong f whoev ststted shshtiti dinininfit ouide a local bar.. one man was killeded and two others were hurt. it happened outside of 'iron horsban pueblo onorth maint. lice say6 arevin arwawaed, two
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abledion aa neby it. poli s tresn a suspect ption is time. if you know anything that can help police, c cl crimstoppers right away. t t number is s 2-stop, you don't have to give your nths after a toxox mine spill...ome colorado counties are preparing for some he. coming up on 11 news this morning... wh governor john hickenlooper is doing tmovehe supernd nominaon forwa. but first... a loman waking ufacing some crges..rerertedlyus oil expon inomom ororngo leabhirehtw.not's sehis o mes n foa ok at yoorng dri traflume picngp onhe major roadways. i-25oving smooth tgh town. going to take you abo 14 minutes. headed to denr 47 minut. some
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m lllly clinton n i approve this message her r work habeen aut breaking barriers.and so w wer presincy.y. ich is whyfor evereramerican who'noinid wh ty're wth... o'o'heack by snt debtor aysm tied agasthem- ere are far o ny ofu- s understds that ou untrcat reacitial... unlesse do geer a st coury. happening today -- wre hg to lea more abt a man accud aunghail eon. colo sgsice as chelski i s maki hash oi eonn san rc drineigke to tred w .
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that has enblem spo a nuinhashil is aglaw fo eryone in lodoprin t's sendhings baver to emilfor more on today's 11 breaking weather alert. happy monday! we are starting t withttemperatures in the 20s rto 30for most, a fefelow s. clouou a m minw. from the w bubuerall mostly car to start the day. we'll see mild tempetures continue today... highs will range throroh the 50s to upper 6 we'll see ve slight ces for scatterereshowers this a aernoon and evenini as series of weak disturbances push throh... the palmer dide mountains, and e. plai have the best chance of seeing ligh showers while i- cordowill b inlyry. thl below impavethe wiwi kiouwian asulte sigre danga d flng goes into eect oon da the uecanon cicons wl clby mimoineswiwi alalngith it a c inemperareto 50s.e'e' w u 50s an60on wedne a
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w to jdaern with ok at y's traffic rt. increasi traffic vole around wn. noajors so far. 21 miteon ademyouown.35utn rs b affiis shl dver and pulo liveveraff conon24 houro oeb anneat kdot com d
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lcomcko 11 news this morning. hs lookcan ty r. . 's d . i'm happeneng no.. a keyeytetete expe tl unun a f ferallyly funded clean up.governor johhickenlooper i doasgpa supupfpfd zone. iludes the e ld king ne whicrererged m mlionon gagaons s s xic w ter into c corado river. e e p-a ovovsee th witht the support of the rn and local officials. n ananounty and th o silver endors the lt wewe. mornga a minder to papaurururperty xe pewarng,ing from bououer
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r l lt ei the tax lienre hby aea estage. /#iens arelaced ainsa prop i pd merighgh.. a u-s studede heldldn north a is speakakg publbl. ototararier confesseto a ." warmbier is cud of t vintosteal a ith a poca slogan from the walls his pyongyg tel in january. . the 2121ear-r-gaga a a aeml eaa b%wscococococo todododododotto fdeckckiedede d s. studentlease, i ime rsrsrsstake o o y l)fet plplpl acdcdo sa me. is morning, it unclearf wabi crced to ea wait tesest a a l v-v-v-ic caa a ofro @ repopopopopoern alle vp. mimi uws morng.g.atatat city y uncmc erererertoy.y. as o lp. us ather lk sdthisg.g.reer
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we're exted about brua.all our handcrted asc footlongngarar6 6 6 , our flalarf
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anansteak k cheese $6 for a footlong is big news.n. pecily i i ihe mediaiaia folks,s,elelme sub-polypse 2016 - where foot traff for delicus s g emendoprn sidewahe... souc ts are actuallyeang ith sisiwa.cskseisgistar surur mu moris tak
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ac- alfebr tubyn lcome back to 11 nenenthis morng.g. happy mond! we are stag out t thteeratures in the 20s for r st, w 40s.( cloudsre m minin fm the w but ovovall l mostly clear to start the day. we'lsee mi temperatures
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ra the e s u uer 60s we'll e ryrylighgh ances s r r atred d owowss ththftononnd enis esisrbancececesh th t palalr dide, ta a. !le e the bebehcncof sinlighghgh owers e th25 corr lle mainln d dillla eve. e kip ouwinds beswe wile e fireange a a fg fefet odfor t e e nguety. coilioioio wiwi clear by mid momotutuduy anll also bring wiwi it a coodownwnn temperererer to t t t0s0snd 50s.s.s.ll warback up to the 50s and 60s on wednesday and remainry through the restststthe wororok withth empepere and@w jnrsherman th a atotoy's s s ajor p pbls for urrnrng commutlilit t lu of traffic.t westthe springs traffic moving smoothl s#ke
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hehestructioioarars.s.o o o problele r pueblo. r lile traraononons 24 hohos a day, g gto our web channeat kktv dot m anan ick trafff happening today... a meeting for veterans and ththr famies. / it's's disisssioon how vetera have beef trereed a a the v-a clinic h he e colololol spsp /t arts athree e this aernoonanananes u about fi. /# el l c c&cy y mmiserpegggglitlleten is hosting thehe meeting in the carnegie readin room at penrose libry on avue thisisorning a womanwaking up behin... fafangngemptedurururcharar take ak.`nhis s tracie policecece she s st at srd d d ththewt g.( officers w we loloininfor r rkeyz yestery n afafr heanh h r
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ghtly@th m mnini. investigoreventuququ her in aomininad spris th tirirour yearld hter. e e tt gd d o t u knwern mo t w w e ln,find out whwhuseds re pened at a shed in p pblo west. it srted yesterd afternoon and as you c c see he ptutus,hehed wa!! dederorod.d a dog died inhe f fefef l nhterselpep t out e fi. tetetodadadaanesf muhargrg hp(s acc sf f oooong and ing brhehe& das dayton, oh. verailliamchooler was shot in hisiofficecet the urch. curtrt booker, choiririrr) "i looked over to right i saw the up. mada nothing abt it. . ptng. then i ard the e rst p and i ought he fell bause there's little ep rigig tre." ."niel/sler was arrested a ort time later. a family member says daniel ha a a a orormememe illness weleyou know whase we nd o o obout happeninnono s scal faererare ri
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that's if an i i ie la ogram is phaset ininin puebeb county./ thcocotytys thin abo reducing its offender labo prograraby 21 percent t isr./ thcolodoorrectna institututs or s s s sprogram wi enevenally... s workerer arnot learning skills that a a helpful l en they are released farmererexpresesconcncn that 10 ououou 17 7 7 7 7 lol contractcthave y y t tberenewed. new this l lsl t t t cpdren araraeriousps afr a knife ackcktkap scolol appened eaier today i soututrn c cnanalice say knife-wielding mananlashed 10 kidsdsdssidi oflthschool before k kling himse. is s e of t t tirstfe tas at a school sisi rash of them about five year ago. an uatatat toingngat crisisisn part of o r countrtrmichigan govovnororick ss aides kn soininwas ong g th hnt'a water fark as ocococ-1thth'sccoror recentlleed ails s sm his todede ththemaiexchanges dasi
6:34 am
t arted ing rivevefor drinking wateyou'll r ralalted levelsls ofofead thatan cau neurololicblem hildrene fofoin t wa ppeneng toy... esidobobwillllllrdhe nation's highest military's going to a navy seal who hehued rcue e s hoste afghananana. edrd b b jior took sart in risky y ssn to save a doctor apped by the talin.& the missioiohapppped20.&&: he)mon thahaniniwas a hostage e scsion. .` t tus atatatns i is a no-fai mission. objectiururur goal -s to bring back an american hosta alive." ers wille the e2ththivinrvice member t t reivthe e e e ofoforor titis s fgfgnistan looking ead totwhehe o ith ek. .@ m sooo#gee ananer cos fans ve beewaiting fo will peyton manning retire? according toto repepby thehe denver post the ananer is yes.
6:35 am
s retirement decisioby t end the . the eepo sayayation n comes fromomwo sourc our sports directcr farnsworth reachedut totoroncncncrc. . thtetedu onlonse was this statent frorothe vicece esident ofofublilililation. squote " ton has nononono ma a decisn h turepl remains fim t continuealksitite am wk." 'lu knhahappens nextxt mon reds`s`speopopowk e ungealalr causus hpepeyey at t pot t ct l le in@n loloprgs. icicts ruru t iwatoramoneuppprtrtpeals colo. evopo l ag ananmany dssedn stst. bee ofofhe n no o at pnts jolylyled it the "sola ." alalalala ausu, , amursingngn- anererrvices of : "it wawaa shock khen f t in it't't'ke ' ' ibut nothada f f f e e e in a was le e
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even if it snowing still woulululveveve gonen." over theeaea, the evenens s raised more than 1.6-mli dolla. the ent t springssed 32-thoanlls. a plung`at the vvvvvv t, cocounctwith international polar bearaday. another violent dog attack... this time in the rkrklot of a aocalaltore. ststl ahead on 11 1 thi mornin. hoarby peoe steppein to he. ssib even saving the rl's l t t rst...(mo and more of oural offi are leaving the forc.. aordidi to our partners at the gazette. what reason is behind the rashhh polole ofofcecesiing. plususer look k tiis
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an 111breaking weathth alert emily has all l l detetls, us j jdan isere, k kpingngn ey yourururning ive. adadn cbcbthis morng, enent toghs onast t' ananw st c r rk k k k emy'versy susuanons leap d physicicchioio shus howowime sledowoatogiveone more day erfour years. the news
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happy y ayaywe atartg t mperurn the 20s rtrtfomow 40s. c cud e mo in frfrhehe but evl mostly t#darthe y.we'le ld mp s s hiwillangehrouhe0s u0swe'lsee ry slig chcescd shs is anoon a eveninas aerofea banc ph h .. thelmer d d de, m maiand ains have the`hance of seeing li owerer ilthe corririr ll be mainininryryryl be a a imimct e ent. these e llllick up our windnd as a result we will see high fireanger. a redededg g rning es inteffect anoon today for e spris,blo o d noty. . . .
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will c cary mid ing g tuesday ananwill a ao brg with it a ol dowinin temperatures to the 40s u@d 50 we'll warm ba up to thehe 50s and 606060 wednesday and remain dry through the rest of the workrkeeeewith milil tempmpat. .
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okokoktoy'firert. in4slloo g gd d r urorngng$& mme.owers blbl. . he busisit roway. things are p p png up on the & sosod. 15 tetethrough h town. minutesesesdenver. 3939 minutes to& ebeb. for live`effictions 24 hoa y, go to our w w channenenektv v v m anan click t t. happeng now -- police ofn do rings are e e ng d d d fofoowing recece ms shshtis.s. rding tototo partners the gazeze52 offffers le foror lasasasar. their r r gnation letters blame violence againsw forcement. nt pice academy recrui wiwiwiikely hehe fill some of those sitions. most of the ofcers l lt after wowog the for less
6:43 am
three mohs a a aa u-u-c-s cecewawawalled i ithe shoong aa planned parenthoodclic. . five officerwere injurede okg ahead to the m momial rvice for a fallen deputy. you'll recall park county deputy nate carrigqn n shot andndillelewhile e rvrvg a`a`` evon nono lt w ek. two othedeputies werererot and inind fore killili the suspect. 've lelenethmemoriri for carriwiwill hbpp aund 11 on the morng g ar4tvada's f f ble chapel. e socoty sheri's ofce i eppipin toov forservicicink unun the mem weststinon topf to 2ininatalert...mingng 11 newshik) rng... wh need now abou day's h` fife prevent ather grass like this one.but rst... her violt g gttackck. timin pararot cacacaore.hoar psteppepe to o ... ibly
6:44 am
ur morni s. jes? trtrfistill vingothlon e majoroad. gnto be dmen h h 24 -r5 ta4 nu fntifs p ti- takelu u ou19 minutes. fountain bl/martin lutherering bypass fm powers blvd. to i-25
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10inutut. wewel beight back.
6:47 am's a looueueo righghgh 's d d . i' right now -- a young girecocoriro a dog atatck. . th ithe secondndog attac the past w wk,k,ou may remember four chchdrdr were aptacked by three e t das rush.h. this wewewnd's attack hahaened inin ththparking t of walrt nea the chapel hills malin colorado sprprgswitnesees tell us if nearby shoppers didn'tstop to help... it cld have been much worse. witnesses say they saw a gl whososfacead beeeemauaed b ba`dog,g,heheas eedidirofuslslananpe got of f eir to pull animalaofofofof her. mimiietz/workseafay "2"207070 "a l of people w ininc mode, lot of trafoppe we waited and watched ambulalaes andhe fire deparen toe ope shsh oka
6:48 am
pepeitalor bitetendto hererace.ey d'tnow whwh kd of dogdttatked t t g but sayt tatoes pk eaeaeaea hu ciy.haening today accededhild rapiilbeben t. veatsasavid skels beenenthe fo y y y y y yasasasasstted list t ofo.o.rsharrestenortrt of d dver r r ththekend. hehw wki a aa a tel and ied to run, but was caughththththt he's f f fg ght cocots of rape and sex assault. later dau.u.pnourtrtesumes todaririandrews'iviv susu ainst stalkerericic babaett d thshvi rrioio. rrett ded d ilty t blkin 20-1-1-1-1r rerdg g g ewewnude t`tgh a a a peephole at the hotel andhpostg the ctctct onle. andrews is seeking 75- mlili llars amages for negligence. sass som on the l stf told barrere room andrews stayinin. o wowod dohis? ief stole money from these girl ss while th were sellg cookies at r r r h. aurura police
6:49 am
suspect and d l offififinded up p kingng donaons and buyingookies the oop p ads say y the officers did brougug them tototo tear wewesting onop of toy's s breakakg weather alert. cocong up on 11 news this mornin.. what yououeed now about toy's hihh fire e nger... to he prerent anonoer@grass fire lile t ts on pltroutse this@s momoini.e'e' u an1 brki wea art. emily hahathe dedeilananan
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lcome ba.
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and i'm sarah scscabe. happy mondaywe are startg ou tempurn th20rto o s fofo, felow w clos e(vingfr theutut oval moart da 'll sesemi eratesontie to.. highs oughhe 5 to u0s. . 'll sesese slight ancecor teted@shshshs this aer and evenaserers ofofk dinc pusro.. erededid m mand e. e the st chanae ofofeeing light showers while the i-25 cordor will be mainly d d. this will be l impact event. these will k ck upupp our winds and asas r rulweill sesehighgh re danger. aed flag
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todadafor the rings, pueblo and non city. conditioioioilclear by mid rning tuesday ananwmwmwmlso ing witht a cocoown in temperatures to the 40s and 50s. we'll warm ba up the 50an60s ononednesday and remain dry tough theheest of rk weewiti mil temperatures. and now w jordan sherman n th a ok at t day's traffic reportrt increasisi traffic volo around town. mor delays far. 21 minutes oncademy through town. 35 minutes on wers blvlvlvraffic is moving smoothly \& denfnfnan pueblo. r li tfficdis a daylydo to oeb ktv cocod click icyourexex fic updas p p
6:54 am
bend redg rnfo this aftetno. ews reporta siis digigngeper into whwhsoutrncoradoann hited skoririr. she ilora sgs. gi, whreeaing? ve, rah,havead gnifanre in thpa w wks a of ltty dry.y. ke aoohigrnd me itfl fue tpis m, hav fesinte epasonty,pulo county front t unty ememto me mornieven though possible we weather is i iour rerest, it wont impact ch fire nger wi stilllbhigh. . we talked d filies in lorado springs ts month about our fire damger. richard merritt/cautitus abt fire danger:"y have to practice good hats no matter
6:55 am
involvlv. we're talkg grgrling mpres, anything like that, seasons d t tter." fifi figers are e e ys reminding families to be careful th on amesn da ay is m, the finc unty wca b ba rett rememeer, castayn p of today's 11reing weathehe and gh firirdanger with e 11 news mobilepp. & it free to dnload, just check the app store. now the latest on n e 20-16 presisentialalampapan. mudslinging on the republican n side of the race forhe white house at an all-time high. over the weekend, marco rubio targeted donald ump.....en making some peonal attacks. se m rubio/residential candidate "he doesn't sweat cuz his res are
6:56 am
"p senanated cruz is kingng atrumpor not cococoning suppoe comments formereklu k kn n ader vividu. on the democratic side, hillary clinton camped in n e sout h h to capite on her big win among black vote in uth carolina. happppinnow-e e esenti ndnde e getet a l o nciasuor orsenamarco o is thbest- ndnd p pntiahofufu pascounty. atccorng urers at the gette. el punty republicaave naned more than n thousand dollarsotthe rubibi campaigngnbebers has raise re t79 thousand dollars.s. uz c cing in n nnumber e e th more an 52 thousandollars. . ahead of supersday..rnie sandnds aignn colorado. heas ifort c c c ery.y.andnrsrshis ray mobena onhe c ca..ononmahi he lked about using executive pors to the job done. and what iave e idididthem and i i that if congress does not& not its job i will use the
6:57 am
esident t do everything i can. sanders also talked about tiorm.ig nowowlw llarinton leles in recect t pddpoll for evythihi you need d no about supeday ur4ctc - heo our webcbcnnel, 0k-k-t com. m mning. fiveveu kl klan members are free, after being arre. it xapnenenene teekend in anaheim, califnia. police say the five were releleed becausu they acted in self defense seven people still in jaiq, were en beaeang, stping and aackini thehe klansmeneniththtoden posts a happenenedudung a arotest on sasaay. sgt. daron wyatt/anaheim pd "the third stabbing victim is pa of the grgrpspshes para of thcoter otot. we jt donot ow w wre in the event the stabng took k ace,e,r r o the spiseasthr p pwe stabbed the f f fno a pn n h h h airles fst
6:58 am
neyo senat crleschum sa he adding ananmenentntntan f-a-a bibi. it woulu requiuihencncto@o upmumumeat size fo airlinin. new fofointo thehewsroomlmhis morning.gas s aren r waupup ris, nts. / that puts the average right arouou 12 ininhe springsgs in pueblo,o,o,llllost u out 1-666666 gallololo@gasoli. . /# &atlly, the cost t ght arououppenno.. a aactotohe s orsehaorigigally ought. en ss haers t mo than 700-tusan co. . or dououan evly esmad.thfoatstde rmion n ab to le a falsrnnd c cct arefu i-isailicaonto aectetax yers. it all feelsncredidiy eal thcurse was fillllokek leonaraprio last night whfinally took he
6:59 am
ny praisedoss rock whopush vepe in n t ososrs-so- roversy. an aupse t tovov tl" wost piqtu re a look at what's cong nt on cbshis morning. ing up, oscar's big wiers, memorable ments, and cis rock's take onhe d dersity issue. wrepopo from lolo angeles. plus,s,axpayer hacking - the irrevealhobithe tah ally was.sre real news ming up on cbs this morning, next." gogobye
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good morning. itits mondad, february9th, 2016. welcome tocbs thth mororngng @n its biggest t, chr rockhalltheollywool tablen thedianes on aca ters oscar ot. >>he replican re get e stie dold tmpndariotack eacacotr he theyook.>>hileap dayeeti the oldesteapingady. we bin this morning with a lototoy's s ye opener." wld in 90ds for rs aming ard. let take tlanet f granted. i oteonht for gr k youch.h. >> diver takes cenr e the it's 8 ademyawardsds


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