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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 29, 2016 7:00am-8:57am MST

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good morning. itits mondad, february9th, 2016. welcome tocbs thth mororngng @n its biggest t, chr rockhalltheollywool tablen thedianes on aca ters oscar ot. >>he replican re get e stie dold tmpndariotack eacacotr he theyook.>>hileap dayeeti the oldesteapingady. we bin this morning with a lototoy's s ye opener." wld in 90ds for rs aming ard. let take tlanet f granted. i oteonht for gr k youch.h. >> diver takes cenr e the it's 8 ademyawardsds meanhis whole no blacknoe thinin h happene a
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leasas711 othertime we are goinggo win s bi u know, we are leadingn eversingle state he stoppable? >> thehe iso doubthat if donald steaeaeals througher tuesday ananwinsverywhereith big margins that heeayell b unstoppable. 4 have yose n n han? they areike this. you know what theyay about men with small hands? >> mo camign goe national >>enator, a disappointi loss ouina?>> i w w't tl thaen't t atennd bteteteer dly. >> hiln cu o klili a& polili offern vniil@ appecot.t.t. - s swo ihe befo oo warmbier detained in north korea begs for foives - >> save my life! >> a rpage on a religious feiv and lucuc nneur ring the festivities. >> all that >> he hit the s out ofhe war in his boxer breven.
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what isssoingng onn ovethere? >> what are you going to do onc e big show i over? >> i'm going to the oscar @ parties. the after-paies. >> wheis your bedte? >> 8:00. >>t t u to reach into your millionaire pockets and i wa yoto buy some o&y daughter's girl sut ies. look at my babs up there! leo, you made 3 3 llion. me on! >> on "cbs this m mning." >> there were no nminees. theyeyere in linee t t buy t-shirts at theichaolton ncert. e o w theououin night isfy letteve harv annoue e wne and that d annoce :his rtioof isorningspsored by tototata t's pla >>weto "cbth moin" e ng is off. jeff glolois wh us. he acadede awawass ceremonyyy tus s nths o oial
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coroy innt and tertaing sociallcocory. these four are celrating their fit acting oscars. >> it was host chris rock who ole th show. he took on the lac o racaal diversitithead onnrom thehe opening momenen until i closing credidid entertainmnn t tight co-host kevin frazier r in losangeles. >> repter: good morning. no way last night's broadcast coulbe just about the awards. leleardoicaprio and brie rson took the actctg h hors ananspotlight a a surprpre winner for best picture but the real spopoioht was on t t oscars lackck of diversity and the sh's st chris rock owned the night.t. >> wl, i'mere at thecademy awards, ototrwe ks t t eopophoeaw
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rockteor were white. rock kt the jes cin even out of a commercl ea >> ware blac >> reporter: t broadst politically charged atmospre ed more the diversy issue. leonondo dicapriri t tkk home the oscar for best actor and took thehopportunity to deliver a message about the environment, a passion of his for mororthan a a caca. >> clite change is real, it is ppening rit now.w. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire spspies. >> i'm the lea qualified mam here tonight.t. thank you. >> repter:ice esident joe n walkedntage t standingvation and talke
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part oisis@ntction toady ga'sg "`ntilt happeno yoyo rtes e e ctofbuseild the ag emional rerese fromhef audice w clear. brie l lsonho p p pd aexexl abuse viim in "room" huggedd each other ashe ce off age. >>nd thehescar goeto -- "spotlight." >> reporter: tonight's top honor went to a film perhaha the strongest political ssage. it telel a tru o o joururlism innthe boston globe." >> thihifilmavee a voice off survivors s d this oscar amplifyinghat voice which we hope is ahoirir that will resonate all the w to the vatican. >> reporter: the first tima
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and even retweeted a quote over
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reporr: tedru too the fight ai r remiio fo. >>nk, jo > in t democtice hihiy y n rries meehateser b broun popo swsli b l in orora, vgi andndtxas. clinton scor aecisive w thisweweend.e beat b bnie sdersy a ndslin rdth rolina prima clintoto wild an ent wre ncy cordes is this morning. reporter: shehis leading by 20 points hereeen virgigian our battleground tracker. it's o o of twotas a that she isisiting lday.y. those poll numbers help to exain why increasingly clinton isisurninger attention away omernie sanders,raining r firer%instead, on the
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>> i wanto debatehoever ty put up because here i# what they are sang. eyreellilg the s se snake oil, tckle d d economics. >> reporr: clinton changed her focus after her south colina blowou morrow, this campapan goes national! >> reporter:he won the statats african-american ve by a aggeringinin. on "face the nation,n,sanders 't sur-coat . >> 7e didreally, ly, albadldlithldafn-ics ters.. wede. etorr:orrow,usus coe ev methn statth newewtlegroun tracr ows him train clinn by 24 pots in tetes d 28ntin georg. vors there said clinton is more qualified, but t viewed sanders as mprinple and hon nene >ry cntnt doeit a lile bit differely.
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did very wellin. whs hris christie looking for? ou s s this osble vp ticket for dold? > possibly. i think it was a chance for chris christie toet backn the story a aittle bit afterer hisis poor s owingn hampshire andd drororog out of the ra, because heeallll ran onnn thihgs, chris christie, thatonald trump doesn'n'believe in and saididhings aboututrump and hih lack of experifnce that are contradicted by what he said@dn end. so it's helpful asou menenon for donald d dnp totoave an endodoemenfrom somody like tpat i ia blue state. sopot was goo for the news cycle butt think other tn that, donald trump@is offnn his own and got h own thing gogog. whether a place for chrhrhre i a trumpdminisisation there proboblys in somee pee way. >>ohn,ksks r tete wri y y super esday relts pririime
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and our c ceragegegs at :00/00 c ctralaln cbs. a soldier accused ofilling his wife and a p pe e ficer isisis expeed to face a judgeay. liceceay thattaff sergeant nald hamamton shot and killed ficer ashlhlguindonn o o saturday. it was her firstst d with the princeceilliam county y lice departrtrt in n inia. jeff pegues isthe court whe hamiltononaignment i schedu take place. jeff, doodmornrnrn >> reporte good morning. ron hamilton n be inn a coururoom today. not rking at his job inn i.t. at t t pentagon joint staff servicesenter. on saturday, investygars say he g go a head argument with his w a firsto roll was a rookie officer a milira vetan. ashley guinnawus s sworn r r rng and hundreds gathered on sunday to celebre fallen pe officer ashlguindon.
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>> recognini thaha w w wl contue one ste aa time in honor ofhleyey eporter: se coverer a poliar in owers, while hers visitededheospital where she ed. >> she hadadeen through so mucuc withhe mes and to have this happen o or something so stupid. itgt s s sad. >> repepter: ind don was seinin her firsthihied. a d earlier sas sworn in at the prince wliam police department where she had once interned. e depapament t tetet out this picture with thehesse, be safe according to reports boror ding to becomom a p pice officer 2020, guindon spentnt nearar eighthtears i i thehearine corps reserves. police say ashley, alo witit two other officers, aivededtt ronald halton's odge meaturyight on a mestic disturbce ll >>y apppphed the front
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inside the he openfi stringeeficers. >> repr: pta eallly lled%bdgugudo andnd-y-yd iown and31-yeaeaold jesse hbmpn be surrenderiri too police duri t search h the home, po f fnd the bodyf hamilton's wife crystal. authorities alsoisisvered the cole's's11-1r-r-d soso harmed. >> t t wife was a a ao contata the e lice officer, ,owevev, before our arril, she w whoho and killll allegedly by t accud. it's s ways been a peacefufu neighborhood where eveveboet ong th everyb eporter: neighbors of hamilton say they are shocked by hihiviolenenbehahaoror >> he was a g g g guy, like a gent giant. >> reportete haononho had been workingthe penengon since 2011, faces capap murder charges. if nvicted, could spepe t rest ofis life b binbars. as f f the two injured officics, they have combined 19 y yrs on the fofoe and they arotot
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>> thanks, jeje. theemporaraease-fir inn a appears to holding largqgbut thehe united nationononsays thohoands ofyriaiaay p p p haved fro staation dururg the cil war. elizabeth palm is holmes, ere residents haltl in fighting will briha lasting p%`ce. izabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good rning. well,,his partial cease-firir is holding. it has to be said pretty lg odds. th posititn h officiallll complained to the united nations umerous violalalas b the syri aanan26sian air strikes. bubuforians in areas that are quiet,, this patchwork truce offeelie andlimmer of hope it might@ g g into oader andd morer lasting ararngementtith monitorss and dpsignedafe zones. pecially in neighbooods like e old city here trohly
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but now back in govovent han and qut. life is starting t returno the ruininin cacaer, repairs, even school. e paiallruce islsls a raree bibi o ghgd n ns the ththnd of homeless syryr who we forcedutf their townan villalas by fightg and who know want nothing more than treturn. the united nations nowants t take advantage ofthi pause in n theeiging to deliviv aid to 150,0 pepele inarious parts of syria.a. and e also anned a a w round of peace tatks ng a week toy. elizabeth palmerer t tnk you. a cyberbreach t tgetingng taxpayers is far worse haha thought. ead whyheber of high fire danger today! ! aill see e ight chances for showows but overall dry mild and
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announcer: this popoion of "cbcb thth morning" "ponsored by weatrtech cocae. weather weather
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thenight'ss b bge wiwier. >>headhe cia takee why hiss t ten the cononovsysy about race i i unprpredenend.
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pllo.o. happy monday! we a starting out with temperatures ithe 20s o 30 fost, , , w w w 40s. clouds moving in om the w but overall stly cle to start the e y. we'll s mild temperatures continue today.... highs witi range through t 5 5 to upper 60s. 'll see very slight chances for scattered showers this aftetnoon and evening as a series of weak diststbances pusthrough... the lmer divid mouains, and e. ains have the b%st chance of seeing lig showers while the i-25 corridor wiwi be mainin y. this will b ba low w ctevent. these w wl l ck u u u winds s d as a result t wl sesehi reanger. a red flag waini gonto effefe at noon today for the spspngs,blo d canon ci. . conditions will clear by mid momoing g
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it a cool down i itempates to the 40s and 50s. we'll warm back up to the 50s and 60s on wednesday d remaininry through the rest o o o o@ rk w wk with mild temperures. incrcrsing volumum far. . me@ slowing through some of the constrtion s zones. traffic moving ooooly t tnvernd puebo. dave ekatie. th morningng- a woman is ng serious charges...afte r t a deadad csh. 27 year old atainanaunoz is accused of crossing g to on ming t tffic and hting twowo motorcycles. apned over the weekend, south of franktown... whihh is east of castle roc iaiad jacqe lehner, from parker, were
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died at the scene. state paprol l says a colorado spspngs n, joseph bartoletti, was on the other motorcycle.@ eportedly minor injuriesn rinono-- munoz i i chargewith vehehul homicide and driving under the influence. state patrol says the viims wereot wearing
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i've bnalling
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hollywood for lack of diversit you knoww what? i don'n'want to j jtt complala i want top@ol the p pblblbl and that isoioi t a fsh perspective. in your words what is the oscar controversy ababt? >> i guessss i is about givininhe blblksks cnce towi >> did you see any oe oscar nominated mvies? yosee "spotlight >> no. whwt is thth? >> h h about thehe bridge e spies? >> where are you getttng these movies from? reporter: whatas you favoriri wte m mie of the year? >> o o man! >> "by the sea" with b bd pitt and angelininin jolie. >> wow! not even they would say atat >> funun. >> i love that clip we were wawahing at the break as well! that is good! >> i hahen't see tt momoe. >>harlie@e and i cld watch is all morning long!g
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we just saw a sample of the dyhris rock used at th rdrd academy awards. aheaeahis revws on the frank cial controversy of diversy. a fight club o causu we are look at the students who re knoededut a a left with concussion thatattory is ead. time eo show you some of morning's hehdlines from around the globe. "t nework timeme on n icantudent d daid in nortkoa m ming a public apologog otto rmbier spoke at a news conference in ppongyanan it is unclea whether he was foed tologize forrying to steal a ag. morateies of iranan presidt wawa a majoriry of ase on assemblyoickhe
7:29 am
it's iran's first votee since t nuclear vote wh u.s oer countries wass finalizeze >"usa todod" rorts on a royal cariban crue sp tting short anotherrrtrip. u mightt remember theanthem of theeas wattered earlier this month byy a sever storor on saturday the ship's capapin decided to hea home two days rlyo avoid aer possible ststm. thehip was alsls dealingng with a noro norovirus outbreak. police say the kkk were only defeing themselves from protestete whenhe rally turned violentatday in anaheim. some people re stabbededed a a seveveanan-kkk protesterere beininhe. > "the s in post"t" reports howb member ofs.e.a.l. team 6 emerge from secrecy to receive the medal of honor todayn navy chief sior biersrs shielded an amerin hostage fm gfire
7:30 am
to receive t mf honor since the vietnam war. you should learnrnore aboutim and this m msion too. h he more on our weweite. increrible sty. >pchris roc is b%bng recognizedhis morning for redefining t t tolol o o oscars st. muchf the conversation i focused on how he the shoho put racial diversity at thth center of th oadcdct. michle miller is here with how rock putpthe heat on hollywood michelle, good morning. >>e sure did.d. go rning. eporter: when chr rock signedn t hos the awardrd s sw it was beforeehe oscar white controveveveerupted. en it seemed like n host was tt fit to addrere that big whe elelhantn the roro. >> h hwood isororory racist. it's,`likekewe like you, rnda!a! buyou' nototpa! >> reporter:ost chris roc
7:31 am
rsity y ntyy osososh% dove in-first >> i'm sure there w we no blala nomies in '6 and '636ndnd acacpeopop dltltprprest. why? cae wewe real ingso otest at thehehehe u know? 's too busy being g ped and lynched to c cebout who won beststinem togo fer. >> matt bellami. he wa very raw and veryy unafraid to go thehe in man ways. >> >orte theit wasast limimed the. >> i'm aanishh girla th dineseses are od, gg!!
7:32 am
>> the oscars because i qu, y ow? and the last t tng i needso lose athinrt epint w w w many of crock's jojos, most like scriptete onon, , t ha't te was reportrtlyly ad-lib'd. >> i iantohtakeomenth to applaud all o my a aors andhh actrtrses ofofolor that didn' t nominated tonight. the reason why i sayhat i i cause i want t tm to ununrstand ttonight is not determrmed the hardork a a efforthat you put into your craft. at the end of the dada w%w love what we do andnd we e b baking jor gund doing it. these problems of toy. repepter: chris rock, kevinin hart there both pointed and dedeberate.
7:33 am
no one was ut of boundsro hiscocotary. chris ck's any wa nomitis. i gu poinlnl really wa hey,herere someeoplqn the ouide boycotting and there needs to be e at sameoice o inside/out >> the academy needed thistoo. >> it reall di >>right. this debate. right. to bmade f f of. >> yeah.h. >> people e guys wereinin funt th break. >> as you pointouou nsparingg and targeting everyone. >> yh,eah. sometimes a laugh wl go further sometis make the poinin than s sometim a nvsation of&sesesness.s. mielel, tnk you. >> thank > > liforniachooficials are investititing an alleged fit clububn hichoolo campus. several videos of students punchi e!cotrrurfaced la week pmpti complaints ptsthe stststts arem nevada union hichool about an hr northf sacramento. the district superintendent says she onon learaed aboutut the fight ub, alleged fht clu
7:34 am
but as ctete evanswsus, figh may have been going on we shohod you this video is graphic. reporter: t video showsws students wring boxing glos but rotoct gearnd puckling eather. >> you're blblding. >> reporr: theights apparely took place during scolhouse in a dilapidated buildingdy the bbseball team as others loooodon. >> we immiaialylypened an inveigation. we've shut down the location where theight hak taken place. >> reporter: curntndmerr stutentsolbs station kovr, the fights have en held for momo than a decaded withhids getting knonoed out and receivingh bloy yiy noses and black eyes and`g`gng home with concussion arents a a coachesesave beenen aware prior tongin ito our attention. >> no one is trting , like, i want to beat thihi kid up. >> reporter: senr james is iends with s of the studentsn thevidede a he siedhey had had no
7:35 am
>> just g gs havingfun. lalahing. playinc anan xi >> reportetelet three os wereeportedly poste online lasts week,ut he since been deleted. thee teenageiging ring is drawin comparisons tohe movie ightclub" aut a recreatitialalighting league for adult men. >he fifst rulesf fight is you do no talk abobo fight ub. second r re of fig club b you do n talk about fight club! it really blew my mind. i s surprised that kids g g away with things like that. >> r rorter: the high school is
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stududts werinlved. the district >>we welcome the newest member ofurur cbs familp wn in raleigh h now cbs north caroli. look forward to wking gether. ->> northarolina is good state. >> love e . >> a lot of strong people fm there. >> good peoe e rn there. >> yes, inde. assive data breach a athe irs wasp fir mororthan fir released. th say or70000 social security n n nrsrs a a other rsonal i may have beenen jan crawford iutsidede of irs headadters in washington with the sophisticacad fraud. jan, goooomorning. >> reporter: good morng. so thersrstarted tha get transcript program more than two years ag noaftete nine-monln ininigatio`,he irs i i saying
7:41 am
it hasut hundreds of thousands of more people at ri foror identity t tft. somomody was trying to claim a a fund u u u myiaia secucutyumber and i knew somethinwas wrong.# >v repepter: notveirginia tatoeypne zel was protectetefrom attackers w w he saya sto his identityv i got a form earlier this week stating that somebod had recovered d e-file personal identificationmber. i don't ve that. >> reporte the irs is latest inin siessfdisclores. in may015 t t agencytete cybercremimils accesse some 114,0000 taxpayeye accnts andnd thatatumr gw t t 334,000. thonon the irs says as many 24,000 victims. >> the irs is frankly, notot doing enonohoorotete usus >> reporter: steve wiwian i an expert in i tity thef >> t t tery fact it takes hem
7:42 am
so many monthso e analy the depep othe problem shows thathe are probly even more identititthefef tha is@ going . r rortetetehe irsays hackers usese persosol informion gathered from other online s/srsesik bank counts t tnsweersonall idedtitytyuestions on the get trtrscript forms. ononpossible lprit, irs approved taxpayers. on audititound 6 out wf 13 irsrsrs apprpred failed toive informationn to op >> we don't use pror pas. we don't useroper secu. >> rorter: thers is nononoing g g g h hkedaxaxyers mail,s well@as free enti proteion for aear.r. in a atement,hegency says it's cmied to proteteing taxperonultitie fs agnst t tatared identity theft. we are m minquy to hp thestaxper >> short of changingour sococ curi mberwhich i ununrstand onlwitnesss
7:43 am
otececon pgramictims can do, , don't rerely h have a tionet. but i ink we nee to search r one. >> repepter: now, , e line ndf downlolo featururur t hahabeen suspended sin 20151!. t the ir is working to restore that par of the sfgs, but, of cose, withth enhand seserity this titi toetter protottttxpxpers. >> jan, tnkou vy ch. aeauty website compmtes for best oar night blund i i a m m-up overgh feraywe will seslig chans s r shers butoveralal mildnd
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had no idede oprahah wt the ademy awawds a a t tt ispot oprah. gayle king posted this p pto on instagram off herer daughdhrrrr kirby next to opr i r rponsee to the mix-up.. she wrote, quote, w don'tll lolk alike. ez! totata beay later a alogigid and said it was our error and there are no accuses. plan totoone 10,00000 to a aa chchity of whoopi a rah' choice.. oprahas noeighgh in. >> thais very, vere >nardo dicrio ia popular star and now an oscar winner. kevin frazr i i standin b bin los angeles to talk about dicrio'sacacevent.. ill bebe right ck.
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yoyoput a big g g in a kids hands and change theirirorld view. [ ugh ] if yavdetatatao re cerararaisr crs,s,s, and yo sptoms hahayou wi the s se view ititay be time for different perspective. ifther treatments s vevet wowoedell lhough, ask your d dtor abouentyvivi e only bioioc c c loped d appred just for uc d crohn's. vio o rks syusing right in t gi-tract help control damaging flammation and is clically y ovov to begigihelping many patient hihiboth symptom rief as wl as rememsion.. inininon and s sioio allergic actions n happen dinor after treatment. entyvio y increase risk of infection, which cafabeeriousus while nonoreported`with entyvi p, a ra, seribraiinfection used by a virus may possible. tell your doctor if yohave an infec, experiencfrequent infections have flu-like symptoms, or soror liver problfms c c occur witi entyvio.
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ist woing for u, ask k urastrtrnterologist about entytyo.
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hello. hahay monday! we are startin t with temperein t0s 30s for most, a fefew 40s. cl are min from thw t overall mostly clear to start the day. we'll see mild temperatur continue today... to upper 60s. we'lsee very showers this afterno and eveving a sererof weak sturbancncncush through... the palmer divide, mountatas, and e eplains he thbest c cnce of ceeing ligh shshers s whililile i-25 corridowillll mamamamary. th wililbe a a low impact event. these will kick up our winds anan a result weill l e high fi danger. a red f fg warning goeso ct at noon today`for r e springs, pueblo and d non city. conditns
7:54 am
tuesesesd ll also ing with it a cool d dn in temperures to the 40s and u. we' oarm back u l 50s and 60s on wednesy and remain dry through e rest of the e wk wi m md teererererere increasing volume so far. some sling thththh so he cononructctzone traffic moving
7:55 am
right now-- police are looking fof w w wer started d d ting durininfit tside e e cabar.. one man s kikied and two others we@e hurtrt itappened ide 'on rsepbabapuon n n n maiaiaire lice 2yeldin clk s killedtwo ototr men were shot, and are in able cocoition at a nearby hohoital. police shere isn't a suspectf descririion ntthth time. if you knoything that can help pile, cl crcre oppers right awaythe numbmb is 54stop, , u don't ha to giveve your ne. goodbye.. h h hmmmmmm-hmm-h counting the cars on t new jersey y pike theheve all ce to look for amica cheeee and applause e
7:56 am
all come to look for america
7:57 am
good morning. it is monday,ebruar2929th, 16. lce back#uo bs t ts rning" m mreal newewadad clg moar wind hingle men ndfinehistand are trsfororng t ts s esidential. but first here's today's eye pener" at t opener@8ght s s >>spotlit" was theurprise realal winnereror best picicre but the real spotlhtnt the lack of dive ( coubioiscoverere his n an see inner dodold trump.en poll lumbe h hp toexplain whyy clinton turningng herttenti ay fm bernrnrnandets, riro ononhehehelin fate. t difficulty foronald the trump is e enn thoughh he hee he seemed le toenounce tkkk k and white suemact. this s suld d t be difficult. >> t t partial ceaseire i i holdidg, but thee opposition has compededf numerors violatioio.
7:58 am
after a nine month investigatiot e irs sayst tigation put t ndreds of t tususus o it's moreeople at risk for identityt theft. f >> it seemed like no ht wasas like no bett f f toddddss t tt b eleantn roo >> wilwatominateded le ncussion. i gett. i get it. wil youuet mad. it not fairhat w wl w w this it tha good and dididt g nominated. u are ght.righ 's'sotair thaha wl was pd will 20 million f fwild wilwest." ok? for i'm charlie rose with nora o'donnel o'nnl. >> the hollywo meg st n reived the firir@omination r best suprting actor and h has three previous bes leleg actor nomitions.
7:59 am
himhehe coveded award. kevin frazierer i at t st. after@is r rkklele young deliveveve i was a corn titicoronationonhoeclalad red hif ng of the w in thees blockbuster "t"tanic" and nowowtis official he finally . >> let's note tss planet net forgranted. i i not t de i do not take ts night for granted. >> this environmentalist took mu advantage of the worwide didice ae wa best &&ss actor for"therevena." ve >> thererereaense o of u uen we must do s uething proactive do out the issue. >> reporter: he gr upn los ter: he gr angeles as ahildd aor.t at entertainmenttonight, we werehere at his first oscars
8:00 am
wh'satingilbert gray. >> it is like b%bng the t#t the heavyweights, pele i havbebeveve watctc for year >> be la is ees actrs nner.hissheded deey forxtxt y andreamed o oaightht like t ts. money d d >> i watched thisnvve year since ias 7. be heres pt o histy. 7 soo >hi the aorsuggle is with diversy, many fil honored socialelance. the bestupporting g tor in dash girl took us t the early bac ys o gender reasgnment. >> i hope it can open uaerf thqt coersation.titi. >> reporte anonoer film igniti ting didiususon, the real t t lifenvesgation in to sexual abe e atholic pries a v "spotlight" eaeaed best ur this fi gave av to survivors.s. f f risk it all >> >am s sth wononor beses orinal song.
8:01 am
menn ope gonon ans of kam wn't but his hean was inheightlace.. >fit wawa't the ce n t t dedicat thi to the lgbtommunity a aund the l smith beat out lady gaga's song outlleg sexual ultt on alleged collegecampusus.ts tears. broht it touchedhe best director winner@ alejandro gonzalez arritu. >vave a 20-year-old girl in llege and i t t of that.atr as aather toee that crisis stiti happenini in colleges and the inhat itrereesnd how powerless they can , i inthat sg wasaserery moving. >> i was aicalmome.
8:02 am
when leoo t staff chew, beatathe rececd tweetstseres >> w wle theominions were ns were not inclusive what about shsh? >> you kw,wl havto tell u, i thght riri rock and the a producererid a fantastic job d from survivors of sexual s s violencece lt commum]ty and of course racial diversity. the covered a lotf gund and there w wn't a wasted te momont. skitstaboutlack hisisry me, celebrating jack blala, k moviegegrsrothe comonon of thtetetervwednd eveve playeded musisiplayed seem toave a message quincy jones and ferrelliana super fly. shaq t bckir pepeby dada. mccartney said@d he likik to think
8:03 am
symbol for a beautiful blackck k woman. woman. the mess the message washelivered loud and cl and cleasedd if you misisdd the academy it! presesent sasasaet on the train cae ge i comimi. sheheill be held tohat standard aftererromimingthat. h, yeah. >> t tnk you so mu teait tonight will he a wrapupf thescarar toninit. wra check your localal listinin.s can personal attacksre flying in theheepublican race wher 12 states vote tomonoow o o super tutu thosese voters in georgia and texasas think dona truru has the most optimistic@ msage and say he th s theest chance t win in vembmb. cording to tbs n ns battlegroundacker. tris alslstingn hea criticis criticism m rrr n n renouncga suppt of t t tr kulux anan ldedeavid. eade t w wed about duks $% dorse and supportrt of white he s supracisis in genera heaid heheouldn'tdemn a &ws nothing group he knows nototngngng about inreonse, ted c cz said
8:04 am
marco rubio said the gopp cannon be a aartytytyt refus toto condem white prpracists.pracists ump said heouldn't hear the hear the qu question because of a b earpipi >>ou topopololiciceam will & brininuper tsdayes sup torrowht in primimt i ouspecial cocorage beginat ecial coverage :0 9:000 cenenaleren cbs. won ares m mried to the idea thedea of having aspouse.auauoror the authorr ispnhe toyota green n om a a we willalk is t her new bo.reen impacting g reer, politics a a momohood. thatatead. high fe e nger today! we will e slightht chances for showers but overl y mild and
8:05 am
hollllood's big night comomnes comedy a cocorovevey. howhe film industry moves forward following the d dersity criticm.
8:06 am
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that's the difference ben ordidi everyday and exquisitely delicious in a aeverydayasort t way.
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8:10 am
>> p mede up 61 of decratic pmary voters in uth carolina this weekekd. acaoininto cbs e epog and unmaied women comprised a bigg percentage married votete than thehe peers.s. recca explores t risis fluencan indepdes ofof unrried womeme her new boo callll ll theingledieses and wtes she expded presence of women a iependent entitieredistribubuon ofere % at has until recentl been wielded by mosymen. th book i i posteddy simon and uher, a divisionn of cbcb we spske to unmad women to get theirhougs on dang ooooser, careerandht makes them feel comltete >> i rolwi it. >> v singlgl right now. >> >our-year relationshi if you like it thehen you should
8:11 am
>> i'm single as a dolla bill.. >> iingle. i have been sglorive years. we'ree talking big plansight >> eveve sglartyty iet asked doou have a ayfriend? are you dating? >> s setet you don't f fdhe right one right away. i don't think i want toto i tnk i i woulde devastatedif i dt get rr i'm thinkinin aboutut cee als first. >> i want to havae enoughime for both,e life and w wk life >> i alway c coseey family my career at the end of the y. >> my carereres reallyly important cai can'n'havea f f fyf i can't supporhem. >>ushingelf professionay way more of a prioty. >> i don't tnk theheiololocal clk has hit in full force yet.>> five years froro now, i pla to have a family, , rried. i pn marry rich actuall. theey te feeling complete is beiei my truest,
8:12 am
st confidentelf. >> you havto le yoursrsf as a pepeonh to loveveomeonee else that much to be maied. >> r recca, goodororng.. wow. this i a terrificbook. i know youou s snt five yea tting it togegeer. what's intetesting, what you found, womenen choosingo be independent, ununrrieore they areared is becing g mass behavior. what's tt mean? >> it m mns it' n n -- even level of economic, seal, social independence for wome is not a politicizedctionor many wowon. one woman i tlip said nt to p porititeca. buttly this i is bomhe paer ite n90 and 80 theian age o f fst rriaor womenenluluuad een 20nd2 and didt hierhan nd nowow
8:13 am
>>, 60% of unen weri and20% of younwomen. howhat cin us thang erhihih s meang the general society. t changes everything how the nation work our r vevevent,ur social policies, vic instituons are
8:14 am
pattern in mind, that's the absolutely. >> notust the presesential vel. >> marriedh womomvote democratic. they require soror of whole w se sociapocies that
8:15 am
decrare more @ikyo >> what abou n? meare alsoryinla. >>hey arar puonf singlgl men is owow historly m he enblbl to le moreasily indendent live th have en more easily able totoarn their livivis, be economically independent, t haha sexual les not judged so harshly. it is relatively new foromom as f f as s ing able to have at k kd of social iependencn and havevet be a norm, rather than a scaalous abration. >> ihought one oe scinatinthings aboutthisis the historical significance of single women. thiss not the first time they (-vead hugee iact onn our ciei >> in e cry wno many m mt w w w w a s manan killed durininhe c war, ererwas aeeeopulationn of a won.n. lotf these me whose liveddly weren given over to the responsibies of wifefenessnd motherhoo
8:16 am
abolition, suffer rara vementnt teaching eansion of ndar @education. nursesn medicine. >> luly of f eeiiers ab foroerererere e unmarried or unconventionally marriedn.%% >> youop i4ieaea p%pvasive netratatn of t t major ut i ierici it enene. sesunrrwomeisin poli. weave ewewen aenof colpopoticscsnd increasingly you see people like nnnnnn edwards r r rngngngngng nana, , , seeellllll of singleleomomisisg andnd t ty ararargoininto rresese p p patatn n n at's'sededromg w e errr beberere > it is fascinating. thank youuo much. congratuon the bo. thank y so ch >> ll the single ladies" goe on sale tomorrow. a an altltnatiti to the academem awards sends amessage. w the winners of tall-deaf movie awards a a tov industry.
8:17 am
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i'm really excited by all of the diversity noise that is happening right now. d i a so happy that, filly, hopefully, maybe hollywood is about to wake [ bleep ] up. >> this is after she accepd a statue at the all def mov
8:21 am
awards. dejam producer and coproducer russell simmons creat the award show. jackson jr. portrayed his father rapper and actor i >> i want erody take aook in the room right now because if you don't ndnd christ christoph waltlt a aowon. >> ahd, the oscar jokes about race
8:22 am
hell happy monday! we are starting out t th temperatures in the 20s rto 30 fomoststa few low w s. clclds are mg g fm e e but t erall mostly clear to start the y. we'l'lsesemild mperatures continue day..... highs will range rough the s to upper 60s. we'll see very slight chances for scattered d owows this aernondvening as a seriesf weakturbances push roh... the pmedivide, unins, and e. plainsave ththbest chance of seeing light showers while the i-25 corridor r ll be mainly d. this will bebe low impact event. these ll
8:23 am
kick up our winds and as a result we will see high fire a red flag warnin goes into effect at noon today for the springs, pueblo canon city. nditns will clear by mid morning tuesy and will also brg with it a cool down temperatures to the 40s and 50s. we'll warm back up to the 50s and 60s on wednesday and remain dry throu threst of the work week with mild tumperatures. incrsing v vume so far. some slowing thtnugh some othe cocotructi s zon. traffic ving smoothly to denver and puebo. kae or dav happening day we'e' hoping to leara me about a man cuseof cau explososn. corado sprin policte us omass
8:24 am
duri the explosioncbn marcos d d fhbobs wepopo toayhehere glad no wasrt. 20:134 just likythihi now, , ere's alys one to the exce that hohohohas been aroroem mt for a while." manuctinhail ait e lalar r everyonen colololorighw w w popooooongngororever ststted shshti during a fight ououididcababme mamama killednd two others were hurtrt it happened outside 'iron horse bar'rin pulo n nth main streee. . lice s s 2 2year old din clark kiedtw ototr m%n we a a are i abab c c cteon aa arbyspitit. popope t t tsn a spdescriioioio t ts s ti. ifizounoyt tcaca help pololl ime stoprs rhtway. the number is stop, )fu don't t tvevever na. . this morningngngmamama fa sererus s srgrg-&r&a dedede crara.
8:25 am
comimg trqrfifiand tting torcycles.s. h h hover theeekend, south of franktown... which is sp ocale r/r/r bririrind jauie e er, from p p p pwere o o of f f momorcs die scenen ste p p says corado spngman, joseph babtoletti, w s on n e otr motorcyc tehas r r inines. . r-ght now -- ms charard d with vehicar homicide and driving under the state patrol says thctims
8:26 am
8:27 am
ta -o cide not to it. turbto ba what a shot from curry! wiwi remainin t tse effaculululhoto o om goldenstate's$ph curry y eee b bomominin@np cocococoe. lun a sond l lt in oklahoma this sh, wararororor beae oklahoma ci onn sday
8:28 am
the e e og me)to show y,shehe monoing's headfrund e e.pbuzz@aldrin yingnge will to m ms by 2040. bilieves a staging base on the mo would be needed. >> the seaea timimimepepep thth starbrbks pns&to o o o c i i rs s s sn nextar. stbuckck hn't bes self successf intaly t other ti@& man buststoror a a a alyly sesefmkekeamamton ets.
8:29 am
boicictsts t/t h h mic r5 ieieo craigslist. heas arrested whwh the woman's boyfriend seseup a a sting with police whehe h h tried too sell t sasa ticictstso him. jadaakett-smi and willl ith boycotted last nighghs cererefter theominations re intnoded. rock took a j j at them. >> jalen boycottttg ts isike me boycott nna's nties! i wasn't invited!! ,,hat'sotn inviviti i i dn.n. but i undend- i'm not titi.i i dersrs you're mamamama len is mad andnd heran will s not t mimimid foror onssion." i get t , i i . i get itit i i i gete itit you getetetet mad. it's not fair tha willashiss
8:30 am
lsososou faiai thahailil w paid $20 mlion for"wild, wilil west" "okaya >h>rererere someee s sprpr winns thirning who celebratg their oar ophies d maxnd spotlig and revenant took hef the mos award lnight. mad m led the pack withix. t oscscs hehbe undnd fireince n n norities ere nominanad d ton straight yeye. chris s&ck didn't stopthere. >>'m hererecacamy awards, otheisown as s s whe people's'shoicawar. uu rfalizezezeze if theyy nominatat a a h_st, woulul't't'tntget thik jojo so y'a w batching nei patrtrk harris rigig now. >> wesesy rris andna are here ththtmorning.
8:31 am
hodid chris rockdo? >> i thoughte did great. we d d'tant himbe comfortable. we want him topsh e boundary. wwawaim to hris` c. >> eah.>>ouon himoust be tevod thk nteresng that he managege tdo a off thingsgs ke he wenen aftft t t t jada pinkett-smith and will smith boott or their n natteteing. he r rlly@wantete to keep t t focus t tre not being nomineesflor, while ao ininng o ohe fachat t t racism m- or theackk of inclusion is pervasive, like h h wouldn't'ethe job irnl. heheeieier he is pvidi a context whehehe he gavee hisririll context for the idea of ycototng. . >> both of@f@ youe him strait a's? >> no. >> no. >> i jus want to mentiti one more thing i thought he did was
8:32 am
there bei bla oscs a a why the nder categorors a a s sll in force. i'veeeeesayinghis - - i wanted to w wte storyboutut th and i'vee been saying tee years, theherammys o lrr ve gender r tegoes. i want to know what would happen -- i think it would change tngs aot in terms of w we talk about these things if you elinanad ththender categoryry nef the reasons we continue to have them is women d l ldoviesn t e sa w men do most of the oscararomin movies a a ahe sto of a hero on a qut. i will bet you anything, stuff would change i@ you j jt made ituprtrt - tenen suppororor nominees and testctor nomi. >> r dro@son! need to slowny ag becaus of merle ststep not at all. >> not at all.l. you would have a r rlly intereg cversation w wn those nominations came t, you , in januaryrandt wawawa. wtt d d you le orotike
8:33 am
t chchs s my ov. >> ihought something he did th w intntesting was he ther repead the same jock that he did when he hosted the lala tim or headad a c cl bac whererhe did v v v bit where hfent t to a m mieheatern a a blacacneighborhood. the la time hosted i was magic johns theat in harlem. th y yrp he went to compton. >> there i controversy he wasn't there. >> o o allyly >> yes. a movie-goers ifif they ha seen some of theeominineit and the st off broad ans w w . >> ^t wawafunnnnnxhe did it the f ftime. jt wasrilliantheheirst timt. >> but coming back it, it maybe was a ttle bititeak frfr y p pnt of view. >> let's talk abobo leonardrd caprio. he used d s spsp to make a rg point about c cmate chchge. good thing? >> oasolutely.i ini h h heen such an activist for e eironntal causes that would youe surprid if he didn't m me that
8:34 am
st ght, onrand for l l or leonardodo dieaprioecauau i don't know him! >> did h it artly? >>eah. would have en surprpred if he hadn't do it. he haseen t tmpmping these sues for ar they are real. was night when a lot o peop calald out causesphatt were bigger th the show he themselves which i thought was interesting. it w a moment where peoe taking t time tose this plplform to say this is notustabout me winning an ard. look at vivi president bidid a lady gagautting call out about stoppual abuse or the diversititit issue obviously. >> theheroductioii itself broht out these sexuaurvirs o these abuse survivors a a i thought thatt was really powerful. >> tt said, wesley, y worked in b bton a i w wke inoston aswe. >p yes. ->> i worked --- >> the globe. you wdd at theh"gbe"
8:35 am
whicicthisistotois about. "spotlight "spotlight" raceddd to the early xead and backed off. this was a little bit of a surprpse. >> y y. it wing down t t thrhr movies.( this w w -- i mea when you thk aboutt it's s nd o a no-brainerer it's the most imptant of those,e,ou know, quote, portant of those three movies. itit reay well me. >> g eat to e investigati jonalism -- hegt home. >> the lst divisive between the renantndnd that. >pthe nrative a/swas s that sylvester stallone will w rret suppoin to >> pplplthought ad the edge d ma ryncee a a surprise of t night. ev i i y y tnk i is a done al, all thehe, you kw, frt ruruers are going toin there e usually a surprise tha often c ces the upporting categories and to see someby
8:36 am
theatetetetor, honor to ridge spies" for a quieier performance tn severlsylvestst allone did, think isce. >> one final thing to say it res me to watch the cars, i meanangoodactors, howowy od arks we have andnd reay a puople out thereho do what theyo extraordinarily ll. >> yes. no, itit greaea one thing i will say a aut t ts so-calle dersity iueue is i don't know who was booking the gues or who said no, but all your actcts of colol camamamrom tv. they we either abcmployeeseses or frosome other realm of entenment. ve f of t tm wer amereranan it was just an interesting optic. >> a subtext that other streams of entertainment are doing it bebeer perhaps than movies. >> here they are to give movie awards po p ppl who -- >> serer--
8:37 am
>>haouor being he hanks foring. >> gve y yhere. >> t t you both. you can consider today a gift om a 1h hihihiire dang tod! ! wilil see slight chancefor showererbut overal
8:38 am
8:39 am
the world a president has to grapplplwith. metimes you can't even imaginin at's t job ans the e e who's en she can get it donon .s.surinininmaive e e ctionn n nlear weaeans... tanding against the abuse of women... ...protecting sosoal s s sity... ...expanding benefits fofotle national guard... ...and winning health care f 8 million chililen... the presidency is`the toughest job the w wld
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8:41 am
if you'r waking up little groggy from y yr oscars party, you may not have noticed t today isis leap day. buat exact doethatanean? jamie wax takes ushrough times lohole. >>eporter: good morning. that's rig. every ur year, we have to squeeze an extra day inth february. exceptpte don't a anxtraay every y ur of thatrsrsrs i i disiblbl100 unless it's visible by400.0. hat so,onfupg iis! we srtoig into lelp yeyeyeyed figure out what is
8:42 am
special le d birdayembrace the tter. but whoes day's birthday only come arouou once evy four ar >> reportete do o u knowhy w have aeap year? >> no. >> no. probably thini"out thth sunu >> tdodoith the seasons an globalalarming. . >> i't know. elino? >epepeper weececec it might be bt tooonsult a expepe. here i i theoretical futurist michiokaku. why do we e ve a leap year?
8:43 am
dayss what we learn inschool, no? mother nature made it 365 hou plus five hours and9 minutes and a few odd seconds. thateaea tevery year, w have to cosate fororne arxer of a day. so after fourears,, we ve tc add one more day. >> reporter: whe did weeuree out the nene for this extra day?y? it was way back i i 46b.c. julius caesar realized the calelear they were goingg aer wasn working.together theyy reaze whaha yps s d d)scover nd extra day every fourears t stay on trtrk, s hetedd tpe juliencalendar. but even that wasn't quite right.t. sese the solar year is actually only .242 d ds longege than the candar year and not even.25. whend d ullayve fo yearsrsrs a aefttith a surplus of rououly 11 minutes every year, and that can start
8:44 am
, nally, in 1515,pope grgrory 17t8t fixix the glitch and institutededhealendar we ill fofo today. how is it different? i'lll l michio kaku plain. >> 11 minut difference in one year's rotation buildsp up ananthats whwhthe pope had to ininrvene andd say we have t tweak t tulien calendar one mobo time. so, for ample, in the year 1p00, that is divisible by 4 4, there was a ap year, but in 1700 and 1800 and 1900 no, no thenher 2000 t tre was a a ap yea >> repororr: aot of tweaking. >> y reporter: luckily, we ve digital watches to accou foror all this. >> this particular watch has a wheel in it that turns ren revolution ery four years commodate extrday.y.% >> r rorter: som e eineered a wheel tt tns oncnc eve four yes? >> yes.
8:45 am
adjuju the de o our wches hefve everybody t thne ds thatoryo >> ts ndnd reprents date. >> reporte iorder r seeeeow it woror, we l lkeke one u uer a microscope. >> a cycle of 48 month fororhe leap year, so we have camf . we hav4444 each lobe represents a. >> reporter: it takes over a year and half t constct o watcanit will set@t you back around $858000. so you have f years to save up for t t next leap yeyf. around theworld, leap year traditions vary.. iningreece i +s ideredad lulu to get m mried any day of leap year. up nonth a aritish traditi says february 29th i ithe only day a woman can p ppose marrie to a man. for daday, herirthday tradition has always been a nice dinner witmily andriends. buthis year is dferent.
8:46 am
you rn 25! one las thihio thiefore this l lp yeye morning. ififou haven't left for workk yet, you uayayaytoder juststtaying hoho! after all, if you'r'r a a a saried em@moyee yr company i qetting an extra of work from you this year for free! good int, mi > wish inewwhat be i came to@ worktoday. >>hat a gat story. >> cool stuff. thank k u. happy leap dada >> leap day. leapear anleap da
8:47 am
8:48 am
morning.we will be right back. is the ecocomy rigged? we, the 15 richest americans acired more wealth in two years anhemmimipe combined.i'bern s and prthis messa.
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the tra- y r fair sreretaxexe provididviagesesfor working p%p%le, ensure equal p p f f women. the middle class will continue to disappear less we veve the e ayinineld. with your help, as president, weweill. >that doeoeoe it foror us. tune intt "cbs evening news"
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ba baa ba happy monday! we are starting out with teteatates in the 20s s 30s for most, a fefelolo40s. clouds arereovingnin from the w w buoverall mostly cle to ststt thday. 'l$lsesemild teererures contitititoy. highll range tough t t 50s0s u uer 6 6. we'll severy slight ans fofoscattered showers s thisfterno and eveneng as a sies of weak disturbancesesh througug.. the palmer divide mountains, and e. plains have the e st chance of seeing g ght
8:53 am
owowow while the i-25 3orridor wi be mainlylyry. thisill be a low impact e ent. ese willl kick up our winds and result we wjll see high fire danger. a red fg warningoeseinto effect at todadafor the springs, pueand dbnon ci. conditio will clear by mid morning g tuy d ll also brinwiththt a ol down temperatures to the 40s and 50s. wll warm back up toto 50s s d 6060on dnesyaand main dry through the rere of f e work week with mil teteeratures. this morningoman is waking behind d rs... facing attemptedr r abgege take a look. thiiscici burkeyeypolice sayayhe shot t her@husbsband then went missing. ofcers were looking for burkey yesterday
8:54 am
afternoon after her and r husband alledldlgot t to a fight earar that t rninin ininstigatorevenenlylyound her in a home in coloradad spsjngs with their four year old daughterere lililelel is okay. we'llll let you ow iwe l lrnore. right now -- a young girl is recovering fro a dog attack. this is thsecond d attack in the e st week, you may rember four children were attacked by three e eat t danes s& rh. this weekendnd attack happened in the parking lot of walmart near the chap hills mall in colorara springs. witnesses tell us if nearby shoppers didn't stop to couldldave beenenh wo tnesses theyeyey a girl whososface h h been maededy dog, she was bleeding profusly and people g g o o o otheir r rs to pupuhe animal off her. samimiietz/works nearby 07:40 lot of pele wererin heicode, a l of traffi d.d.waited and wated for ambubunc a the fire department to come so i hope es okay." ." w wak t penrose hospal f biteounds h h face.
8:55 am
cked the gir but sayayt wataketohe pikes peak area humane sty. hundndds of people took thth plunge .. all for a good caus it happened yesterday at the popor plunge at prospepe le in color spriris. becausesef the nonoso arararather,r,articintnt jokingly called it t t "solar ungege alexanana auseseteamamursing antherery services of coloradodo"iwas a shock`whenen ur feef rst get int's like 'oh cold but not thth bad then i fell all e way in and i was like 'it's i. it's really nice that the weathes wawaer out today buen iit was snowing i still would have gone in." the event in the springs raised 32-thousand
8:56 am
8:57 am
olyma pool plunge was he0 norom your breaking nene leader, this is kktv 11 news at 9. a sneak peek of your morning ather. in n st a minutes we'll haha a look at youforecast with meteorororost e ely ehler. hellll i'm m m ncaow. i'm sarahwab it's n ne o'cloc od morning! we are seeg a nice start to o e day. plenty of sun in our r meras around the spris, pueblo con city and monument. temps are


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