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tv   11 News at Noon  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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telling ususbout theshooting. w, from your bakg news leleer, thiss kktv 11 nene at no. we spoke with h&arnsididthe locacajail. whwt he'e'telling us abo the deadly anneneparenthood shoing. good aftnoon and thanks for joing us for 11 news at noon. pe you're e ving a great monday! ! m gigi espiton lling in for betty sexton. weweant to get right to this 11 breaeang n ns alert.( poce need ur help findinina missing petson. this is 18-year-old mamaah valdez. she's be missing since last week. she was last seen near wasah drive on theosth side of eblo. . . she'e'aroundive,wo. . . hundd pods, brown hair, ananbrown ey. policeceell l she may be inin need o omedicati. . if you have seen h h, llll pueblo p picicimmediately. are under an 11 breaking weather ert this afternoofor high fire danger. meterelost jordan shermamais standing by with the latest.
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outside, what can fxpect the rest of the day?highibdaer again today across southern coradoanothehence ps up windy weather through thth afternoon. wind`das already been a concern t day withth gust of 40 mpmpat the colorado springs apo and gusts over 2 mph h gionally. otherwise,e,emps wille mild t ts afternn.etails on en our f fe e nger ends and a lo a athstf yoee
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the late on n n plned parenthoododoting. news lkededitthe accused nman. weirst s ske wh robert dear r the phone o ofriday.. a talk to him again last night. we could not take a camera into the visititionon cent. bubu we lked t thim through a o fefe about whahapapaed thththayde telel 11 news h was at war with the fe a&a pickedhe m/mt evil spot t could@think of#for a battle heold he e s armed with an` -47. he said quote "100ullets went by." d quot threrepeople were kied....ut
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here whahe sd on the phonene onriday. dede: 11:38:00 theheointnts if tht me to plead innocent byeason ofofnsanity but seeeehat at does is thatatiminishes my cause ." dear t td d his decision to surrender all came down to t flip of a coin because he e id he gototed of wag. after that, he said he yelled ot"i"i ging up" " d walkedut. dear will be back in court next montntwhere we'll finl out if he's competent tstanantrial. wewel let yoowowt haens. ghno wom ifacing rious charfrfr qeadly h.h.2727ear-d athinanamnoz munn-yos aused of crsi into on coming traffic and hitting two motorcycles. it hapned over the weekend, south of franktown... whi is east of castle rock. ian and jacqlehner, from rker, were o oone e t mototoycleleand died at the scen state patrol says cololodo spris san, joseph bartoletti, was on the other motorcycle.
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injuries. right now -- moz is chargegewith vehicular micide a driving u uer the inflnce of alcohoh, oror drugs,r bothth atatpatrol says the victims were not wearing heets.s. lookg ahead. memori service f the sheriff's dety shot ankilled while trng to evict a man from his s me near baey will be held m mch 1 1h ininrvada. thirty-five-year-o cororral nana carrigan will be honore at f fth bible chapepeduring a service ststting at 1111.m. a hoowner who had ranteded agait policece utalitin the pt opened fire o odeputies wednesday, killingngarrigan an wowowong two othehe. the p!rk county erifs fififi sasa depy kolby maininas en m out of tetee . e r fifir hucapt. rk hcock, , backho andeceny sited emthplat cann n gh school foot tich hd h th ig. on popfrancis'op advisers s sthe catholic church has "de ermous
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of childldldto be abused over the ceie na kraus has the sry. " i almigy god... australian cardinal george pel testified via video-lililin roro - as p pt of an ausuralian quiririnto child sex abuse. he t td commisisoners in sydney` it's a scaal tt the caolic church`allolod thousands ofofhildreto s s&sr abuse at the hands ofofrieststs the churur in many p pce cereainly in australia, has muckedfdhingngup4 has s t people down. m not here to defend the indensibl" " cknowledged hehead h hrd that an australian catholic school acher whwhrially abused students 'migie' bebenvolved in "pedophilia activity" in the 1970's, but had no idea how rampant clergy abuse was s the that timememe i must sayn ose e ys if a prieststenieiesuch activity, i was very strongly inclined to acceptpt denial. ts....victims
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to hear pell testify.y. let'get the acons in plala to support thoseseith damages in e papa and to ensureret it can never happen to children again. pell, who is n pope francis' p financiaiaadviser,rhad a prate dience with the pope after he testifie titi kraus, cbcbnews." the stimony y just hour before "spsplighgh best picture at the e adem awar. filmreal-ldr aboua am o journalists who o se ring of pedophile priests.s. new at noon. we've learard the court martial for a a force acadady y det is expecteto continue t tay. cadede2nd class zachchchchchb is facing rape, and abusive sexexl contact t t charges. the leged d cident happend back in ocber of 20-14. he was supposed to face the t t t ial in septememr, but t hearing was pushed back til todayn
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during tay's hearing. . right nono-- younunrlrlrevering fm dog atatck. it happed overhe weekendndn colorado sings. 11s reer khloeeeleis tracng thisistory zor u u e's s ve in the studio. khloe, wt areryou leararng? ? na, this is the second dog attack in n e past week. yoyomay remember four r r dren were attkekeby three great danes in rush. this weeee's attack haed in tht parking loof walmart near the chapel hillmall in n n radodoprings. tnesses tell uthatatf neby sh@prs d@$t t op to help... it cld h he been much wowoe. witnesses saey saw a girl e face h been n ulededy a g, wrehe w bleengrofuse. people gototut of f eir cars to pull the amal off of her. mi lietz/works nrby "207:40 "a lot ope werer in a hectic mode, , lot of traffic stopped. we waited and watched for amamlances and the fire depament to come soso hope shes okay." ." lice say she was taken to peose hospital for te wounds to her facac the humama society of the pis peak rion
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the hune society tel us the owner has bebe ticketed for ownership of a dangerous d d. they a hololng t(e dog f f 10 days, at theowner's exnse. if the dog isn't claimedn those ten daysysthe humane society will take`eonol t d d, anankeut idodo. ve in e studio, kk, kktv 11 news. gigi back totoou. . thers mo ahead o11 ns atat nono. coming u presidential candidates are gearing up for super tuesday, the bit`day fararn the 20-16 ection. . what role lodo is playing for the candndates torrow.7.7 but first governor h hkenlooper is working to preveve another wastspill lili thene from t gol
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whatteps hes takakg today. happpping now... a key step expected to launch a a federally funded clean up. governor john hicklooper i i endorsing a supuununzone... that includes the gold king ne, which releasasauillilis of galllls of toxic watereinto a corado river.
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project but woprpree withtnt the support ofhehe governor anlocal officials. saju cnty d the townf lverton ened t cle la thesidentialalace will explode on the e e onal scene totororw when repupeicans and democrats s o o the pollon super tutuda therararly a dozen state votiti andnhundreds of delegates up for grab crcrg boswell has s re detailsls om the white house. "donalaltrfinds himielf f the centererf ntroversy after former ku klux klan leader david publiy stated his support for the businessmsn. on suny,ruidn't immediatelndememthe white supremacist. presidedtial candidate/coues y: cnn "state of the unini") "i know nothing abgvt david duke. i knkn nothing about white premacts. so you'r'r asking me a quon that i'm supposed tbe talkini.about oplelele that i know nothing ab" " "(monday trump said hadad bad earpiece - tellibc's'stoday"y" show he doesn't t ntuke' susuort. presidential c cdidate/courtes y: nbc " "day")
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esidentiti candidate) "it kes him uneleltabl how are e going to grow our pty with a nominee that fuses to cocoemn thth ku klux klan? don't telle he dodon't know who t ku klux klans.s.his is serious." pridential candidite) "that shld bcococo g gd among repuicananmongng democrats among everyone. that bigoy, that anti-semitism, that racism s role in politics demomoats vo aee..."ere sanders tweeted "ameca's firir blacpresidenencannot and will l not be succeeded by a hatemonger who ses cdemn nkkkk llararclclton twted it. clinton is lking forward to super tuesday afafr resounding victory in south carolina this past weekend. prpridential canandada "tomorrow thisampaigiggoes natititi! democrcrs will vote e eleven stat on super tuesesy - and cbs news#pls show wlinton with huge leadsdsn the three with the rgest number of leletes up r s. crcrswell, news, t ite use."> on the republican side, thcbs news
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naldltrueaeang inirginia and georgia,a,ut ted cruz is winning hi hoho state of te some are calng colorado one of the most important batttt ground st pepetueuday. washingnonorresponden t kellie meyer isisn denver withhat to expect from tomorrow. "b"bidesrom m ing the hoho to this yearsrssur bobobohamps or havingngutiful back dropopike thisitit building behind me- nver colorado is holding downt's swg state tata kit t setatete wille keepininan eye owhen supe euy roros s ound. and itit a state bernisanders & keeping hisye on. he is expect to ke the cenial state on tuesday bu at dididt ep him from maki lala m mute stops ononunday. d ter clintons' big wiin the south calina, he's goi to need a lot more help to stay in the race. rubio oas been gaining some e momentumumr r rcomentum as thth're calling it- as hhas been lashi out at frontrunner r dona p.p. for cruz wre looking to o e if he'll takekeis he e ate of texas, y ate in the super tueueay race with the e`e` delegates. tuesday is very importrtt ndidates lbio o ruz becae if they don't pull in
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closero o cohehe republican nomineeeeeeee ave all the inrmation yoyoneed befofofoorrow'w'ucus on ou bsite, kktv.v.v. it incdes informatabout the causnd lkso find the meing aces. joanit's been n y, ry, dry gi and our latest weather
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finay baba off in full ny peoe cleaeatheir dentures ththoothste or plain water. and d en though their deuresook cln, in reality theyeyno if a denture were to be undnr a croscoco, wewean s all b btetea that sll exists the denture, and that bacria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleangititpolidede everyday. polidentnt uniqumacrrmula just mite \lin99.9.9odor cainbaiafoeaner, fresh ighter denenre every day. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest amememens acquired mome wealthin twoears than the bottom100 mimiion n ople combined. i'm bernie sanders, d i approve thisisesge.. plan -- ma wall street banks
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providi living wagesesfor workikg peoplele s%re equal pay f r women. t(e mimile c css willonninito disappear less we level the e aying field. with your helpas president, weill. now, f fm m e breaking
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a very mil win and d d afternrnn is unfding t t kick o tork week in sornolororo. highs today are already making records get a & littleleervous in colorado spryngs. h hhs will climb into& e mid 60s in coladsprings. wi wililcoinue
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evenenally diminishing in tomro morninon a brief shower or r o is pososble, t along the palmer divide and st of teller couy. highs morrow wililbe coolelewith
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order of a aut 10 degrees. anr disturbance rolls through weweesday kicking up the wind agagadand raising temps back to very mild values in the e s d 70s. wind and dry fuels s be a concer again.or the rest of the week ld a a dry weather
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in oowow
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manynyusave closets s atre a a ss or r bedroom th's a disaster. b b gettttorord has never been chic. jamie e ccasaset theheest selling auth, mariri onmari" kondo.. who isack with a new book to help people who wawa to tidy up theilife. "
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guru. marie e nd becececlalahahalife i i e wowod of rganizing. te work in n york city - pele seemed mesmerized by her pateteed konmari foldinthth. mie 22:55:5: they call y yhe beyonce of decluttering :55:53 i calmylf aelf-prd i'm surprised andndndored thatathey call me that. fans like ayelet se are inspired to clean up physical and emotional sce it's appreciating what you've had in yr life bututot holding on.. kondo's apapoach to downsizingalways follows s spificrd. fificlothes - then boo paperwor t t tmitems such as ilililes kitchenen its... re movinon to o o imental objects includinotographs. jamie oc: :37:32 the philolophyhys s ly to keep ththth that ark joy, the idea mamabe a simpmf one but a aototf pele have a hard time letting go. 23:51:26 j: i sayour room, y y need that.. . s, i despetely nes book.. marie 23:06:08 theoal of my message is not to didiard everythingng
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around you makes you happy. d she urges people to quietly y ank e thingsthey thr awa o o ry not j%st aboutporganizing, it's reallybo whahayou wantn life, , at your r iorities are..nd h hing joyful life. her followers believe - once eir homes are e order, their lives sjll be too. jamie yuccas cbs new york." mahahahaousands of views on yoyoube, is arring in a de-clutterininin
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apto help people can up later this spring. 're r r at 1 1breaking her r ert. highwill cmb io e 6060in colorado springs. wind will c c cnue to be gusty t touououhis evening eventually diminishing into tomorrow morning befofo we go, we want to s sw this video iook on
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amican motata. . re w wgo, weant to sththideo i took k my cell from or the weekend american's mountain. i was flying ian a aplanan ght above coloradoings. re used to seeing g g s p@ak fromhe ground, but in this video you can s@e it from above. it w wust an amazi s shthto e. i i i d to zoom up close tsese the summit house, but i couldn't quite find it. i postededhis s deo on satururur ana one viewer said that it pikes peaealookokso small from just a massive momotain.. a a sti h so much
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breang news s d weather
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are you serious right now? >> wyatt: would i be down on my knee right nowowf i wasnsn? [ kles oh, , god. vteffy.. u arananisititit\ou'u'u' of a . liyoyore the onlwoman thatat i wantith. tell mthat can do that. marry me. >uinn: : juju td yoyoi ved you. >> lia [ chuckles ] yeah soou're not takini it t ck? >> q qnn[ chuckles ] i couldn't if i wawaedeto. [ chuckles ] ich is crazy. >iam: thahahaodd. >uinn: what?


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