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tv   11 News at 430PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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we aretartrtg with a11 breaking weather alert. tart witan 11 eaking wer r ert witi meteorolist jessica be we are okingeather alert for dry y elc, gusty winds,ndowidity. s will ctitotoe guguy through h e afteoon and eninespepeilest o@ i-25.temperatures are mild tod in n e 60s r st plalas. the c cbinaon of ththe ingridients causesigh
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out u uil 6 for pueblofremon and. . as cococoes. s.l paso c cnties. new w 4:30. ururtudents arethu folwing a shootioday at hool i middletown ohio, north cinnn n nr daytonon witntntns say a enen opene fire inside ththgh
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vestators twenenoys, 14 and5 yeyeold, re shot. two hers we ind by shrapnel or trtrng t tescape. l fourtudentntexpepeed toive.e. a 14-year-old y named james austin was tak int custody.. "it't'd that anybody got xurt and i'm not re why, uh, um, a young g n would fe compelled dsomethin' li t ts,s,ut whwh the do it'-it afafafs evybod" investigs s y they have an ea of a motive, but are not releasing it rig now. thschohoistrict endede clserly f/r th we h he updatetto an 11 breaking news alert. pueblo oooice say 18-year- oldld mamaah valdez was founsafe today. she was reported missing by popoce t tay ound 11. police tell us she is safe, and in ctata with her faly. right now. lice are looking fororho started shtiurinina fight outside a lolol bar.
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others were hurt. it happeneoutside of 'on horse bar' in pulo on norththaistrere. lice say6-yeye-old devin clk was killed, two other men eho and are in arle ition at a nearby hospital. today the district attorney y spoke abououthe olence pueblo is facinright nono 57:10: "w"ware concerneneenouou about crime, and we'rereonrn about the e ndom natururof it and we're concerned outh frequey of it` that something neebe do." polili sayayhe isn't a suspect scription at this time. if you know anytng t tt can help police,all crime oppers right ay. the number is 542-op, you don't have to give youname. we have w details about the facing charges for a sh oililxploloon. police relelsesethisisicicic of e susuect, omas chmielewski is aftereron. th tell he was ki hash l insiis home ononan marcos dve this weeken and usedn explosion. neighbors spoke to say eyeyeyglad no o e wawa hurt. 20:19:34& st like anythi now, e's qlwawa one tthe ceceion. thatat
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for a whe." " city o ocoloradodoings recently pasd an ordinincncn making manufactun g ha oil illllal in the cici hehe's a quick@kokk ead. the memorial service for the sherf's deputy shot and killededhile tryryg totovict man omom h#ne e ar b b by wille h%ld o omarch 14thn arva. thirive-ar-o-o corporal na carrigan ll be honod at fah bible chapel during serve starting at 11 a.m. homemener r o o d raedagainst police brututity in theast open fire on detiesesdnesday, kling crigan and wowodi twowo other puties. . ththpark countsheriff's office sautututy mamain has been moved outututininive care. the other injujud deputy, capt. mark hancock, isisack at he. super tuesday is nearlrlhere. tomorrow 12 statat, inuding colora make their decisions. it's consideded the biggt day primary voting as roughlhlhalf of the tal delegates are nd out.
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zampa oke with an expert aut ththdededete f f grara, ududt e often- forgott 'supupdegat es'. " " perdelegatesorororledged legates,hoose who ey wt to support at the nationanana coenenons in jul thoh most go along with the desions m de in their s sterimary. . ese delegates range from sens t/ congressmen to members oa party's national c cmittee. elaine kamarck, senior fellow at brkinis initute, ss it would be historic for supeelegates to vote against the pe in their ate. aiai karck sot: they'v'vbebe at conventionsnsincece the 19 conventnt they y nener overturned the will of the people. vo: : marcrcys on ththfirst ballot at the convention, most deletes ick to the decisio of their states. if tre is no clear winner afafr the firsballll, , eyeyre free to ooho theli. . kakarck says s se republjcan superdelegates h he been outsken against d ld trump, , and d y thth will never susuort the e p trunr.r. elai kamar s: the pesele gegeto dece rstvtvutut thop are undecidedthen the partrtleadadshsh sps in. we haven't seethat hapap in the modern age,e,ut it ul happenand thth year,
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side, , o knkns, this c cld happen.@.( vo: in some prarieelegate diststbuon has been sleadidi. for exenpl bernie sanders won w hampshshe picking up 15 delegates to hillary intos nine. the catc clton is currently backed by six supepeelegegesn thththate, while sders is cked by one, , king it near tie.` elelne k karar sot: if something happpped and bernisanders started d` wininuge nunuers s primaries and d delegates, i'm not sure e some of thesespe would but right now they'rsosoly for hihiary. vo tag: rting in washington, m peter`zamp havl ththformation u u need tororw's ucus here inpcocodo. it's rigig on our r website,ktv.m. it udes information fofindg meing locaon near you. there's more to comen 11 news n. stl ahah governor hickenlper r taking s s makaksure local commununies affected by a massive mine spill get fedel funding.hat happened t tay to help clean u u e gold king mi spipi. but first.
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huhune society on a dog aack in corado spr. what chaes the owner acing today. b by through townsomeme slowg g oundndijouou wers blvlv pketstsf ngestyon. crashes ebb airporrdwestf powers blvd d and sb academy blvd uth of platte ave. 24 minutes througtown. an hour to dver. m muteseso pupulo. for live t t tic conditions, 24 hours a a y, g gto traffic wch o webebnel.'m j jes brown 11 news traffiwah. you'reatg kktv 11 news with dianne derby, don ward anan meteorolist jessa lebel, and james brown th traffic. this is
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is the economyigigd?we, the 15 r rhe amens acquirirore wealal in two years an the bototmm100 milliopeople combined. m rnie sanders, and i approve this msage. my plan -- makeall strere banks and d e ultra-rich pay their fairhare of taxes, provl)ving wagag for workinpeople, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disap unless we levelthplaying field. with your help, as president, we will. deloping today. we'veplearned from the hane society y at a g o#ner r facing chchges foowing an attack. happened near the w wmay e chapel h hls malalin colorado sprinin ovevethe weekend. witnesses sathey s a g gl whose ce had bn maed b b b
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witnesses sosoell us that nearby shoppers didn't stop to hel a a pull ththdog off, it could hahabeenenwoe. humane s s sty tells us the neticketed r ownership of a aangerous dodond st was so sort t pitt bull mix. thehetookokontrol of t d d and sayayhe owner has tetedays so pay fines, o oererse it will likely be put down. we'll leyou know if we learn more abobo this case. happening w... key y y to lala a federally fued clean up for a man made sasaer in colorado. goveor john hickenlooper is s dorsrsg g sususuununzone to clean upupines in colorad it inclus the gold king mimi, which released millions of gallons of toxic water into o coloraiv. ( the vernor sent a l%tter t t t the epeptoday, requesting support for the cleanup of 48 inactive mines. the e-p-a would ersee the prprect. if approrod as soon as march, uld d ear way for fefel fufuin the local communities impacted by the minin. thmedal h h i ithe nation's h hhest
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today, president oma awarded it to a navy seawho risksk his life to rescue an amemecan hoste ininfghanistan. ijia jiangngas m m mom the american hdro. dward byers goeoeto the greatest lenhs to stay hiddedeas a member of the navy's elili seal team 6. but mondada thehe6 year old wawawa t center of thepresident's attention.n. e's consummateuiet ofeseson." presididt obama awded byers--a senior specialps chief--the medal of honor in 2012, he was part of a raid th rescued an ameriran hostage in afghahistanan dr. . lip joseph was abdd by the liban. jose sayayhe realized a scscwas s derway wh he e ard someone callgn s name. " as soon asas heard my name and answered back and they ard where e v/vce was coming from, one seal lust t a a on top of me."that man...was byeye. ith is bare handsd enned a
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the dal honor is th nation's highest military decorationon ers is she fir living, tive-duty meer of the navy totoeceive the award in n ur decades.&& i will ctitie my in the n ny, continue being a seal.. ing g e thing i love byers also spoke about the ultimate sacrifice some seals have made. his teammateteas killed during the missssn.n. e was a teammate andnd friend.. an american hero." byers says he was just doing his job. weijia jiang, cbs newew t t white use." in the eire history of the vyvyeals,pbyers only y the sixth member to receive the medal of honor.r he also hafifi broe ars s d d o purpleleearts. how long will fire dger
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from the1 breaking weather cent, meteorologisis jesssslele happy monday! wel see mild teeratures continununu
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thugh the 50s to upperer 60s. we'll see very y ight chances for scattered showers this aereron andndeveneng a aeries of weak k disturbanc p5sh through. the palmer divide, uns, and e. plains have the best chancof eing ligig shokors while the i-i- corridodowill be maiaiy dry. this wille a low impact event. these will kick o winin and as a result w wwill see high fire danger. a r r flawarng n fectntil 6 pm for the springs, pupulo and non city. condndionsililcleaeaea m m morning tuesday and ll also bring wiwi it t cool down i iteeratur to thehe0s and 50s6cwe'll wa back up to t t 50s and 60s on wednesday and remain dry rough e rest of ththwork week with mild
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temperures contie toto.. ghs will ran through the 50s to u u u 60s0s we'll severy slight chances for scattered showerer is afternoon m m evening as a series of weak disturbances push throroro t t t palmlm dive,ouainsane. plnse the e st chae@of s sininlighgh ow while i-25 c cridor will be e mainlylyry. t is w wl b%b% impact eveve. these will kick our winds and asas rest weweill see high re d dger. a red flala ing is in effect until 6 p p for the spris, pueblo and non city. conditionsill clear`by mid mornrng tuesday and w)llll also bring with it cool down in temperares to t0s0snd 50s. we'll
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on w wnesday and main dryhrou the rest of the wk witmild
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thcommunity came togetetr help a respect archery coach and leader. ght t w kurtei is battng cancer...-nd lal archers set up a shoing event to raisese
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photographer hnah tran caured the evevt heren colorara springs. ""whenener w wtalk about ararary, we talklkbout our archererfafafa." "this is, this s is oururamily." "it's nojuju a bunch of frnds coming together,t is family, you know, kurt has over a hundred family members here today. are hereoday doingng benefit shoot for my dad kurt. he has been battling sta four blddr cancer f f the lasasntnt" "people just, everybody kns kuku. people havaveled from oming, to o ahl l er the state of colado. "he e really the basis of archery in this state." t takes a t grow this sport." haman has probobly gwn ththrt m me an a oththmama known n is s stetete "archerybigg thahait's's everereen in thehetate of colorado." "he would be very overwhel
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all e pele tt showed up to supporhihi" "kururisis cocoetitor a like e ything hehe g tat this thin" know that he's g to get betttt b bause h hwill notottop fighting until getettter." kuku ialsosoresintthe e rocky mountain archchy asciatn.n. the event raisedver $7000 dollars. here what we're working on for 11 news s 5:30. thstate is working to upgrade the security on s#mememeg nearly everyo uses evererday. your driver's licens whwh we expect to start t eingthe new gradad. plus, e violencecen one sohern lroado city continueue police are invtigatiti a a deadly yhooting from the weekend. how the e st attorney is ping to stop the violence.
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breaeang nens leleer, 're always on at kktcom,
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bernieandede -- the courage tota up to b bil beuse e won't take theieimone thah's's's sders said no to the keystone pipeline annever waffled. 's also the only candidate to oppose fracking causfracki c endangege ouinkingngat and thatenur clite. sanders has the momo far-reaching plan to f fht c cmatetehange and build a clean energy futurur bernie sande- pepeleefore polluters. sanders: i'm bnie nders and i approve this m msage. >> pelleie on n e eve of superer tuesday, t tmp clashes with ack limatt proster >> g 'em out.
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out, oututout.ut>> pel also o night, a cop is gned down oher first daydo he job. bibicheese at a fo company pleads guiuiy y sellingpaeses that no parsasaes andavivimart with an amamican hero. >> that's five brostara,wo purp hearts? >hat't'correct.t. >> 8ellele and now t t hhests? milili honor of all.ta ptioning sponsored by y s this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: no ndidate e ll clinch the nominatiomorrow, bubusuper tuesday y generate reversle momentum fo hillary clinton andonana trump. th're favoreremany most t the 13 state primaries and caucuses. for democrats, is a atep toward cerinty. for repuicans another jolt in the party's ididtity crisi pollshrump lean atast six states, but s


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