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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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dodold trumpomtsinat h h super tuesdaybattle. donald tmpur his attention too hillaryryli hillary clinton afterrey victories s he key states. i i i collins readyo come out ofetetememem aftet calling music hisisny? a rare interview with the music a look atoygs "eye oper.r. your w wldeconds.. > steaddff buildin w wls we iers >> when we unify there iss bobo, nobody going to beat . mpnd clinton dominine super r tuesday. >> bernie sanders argues 35 states to gout gets more diffffult after tonight. >> we are in take our fight for aorldfpeace! i'llo anything takak to keep donaln trump from being o nominee. >> it will tear thearty apart
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>> the conveations of that would be catastrophic. . >hihiis totalalw. is the party cg apart? what is g gng toappun ne st#tunededs all i can kay. >t let one confme and w o o o potential tornadaes hit alabama. lateyesterday, apple filed a secondppeal in itsts disputete with federal investigators. >> w ware asking apple to o ke e vicious g grd dog away and let us pick the lock. s#ott kelly is retning to rth the f fst american ending yeara in space. >> a secondday of shedding tears on thendorrin drews. >m so scrcred up. >> a a at. . >> jeb bush spent hisis super tuesda he ironing and reironing his tomalmshirts. >> any words off wisism there?e? >> his friend chris christie was trendidi on twitter. >> it was lik --
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ams. >> nah a a j will be back in a few urs. >> wepe. >lili t t s ser tuesdads eltc. iow leep ]rumpmp announ
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soledad o'ien n n wit u. ump alal won seven state upertuesday. cr w threeee@e and marar rubi got his first vicry o the campaigngnn minnesotot thativeses trump 2 more gate cruz a8 rbi inno hasore th 40% of delat s s neeor the demoatic nonation. trumisore than one-qer of the way to the publican own.our potica team is readyith the results. begin withaj garrete in papa b bch, ida, showings how ththtrump victory has s sken the republican leerip >> rortete if thihiwas pil presidential cpaig donald trump andis arty would be moving together towardrdrd convention. but some forces in the gop want to b bck hisatho the nomination. it's a split w thout precedent inodern polics w wh a
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>> looks likeee we c sld w six or sevev orht orr ninene reportete dald d ump ppededtheallrm at his resort as a presidential backdrop to lebrathis superueueay romp. s s n't like it's a close match. it's'snly to b thaner didn't takeall. because e winner toto all, this ing is over. >>epept` t tmp did)notot repeat claims s ated cruz was a r@ instea comomimenting h victorgorearcoco securehisifif a a only ctororof the campaigig in minnesota, trump declared him the night's g loser.r. >> hhasn't wonnnnnynyny a a hege not going t win vmuch bui cononatulatted because i know howow harded worked d tetes.s. reptete c won in texas in and neighngng oklahomahah and declar trump unfnf for the pren. >> america shodn't'tave a
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you earrassed if your c cldldld repeated thth. >. reporor cruz alsososo thi message fofo ruruo, john kasichch ananann carson. for the@ candidates who haveee t yet w w a stste, whoavav not racked u snt degates,`isk you to prererlly y nsider our coming together. >> we hav real problems. . reporter: r r j remned combative and argued his h rsh a aackk trumpkss momentum. >> five days a we began t explaiaito the american peoplpl artist. >p >> reporter: rio tol news theop would nererly arnd truru..trump at times sounded coiliatory likik a candidada comphending burden o of ing a d dided party into a gegel election. >> ihinke're going to bee moree usive.a i ththk we'reoinge more unified and i think we're going to be a a muc bce pa and i thk k e ing totoininin vemb.
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six@x@x@xtates showw thaha 90% o trumpgsporters werre looking for an tser. 60% saying ty wererengry with dedel l government. in two weeks they square offnn orida. bibibiails trumpmpy gits.p >> cnt b bt berninisands in of1stateses the ovevevelmg supportf blacacactetelderer democrats d women. nancy cordes is in miami where clintoto celebrarara lt nightgt victctie goododorning. >> reporter: good mornrng.ieton cleaneup last nighdh winningggplpldred more duleleles thannie e sasaers. shit@twiinin some of eargesttates and winning by landslideproportis, puttininneayon noonon >> thbnk y a a ch whwh aupup tuesda 2epepter: h h s w it shshwo six southern states b 30 to0 linin, inclungn
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she pulled off an upset i i mamasetts andegan to posion hersels the anan-trump. we know we'e' gotor o , t t t oror -- thatt worors nonono t takmeririrere ag erica rtopppppp being sreat. eers and appuse e >> reporlrlr sanders w oplaho, colojododo minsotata plus hisisometate of vermonon he said heould soldier onn even if t t delegate map it daunting. >> 1stateslave vovod.35 states renain... >> reperter: cbsbn exi polls show cntonon operformed with african-amerirans, old voters ppwomen. >> i believe what need inamerica todayy i m lovovand kinessssss [ cheers and applause ] >> repter:r:anafon among
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andny of theshment people think thaha am okg, thinkiig. i`don't thinso. reporter: 3lissne step closer to makakg history as the first woman too head presidential ticket for a major party. ll fororupuprter w w hed her frontrunnerertatus sl away eht years o. >> s sares about won. she cares did unititg us. >> i thini a a woman g gs things her places rightftflylin the whitexe. eportrr: clintnt chose to celebrate e rrr wins i@lorida because the statatat primaryscocongngnd the states alwaysps key battle ground in the general elections. if s isoingngo going up against dodold trump,` seeds starttaying thehegroundwork
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and keeps a small residence eded maralago. rtheossibility of trump-p-inton cocoests auge concern fofo r r rlicanleaders. rmce pollhows clintnt wiwi a a8-io l ldd overru in a generer eleion matcp. ted tolddsastight tt he should b b b top candidate, even thoug partyeaders have oblem witit him. >> her is pceivedededalitit tell mee i i you d dr withhit.. eeplicinlishme doeson like thatmu. hinisry. ndeeeeeeeehemoeat dold ump. 7@ll, w%w ndtfy the rereicicicpartnd allf 0 pmary issbut w wnonong down >> l ndseyeygraham, who s made it not a fanafc&uz s ssexa[ senatoray the onlptioi a a his popo but graham told us l lt night it may be too late. >> you smo beuggestinggt t t
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frfr@bng minenen >> shoho of a majaj scandal, probably t, if mco wiwiorida,a, don't know how he go for it, if kasich. uz .. weweay in aosititit w d@ tededruru the$$ way toppdonono o tri'momo sooure ttodod@d rkrk you'd recommeme that i i ider to stop donald trump? >> i can believe i wouldayay yeutut yesf >> cbs ns andnac tioioio derarar johnickersonsse
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wi ohio and they keep winni downhe l toooooeepp trumpmprom gegg to 1,23 dlegas. ifife falls short t publicans all g gto the convnvnvon a a a ae a bigig fight will b b be nomimie. >>eggye wereal it l l l a add wewe eatatingngngn r rublica hatttt before our ey. but trump did w w w w momomotes in north andell th conservavaveand evangegecals in thehe south. >> ououeaea in arars historic lels. ok, we a in an a%aointwhere the leaeangngng n ninee a papa --oror t f papay's nomion m med for sively, isee a afrontrtf ot dond trump, uld beelebrated a the obabab oppapaee frontrr.r. d whatatid it d d las ni
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party. it had been buiing for a few , butastnght,t, c ctatata thi aiai w wrerely saw nomination it will dtroy t republic p i iwillplit it. is serious s sff and unchchted rrity.y.y. >> is therthinin t t t t tmpmp ululul to heal t brbrbrch?? >> ykn, thererereererereree thi alontht@y thatheld haveee done. i i i i e me f mistake, whatever else it was,t was a mimiakakwhen he did av duku k, stuff. thth real,, i susp blulueded hisss progress in pla like rthehehegigia.a. whatat can he do? oh. you u ow, , t t t te s spspsps forwd. last night he was serious and sobebed adult andnd esidtial, sortrtofof iis bibi a aepepnce speechch
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ttle toughgh about pauau r rn because hehean't't help himself. i don't know what he dodo. >> it t t t littl wemem to hearr himeate t speaker of thee housu. >> a little w wrd i ine to t t t . >> a lweiririr ess do yoyohini there will e e eliment fololho c and startrttvinitrp? ll wsee m mem of the c)c riies say thataty're willing to go? >> as peggy @mentioned,d,d, the erenceceow issseopleeee we momono toacceptce,rtinin@h etr. en, vhen hen'tovov at to conmnmn t kk andhite@ suememisis it putptpep in t t pionnhehehehey sa,,,, wait atete he's theerson who beefining our rty. ououcundidatesesnououaces wiwi have t t answer fororor ery it st t t messageffpredictability.. whenen get iohehehehe rararepublanl bennn theioan n dlashggit theirmie.@. itas s s tt too t t f ublican office-holders that also madehempause.>> > >gi into tt exit pol
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dedersidid breakak f rco rubiand teuz. does itt s thathings m m be turng a a w look to t t bigigstat on mar 5th, 8th and 15th? >> they look#atpirirnia wrere he wp byyy double digits. and thense attttkppened. the lateeciderssst t marcoco rubio. at is theotential temple. bu tre a also ahole l of p pplwhre v v vr t t p p e heets stoppppt t e convention, all these vgtes that are going to him, trgrgrgrg th's'soi h h h tuststs stop. >> votorun >> yeyh. ah c c. onofhehingnghahas tutning out is t t @deahe- esesblblhmencan rush i i i andnd go somemeing. every time they try to stop him they cate more ergoopelel hihi >> cbs n nonibibib b/b schiejfefetataedititgogo ofofofofs. b explplns why t t g gngng thugh t stagesof
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>> a a short-handed supme court this mni hea a aumts in a mhrhr an rlicaeate eiv)ewrday tha thene predentululul nomomat acement fooninin scmememnmndududd n eaktgh. the use ssssss prt is nwing his lis ofsi n nin t t nonono >p a alescalatatg g ss lelel batatee with the f or untockckg ananncpted iphone. itscting o%w ,quote, an undance of caution. e fililil cesftfr fdididiororjes comom ackned that investigagarsrs cidedely@yade e harde access data oth nman's iphohohohqhis admission caca y yterday during capitol hill testimony.. >> there was stakeee inthth - in that 24 hours aer the attackk wherere t t counun at
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that made itt hard, impossiblblbl later, to cause t thone ck u upp again to theicud. >> t coooo@o says he is w wlwng to take the fight to t supreme court. morehan 12 llion americans thisning facac a at oevere weatatr. aowerlllysysys inhe sth ulul bringdamaminininnds and underu e tornada wasaseported tuesdadaarbirmam, alabama. ap leaca f f f people were hurt, dozens of homes mad, thoundstr.r.r. clsng sososo supupuesd & pollllllstio. t tmericannstronanahohoh spnearr i&ce is back o o oarthhiss scottt kelly landedd synn kakakhstan lasight after 340 dadada aboard the inrnioation.
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he iidid bing 9, , sssp mockup of the space@aple rth.h. n s s a repepakeflicaff space etetion here he orbitted the earth6 a dayoror a atrw.w.143 million mis or about the diststst b b benth and . >>kell b bk motofr rth h terr 340 dnn e. >> r rorter: h his backck after n n a y yrinin rth's u uee@ntntususaptment. abouttt 2 2 miles aboveveveeses us. >olksereon control at houston letting out a very ggr. >epter: nasasilildydyhe 525252r-olddfor theact o o long-term weightlessne, what hatotohe humanodyer0 days o ooo grarara and too muchhradidi theyl also assssssss thehe psychological effects of living in such cramplienqurs..
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mfmfmfble butt is a har enent.v%ngngong wate it likikikik'v'v'v'v b b b bnnnnpsspp camping ththegards likhygi h yr inn spatatasno rortehehe tp turererona eveve spa@e ssikik the rereyeyes it c c c co g s@ andnd baba>>ough of fferenenen >> repepter: rd wiseman spen e onhe space station 2014. >> t be lookikikit what'sn withtht s,bobo es,p f ifif isincocongngng repepr:r:r:r:r: have the iqiqnaly anans s hisispain strture by comringimo his idenencmbr m kelly. dretet off phohofrom space ynvititisisiss sococledia llowers alalg theriri. ctober heoooohis momibl s s o of@ his first
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i belelel i ithehememrtananofofof flyg i spacend the he research we do i bienexploratd i i i idisis o o the frontin of thbendeae. >>,r'pr:e
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week publicannsiderer are ggggg g ir onhh t tirr7g7g7g fronl. >> inside,op effortso put up roadblockc on@n@ ##d p' .. >->-hessss bkerer i. thth rnininright tfrenncbs ththth morninin"" nonor: thisirtn n n cbs s is morng" spby wide.. nionwe is o oyour sidid " sponsored by
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joininin free.e. y,y,oioibybyarap 3rd d d t 1 ntntfree. hello. goodbye.. now, &ro bteaking news adereriskkkkkk1 nenu at t 9. a eak peek o oyoninininnnn at in j jt t minus 'l'lha look a fort t th&&orologogogemily roror. o. dadadaca anahi'm rararahwabe.e. it's nine o'ock. hello. happy wedndnday! we ararstararng e 30 for mosos a f f
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e regiono it'l a milanan windy day.y.y.e' warm back up to the 60s and0s on wednesday with winds picking up in the afternoon and evening. fireanger will b ba a ncncnc.. a busy roaoa the pikek peak gi i i i i opevebftetet%t%t%t%t%t%ty bigigrash. some slowing*through some ofhe construction soso s s#snghrhrgh somo theconstruc&&&&nes.s6raic ming g
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pueb((daveveka a busy r rinhe p p p pkpregionononbackpen r a pretty big crash. 's h hpepowewe b b b and nortrefreeeen colo ringwhererpopoce are directing traffic gnals right now. overght, a car crashed into a ll a athe intetuecononf f @ powers a a nor cefrere y. thth i i ideo ofofrererwrwh h coloraprings u ues iviviv f isu t-oso#lilihuhuelves arbackck
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the wiriri. . . . . l keep y y p pte > the g g tpepepestablilimentt rereans c c toake
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>> dald w wl l t t t ame een. he'lka ittorafaf tt m)m timememe go`oight.... dot ttip y y y itss ruo n afraidddim l l h h halle than."he is 6'2" d/n ptheeiziz o h hanik this..( u wha thehe say a m mwitima s.s.s. huhuuh! nonoy ! >> w wt are w win@ for the ouple of days iff thatt pwhahahanextxt >> lowow a a aowerowownw >>welcba"cbshi momo" this hfffhour, gop dors&&tr blockckonald d trtrpao the`e`na.n showowow t t n nesre gggggggg d d d the ionaire.
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hoteere she was secretly intermedte is no responsible for a alalals tions. ndndws s testitiny e e%e%iomamall. ahah tio show you some momomohelines s om arounglobe.e. he y yk mememeep how thththe e isis o o g g es cocod popopopoem f fhe unitittptptp commandos caught aey militant rececece in ir. e ptngon mususecec whher to h h h sush ptptes.p tr orisoners beca a a i i i d d n the i wawa the defensns denenenens detention of captives would d shsht @ @ tetetete > t t plalalahiaauiuirr rerts on billl cosby's sexual assaululcase onempopopopohold hu acceced of dgging andd assaultipleeniityy udenen in2020.. trial to lten tmimi
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> vididi was rordensid sh hig sc itelvee g man is a t i i nono w wt tsese sss. thtttte@s w%re asssgned. th chief of baltimore city school policic administrarave lea > "the wash[ngngn st" ports on the ivyleue's poteteial ban oninn foototll actice.. l e ivyvy heaacbcbcagage t t tnge axecororl apapov. ththplpl addresseses ononrnss ououou trauma a oththth injuries. dartrtuth scalaconct in practice years agagthththave remotelylyononled dummmmmmsteaeaof tkling one anototr. sisinew jersey nstapers are calng f f f fnor chs
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theyeyad some fun last night with his facial expressssnsastt night. e saidt@ a aears hes appearingn a age vivio. anotrr o o day why they didn't send t t tav.e.e.l.s.s t resc c cisise a abo his doldrump. there was talk he looked lining pthth politital s suse thattidn't nt t tbe t tre in anan comfortable annonocememe. was awkwar > a majojo eort i undnd trp.p.the fro-runner chargrg toward the n n n ngf delelates he n ndsdsor thehenononanaonon julianna goldman is here with hohobibi d@r@r s eifg u u e e to derail >> reporr: g gd rning. -trump s ser isnnaaao-o-ek@tzth roof s s a a theim wwwrapnene a trove of didi on trp. the plan is asslt the
7:34 am
i think we are goingo be muchcbigger partyt andnd i inknk e going to w w ibbnovember. >> repepte ass donald trump shesowararenenghghelegates to s sure the republi nonationon >> a l l of courage to run for president. >> rorter: the g g tataishment's i i i iy crisis hahahaeacheda f%v pih. >>he math is complelynn trump's favor. r rlicans w wl b b cocoittin abortion o oir@ n part >> unlesre i i expxpsi t t t t bate, donarump iss going to t t minene haha actctcty y y y y. >eporith 30 d datesinisalreadnenhhupup is tinto srurun acks uppg th . >> aonsee```ut commenenfenservave he i inot a lifelononh conserebti not a is cseatate. he a fraud. >> reporter: tim miller was the communications director for jebeb bush's campaign. w hesss t senio adv@for principles pac icicsays, fafa n one hastteded t t s s donald truru. >> donald trum teleleleople
7:35 am
whetetr r 's on immratiti or abortiti or gununununtrol or taxes or health care. >> reporteheheupuper pac s snt llno on adsds inowow t t prent aarumpaucuss win the. >>onon know whwh y y'ree talklklk kbout wititwhite suemacac supremacy. >> reporter: and focusing on the primaries s s c u u us i march 8th andarch 1h. ririet famil andity owner of thhihigo cub meg w w wanan and p pl erer tik is the ininngf donald trump bringing the an partytother. reporter:hihihi wasisis ristst'sormer national
7:36 am
it w w w t trtytyty apapap ititl provide conservasm. >> reportete some i is tooo ttle late. for onee aks h henurt uup and the e m% to n n nages w w months a a a a hermore e skurhe y whe dd lending suppto thehe prerempve gopop mie activyyorking against him. >> theare goin toll work on trump' bililil affairs like trtrp iversisi. >p>phehe c c cnsus it's too little, too la. tennessese foror hotelel opopatat could cll more witntntns todod as they fht wsuiscasasas e en ews. they s sstedheeak o a a nudede v v in 2008 may h he helpedndws careerfr she is suing for 75 milli afr a a stalk intererdi her rougaa peep hole. >> repororearly eighghears afafr that nudud vid was remnshe ternet.
7:37 am
seekreatmeme. still,he td the courtroom she doesn't think s sill e recover f fm theee@momomoal fall hink thihi thatttth rerelylyitome fof mendts the worst isn gigis,igh school, college, thehe t me and th ,, i wantt tbe erin andrew excepepor t martt stalker ing. and i can'tontrol that... and qvery yb >eptere in h h second d on the w wness stand,vv spwrtscast e en a aai she e aunted daily byhe seseet video takak ferjn 2008. the incident ltter so shaken, she is nowbsesh taking extra precautions wveveshe avelenenen i instantntover t te hole.. and then d d c c c othee .
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innetingnghihihi s slklk gai cecscso h h h bood roomt tww wyerer he hotelell ghlighteteandrdrs cacaca sus sinceheincident >p you got a c ctract with fox sports, right? >> yese >> and that w w wetetet cocorict@ t tnnnnad [ die espn . >. since jal rsemen ght? yes. >> reporter: but t t sptscast tolddhe j w w werer escape from the deal. >> i fefl likeke do the top nfl games s d if i c work e world d ries and i i can pass out thee tropop, thene people wil forget. >> have you been able t t foet >> no. >> reporter: lawyers for the hotel mntntnt that barrett is solely to blame. thry is expected t#t hearr from more witnesses s r the dedense today, iluding`g psychost, , hospspality
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>> what arutal oror anyou. ome crowdundididis actulylyryryrrfrfrding next,,/@ n ighbor took advantagof a amly's's gglele > ififou'rehding out t t , yoyo canan watatatad`sivev throrop ththcbcece a on yoy digital l ldedece. you won w w t t miss our rare interview withhil collin
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10 rllllhehes gethwordrdutbobo how awawawe gsgsruru kiki learn t tbe e a&d cucuousand d kids s she nguauabubu y cortrta,ininininvivivi" ! this is so gd.ou're trying toeaea about t ci st skeh on e screen. i don't haveou screen on n m m i'i'm m al t tt.t. you u u u big bug inin kids hahaha
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>p> lawmamarsre t t eeingh a oser@rook atotentiti frfrf byy s se peoe whorgrgize fundingcacaaigngn fundme and youcaring are often used toolicitit charitable dodos sometimesftft a trtrededorhipp b the people who s suld the money don't wawawawawa u ith h e ndhedeserve. dodidihlerer iss h he@ wh hust b boitete>>eporter:r: good morning. we are talkian especialal kind of troroling
7:44 am
exrts say these sititrere laely y unrelaladnde say they are r rng mey for worthy causendothing themem pocketi t cash emselves ry k kg wass killel b a drunk driver last summer nr h home in springfieie,f ohio. the xt dadada t t 13-yr-old's nts sayy werer c csosod a nghbor they hadevereret re. the neighbor offer to set up a yourudingund me webteo fundty ry's neral. but thehighbor pluaded guiy to j jud aft the pen cused her of pocketing more than 1,000 of the $3,000 raised. >> for her t t play on a family and use their kid for thatt reasononyou know, is just 's crazaz
7:45 am
reporter:youcaring d nielsa saper. >> the vast people coming to the site are gogo-natated people w o have real l eds heree a a >> reporter: s shts lili youcararg and gofundmemere popur ways to raisepe money for people who need help from everythihi fro medicalal bil toadopon fees andnd e e e colle tutuion. f fding sites raise an timate $ilnn 2015 profitininsesesu#u#u throughg feerrceagag of nations. but thisltibibonon d lla indudury is largege unre tyry's fatr comained t tooo senator brown who is takg his cause to the fededalde commsisi. in a ant to cbsbswsws senator brown said families should n neravavoaceeeg their decease loved ones cocoect to funisg scscs.i urur the ftc to examine this
7:46 am
families a a protected. 0 >p it's ly when people are solici money and you don't't who they are thahat stas to g g g suspiciou ande difficult to forc reportete gofundme also isiseded statement to cbs news insisting that fraud is someththg at happens less tn one-e-nth of 1% of the tim@ on s platform andnd sayany campaign that displays suspicious orr untrustworthy behaviororre removov % immemeat >> don, raising big questions. anks very much. firs on "cbs this morning," facacaokryandbericet busunessesayo boos gnion. > rokekeld re it doe'tnt on mindindyay! d flag waraia beainin 11 am mnd goes l igh fian we willlll stay d \ ththugu%the weekend, mild to cooler with slht
7:47 am
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[ speaking in reign langge ] >> by the looks of t american sprinterustin gatlin b b b a world rerd inn t hundr meter sh. he beat a record set by a legendary r rner usain boltl. but you can see gatlin h h se heheo t time doesn't un fansnsrovidetail wds up to 2020ilesn hour t give him boos ofofourse, ,his isisll inteteing because gatli is expected to be bolt's main competition at the smer olympics in braz. that@is one of th maintory lilici their coetition, their rivalry there. >> if h h can just get the fans but none for usain bolt. >>sain bololsssgreat. >> he is. per uesday is tumph for r r ary y intotoand donald trump. bob schieffer i in our toyota greeroom. he sayss republican leaeare
7:52 am
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and prescriptiononrent opons. happy wednday! ware e t with temperatures between the 30s to 40s for most. a few s. c cuds are scatterev across the r jion. it'll be a mildldnd windy day tay.... we'lllwarm back up to the 60s and 70s on wednday th winds ing upupupthe afternooooan ing. fdangng wi be concerer.. a red fla warninin toect 1m ththugh 7pm dnday.thursday w l l a boole thanednesday, temperatures and momoly sunny skies. this is still very mild fo& this time e the year. we'll
7:57 am
the 50s to 70s through the weekend.light chancms r r isture and coolele tempmprive to ststt next week. inineang volumumso f r. some slowg thugh some ofof cstruction s zones. affieqmoving smoothly to denver anduebo. ve okati
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morni. good is wednesdaar nened, 16 an welcome bac t t "cbs is morning." there's more real news ahead,
8:00 am
nnererafafr super tuesday. bob schieffer shoho us what republican leaders c cld d to stonald trump from poiamatchu i i vember. but rst herers totoz's eye opener@8. >> clion leaned up winning a uple huned more deleges an bernie sanders tting hfr arlylyalf way tohe nomination truru and his rivalsain atatddd and some forces in t t gop nt to block trump's path to the nomination. >> it stataed a civilar in the party. >> this serious stuff and unchartered territory.y. >> foror scenario whererere is stopped athe conventitil ofofhe votes that are g g g to him d the energyo him ho stop. >> voters count. >> yeyh, they y count. >v thihi o ol, kelly orbed e earah 1616imes a day for a year now, that is abo t ststceceetween e eth and mar >n andndws says e wi wa nd treatment.
8:01 am
>> experts sasa these sites are largelelunregulated. so say thee raising money forr aorthy caususand nothing top thfm fromting the cash themseseeses 52,00000 e-mails op hilla inton's privive seer was released yestsrd androbably worth it to her to see this, oh, so n ne. getting that zero is so nice. the r rults are innrom the biggest da o thehe electiojjoo far. was a supup puesdsd for donald trump and hillary clinton. clton n n all six democrac cocoests in the uth, and she upset bernie sanders in massachusett after w wning fouou states sandede said he wouou mah h@h@ even if the delelate map doe't grpm. clinnd u49 delegates
8:02 am
she leadsy mororhan 600 ing h hther w wss pe delat. t wta froro arncas tomo sngnghe broadness his@s support. d d d won three states including delegate-h5hvy texas his mehe state. minnesotot forrubio. the e ly sta h has won so r. p p ded 4 delegates, 355 momo than t d d . p dsddy 10elelates ovall. > hillarclinton isow oser to becoming the firstst woman nl htorytopp presidenenal ticket. instead ofargeting b be sanders last ght, she fused on the republans. >> he s skekeke in t ts electctn haveevereenhigher. and the rhetoric we'reearing on the other side has never been lower. yi t t div americaet
8:03 am
not g to l it work. >> clint dn'tpecicically mention ump, but she did on herself as t t ti-tru caidatat publican l lrs sreoolooking g g an alrnive.e. trump talabout therong resistance to hihi cans . may i have won@n five, six seven, eight, could be ni, cocod be ninates tononht if i'i' goingngo w@n all of t esee with trendousrs a come the worst at snekd the two o ree tha i may nott win, i think, w wre a a a democracy. i hink i i i aully hard to y thth's notthe pererne want to o ad the party,ight?? hard. >> ted cruzaid d ststight@he trump's n ninatio wld leadd to a catastrhic outcome, e en one of cruz's toughest critic lindy g ghamaid he wouou suppororcruzuzorder t/ stoto trump. >> when you look at donald trump, he's doing something
8:04 am
he's sayinin sometetng that the repuan v versre saying yes, lotot me than n ey sai yeyeto lds graham. >> absolululy. gotttbt like a drumum takew iay w whhh a g gin off salt b b 35% of my party believes that barabama is a muslim born in kenya. they see a stronman thatt coition be bought, l successful man that will f)f a broke en to cald washingtoto that dunn owewe athing to anynye@ a guy tlel our enees to get in linin andhanae aca and d ke it greatagai what i seeee i aemagogue, sosoone th solutions that wilil never work. >> yououeem to bebe sayayg thahaha hillara clclton will beatt trtrp. >> i don't s sm t tbe saying g that, i am saying that, like a drum >> cbs news contributor bob schifer is talng with repuican leadede and oths
8:05 am
r retired chief wasngngng correspondent and former hostt of@ "face e e nationon is hereend we're glad aboutt that. >> all he dn't say is like a nted mule. >> you know washingtgt. what's going on in terms o o tryi to o untt a stop? >ou knowow i'veever -- let merefacehis byaying've ver seen anything like what w saw last night. i think the republican tablblhmenis g gng through the s agesf grief. fifidenial a. they never t t t this was goto ppen. thenen ange there bargaiaing and acceptance. i'i't sure they are at thee ceptancecege yet. ey never thoughghg lt night wowod come. they did not take donald trtrp sere s youou in the beginning and now they realize whatt thehe thththt wowowo never hahpen has happened and franklkl the don't kn whahato do about . do they run away f fm him, do they come tethehe and r with him, do they go to donald trump, i mean ted cruz as the t@rnative.
8:06 am
said last night by a republican isiseyraham w w sai i might sport tedcruz. thth'sheir m mber of the ited states sesete that i h he heard say y at.. canealk aboutrump's support? he did well among those that make less tn $50,000000 year. continues do well amomo noncollege ecated whites. he stood at is sultimililon-dollar ho in palm beacacin a room m me t tlook like an st rwomm of thehe w house with chris cistie standing there. what didou makelf that imagery? >> i've got to say. >> soror for chri i've s sn s se endorsesent in me -- letesk yoyo is have you ever seen n meone endorse someonend it backfired? >> you have six -- >> backfkfedor themem >> six editorialalin new jersese papers that say he ouldld resign.. the manchesternioneader
8:07 am
primary said, sosoy, guys, we were wrong. they tooit back. >> never seen an endorsement go wrong like t tt. >> makakhim m torn genenal and he islectct presididt. > maybee saying maybe barack o oma w wl se in the navy s.e.a.l.s to r rcuee chrisis christie. >>ayayere talki a what is t t corpse. it w awful. of all the thihis last night, i've never seen somomnendorse someone e,d have i i backrere >> trumpmp said he is incnusiviv he's t t youth fire. he has broughtht lot of peopl and interesthis to the rara. how do thee establishment deny him a victory? how is that ssibif? >> theregu no queseson. 's touched a lot of ses. his support donon kno how deep it is, b iw it touches ny parts ofhe republan pay. how far r g gs beyond thth, suspect it doesoewt bebend hat.
8:08 am
hearar lindsey g2gham talk aut it lt night, is he building a wall betwe thehee uted d ates and m mico oror is he building a wawa arod the repubcan yotctodpresisen a a a a a a a youppto is guythat lik me st notot eh of us around, d white guysys i haha said it t tes during this camign,n, mitt romnmn got a larger percentage of the white vo than reagan g in 1980.. theeemographics of t t c cntntnt are angi tpeumbersrs are just not there.e.e. youohave to g gart of this minority v ve if you hopop to be elected president. u just can't get that much of a white turnout. >> we have said at this tabab bebebe, after the ,ection ofo barara obama's re-eleioio repuicananarty said ts is what w whave to .
8:09 am
program. it got lostt in thth nation process. >> that't'wh republicans are to -- fororack of a better word- cocoedre t ty g go om her@. one m m thehet t urse te a a openen bred ention we he ige o o way to stst donond trtrp from getting to the magic numbebe tt ensures he has the majority. i' never heard leaders of a party say w wt i really want is an open convention.. they alws say we want t t sew thth up and have peace and harmony at theconvention. now they are saying ununsse have an open conventno we maybe greatato see you. >> howowanhoho s o sleep did you have >> i logged in two, b at my age u have to get up ea any y, so -- >> you look fantastic ank k u, bobo
8:10 am
an worldld repo's best places to live.e.why one state hs two mild a a a ady today! reflagag rnig begins at 11 am a goes til 7. high fire danger. we ll stay dry thh e weenen mild d d cooler witslht ra chahaes early next wowowo
8:11 am
t > first on cbshisj rninin fabookok reveaea a status update ofofts own thanks t t small businesseses >> whabrt yoyo`inoo theh stor today. $ cupcake deals. >> $2 tuesday. how did you find outut >> i fouututhrough facebook. >> our missi[n is to connect ople all over the wor and a a big part of that connecting pele to the small businenees. >> ben tracy talks to sheryry sandbfrg about why some sisisses feeee cheatat a the results of paid ads. you are watching cbs ts mog. u're wating "cbs this moing." the flame is out.... the f ame isut, tomorrow my`titu... yo mother... antonoo. a aonio. que? the stove. it's not working.mpbell's microveable soups.
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eeding gums? you may think it's a result brushing too hd. it a sign ofofarly gum dias... listerine(r) can h hreverse... early gum disease e jus two weeks.
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8:15 am
poweweto your mouth ! - > flr almos a decadede small busineesave been a a agg businesses to like them on facebook. it is free way for them to connect. 2012 facebook announcnc a new feururcompanieiecould pay to put thr posts on to m me people's wsfeeds. first oncbs thisisornini," thehe tech giantsevealing that 500 milliojosmall business now have pag onn facebook.
8:16 am
3 million of them are paid vertisers. % increaheheastt year. n n acy is showing howow small busine are paying soci dia in hopes of f osng theirir@ bottwt line. >> reporofr: at hehe bakery in rkeley, california. . >an i get two of the chocolate? >> yeah, su >epeptelyla ons is selling g cupcakese t cakes. she sasa many of the faces that show up in h shop is b bause of her facebook page. > we useacebook a aost e ery day. weeed discounts. new flors. we are pososng them on facebebk andd i pay xup dollars to boooo beyondndy currenen reach, so people who aren't en follong us wl get thehehe infnftion a a that is what i helping u eveve in moreustome and exposure. >> r rortete as were talking, this college stunt walked in and prove la's point. what b bught you into the sre toda
8:17 am
>> rorter: how did you find out?>> i fin out throughbook. >> repoptete this here the facebook magicic haens? >> this is it. sit here a a mar sits tht. . >>te shehelandbergg isfacebook cebookok > bigar that lstingngeotohehemall rorte wharvrve ar ving f tthhey t be abl d>> s sce wrovior small bussesessli toeacheoplee in a reblly cost-effectivee way, particularly mobe. >> reporter:wookfafabooklsst s connected 1 bilil ppleee rle nema busiss cluding sre nea thecomp heaeauauy whichch employeeeesisile moms. facebook is heheing sll bottom le. they account for the vast majority of the mpany's paidd
8:18 am
criticized for makingeg it creasingng for faceboo followers unless they pay y boost their posts that c c cost from to severar hud llarsserer day, depepeing on howowany people business wantstso reach. some peoplee do say thehe organic reach is not whaha it used to be and theseeuinesess have to pay a lot t actuallych t t peop ty are trying to reach. >> anyone ininhe world can set up a p pe for any business for free. and thenep``theyeyantnto,hey can pay for their messa to reach more ople. >> rorter: a recent survey by manta, a small business dictory foundndhat facebo is e to sial network usedy businesses. but 59% say they don't s s a returnn theiinininment from their overallacebookked efforts includingbook, linkedin d twitter. cabook's dan levy says 50 miion n sinescsc would@dot b
8:19 am
wororohile. >> they are coming tobob not t t build a s sial media presence but to build thr business. we feellheare d dng something to hhemmhenhehearar cocoinuing to rerernrnhether to vest their time or m mey in facebook. >> i can go on my e. within fiviv minut've reaed ,00000eople andow else could i have@one thatt wiwhout social media? into for lila owens,hatre those greatsultlt >> thank you, see y y tomomoow >>ha whatt ppl are reading, their facebook pages. differere from t newspaper pages. >> can we t a aut how good those cupces oked > i'veever been a big fannf cuakes. does that mean something is wrg with me? >> you like sweet things. i know you do.l > i do.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>hi >> tnk y. reatews aboutb story you saw only on "cbs this morni"
8:24 am
kidney transpla sgery between aaine wom and a strangerho s s her p paaoror on facebook appears to hahaha en susuessfsf. lind dimmingsed everything to find a match. >> iliterallyoils down it's ththright thing to do. from the moment i knene i was a tch, i kwhis wouppen. i still't kw@hat wos cacayo r.i me, i naynkut att doeoe'ter itit she h givenhlili. e se mylife >> ahoto frororo ins facebo p sws inn goo irafteth opatioths an 11 breweww alerer i lal ie o are respondi to emerncy north of colorado sprgs. are learning a small plane crashenear e town of palmer lake. we have very few spefic c details right now. a spokespersonrorothe el paso counun sheriff's'sffice tetes
8:25 am
ster eightht'c thihi in t f iso gra fi asstehe rtededrash. we know fionde an scene right t w: he nows a cte e om o of our vaueysey:y: you u n serend whawewe are to ithe scofhis report cra. n't ve ioronbout who was oa or r po of eir ndition. we hava crew on their watothe paer lak ea and. arworking to get mor inatn, whiche willring you thughout yr mog d right here on 1111ews: on facebo andndndtt and r web chnekktvtv c c. esy! ware e ar tras een the 30s s 4 fort. a few 2ps. clouds are scattered acacac the region. it'll be
8:26 am
we'll warm bacacup to the 60s and 70s on wnesday with winds piciing up in the afafrnoon and evenini. fire dangng willlle a a ncern... a r r fla warniningoes into effect t 11a1athrough 7pm m wednesda thsday will be a bit cooler than wedsday, into the 50s and 60s0soror temperatureses anmoly sunnykies. this i still very mild for r th time of the year. we'll stayayild and dry, between e 5050to 70s throughhe weend. slight chances r moisture and cooler temparrive to start nextxteek. crsingngolumumso farme* slowing throrosome
8:27 am
smoooily to dedfer a a puebo. katie or dave. a busy road the pikes peak reweon is backckpen ter a pret big c it xappeninwt rslvd dlnoh re c ccolorado sprysnh crewe woing &ixing th cx gns righ overnigh aar crashnto llt thintetsecei opopo and n# ce s d dr r riinjuri but i going g ay. is deo of cws witradodoprpr ilititinintoixt the issue.
8:28 am
up. crews are still l rkg on the wiriri. wewel l epepou p p pd d d he
8:29 am
>>california primary doesn't happenntil june so there is no way tt anyone he could have cast a ballot in person.
8:30 am
let's find out. >> what did you tnk aut the new voting sysm tt is here? where you cld ve by blinking yo eyes >> i wast too fond of that. ho did you vote for this morning? >> you wana me to be honest? you want me to be really honest? >> donald. >> ocourse, of course. >> did youet an i v ker? >> i did not. tp ran out. >> would you like one now? >> i would love one. >> great. >> hopefully, that is nothe y ey answer the questions in ououexit poll that we use for analysis. >ait tilheir fendseeee tpem this morning. welcome back to "cbs mornrng.b. this halalho firstn "cbs this morning," u.s. news a worertunveil its rankingof the best t aceseso live in amic wewere g ing to shoho y t results, including a surprising place on theist for the nation's bge city. >th revealing conversion withthxhl colls.
8:31 am
anthononason aboutthinkingng tirementntndnd rebubuding his rsonon life and becoming an unkeodod cue itics. ti to show you some of thehehe morning's hehelines from around the globe. new yorortimes" r rorts on lawmakers in italy crarain down on oliliil frauau eaeaier thihiea60 minutes" showedse extra virgi oil has been diluted. now italian lawmakers are calling fo harsher nishshnt. the governmentnts goingngo considerer fng r reat ofndereto stop proroction up to six months.
8:32 am
consecutive days without snowfall. the "miami herald" reports on t rolling ss extending their ltin' ameca tour to include a stop in cuba on march 25th. it wilbe the first performance by a brish rock group in cuban hihiory. the band will donate musical estimate and instruments to bans. thes of thiope it will be popular wit athletes. the drone can swerve o sp when its cameras stop obstacles. theris a return to home button that brings it backsafely. the "los les times" is reporting on the world's fastest production car. it unveiled its new model at a show in geneva. the car can reach 260 milesn ho. engineers put limits onhe engine to sp it going even faster.
8:33 am
charlie, ,hat color do you want? >> red. of @ course. >> where would you drive it is the problem. >> anywhere you want butery fast and carefully. "forne" reports chris rock'smuimillion dollar boost for the e rlco cookie campaiai. u fansststt buy cookies whe he eng the oscars on sundan n t. analysts s he f fe plug brought in 656500ddlals r away. cbs loz z geles repopos a new tourist attractnn downtown.a. about 1,000 theaeaea a g asas slidepeop from 70th floor to the 69h. theyayay itill costbo $25. first oncbs this morningng u.s.ews and wld report veves itliststf the best
8:34 am
it rankshe untry' 100 largest metropolitan eaea colorado springs, colorado, comes in at number veve raleigh-durham,ortholola isouououlalala a a a fayetteville, arkakaas, is numberthree. austin, texas is number two and denver is nad the number e place to live inerica. n kellllllditor and chiefcontntt officer att "u"uews & world d port." big thing s to uality o o life. what exactly does quaty o life mean when someone is lookinfor place to live? >> so w took a number of factoror that people valid as importt. svey ople across the country. things like couting, cre, education, heah . the bacs. and ceainly things ratet too environment and taking care of the community.thos beclly int factors for lks. t the only s.!! we have seven difnt tac we put into placehere.
8:35 am
mi one. wh y y look a a o o t tse tiesesesashe prn w sa ( ook at c two cies in ththop ten. >>eah,eah. now i don't think it's the marijuana but other things about colorado that are apafaling. i'm m reou'veeeennn there. at epitomizes quality ofe for r r t of pepele. th muti i iue tt yo in@ many of th bigitie isn't so muchh there.@ you've g w the natural beautyty you've got very pgressive politics. it's a combination of this th rlly ju w wk very well. >> g od summerports andoo winter orts? >> extlt. lso they are nearreat universitiesoo. >> that i one. raleigh-durham, charlie, you might be slightly miararith that. tpe tech trianglethere. duke, un > cararinaaste. >> that is when you look at these cities a combinationf technddd s. sosothing like fayetteville, arkansas, u might ordarilyy k abababbubu a aniveity i i ththe.e.e. so tha a factor.
8:36 am
this list andrand rads mpmp so2c2cieotototototttt call bigigip cool laysndhehe there arhe big coooo plesesess nd culture too. ople who want tkklslswawava abp@e their kpp cannnno a full life ink,k,highesculture, so yo cityoe 2pjo los angeles esn'n' we. >> maybe becauau of other ors? aluesigacr.if thihiw%w%d at is desirability.. where do you want t le and then wsa where caf you affordrdo live? how much does a house cost and how much a you making? yoma love toncept of living in manhattan b it's hahaeneng for most pepele th rlls --ririo balance it so it was alistic.c. >ediange is 30. >> millennials you talk about quality of lifefe
8:37 am
opopopopopopoping there.thehehigigeople m m mg in n yyofofofsesendndndamamwi colorararapringssimilarly. e youn folks lk atsese ality of life factors. oftetehehehemaer rorot,t,t,t,t(t( auauininsudallas. the e e thththth verermpmpmpmt fofoeoungnrksing up...%% ybybybucatataasnh@ o the e st bee'te ds t. s one ofse t t t t peop e eanan. >> i was glado sesetfdtdt washington, d.c.@made the t t ten. >> being somewhat from there a i knowowou erer >>ad ;>eoeoeoowow grad,, y yh. peopopiti t t t is ventntn bububut't't'ot lili a denver i@i y g g g outn a sard@ghthththdowntown. lot oung peoeo there.e. e ededatqon,cose a big ftor th d.c. too. >> hbobobobttevle ararns? that hasasik a diritit but tles we. >> it'aaaut pace. they have onononarge employer e lled walmart, whi has reallyelpepepe the plapand.( t t thininsssrlie id,, theunuvurur of arkansnssood institution.
8:38 am
ip's kinof u ie hill e. it'sretty nice a lot people remembmb tretire there. fayettleleefy y g g alal. . . c>imata fafafa? wdi't'tktatatatater.weatafis tooooplplat weatheheis everydy's ownwnwn , , u knowowfwfwfote.. nds. sose l)lelititndndomike ot. . >> banhank netttt a musus peperr domihihihihiusic a aununun the wo heppareny disaeared until now. >> the great phil cololnsns i is elelng o h h s s s bububu >>ere is the f behind t t t t music.c.>> p pl clons isololnsnsnssoming g mild a winin t tb d d agwarnjg begegs atat a a g gs tih fire danan w@ ay d d
8:39 am
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yououl be in my hea yes you'lbe in my heart >> with hi inhe '80s len hear plins sd a a mlili albu. at mak h hle of th seumg arsts of a te. now he i intrododingome classisi a a guess what. he spoke with anthony mason abouwhat it memns f his future in sic.c. anthony,ooinin >> reporteteteood in
8:43 am
have heardhillins whoho@abruptlylyou tiremee yes agagagag then,pstled with desion andivoror,nd neck injury tt prevents h from playi the s. but,t,ow, he is ba -- - - , almost. g g g me o o more nig just one more nig >> > >ororr: with h ven numbeone hin thth '80s. >> reporter: phil collinsecame glglalsuperstar. mumuc`inesble. thththck half of th '80s you reerywywre. >> i know. i'm soy. no. i doeel like i hav to go o cause i didn realiit. i can feel it coming in the air tonighththt >> r rorter: clins i i now re-r-reasisi tse solo as with additional tracks a a updated covov photos.. so this is t new you? it's a a new me, yeah. >> r rcrter: it's a small step into music.
8:44 am
released an album of new materi s sce 20. o i cacat stoppregegeg lovingngouou >> reporter:re y y still writg music? i w j fed upith . repteteouere fedp with whaha par o o it >> i c't describibit. i fefedentify loveith mic a a a reporter: did you really belilie pepe w uld n miss u? di dot know. ipcat exain , but tt's atatelt a i i s fe t tttmusiwathe enem ivivivin%jt one mind >> repor after collins rul e aiaiaqavn t t t 0sss a a a a a a a artiststst tonight tonht tight >> reporter: a whhehe nenene heheferere a backla and
8:45 am
called him one othe mos unfairly a inexplicabab >>hy do iead it?beus someoeo tells mee it's ere.e. i don't go looking for it >> jack nichoon and i are happy to be standing in front of phphllinin r rorter: colns seemed to at that me blame of the musil exss of the '8 and provididg a concocoosshe atlalaic tol p py bothhegs of live aidn '868andor a much malalagned performance e ere. on yourrrms ^epepte with robert plt, jiy page a john ul joneses t was part othe led zeppelinhatasn't quite so good as itight have been andnd i'veveeen blamed foror thahaver sie, and i i wasn't my fault!
8:46 am
sn't matat fit, you kno to si thaha stufuf you really got to wavyour vce and j j was dribblinin >> repepter: jamaicaimmy was dribibin i kvew that was dangeus when i saw that. >> reporter: you wanto explain that tm 23 me? ounow,w,oming out of the mouth. heheasasn another place, put it ay i can feell itoming it coming in the air tonigig >> reporter: but as ntemporary artis haveaid him respect, collins s s emerged f2fm the adows. he is also back whh h h family. and with you wife? >> yea ssh yes i . realilid we made a mistake. >> repter:reiting withis third wife oriananns h is baba with his two youngestsoss,
8:47 am
>atthew said the other day on his birthdayaye just wished t ts d happen. >>eportete what did you thinknk when he said tt toyou? i was vermoved, you now? repter: ah? you vivi it as a secondchchce? >> i smple we missed each o o o- whyo`you want to me me7 ror a a his c cre has s lpedollili reconsider his er in musuc. >> the kid gglee o youtube and watch some of thelips. i think ats good.i lookr their shoulder andnd tpat was grere n. >> rep thahahuy wasn't too bad? >> yeah. he is starting to --- >> r rorter: you know if you nt out onour withllf thosososongs, you know you'del out?&& oh,h,h yeah. yeah. people have oppede me e the street and sayp at. ieaeay am touched by th. i n ell it and i c c imagigi it. @ >> reportrr: w w mightht seeou play againin >yes. damn, i saiddit!
8:48 am
>> in fact, collins has anunce he willlform at benefit for h)h c cldren'k'' charity innmarc it w wbe his fir conrtrt spnce 2010 >>e is goi to be back on tour? >> i thi hwants to b back on to he h backurgege innctoberererer which h h d dayed things a ttle bit. t i think he is readyn people w back. and i thine can feel it >> the love between he and h n iss touching >> y yh. it'sice to see. >> c cic mumuc. i was sinng every song. ounow them all! >> singin >> you kwl themall.l. >> i c't lhis goithout sayi how nice you lookenn yourureather jacket. >> thank you verermuch > knoi love it whenou wear that. t y verch. i'd%eplylyouched. >> is wtare here for. yoyore watching "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
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>>what a night andha day.thoe it >>made, charl! m me it p time >> gd to see you too. >> thank y. >> b sure to tune int thehecbss
8:53 am
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8:55 am
tonight. this is an 12reaking n ns alert: are i itoucucwith local authorities who are responng this scene north of colorado springs. is is a live loofrom our crew near the town of palmer lake. wherwe a told a small p ane ashed less than an hogo we havryew sfi tarighno a on from the o o tyri's'sictete e wentn a gho'k is mng. the waso gra firasated th t rortecr..wh leni ars t uercol ght w. now first dersren ssen here nowa picture fromomne our viewerws,udrey ey: u n see ndt we e ld i ithe scene ts rted c. we
8:56 am
their r r itio a worngto morinfo which il bryorohoutr morng right re ns: also ofacabo a twiernd oub chnekktvot. we a a stataing out th temperures betwtwtwthe 30s to 4 fos a few 20louds ararattered acroso t regio itl be a mild and windday today...llarmr back@k@kto the 6 6 and 70s wednesday with winds picking up iththterfoonland eveviv vire nger wititbe a concnc`.ed fwaing 0 gogo ieffect aam thrhrgh 7pdndny. t trswitibe a bit coor thednesd, into the0s d v0s high trature
8:57 am
fs time ye. we mild an y,y,etween the to 70s ugh h e ek slight chances for moisture and cooletemparriveve stata next we. increasing volume so far. some slowinthrough some of the construction s zones. traffic moving smoothly to denver and puebo. katie or dave. now the lates on the 26
8:58 am
coming in r super tuesday. 12 states had either a caucus or primy yesterda hillary inn andnld trump the overall winners across the country. ty've won a majority of the states involved super tuesday events. take aook h clion did. the stat s wonreren blbt" bebuie sanderson here incolora, veont which is home e, minnesota an oklahoma.` trump won big thetas rkedn red. t hen't thhem all. ted cruzon his home state of texa switch to nturylinp2ism ,and get the same great channels tte g)ves s u, withohving to deal with cable. and? and...there's w ole home dvrplus tons ofn dema o oio
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s why do youuy keep@payaygpthat? it's t fir r of i irov. .by sayinin"yes andnd acct ththreality cread by o comedy paul. yes, right, i know. do you?
9:00 am
w,w,roroyouring news ader, thisiss kkkk 11 nenenet 9. a sneapeekf f ur morningpg weatheb.b. iv jusa minunus wewel have alook at your forecast with m meororogist emily& rolmr. hello. m dave n ncarr. d d m raschwabe. itit ne o'clock. we'e'etracking a11 breg news... crcws are on thehecenef f grasas firi. 're told amall plane crashed ar palmer ke... that's's'r of colorara springsgsgs aronument. re's u look at t t s s s sight no we're n n g g any word on possible juesight n n here's whahawe know: ere waa a asfire in the eael pascotynd palmer


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