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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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ood rng. e to "cbs orngngngtt rneyreo div inpeech cling d d dd trump a phony and a afraud. >>a manht. fo m criminanviolt d robb nds tran h h ahiteal obodo? > w% b bin with a l at today's "eye opener," your world
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hoho can weal ther t top s snerom b none rnewifter donaru didy anan hard. the gop erupts overtrump. >> i undstanwhy t ty are@ doing it. they want to destroy this guy!y! >> the establishment is acting sane because they can't't contl trump. >> e ectly my point, bill. >> he's the y t tt is shaking it up. >> sande vowowg to fighthtn even as his rival is setting her sights o d dd trump. >> a of the jor pls have me beating donald trump.p.>>ririashehe uppn mombique lek frothth malaysiaaiaiines. >> aubrey mcclendnd was kilild in a fie crash after big rig charges. >> gunmen got a ayith 50 weaponsn >> you have that many peoele now distributi firearms. >> scott kelly isack home in
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>> leaving thepace statitias bitteet. a gunmanries to r store clerk iner grgia c cvenien or 1 th. >> in meua, a police@ e es wild, bucking the officer and then takingngff >t was weird. i s like where is the officer? >> iave people worork for meme they d dallf tt stufuf tt's s en you knowou'r a bigg shot en y don't havto go to the ilbox. >> jimmy, i'm a mie star. . >> dr. ben carsonn issui a emt sasang he doesessee a path ard. >> the good news,, hays i rey t/ ora oou ain. >>su tuesd prima raise ananch woneven stat. >> across the statess that dond trp wowere shock, deal
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depreson, > lcome to "cbs this morning." gaylylking i o and soled bieis w wh orr rli prtialinitt mney is a a anc aus tan dontrp."cbss moin hbtdexcet fr a spepe rney ller in a few hours. romney plans to say, quote, person so untrustworth and dishonest as hillary clinton must not become presiden a trump nomation abler viy. >>atritheechlsallstrump, ote, phony, fra@ ises a ororle a deee froruer.anddney sa, uihe aying th americanlic f suckers. heets a free ride o the wte hoe ananl we get is a lousy ha dean reyeyldsth
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tt r ry is goi t rsrsny and h@s announcither for t ite e be hsh attaindonaru,,nga a ere .ivis sech@ totoy,r ential candidat ey c cl@naldru anfraud. it istough. he's smart. he's shar>> reporter: it's a big diffence from four years ago en rney d dightoin thng trum >>here some thingstt you just can't imagineappeng in yourrlife. this is e of them. >>8repororrr b b now a great gulf separates the two men who representthe defeated p pt and the uncertain fufure of thgop. this has been an amazing evening. >> reportete roroey's associates say he has watched trump's assent wiwh alarm and feels to spakeeense into some pepele. >>ill have strong words for& donald trump. >> reporter: katie packard runs
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mn's campaign mar. inkhatte ntso do be tltltn them sortflsaen >>eps s me pe p inn t party estshme w w mince s. one example -- donald ump says he admires vladidir tinnhle he has called george w. bush a liarar that is a twisted e emplelef evil trumping good. so r, non of romney's attacks s worked, inclung call to release trump's tax returnsn >> going tbe a mh bigger party and i t tnk we are going to win in novemb. >> reporter: trump hak soaredd in eh polls and definitely soured on romney. >> this guy, w wt aererblbl -- c endorsed him a about two weeks latar, i said h iser go to wi >> repororr:or gd mease, dd trumpasthmoing, i im thehe only one who can bt hlary into i amotitro who doow to win.
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the gop froro-rrill face threeivals tonightn a debate. ben carson's campaign is ov.. heheaid on wednesday i do not sea polilical path fofoard. the retired neurosurgeon fininied nbetter than fourt inin all of e super tuesday primaries and caucuses. major garrett t outside the fox theater indeoit,he s o tonit'. >> rorr: gd rnin dold p'epub opnearengp effts toososylow or s sisis rpuit ofofhf nomina marcubio and ted cz are exe^cted to pound trump a second timet nighprime bate. ald trp n sho come to eh coco. have. >orter: imiigan marco bitoheddd preceden angst ov dald d um ggatnaljug er gger naugug. w wn@ you the f-runner leet o of ece.. what peoplereaying nis please, yw getoghero keep thehentunner fro
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grt agn, eporr:r: tru w sur esystates they t metal. >> who hasrumpve aken on? >> at trump uninirsity- >> rorter: as anoth muimillionolra -tmp susur c hred him at gaued university. capitol hihi, the tru ctoroteft republican senators at odds.>> i don't knowhatt is about it, but i can't sm to find anyoneho supported him and yet here he is >> people are not happy with status quo. this man issrong. he is decisive. >eporter: perhaps signalili a shift toward the presumeptive nominee. trump begato burnish his ima a policies on health carere form. fa more spececic thann his one-note pformce at the last gop debate. trump too to facebook with
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congress whaveget them in a ro a a sa. itf thpe. repr:5 atesave ted ar aamecdoprnout, trurp w a third off allotesast and more thah his rivals. >> if we are g gng toeat donald trump the fieldan't rereini actured. na hasas i bee, aard ceiling of5 to 40% t tt he can't get above. >> reporter: manyembers of the republican national security community withs t tthe george w. bush administratatn releed a letetr yesterdayay criticizing g trpgsack of foren policy experience.e. declaring he would mak america safe and if he becomom the minee, they will notot s sportrt hi >> ahead, we will talk withne ofhe former officicis who signed that letter. hillary clclton held a star-studded fund-raiser last nit in new york city. clinton now turninger attention totoovember a bernie sanders ieso c cch up nancy cordes is withs i i ioio57.
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leadou b ss that are ting l ton- sisi miig,oh orid the con cpan hefullynt yteay she is l ldingande a largnnn the degat snt ananreside eveve ha o h i 2008 t's a littlbiun. ep att rio my lllltt hilrynt xed nessh pleasure. . whave a solt >> reptesiensf f an fm suortersrs yoio hea m roe rr:nd po hr kaerryndndonon john,mo ot. >> ts is a v vy i yea r amera and she i itheenl hope youhaveve >> reportete therereti 35 primaries d caucuses to go. but as clcnton pulls ahead in the delegate count, she ander
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l willayatabhe whhousus epte a union rally in nhn, areuomo mocd th trump's talng about theh wall. inimichigan,he g front-runner was on bernie sanders' mind o. >> all of the major polls that have come out have me beating donald trump. >> reporte sande won fr states on superuesday and his aides say he h h a sho att winning four more the next few wueks.s. clintonidesueuehaha is t ough. in a memo, her campaign managag said that in ordeto catch , senator nders doesn't just havevestart winning few states, , t he n nds to start winninin everywhere and by large margins. sandebs s singing a different tune..
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we w w b b19 points. >> reporter: :the washington poststreports thatt justice department has granted immmmity to the forr statetete deptmem staffer whworkedednn inton's private e maerwhen she was s crary of stata. si this invesgation may be moving forwrwd. nancy, tnk you so mu. >>ce of debs t couou to misiingngalayan tliner is itststs way to exexs in australi the chunk h hp e elala at happened toghgh 0 wn vanished t years ago with 9 peop o board. th fofff africa morehan thsa milm thenlfirmedie oe ng v cleis washiwiththheblblcl. good morng. rteoomorn mh-3 is th o o m m mng77 pie fovehe weeke e omhis section aircraft and now oway nvestors. sourceay invesgators are fair cfidint thatt rghly
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own in these picres came from the missing mh-370 andnd lane p ptititthth words noo st cameff the c cst of mow m beak over the weekend. ai alalagibson onene of the mewho found itpoke to cnn.n. >> i just knew whehe i found it thatatt poibly could be and that it was important t to get it into the handsf the local authorits. >> reporter: u.s. instigors have analyzedhe pictures and believe they showw a portion of the horizontal stilizer, a wi-like papa o otheaill section from boeing 777. australia is leaeang the deepepaterearcandnrecovery operion spanning 4600 square le a aa ininhe indian ocean but only oneneneiecece of mh-3as en found, a section of wing known as a flapar washedd up o iand in july>>oo early t tope on the oriwinffhe debri a
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rom anniversaf sapprancthlatelus mi tha one oe worls greateviation sties s mains unun.. t ware anan nderpsve more coufha whennsng acalent wnoso years ago. >> reporter: multiple reports say gibson, the manho found this piece, iss a weaeahy traveler who has bn searching for the aircraft, fococing on the indian ocean.n. harter a boat last weekend and uod that pie of debrisis bere turnini i iover t t investigatats. >> tha yoisis e suects i i a brazen n eobobry in tas a arre rvll veoaptud the elorbrk-in at e hohotoe.ra a autwo mis. markrktrasann e e sc dheheole hueh suspspts. rorte`:oorninin thonoors placut crimene
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eir waynt t s srerend grabbed zens oapontuy m rning. nole auts s e. it 4:30 in the morng and they r out of theoors and ten scatter inside wearing odieieand masks and gloves and grbing as many guns and rifles as they could carry. itooks like they had sethi of a plan. you can s one suspect using a hammer to smash through the glass casesolding gunss while others follo behind him and stuff thth into bags. anotheruspect seems totget the long gunun offhat rack behind the counteto ey took@ at least 5wes and in a little more thahatwo minutes,hey were gone. investigats say the group switched vehicles about a block away and took off intohe darkness. this was such a rush job, pole und weaps leftehind lying on the strt outside the stor law enfoemenofficials say stolen weapons like thehe are
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criminals buying and sling guns to otheh%crimals. >> you got another criminal element ththds firearms to commititheir imes, sometimes associed withhhehe drugrade or robberies. >> reporter: investigators say ere's anothehe disturbing issu-- g gtore smash a a grabs are becomingg more common. >> we are seeing an uptick, not only here in the houston, hars county,, area, but uptick acro e cocotry. >> reporter: suspepes will fe federal gun charges. investigators have recovered some oe weqpono andd hope t get eirrands on theest beforehey canse inth crimes. che? >> mark, than. > police i i oklomare ininstigigg ea o ararenertitan. aubrbrle dieesayin a frash one afterbeindicted m aors araing piononr hisusess is der lega excte .anthy son i i her with
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repor esday, the g gtharg otyuble for conspi.ony r, died beh e eel o v. mi a a ha lefsoondenge h ghnot ve b banacaident. a 9a.m. o weda arey mcc chevevahoe cshednto thewa of a embkmt and burst intoflam heen traveng more an 50 mesn hour. >> he p dtty ypch drove s saightinto t wall. there wawa ple ofornity for hito cor o get back@ on t t rdway that did occu >> reporte t tt occucuneayfter t@ form ceo o opeake energy s dictcd by e depart of jusce. heheas cha wonspirg to r b forhease o o
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rad ins du,pln iilig t prmyocen aea name. r mcc'sadersh, kenergdeilons of dlars sfsfsfdhe gyuss ionein drcraurin or ng. e ntntrsl@procsf removing nur gas from r ansc a a gd mine n interview with lesley stlh on "inutes" in 2010. >> theastp two y yryry we have didiovered the eququalenen of t saarabia'sf oil in the ited s ste t e,ut >> repororr: t t ene titma hisirst bilon during thdy bo hometown nm,m, oklkla hunder bu w w alsdubbededca most ressilonaire by "forbes"azaz in1 for lpendan agsi ristaking.
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llenerce st hisis company's stock pmeting,e e wasordut o apeake. licet could tatap to twweeks omplete their inininigation. >but, at this poitime it los pretty cututnd dry as fafa as what exactly ened. >> reporter: mcclend h been expected tourn himself in and pearefore aaudge at the oklahoma city fedel courthouse yesterday. if convicted, he faced up to ten ars in pririn andnd a million doll fine. soledad? >> anthony, thank you. stronaut scottelly arrived back in thth uted states overnight after his record segnt 340 days in spac his twin brother mar was amomo those who welcomed him home in housn. ththvice esident's jill biden wasls therer she brghghghm beer a apple pie!e! ott kelly spokok about the future of space exploration. >> this mission is the latest acevementnininur country's spacprogram. but it's not the last.. there will b b more. it's in ourur dna, of o oountry expxpre and we must nevev stop. entists will study the
7:19 am
the lack of gravity reportedly caused him to grow two inines! >> that@ i fascating! >>eah. >ressurenl the sp no question. >> just ann incrediblee achievement. amazing. >> you realize how m mh he missed beer and apple pie. >> interestingrminintohe 6itit wind as re t. wewe evermry and mi weather lastsough the weekend with chances for showers momoay and a cl l wn
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new colgate tol dad`y repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel and fighthplaque germs for healthier teeth and gums. stngthen theoundndion for heala teeth. n coate tal l ily repair. >> the erin arews trial is disrupupd after aitnessss admits watchedhe stalkes deo. ahead, rikki klieman wilweigh
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mo, the@ professional ballroom dancer who lost part of her leg in the boston mathon bombingg a hello. od morning! we are starting g temperatures off in the 30s for mosw s sts, a few 20s eaeay today. skies ara mostly clear. thursday wilil be a bitoolethan wednesday, with higig temperatures in the 50s and 60s and partly cudy mostly sunny skies. this is ill very mild for this time
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50s to 7hrhe weekend sd a eat stretcayspto enj soimtdrs. 'll art to some e ans tord t beginning of next wo weeee tutug chcer andshers, tugno jor stor appearin t nt 7-da along witi a co dow increasing volume so far. some slowg through some of the construion zo traffifimoving smlynver puebo. da or ka
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ki up j.. afr r ying do run from police. itll happened early this morning near academy y d meadowland in colorado springs. offers pulled over a driver who said he had no entificationonnd tried to ru lice say he had a warrant for hihihi. afr a shsht che, breesasen stody th a couple paredics whwere in a passg ambunce.e.
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thisp m b b the strangest ing g awasas ght. your usual trump speech, but ok at chchs christie's fa. >>argoin t t put 2 or m ititi twee c the wis. >> goi on ththe? likim traler whrytolay coolglg til heheigures o o what yearar it is! >> i haven s sn a person on televivion look that upcomfmftae,e,ndinext t soone sinceis. george bush dsn care abt blacac people >> it almost makes you feel bad for chris christie,oeoe't't i i meanes clearly sndin
7:31 am
ha, ha. >> very well dodo. that wasas sort of ripip forhe mics. > welcome back to "cbs this morninin" th hf f ona trtrtr tonight willllome ceo-fa wh fox new merator mekethe repcan deba ear r tegyon tch f potenti showdown. >>ieng the nudeideof erer andndws with his friends in public. rikki klieman is in the green room and look at whether this lpr h spsptscacaer's 75 miion lalst. that i ead. time to shsh you somomof the moinins headlines from around the gle."the washitopost" reports on north korea today firainstorth rea. those sasationonare punishment
7:32 am
range r rketaunch.>>rpisreements ohe emur hea argrgenay` abaaaexas law that would hen laws at clinic some say i iould f fce many facicities to close. its thecot's first major caca sincehe dthfnton guzman has cnged aano be extraded t the.s.soon aspolb elapo wawdn januare of s las sasasa h xin onrd't l l him sleep they say gn would trade a ilty pleaaa a short sentence and medium-secururprtyuch and experts say the deal is unlikely. donald trump will b b faca-to-face with kelly for the first time since their debate confroation lt august. julianna goldldn is in
7:33 am
idate matake sta. or good morn onalump's paipn fox nss a a b dt t fromm january y which he wa a a no-s-sw. in an interview with the associated press,egyn kel saysys she doesn't expect trump to be combati andnd hisis focus has kely shifted from her to securing the nomination. >>ou've calledomen you don't tike f fpigs, gs, slobs. and disgusting animals.yourwitter - >>nlroo'nnel >no,t wasn't. >> reporter: fox's first republican debate. >> h hes megygyn,f youonon ke , i'msorry. >> rte sparred feudd twnonald trumpnd f
7:34 am
he tweed aessa calh%x a bio. months latern october kelly addresesd it on the pbs progra you chose notorespond. why? >> w w wer't in aar with dona trump. you know,, he wa upsetet with us. we weren't pset with him. i mean, it was.- again, weust wanted to forge forward. >> reporter: in january, things eslated whwhelly tol vity fair befs runng for idide'd call from me to time to compliment a segmgm kelly added, but c c't wooed.d. a tweet hat saidhe is soo average in every wa who the wantstso woo hehe >> let's address the elephant not in t t room tonight. >> r rorter: and just two days bere fox'owa debate, the moguwithdrewmt >> when you're tated badly, u haotickp f youourights.
7:35 am
hi t pos. eveon on` sge is upid, fa ugly anden re tere sueon.noate'otten t t dd@ ump portio out o thehetay- >> ihink thetakes are@ very different for donal trump now versus last august in that fifst fofonene debate. >> r rorter: the hololwood repoer i eecng p rematch. >> he needsappear presidential.he's been running. now he needs to be a little more serious. >> reporter: as for kelly's rategy? >>well,,i have e questns i wantededo o k him athe last debate and i moved them o too this deba.%% thahas myplan. >> r rorter: kelly als told the ap that perha truruistanl out fo aydeult she wodasn hha fit dete. and she a aed at this point inn the game,@ he u uerstandsetter how thingso. >> all right.. thanksianna. a nene twist this mornin in
7:36 am
erin andrewsgainst nas te . shis sui t own aopator formilln dollll heseet stalker is aly nanad in the suit. heectlinrmedtb h nside heroohe deo on >> t cororraonho owns t hoho the o ated he wad vi in pchi .nenepeaihefollowing. rikki klieman isith us. good morning. >> goooomorning. >> this was aaig shocker yesterday. wh is the complication he watched the deo? >> there is no implition in terms of the juryecause the jair didn't hear about it. however the court of public opinion heararbout it a en
7:37 am
coues to sw h d des contino continue. wondnd i if somomodyy that foolish could be in a restaurujt where other people ell phones a a a athey ulul do somethinininkekehat?b-t peoplee do all kinds of $ things likike thatatat >> d ds it helpp pro andrews point the video keeps following her and causing her damage? >> only in the court o@ publi opinion,n,lessom poi the dgast wss reed in n on t . e distant. theyay s h benef fifinclly the defenseut up yesterday. >> she has made m me and more mone on tthan nay, aucally, according to r witnesses, her and her father, she has beenramatically damaged for the rest ofo her lifefe now the defen has put on a
7:38 am
she's very resilient, she reay is doingng okay, she's h post-traumatic stress disorder but it's just the mild m ybehean'n'tn mamama ow w w aur` measu is elelhat is really t t problem,m,sn't it cause there is n way to put dollars and cents. this cplaint was originally draft as a 10 mlion dlar complainant. it is now a 75 milllon dollar complaint. that is a mighty leap. dirily, this s suldak plin sem.why thisaseastltl,, i i i ink, ayo all.certy,heres a insan pocy thathe hotel operators, owners and manags have. certainly, she hadad a number in mind. so was the hotel managerer eity and theot itsf yino reot gng tivhe ne orasas thensance company saying we will take our chance,
7:39 am
will b b redudu or didid she j jt want to make a point a say i'm going in that public courtom with a camer in court an as aa rerelt, i am going t p getome serious ney he orven i don't, thahawhat hav is vehown tldsas tost. ieold m story. >> yes. >> rikki klklmama thank you. fasas food resesurants are joining the fight against ser bugs. ahahd, wther you'll pay moree for food that could be safer for you. ififou're headadg outhe doororyou can watch ss l le through the c c alaccess app on your digital vice you don'wa to miss our l ook att ccscsrsrs abogg. e antatititiub
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subway is the l fast odhain to cnge itsus mfo safe custerercan now order sandwichesesade with chicken
7:44 am
rn oibiocsse lik cafepele json sws ushy the move reported d d antitiot-freehickcn isis first step what the fast food giant says will eventually lead the restaurant to serve only antibiotitifree meat. other chans are vowing to take silar steps inclus wendy's anonal recently,in-n-out. >>eporr: on tuesday, subway gan selling sandwicics ma with chicken raised witiout tibiotics. by hehehe chain says all of ththat across hits 00 north america restaurants will be antibiotic-free. jan weweomes the change.
7:45 am
been brewing for decades a a is inslwo >> rorter: itherngng onsursrom m esve antibtiititoly no epter:r:anger't a aibioticscucumsut he serug tha solvis antiicing byge factory farm the ug-resisnt gms t tn ter e pp. rdg the c,23,0 opleldiemc super bugs every yeara >> we ararat theeginning off potential catastrophe. even a sple cut could become infected and have deadly staph infection. >.>rorter: inr,r, s rked rorreating 2 fat fd chains with antibiotics in their me. theollowing receieid ssingrad. last week, in-out burraidd itit lking t puttiicomtst s sply
7:46 am
wendy'ss offerg antibiicree meat in fr te rkrk alreet jrnpo jage eayththth restaururts eval for thehehand. >> they will tn their ickenesuliers, their por ppliand say n yo gis meatas been iseditantiic >> t t pririf the meals probably will not g up much, i at all. they seem makin c cngng wioutinrice increases to the nsumer. >> reporter: the cdc says 1 in 5 drug-resistants infnftions are caused by germs froroood or animals. it's not jus restaurants t tt are switching over. at compani are getti into thes we ueayse thal of th chicken it sells are raised without andnbiots. >> that going to transform the food indust. >p it t s sort of already. they are talking about the humanan
7:47 am
the chickens it rai dno gedverllllus why sned er cal t ndtadishont. a wd ride wn yor tyolicorcelases i ownil tim s se. waininto t t 6 with le nd across the region today. we'll bebeven warmer friday. dry and mieaer lasts thrghhe ekend with c cnc f f showers monday a a cool down
7:48 am
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7:52 am
where the mounted unit takak breaks. poor horse, named's n nsy inhe ci. whaismazing iho anims the wayack s. >>rorun-ay h to g atheld tradnt.. budget. you'rereatching "s this morning." i know i've been ap real bad gl i didt meafor yo toet hurt
7:53 am
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7:56 am
sit arn n re. goodorning! we are starting temperatures off f t 30s forost sp 20s earl toy. skies arereostly clear. ursday w wl be a bit coolethan wedneneay, with high temperatures ithe 5050and 60s
7:57 am
still veryryild for thth time the year. 'll l ay mild and y, between 50s to 70s0shrouou the weekend. thisuld be a eat stretch of days to enjoy me te ouoorswe'll start to see some changetoward the beginning ofext workrkeek..... returning ances s r rain and snow showe, though no major stororea the n day, 1long whta a a co dowow increaeang volume so far. soso owing through some
7:58 am
trtrfic mong smthly to denver and pbo. da or katie happening now. investigagars are ying to fifireut wt cacaed a pne to go down. it happened yesterda these are pipiures fm what the plane lookededede bere hittihe ound. . this iwhat it looked like e st nptes ter. we'r'rtold the plala b bst into o fles a a a onons it hit t ground near palmer lake. the two people boararar killed. witnesesesess us thelaneneas ngeri" low ancan beeehoes right bere the crh. yesterday'stronohwinds may vetributed to t causebut inveigafors are still tryiyg to sort it out.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
ada bba is thurrc > itday, mch 320. ome backcbth rn rneheadlu60epubnnatnal exfeilesenncind ump. fo homancutyis is th. t offiaia araspking ofifirs rere today's e opene at 8:00. >> romney i't going to endse anne b attack dondtrp. >>piporop or exe sursuf the
8:01 am
is uisi an o oond t t liky ce fmm is stif irtnd w tsayinig>>hemenee i s ses re t ves b t wntguoredens pweweons. >> this should te pce ithe settlementoom.( y thisase was not settles is a mysterer to l. >> very danger to c csumers for meathat doesn h biotics . >> it's goingoransns fmrm the industry. nas provided footagath land ituman b bngsreabo .>> scott klykot h.>> wng to me ame great again, lk >> and stt kly has did
8:02 am
[ ] j'm chaie rose wh nora o'nn andndyls off. four republicafa@andidate gather tonight for prime time debate. 's their firsts meeting since donald t tmp dominat s ser tuesday. trumasorenne qer ofotouoin the nomination. republicans aren't unit behind the ont runner. ny a tryryg harder than e er to stop him.m. trumpays g.o.p. ldersrsshsh he'e' bringin i mimiiofd acookk videoru s heanngeotogether >> iaking s,nnf it's bigls w w wgr o o other clcltr it realal takes a certain amam o commonsesee. yohao veversonaly,y,yohaveo per de. somemeeople areoing to be different. en you're dealing w ruia, it may be different than dealing with china. u ve dffre tersonalitiesd abl to siz them . you want to e great deals for our co
8:03 am
>> marcoubio iis tmp is destroying t republicanty adadto at.. miami harold endorsed rubio t ts morning. this week's time magine cover cacas trump a bullyl showman, papa and possibly the 45th pdint of thth united states. > 2012 replican nominee mittt roey plans to sayay today t tmp doesn't have the temperament nor gm to en cb trnhas s ntained cerpssie speech... he ss dond is a phonob f aud. it's as worsss aegree om tmp iversity he gets a free ride to e whi hat. trumplhiack writing quotet roeyey endorsemenenfour y yrs ago? liticians.
8:04 am
perts signed a letter opposingp. the letter cald trump's vion of american power and inflflncnc wildlyinconsistentntnd inlured in prinpal. he swings from isolationismo litadvtvtiit the spe onene s@ntence. one of the experts who wrote the jetter israwnnd. goodorni. good morning, char >> wt arutinghihihi now? why 'tou w thi mohs ar a year ahe nald tru fir begans mpai? kn,che, i can speaforhe oerignas opt on t letter. ii willay for mymymy i thi likekeost people youanted the political processo play out some a a fraly having taught mymy sonso ole a aiste to t t viewsf he, i didn't pecthe rhetoric of donald
8:05 am
many pe..inddlenger frustrat my children don't feel they have to samampppptunity toetter tpemsesees t bn i did when was growing u so there is a verer real sense of frusatio it doesn't jfyf the rt o o rhetoric that trump enga andrankly the ying. theotto ls you youocann sup him fof prenbecaususe woe dangerous the whi us >>has right. avies in ddanahdiitthemn nycs.. thth warar interror n n uhis l l muslims from the united states, we alienate the very people we needo ptn wit to w w r on terror. donald t tmp said tha months ago and wsk about it on a debate stage. the haha ba number off f the oer repepcan
8:06 am
convince those voting that' dangous. what difference is a letter goin ke? >>t may not make any didierence.e i i k th t p with theou a pertise, dtrsn had the expeencen tmsf having tt meing ne in tms o reign policy. e pele sds tttt hav and d understand whwh it kes. iss nonoao r restede. iohi tha and th wild sfilt fofon p p isgerouso e ic lelele >> oka ececicalal, he says the enemy is cutting o toohe heads of stia andndnd drowningghem cages. donaldldrump says tortureorks. look. ifif he's suggesting e ought to be be heaeang people, i don't thk there'snybody republican or democrat toup suc a thing.
8:07 am
i dot bebieve e e amerin people woulduppo aicfbeing bse tt' wt our emies arere in t t tea tt wowo he's sg ts twill rt of getimnote v v in bhe and t heoesn't necriri anhese tngng and c e bac off them. y ow'm a greliev ttrents g rough urin pce th rioet t nonatis a hyperpolitical one.e. what you want to hear is real ideas. i understand this is the political l ason. so do ur allies around the world boulso o pect thinto banexange ideas debate on the substance as opposed to what' happened like name callingnd 's not helpful. >> are you suggestinin i i goe beyoyo the p pl in contest tot everybody else that'run for president?
8:08 am
mperamamissue heredold tmp n nasor sho hlfo dgmendteteerament. cpcpat chchge peaps, i he@does eendenc o tha ye th frfrfr >> thank cie nkyu. the york t sak ws f ary i hast puis eper'cutiditor ll bhere to answer ththth warming g g the 6 with ss wind acrs the region today. wel be even warmer friday. dry and mi wthasts tough weweend with chances for shohors
8:09 am
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-did youind erything all ght today? -i d d, ank you. when youet t new &rewards ca from ku& & , u'isr farewardadd up 's the easy way to earn points the thingyou buy so you c get mor of what you ve
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thmoreououm & ar core u t. stop in n get your caca ororownloathe app and start rewarding yourselfth more today. m m . re v it's not aboutut thehe m mey on't'teed ur are headingng this mornin we're heading this morning into theusy season for h he sales injanr a third of theomes sd within le thahaamoh.iarie more than 8% year over year because of low inventory and high demand.
8:14 am
if you're looking to sale. jillse t morng eyonon mney. ce to see u. greatatbe herere >> how is lastier and this ye lookikg if y'rthinkingbout selling yoyo home? lalt of yea we've seef g recovery. people feel m confident and we also lending snd lile bitsi. 'stioughgh@ g g a a mortgeut i iis.people morconf buyi a homomhenhehe sururecomical. s sd,re's a bit a prob r n i i gow inventory. not a lot of houses on the ma a tha pushesrices up. grgrt if you're a s@ut not so good ifoue to ink avt are the tata indications. >> a lot of peopleay have ned their homes for dededes. they go and selheir homes andnd don't realize hava big
8:15 am
i also want to be clear. loloof people arehinkin about down sizg. y colain a investing in anotherer house youdon't t ve t p p taxe well, that's not draw. you ha to p theap ga yocan'h i forwqrd unlsssit's renl. impmpnt thini regnize iffou lng to dowsize, you ghat ga ahday n actu seeny rea savangsy sising inlo people fall to a trap. i wanto go to a place wh nice enties. it's not so chcap to do so. >> how do u choose a a real savi >> you have lot people in the house. most#getet real thth s yoh, i a friend. no, you want ooo get at threrepeople t tcome in docompetitivmaet alys. o you want to know? eshis person he experience in neighghrhood i i you price range. does this person hasigital an andha kf sial
8:16 am
have? you know what, you want to attractirstt time me buyer a lo tngarlookin al to sel ho>> how do o u knha yoe ?? >>'re g t rern th rer. ifanthto atl inlligrkbehand go lin and lk ahecocoetetive rketnd seehat elses out t tre in yo now, you don't w wt to fool urse. usw pri thishse may actually lead to the s scess ofseing. realtors tell me that ifhe price is t high, you spook investorand sokhose uld-be buyuy and they get very anxiouou they don't ce back. if you have not sol thaha hse or gotten aite insay, ttotowe youay wo conser droppppg the price. >> or switching ents? >> i don't know about switching agen.
8:17 am
ke thedve anthr emotns gn n e what t t t isharmgouou retotoay it'smi a! stsn thaersonnne reandri accordgly. >> thanks, jill. >> thank you. new york's neweses lanark is facinincriticism bore itit en openmicheliller ist the wod trceer. >>eporte thihi might ansportation hub is also creang massive conoversy. coming up on "cbs this morning," whsome critics call this 9 91 monument symymynyou shoulde able to getprovov to buy nocer:hirtof "cbs thisisngspd quqen lolos. to x th u that's s y shshloves new light &fit greek non-t yogurt mousse.
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8:21 am
"cbs t ts mornin became the fifit television rogram to broadclive fm the topf one wod trceerk y. it was funwasn't it, charlie? great day. >>ow take a lk dowelow and st hours, the nextig step inoving t halllowed ouorwardesigigd to get t ererervi the wranspoat hubaladyacge babash on fme officia i cof thect cas it s s sll@ a "t nekk meritic describes s a boonggge. michelle miller is there and ououide this massive strture that ijust acrcrs f fm thehe 9/11 m moler nhatn. what say you, michel? good morning. >>eporter: good mornin 15 years ago, the aa i' andingng in was just an empty
8:22 am
ann the yesi 9/11 attackckhaveveeen a painful a slow r ruildln tuc t, that traintation behindha beenoth aaeatn eee and lesson in expectations. it's called oculus. 15,000 t ts of steel reachini mo than 25toriesall. famearitect santiodegned it ta birri at will huben s iciaia este 252500 cte eveveve day. whirtrucbouts degn i reallyntr spe best tuly. . >> repororr:aulerr a cononibutg architecture criticor "vanity fair. >> it shoho be building budings for pele it's noise arre a city that gives you a lift.. i think ose eaeamoments are soso olikeke exclation
8:23 am
>> repormus es lis hp dntowar back to fe,t's not without its conty. thucuure is bilons over budget and at least five years bphind schule. en t tb's desegst unveiled in 2004,fficia estimated itouldos aroundd $2 billion. buafte rush desig chge waterle and supetorm sandy 20, t odt will c aost tce much comin i $3llioioio huindy,he utrityty ofew yorkk and lledhe pject challenging but addedwi serve vidsptationr e e regigihile bing a very important lamark. >> iwas ve, very ambiou difcultdesign. yes, it st alo yes, probablithoulveomewss but, ifact, exciting
8:24 am
>> reporr: officials a hohoful th landmararllo ovovoven enomic engine.. withih tse pububc atriums i i potential 2,2,0 feet o of potential real estate spac this was s publ bef9/ and ifa, aubli repor is thatat feat, in shsh i ihink itg a e e feyofeel lifheyy hameac tohi 16 acr aiin wha bn folo me>> rter:hi hubsnly partiallopening toda sevel more corridors wil be opo in latat weeks. officials hereidn'ttant a huveing.g.g. althomter p has it as frontnt pagag ws, there will be a vy small ribbon cutting later this afternoon. d? >> it's bebeti ithink. >> beautiful and like it inside but alal kinds off complications in gting a building l that,
8:25 am
yy penieid gamern tirids into a coach potato but itkit hp their kids lose weieit? we will show llo. goning sing mperatureses f in t0sort s, fe20s earl today. skies are mtly clear. thsdill it cler@ than wednesday, wi hh temperatures in the 50s and 60s and partly cloudy to mostl sunny skies. this isistill very mild for this time of the year. we'll stay and y,etween t50s to 70s through the weekend. this shoul a greatattrch
8:26 am
outdoo. l arto s%e somomch wiwd t t begig nexwork weeretug & ancefor raininnd s sw w 7-da aa ol incrsing ve so far. some slowing ththugh some of theh consnsuction s sones. traffic vo thly to denverndnduebo. katie orav chchces s e yow one ofhehe fire theh fire danger is why we'vbeen on an 11 b2eakng weather alert. one started in avondale east of
8:27 am
do power linnores r in ng o fis ft ca wfueledy ro s theyere conine latest on t other fi. wds me this one a big concfor re figers. it g g vevy close to homes that neighborhood,nearonstitutn ananoro blan the e et sidef colorado rings. it rned an but fortunaty didn't damage any ofhe houous. 03:04:00 i looked out my wiow and i saw the fire trucks so i came out here to see what was going othen i saw ames up t t hill 03:100 i was just tried for my ighbor's hses becaeait's really clo fifi i`uesgators were not able discover an exext cause. rit now... an aiaiforce ademy deis ris ble. 21 yeaeaold jackarmolts
8:28 am
/ itititped laear der. iestirsrsayd-d-a encece llected match rmoldn /# wmos hasn't beecharged .withth crime. thademys 's c c cratingith h ulder po. lyn 11 news-- - - a southern colorado elter is heheing people that are st in nenen our community. the spris scue mission near downto colorado spris ju heirpa it's'seen n osed for two weeks for renovations. now the space haen& ansformed ththspace into a mini groceryre, whe opanick ououwh th nee the food pantrt is not only for homelessn the community, but f low- income f filies. about 150 pele b befit from it everday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
i'm sarah scsce.e. the kobob bryan farewl ilmover! e e ker gre plad his final game in denver l lt night and rewardededwo young laker fan with hisshs. br sdachle sittg on theench and hande them to the boys. the shoesbly madep for @ the lars ss.. denver beat thehe laks 117. d whwhe they want to wear thth, their mother is sasang, , y! puthen gls! s rit. welcbackcko "cbis hf hour, donaldrump taaiat t "the new rk times" after a private meeng with the newspaper.
8:31 am
coersatih times" be punished published? >> a psible ebeakthroughn fight against childhood osity d w dancingabout. how video games s n g g kid off the couch. time to show you som the moing's headlines from around the obe. the kalamazoote update t t t14ear-d girl st in the head i he uber mission' rampage. she e yy she oped h eyesor e fiti aecnize hents. th iaccording to a gofundme page. pf wiagnos asead rehehe squzed hs >>e o727
8:32 am
bibi some@ormer boeing employees re there for the evenent. > oklkhomaa mutual will digiti morthan 6,0 of b dyl going back momo than sixyears. george kaiser fndio and unerty o otulsa acquedhe coecti and it includes man photos andnd lettend notebooks and handwritten manuscript ner seen by the public. hollywowd reporr says nfl st robronkowac ildren's television. the patriots tight e will host a nickelodeon show called "crash leakakak itl fearert peitieanatatateseee l.&e produc%t onk'enia plityill a hith kidsso of be,hougs nopropopate r kids. >>ch >> the dancing heid on h h cruise.. he was rating. >> how about f r ults? alwlws appropopat
8:33 am
he newk times"ays leararg aew srt a mili adult may be good f your brain. studies have swnicking up a nephysal skillike snowboardir juguoininin strengs rt o otheinthat ieled t m mement control. familiar activities li practicing crosswords are or training f marathons did not producuc the same befit. >>th pntia cpaig hisric onon m my lele. the last month alone pvivi memorable headlin for papers likethe new york tim." the wspaper itselfecame parar of thehetory. fy,"the ti pub aa front page articlel reigwo trs palal b-bc. tresedh warn >> we willpen uhe l wsn nor writit ace that i igrgre "e washington post"s there fortheaso wte a hihihiece,e, we c sue tm and win money instead of having no
8:34 am
>> buzzfeed o monday brohe sty of f-the-rere m tween trump an "the times" edititial l ard. at issue w wther that conversaon undermined trump's stananng ohispefining missn. migratn.trump's rivals are demanding he alw t "t times" to relse the audio ofhe meeting. we are pleasededo have andir of "thnew york times" here. thoug youere going to ask mebout jgle. >> or "the tis" ossword pule. >> whaexy happened here? ititial board meetg. re aof thaardtdt u we@the. >> isual d't g a i i asd to go this t t and asketoo franan b b bse i had not seenonald ump in 20 yes. and ihougt uld tereg seehi ndy rosenen aisoo graclet me it's - the reasonbe, yokn,, foe whyhy these
8:35 am
in and pitch " "e s"s"oo rs. th arereopen, free-willllg conversations. by the way, this is the only one ever been to. and the rea i t t ts one leaked t, h, t t tek, is unfortunate, because off-the-cord c cversations - >we are assumingg it camerom somebody at "the times"? room, including donald trump's people. it gotalked about in the newswsom. that isrobably not a good thing. y have e en talked aboutt, be frank. probably not a good thingn the oerand, i think is much to do nothin i i k that whe 3 peoe s roond t tonald trp, is a ver vocaly, andtnds u--ails of i i up leaki o -- yeauthe p p is, wasasepeptedd that he saidn his -- one of h h important issues of building of the wall,
8:36 am
seous about tus ? >> i goipapa on what was said in the room because i'm ing to hohor- >> that is thpoint. >> i knkn, but'm going t honor the -the-recorhat e >> right. >> i mean, i wonder whethth "the new york times" made a aistake because asnst entirely off the record. he said methingbout tererr flaws and thehe wentack andnd said c wut t o recordnd tttot put on the record. >> yeah. he asked thax some things s put on the recordr trump di so he opened the dr. aimm hap to talk aut some thing on t tecdnd w w wa to be o o the reco. >>clclr, i i don were to yyod the ing on rord,ld "the nork time lylyhaoulde a a rohal's call. >>e rort t ad idea? clrlismeing thodis trying ure out whatxaly he andf he is reversi -- >> i wouldupport what andy ys tay.
8:37 am
>> a little bit t a dodge. to be frank, thoh i esend i agreed tohe rcumstances, it wasn't my meeting. if i it hod it over again, by e way, i pbably shouldn't go meetings like that. no. >> ieneno t te, to frk,ause i w journast a aive dyi to h hr at he said >> i don't undndstand why you don't call him up and say i'd likekeo sit downith you. you're the editorf "the new york times" and talk about your ndidy. don'ne an editorial board meeting too that. . >>ur repepters do that. he is t y about talkg. you said wantntnto go to the meeting to mt the candidate.. >> but i wand d o tohe into t i'm ajournali. i nteto go to the`meetg to e the showow i want to go to the meengoetond tr loo keke in frolf th erialalard thththw york teseshe h a lo/hat reretiononip wit on the onene h,, h i q york figige a like a lot of new yoyo gus,sh norme i i ipu but is deeply respectful of "the newtimes" in prate.
8:38 am
that i i a d dfere sthanahbeinon the phonee@ w w ani coul't rerist. >> c we talk about the business`sf "the new y yk times" and the futurur of ththnewspaper, itss financici lvency? >> i actually think -- i think this is a largrgissue. and a lot has been d de.i "t n york ti - he y min to the future, whi i'm nvinced it will,l,s one of the momo important s4sriesn american urnalism. "theew york times" is making a veowererl@be@ a m mt other nerganizatave not me thebet, and theebebeb goes like this - weill make itohe fututut a high-qma j jrnalaltiti institutiowithoucompmise, wiwhwh slippin into gossip. so that is -- this is an interestinin i think, historical bet, and w wttill it teo do%th?
8:39 am
ourrrgugugu we w)wll coverbb a aitiwus stststsra big ambititit@t@t ways dhwewee e e adad bracac new techno aeways toellnd dod themm cononsten withthalues o "the new yorkrk times.". >> kno nenethth inventsts yououou makinin is virtual rereity stortellll uitt momo a aut asas were shshshs m ms isisisisishan - ---ou clilk onononse sries and essentially see 360. >h. >> y y c c see@ hatatat isrricicicic k.h v-v-v-l alitit ippep >> yeah. th i i ifff?
8:40 am
it's j verer powerfull story.y.t whatatat iriralll rlity brbr - ! >> like you're ere.e.>> i'm g gng tosasa@ts is a veryryoodede owine gs screwup! >> t t border r trololgentwho hahabebe chahaed w wa cre,e, his aiaiwas t at -- w w tththkid rerea rock ovor r fee y y look athe f fcecece i i i rtual realaly anddou see@h hihi it i# a a you see the & opepings init,he ss g g g y brinininou t a owowere e uuu and knowinininhe disnce and things like that. >> one of theeostowerful exexes ot ala a a onrereree s v)vtu alalalab am n n em, can'n'mbmb @ @ causes or tht arandhyou ren eald trtrpp rally.for time, i sat there and id, no wder this he can n. was l -- >> ver powerful. >> i iwas huhu! it wasaspoporful. . . so nice to o"e you.
8:41 am
ah anoth k kfvideo. can video games hel in thth ghtgainst childhood obesity? >> i'mamiex. we know kids loveam like es w s udy suggest that video warmg inhe 60s0sh less wind across the region today. . we'lbe even er f fday.y.ryry and @ mild weather lasts through the ekend ththhances f f shors
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
pants hope for hpingids be more physica active. obesity more than doublele inn ildrdrdretet and 2012. cdccalls it an epididic whatatf v veo s, y y y y y v v v v memecocodelp losos weig? e at th d an barde a esqu oa tottedbthyh obningng eprz goomomnin oue a pantouou kw ds arazy autng s li thihi rcad let d & st a at homend a yges t veo gamethat rht, veo g could pl r rre th >> jerryal a ncing mache. it not allun a games rter: thes a mis behi t old's mo wh ill of thihi taugh y t yourth? >> t t shohod r sh i'm,,h, y, i'm soeady to getn shap ly get in shape.
8:46 am
>> reporter: jerrys@eing poinoreps researcharolin more vil rmat it's pt otudy to ewhher demecan alimoseieht jey, hidououl wn ur mold abo ts udy? >> wasercid. reporte hasex-xes an a jerrand other kids leo pl for our,hrht a we ter x mohell urhiswe,lood prsure andesrol. rspt,idav to play withamilymber. jerroshim. ou worrybo jer alth? y, i t ly di wot s th wutmi. >>hi pents shod t meo tir chdren, dyou eed ou and ifee thilds n vio s,n give thesectideo gamess atry. rorte dian devepepethtudy a medical center. i ihinke ould
8:47 am
bubu we should a so recogze the haot t pvide teatesesor ds espeally dufing tha afr-school t te whenenenyf them may b alone. >> reporter: thas when kids areepending moree in front of a screen mo thaha% kids between 8 an years o o play deo mes for over an hourufveryry day! vent r tt younleet a hour of daily phical tivity. , only % meet that goal. what makess obesitit particularly prletic for childr? >> w the p pem i that when you bece obese as a chi you set yelf upor the res ofour life >> repororr: d d diane heses is a pediatrician, spealizing in chilood ob whahase iny practice is that my patients are extremely sentary. i t to be so creative t t figure out how c c iet you to move? reporte two y ag pennington reahers conducted their first game experiment
8:48 am
ages of 148 yeyes old. they f t pcipants inineabonesity and lt body fnd -cfide t mososiman t i sesest inthfahehe compled&& itnd f ft about les i thin i isestt bet of l. epepter: ith secd udy, funded by the american heart association, kids will ayayt home, but check witit coacs like thesevery week. >p i love to change how cre phycaactivi or hethy diets and working out shouldt bebe burden or a challenge for people. it shod part of peoplpls daily ves. epr: jerthat just moredancing. do youou flike thisas changed your life? >> y. 's really helping me because i'm starting to lose weight so hing n with@osos we. i try t to keep up wit myom and have a good time. i just keep moving. >> reportete for the second study, rrchers will cck in with the kid after six aonth makak se they ar s
8:49 am
i'moing tohallenge ael reo d dce revolution b f my own eararssnt voti will not vised. no c ce on wto e!ii lovov t dance.ytngngt evybod momo. dae wi myki. inkamnd tology be aonitierd uct isgo >>hank you,u, mie.
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inwe w wl be r b this m mng ware leatatatg wod wife day anananhh ptnerg witavidchiless wife tru tsh u thazinwork kt's s g
8:53 am
keeper. th is
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any time, anywhere ws, hello. od morning! ! are s srting mperes ffinhe 30s fspfew 20s e rly today. skies are mostly clea thursday will bebe bit coooor an wedsday, with high temperataresn the 50s and 60s and cloudy mostly sunnyes. this stilryd fo te of the year. wel stay mild and dry, between the 50s to 70s throuou the weekendnd this should bebe eaeastretch ofays to enjoy
8:56 am
to see some changes wardhe bebennnng ofexwo w w turng chananf/r in snsn showers,`though no major stormsmsmseaeain the nenen 7-day, along with a cool down. new om oight... a ed man wakakupehinbars. police found 34-year-old ax sermeno at a hotel on
8:57 am
colododsprin. officers made contact with sermeno, and he was reed 're totowa for multiple fely warrant. 'll let you know if wern more about thihi happening toy... a meeting for families who want to help bring an amtrak stop to pueblo / using grant money, pueblblbl ding 7miof ilro. but, the cy needs more money for repair needed to ep amtrak runninon it curnt track. / tonight's meeting starts at 5-35 /# the pueblo ci- county health department o 9th st thisiss dededepi right n. spts auththity filed for bankruptcy. the company will close 140 stores... nearly a third its tot. e bankruptcy has been loomg nce january, wnethmpany discatatatd miss 20ilonolladebt payme. storclososgsgske ov theexthre mo... cling thic ca- kenedenv happenenno a bi tqua mple
8:58 am
conjicted of certain misdemeanors has passed d e state uenateteudiciary mmittee. rrent law reruireshat dna be t into a sta databa in lonynyasnd fr mieanors involving sexual contact. thtp proposed bill l&uld expand that datatase to help police enenfy rereat offenders. right ..-cigettes are bann orplane e e spsptitin n me annoced the rulili yesterday. it's designed to prote peopl from unwanted exre to aerosol fumes. e-cigarette users can carry them onto planes, but arereototllowow to chae eitties during ig. goodbye.
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9. a sneak peek of ur mning weather. in jt a minutes we'll have a look at your forecast with meteorologistly roehler. hello. i'm dave nancarrow.


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