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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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resident surveillance video capturing a mail thief in action. ((paula francis)) a last minute rush. why so many shoppers wait until the 11th hour to check off everything on their christmas lists./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > a homicide investigation continues today after a teenage boy was shot and killed in what police are calling a home invasion a northwest valley neighborhood. good evening... ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez in for dave tonight. today we are learning more about the teenage suspect through his family...and also about the the trigger. patranya bhoolsuwan is live near vegas and jones with the latest developments. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) earlier this afternoon, i talked to a man who came back to this house morning. he says he's the roomate and it was the homeowner by the name of
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shots during this home invasion incident. the roomate said the two won't probably be staying here for a while fearing for their safety. this as a neighbor laid out to us what she sa < ((christine gragson: "i heard the gunshot..yes i did.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) 93 year old christine grageson lives just a few houses away from where police say 2 teens broke into a home on daybreak road wednseday morning. the homeowner shot and killed a 17 year old boy and injured another. gragson talked to that homeowner shortly after the incident. ((christine gragson: "i said what's going on .. he came over to tell me what's going on. he said 2 kids broke into my house and i shot him that's all he said.")) ((bobbie adams/teen's grandmother: "he was 17...his life was cut down he was.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) on wednesday night, relatives identified the teen who was killed to 8 news now as manquise adams. they say the family on december 13th lost manquiese' 20 year old
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and killed during a fight in north las vegas. message of condolences have been pouring in on their facebook pages. family says it's a double heartbreak just days before christmas. ((erica adams/teen's aunt: "he was a kid, i am not saying he should do what he did but i know he's my 10 days we lost 2 kids.")) ((christine gragson/neighnor: "it locks, it got 2 locks.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) gragson says she's always been careful about keeping her home safe...but after seeing what happened to her neighbor...she says she's considering getting a gun. ((christine gragson/neighbor: "he had to protect himself i don't blame him for shooting him.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) for now though she says this kind of crime is something she's seeing all too often. ((christine gragson/neighbor: "that's everywhere that's adl over town...the more people that come here the more you are going to see that.")) > ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) right now police are not saying if the homeowner will face any charges the district attorney is also reviewing the case. back to you. ((paula francis)) what other new information are learning about the boys, and what's the latest on the 13 year old who was with
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this incident? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) according to relatives, the boys including cousins. no word yet if any of them were armed at the time of the break-in the 13 year old was questioned by police yesterday but authorities say since he was outside the house at the time ...he's not expected to face any charges./// ((denise valdez)) > the clark county coroner has identified the man shot through a door by a homeowner. it happened inside a gated community near fort apache and sahara wednesday morning. the victim has been identified as 33 year old richard mcgee. police say a couple was home when they heard mcgee outside screaming and trying to break into their condo. they called 9- 1-1 and told the man they were armed... but when mcgee tried to use his body to force his way in through the door, they fired from inside
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((paula francis)) > the southern nevada health district says two men over the age of 60 have died at the start of this flu season. the health district didn't release any additional information about the men or the circumstances surrounding their deaths. the flu season typically peaks in january and february, according to the health district, but there's still time to receive a flu vaccine./// ((denise valdez)) > we're just hours away from christmas. ((paul joncich)) so will you need to bundle up for this holiday. chief meteorologist tedd florendo joins us with a first look at our forecast. tedd? < tedd florendo not as mild as
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average for late december. take a look at the temps around the nation, this will make you sick. we're cold throughout the west from boise all the way to denver. even colder in the twin city and down to k-c. but it has been nothing but record warm for areas like the mid atlantic where new york and philly hit the 70's today. still warm for areas like dallas and down to orlando. ............................... ................... here's your rundown for tonight. it's going to become windy at the evening progresses. wind chill will make the feels like temps in the high 30's by late night. expect more clouds and even those slight shower chances late in the evening and overnight. ((paula francis)) time is winding down for last minute shoppers. stores are swamped as people across the valley race to find deals. the national retail federation says many products are selling up to 40 percent below their prices on black friday.
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fashion show mall where who sees more locals than tourists this time of year. november and december this turns into quite the "locals" mall. fashion show sees 80-90% las vegans the last two months of the year. everyone eager to spend what it takes for those they love. ((rona pipko anything sparkly, some jewelry would be nice )) ((ed cabiles most of the new electronics, shoes ((ava pipko i want american girl stuff and i want a phone for christmas )) ((sharie johnson)) the year's christmas wish lists are as long as stores are full. and waiting until the 11th hour is intentional... because it pays off in deals. the national retail federation says 40 percent of holiday sales happen in the 10 days before christmas. and we found mostly locals at fashion show mall... loving the one stop shop. ((charlene cabiles it's much bigger, more stores, more variety (laughs)
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the ultimate procrastinator s, mall managers are bracing for even bigger sales the day after saturday. ((janet lafevre, senior marketing director fashion show mall, grand canal shops & meadows mall with christmas on friday, the day after on saturday, it really could be the superbowl of is great )) ((sharie johnson)) nationwide, holiday spending is expected to grow three- point-seven percent this year. sales are expected to top 630 billion dollars. we found the average shopper spending about 1,000 on gifts. ...a small price for a big part of our lives who shoppers say are worth much more. ((ed cabiles "laughs, yeah she is )) experts say jewelry, clothing, and shoes are among the products with the deepest discounts compared to last year. reporting live, sharie johnson, 8news now. ((paula francis)) sharie, what malls open christmas day?
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several places on the strip including grand canal shoppes inside the venetian and miracle mile shops inside planet hollywood. ((denise valdez)) > deadly weather. ((paula francis)) the devastation left behind by a powerful line of storms in the south east. ((denise valdez)) plus.. a question of care. why family members of a woman who collapsed outside a hospital say doctors and the police are
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((paula francis)) > a florida woman has died after her refusal to leave a hospital ended with her being forcibly removed by the police. ((denise valdez)) family members say barbara dawson collapsed while being escorted in handcuffs from the liberty calhoun hospital in tallahassee. authorities say she was seeking treatment for breathing difficulties. doctors performed tests, but when they couldn't find anything -- they discharged dawson but she refused to leave: ((angela donar- "when they handcuffed her to take her out, the nurse ran over there and cut her oxygen off. took some scissors and just cut her oxygen. they didn't try to unplug the oxygen or nothing. she gonna run there and get some scissors and just cut her oxygen
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no she don't, she fine, she fine." )) ((denise valdez)) police say she had a pulse and was breathing when she was brought back into the hospital. the medical examiner's office found that dawson died from blood clots due to being overweight. police claim there is dashcam video of the arrest, but it hasn't been released ./// ((paula francis)) > this story garnered a lot of interest on the 8 news now facebook page. ((denise valdez)) laurie wrote: i've seen this happen in vegas. not cops, but hospitals kicking out sick people who are afraid to go home because they know something is wrong. ((paula francis)) sara writes: this is a very sad situation for the patient and their family but my question is how rude and aggressive towards the hospital staff was she being for them to go to such extremes to have her removed from the premises? ((denise valdez)) and john says: it's very apparent that the health care system is nothing more than "big business" when they have the right to dying person. join the conversation now on our
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((paula francis)) > mail theft on the rise during the holiday season. ((denise valdez)) the video from one north las vegas neighborhood catching one crook in the act... and what's being done to stop this from happening. ((paula francis)) plus... not getting a white christmas. why meteorologists say it's unseasonably warm on the east coast right now.///
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news now at 5 with paula francis and dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now.")) > ((paula francis)) > a north las vegas neighborhood is the latest community to get hit up by mail thieves. ((denise valdez)) but this time, it was all caught on surveillance video. neighbors reported the crime to police on tuesday near simmons and craig. ((paula francis)) 8 news now reporter karen castro has more on the string on mail thefts. ((jim warden - caught mail thieves on video: you can see the pick up pulling up to the mailboxes and then a guy gets out.)) ((karen castro)) the security cameras at jim warden's home caught criminals red handed. the footage shows what appears to be a man prying mailboxes open. while the driver waits inside a pick-up truck. ((jim warden - caught mail thieves on video: this camera view catches them driving away, next camera view, still coming by.)) ((karen castro)) the cameras did not get a clear image of the vehicle's license plate number. but the retired north las vegas police sergeant
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the getaway pick up truck will help identify both men seen inside. ((jim warden - caught mail thieves on video: it has a dark grey or black but it has a maroon pick up bed with chrome, what they call frame rails one top.)) ((karen castro)) just down the road, several other mailboxes were also broken into on the same tuesday morning. just minutes apart. ((theo formen - mail theft victim: you wouldn't really expect for someone to be that daring to be doing this in the early morning hours.)) ((karen castro)) theo formen is one of the multiple victims in the neighborhood. he was expecting christmas gifts for his wife. ((theo formen - mail theft victim: we were alarmed about it and i went to the phone and immediately, of course, i called 911.)) ((karen castro)) while police look for the mail thieves, warden posted these images on facebook. the post has been shared more than 5- hundred times. ((jim warden - caught mail thieves on video: you'll get a lot of people commenting on it. somebody will know, somebody will know this pick up.)) ((denise valdez)) many of the residents filed police reports. all the mailboxes have been replaced. but now residents have to pick
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post office if you recognize the men or pick up truck seen in the footage, you're asked to call north las vegas police or crime stoppers to remain anonymous./// ((paula francis)) > a powerful lne of storms has eleven people dead in three states across the south east. twisters touched down in parts of mississippi while torrential rains have left parts of georgia and alabama under water. in northern mississippi, a twister that started there may have been on the ground for 150 miles, according to the national weather service. spring-like temperatures fueled the rare winter tornadoes. in much of the east, the only hail. (( marvin sims- "i looked up and the roof was blowing off the house. i just told her, 'hold on! hold on!' and i held on to her as tight as i could.")) ((paula francis)) and the bad weather could have implications on christmas morning across the country. fedex says delays in air traffic is causing them to adjust deliveries, and says some packages may be delivered on
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((denise valdez)) > meanwhile, on the east coast, it's beginning to feel a lot like anything but christmas. right now, new york is experiencing its warmest december on record. the temperatures are hovering around 70, so people are ice skaing in their short sleeves instead of their normal winter coats. ((david chancellor - (scott) "show us your winter outfit. (david) k i have short sleeve shirt on. jogging shorts on. (you're all prepared for a new york city winter. (david) yes sir."// kevin king- "i'm going to just take my clothes off and just jump in the nearest pool i can find. that's the way i feel. the nearest pool. where is it? i'm ready to go.")) ((denise valdez)) meteorologists attribute the warm weather to two strong concurrent climate phenomena: the arctic oscillation trapping cold air in the north and an exceptionally strong occurrence of el nio./// ((denise valdez)) > tonight we're showcasing our last
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((paula francis)) this time we're inhe northwest. chief meteorolgist tedd florendo joins us from the newman house where the display will have you moving your feet./// < tedd florendo >clear early
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ahead of strong cold front. temps this afternoon were right where we should be and seasonal. wind already are starting to pick and will be windy for sur. colder than yesterday at this time as well. ............................... ...... so here's what to expect within the next 24 hours. becoming windy with gust up to 50 possible. locally higher in the mountains
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slight shower chances are also in the mix, not big shot and there's a short duration of it, some may not even see any drops. snow level will be dropping to 3,000 feet with 1- 2 inches in the mountains expected. ............................... .......... satellite and radar right now show clouds on our doorstep. front to the west bringing snow in the mountains and upper elevations in nevada. snow expected in lincoln county as well. this will bring the winds first then cold weather tomorrow. ............................... ............. you can get the ski report in the our local mountain on our website and lasvegas now- dot-com just go to the section tab and over to weather and scroll down to ski report. ............................... ............ here's the forecast. 39 overnight colder with the winds. windy and gusty overnight as well. late showers are slight and possible overnight. ............................... ............. tomorrow 49 breezy and colder with clouds then sun later in the day. we'll be below average not just tomorrow but several days. ............................... ................ we should be below average in the entire 7- day forecast with the coldest days this weekend early week.
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sunny next week ((denise valdez)) > a war of words on the campaign trail. ((paula francis)) how donald trump is hitting back after being accused of using inflammatory rhetoric by hillary clinton. ((denise valdez)) plus... santa clause is coming to town. we'll give you his exact location so you can prepare to
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music playing ((paula francis)) > the tension is mounting between the two presidential candidate frontrunners. it all stems from donald trump's use of a vulgar yiddish term to describe hillary clinton's last presidential campaign. in an interview wednesday,
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for using, quote, "inflammatory rhetoric." trump took offense to her statement... and thursay tweeted that he deplored, quote, "the death and destruction she caused." in another tweet he warned clinton to be careful after she said he had "penchant for sexism" and bragged that he has great respect for women./// ((denise valdez)) > democratic candidate, senator bernie sanders says america's plan to defeat isis has to include collaboration with other countries: ((sen. bernie sanders- we have to got to learn a lesson from iraq and that lesson is it's not good enough just to be tough. we have to be smart. what that means is we cannot do it alone. we cannot and should not be involved in perpetual warfare in the middle east. what we need to do is bring together a grand coalition led as king abdullah of jordan reminds us by muslim troops on
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((denise valdez)) during his talk with c-n-n sanders also decried donald trump's campaign strategy. he said trump is playing on americans' fears to create anxiety and division./// ((paula francis)) > a white christmas dinner coming up at six... how you can stay on the healthy track this holiday season by sticking to foods that are being called winter whites...also there's a new sheriff in town. how one of santa's little helpers is checking off the naughty and nice list by joining forces with law enforcement./// ((denise valdez)) > next week we'll be in a new year... but we want to make sure you ring in 2016 with a bang. ((paula francis)) next thursday night we'll start our new year's eve coverage at 10- pm. we'll be on the air until after the fireworks finale... with crews from red rock resort to downtown las vegas... and up and down the las vegas strip./// ((paula francis)) > tonight a special visitor will make his way to the valley to deliver lots of toys and goodies to all the little boys and girls. ((denise valdez)) that's
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channel 8 is on santa watch right now. let's check in to see where he and the reindeers are now. it looks like santa was last seen in brasilia, brazil and he's headed for french guiana. you can keep track of santa all night by going to las vegas now dot com./// ((paula francis)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((denise valdez)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> axelrod: a state of emergency after deadly tornadoes hammer the south and midwest. also tonight, the seasons are out of whack in this first week of winter. t times are up. a deadly shooting at a mall in charlotte, as n.b.a. stars take aim at gun violence. >> i heard about a shooting involving a three-year-old girl
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