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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  December 25, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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and this picture is from darryll francis... it speaks for itself! darryl wrote merry christmas from vegas in snow on the hood of a car. thanks for sharing your photos and videos with us! ((paul joncich)) > adlib about snow ((paula francis)) now, let's get a check of first weather... with keely breeland. peak outside... it's been a bit brisk today. oh my snow at christmas time. ((paula francis)) > the pope
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his christmas message from the vatican. the pope denounced conflicts in africa and ukraine... and spoke of the terrorist acts in paris last month. he also prayed for a solution to the humanitarian crisis in syria... and for the suffering and conflicts to end in the middle east./// ((paula francis)) > president obama is taking a break from his vacation... to wish americans a merry christmas. in his annual christmas address... the president says treating each other with love and compassion, and caring for each other is what binds us together... not just as christians, but as americans. ((president obama: . it's what the holidays are about: coming together as one american family to celebrate our blessings and the values we hold dear.)) ((paula francis)) president obama and his family are spending the holidays in his
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((paula francis)) > as millions across the country spend the holiday in the warmth of their homes ... many families are not as fortunate, living in cars and homeless shelters. it's a growing problem and is affecting more children than ever before. kenneth craig introduces us to one new york family who has a home for the holidays. < tisha houser's new apartment is a work in progress. no furnitiure yet.. but she has a christmas tree and a permanent place she and her three kids call 'home.' (tisha houser, mother) what's this feel like for you? the last year has been pretty amazing, pretty amazing. the family spent nearly two years living in one of new york city's homeless shelters after a domestic abuse situation. (tisha houser, mother) it wasn't easy, but we stuck together. it's estimated there are more than one-million children who are without homes nationwide. (ellen baxter, founder, broadway housing communities) 'all kinds of families experience homelessness.' ellen baxter is the founder of broadway housing communites. an organization
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housing in new york for more than 30 years. its seventh building called 'sugar hill' opened with 124 units a year ago. more than 48-thousand applied for a spot. ( ellen baxter, founder & exec director broadway housing communities) 'i think here we've crafted a model for other cities around the nation and our own city' the building is supported by a combination of federal funding and investments from big corporations that in turn, get tax breaks. it combines housing with cultural and educational elements like a children's museum and a pre-school. ( kiss, then 'i love you') tisha says her children have a much brighter future now with a solid roof over their heads at sugar hill.. a truly sweet place to call home. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. > ((paula francis)) ellen baxter says her model is not only more humane, but cheaper. costing taxpayers about half of what it costs to house families in emergency city shelters.///
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most vulnerable groups in the las vegas valley warmed up to a hot meal today. catholic charities opened it's doors to over 1,500 homeless people. on the menu: stuffed loin of pork, a twice- baked potato, broccoli and ricotta pie. people packed the dining facility. they brought heir appetites, and they were greeted with smiles. for those on the recieving end, this is a gift bundled in love. and the hope is that is spreads like a wildfire. (( george tyrone dunlap jr: all i can say is i hope everybody does at least a little bit to make this world a better place to be because it's people like me that's very grateful for everything they do )) ((paul joncich)) this was a huge volunteer effort. more than 125 people donated their time./// ((paula francis)) > health officials are urging everyone to get a flu vaccine this season.. two people have died from influenza in clark county. both were men over 60. doctors say, despite those deaths, so far the flu season has been mild...
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right on the mark this year. last year, 26 people died and hundreds more were hospitalized. officials say the number of flu cases usually peaks in january and february./// ((paul joncich)) > police are investigating... after they say a wife shot her husband to death in a hotel room... in front of a child. police arrested this woman...34- year-old maria escalante. the shooting happened late last night at the plaza hotel downtown. police say hotel employees and people in surrounding hotel rooms heard shouting... before shots rang out. when officers arrived, they found a man dead in one of the rooms...along with escalante the and child. police want to remind us there is a lot of stress during the holidays...and sometimes it can boil over.. (( lt. dan mcgrath/ lvmpd: it's unfortunate that there is domestic violence on christmas. hopefully there's a message to people to take a moment if they're under stressful situations, or there's alcohol involved to um, leave, take a walk, get out, call somebody,
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somebody to talk to, so it doesn't result in violence like this ((paul joncich)) police say the couple wasn't from the area... this is the 132nd homicide in metro's jurisdiction this year./// ((paul joncich)) > a home is ruined after fire officials say someone lit it on fire early this morning. it happened just after two oclock this morning near lamb and centennial parkway. the house is a complete loss.. north las vegas fire says no one was home at the time of the fire... and no one was injured./// ((paula francis)) > making sure you have a merry christmas. ((paul joncich)) how fed-ex workers sacrificed their holiday... to make sure you got your presents on time. ((paula francis)) > and.. there's got to be a morning after.. are you taking back some disappointing gifts? what you need to know... for an easy, hassle free return. /// < announcer: you're watching 8 news now at 4 with denise valdez
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workers have been out delivering packages in some cities today... to make sure gifts arrived for christmas. ((paul joncich)) locations were also open across the country until one this afternoon so
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this comes after fed-ex customers took to social media upset their parcels hadn't made it yet. a fedex spokesperson says the delays are because of so many last minute shipments... as well as severe weather. fedex says employees volunteered to work today./// ((paul joncich)) > if you didn't like what you got for christmas... well, you can always try to exchange it or return it.. ((paula francis)) and as kenneth craig explains... it could be tougher to get a full refund stores crack down on fraud.
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(tod marks/consumer reports senior project editor) "85% of retailers now require identification for example if you don't have a receipt." consumer reports editor tod marks says if you don't have a receipt .. and are trying to get a refund ... keep the gift in its unopened original package he says be prepared for possible restocking fees and store credit only. (paula colbach, shopper) "it can be frustrating." many retailers allow shoppers to return a holiday gift until the end of january. gerald forman told us his plan this holiday season - is avoiding that possibility all together. (gerald foreman, shopper) "i found the best thing to do, really, is to give money." kenneth craig, cbs news, edgewater new jersey. > ((paul joncich)) > a warm and cozy christmas... without bundling up in front of the fire. ((paula francis)) the record breaking weather... parts of the country are experiencing today./// announcer: now nevada's first
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((paula francis)) > many people in the east are having a holiday to remember... el nino is causing unseasonably warm temperatures.... making it look more like summer than christmas. brian webb has more. < in belmar, new jersey- no one was throwing snowballs this christmas. nats: "you you you you" hitting ball only volleyballs. (joe orecchio/volleyba ll player) "no better way to start christmas day off with the new volleyball i got for christmas and my buddies. it's a dream come true to play on christmas day." nats waves the winter chill took off for the holiday- surfers relished temperatures in the sixties. nats ..warm enough to enjoy ice cream and skate in shorts at bryant park's outdoor rink in new york city. (brian marshall/tourist) "we're visiting from australia -we were coming over for a white christmas - what do we get - beautiful weather, it's fantastic. i haven't taken the shorts off the whole time i've been here." brian webb/new york) "the national weather service says this is the warmest christmas on record in new york city. the record was also shattered on christmas eve-the high was
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than the temperature on the 4th of july." records were also hit in the south and up and down the east coast. "ho ho ho" santa got in a round of golf near bangor, maine on christmas eve. (santa-) "it's a lot harder here in maine. i'm used to playing on the hard grounds up in the north pole." nats cheering for santa on skis he also went water skiing with his reindeer in alexandria, virginia. "this is fantastic. we'll take every beautiful day like this." but the warm temperatures combined with heavy rain are starting to bug people in palm beach county, florida where mosquitos are becoming a nuisance-- long after summer came to a close. brian webb for cbs news. > ((paula francis)) the weather is expected to cool down next week- with temperatures in new york dropping into the forties. /// toss to weather ((paula francis)) > we got snow on the ground here in las vegas early
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((paul joncich)) and in fact... the national weather service says we have received more snow than new york city this winter! < hope you've had a great christmas. we've had some exciting weather. i didn't see any snow at my house, but i was living through everyone elses photos on facebook. clouds will be clearing out for the next couple of days. dry and windy. ....................... weather headlines. breezy in the valley, high wind warnings. mountain snow. ................... current temperatures around the valley. the lakes, the strip, green valley. .....................
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southwest. los angeles, phoenix, san francisco ................... our almanac today showing below normal highs. ................... nationally... flash flood warnings as this storm move north. quieting down in the northwest after while weather the last couple of weeks. still cloud cover over some valley areas. mountain snow. and breezy conditions. .................. west coast blizzard warning. hard freeze warnings in parts of clark county. >
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enjoying your christmas tree tonight... but come tomorrow.. tonight... but come tomorrow.. you may start thinking about how you are going to dispose of it.. ((paula francis)) but instead of letting your live tree decorate the landfill.. you can help the community..
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there are more than 30 locations across the valley... where... starting tomorrow.. you can drive up and drop off your tree. the tree will be turned into mulch for our public parks and gardens across southern nevada: ((voice of tara pike/ unlv sustainability coordinator: mulch is a great product that helps to provide nutrients to our trees, provides landscape healthy, it also controls dust and it saves water)) ((paula francis)) if you plan to donate your tree.. make sure it doesn't have any tinsel or decorations on it. for more on where to drop off your tree. visit las vegas now dot com and click on links./// ((paula francis)) > making this christmas.. extra special. ((paul joncich)) the surprise one soldier had. . for his girlfriend.. when he returned home for the holiday.///
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than a week away from the new year! and, we want to make sure you ring in 2016 with a bang. next thursday night, our 8 news now morning team starts our new year's eve coverage at 10- pm. they'll be on the air through the fabulous fireworks.. with lots of entertainment and crews reporting from red rock resort to downtown las vegas... and up and down the las vegas strip. and during that broadcast... 8 news now teamed up with gavish real estate to take care of one lucky person's mortgage payments for a year. go to our 8 news now facebook page for a full list of rules and details on how to enter./// ((paul joncich)) > the troops at nellis air force base were treated with a christmas brunch today. it was hosted by the u-s-o.... and featured turkey, stuffing, salad, and desserts. it's to give thanks to the servicemen and women who can't go home for the holidays. (( joshua james gogue, a1c military: everyone's nice, everyone's cheery, it almost feels like i'm back home in a way.and just eating turkey with my family or having a good time.)) ((paul joncich))
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but there were games...and gifts were handed out as well./// ((paul joncich)) > this christmas is an especially memorable one.. for a soldier.. and his new fiance. he proposed.. moments after stepping off his plane home. soldier: will you marry me crowd: ohhh!!!! fiance: yes! ((paul joncich)) army private dylan griffith is currently stationed in fairbanks alaska. his family and friends live in portland, oregon. it had been five months since griffith had seen his now fiance vilma rodriguez. now, they're excited to plan their wedding./// paul joncich > that's all for us at 4. ((paula francis)) our 8 news
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starts after this. don't forget.. we're always on at las vegas now dot com, on facebook and twitter./// ((paula francis)) > a haven on christmas. every morning these men ate a tired breakfast and had a tired day. they weren't lumberjacks, they were slumberjacks. then one day jack showed up with a breakfast burrito poweredby jalapeos. it didn't just change theirmorning. it changed everything!
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spicy jalapeos, chipotle sauce with grilled bacon, eggs and cheese. the jalapeo bacon breakfast burrito.
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> good afternoon. and thanks for spending part of your holiday with 8 new now's acts of kindness special. i'm kirsten joyce. today.. we are honoring the men, women and children who volunteer their time and service.. to help make southern nevada a better place to live. we begin... with a las vegas man who uses music.. to help connect with people at assisted living and memory care facilities in our area. ((kirsten joyce)) diego trujillo loves music.. and the individuals who hear it... enjoy it too.. who hear it... enjoy it too.. diego trujillo/acts of kindness recipient: " it's a language of
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" ((kirsten joyce)) a perfect
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