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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  January 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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south of the strip fireworks filled the sky as hundred's of thousands celebrated the new year. and things are starting to get back to normal on the las vegas strip after one of the nations biggest new years parties is now in the books. ((dave courvoisier)) some 330- thousand people from all over the world came to the valley to celebrate the holiday and watch the 8 minute long fireworks show. and it appears everything went off with no major problems last night. metro did arrest 10 people. 8 of those were on the strip... one of which was a felony arrest. 2 others were on fremont./// ((paula francis)) > and it has been a busy new year's day on mount charleston. as thousands of families enjoy the first day of 20-16 out in the snow. ((dave courvoisier)) but as karen castro found out, the big crowds are leaving an even bigger mess behind. ((karen castro)) bundled up, sleds and shovels in hand... this father daughter duo are ready for some fun in the snow. ((tristan - sledder: going head first down the sled. tod beeten - sledder: come up and spent an afternoon of some nice outdoor, healthy, clean,
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it may be fun.... the upper lee meadows are not so clean. trash can be spotted just about everywhere. from broken sleds, cups, and plastic bags. ((erica hupp - spring mountains natural recreation area: it's a problem that we run into every year but, um, we really are trying to get the word out so we can start changing how people recreate when you recreate on the spring mountains nra.)) ((karen castro)) dumpsters have been placed around the recreation area but there is more trash on the ground than in the bins. ((capt. don harris - u.s. forest service: our biggest problem has been the liter and trash that people are leaving behind, please pick up after your selves.)) ((karen castro)) u-s forest service captain, don harris, says sledders have been injured by the trash mixed in with the snow. ((karen castro - reporting: while all the debris on the ground including rocks, and broken sleds can be dangerous, leaving your trash behind can also cost you big.)) ((karen castro)) during the busy new year's weekend, more law enforcement have been called in to patrol the area... and they are keeping an eye out for litter bugs. ((capt. don harris - u.s. forest service: its a 250 dollar fine with a 25 dollar assessment
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its what we issue the citations for.)) ((karen castro)) harris says in order to avoid citations and keep sledders safe, the recreation area must be kept clean. ((mary lichty - sledder: i was just noticing there's some very sharp pieces. it, i mean, it's horrible that everyone is littering but its dangerous.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) > traffic is also causing problems heading up the mountain. u-s forest service expects the next few days to be busy. they are asking drivers to be patient and know where to park./// ((paula francis)) > a sharply cooler new year eve for people in the vally last night... so tedd is that going to set the trend for the start of 2016? ((tedd florendo)) >it's looking like more of wetter pattern to start of 2016 rather than cold. we did however hit some very cold temps this morning which we'll talk about in second. but here's the weather headlines; ...............................
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temps recovering to near normal finally by this weekend. in fact tomorrow will be slightly warmer than today. we have an unsettled weather week next week like we just mentioned as we are expecting several days of occasional rain. even some high elevation snow in the forecast for next week as well. ............................... ............... by midnight we were almost near the freezing mark. and i knew we were going to get real cold. check out the morning temp at 27 degrees. that's the coldest low since december 10 2013. pahrump had a low of 23, hendreson 21 and mount charleston 5 degrees only. dave? police shot and killed a man after they say they mistook a cell phone for a gun. the shooting happened near desert inn and cimarron around 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. metro says police we're called to the address at the request of u-s marshals. the marshals were doing surveillance of the man.. who they said was an attempted murder suspect. they called metro after the man decided to run. officers say they thought the man was armed and opened fire..
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the coroner's office has not identified the man.// ((paula francis)) > apparently going too fast.. making risky lane changes.. now two young men are dead, before even reaching their prime. the double fatal crash happened near the craig on-off ramp at i-15 about 10 last night. no other vehicles were involved. the vehicle burst into flames so hot, they melted the license plates: that made it difficult for troopers to identify the driver: (( trooper chelsea stuenkel/nevada highway patrol: they were traveling at a pretty high rate of speed. they did travel all across the travel lanes at one point, colliding with the center median wall and then back across the travel lanes off into the right shoulder where they did overturn. )) ((paula francis)) troopers say the crash left a long streak across the interstate. they do not know if the driver was impaired.. but they believe speed may have been a factor.// ((dave courvoisier)) > fifty bills that nevada legislators passed this spring take effect in some form today. one of the measures we've been following requires school districts to set aside money to
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it also prohibits money to be swept elsewhere through union contracts. another law requires day care centers to schedule active playtime for children and limit sedentary activities. and another paves the way for voters to get their sample ballots via email. lawmakers meet for four months every two years. they're not expected to start working on another batch of new laws until 2017./// ((paula francis)) > deadly flooding engulfs the midwest. ((dave courvoisier)) how residents are picking up the pieces after severe weather damaged homes and turned roads to rivers... the extra help that's being called in for relief efforts. ((paula francis)) > also.. this new year's day is extra special for one family as they welcome a new addition to the world./// <
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tt2waty#`*4 p bt@m@[l tt2waty#`*4 p "a@mpw( tt2waty#`*4 p bm@m[\$ tt4waty#`*4 r dzhq !#4 now at 4 with denise valdez and paul joncich. the news of southern nevada is now. ((dave courvoisier)) > major flooding is still swamping sections of the midwest, and is now blamed in the deaths of nearly two dozen people. ((paula francis)) in southern missouri and arkansas, rivers
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louis try to regroup. record high water damaged many homes and businesses. marlie hall is in arnold, missouri with the latest. >new year's day finally brought some hope -- southwest of st. louis. high waters are receding.allowin g interstates to reopen. (rushing water) but other roads are still like rivers.. and homes still submerged.. some of the worst flooding was on the meramec river... near the mississippi... (linda ) the only home i've ever owned is gone. in the city of arnold, linda thorne and hundreds of others forced out by historic floods rang in the new year in shelters. (linda pipe 5 ) we're all in this together thorne's mobile home was submerged (photo) and this is all she has left. some clothes, donated blankets and this: (marlie & linda exchange ) m: the angel you were able to get off your christmas tree.. very important to me.. mom's special angel..
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this is what i really wanted.. the humane society has taken in four-legged flood victims. (mike perkins / human society) as people were leaving .. as people have been displaced.. they've taken their animals with them and we've been able to care for a lot of those animals for them. the record- breaking high water is moving downriver through the mississippi valley. officials say its impact will be felt well into the new year. marlie hall, cbs news, arnold, missouri. /// ((paula francis)) members of iowa's national guard have been dispatched to missouri. among other rescue methods, they'll be able to purify water at the rate of 1500 gallons per hour.// ((dave courvoisier)) > preventing a potential tragedy ((paula francis)) security across the world made sure new years celebrations did not turn violent. how one potential terror plot was thwarted in new york... and what police are saying about the suspect they arrested. /// announcer: now nevada's first
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at 4. ((dave courvoisier)) > new ar's eve celebrations across the world saw increased security measures, as officials feared
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number of high-profile events. in rochester, new york, a terror plot was thwarted when officials arrested this man -- emanuel lutchman -- alleging he attempted to provide material support to isis. his goal, according to officials, was to attack revelers on new years eve. (( (mark chiarenza/bar owner in rochester, ny) "it's a little scary and then i sat back and i though you know, we have very good security staff we have a great police presence on east ave. and you know they're really just trying to put the fear into us and we're not going to let that happen.")) ((dave courvoisier)) > lutchman allegedly discussed using a bomb and kidnapping people with an undercover operative. in europe... officials in brussels canceled new year's eve festivities after authorities uncovered plans for suicide attacks. and in germany, police closed two busy train stations in munich after learning of a threat connected to isis./// ((paula francis)) > the hillary clinton campaign is starting 2016 with some spending money.. the democratic presidential candidate has raised 55-million dollars in the fourth
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million-dollar goal. in all... the clinton campaign collected 112 million dollars for the primary since launching its campaign in april. the democratic front-runner campaigned hard for the money... she's headlined at least 174 fundraisers. ((paula francis)) the only other candidate releasing their finances so far is republican .. ted cruz. in the fourth quarter... he's raised 20- million dollars. for his presidential campaign. that's a 66- percent increase from the previous quarter. that puts his total pull at more than 45- million dollars so far. cruz has been surging in the polls in iowa... their caucuses are one month from today./// toss to weather < tedd florendo >
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< tedd florendo >
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((dave courvoisier)) > a new year also means new traffic headaches
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obilor has a breakdown of construction projects you can expect in the new year in what's driving you crazy. (( )) demetria obilor: >a new year means new construction and i'll be guiding you through it all in the months to come. here are a couple of projects beginning soon.. raggedy roads are always a problem. henderson, a lot you have been waiting for crews to repave racetrack road. well, crews are scheduled to start improving racetrack road between boulder highway to burkholder boulevard next. the stretch will be widened. bike lanes will be added too. there will also be a signal
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next month, a big project on rainbow is scheduled to begin. rainbow will be widened to three lanes between sunset and russell. after that work is done, crews will install flood control facilities down the center of rainbow. it will be a 420 day project. i'll give you another heads-up when work is about to begin in my traffic reports and in "what's driving you crazy?" hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. /// ((paula francis)) > iconic r&b star natalie cole has died at the age of 65. the grammy winner was the daughter of legendary singer nat king cole. her publicist says she died in a los angeles hospital late last night of congestive heart failure. cole underwent a successful kidney transplant in 2009... but her kidney troubles date back to 2008, when she was diagnosed with hepatitis c and underwent aggressive chemotherapy to fight the virus. cole admitted the illness was caused by her struggles with drug abuse. before her death... she had been sober for some time following stints in a rehabilitation clinic. her hits include "this will be," "inseparable" and her version of her dad's hit, "unforgettable
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((dave courvoisier)) > the different flavors of ringing in the new year ((paula francis)) we take a trip around the world to check out how other new year's celebrations matched up to the big party here in las vegas.
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people all across the world rang in the new year last night. ((paula francis)) and our massive party on the strip wasn't the only place celebrating the new year in style. on the east coast nearly a million people crowded into new york's times square to watch the famous ball drop to ring in 2016. the annual celebration has been going on for more than a century.. the famous times square ball made its debut on december 31, 1907.
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france, parisians still recovering from deadly attacks in november held scaled-down celebrations. party-goes got to check out a 5-minute video performance at the arc de triomphe just before midnight. ((paula francis)) back here in america, washington state welcomed 2016 with a fireworks display fired off the space needle./// ((dave courvoisier)) > las vegas had it's very own new years baby born just minutes after midnight. jazmine mejia and marco hernandez welcomed little ramon into the world at 12:04 am.. at mountain view hospital. he weighed in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces and was 18 and a half inches. and ramon's parents tell us his debut is already getting a lot of attention. (( "it's very overwhelming (laughs) everybody's texting me oh your babies on the news already (laughs) i'm like great he's going to be famous for the rest of his life(haha)" )) ((dave courvoisier)) and to celebrate the first baby of the year... the staff at mountain view hospital gave the new parents of huge gift basket full of everyday essentials for
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((paula francis)) > a manhunt underway after a deadly shooting at an isreai pub. ((dave courvoisier)) who authorities are now on the hunt for after a shooting took the lives of at least two people and left
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((dave courvoisier)) > a massive manhunt is underway for the gunman who opened fire at a popular bar in tel aviv, israel friday afternoon. ((paula francis)) two people were killed, several more were injured. the crime was caught on camera. we want to warn you, this video may be disturbing. brian webb reports. >closed circuit cameras show the gunman firing an assault rifle at a bar on a busy tel aviv street in broad daylight, as patrons run for cover. ( lily / witness) "i hide myself under the bar and i wait till it's finished but it was like horrible." another video from a security camera at a store next door shows a man placing a backpack in a shopping cart. he then pulls out a gun, walks outside and starts shooting, before running off. (sot nadia / eyewitness) "this is why it's very scary because it's happening all over the world." (vo - fri0092) after the attack a large police presence swarmed the area with officers
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the attack comes amid more than three months of frequent palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers. brian webb for cbs news, new york./// ((paula francis)) police said they're not sure if it was a criminal or terrorist attack or if the suspect is palestinian./// ((dave courvoisier)) > seven people were shot in different incidents in the early morning hours of new year's day in kansas city. one of the shootings left a person dead and another critically injured. there were four other incidents across the city that left five people hurt. kansas city's police chief tweeted overnight the gunfire came from "irresponsible individuals." the unrelated incidentthe said - showed poor self- control./// ((paula francis)) > the philippines saw two huge fires on the first day of 20-16. the bureau of fire protection reported that the two incidents occurred in metro manila -- and the other in quezon city. one fire tore through an estimated 1,000 houses and affected at least 2,000 families.
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the other incident lasted approximately one hour and left at least 15 families without homes -- no cause has been confirmed for either fire./// ((dave courvoisier)) > in the aftermath of last night's dramatic hotel fire in dubai... firefighters continue the process of cooling down the smoldering building, according to authorities here. the fire at the address downtown started late new years eve and quickly took hold ... sending flames shooting up one side of the 63 floor building. all this as revelers gathered close by waiting for a spectacular firework display on the world's tallest building, the burj khalifa. one photographer talked to reporters about his experience of being rescued. (( (dennis mallari, photographer) "...if i go there inside to try to go exit, i'm not going to die because of the fire. because of the smoke.// i already posted that i'm here on the 48th floor. help // i can hear them, i saw some debris falling down from the building. my last chance, then so be it."
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((dave courvoisier)) > the dubai government says everyone was safely evacuated from the hotel and only 16 people, they say, were treated for mostly minor injuries and smoke inhalation./// ((paula francis)) > back here in the u-s fire tore through a historic church in northern new jersey. officials say the fire caused significant damage to the iglesia de dios pentecostal church. the building's roof has collapsed. no injuries are reported, and the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. the structure was originally built in 18-27 and housed an episcopal congregation for many years. the church was sold to another religious organization last year./// ((dave courvoisier)) > if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend.. opportunity village is hosting family night. it runs through sunday... which is the final day the magical forest will be open. kids ages 3 to 12 can get in free ... with the purchase of 1 adult ticket...
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the proceeds benefit opportunity village... which helps people with intellectual disabilities. it's open from 5:30 until 10 pm tonight and tomorrow... and from 5:30 until 9 on sunday. magical village is located at opportunity village.... on oakey near torrey pines./// ((paula francis)) > making the safer choice. ((dave courvoisier)) with the growing concerns of concussion risks in football... the alternative some people are exploring with flag football and why they say it's a better choice for younger athletes./// <
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paul joncich. the news of southern nevada is now. ((dave courvoisier)) > today millions are spending news years day watching the college football bowl games. but the issues of concussions and how they link to long- term brain injuries are still making headlines. now more parents are turning towards flag football for their kids. the game is roughly the same.. except instead tackling.. you just grab the others player's flag. bart gray runs the n-f-l flag
4:28 pm
he says it's growing new studies about football- related injuries are released. ((bart gray: "it's a big deal right now. parents are very concerned about concussions and tackles, and it's driven several families to be here." )) ((dave courvoisier)) many flag football players go on to play tackle in high school. gray says they are not at a disadvantage because the basic skill-set is the same./// ((paula francis)) > and while we're on the topic... it's been another terrific year in local sports... 8 news now sports anchor chris maathuis put together his top 10 local sports stories of 2015. he begins with number 10. < the unlv stadium talk... the state spending thousands of dollars hiring a consultant to reveal all the benefits of an on campus stadium. it's been tweeked, debated and put on hold, but recently land was purchased near the mgm just in case. number 9... bishop gorman football... kenny sanchez takes over for his brother tony and the private school wins its 7th straight state title, spanking the 2nd best team in the state and winning back to back mythical
4:29 pm
at number 8... the ufc's notorious conor mcgregor predicting he'd become a star in 2015 and caps the year with a 13 second knockout of jose aldo, who hadn't lost a fight in 10 years. that's why he calls himself mystic mac. to number 7... former gorman high school coach tony sanchez rolls through his first year as a dvision 1 college coach and changes the look and feel of the program. he won 3 games but appeared on the verge of winning six. number 6.. las vegan kyle busch crashes in nascar's season opener... misses a ton of races... heals comes back to win to the sprint cup championship.. and celebrates at home in vegas. now to the top five at number 5... former bonanza prep star kris bryant bursts on the scene in chicago, cubs benefit from his offense and defense and he's named n-l rookie of the year. number 4... bryant's las vegas buddy... former las vegas high school star bryce harper continues his path to hall of fame status. the hard playing throwback athlete for the nationals earns national league mvp honors. at number 3... could it be true... nhl hockey talk skates into las vegas with billionaire bill
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nearly 14 thousand las vegans committ to buy tickets to a team that doesn't even exist. number 2... who can forget the hype leading to the much anticipated manny pacquiao-floyd mayweather fight. years in the making the hype ko'ed the actual fight itself with floyd winning the decision over manny who claims he had a bum shoulder. and number 1... when the las vegas strip dims its lights in honor of someone, it's a big deal... and the top story, sadly was the passing of legendary coach jerry tarkanian. with final four appearances and a national championship, well liked, respected and honored by the basketball world the hall of famer helped put las vegas on the map. nats > ((dave courvoisier)) > starting off the new year on the healthy track. ((paula francis)) how one program in california is motivating young students to avoid fatty foods and get out and get active for the new
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((paula francis)) > 2016 is here and that always inspires people to make a new year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape. ((dave courvoisier)) > and in the spirit of the new year, a school program in los angeles is helping students make physical fitness a life-long goal. chris martinez show us how. >these are just the warm ups. at this los angeles high school. physical education class has a whole new look. you can do it!... the innovative program called sound body-sound mind. provides underserved schools in l-a with state of the art fitness equipment. along with lesson plans designed to boost student's confidence and make fitness fun. ((percival de la cruz/physical education instructor)) what it's actually doing is setting them up to be active for a whole life. for their whole lives. experts say that's badly needed
4:32 pm
40 percent of young people under 18. are either obese or overweight. ((dr. anastasia sideris/ professor of urban planning, )) every kid should be able to enjoy physical activity and exercise. ucla professor anastasia sideris says the program's biggest impact is seen on how well students perform on california's standardized physical fitness test. among those that took part in sound body-sound mind - the percentage of students who passed the test tripled. freshman leslie marticorana says she feels the benefits both in and out of school. ((leslie marticorana/ freshman )) it keeps me healthy and so the fact that i'm healthy, it helps, like, my brain just work better. the program is in nearly 100 middle and high schools in los angeles - and could be expanded to even more. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the program which is run by ucla health sound body sound mind foundation costs about 3 million dollars. that also includes maintenance for the equipment and extracurricula r staffing./// ((paula francis)) > plenty of people likely woke up to a
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if that includes you, hopefully you've had time to recover. next time you party, though... you might want to prepare your body ahead of time. doctors say the best idea is to eat a full meal ahead of time. make sure it includes plenty of carbohydrates to help absorb the alcohol. after you over-imbibe, avoid tylenol and acetominophen. to protect your liver... use a pain reliever like ibuprofen to get rid of a headache. for those who may have started their day with a bloody mary... that's not the best idea: ((""others things not to do would be to have more alcohol...the old 'hair of the dog' is a terrible idea will make you sicker")) ((paula francis)) so what's the best remedy? time. your hangover symptoms should be gone in 24- hours.. unless you really overdid it... then it may take 3 days.// toss to weather
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cold this morning and not too much of an improvement this afternoon as we're still chilly today with clearer skies. winds have calmed down considerably. ............................... .............................. current temps right now in the high 40's across the region with colder temps up on mount charleston. mid 40's only this afternoon for the far northwest and west sections of the valley and milder over to the east and southeast sections of town. ............................... .......... regional temps in the mid 50's for mesquite down to laughlin. 50's for pahrump this afternoon
4:35 pm
cold already for tonopahp all the way to pioche already below freezing. ............................... ................... u.s. temps really are cold through many of the lower 48 state. with temps finally colder than us in new york. and even atlanta and dallas. still wam and nice down in miami. ............................... .................... clear skies for now with some additional cloud cover coming in from the west, but we're trackign several storm this week that will march in one after the other, sort of like a parade of storms bring plenty of precip along with them. it's looking like we'll have a week. ..................
4:36 pm
those cold mornign temps at or below freezing again. probably not going to get as cold as this morning, but still some areas will be in the 20's by morning especially around the edges of town. ............................... ............ regional lows in the 20's again for pahrump to mesquite. chilly for death valley and milder for laughlin but still chilly. cold in the southern great basin. ............................... ............... overnight low 31 and cold with more clouds expected. freezing overnight for many neigbhorhoods. tomorrow expect a high of 53 with both sun and clouds tomorrow and still a couple of digits below average. winds stay light tomorrow ............................... .................... highs tomorrow neighborhood by neighborhood in the mid 50's for the east part of the valley and or for the west to northwes eas in the low 50's to high 40's near providence and ntennial hills......................................... tended fora with moreouds this weekend and mildermps.t we're also gng to see a t more cuds and rain showersr several chances as of right now will be tuesday through thursday morning. snow in the mountains can be expected with this as well, but mainly high elevation snow which should still be the ski
4:37 pm
resort. our own tedd florendo along with mercedes martinez from mix 94-point-one radio celebrated new years at red rock resort last night. and iddo gavish from gavish real estate picked one lucky viewer as the winner of our great mortgage giveaway: ((mercedes: melissa aionalkka. ((reacting)) mercedes: melissa has 6 kids, this is one of her daughters. tedd: alright we have to talk to you, obviously very very excited, i would be too, this is a lot of money that is going to help you, what is this going to do for you for a whole year?
4:38 pm
2 year plan to be able to buy a house and i think that is going to go down to a one year plan and mr. gavish is going to help us with that 100% )) ((dave courvoisier)) > and you can watch the entire clip with melissa.. and the full 8 minutes of fireworks on las vegas now dot com./// ((paula francis)) > finding the strength to move on from tragedy. ((dave courvoisier)) as some talented students showed off their skills in at a new years day parade in london... why this event rings extra special for those who survived a deadly tornado back home. ((paula francis)) > plus... metro police shoot and kill a wanted suspect. tonight on 8 news now at five... we talk to family members and witnesses. why those who knew the man are questioning the official report.///
4:39 pm
((dave courvoisier)) > the wife of comedian bill cosby has been ordered to give a deposition in a defamation suit against her husband. a massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the deposition order. she is scheduled to testify next week. the defamation case involves seven women who have accused bill cosby of drugging and
4:40 pm
they say the 78-year-old comic portrayed them as liars after they went public with their allegations. bill cosby is also facing felony sexual assault charges in pennsylvania over an alleged incident that happened in 2004. the comedian has denied any wrongdoing./// ((paula francis)) > today marks the start of several new laws going into effect around the country. and that includes new rules for california hoverboard users. along with helmet use, california riders will have to stay in the bike lane on roads with speed limits no more than 35 miles per hour. the new law also prevents children under 16 from using the boards. residents say they understand the decision to require safety gear for use but some think the law goes too far: ((crystal walker- "i just think they're putting rules and restrictions where it's not really needed."// (nina andrews, hoverboard fan) "if i get on a skateboard i can hurt myself, if i get on a bike i can hurt myself. so it's up to you to figure out your limitations. i'm an adult, treat me like
4:41 pm
((paula francis)) dmv officials say the intent of the law is to ensure the devices do not impede traffic or become a hazard for other pedestrians and drivers. the penalty for breaking any of the new rules... approved by governor brown, back in october... is up to a 250 dollar fine./// ((dave courvoisier)) > some talented american students traveled a long way across the pond for a new year's day celebration. ((paula francis)) jonathan vigliotti tells us about a school that went through tragedy. and came out stronger. here's jonathan's report from london. >(parade performance - pool video ) moore, oklahoma's southmoore high school marching band has played countless football games and school ceremonies - but nothing quite like today's big performance. (performance) the annual london new year's day parade. more than 8,000 performers march alongside london's most iconic landmarks. (newspath video of southmoore in holding area) southmoore was one of this year's show closers, which means they waited a little longer to perform. no problem for a band that has waited nearly 2 and a half years
4:42 pm
(ian jacks / southmoore high school sophomore (10th grade) ) the friends that i had before the tornado, they weren't the same after. so now they're back, i guess, because they're happy again. (us pool and newspath/ aerials from kwtv/kotv) the tornadoes of 2013 wiped out much of moore. ian's family survived but others didn't. this trip was organised to rally the torn town together. ( adam mewhorter / director of bands, southmoore high school) these kids are riding in a school bus every day on their way by homes that are gone. and when you put that in perspective, and finally get to somewhere where things are normal, it's just been a reat therapeutic thing for them. (jonathan vigliotti)some of the band members almost didn't make it here because of a round of tornadoes in dallas. dozens of students were grounded for days and arrived here just in time. (southmoore band) it has been a long road to this point for southmoore high. but when their turn finally came... the past was left behind, if only for a few songs. (parker lagrange / southmoore high school senior (12th grade)) a lot of times words can't explain what happened. and you just sit back - and if you close your eyes and listen to the music, tears get you every time. jonathan vigliotti.
4:43 pm
((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us at 4. ((paula francis)) we'll be back in a minute with 8 news now at five.// ((dave courvoisier)) > north las
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the scene of a deadly shooting. 8 news now is there with the latest on what investigators have uncovered. ((paula francis)) a cell phone mistaken for gun... prompt officers opening fire: ((nicolas mann- we want answers, we want to know what happened, we want justice for this; )) ((paula francis)) why family members of the victim say something isn't adding up and why police say they were forced to protect a neighborhood from a dangerous suspect. ((dave courvoisier)) ringing in the new year on the mountain. the family friendly activities for local families looking to escape the city for a while. and the conditions park rangers
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