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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis. 12 hours... that's how long it took for the first homicide in southern nevada. ((dave courvoisier)) north las vegas police are investigating tonight... and they say the shooter is still on the loose. ((paula francis)) we're told the victim is a 41- year- old man. witnesses say they heard fighting and then at least one gunshot... this all happened around noon today. there were multiple people inside the home... including children. police say this does not seem to be a random act of violence: ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: this is really unfortunate especially being the first day of new years. we were happy it was fairly quiet last night but this is no way to start a new year.)) ((pla francis)) if you happen to know anything... call police or crimestoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) > family members question police tonight in yesterday's officer involved shooting. metro mistook a cell phone for firearm killing a man they saw was wanted for attempted murder... out of arizona. metro says the man advanced towards them ...
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sharie johnson has the family's plea for transparency in this case. ((nicolas mann, brother of keith childress everyone's here mourning and hurting and the things that have been said are not accurate at all and we want the truth, we want justice )) ((sharie johnson)) nicolas mann wants to know what really happened to his brother, keith childress, who he says was the man killed here thursday on gilded crown court near gilded crown court near desert inn. ((nicolas mann, brother of keith childress we want his name cleared of the slander that they've brought upon not only him and our family but his memory )) ((sharie johnson)) metro police say this all started 2pm. ((captain matt mccarthy, office of internal oversight the united states marshals was conducting a surveillance on a black male adult who was wanted out of arizona on a number of violent felonies )) ((sharie johnson)) metro said those felonies included attempted murder. our online public records search shows an arizona keith childress... convicted of several things including aggravated assault, burglary and armed robbery. we reached out to phoenix, arizona city, county and state
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meanwhile... metro made a quick decision after saying the suspect fled, hid his hand and disobeyed them. ((captain matt mccarthy, office of internal oversight because the officers believed the suspect was wanted for attempt murder and this was a residential area and because they believe he was armed with a firearm, they discharged their firearm ((sharie johnson)) but nicolas mann questions if this is really how his brother died. ((nicolas mann, brother of keith childress we want answers, we want to know what happened)) ((sharie johnson)) sharie johnson, 8news now. ((dave courvoisier)) the family says this man was not wanted for attempted murder. but metro would not answer any questions after the shooting. they only released a statement and said details are coming next week. their office of internal oversight is investigating./// ((paula francis)) > the las vegas strip is back open to traffic tonight... after more than 300- thousand people gathered in the streets to welcome in 2016. fireworks went off right at the stroke of midnight... from seven resort rooftops up and down the las vegas strip. after the 8 minute fireworks.. it didn't take long for the street crews to step in... cleaning up all the trash left behind by the revelers.
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hours... they reopened the strip to traffic. there was also a big party on fremont street... with mayor carolyn goodman welcoming the crowds./// ((paula francis)) > despite all the crowds... it was a pretty quiet night for metro police. as of early this morning... they arrested ten people total, on the las vegas strip and fremont street. at least one of those was for a possible felony... but details were not released. as for clark county fire... they responded to 55 calls on the strip for medical and alcohol- related issues./// ((paula francis)) > right now... many are ringing in the new year by tying the knot. they're keeping chapels around las vegas busy. that's the good news! but this is also a busy time for divorces. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin has more on why some couples choose to split up after the holidays. < ((mauricio marin)) love is in the we enter 20-16 many couple chose to get hitched on
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((erik calvert/groom: her parents had been here before and we just kind of talked about doing veggas to make it easier for everyone to come out and friends and perfect day for it." )) ((mauricio marin)) erik and taneal just got married. as they start their new lives together...othe r couples may be looking to split up this time of year. ((stacy rocheleau/right lawyers: "our phones are giong to be very busy come monday morning because there are so many people saying let's just put this on the back burner call cease fire, truse for the holidays." )) ((mauricio marin)) divorce attorney stacy rocheleau says her office sees a sharp increase in phone calls and inquiries from couples looking to end their marriage in the first few weeks of each new year. ((stacy rocheleau/right lawyers: "it is, it's grulling for both parties, for their families for their chidlren they have decreased productivity at work 15:50 they are losing alot of income for paying for two households, paying attorney fees." )) ((mauricio marin)) rocheleau suggests couples try working things out before making the very difficult decision to split up. as far as why nevada might see
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states...rochele au says state laws make it easier for couples to end their marriage. ((stacy rocheleau/right lawyers: "we only have a six week waiting period before you can file for divorce. meaning you only need to live here or reside in clark county for six wekes prior to filing for divorce." )) ((mauricio marin)) despite all that...erik and taneal say they're in it for the long run. ((erik calvert/groom: "it's going to be a good year for everyone." )) ((mauricio marin)) mauricio marin. 8 news now./// > ((paula francis)) for love birds considering marriage this year..the divorce attorney suggests people consider a pre- nuptial agreement. she says it can make things easier just in case things don't work out in the relationship.// ((dave courvoisier)) > plenty of people headed up to mount charleston to celebrate the new year today. but people who live up there... aren't so happy with what's being left behind. upper lee meadows isn't so pristine tonight... trash can be spotted all over. from broken sleds and cups... to plastic bags littered all over: ((erica hupp - spring mountains natural recreation area: it's a problem that we run into every year but, um, we really are trying to get the word out so we can start changing how people
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the spring mountains nra.)) ((dave courvoisier)) dumpsters have been placed around the recreation area... officials remind everyone to make use of them... so people aren't hurt sledding into trash./// ((dave courvoisier)) > tedd any chance the mountain will see any fresh snow anytime soon? < tedd florendo ((it's looking like more of wetter pattern to start of 2016 rather than cold. we did however hit some very cold temps this morning which we'll talk about in second. but here's the weather headlines; ............................... .......... temps recovering to near norml finally by this weekend. in fact tomorrow will be slightly warmer than today. we have an unsettled weather week next week like we just mentioned as we are expecting several days of occasional rain. even some high elevation snow in the forecast for next week as well. ............................... ............... by midnight we were almost near the freezing mark. and i knew we were going to get real cold. check out the morning temp at 27
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that's the coldest low since december 10 2013. pahrump had a low of 23, hendreson 21 and mount charleston 5 degrees only. dave? a metro officer... crashes into a fence. how he ended up in this position... nearly making his way onto a
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clinton is raing some major cash as we get closer to the
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the clinton campaign raised 37- million- dollars over the past three months... pushing her 2015 total to 112- million. heading into the january sprint toward the leadoff iowa caucuses on february first, clinton's campaign says it has nearly 38 million in cash on hand./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the only other candidate releasing their finances so far is on the republican side... senator ted cruz. in the fourth quarter... he's raised 20- million dollars for his presidential campaign. that's a 66% increase from the previous quarter. that puts his total at more than 45- million dollars so far. polls in iowa... that state caucus will be held one month from today./// police officer is doing okay tonight... after crashing into a fence while chasing a suspect. check out this video... you see the metro cruiser propped up on the fence at the school. police say the officer lost control of his squad car when he was chasing a suspect. no one was hurt... but the person he was after.. got away./// ((paula francis)) > it was a
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when it comes to earthquakes. according to "the reno- gazette- journal"... more than 17- thousand earthquakes were recorded by scientists at u-n-r in 2015. that includes the quake back in may that could be felt across the valley. the lab says the "sheldon sequence" in northwest nevada is the biggest source of the state's earthquakes./// ((dave courvoisier)) > mother nature continues to drench the midwest. the clean- up underway... even as the floodwaters continue to rise.///
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news now at 6 with dave courvoisier and paula francis. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > parts of the midwest continue to deal with massive flooding... it's from a storm system that's being blamed fore nearly two- dozen deaths. rivers in south- central
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to crest... so more damage could be on the way. businesses and homes sit underwater tonight... marlie hall is in missouri with the latest. >new year's day finally brought some hope -- southwest of st. louis. high waters are receding.allowin g interstates to reopen. (rushing water) but other roads are still like rivers.. and homes still submerged.. some of the worst flooding was on the meramec river... near the mississippi... (linda ) the only home i've ever owned is gone. in the city of arnold, linda thorne and hundreds of others forced out by historic floods rang in the new year in shelters. (linda pipe 5 ) we're all in this together thorne's mobile home was submerged (photo) and this is all she has left. some clothes, donated blankets and this: (marlie & linda exchange ) m: the angel you were able to get off your christmas tree.. very important to me.. mom's special angel.. and out of everything out of
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this is what i really wanted.. the humane society has taken in four-legged flood victims. (mike perkins / human society) as people were leaving .. as people have been displaced.. they've taken their animals with them and we've been able to care for a lot of those animals for them. the record- breaking high water is moving downriver through the mississippi valley. officials say its impact will be felt well into the new year. marlie hall, cbs news, arnold, missouri. /// ((dave courvoisier)) members of iowa's national guard have been dispatched to missouri with equipment that can purify water at the rate of 15- hundred gallons per hour.///
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tedd florendo ((>started off cold this morning and not too much of an improvement this afternoon as we're still chilly today with clearer skies. winds have calmed down considerably. ............................... .............................. current temps right now in the high 40's across the region with colder temps up on mount charleston. mid 40's only this afternoon for the far northwest and west sections of the valley and milder over to the east and southeast sections of town. ............................... .......... regional temps in the mid 50's for mesquite down to laughlin. 50's for pahrump this afternoon after very cold temps overnight. cold already for tonopahp all the way to pioche already below freezing. ............................... ................... u.s. temps really are cold through many of the lower 48 state. with temps finally colder than us in new york. and even atlanta and dallas. still wam and nice down in miami. ...............................
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clear skies for now with some additional cloud cover coming in from the west, but we're trackign several storm this week that will march in one after the other, sort of like a parade of storms bring plenty of precip along with them. it's looking like we'll have a very unsettled week all next week. ............................... .................. first though let's talk about those cold mornign temps at or below freezing again. probably not going to get as cold as this morning, but still some areas will be in the 20's by morning especially around the edges of town. ............................... ............ regional lows in the 20's again for pahrump to mesquite. chilly for death valley and milder for laughlin but still chilly. cold in the southern great basin. ............................... ............... overnight low 31 and cold with more clouds expected. freezing overnight for many neigbhorhoods. tomorrow expect a high of 53 with both sun and clouds tomorrow and still a couple of
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winds stay light tomorrow ............................... .................... highs tomorrow neighborhood by neighborhood in the mid 50's for the east part of the valley and cooler for the west to northwes areas in the low 50's to high 40's near providence and centennial hills. ............................... ................... extended forecast with more clouds this weekend and milder temps. but we're also going to see a lot more clouds and rain showers for several days. best chances as of right now will be tuesday through thursday morning. snow in the mountains can be expected with this as well, but mainly high elevation snow which should still be the ski resort.ron futrell in for chris maathuis --- ((paula francis)) and it is new years day --- so that means plenty of college bowl games --- ((ron futrell)) yes --- a record breaking
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today --- we'll show you that, and the packers will try to ice the vikings this weekend --- and they have a new good luck charm that might help them. --- sports is next. <
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tt2waty#`*4 p bt@q4 8 tt2waty#`*4 p "a@q$,\ tt2waty#`*4 p bm@q/'p tt4waty#`*4 r dztq 4* tt4waty#`*4 r entq d.@ tt4waty#`*4 r gzt& ])8 tt4waty#`*4 r hnt& m't tt4waty#`*4 r iztq 'n, tt4waty#`*4 r jntq 5>l tt4waty#`*4 r lzt& -s0 sports with chris maathuis. > ((ron futrell)) ohio state won the first ever college football playoff --- that was last year, this is the new year and the buckeys missed making the playoffs --- perhaps a bit of a let down as they headed to arizona for a matchup with notre dame --- a very good notre dame team --- but the buckeyes have this running back named ezekiel elliott --- he's a pretty good one --- 149 yards rushing today
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44-28 ohio state rolls over the fighting irish ---- this fan looked like he's eaten a few too many buckeyes for breakfast --- zeke elliott is headed to the nfl and he could be a great one to watch on sundays. a lot of blowouts in college football this bowl season --- rose bowl --- stanford against iowa. ---- all christian mcafree ---- led the nation in all purpose yards this year --- 2nd in the heisman voting ---and sets a rose bowl record with 368 all purpose yards. first play from scrimmage is a 75 yard touchdown for mcaffree and stanford over iowa today. mcaffrees dad was a pretty good player from the broncos not that long ago ---and his son could be better --- rushing, receiving and punt returning --- check this one out. mcafree is just a sophmore at stanford --- look for him and that pretty good running back at lsu to be the heisman favorites next year. 45-16 stanford blows out iowa in the christian mcaffre bowl.
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football's national championship is a week from monday --- january 11th in phoenix -- it's number one against number two --- as it should be --- clemson taking on alabama. the tigers returned home to south carolina today after their big win over oklahoma --- a rather surprising 20 point win. clemson was 4 point underdogs --- they are undefeated and the top ranked team in the country, but they are taking on the powerful crimson tide of alabama --- bama is favored by a touchdown. this is exciting video here of the tigers getting off the plane --- we hope to have video of them getting on the plane for arizona next week. --- that will be exciting. its the final week of the nfl's regular season on sunday --- a lot of great games coming your way --- the sunday night game is minnesota at green bay --- the winner takes the nfc north the packers have brought out their lucky llama for the game --- no --- they really did this, the mayor of green bay says there's a traditon if you see a llama on new years eve, that it will mean a year of good luck.
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right here carrying around that clock. it was a pretty cold night in green bay, so something might be messed up there. they've been looking pretty bad so the packers need something. lets keep it in green bay and show you what they were going through today --- shovelling out after snow hit wisconsin heavy --- just when all those folks in the mid west and east coast thought they were going to have this warm winter --- they have gotten blasted. in a statement from the mayor today he said "we have decided that llamas actually bring us bad luck and we are counting on a polar bear to save us from the vikings on sunday." we've got another sport that will make you feel happy you vegas... the winter classic in new england today --- the patriots are in miami, so the house was avaialble. montreal canadiens at boston --- this is a good looking goal right here --- it happens quickly --- like everything in hockey --- montreals brendan gallagher bats the puck out of the air and into the net --- 3-0 canadiens take the lead --- and
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btw --- they have been doing this winter classic for about 8 years now --- the first outdoor game in the modern era of the nhl was here in las vegas --- 1990 when the kings and rangers played an exhibition game outdoors at caesars palace --- it was a little warmer that night. a crazy play to show you from last night's blazers jazz games ---- blazers throw up an air ball --- tim frazier saves it and throws the ball over the backboard, right to noah vonleh for the perfect alley oop. seen a lot of alley oops, but cant recall one like that. ((dave courvoisier)) > finally tonight... hundreds of people celebrated the new year... with a very frigid swim! take a look at all these people in wisconsin... taking part in the annual new year's day polar bear plunge. more than 800- people took part... running in the 28- degree air... to jump into the 35- degree
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any ice along the shore... so people were able to get in and out very quickly and easily./// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. paula francis see you tonight at 11.
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