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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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victim murdered outside a 24 hour gym. plus the suspects make their first appearance before a judge. ((paula francis)) a hint of what's to come: (( richard kim: it's our ufo line, not quite of this world )) ((paula francis)) an eye- catching reveal has the auto world clamoring to see what's next. i-team chief investigator george knapp sheds light on the other projects faraday future may have in the works at the apex site. ((dave courvoisier)) rain in the valley... snow on the mountain. your weather conditions for the rest of the week as winter settles in the valley./// settles in the valley./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > several parts of the valley woke up to rain and clouds. while the mountain is preparing for 12 inches of fresh powder overnight. good evening... i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier... thanks for joining us. the wet weather here in the valley is keeping first responders busy as we've seen several accidents throughout the day. ((paula francis)) and the fog hanging over our area is
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mccarran by about 3 hours. 8 news now has live team coverage tonight. meteorologist tedd florendo has a look at the current conditions. ((dave courvoisier)) but first patranya bhoolsuwan is live with the message from metro to drivers. patranya. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > the message is to be very careful out here in the rain! we are already seeing a number of accidents around the valley, including one involving 5 vehicles. just standing here i have alrady seen a number of emergency vehicles whizzing by...likely responding to crashes. let's a live look at the i-15 stop and go traffic ..head lights are on ... along with the break lights. people are taking it they should be in this less than ideal driving condition. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) metro police already sending ot a message on social media this afternoon for everyone to keep their eyes on the road and take it slow and give yourself plenty of room between you and the
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every time it rains, police respond to plenty of crashes especially fender benders. a lot of people not happy to be driving home in this weather...we found one man who is not liking the rain because it's putting a damper on his business...a mobile shop selling nascar memorabilia in front of a gas station: ((terry/not happy with the rain: "sometimes it rains sometimes it don't ... they call for rain it does then it dont./you aint gotta get no customers people running in their cars and getting out here.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) metro also holding their first tuesday monthly community tonight. focus at all area commands will be traffic safety... starts at 7pm the public invited to attend. officers will no doubt be giving people reminders to stay safe out there this week...especiall y with rain expectingto stick
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) and just want to give you a live look at the stratosphere where the rain and clouds making it hard to see the tower at this hour. as you mentioned earlier mccarrain international airport reporting delays for incoming flights up to 3 hours due to fog. not something you see often here in the valley. so be sure to call ahead if you are heading to the airport tonight. reporting live at the desert inn arterial, patranya bhoolsuwan 8 news now.// ((dave courvoisier)) > the national weather service says get ready! they are expecting 12 inches of snow on the mountain tonight. if you've taken a look outside you can barely even see the mountains through the thick cloud cover. these are just some of the images our photo journalists captured today at the lee canyon ski resort. chief meteorologist tedd florendo is here with a first look at our forecast. so tedd, rain the valley, snow on the mountain, huh? >don't forget the fog! we had fog in the desert too... and that' rarely happens.
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.............. first we begin with your doppler radar as we continue to see heavy to moderate rain coming down in souther california. they need the rain, but this can pose problems and mudslides for thos burned areas and of course flooding. it's providing snow in the higher elevations let's say above 6,000 feet or more. ............................... ............... now let's show our neighborhoods. pouring already in the pahrump. western sections of the viewing area getting the rain first of course, then more widespread rain through the evening. snow in the mountiains is what i'm told by the ski resort confirming that right now. and that will contiue as well. ............................... .................. we have 2 weather alerts in the forecast area. first a winter storm warning for the mountains until 4 a.m. as we expect a lot of snow up there. we also have winter weather advisories for central nye, and lincoln counties until 7am tomorrow. ...............................
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so here's what to expect. rain through the evening. some heavier at times. slick roads so drive safe! please! we could see awretween .25 to .50 of rnssible by wlql to more snow inthe mountains. snow level down to 5,500 feet but up at ski resort we're talking up to a foot possible. denise and paul? ((paula francis)) > two people made their first court appearance.. for the fatal shooting of a man in the parking lot of a gym. both are facing murder and attempted robbery charges. 8 news now anchor paul joncich says the victim was here for the consumer electronics show. ((paul joncich)) > neil gandler was an accomplished software engineer and consultant. he was 42 years old. a northern california resident. and he was visting las vegas in advance of the consumer electronics show, where he planned to showcase his latest app. police say it was purely bad luck that he encountered two people looking for cars to break into. ((trk)) friends say 42 year old neil gandler was a friendly man with a gentle soul. (( ella gotesman/victim's friend: 3:40 "he could put anyone at ease. he was always approached by the
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smiling, looking for people who seemed out of place, and he would bring them into his circle of friends ." ((paul joncich)) during his frequent travels as a software engineer and consultant, friends say gandler would sleep in rental cars, parking outside 24-hour fitnesses where he would shower and shave. police say early on december 29th, outside the 24 hour fitness at rainbow and alta, gandler was spotted by 27 year old kyle staats and 19 year old megan hippie. the two were looking for cars to break into when they entered the gym parking lot and saw gandler in his rental car. according to the police report, staats walked towards gandler's car with a gun. hippie says she heard gandler shout "don't do it." and then shots. ((judge: "you're being charged with conspiracy to commit robbery ," (fade out) ((paul joncich)) a tip led police to hippie who owned a car that matched the one seen on survillance video. before long she admitted that : "she was involved in the murder at 24 hour fitness." but that
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trigger. megan hippies facebook page is littered with posts...some of them written within hours of the murder.... about heartbreak and teenage angst. but neil gandlers friends say their hearts are broken beyond repair. and they want people to know las vegas's latest murder victim was a special man. (( ella gotesman/victim's friend: he was a completely law abiding man who was very happy. he was just minding his own business."/// ((paul joncich)) friends are planning a memorial for neil gandler in northern california on sunday. meanwhile even though kyle staats is believed to have pulled the trigger both he and hippie are charged with murder and attempted robbery. ((dave courvoisier)) > major competition during the first big convention of the year. ((paula francis)) so what does the battle for riders look like.. between ride sharing and the taxis?: (( it's been crazy busy and we absolutely love it )) ((paula francis)) 8 news now talks to drivers for both services. how they believe they can both
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standing ((dave courvoisier)) > the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu.
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an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
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> c-e-s doesn't officially start for another day. but large crowds are already in town. the technology show is one of the busiest times of the year for cab drivers. but this time around, they have stiff competition. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live at the las vegas convention center with a closer look at the impact ride hailing companies are having on the taxi-cab industry. ((karen castro)) this is the first year uber and lyft are on the road for c- e-s. the show has designated two pick up and drop off locations around the convention center. this is one of them in the south hall... and as we've witnessed through out the day, there's been a steady flow of traffic coming through here. ((karen castro)) ride hailing companies are making their debut at this year's c-e-s.... and they are making sure riders know they're in town. uber and lyft have ads all over the las vegas convention center and the airport... even offering the first ride at no cost.
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was free because the airport, they have signs all over '20 dollar credit' as soon as i got here from the airport, i took a lyft here and now i'm set to go take one to my hotel.)) ((karen castro)) bigger crowds are expected on wednesday when the show officially opens... but uber and lyft drivers are already cashing in on the c-e-s crowds. ((anthony lira - uber driver: crazy, a lot of people are trying to come here to do set ups and get everything ready. tony parham - lyft driver: it's been crazy busy and we absolutely love it.)) ((karen castro)) but some cab drivers aren't loving the competition. ((sam - cab driver: when ces coming up, you know, we always so excited because, you know, we get more busy we get more people. this year, i think it's a little slower than last year.)) ((karen castro)) the direct impact on the cab industry is unknown but the "taxi pick up and drop off location" at the convention center did not show signs of slowing down. c-e-s organizers believe as the convention continues to grow, attendees need more transportation options. ((jeff joseph - consumer technology association: they're coming to this tech mecca, they're coming to the greatest technology show on earth, you want to have options. it's consumer choice. we have a free market economy.))
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consumer technology association lobbied for ride hailing companies in nevada. this year, they finally got their wish. ((becca ludlum - lyft rider: i'm a very happy person.)) ((karen castro)) we also spoke to folks who took a cab to the convention. some of them tell us they simply didn't know uber and lyft were up and running... while others say it can be complicated hailing a ride from the strip.. and taking a cab is an easier option. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) and karen, what other modes of transportation are out there for convention attendees? ((karen castro)) it's big business for shuttle and limo companies too.. the monorail is also offering discounted prices for those attending c-e-s. ((paula francis)) > expectations met. ((dave courvoisier)) i-team chief investigator george knapp > expectations met. ((dave courvoisier)) i-team chief investigator george knapp goes beyond yesterday's
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from faraday future. the other projects inside the works besides their u- f-o- mobile. ((paula francis)) > plus... reaction to the president's executive action on gun control
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> ((paula francis)) > the auto world is abuzz today now that the world has had its first glimpse of a whiz-bang auto design from faraday future. the company has plans to build a billion dollar plant in north las vegas. ((dave courvoisier)) the sleek sportscar that was unveiled by company executives was described as "an extreme tablet on wheels" because of all of the digital features that could be included, but what the public has seen so far is a bit misleading. george knapp of the i-team is here with more on the story. george knapp the world has been waiting to see this design for months and its doubtful anyone was disappointed. faraday future, which wants to be called f-f, showed off a sleek, cutting edge machine, a 1000 horsepower sports car known as the ff zero one. and anyone who's ever had a drivers license might envision themselves behind the wheel of that beautiful beast. however, the sports model is
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(( )) richard kim/faraday-head of global design: ...a showcase for what ff stands for, inside and out, the design and user experience seen here is a preview of our dna and our ff products to come.... the faraday future folks have a future in promotions if this car thing doesn't work out. for months, they've driven the auto world crazy guessing what their vehicles would look like, and the big reveal in front of invited guests monday night was appropriately dramatic..follo wed by...kaboom....a jaw dropping ultra powerful sports model that could jump from zero to 60 in three seconds.... and forever change the public view of electric cars. the company was inspired by more advanced modes of transportation ... richard kim: the ufo line that runs around the vehicle is a subtle design cue that this car is not quite of this world.
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signature design element in all future faraday products. okay, you had us at ufo. one common reaction to the new design was this...haven''t i seen this car somewhere before? "batman".... there is more than a passing resemblance to the original batmobile, but bruce wayne never had a vehicle like this one. the most important feature is its versatility. the company plans to use this same flexible platform for every other model it plans to build at a billion dollar plant at the apex site in north las vegas. animated videos released by ff hint of designs still to come....vehicle with multiple engines....a pickup truck...a compact car...a soccer mom mini van..all with the ability to drive themselves..digi tal co- pilots...augment ed reality...and the most advanced interactive personal technology available...on this planet anyway.
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we are able to change the size and shape of the vehicle to virtually anything we want. with vpa, we can easily create multiple drive configurations. for example, we can change the number motors for a particular vehicle giving one greater range or another more acceleration and horsepower, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive... north las vegas mayor john lee, who initiated the effort to lure ff to nevada, had to sign a non disclosure agreement months ago but is finally able to comment on what other techno-goodies might be coming along for the ride. john lee/mayor of north las vegas i've seen two different concept cars now. both are jaw dropping. when you see the cars, you forget what the future is going to look like, you know, how streetlights will talk to vehicles, cars talk to cars, how people will travel in a whole different fashion in the future. so the car's exciting but i think the transportation we're seeing will take place is the most exciting thing for our country. george knapp mayor lee told us
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prototypes he saw over the summer for the non-sports-car drivers are quote awesome. and today, governor sandoval announced that his economic development office will create a center for the development of autonomous vehicles. on of the mottos for the faraday company is...fight ugliness. so far, so good. (("from 8 news now, this is neighborhood weather with tedd florendo.")) < tedd florendo >check out the fog from earlier. fog in the desert that rarely happens out here where we get little we get little rainfall. but air saturated enough where we could get another fog event overnight. ............................... ........ right now lwo 50's with widespread rain. light winds so far and we're cooler than yesterday. certainly the dewpoints are up and the humidity is too with the rain around. ............................... ............. currently outside before we get to the radar we're looking at
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neigbhorhoods in the high 40's at this hour. cold up in kyle canyon allowing snow to develop and that should continue overnight. milder over to the west side. not getting too cold tonight with all these clouds around. ............................... ............... regional temps also staying cool. but cold up in the southern great basin. cool temps elsewhere from death valley over to the mesquite and down to laughlin where we're also cool but staying warmer than last week. ............................... ................ satellite and radar. we put in the satellite to show you just how thick the clouds around around the west coast. california and our state completely innundated with clouds right now. snow in the sierres where they could get up to 2 feet of new snow. ............................... .................. our area seeing widepsread rain. there is no spot in the valley that is not getting rain right now. the yellow cores indicated where
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and of course where we have those winter storm warnings in the moutnains is where we're seeing snow heavy at times. even laughilin getting reain and mesquite soon enough. ............................... .................... here are our rain tally's so far. with .24 of ani ninche in the northwest neighborhoods up near loan mountain and centennial hills. over a .1-0 in summerl and almost a 10 along the 215 west beltway along russel and lakes. .04 in greenvalley and near blue diamond. ............................... ........................ futurecast shows rain this evening. then tomorrow morning it clear and midday we have what we call a lull. a break in the aion, but shower chances return again tomorrow afternoon and evening in more of the scattered variety. more snow in the mountains. thursday some chances but more south. and same goes for friday. ............................... ...................... so here's the forecast 42 overnight with clouds and rain. winds between 5 to 15 with a slight breeze. 55 tomorrow with more shower
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actions designed to reduce access to guns. ((paula francis)) the move increases enforcement of background checks for some buyers. the president's proposals to ramp up mental health care and add hundreds of f-b-i and a-t-f agents to better enforce current laws and focus on background checks, will require millions in funding-- which must be secured by congress. and surrounded by families and victims from mass shootings, the president made an emotional plea. however, republican leaders plan to fight the move: ((president obama- from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad.// sen. marco rubio, (r) florida -- or -- presidential candidate) when i'm elected president, on the first day, behind my desk, those
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((paula francis)) president obama and his legal advisors say he is within his constitutional rights to take the action for more background checks. the national rifle association says president barack obama's executive actions on gun control are "ripe for abuse" and lack seriousness./// ((paula francis)) > winning the jackpot. ((paula francis)) > the history being made with this week's powerball drawing and we'll hear what you would do if you could
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> getting out of debt... with the help of the 8 on your side team. coming up tonight at six... michelle mortensen introduces us to a local family who has pledged to follow her advice... to get out of debt by the end of the year./// ((dave courvoisier)) > what would > what would you do with 450-million dollars? one or more lucky people could find out tomorrow. ((paula francis)) the powerball jackpot is so far unclaimed and at 450- million, it's now the fourth largest jackpot in the game's history. the odds of winning are 1 in
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((dave courvoisier)) > we wanted to know what you would do if you won the jackpot. shirlene wrote: pay off debt, buy a house, set up my kiddo for her future, help my family & find a few charities to get involved in. ((paula francis)) robin's plan is simple... i would pay off my house and the houses of my two brothers. i would buy a new car, nothing fancy, and i'd continue to work. i like my job. ((dave courvoisier)) as for wanda she said change my name and phone number. you can join the conversation now using the hashtag powerball./// ((paula francis)) > () ((dave courvoisier)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> pelley: with silence more
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president mourns victims of gun
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