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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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around... and how low the temperatures will drop. ((dave courvoisier)) > hoping for another record breaking year: the one convention that really sets the tourism tone for rest of the year... and the work to bring even more people to las vegas. ((paula francis)) kicking off 2016... by making a big resolution: ((azalee: i wouldn't consider us a traditional family)) we introduce you to the family ready to ditch their debt with 8 on your side... and the tips you can follow to become debt- free./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > a weather system that's bringing cooler temperatures and rain to the valley... sticking around for another day. the low clouds are causing delays at mccarran... so if you have a flight tonight... be sure to call ahead. ((paula francis)) while we're seeing rain here in the valley... on the mountain that's turning into snow... putting a nice fresh coat on the ground for people at lee canyon. thanks for joining us... i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier.
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will the clouds sticking around < tedd florendo (( >don't forget the fog! we had fog in the desert too... and that' rarely happens. ............................... .............. first we begin with your doppler radar as we continue to see heavy to moderate rain coming down in souther california. they need the rain, but this can pose problems and mudslides for thos burned areas and of course flooding. it's providing snow in the higher elevations let's say above 6,000 feet or more. ............................... ............... now let's show our neighborhoods. pouring already in the pahrump. western sections of the viewing area getting the rain first of
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rain through the evening. snow in the mountiains is what i'm told by the ski resort confirming that right now. and that will contiue as well. ............................... .................. we have 2 weather alerts in the forecast area. first a winter storm warning for the mountains until 4 a.m. as we expect a lot of snow up there. we also have winter weather debut at this year's c-e-s. organizers have designated areas for uber and lyft drivers to operate during the convention. 8 news now reporter karen castro takes a closer look at what this means for the cab industry. ((karen castro)) at this year's c-e-s, there are more options on how to get around. ride hailing companies are participating in the convention for the first time since time since hitting the road last year. ((becca ludlum - lyft rider: as soon as i got here from the airport, i took a lyft here and now i'm set to go take one to my hotel. karl larsen - uber rider: i can use my credit card and all my expenses go right on to the credit card with out having to use cash.)) ((karen castro)) the tech-savvy crowd at c-e-s is wasting no time requesting a ride from uber and lyft.
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traffic at the designated pick up and drop off locations. the cab lines were also moving quickly. but some drivers say they are taking a hit. ((sam - cab driver: this year, i think it's a little slower than last year. i think we have some competition by uber and lyft.)) ((karen castro)) the overall impact on the cab industry is unknown. however mccarran international airport keeps track of the cab acitivity during c-e-s. the numbers have show an increase over the last three years. in 20-15 the airport saw almost 19- thousand cabs on the monday before the convention started. on the same day this year, the final count was just over 13- thousand. ((sam - cab driver: i mean, even if we are slow, we defnitely do better than when they are not here.)) ((karen castro)) as the competition for ridership gets tougher, uber and lyft are advertising the first ride for free. ((becca ludlum - lyft rider: they have signs all over '20 dollar credit')) ((karen castro)) but, unlike taxi-cabs, ride hailing companies have surge pricing during busy days. karen castro, 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) more than 165-thousand people are expected
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organizers are also working with other transportation companies... including the monorail, which is offering discounted prices. ((paula francis)) > the droves of visitors in town -- provide more proof that tourism is stronger than ever in southern nevada. c-e-s always starts the year off strong -- setting the pace for what could be another record breaking year for conventions and visitors. denise valdez tells us about the big numbers and how the city continues to attract business. ((denise valdez)) > all you have you to do is visit the airport or try and grab a taxi -- and it's clear how crazy the crowds are during c-e-s. it kicks off what coule be another gang buster year for the city of las vegas. the l-v-c-v-a says more than 42 million visitors came to las vegas in 2015. that's a record! and this past november was the best november ever with nearly three and half million people visiting. now we kick off the new year with one of the biggest shows in the world. for more than 20 years las vegas has been named the number one
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to the trade show news network. last month alone -- clark county pulled in more than 828 million in gaming revenue. the city credits the record breaking year -- on a few things -- one of them the ability to attract -- both regular and first time visitors: (( heidi hayes: lvcva: "so the visitor who comes back time and time again there's always something to do a new restaurant a new venue a new hotel a new show. in addition to that theres a lot of airline devlopment this year new routes .. both intl and domestic so getting people here easier make people want to come here to las vegas " )) ((denise valdez)) giant conventions like conexpo -- c-e-s -- the car show, sema and cowboy christmas all had record attendance too. las vegas attracts the biggest shows in america -- hosting 60 of the largest ones held in the country. ((denise valdez)) > don't forget -- the las vegas convention and visitors authority is moving forward with its las vegas global business district project on the grounds of what it now the riviera.
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spring -- so there's even more reasons for people to visit our city. ((paula francis)) so if las vegas is consistently number one -- which other city is our biggest competitor when it comes to convention business? ((denise valdez)) our closest competitors are orlando hosting 26 shows and chicago hosting 24. the two of them combined match the 60 convention business we hold here. ((dave courvoisier)) > climbing back from the housing bust. the areas seeing a new building boom... and why more affordable new homes could be on the horizon.///
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news music > ((dave courvoisier)) > the valley is seeing a flurry of construction activity. not only is there a lot of road work going on.. but home building as well. patrick walker tells us why the
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((nail gun)) ((patrick walker)) this is a sound we haven't heard a lot of since the housing bubble burst. homes.... going up by the dozens in neighborhoods around the valley. ((michael tassi/henderson asst. community development dir.: "we see more developers coming in, more subdivisions.")) ((patrick walker)) henderson issued nearly 1700 permits for single-family homein 2015... up 34 percent from 2014. ((construction equipment)) ((patrick walker)) but it's not just new homes that are going up at a steady pace. apartments are being built as well. this will be a new complex near sunset and green valley parkway. in clark county... the number of new apartments is up 30 percent from 2014. ((ron lynn/clark county building department: "more employees, more people moving in, more people staying, and therefore they need more reasonable, more modest living spaces.")) it's a shift from what we've seen in the valley recently. the higher-end home projects were resurected first... with multi-million dollar homes being built. now... we're seeing more modest homes. ((ron lynn/clark county building department: "the first initial lots were taken up that were already developed, now we have
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lots, which probably bodes well for the future.")) ((patrick walker)) clark county issued 38- hundred building permits for homes in 2015... up 13 percent... the city of las vegas.. also a 13-percent increase. all the new homes mean new tax revenue... and new infrastructure ... which henderson assistant community development director michael tassi says benefits all of us. ((michael tassi/henderson asst. community development dir.: "we have master plans like inspirada, those guys had to build the parks and turn them over to the cities, they're building the roadways, so they do pitch in as part of that.")) ((patrick walker)) patrick walker... 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) summerlin also had a good year on the housing front. more than 600 new homes sold there in 2015... up 40% from the year before.. ((paula francis)) > destroying debt in 2016. that's the goal one family made... and they plan on doing it with the help of the 8 on your side team. the tips they'll receive all year long... that could also help you pay
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are drowning in debt. according to a study by wallet hub ... we racked up an estimated 68-point-5 billion dollars in credit card debt in 2015. ((dave courvoisier)) that means now ... more than ever .. is the time to get out of debt... and 8 on your side is here to help. consumer advocate michelle mortensen joins us now with a closer look at our debt problem ... and a solution. ((michelle mortensen)) here's the problem.. we started paying off our credit cards... but by the end of the year we started spending way more than we paid off.. and that study shows 2015 was the worst year for credit card spending since 2009. so how do we change it? this year ... our debt destroyer program is
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to get out of debt. we're going to follow one family as they erase their debt in one year. we're going to give them every tool they need to make it happen. and everything we give them ... we're also going to give to you .. for free. let's meet the family . < baking and the holidays ..... may seem quite traditional ... but for this multi- generational family ... they're anything but . ((azalee: i wouldn't consider us a traditional family)) ((tammy: there's my mom who lives with us and there's me and i am disabled and we have azalee who just graduated from college)) three women ... three generations .. under one roof. all with very different stories. for the most part ... we will focus on two ... tammy's and azalee's. tammy as she mentioned is sick.
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bad days)) just three years ago she learned she has m-s. ((tammy: i am thankful i am still able to walk)) the disease is incurable. it attacks your nervous system, affecting your brain and body. it forced tammy to quit work. now she lives on disability. ((azalee: i don't think it's fair because i've never met anyone that's nicer that gives more to people than my mom does and she's worked hard all her life )) azalee says her mom is her inspiration and why she's worked so hard earning degrees at u-n-l-v. ((tammy: she got her masters at 24, so 5 years she got her bachelors and masters degree. )) after graduating in may .. she landed a job in communication in december ... and is starting to pursue her dreams. but as she begins her life ... she does so with debt. 53 thousand in student loans. then there's the family's credit card debt ...
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tammy and azalee's past due medical debt totals 7800. tammy also owes 15 thousand to the i-r-s. plus there's rent ... utilities ... and other monthly expenses. as for medications ... tammy says she often goes without. ((tammy: a lot of the meds i can't afford are the ones that control the pain and muscle spasms )) in 2015 ... there wasn't enough to make ends meet ... but in 2016 that will change ... with debt destroyers and 8 on their side. > ((michelle mortensen)) tammy and her family will be meeting with our team at the financial guidance center every month to get one-on-one help with their debt and budget. and you can get that same one- on-one help... tomorrow .. i'll tell you how you can sign up .. and be on your way to destroying your debt in 2016.
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tedd florendo ((>check out the fog from earlier. fog in the desert that rarely
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little rainfall. but r saturated enough where we could get another fog event overnight. ............................... ........ right now lwo 50's with widespread rain. light winds so far and we're cooler than yesterday. certainly the dewpoints are up and the humidity is too with the rain around. ............................... ............. currently outside before we et to the radar we're looking at the low 50's right now with some neigbhorhoods in the high 40's at this hour. cold up in kyle canyon allowing snow to develop and that should continue overnight. milder over to the west side. not getting too cold tonight with all these clouds around. ............................... ............... regional temps also staying cool. but cold up in the southern great basin. cool temps elsewhere from death valley over to the mesquite and down to laughlin where we're also cool but staying warmer than last week. ............................... ................ satellite and radar. we put in the satellite to show you just how thick the clouds around around the west coast. california and our state completely innundated with clouds right now. snow in the sierres where they could get up to 2 feet newow...........................................our area seeing widepsrd rain. ere is no spot in the valleythat is not getting rain right now.
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the rain is more concentrated at this hour. and of course where we have those winter storm warnings in the moutnains is where we're seeing snow heavy at times. even laughilin getting reain and mesquite soon enough. ............................... .................... here are our rain tally's so far. with .24 of ani ninche in the northwest neighborhoods up near loan mountain and centennial hills. over a .1-0 in summerl and almost a 10 along the 215 west beltway along russel and lakes. .04 in greenvalley and near blue diamond. ............................... ........................ futurecast shows rain this evening. then tomorrow morning it clear and midday we have what we call a lull. a break in the action, but shower chances return again tomorrow afternoon and evening in more of the scattered variety. more snow in the mountains. thursday some chances but more south. and same goes for friday.
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so here's the forecast 42 overnight with clouds and rain. winds between 5 to 15 with a slight breeze. 55 tomorrow with more shower chances later in the day not quite in the morning. breezy winds tomorrow up to 20 mph. ............................... ................... more snow in the moutnains. winter weather advisory for tomorrow at 4pm. snow level down to 5,000' ............................... .................. extended forecast shows showers tomorrow with some showers thursday. slight chance on friday then drier weekend with both sun and clouds. next week cooler, drier. but our morning temps will again be in the mid 30s' and chilly what will be the first sporting event in the new arena? ((paula francis)) that's a good question for debate. chris maathuis here with a few answers. ((chris maathuis)) i'm going to guess it's a combat sport... either boxing or mixed martial arts. manny pacquiao had the choice, but politics got in the way... i'll explain why he's not going to be first. but who is? more on that. plus.. there's a place dave rice has never won as head coach. and he's headin' there this week. more next here on 8 news now.
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to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) the las vegas arena is scheduled to open this spring. the las vegas band 'the killers' will cristen the building... but who will bring the first sporting event into the facility? ufc president dana white has already announced that ufc 200 in july will be held in the arena. who will be first.. top rank president bob arum could've been the first with manny pacquiao in april, but any construction delays would've been disastrous. (( )) bob arum/top rank; "i had to get the fight on by april 9th which is when the arena is supposed to open, because manny is running for the senate in the
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takes place in mid may." so bob's hands were somewhat tied with manny's political aspirations in the philippines. but here's a good guess... golden boy will probably announce in the next day or so that canelo alveraz will fight this spring, and they've got a may 7th hold on the new arena. he's also reportedly holding the mgm grand and the alamodome in san antonio. if i was forced to make a bet, i'd go the new arena in vegas on cinco de mayo weekend. speaking of the new 375 million dollar arena.... construction is coming along nicely. we walked through the facility today... here's your latest look at the nhl locker room facility... from the opening, through the locker rooms and onto the weight room, to the lounge and the big spa and training room. the ice rink is under the pads on the floor... as the seats and lighting fixtures on going up. the party tower overlooking the entire arena will be pretty cool... and the wide open front lobby arena that extends out onto a patio, overlooking the park.
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april 9th is still the date. the suits making decision on the college football final four and steadfast in their desire to keep the semi's on new years eve. bad mistake, the ratings were way down and even at the sports books, they noticed an intesting trend. (( )) jay kornegay/sports book; "not only did the ratings drop but the handle dropped as well... we experienced a 30 percent drop in handle compared to the first semi final that we saw last year.." top ranked and unbeaten clemson is a 7- point underdog to alabama. of course the game is coming up at 5:30 on monday. in college hoops... dave rice and the rebs leave today for fort collins to meet the rams on wednesday. unlv has has trouble with colorado state.... rice has never beaten the rams on the road. he's 0-4 so what needs to happen to reverse the trend... here's dave rice. (( )) ave rice/coach; "be physical share the ball paly inside out and try to score more points then they do... its a huge challenge against a team that has a bunch of shooters and so we will be ready
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enviorment, he's a good coach and there's no doubt that teams are familar with each other in conf. play." ((chris maathuis)) tip off for the rebels tomorrow is at 7... here's something parents might be interested in for their kids. csn will start a men and womens soccer program next fall. the men's coach will be the former president of the las vegas mobsters hockey program geoffrey hawks. and the women's coach is former green valley grad and english womens premier league player jennifer schultz. congrats to the school and the coaches... more opportunities for local kids. dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6.
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