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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 5, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. jen garner hugging a mystery man. we have the exclusive photos. why he is making her smile? >> plus, bachelor ben today.
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but why was this steamy kiss cut from the premiere? >> is there an offer for a kiss? >> tonight is that night. >> why was this cut out of the show? >> see what happens when ben is in the hot seat. >> then mrs. cosby. news an her attempt to block her deposition. will she be forced to testify against her tv husband? >> pleading the fifth is not always an option. >> plus, we have golden globe stars getting to l.a. >> the netflix series "making a murderer," viewers are demanding help this morning. >> inside the new crime series riling up hollywood. could fans help set this man free? and >> look who's back. >> i had gained weight -- again. >> kirstie alley today, how she dropped 50 pounds and her "cheers reu >> we know we're all losers. >> that's not even the beard
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>> now in our 35th season this is "entertainment tonight." >> we love ben as the new bachelor. debut last night was a hit. but hold on now. we have uncovered something. is ben a hyp it could have a major impact on cosby's fate. >> the ruling caught many by surprise. camille's deposition is on hold for now. her attorneys made an appeal to keep her from being deposed at all. the judge ordered both sides to reschedule it as soon as practical. >> i have to ask about your coming up in the news. >> we don't answer that. >> mrs. cosby know and when? >> camille is the wild card. what does she know about the sexual assault accusations can she be forced to answer? n papers filed yesterday her
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freedom will be at issue and a disqualification rule prohibits any spouse from testifying inging as to their private marital conversations. some say that doesn't apply. she wasn't just married to him. she was his mana she's thrust herself right up there in the public withhim. that could potentially open up a lot of avenues for questioning. >> he sexually assaulted me in my bed in my home. >> tamara green and six other women want to hear from camille. allegele her husband sexually assaulted them and defamed them in thepress. billosby maintains his innocence. can camille plead the fifth? >> you can't just plead the fifth not to be embarrassed or because you're afr someone may be sued. it is an option when the conc is being criminally prosecuted. >> there is another reason camille's fought hard to delay the deposition. they claim the women suing cosby
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we still haven't seen any of bill cosby's depositions from last yearment. >> we'll continue to follow this. >> we will. >> tv news now. bachelor ben was a hit his debut. but is he saying one thing and doing another? >> e ben told us he wanted to take things slowly with the ladies and stressed it again on the show. >> what the episode didn't show you is ben locking lips with the dentist lady. i had a chance to ask ben all about that photo we saw. and al craziness when he stopped by here today. >> i wanted the first >> you go >> so unicorn? >> i picked it out of my garden. maybe if things go well to you can pollinate it later. >> interesting. >> we're twins. >> you can't beat this. >> the limo exits last night were classic. a unicorn head.
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the onesie and mandy giving you this or >> she intrigued me. she was not only up front about, you know, her feelings and she was also a little aggressive in how she approached the night. she wasn't nervous. i thought those were all things i was intrigued by. >> 7.5 million watched the premiere with pretty much everybody agreeing this bachelor is sweet, sincere, and the perfect ben. interested in what makes up the women, not just making out but have we caught him being a hypocrite? >> you made a comment about now i'm going to get to know you ladies before i lip lock. then we see this shot up on the pr thing of you lip locking with mandy. you have some explaining to do. >> i do. this looks a lot different than it actually was. >> this is crazy. she hit me in the face. >> whoa. >> i'm so embarrassed. >> i can't do this right now. 50 shades ofcrazy. >> the host calls this the most
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history. fantasy bachelor leagues -- yeah, those exist -- are already heating up with people getting points for things like who gets visibly drunk, who has a body part blurred out, who wins. i don't know if you know this but the actress on "big bang theory" and her sister, they instagrammed a little so along with a video. they wrote, those damn twins took our spot. >> so nervous. >> blinds are closed. [ beep ] >> kayly is newly sin so if you're not taken what do you think about her? >> she's a beautiful, beautiful person. >> so you wouldn't mind going out with her? >> let's not jump to conclu >> oh, she's so cute. >> she's in hiding now. well, we all want to see jennifer garner happy and in love again. and exclusive new photos have people wondering. there she is with a mystery man. a big smile on her face. she gave him a big hug.
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have been a chat between friends. a source tells us that he is jen's accountant and there is absolutely nothing going on romantically. they are just friends. >> money makes you smile. meanwhile we are counting down the days to the golden globes award awards. the stars are flying in from all over the world including the host, ricky gervais. >> he did some talking to the paparazzi and let them know why he already tweeted out that he's sorr what he might say during the big event. >> you tweeted an apology ahead of time, a preemptive apology. >> yeah. >> right? [ inaudible ] i thought i would get it done straaway. i said sorry a week ago. >> ricky arrived at lax in a good mood, ready to take on hollywood. >> they're nice. they take it well. >> all rig >> if they don't take it well, who gives a [ bleep ]. >> who are you?
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>> anyone who's bigger than me. >> julia louis-dreyfus arrived in l.a. for the globes. she was just in chicago at a basketball game over the weekend with her husband brad. julia is the tv comedy actress favorite for "veep." jennifer lawrence spotted in new york she's in a neck and neck race with amy schumer. she was on bbc radio talking about the movie she and amy have been writing. >> what about the project with amy schumer? is that still going to happen? >> we finished writing it. we have an official first i'm going to try to fit that >> i love seeing you two together. >> thank you. so do we. >> amy spent today in washington for president obama's tearful speech about gun violence. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> amy was seated in the front row in the east room of the white house. she's been an advocate for gun control since three au members were shot in louisiana theater during a screening of her movie "train wreck."
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get that he motional? such a powerful moment. well, we have more award show news. tomorrow night it's the people's choice awards. jane lynch is hosting for the first time. she tells us she's not nervous. after all, what's the worst thing that can happen? >> i can't think of a scenario even if i fall on my face that is -- that would kill me. you know? unless, of course, i die up there. >> let's hope not. jane will host the show from this massive microsoft theat stage. in the audience, kate hudson and dakota johnson sit a row in front of julie chen and the ladies from "the talk." ellen gets a seat up front down the row from brittany. >> it's a love fest between stars and fans. >> there is a new comedy thursday on cbs, "angel fromom
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>> i play a guardian angel. i reveal myself to her as being such. she has a hard time believing it. things get better when i'm around. >> you keep showing up everywhere and it's freaking me out. >> absolutely. it is weird. >> she is so much fun. that is maggie lawson co-starring with jane. you might remember maggie from the final season of "2 1/2 men." >> the new victoria secret photo shoot. only we have the cover girl soaking wet in her bikini. >> then we're with kirstie alley, valerie bertanelli talking about tonight's "ncis." >> we also got an update about the man she claimed attacked
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>> tony, this is my little brother lucas. >> nice to meet you, lucas. you're under arrest. >> what did you do? >> what did luca do? that is our girl on tonight's "ncis." tyler ritter playing your little brother. pauley right here wi how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. i'm really excited for you guys to see the show ton >> it's a crossover episode with "ncis new orle what is happening? >> there's like a plane crash and a murder and all this stuff that happens in new orleans. and that brings the ncis and ncis new orleans together. and then somehow, some way abby's brother, who is a chef, ends up in the middle of all this kind of stuff.
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what is going on? >> my apartment has been ran sacked. i don't know who to trust except you. but i knew you would come. >> it's one of the most popular shows in the world. is there anyplace can you go where people are not like -- aahh? >> no. no. it's the biggest show. it's in the number one drama in the world for years and years and years. like at some point i think it's last year they said that like of any given moment there million people watching "ncis" somewhere on the planet. so, no. i can't go anywhere. >> by the way, how you doing? last time we were together, you were under crazy circumstances. >> it was crazy. >> with the guy who attacked you. how are you doing? >> physically, i'm fine. emotionally, you know, it was a very, very traumatic event. you were with me. kevin and i are very, very -- kevin is like my brother. he is like family. and after i got attacked and he came over and literally, you were there as my friend. >> he told me he was going to kill me several times and i absolutely believed him. >> i can't believe i made it out
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bay the grace of god, i did. >> thank you for being here. go ahead, read the prompter. >> hey. thank you so much for being here. the "ncis" and "ncis crossover" airs tonight on cbs. here's a look at what we got coming up. >> do i want my jeans to be looser? hell yeah. >> valerie bertinel her weight and what she's saying about kirstie alley going back to jey craig. >> somebody here as -- wants to give you a shoutout. >> great. >> we're hanging with her today. she explains how in the world she got the "cheers" gang back together for this jenny craig commercial. plus, "making a murderer," could the new hit series help this man get out of jail? lots of people are trying to solve the mystery at the same time.
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closed captioning provided by -- she's breathed it. and i would trust kirstie alley anywhere. >> valerie is what i would call a real woman. so it means a lot to me coming from her that she would validate me in this way. >> both have endorsed jenny craig in the past and now -- >> hi," e.t." as can you see, we haven't left yet
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>> holy moly. >> that's not even the beer talking. >> 64-year-old kirstie alley is back at "cheers" with norm, george and cliff. >> 50 pounds down, thanks to jenny craig. >> last time i saw a beauty like you, i was -- >> dreaming. >> yeah, i was dreaming. >> reunited with jenny craig but you also for this campaign reunited with some old friends. >> i had the best time. it was the best -- you know, when they approached me, what do you think about doing a commercial in "cheers"? i thought, who is going to do that? george and john. i'm like, are they really? >> it's not the or "cheers" set back in the museum so they built a new one. >> we walked on the set. it could not have been a more perfect replica. we about fainted. >> a lot of buzz and rumors out there about a reunion. in fact, there are specifics there is a cheers reunion in 2017. >> i want a "cheers" reunion. as long as it's not taking up the subjects. it really has to be just another
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stars alums and kirstie alley still has the moves. she said rejoining jenny craig is the key to losing and keeping the 50 off for good. >> it really worked for me. i'm not good on my own. >> honestly, guys have to be knocking at your door. are you dating? >> no. i said in 2015 i was going to date. i did some dating. not impressed. >> come on! you have to widen that dating pool. that will do it kirstie alley also has a new acting gig. she has a role on a new comedy "flight." that will be on netflix later this year. >> thank you, cameron. speaking of netflix, one of the biggest shows right now is a docu-series called "making a murderer." and celebrities, i mean, they're tweeting about it like craz it makes the case that a man serving life in prison is actually innocent. >> that is stephen avery. he was convicted of murder in 2007. but now thanks to the show, there's a growing call for the court system to rectify what
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>> the series is all the buzz right now. >> as hundreds of thousands in an uproar. >> demanding help this morning for a convicted kil wisconsin. >> i didn't do it. >> who did it? >> i don't know. >> since the series debuted in december, more than a quarter of a million people have signed an online petition demanding avery's pardon. >> you are kidding me? >> celebrities have been tweeting like crazy. alec baldwin live tweeted 18 times in three days. brian seltzer has been writing about this crime story sensation for cnn. >> this series has been addicting with binge watching with social media. lots of people are altogether trying to solve the mystery at the same time. >> i had a good life until all the trouble started. >> "making of a murderer line, he was convicted of sexual assault in 1985. after 18 years in prison with new dna evidence, that conviction is overturned.
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realized that they had screwed up big time. >> but after filing a $36 million lawsuit against officials, avery is accused of murder in a new case. the producers of the netflix series imply some of the evidence could have been plant as playback. >> that key was scrubbed and his dna placed on it. prosecutor ken crats stands by the conviction. he claim it is film makers omitted evidence from the trial that was damaging to avery. >> if i was spoon fed only what the netflix documentary wanted me to see, i would come to exactly the same conclusion. >> but today comes news that a juror from the trial has come forward telling the producers that avery was not proven guilty. >> they believe that stephen was framed by law enforcement. why did you cast your vote for guilty and what they told us is they feared for their personal safety. >> wow. >> it's almost like this trial started all over again. but now in the court of public opinion. >> which then means it's perfect fodder for a tv movie, right?
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in the different roles, joshua jackson as stephen avery, eric stone as a prosecutor, ken crats. and then david hyde pierce as the defense attorney. >> now in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which "guardian of the galaxy" star's first acting job was an episode of "sex in the city ?" >> chris pratt.
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whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. at -- country singer craig strickland found dead monday. now his wife shares the heartbreaking video. plus, why lea michelle says cory monteith would have loved her new boyfriend. and we're obsessed with "making a murderer" so we got an exclusive preview of the next true crime sensation, "killing fields."
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>> it's all at www.etonlin welcome back to the show. now in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "guardian of the galaxy" star's first acting job was an episode of "sex in the city?" that is bradley cooper. he turned 41 today. >> no! >> we knew we would get it wron he's too young. so much of the country is freezing right now. here is something to warm you up. that is swedish model posing the victoria secret swimsuit catalog 2016 is coming out tomorrow. we have the first look at elsa on the cover. just look at how elsa reacted when she heard the news. >> oh, >> congratulations.
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