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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > thanks for joining us... i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. 2016 is expected to be a landmark year when it comes to new development on the strip. today we learned the unfinished fontainebleu could soon be sold. ((paula francis)) 8 news now anchor paul joncich is here with new details. ((paul joncich)) i sat down with executives from the commercial real estate firm handling the sale...and they say they are very confident the fontainebleau will be sold in 2016 and could have a deal in place within 60 days. carl icahn has been sitting on the property since buying it out of bankruptcy for 150 million . he's looking to sell it for around 650- million. the stalled fontainebleau may be the single biggest eyesore on the strip. it is a painful reminder of the recession that hurt so many of us. the 68 story project went into bankruptcy before it could be finished and has been sitting idle on the north-strip since 2008. the executive in charge of
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time consuming process making sure buyers who have expressed interest have the necessary assets to complete a deal this big. ((john knott/executive vice president cbre: " they have, call it $50 million of their own equity, but they bring a fund in with them and the fund says we're prepared to support this bid and then all the sudden it becomes a highly credible bider because they demonstrated the financial capacity with the support of this multi billion dollar fund as their partner.")) ((paul joncich)) as cbre's john knott points out, there aren't very many individuals with $650 million in their pocket. he tells me there is robust interest from both u.s. and foreign entities. and he expects....whoev er buys it will finish the existing structure because it would be too costly blow it up and start over. ((paul joncich)) here's what's so enticing to investors lately. las vegas room rates are up. and so is the hotel occupancy rate. it was about 82- percent during the recession. in 2015, it was over 90-percent.
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in 2015....shows there may be a demand for more hotel rooms in this city./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the homeless man hired by a las vegas firefighter to kill his wife... is sentenced to 42 years- to- life in prison. noel stevens will have the possibility of parole after 42 years served. he was paid 600- dollars by george tiaffay... to kill shauna tiaffay back in 20-12. (( paula stokes- richards//shauna's sister - yeah it's what we've been working for since sept. 29 of 2012 we wanted justice for shauna and i believe we got that and we can't think the da's office and metro detectives all of them worked so hard on this to get justice for shauna)) ((dave courvoisier)) george tiaffay was sentenced to life in prison./// ((paula francis)) > police have made an arrest in a deadly
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24-year-old joshua simon is being held at the clark county detention center... facing charges including first degree murder. back on december 23-rd... police say simon was involved in a verbal altercation with a man at an apartment complex near charleston and pecos. the fight led to a shooting... killing one man./// ((paula francis)) > an arrest has also been made in a shooting that happened almost one year ago. 36-year-old dwayne lawson has been arrested in californa and is awaiting extradition. police say the victim answered a knock at the door february 13-th of last year... and was shot when he stepped outside. he died at the hospital./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a deadly overnight crash marks the second death of the new year for metro police. the coroner has identified the victim as 55-year-old patricia cole. police say she was crossing las vegas boulevard at cheyenne when a car hit her. she died at umc. police do not believe the driver was at fault in the crash./// ((dave courvoisier)) >the
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evaluating whether to proceed with mutiple felony charges against the former chief of the boulder city animal shelter. as the 8 news now i-team previously reported, an affadavit submitted by boulder city polcie to the d-a is seeking 37 felony counts against former animal control chief mary jo frazier. an investigation uncovered evidence that frazier allegedly okayed the euthenizations of hundreds of animals without getting approval from a veterinarian and without waiting the required number of days. witnesses say frazier personally administered lethal drugs to dogs and cats, sometimes on the same days the animals arrived at the shelter. the i-team has learned that police met with the d.a. earlier this week to brief prosecutors on the allegations, though a decision on possible charges has not yet been made. a notice posted today on the website of boulder city animal control announced that charges are still pending. it was also announced that the shelter is also now able to stay open seven days per week because
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been hired and trained. ((paula francis)) > las vegas mayor carolyn goodman stepping into the spotlight tonight for her annual state of the city address.. she'll be looking back on 20-15 and giving a preview of what's ahead in the new year. her speech just started... let's go live to city hall for a brief listen... ((paula francis)) our coverage of the mayor's address will continue tonight... tonight... on 8 new now at 6./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the folks up at lee canyon have to be happy with the recent weather. ((tedd florendo)) that's right... 10 inches of snow came down overnight... bringing the totals from the recent storm to 26 inches! < tedd florendo >yeah check out
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we picked up about .26 of rain this week. but many other neighborhoods picked up more like providence and centennial hills. also some good rain for summerlin and henderson. the mountain picked up a lot of snow this week with even more up at the ski resort. ............................... ................... latest on the doppler radar shows some light shower/sprinkle s in the southwest part of the valley, everywhere else stayind dry with plenty of scattered clouds. that could change tonight though. we also have more snow coming down in the mountains. ............................... ................... this evening expect a chance of more isolated showers, not really looking at measurable rain here like we saw on tuesday. mainly clouds by midnight with temps getting chilly to the mid 40's. speaking of the cold... what would it take for you to stand out there for a few hours? ((dave courvoisier)) how about 700- million dollars! mauricio marin is in primm as the powerball jackpot continues to climb...
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((mauricio marin)) all day the line has wrapped around the building and down the parking lot. it's all to get tickets for a chance at powerball's largest jackpot ever. some waiting about two hours but they're not letting the chilly weather get them down. ((mauricio marin)) it's another dash for the cash in primm. wednesday's powerball drawing...the prize is now up to 700-million dollars. ((anne mares/buying lotto ticket: i'm here to win and to buy my ticket." )) ((mauricio marin)) folks like anne mares and her husband made their way to primm from las vegas. even though they knew the line would be out the door. ((anne mares/buying lotto ticket: "we expected it would be long but the commordity with everyone has been wonderful." )) ((mauricio marin)) sure enough....people coming out to buy a ticket made the most of the experience. even though the line dragged way down the road. some came prepared...brou ght chairs, turned on some tunes and got comfy. others took the time to strategize how to pick numbers. ((mel dukuly/buying lotto ticket: "pick the numbers by hand. why is that? because i love it i trust myself." )) ((mauricio marin)) mel dukuly says if he
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out which is just under 430- million dollars. but says he'd settle for a smaller cash prize too. ((mel dukuly/buying lotto ticket: " i hope i come close. if i come close with five numbers ill settle for 1.4 million." )) ((mauricio marin)) while others feel the jackpot might not hit again saturday....but they've got to try anyways. ((jim allred/buying lotto ticket: "it wouldn't surprise me to see it close to a billion before somebody hits it and then you'll see some action out here." )) ((mauricio marin)) but says half the excitment in it all is asking...what if? ((jim allred/buying lotto ticket: 'it's fun to dream it's fun to hope out and that's what it's all about. everyone out here is hoping. )) ((mauricio marin)) now in case no one win's the jackpot saturday. people here are also buying tickets for the next drawing so they won't have to stand in line again. tickets are only 2-bucks. good luck. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) mauricio....what' s the staff saying out there? they've seen long lines before but is there something different about this time? ((mauricio marin)) they've certainly seen this before but
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minute to buy a ticket this time might not be the best option...because the line just keeps getting bigger. the drawing is saturday. but they don't want anyone left out who wants to be a part of it. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > one on one with bernie sanders... ((paula francis)) coming up... 8 news now sits down with the democratic presidential primary candidate... he shares his thoughts on the armed occupation at a wildlife refuge in oregon... led by a few nevada ranchers.///
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trial of a former pastor accused of sexually assaulting young girls. otis holland faces a life sentence if convicted on a long list of charges. police say he targeted minors in counseling sessions. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live outside the regional justice center with more on today's testimony. karen? today we heard from two of the alleged victims. the first to testify said she was 14 years old when the defendant sexually assaulted her. we must warn you, some of the details you're about to hear are disturbing. because of the nature of the case, we are not identifying the
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during her testimony, she described the numerous times holland touched her inappropriately. she said the first encounter happened in the defendant's limousine during a counseling session after church in 2009. the other incidents happened at holland's home. one time, on christmas day. the victim remembers the defendant taking her to a bedroom and sexually assaulting her. at one point, she remembers being video recorded. the victim testified, she believed it was all part of the counseling session. (( )) during her testimony, holland holland was seen shaking his head in disagreement. in opening statements, prosecutor robert langford told jurors the defendant brainwashed
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nothing wrong with what he was doing. his defense attorney, carmine colucci, said holland offered counseling sessions to minors with the consent of their parents. colucci said his client talked to the kids about sex... but never sexually assaulted them. in fact, he said the victims cared about holland and when they found out he was dating older women, they plotted against him. the second victim to take the stand also testified she was sexually assaulted during counselng sessions with the former pastor. she was also a teenager at the time. the trial will resume tomorrow. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) karen, any word of when holland will take the stand. ((karen castro)) his defense
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but the prosecutor believes holland will testify in his own defense. ((nats- vuvuzelas and airhorns)) ((paula francis)) > a chorus of vu-vu-ze'-las and airhorns welcomed the three democratic presidential primary candidates to las vegas last night. hilary clinton... bernie sanders... and martin o-malley each made their case as to why they should be president... during a special event hosted by senator harry reid./// ((paula francis)) > vermont senator bernie sanders has been over the past two days. early polls.. but he does not lack for enthusiasm! ((dave courvoisier)) during a break between events today... our politics now team sat down with senator sanders. patrick walker joins us with some highlights from today's conversation. ((patrick walker)) the vermont senator has some ground to make up... after the latest poll at the end of last month shows he's lost ground in nevada to hillary
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a december 28th gravis marketing poll shows clinton's support hasn't changed since october... sitting right at 50 percent. sanders has dropped seven points to 27 percent support and martin o'malley is sitting at one percent. but... that leaves 22 percent... who sanders believes he can woo over. sanders hit on his usual topics last night... wealth inequality, wall street reform, healthcare and immigration reform. his speech was one of several campaign events in las vegas in the last 36 hours earlier today... steve sebelius and i sat down with the candidate. one topic we spoke about... the bundy-led takeover of the wildlife refuge in oregon. he condemned the action... and said the occupiers must be prosecuted. ((patrick walker: "they are armed, they've gone in armed, do you see this as an act of domestic terrorism?" sen. bernie sanders: "so far, thank god, nobody has been killed, but people with guns cannot be allowed to take over federal property, that has to be dealt with, they must be prosecuted, but again, i want to see this ended with as minimal violence
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((patrick walker)) sanders also discussed north korean nuclear testing with us. he said he wants to see china as a partner in deterring their efforts to develop a hydrogen bomb or other nuclear weapons. ((patrick walker)) sanders tells me he feels he's making progress here and the numbers have been surprising at the rallies he's had. you can catch the full interview sunday at 5:30 on politics now. and we are your election headquarters leading up to the november election. /// ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo cool today with sun this morning and more clouds late day. stayed mostly dry but shower chances started picking up again. winds slight breeze out there and we're cooler than yesterday. great skycam shot out there right now showing those clouds.
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..................... temps today high low 50's this afternoon throughout the region. some locales only reached the high 40's today with colder conditions again up in mount charleston. cooler over to the west with milder temps to the east, although not too mild. they are lower in elevation over to the east keeping temps slightly milder than elsewhere. ............................... ................... regional temps also staying cool today with not too much of warm up in the daytime. cool from mesquite all the way down to laughlin and cold already up in the southern great basin. already at or below the freezing mark. ............................... ..................... so here's what to expect tonight and into your weekend. slight shower chances, but mainly isolated tonight. nothing measurable for rain. colder overnight too with temps in the mid to high 30's by morning after some 40's overnight lately. rain chances go up again on saturday late day. ............................... ....................... radar and satellite both showing scattered activity out there,. but not widespread. snow showers in the mountains
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northeastern clark county and mohave county. ............................... ...................... zooming in. still shot of where the rain is right now and again the valley staying dry. snow in the spine of the mountains with showers now down near saint roase parkway and way up past apex. ............................... ....................... the low tracking in utah is pulling away. we're still getting some wrap around moisture around it bringing shower chances this evening, but not heavy rain. it's going to pull away even further then we'll have more drying from west to east from here on out. ............................... ....................... that may not last too long though. we get that break tomorrow. with mountain snow chances still possible. but the next system in the pacific pipeline of storms bring us a slight chance of showers again saturday which is expected to be brief. drier by sunday. ............................... ........................ tonight expect a low of 37 and mostly clouds. stray shower chances are illt there at least until earlymorrow. youri r friday withth sun and clouds.ght winds and below averagemps expected.............................. ....................... ow chances still around morrow for the mountains andill possible.partly sunny at , with red c46 tomorrow. ............................. ........................
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really not too muchfariance.lot of days near0ndernight lows in the mid tohigh 30's until next week)) >((paula francis)) > a new name is announced for las vegas's newest arena. ((dave courvoisier)) up next.... how locals are taking to the news that the venue will be called the "t- mobile arena". dave courvoisier)) > las vegas' newest venue officially
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announced today it will be dubbed the "t- mobile arena." the las vegas band, the killers, and wayne newton are scheduled to headline the grand opening on april 6th. the 20-thousand seat venue is located on the strip behind the monte carlo and new york- new york. t-mobile customers will get exclusive access to seat upgrades, early ticket sales.. and fast track vip entry./// ((dave courvoisier)) so what do locals think of the announcement? robert andrews says.. "i miss the days when an arena or ballpark was named after veterans, a memorial to an important piece of history in that city or a person who made a difference in the city." but glenn siegel sees it a different way... saying "call it whatever they want, i just want an nhl team." too...
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facebook page to chime in./// ((paula francis)) > if you're looking for ways to help the planet this year.... your timing is perfect. our 5th annual super recycle event is happening january 23 at the thomas and mack center. it's a one stop recycling drop! republic services will be there accepting recyclables. care coalition will also collect and safely dispose of unused and expired medicine. goodwill will be there to collect household, and clothing items. the blind center of southern nevada will take your unused or outdated electronics. and shred-it will be available to chop up your documents./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a local mom... still pinching herself. ((paula francis)) how she plans on using the money she's saving... after winning free rent for a year./// ((coming up... stock prices plummet as the sell of accelerrates. what has wall st. so rattled. plus new dietary guidlines released today could change the way some of us eat and drink. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley.
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((voice over: "now, nevada's
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((dave courvoisier)) > caught in the act. coming up tonight at six... the evidence police have... that could land a shooting suspect in even more trouble... after being accused of trying to have a witness killed. plus... the stock market seems to be in turmoil. we dig through the data to figure out what the steep drops in global stock markets could mean for local businesses./// ((paula francis)) > those of you who watched our new year's eve special saw something exciting. thanks to our partner... gavish real estate... mother of six.. melissa (eye-oh-knock-ah) aionaaka took home a check for a rent. melissa... who says the giveaway has give back: (( melissa aionaaka//mortgag e giveaway winner - we decided that when december comes around, even if it's someone else's layaway or one month rent, we're gonna pay this forward. it won't be for anyone to know
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100%)) ((paula francis)) melissa says she's won contests before... but never expected anything like this./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll sese you at six. /// news music ((paula >> pelley: investors head for the exits and stock prices plummet. what has wall street rattled? also tonight, a massive gas leak in southern california. >> we call this the b.p. oil spill on land. >> pelley: lining up for painkillers. a landmark suit against drug distributors that allegedly got
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