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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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continues for a second straight week. the clean-up and work they're doing on site while the stand-off continues. ((kirsten joyce)) > and one man on the east coast isn't waiting for fresh snow to fall. what he did to create his own snow. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. a valley family says they were victims in a violent home invasion... where four suspects went inside and tied them up. ((kirsten joyce)) maurcio marin spoke to a few security experts... and explains what you should do if you ever find yourself in this situation. ((mauricio marin)) ray kilcoyne is still shaken up. he was the victim of a home invasion this weekend and is thankful to be alive. ((ray kilcoyne/home invasion victim: one kid standing there pointing the gun at me with his hand shaking so right there i knew is he going to pull the trigger?" )) ((mauricio marin)) kilcoyne says metro police
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off the four men with guns that tied him up with duct tape. and tells us they busted his lip and left bruises all over his body. dave shepherd...a risk and crisis management expert says there's many reasons why criminals break into homes. ((dave shepherd/risk & crisis management: "big time scary. big time scary. it all depends on why they are going to go in. it's all the way to precious items you have or has to do with revenge or cash it's hard to tell.' )) ((mauricio marin)) shepherd says criminals often do their homework staking out homes before going in after what they want. ((dave shepherd/risk & crisis management: "if you are trying to break into a place to start with you know if they have an alarm system or not have a dog or not they're going to know more about that to start with." )) ((mauricio marin)) so he recommends being picky on who you let into your house. and being discreet about the possessions you own. according to shepherd....the majority of home invasions happen when no one is home. and says every bit of protection helps deter criminals...from home surveillance having a dog. in kilcoyne's case...he feels the culprits may have known his 17-year old son. ((ray kilcoyne/home invasion
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the safe it's like they grabbed the girl went right upstairs and it's like they knew exactly where it was. they didn't ransack the bedroom. they pulled the safe right out of the bedroom and that was it." )) ((mauricio marin)) kilcoyne says it going to take some time until he will feel comfortable at home again. ((ray kilcoyne/home invasion victim: "hurting and scared to be in this house. the fact that they didn't catch them bothers me the most. are they going to come back" )) ((kirsten joyce)) police are still looking for the suspects... and have not released any description of them. if you have any information.. please call crimestoppers. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk
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dropping back to normal upper 30s... and that will be the norm for most of this week. ........... we had a nice weekend, with temps in the mid 50s. look for a lot of sunshine like we've had saturday and sunday. we went into the weekend exptecting some rain to show up yesterday but it didn't happen and that was okay after such a soggy week. ........... we should have more clouds through the week and into the weekend.
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > a number of > a number of companies are now making self-driving cars... and so is the number that are testing them right here in nevada. the d-m-v says four companies have active licenses to test autonomous vehicles in our state. they are daimler- mercedes benz... hyunda-kia... daimler freightliner... and delphis automotive. nevada was one of the first states to pass regulations for their test in 2011. audi and google have tested self- driving vehicles here as well. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > nevada's gaming industry lost millions of dollars last year. casinos in our state lost 662- million dollars... that's according to data from the nevada gaming control board. this is the 6-th straight year
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and other cities statewide. analysts say the trend began with the 2008 recession... where fewer tourists started coming here... and far less spending was happening at the tables and slot machines. a nevada gaming control board (uh-con- uh-mist) economist says the losing streak should end this year... with a record 42-million visitors expected in las vegas. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the campaign trail is starting to heat up here in nevada... as the caucuses are quickly approaching. ((brian loftus)) what donald trump promised he'd bring to northern nevada.. after his stop in reno. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus -- mcdonald's is changing their product branding... in hopes of catching the attention of one growing demographic here in the u-s. ///
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protestors in oregon.. occupied a government building on a wildlife refuge. an oregon sheriff tried to make peace with ammon bundy.. but he refused. cory marshall has the latest. (reporter standup) "you can see gone past the guards at the entrance here to what's become the bundy camp -- what's really become a mini community." brand thornton considers himself a lifetime political activist. he's also one of the oregon occupiers, led by ammon bundy. you're looking at where he's set up camp for the last week. this is one of several buildings on the refuge. since the standoff started, the bundy crew has said they've putting in work at the refuge. it hasn't been clear what that entails until now. thornton said that work is in the form of cleaning the cabins,
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and cataloging. they say they're starting to go through some of the items at the refuge, marking them personal or government, and putting thm in bins labeled by where they found it. they say the plan it to return the personal items to the people they belong to and the government-owned items to the county. (brand thornton/proteste r) "you know, we want to be good stewards. this is no our property. so, to be good stewards we wanted to show our good faith and just start doing some constructive things, just like cleaning the sidewalks. i've taken it upon myself to make sure these birds are fed everyday." i mentioned the psuedo community comparison. thornton says when supporters show up to help, they are first vetted before going through an orientation based on what department fits them best. for example, they have a housing, security and kitchen department. (reporter standup) "the harney county committee of safety members says they will take over as soon as they have a plan on how to transfer land management power from the federal government to the county. as far as a timeline, they're set to discuss it as a meeting later this week. al malheur national wildlife
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((brian loftus)) > the nevada caucuses are quickly approaching... and republican presidential candidate donald trump wasted no time in reno this weekend. trump spoke to a crowd of about 4- thousand people... and says if he is elected president, he would bring more jobs and growth to northern nevada: ((donald trump/republican candidate: "we're going to bring jobs back because it's changed a lot, reno's really changed what they're doing is changing and a lot of things can happen, right now it's tough but a lot of things can happen, we bring jobs back, a place like this is going to be a big fat beautiful beneficiary.")) ((brian loftus)) trump also referenced his hotel here on the strip and the 700-million dollars it took to build. he then criticized the other presidential candidates for not putting their own spending into our state. trump then spoke about the n-f-l at the rally ... saying --quote-- "football's become soft like our country has become soft." /// ((brian loftus)) > a pittsburgh hospital is celebrating the steeler's win...
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((kirsten joyce)) why they say it's important to keep up with the annual tradition. ///
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> protestors in california are requesting that the gas storage facility causing a massive gas leak... be closed. the gas leak has been going on since late october... where officials are calling it the worst environmental disaster since the b-p oil spill. it's also become the largest gas leak in u-s history. the leak is gushing close to 12-hundred tons of methane ily... along with other gases. last week.. the governor declared a state of emergency for the porter ranch community after meeting with residents. /// ((sherry swensk)) > mother nature has been very generous to us when it comes to the snow... but not so much on the other side of the country. as vanessa murdock explains... one new jersey man has decided to make his own snow. drive along 6th avenue in hawthorne new jersey and lawns are emerald green.....until number 92. (michael jannicelli, created snow in front yard): "it's awesome being the only house or
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county that has snow." michael jannicelli says his homemade north pole is a childhood dream come true. (michael jannicelli, created snow in front yard): "i had a lady pull over there get out of her car... look both ways run across the street and touch it." wanda guse walked by today and hand to do the (wanda guse, hawthorne resident): "this is amazing. " jannicelli started making snow monday....with this.... (michael jannicelli, created snow in front yard): "it's a snow gun. (butted with) in here it makes magic." (vanessa murdock, reporting): "this magic maker can crank out 1 inch per hour in right conditions. it has to be at least 35 degrees cold and the relative humidity just right." after two nights in action...the snow in spots is 10 inches deep natsot: "pinch me someone is this real." jannicelli's son, michael...says word of his snow is spreading fast.... (michael jannicelli, has homemade snow in front yard): "when i walk into school in the morning i at least get five kids asking how did you get snow on your lawn?" and, while there today, a classmates parents stopped by to see it for themselves...even snapped pictures.... mos: "it's a lot more than i
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i love it, especially when it's shoveled. that ws even funnier." snow, a novelty this winter. from hawthorne, new jersey, vanessa murdock, cbs-two news. let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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yes, we did very well last week with the snowfall - nearly three feet up in the higher elevations. ................ we're taking to start off the week and then there might be a chance to add some more snow up there later in the week with systems heading our way. ........... let's check the nation and see where the really cold spots are. we have 20 in reno... but single digits in ely, cedar city and flagstaff. teens in the rockies... and check our minneapolis.... at nearly 10 below zero. that was a cold place to play football yesterday. .........
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their history of football with minus 6 at kick-off and wind chills at 21 below zero. third coldest nfl game in history. they're looking for a high of 7 degrees today. .............. high clouds moving into the west each time a system slides in from the pacific. those clouds will push our way and increase especially by midweek and possibly snow showers in the mountains. ............ highs in the mid 50s all week... with 30s overnight. ((sherry swensk))
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rainbow. a big construction project is scheduled to begin in february for rainbow. crews will install widen the stretch between sunset and russell and then install flood control facilities. hit and run on fourth and colorado. > that's a look at the roads...
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((brian loftus)) > your in- flight entertainment is about to get even better thanks to panasonic. they're building an ultra-thin, 13- inch, high- definition touchscreen display for economy passengers... which will take up much of the seat-back. you'll also be able to connect your smartphone and charge it. the new seat- back screens are already available on emirates airlines. panasonic has also built a class... which features a 24-inch, 4-k screen with full-spectrum l-e-d lighting and a connected remote control tablet. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > mcdonald's bags, cups, and sandwich containers... in hopes of getting the attention of millenials. the new items will look like this... and they hope that millenials
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it's the fastest growing segment of the u-s population. mcdondald's says the new design pays (o- moge) homage to the mcdonald "m's". this is the first major packaging redesign since 2013. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > overcoming your fear of the dentist! ((brian loftus)) the strategy that researchers say can calm you down...before your visit.
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[motorcycle revving] man: you're late again. everything all right? veteran: just same thing, different day. man: have you had a chance to check out that website yet? presenter: mental health challenges don't go away on their own. you are not alone. other veterans have overcome similar obstacles. find stories of hope and recovery today
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((brian loftus)) > the pittsburgh steelers are moving forward in the n-f-l playoffs... after an exciting win over the bengals on saturday. ((kirsten joyce)) and as dave crawley explains.. there's some newborns they need to thank that helped cheer them on. >what better way to celebrate the steelers opening round playoff game, than to blanket babies in black and gold? six one-day-old infants (coincidentally matching the steelers six super bowl trophies) are carefully swaddled in the famous terrible towel. it's a playoff tradition at magee-womens hospital. jeff hodges is director of nursing operations. he says the black and gold lifts the spirits of parents and staff, even if the babies aren't really into it yet. (jeff hodges- director of nursing operations) "the excitement that it generates for
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the staff, they get to wear their steeler jerseys and tee shirts this whole weekend, in preparation for the game. so they're very excited, and the parents really love it, too." including the mother of one of the boys, somwhere in this group. (ashley kochis- mother) "maybe he'll be a ben or, who else, a troy or a heath?" the babies' caps were knitted by volunteers. like the steelers themselves, it's a team effort all the way, for the babies of magee. (dave crawley- reporting) "those kids are off to a really good start. if their parents sign them up now for season tickets, they may just get them by the time they're adults. not a bengals fan in the bunch. "we started them off right early, and we have them where they need to be". steeler fans for life./// ((kirsten joyce)) following saturday's playoff win... the steelers will take on the broncos next saturday. ///
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its a great program and i'm just honored i got to be apart of it )) ((brian loftus)) > the runnin rebels coach steps down. the reasons for his resignation... and who's taking over as leader of the rebs.
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