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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis... what's more, we've learned this is not the first time officer james burt has been accused of beating his live- in partner. ((dave courvoisier)) this is just the latest stain on the metro police department... which is investigating multiple officers accused in separate incidents. ((paula francis)) patranya bhoolsuwan has a live report outside the police department on those cases just ahead. our team coverage starts with vanessa murphy outside the clark county detention center where officer burt remains jailed tonight. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) dave and paula, we obtained the arrest report for james burt and the latest domestic violence accusations.... and we learned he was arrested for similar crime in 2011.... yet - he's still been working as a police officer. (( )) ((hannah brook/safe nest: it's very upsetting that he obviously showed that he had a history of it.)) ((vanessa murphy)) hannah brook works at safe nest - a not for profit focused on domestic violence issues. we showed brook not one but two arrest reports for domestic violence charges for metro
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ten year veteran at the department. the latest arrest from january 11th....which reveals burt was also in trouble in 2011. ((brook: when an officer is involved, because they're a police officer, they're obviously held to a higher standard.)) ((vanessa murphy)) burt faces felony charges for battery domestic violence and strangulation, and kidnapping for an incident on monday with a woman he's dating. in 2011 - he faced similar charges after accusations he hurt another woman he was in a relationship with.... according to records, the charges were later dropped because he fulfilled court requirements including counseling and community service. brook says it appears burt may need counseling again. ((brook: hopefully he can eventually get help and he can stop the cycle that he has unfortunately started at this time.)) ((vanessa murphy)) taking a closer look at reports
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are similar. he's accused of saying "everyone is going to die tonight...." this week. five years ago - he's accused of saying "it would not end well," if the victim's family came to help her. and in both situations, it appears the women tried to get away.... the language in the reports: he "held her down"..."one arm around her neck..." "placed his hand over mouth..." ((brook: hopefully because this gentleman is in the public eye, then he'll be scrutinized and he'll be held accountable in a more serious manner. vanessa: would you like to see the felonies stick here to send a message? brook: i'd like to see the felonies stick there and in other cases as well and not so many plea deals that that the perpetrators, the batterers, they go to jail if they need to and they receive treatment if they need to.)) ((vanessa murphy)) as for that incident in 2011, police say burt had the victim in his
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and threw her cell phone out of the window... and officers had to pull him over to stop what was going on. serious allegations but again - charges were dropped and he was back working as a police officer. back to you. ((paula francis)) vanessa, what happens from here? ((vanessa murphy)) paula, burt remains in jail... he'll have a court appearance.... and for now, he is not getting a paycheck from metro while this is being investigated. back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) > burt is one of four officers to find himself on the other side of the law lately. ((paula francis)) since december first, we've learned of three arrests, plus the indictment of a former officer. ((dave courvoisier)) patranya bhoolsuwan joins us live with more on these cases and what it means for the community. patranya? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) when you see these back to back cases of police officers getting busted for crimes they are supposed to leads you to question how something like this could happen and what it does to public confidence in local law enforcement.
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to the person whose job is to get inside the minds of people find out why they do what they do...and this includes police officers < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) these are metro police officers finding themselves in trouble since december. bryce jones and robert moore arrested on charges of soliciting prostitutes. richard scavone indicted for on excessive force allegations... and james burt behind bars for reportedly assaulting and kidnapping his girlfriend.. the kind of crimes these officers vow to crack down on when they put on their badge. ((ron lawrence/communit y counselor: "i have worked with law enforcement for a long time.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) as a community counselor, lawrence says he's worked with a fair share of cops. he cites stress on the job as a big factor when police officers cross the line into unlawful activities. ((ron lawrence/communit y counselor: "when you are out in that maze everyday and you become traumatize and become high stress sometimes the brain becomes rewired // "do they always ask for help...not always.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) in the case of officer moore, the arrest report
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which he used in part to pay for the prostitute. lawrence says abuse of power can happen in law enforcement...a s in any other profession. ((ron lawrence/communit y counselor: "when our power differential becomes disaligned and all of the sudden we would succumb to things that give us power and that's usually when our boundaries become weak.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the possible weakness that's currently putting these officers on the other side of the law...their future with the force remains unclear. ((paula francis)) bryce jones is set to appear in court later this month. he was arrested back in october, but the information was not made public until 7 weeks later. and if you recall...word of james burt's arrest was not made public until our own vanessa murphy broke that story yesterday. we reached out to metro for comment on my report today. our call was not returned./// ((dave courvoisier)) > in the case of richard scavone...
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yesterday on a federal civil rights violation charge. this means the grand jury determined there was enough evidence against scavone to proceed to trial. the case against scavone reportedly hinges on body camera footage. we're bringing back vanessa murphy with an update on our request to see that footage. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) dave, we first asked metro to release the scavone body camera footage yesterday. that video is expected to show him roughing up a woman suspected of working as a prostitute. he is also accused of lying on a report about the incident. when we first asked for this video yesterday, metro deferred to the u-s attorney's office, which is handling the case. a spokeswoman there told me they would not prevent metro from releasing the video. we took the question back to metro and were told the department was making a decision on whether to release it. today, we reached out again. metro's latest response is that they will not release the video -- referring to it as evidence
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handling the case and they fired scavone in september. ((vanessa murphy)) after they announced that decision i filed a freedom of information act request to obtain the video under the nevada open records act. metro will be given a reasonable amount of time to respond. i have asked them to cite specific exemptions they feel might justify the refusal to release the video -- which is public record. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa, what possible reasons could metro have for not releasing the video? ((vanessa murphy)) dave, their official statement to me is that it is evidence in an active federal case... but again, when i contacted the u-s attorney's office, the spokeswoman said her office would not prevent metro from releasing it. back to you./// ((paula francis)) > we asked for your take on whether or not the video should be released -- on our facebook page. we're getting some good conversation tonight. tahir says "didn't they release the police shooting video? i get it, they pick and choose what they want the public to see." cat writes "i think that the
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everything." and kathryn opened up a string of dialogue... she says "releasing the video might taint a jury pool. but release it after jury selection" robin responded "show (the) video and the evidence will be more than clear." anderson writes "they don't do that for citizens. as soon as a crime is committed, they immediately tell you everything about the suspect." you can join the conversation right now on our facebook page./// ((dave courvoisier)) > there is a winner in the largest powerball jackpot in history tonight... but unless you picked up your ticket in chino hills outside l- a... it probably isn't you. the winning numbers are 4... 8... 19... 27... 34 and a powerball 10. the california state lottery says they sold a winning ticket in a chino hills 7-eleven. winning jackpot tickets were also sold in tennessee and florida. but, don't toss those tickets yet! there was a one-million dollar winner sold in primm. that makes two million dollar winners at stateline in a week
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((paula francis)) > solar customers who oppose the newly implemented rate increase were shot down again today. the public utilities commission listened to six hours of testimony from customers.. and then voted unanimously against a request to suspend the rates for rooftop solar customers. in other words, the rates go up anyway. solar companies have laid off hundreds of employees and stopped selling panels in the state because of the hike that went into effect on january first. commissioners said they sympathized with the workers, but suggested solar companies themselves were partly to blame for selling panels without warning people that they could see big changes in their bill in the new year. the rates aim to correct what the puc calls a cost-shift that claims traditional energy customers are subsidizing about 17- thousand solar customers./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a former pastor took the stand today in his own defense... against accusations he abused teenage girls. otis holland is accused of
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congregation during counseling sessions. he has pleaded not guilty to 17 felonies. holland was expressive in court today when talking about counseling the girls... but he claims he didn't do anything inappropriate: ((otis holland, former pastor: did you force yourself upon her? no i didn't.. (long pause)...and i want a lie detector test. council: objection your honor. may we approach? holland: i want them to know the truth." )) ((dave courvoisier)) holland could face life in prison if he's convicted. the trial resumes on tuesday of next week./// ((paula francis)) > tony sanchez is already on the road... working to recruit a winning team. chris maathuis shows us how sanchez is reeling in his recruits. > as many as 100-million people could have their eyes on vegas... what landing the final debate of the presidential campaign will
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((tedd florendo)) skies are clearing and that will mean some chilly morning temps again! we'll pinpoint exactly how cold for your neighborhood. we're also tracking more pacific storms. what are our chances for more
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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((paula francis)) > many are hailing october's final presidential debate at u-n-l-v as the most important in recent memory. organizers will spend the next 9 months preparing for the event. as politics now anchor patrick walker explains... it's a big opportunity for las vegas... on an even bigger stage. < ((balloons and confetti falling)) ((patrick walker)) a sea of red... white and blue... as u-n-l-v celebrates its selection to host the final presidential debate leading up to the november election. ((rossi ralenkotter/lvcva president/ceo: i always talk about the fact that las vegas evolved to host people, and we do that every that we have." )) ((patrick walker)) las vegas will be the center of the political universe not just on debate night... october 19th... to the event. governor brian sandoval says he hopes the exposure will bring nevada issues into the ((gov. brian sandoval/(r) nevada: "we have a lot of issues that are national issues, that everyone are paying attention to, the candidates are coming here because they know they need to win nevada, and that's good
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nation knows our nevada issues." )) ((patrick walker)) political expert and unlv professor david damore says there's a good chance some of those issues could make it into the debate ((david damore/unlv politic science professor: "i would think that those would be there as well, as well as some of the issues about sustainability, i think those are going to move to the forefront there, and obviously public lands is always an ongoing issue in nevada." )) ((patrick walker)) council on presidential debates co- chairman frank fahrenkopf says because the issues are so important... the format of the debate will be different than the two primary debates las vegas hosted toward the end of last year. ((frank fahrenkopf/cmte. on presidential debates: "we do not allow cheers, yells, screams, boos as we heard in some of the debates that have been held so far." )) ((patrick walker)) up to 100- million people are expected to tune in for the debate. and thousands of members of the media will be based in southern nevada in the days and weeks before the event. it's an opportunity u- n-l-v and local leaders are ready to tackle. ((david damore/unlv political science professor: "it provides las vegas with external validation of what we've known here, we're the future of what america's going to look like." )) ((patrick walker)) patrick walker... 8 news now. >
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20-thousand people could attend the october debate. up to 5- thousand members of the global media are expected to be in las vegas in the weeks leading up to the event./// ((dave courvoisier)) > you've heard of lake effect snow... how about lake effect ice? that consumed this car in a buffalo, new york suburb. high winds whipped up the lake erie surf... drenching this sedan. it then froze under a massive layer of ice. a towing company came out and melted the ice with powdered calcium chloride. by the way, it's 17-degrees there tonight with light snow... and the region is preparing for a possible. nor'easter this weekend.///
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clouds overhead today as systems migrate to the north this time. not bringing any rain unfortunately, but that could change this weekend and next weeek. winds staying light as well. ............................... ............ a lot of neighborhoods by afternoon hit the low 40's and stayed cool because of the clouds not warming up too much. 50 for some interior sections of the valley but colder to the outskirts of las vegas and certainly up at mount charleston. ............................... ......... regional temps were already near freezing up in the southern great basin in rachel and pioche. certainly colder in ely. cool conditions and same cloud cover by afternoon for mesquite all the way down to laughlin where they were milder. cool in pahrump and dropping to the 20's again out there overnight ............................... .......... the lake effect snow continues in the great leks with more snow bands from this clipper coming in from canada.
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ohio valley again. ............................... .......... back weest more precip staying in the pacific northwest and california. clipping northern nevada but not quite reaching us. we do have a parade of storms out on the pacific we're tracking. but futurecast keeping all of them this time to the north and away from the southwest. one after the other. there could be chance saturday with more clouds coming in. ............................... .................... right now no echoes on the radar, but satellite showing some thick clouds over us right now. but clearing behind this which we'll see in a few hours. ............................... ................. futurecast shows storm after storm hitting the west coast mainly affecting our friends to the north, but saturday some models saying we could get a slight chance of an isolated shower from this one, but mainly in the mountains. ............................... ................... morning temps again cold in the 30's through many neighborhoods with 20's possible in aliante and anthem. certainly out in summerlin and nellis. ............................... .................. 20's again in pahurmp and mesquite. very cold up in the central part of the state with teens in ely. 40's for laughlin by morning ............................... .................. tonight 34 overnight and clearing up. cold by morning again with winds staying light thankfully. tomorrow 55 again for the high
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tomorrow. staying below normal with light nw winds again. ............................... .................. here's your extended forecast. partly sunny until this weekend more clouds saturday with shower chances mainly in the mountains. clouds to sun by sunday afternoon. chances for showers again, slight chance on tuesday. ((dave courvoisier)) > metro is asking for your help tracking down a man they call a "serial robber". the suspect has committed several convenience store robberies in the southeast valley. police say he heads towards the clerk and flashes a knife or a stun gun... then demands cash from the register. the suspect is a hispanic man between twenty and thirty years old... about 5'2" and 120 to 150 pounds.
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please call crime stoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) > after his first season on the job, coach tony sanchez has rebel recruits looking west. ((paula francis)) and they're impressed with what's being sold in las vegas. chris maathuis caught up with sanchez. ((chris maathuis)) rebels won just three games... but tony has em believing there's better things to come. the coaches coming off the recruiting trail have really done some great things.... tony tells us more. plus... some news about underclassmen and the nba changes things for those undecided. details next here on 8 news now.
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. chris maathuis." ((chris maathuis)) tony sanchez walked into a program that couldn't compete, didn't finish and hardly ever won a game. he's into his second season and if there's one thing that looks impressive, it's unlv's recruiting efforts. they've really hit the road running... and they are turning heads that would have otherwise been turned off. but not now, when unlv recruits and player, they're leaving
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of facilities and support. tony sanchez/unlv head coach: "right now on a 50-50 kids we can get em, the 70-30 the other way... but they come in meet staff see city, there's a lot of great here... we do a good job of showing the kids, and then it's a touch place not to want to be." another thing as impressive as the recruiting is the teams' academic standing. it's the highest it's been in 10 years. and speaking of recruiting... when randall cunningham was recognized by college football and will be going into the hall of fame... it only helps his alma mater. it's another selling point for the rebels. randall cunningham/colleg e football hof: "i think we are building our tradition, it takes time, but i think this is a big stepping stone for unlv. i believe our program is not only on the map, but now an
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that we have a hall of fame athlete, you come here it's not about just the city.," earlier today here on channel 8 we introduced the nevada gatorade player of the year. gorman running back biaggio ali- walsh earns the award as he helped lead the gaels to another state and national championship. the junior running back rushed for over 24-hundred yards and scored 30 touchdowns this season. biaggio ali walsh/nevada gatorade player of the year: "that was my goal one day going to gorman to get player of year, powelll had it seeing those names i wanted to join them. i'm grateful to say i have two offer, louisville and unlv... i'm going to wait to see the offers come and hopefully and see where i want to go." the ncaa has agreed to give college basketball underclassmen more flexibility to evaluate their nba draft status without jeopardizing college eligibility.
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amount of times... and tryout for one nba team and have 10 days to withdraw from the draft after the combine. a handful of nascar drivers in las vegas today testing tires and getting ready for the 2016 season. it's just right around the corner, and they hope to be ready. kurt busch/monster energy: "we're here to help goodyear and nascar to develop a tire and to the car a few changes." jimmy johnson/nascar driver: "bottom line is were are fast, we took down farce lowed the gear, tried to slow it down, but we're every bit as fast if not faster then with the combination they had last year." this is crazy with the rams moving back to l-a... there is a lady who's had a twitter handle since 2008. her name is lara... l-a-r-a... initials are "m-s" put it together and you've got 'la-rams'... she may have just won her own
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((dave courvoisier)) > we're
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((dave courvoisier)) > have you ever used google maps to get an inside look at a business before you shop there? one man is showing how that's done. larry lyon is a google-trusted photographer.
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to bring you a virtual 360- degree tour. this option allows you to walk through the business with a click of a button. he explained how the process of putting the images together starts with four 180-degree shots: (( larry lyon/google- trusted photographer: "then using software i merge them together to make a 360 degree virtual tour where you can actually look up, look down and look all the way around... as if you're actually standing in that room.")) ((dave courvoisier)) he's got some pretty solid experience, too. larry says he started photography when he was 16./// ((paula francis)) > would you drink this? they are selling green milk in wisconsin. it's called the "packers power pint" -- a limited edition just to pay tribute to the green bay packers for the team's post- season run. a dairy plant north of milwaukee is producing the green milk, which is actually vanilla- flavored folks who've tried it say it tastes a little like egg nog or a melted vanilla shake. the milk will remain on shelves as long as "the pack" keep winning. green bay plays the cardinals in arizona on saturday.///
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all for us live at eleven. ((paula francis)) paul giamatti
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