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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. since decemeber first, we've learned about several officer arrests... one of them being a corrections officer... another where a former officer was indicted. ((kirsten joyce)) patranya bhoolsuwan explains these cases... and what it means for our community. < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) bryce jones and robert moore arrested on charges of soliciting prostitutes. richard scavone indicted for on excessive force allegations... and james burt behind bars for reportedly assaulting and kidnapping his girlfriend.. the kind of crimes these officers vow to crack down on when they put on their badge. ((ron lawrence/communi ty counselor: "i have worked with law enforcement for a long time.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) as a community counselor, lawrence says he's worked with a fair share of cops. he cites stress on the job as a big factor when police officers cross the line into unlawful activities. ((ron lawrence/communi ty counselor: "when you are out in that maze everyday and you become traumatize and become
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becomes rewired // "do they always ask for help...not always.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) in the case of officer moore, the arrest report says he was also had crack... which he used in part to pay for the prostitute. lawrence says abuse of power can happen in law enforcement...a s in any other profession. ((ron lawrence/communi ty counselor: "when our power differential becomes disaligned and all of the sudden we would succumb to things that give us power and that's usually when our boundaries become weak.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the possible weakness that's currently putting these officers on the other side of the law...their future with the force remains unclear. ((brian loftus)) > in the case of richard scavone... he was indicted by a grand jury on a federal civil rights violation charge. ((kirsten joyce)) this means the grand jury determined there was enough evidence against him to go to trial. but the case against scavone reportedly hinges on body camera footage. we asked metro for the video earlier this week...
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u-s attorney's office.. who's handling the case. a spokeswoman told our vanessa murphy.. that they would not prevent metro from releasing the video. we took the question back to metro... and were told the department was making a decision on whether to release it. ((brian loftus)) we asked about the video again to metro yesterday... they say they will not release the video.. referring to it as evidence... even though they are not handling the case and they fired scavone in september. our vanessaamurphy then filed a freedom of information act request... to obtain the video under the nevada open records act. metro will be given a reasonable amount of time to respond. vanessa also asked them to cite specific exemptions they feel might justify the refusal to release the video... which is public record. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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give yourself time to warm up the car on this chilly thursday! temps falling steadily overnight with clear skies again. we finally cleared out yesterday's clouds. ............. clouds holding back our daytime highs to mostly low 50s so not .......... now back to the cold 30s again .............. most of today will be spent in sunshine then high clouds come
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make it to the mid 50s. ((sherry swensk))
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > thousands of nevada middle schoolers will soon be able to use new laptops in class. the state made a deal with a computer manufacturer this week. schools can apply for competitive grants.. that will be awarded in march... and teachers and principals will get training this spring on how to use the computers as teaching tools. if they win, the schools will get chromebooks with google's operating system. the idea is to teach students skills they need to succeed in college and jobs in the future.
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calendars... the 8 news now living green super recycling event is coming up! it's on saturday, january 23rd at the thomas and mack. you can recycle all sorts of electronics... get rid of your unused and expired medicine... and bring paperwork that needs shredded. household items. for the complete list what we're accepting -- head over to las /// ((kirsten joyce)) > in the "el chapo"s rolling stone interview... some noticed how stylish the mexican drug lord was looking. ((brian loftus)) the big demand one store is now facing for el chapo's stylish shirts. ///
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diplomatic relations with cuba... the island is seeing a mass exodus. a pew research study shows a 78% increase in the number of cubans immigrating to the u-s... during the 2015 fiscal year. nevada has also received almost 30% more refugees from the island during the same time. karen castro found out why the state expects to see even more cubans in 2016. < ((karen castro)) reiniel lezcano has been living in las vegas for a few months after
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((reiniel lezcano - cuban migrant: prefieren irse por que realmente no saben los cambios como es que van a venir.)) ((karen castro)) he says: they prefer to leave because they bring. those changes are the u-s with the island nation. a pew research study says migration to the u-s has surged by almost 19- thousand cubans during the 20-15 fiscal year. nevada also saw an increase during the same time... when catholic charities helped almost 4- hundred more cuban refugees. ((carisa lopez- ramirez - vice president, immigration & migration services: that itself is a dramatic increase from the previous year.)) ((karen castro)) the spike was so dramatic, the organization received extra funding to hire an additional staff member. this year, there are no signs of slowing down. ((carisa lopez- ramirez - vice president, immigration & migration services: we're certainty planning for an increase to a point that as far as funding request, we actually plan for that, just because of the trend that we've seen in the last five years. )) ((karen castro)) since 2009, the number of cuban refugees in nevada has been climbing... averaging between 100 to 200 more annually. but the organization was not in 20- 15. ((carisa lopez- ramirez - vice president, immigration &
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happen in one year alone, it's certainly a dramatic increase that we need to prepare for ahead of time.)) ((karen castro)) while the numbers are expected to go up, the way cubans migrate to the u-s is also changing. most of them escape to latin american countries including ecuador and costa rica... and eventually migrate north. in the past, many left by raft to florida. lezcano lived in south america for a year before making his way to the u-s. now he's ready.... ((reiniel lezcano - cuban migrant: volver empesar de cero.)) ((karen castro)) to start a new life. karen castro, 8 news now.> ((kirsten joyce)) under the cuban adjustment act of 1966... immigrants from the island nation receive a path to citizenship after reaching u-s soil. most are also eligible for public assistance through resettlement programs... including catholic charities. /// ((brian loftus)) > a former pastor took the stand in his own defense... against accusations that he abused teenage girls. otis holland is accused of sexually assaulting girls in his congregation... during counseling sessions. he has pleaded not guilty to 17 felonies. holland was expressive in court
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the girls... but he claims he didn't do anything inappropriate: ((otis holland, former pastor: did you force yourself upon her? no i didn't.. (long pause)...and i want a lie detector test. council: objection your honor. may we approach? holland: i want them to know the truth." )) ((brian loftus)) truth." )) ((brian loftus)) holland could face life in prison if he's convicted. the trial resumes on tuesday next week. /// ((brian loftus)) > tickets go on sale today for a new airline and they're pretty cheap. ((kirsten joyce)) we'll explain what the new "wow air" will offer its customers. ///
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((kirsten joyce)) > today we'll find out who the front- runners are... ahead of the 88-th academy awards. leonardo di caprio has a shot at being one of them for best actor... for his role in "the revenant"... along with actors matt damon,
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once we have the full list, we'll let you know . the oscars will be on sunday, february 28-th. /// ((sherry swensk)) > remember that frozen car we told about earlier this week? well it's finally being freed from its frozen state. crews finally got around to melting and chipping off the inches of ice on it. once they were able to move it, they hauled it up onto a tow truck. the car had been parked outside of a restaurant in hamburg, new york... which sat along the lake erie waterfront. the lake effect snow and low temperatures froze the car in place for days. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk it's cold here... but nothing like what they have back in the midwest. temps falling quickly with clear skies again overnight. we finally cleared out yesterday's clouds. .............
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highs to mostly low 50s so not as warm as we'd hoped. .......... now back to the cold 30s again with the clearing overnight. .............. a lot of sunshine for us... then high clouds. maybe mountain winds again and then a cloudy weekend. a chance of some mountain snow too and then maybe some rain for the valley next week. not a big chance though. ............... highs get back to the low 60s for a couple of days.
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we've been that mild. < > /// > ((kirsten joyce)) > u-s border patrol officers in texas discovered a huge shipment of what looked like fresh carrots... but instead, they found something else. authorities say drug smugglers attempted to bring narcotics into the u-s from mexico. investigators found nearly 3-thousand carrot-shaped marijuana packages. the drugs have a street value of nearly half- a-million dollars. /// ((brian loftus)) > a los angeles clothing store cannot stop
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thanks to the mexican drug lord "el chapo". ((demetria obilor)) the manager's at "barabas" say el chapo wore two of their shirts... after the recent rolling stone interview. the store's owner says he had no idea el chapo got a hold of his products. now the shirt's are not that cheap either... 128-bucks a piece. but the store owner says that could now change after the high demand. ///
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construction the centennial bowl interchange by creating new ramps connecting 95 to 215. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the countdown is on to super bowl 50! you can watch the big game right here on channel 8 february 7th. and stick around because 8 new now is giving away 25- hundred dollars during our special newscast after the game! to enter.. just head to las vegas now dot com and click the banner at the top. while you're there check out our newly launched super bowl page.... just click the sports tab../// ((kirsten joyce)) > it's going to be a "friends" frenzy! ((brian loftus)) the highly anticipated show reunion ... more than a decade in the making...
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airlines we see flying to and from mccarran have their different logos and designs... but this new airline that's getting ready to launch is very simple looking. ((brian loftus)) it's all purple... and it's called "wow air". julie watts gives us an inside look . the planes are purple. the prices are low. wow air's promising fares as low as 99 dollars for non-stop flights... between san francisco and iceland. nine hours away.
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says.... from there, you can get a connecting flight to at least ten "other" cities in europe.... and he says... "those" will "start" at 199 dollars. but don't expect a whole lot of them.... it's not every single seat... the fares will vary... // closer to departure on prime time... prices can vary quite a bit.. > and ... be prepared.. to pay extra.... for anything extra... him: like most airlines today, we do charge additional charges... for example: any luggage over 11 pounds.... will cost another... 29 dollars. checking a bag : 48 dollars. better seats: an additional five to 33 bucks.. drinks and food are also extra. so, will that fly with bay area travelers...? some customers give the airline.... poor marks for customer service and say all those fees "can" cancel out the great deals.... still "trip advisor" gives the airline -- good, not great-- reviews.. and that may be enough....
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to give wow air a try... at least the c.e.o. hopes.. so... flights are scheduled to begin..... out of the bay area..... in mid- june. jw cbs five... consumerwatch.. ((kirsten joyce)) > a hotel on the strip is the most reviewed hotel in the world! trip-advisor gave out their "ollie" awards... and the most reviewed hotel award went to the flamingo. last year, more than 6-thousand people reviewed the property... more than any other hotel on earth! ///
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officer.. on the wrong side of the law.. for the second time.. the similar accusations made against him.. and why the charges were dropped. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus... the political spotlight.. shining on las vegas .. the impact the final debate of the campaign .. .could have on the valley. ((brian loftus)) > and... double check those powerball tickets... someone in nevada's backyard won big! the million dollar ticket.. sold in primm./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > kirsten joyce > good morning and
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i'm kirsten joyce.
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