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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis. one of the biggest traffic headaches right now on valley roads... construction. everyone's excited when it's complete. but until then, it can be a nightmare. ((dave courvoisier)) sharie johnson is live near one project on flamingo and koval lane.. sharie, you found dozens of other projects impacting drivers and businesses... ((sharie johnson)) it's impossible to drive somewhere and not see these orange cones. the flamingo corridor improvement project affects more than a dozen roads near me. and it impacts everyone... especially when a project is delayed. ((sharie johnson)) electrical work, bus stop construction ((sharie johnson)) sewer improvements, sidewalk updates... dozens of road projects are happening on valley roads to make it safer. but in the meantime... it's hurting some businesses bottom line... like jay's market... included in the flamingo corridor improvement project. (( wanita liddic, jay's market it's definitely hurt us, we've seen a really decline in business and it's been an on-going thing, comes and goes
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)) ((sharie johnson)) the same project impacting jay's market also affects several other streets... like tropicana and paradise... even decatur and valley view. across town at sunset and eastern... is the paradise- whitney interceptor... a 13-mile pipeline impacting a handful of intersections around town. and drivers like kato mckay squeeze through daily. ((kato mckay, motorists : lanes moving from two lanes to one lane now you feel like you stuck in chicago traffic or l.a. traffic )) ((sharie johnson)) and some people have no idea what they're in store for. like the stephanie street bridge over u.s. 95. it will be closed for 90 days starting monday making it safer for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. but still some people welcome construction... richard palmer has lived in the valley for 20 years and says for him it's a minor incovenience.. that will bring major chance.. ((richard palmer, driver: oh sure, fix the problem, save lives))
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there's so many more projects ongoing and upcoming.. from boulder highway to racetrack road in henderson.. go to our website for a link to all the construction projects, by jurisdiction, courtesy of the r-t-c. reporting live, sharie johnson, 8newsnow. ((dave courvoisier)) just how much are these projects hurting businesses? ((sharie johnson)) some businesses say traffic has slowed down a little bit. but one business told us construction has hurt sales by 90%. we'll tell you where... at six. ((dave courvoisier)) > a lot of locals are also venting on social media about the projects frustrating them most. allariana says... "all the construction in front of cheyenne high school is getting to be a little more than
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it's been in the same state for the past two years." veronica writes... "buffalo and rainbow! i can't get home without hitting construction traffic!" and donald sums up his feelings... saying "they should finish one project first then move on to the next. this is getting ridiculous!" you can join the conversation too. just log on to our 8 news now facebook page.// ((paula francis)) > bail is set at 75-thousand dollars for a former metro officer accused of domestic violence. james burt appeared in court this morning... and a judge ordered him to surrender all weapons in his possession. he'll be back in court february 5-th. burt was arrested monday... when police say he attacked his live-in girlfriend. an arrest report also revealed a 20-11 arrest for domestic violence with similarities to monday's incident. he is currently on unpaid leave./// ((paula francis)) > another officer is in trouble with the law. richard scavone was indicted for excessive force and falsifying a police report just days ago. paul joncich is here... this time, the charges stem from video from his body camera,
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but metro won't let us see that video... the latest reason is because it is now evidence in this case.. but we have been trying to get our hands on that video since last march. ((trk)) january 6th 2015, 49 year old metro officer richard scavone arrested a woman for loitering for the purpose of prostitution, littering, and resisting arrest. march 17th, scavone is charged with misdemeanor battery after metro's internal affairs concluded from body cam footage he broke the law. an arrest report detailing that footage says it shows scavone unnecessairily throwing a female to the ground and twice slamming her head into the hood of his patrol car. the same day he was charged, an 8 news now i team producer made the first in a series of requests to see the body cam video. metro refused our request, calling the video "part of an internal investigation." by september, even though his trial on battery charges hasn't happened yet, officer scavone is fired from the department.
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scavone is indicted by a grand jury on federal charges for using excessive force and falsifying a police report. most of the evidence comes from the body cam video. but metro still refuses to release it....referring us to the u.s. attorney office. the u.s. attorney's office tells us they would not prevent metro from releasing the video. despite that, metro still refuses to release the video, referring to it as evidence. ((nat pop)) chicago police are under heavy criticism for waiting more than a year to release this infamous dash cam video showing a police officer shooting a teenager 16 times. releasing it only after the officer was charged with murder, and a judge ordered them to. and it happened again today, a federal judge ordered chicago police to release video of another police shooting. this one from 2013, that left a 17 year old dead./// ((paul joncich)) metro, like chicago and many other departments, believes police
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until court cases are finished. while chicago's mayor is promising to re-examine that policy, so far, no promises from metro. which means the video that allegedly shows one of it's officers roughing up a prostituion suspect will remain private for now. /// ((paula francis)) > the woman accused of brutally murdering a 10- year-old girl has accepted a plea deal. brenda stokes wilson.. has agreed to plead guilty to first- degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon and murder with a deadly weapon among other charges. wilson is accused of killing jade morris in dec. 2012. later that day wilson was arrested for allegedly slashing a co- worker with razor blades at the bellagio casino. sentencing is set for march 9-th./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a new chief is calling the shots at the boulder city police department, at least for the time being. ((paula francis)) the previous head of the department resigned monday because of explosive allegations about animal deaths at the city's shelter. an acting chief has been
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predict what boulder city will do to choose a permanent successor. george knapp of the i-team is here with the latest. ((george knapp)) the acting chief is a sergeant with the boulder city police department. his name is john glenn and he's been a full time employee since 1995. it is up to the city manager to choose a new chief of police, but given the turmoil and scandal that have rocked that town in recent years, it would be tough to guess how the city will proceed. bill conger lasted two years on the job before abruptly resigning on monday. he gave no reason for his departure but as we've reported, conger faced mounting criticism from the public because of problems in the animal control program. a criminal investigation of the former animal control supervisor uncovered evidence of hundreds of suspicious animal euthenizations. that case is now in the hands of the district attorney. the previous chief tom finn was hired in 2006. he says he competed against four other candidates whose names were made public at the time.
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2013, conger--who was related by marrriage to at least one member of the boudler city council-- was chosen for the position by city manager dale fraser. the names of other candidates--if there were any-- were never released. ((tom finn/fmr. boulder city chief of police: when they hired me, they did a national search. only people who were certified could apply, but it's boulder city so there's no way of predicting what they're going to do. they do whatever they want.... i questioned mr. fraser back in 2013 who the other four candidates were. he said he was considering 5. i asked for the list. he said no such list exists. i knew then and there the fix was in.)) a spokesperson told us that the city manager plans to begin recruitment for a new chief next week but is not yet sure how a search will be conducted.
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posted online. bill conger who left this week was not actually a city employee. he worked for a private company in california which was hired to run the department, a manuever made so that conger could collect his full retirement benefits and a police chief's salary. the city says that contract with the california company is "in the process of being terminated" but that there are no additional payments being made since conger is no longer on the job. ((george knapp)) former chief finn, meanwhile, is pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit in federal court. subpoenas were issued this week by lawyers for boulder city to several potential witnesses. ((dave courvoisier)) > shifting gears now... relief from the cold weather trend we've been experiencing could be on the way. chief meteorologist tedd florendo joins us not with more on a possible warm up. < tedd florendo >fewer clouds
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skycam showing some great skies outside compared to all the clouds yesterday. we also warmed up our daytime highs and overnight lows expected to get warmer too. ............................... ............... in the mid 50's by afternoon and the surrounding neighborhoods too. cold up in mount charleston today with milder weather and 60's for laughlin by afternoon. forecast shows temps getting chilly again by morning, but will not be as cold as this morning. and tomorrow expected to be even milder. ............................... ................. so here's the forecast. 50's to 40's by late. more clouds developing but we stay dry for now. some changes expected by the weekend. we'll break it a wn for youming up.))((paula francis)) > some sad news to report this evening... the husband of music superstar and las vegas strip headliner celine dion has died. ((dave courvoisier)) ren anglil had been suffering from throat cancer and died in his henderson home. that' s where 8 news now reporter vanessa murphy joins us live.. vanessa.. dave.. paula.. celine dion and her family live in a gated community here at lake las vegas. the clark county coroner says
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husband rene angelil's death from throat cancer today at the family's home. he was 73 years old. the clark county coroner and his team sending their condolences to the family like many others. rene angelil guided his wife's career as her manager and mentor... the couple has three children together... and he has three other adult children from a previous relationship. the family is asking people to respect their privacy at the moment... celine dion recently returned to her residency at caesars palace in august after taking a year off to care for her husband. and senior vice president john nelson at a-e-g which plays a major role in the shows released a statement saying his team is heartbroken not only because rene was a great friend and mentor and an extraordinary partner with the team for the shows at caesars palace for the last 13 years, but also because he and celine were so devoted to each other. ((vanessa murphy)) and we've
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their 21st wedding anniversary last month. are showing their support for celine through social media... and many messages and tweets extend condolences for their family. we know celine dion's shows this weekend are canceled. we do not know about any funeral arrangments. reporting live, vanessa murphy, 8 news now./// ((paula francis)) > is north las vegas.. the next silicon valley? ((dave courvoisier)) the big names on the way... that could spark a tech boom in the area. ((paula francis)) a hurricane warning in effect in the atlantic. why the severe storm holds significance to the region./// ((paula francis)) faraday
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. unveiled at the consumer electronics show here in las vegas.. high- tech vehicles like it will be built at the company's billion-dollar manufacturing facility at the apex industrial park. it raises the question... could this be the next silicon valley? patrick walker is live at apex with more. patrick? ((patrick walker)) this empty desert sure doesn't look like silicon valley. but tech businesses are interested in opening up shop out here. one leading economist tells us... that interest is rising by the day. ((patrick walker)) at first
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the apex valley is empty desert flanked by mountains. but looking at it through the eyes of tech companies like faraday future -- it is fertile soil. ((dr. robert lang/executive director, brookings west: "10 years ago, you would have been happy to get some warehousing out at apex, now it's more along the lines of advanced manufacturing." )) ((patrick walker)) brookings mountain west director robert lang has been involved in the city of north las vegas' efforts to develop the apex industrial park. ((dr. robert lang/executive director, brookings west: "we're never going to be silicon valley, there's only one silicon valley, we're more like the work bench." )) ((patrick walker)) take faraday future's 3- million square foot facility as an example. lang says while a few dozen highly-paid executives work in california... 45-hundred employees will have good paying jobs manufacturing the products here in southern nevada. ((dr. robert lang/executive director, brookings west: "we have the population to staff a place like that, if we don't have the right skill mix in the region, someone will move here to take one of those jobs." )) ((patrick walker)) while silicon valley is dependent on data lines... businesses who build at apex will depend on road and rail lines.
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million dollars of improvements of this 5-mile long... 2-lane section of u-s 93... starting at interstate 15. ((tony illia/ndot: "we're going to be using an approach called design/build, where we lump-sum all the engineering and construction into one contract." )) ((patrick walker)) the improvements... including adding more lanes... are needed to handle all of the truck and employee traffic expected in the next few years. ((patrick walker)) we're told there are many more companies lining up to come out here. when we spoke to north las vegas mayor john lee last month in carson city... he said he hoped we'd be hearing about new deals every few months. paula? ((paula francis)) patrick... when can we expect to see construction happening out at apex? ((patrick walker)) we understand some very preliminary work is happening at both the hyperloop and faraday facilities. but we expect a formal ground breaking at faraday's facility in a matter of days.///
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only january... but we already have the first hurricane of the year. tedd florendo joins us now to explain it's significance. tedd? ((tedd florendo)) dave... this is something you don't see this time of year. it started as a storm in the atlantic ocean... but alex has been upgraded to hurricane status. yeah a hurricane in the atlantic in the winter. it's located about 500 miles south of an island off the coast of portugal. earlier today... winds hit speeds of 85 miles per hour. the island is home to a u-s air base. alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins june first.///
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< tedd florendo (((>milder today with more sunshine by afternoon winds staying light again and should remain that way. warmer today than yesterday through many neighborhoods. high clouds but plenty of sunshine today and more clouds expected overnight. ............................... ............... temps in the 50's all over the place late today with milder temps over to the east side where we're lower in elevation and cool up in kyle canyon. milder also for southern sections of the valley. expected to get chilly again, but not as cold as this morning or the past few days.
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................. chilly 30's for the central part of the valley and colder in ely as usual. mild but still cool for this of year from mesquite all the way down to laughlin where it's milder along with death valley. ............................... .................. weekend forecast specifically for saturday. looking at more clouds from a storm off the coast. shower chances very limited though and better chance will be in the mountains rather than the valley. 54 and cooler by saturday afternoon. ............................... ..................... satellite and radar showing a series of storms coming in off the coast. with a higher more zonal jetstream we really don't get a lot of storms down to the southwest. mainly affecting the pacific northwest and northern california. ............................... ..................... rain has been in northern california all day with it changin over to stnow in taho and the northern sierras here. bring more snow to the north part of the state. chances tonight here are slim. but we could see chance of some snow shower in the mountains tomorrow. ............................... .................. any rain chances that pop up
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hitting the ground. saturday next system comes in bring mainly clouds snow and showers to the north. ............................... .................... if you're taking an early weekend. here's your travelers forecast with mainly sunny skies from la to phoenix. low to mid 60's for san diego. with those pacific storms you can get san franciso is going to stay wet tomorrow and this weekend 55 the high with rain likely. ............................... ........................ here's the forecast. 40 by morning. more clouds overnight and not as cold. light winds stay at way.morrow7 for the high with clouds, then sulerth breezes around start at 5 ekick up to 15 later.............................................tended forecast showsloud onsaturday but milder sunday with60's for aew days.xt chances for showers could be tuesday and wednesday rng.ose 60's are ing to feelod.da urvoisier)) > a recordjackpot nner.((paula francis)) how many people became overnight multi- millionaires in the latest powerball drawing. ((dave courvoisier)) > the oscar
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always there were some snubs. "the revenant" leads the oscar race with 12 nominations.. including best picture and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. george miller's action epic "mad max: fury road" earned 10 nominations some of this year's snubs... michael b jordan for best actor in "creed"... and "straight outta compton" for best picture... although it did get a screenplay nomination.
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((paula francis)) > the drawing is over... and at least three people share winnings in the record powerball jackpot. winning tickets were bought in chino hills, california.... munford, tennessee... and melbourne beach, florida. each winning ticket is worth almost 529- million dollars.. before taxes. none of the winners have come forward yet... but all three states have laws that require the winners names be released./// ((paula francis)) > we'll be right back.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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have their different logos and designs... but a new airline that's getting ready to launch is keeing it simple. ((paula francis)) "wow air" will take to the sky in purple planes. the airline will kick-off in southern california in june... and promises fares as low as 99- dollars for nonstop flights from lax to iceland. from there... an additional 99- dollars can get you to 10 other cities in europe./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. ///
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francis)) > celine dion's >> pelley: round six for seven republicans. >> i don't think harry truman could be picked for president in this format. >> pelley: also tonight, gas is on sale, but falling energy prices are causing pain. the winning powerball numbers include 7-eleven. >> chino hills, chino hills! >> pelley: with so many great performances by black actors, where were the oscar nominations? and we'll say good-bye to alan rickman. >> i'm the half-blood prince.
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