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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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about some hot- button issues here in las vegas. ((denise valdez)) > understanding your credit score... is crucial to being able to raise it. michelle mortensen is on your side... letting everyone in on the free service that could have you boosting your fico number within a year. ((dave courvoisier)) > the future is now... if you're planning to upgrade your kitchen: if you're a good cook it'll make you a better cook, we get a behind the scenes look at some top- of- the- line advancements being shown off at the convention center... and how they're already in use... right here in the valley./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > polling at fifth-place in nevada among republican voters... carly fiorina wrapped up a 36-hour trip to nevada... trying to gain momentum. the trip comes four-and-a-half weeks before the state's republican caucus. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez... in for paula. our "politics now" team caught up with the republican presidential candidate at the peppermill today.
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fiornia had to say about foreign policy. ((patrick walker: "when you look at the polls... carly fiorina is on the outside looking in... both here in nevada and nationwide. she told a group of about 100 voters today... that doesn't phase her... and she said she's in theherace for the long-haul.")) ((patrick walker)) the former hewlett- packard c-e-o spent an hour chatting with supporters during her "coffee with carly" event at the peppermill fireside lounge. she fielded questions questions veterans... and said she wants to face hillary clinton in a debate. steve sebelius and i sat down with her for an exclusive the peppermill. fiorina praised the state's education savings account program.... which is in a sort of legal limbo right now... ((carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate: "i think it's a great innovation, it's an example of states being laboratories of democracy as well as our fathers intended, so let's put more money, and more choices, in the hands of parents.")) ((patrick walker)) and on foreign policy... fiorina said the united states
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she said she believes a lack of intervention by the u-s has led to the current situations in iran and north korea. ((carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate: "so when there is no response, we're going to get more bad behavior from north korea. when iran launches two ballistic missile tests in direct violation of an agreement, and there is no response, north korea says 'well, me too,' see, this is what's going on.")) ((patrick walker)) fiorina also spoke with valley voters sunday at a town hall meeting.... touching on the economy and unemployment. ((patrick walker: "polling is much less frequent in nevada than other early states... so for now... it's watch and wait... to see if this latest visit moves the needle for fiorina.")) ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now is your election headquarters for this year's presidential race. patrick walker and steve sebelius will host a special edition of "politics now" after the democratic caucus saturday... february 20th at 7 pm. they'll be back with another special edition on tuesday night... february 23rd for the g-o-p caucus... that's at 7:30./// ((dave courvoisier)) > just last night... n-b-c news hosted the first democratic debate of 2016.
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clinton, and bernie sanders took the stage... but it was the former maryland governor who struggled to be heard: ((martin o'malley, presidential candidate: i don't think there has been a single debate where people left saying they heard too much from martin o'malley. )) ((dave courvoisier)) instead... clinton and sanders took up much of the time... debating everything from gun control to health care: ((bernie sanders, presidential candidate: in the wealthiest country in the history of the world we should have healthcare for every man woman and child as a right. hillary clinton, presidential candidate: there are things we can do to improve it but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of debate i think is the wrong direction. )) ((dave courvoisier)) bernie sanders was the top candidate discussed on both twitter and facebook according to reps from both social media companies./// ((denise valdez)) > traffic was at a standstill earlier today... after a deadly crash on the 15 in jean. that's where n-h-p say a person was hit and killed on the freeway. the man was killed when he was hit by a semi- truck. right now it's not clear why the
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southbound lanes were closed for hours while troopers investigated the crash./// ((dave courvoisier)) > this time of year is typically a busy time for doctors... as the flu virus starts its spread. flu season runs all the way until march... and according to a report from walgreens... nevada is being hit hard right now. their flu tracker index is based on prescription data for anti- viral medications used to treat the flu. so far this season... four people have died from the flu. we talked with a local doctor who says her particular office hasn't seen too many flu cases... but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy: (( sunita kalra, md, health care partners green valley: we are seeing lots of bronchitis this year could be classic for time of season maybe a little bit more with weather being up and down and kinda unpredictable )) ((dave courvoisier)) dr. kalra is crediting a more effective flu vaccine this year to the lower number of flu cases she is seeing. during last year's flu season, the southern nevada health
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more than 300 people sent to the hospital due to influeza./// ((denise valdez)) > taking a step inside the lap of luxury. the seamless designs being displayed in real- world environments... and the automation that could one day be common place in kitchens across the country. plus... are we getting an early taste of spring this week tedd? tedd florendo >you bet. temps stay away from near freezing this time, with more highs this time in the 60's. wait until you see what to expect the rest of the week.
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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and do you know how to make it better? ((denise valdez)) 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here with our "money matters" report talking about credit scores and the many ways you can improve yours quickly. ((michelle mortensen)) your
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responsible you are. a bad score can hurt you quite a bit because it says to creditors .. you're a financial risk. but -- you can improve your score dramatically in just 12 months. but to do that ... you've got to know your number. the most widely used credit score system is known as the fico system. it gives you a score from 300 to 850. the higher your number the better. but most folks don't have a very high number. the average person has a score of 720 according to fico. the average las vegas's score is even lower -- coming in at 632. and that is known as a bad score. these scores are determined by 5 factors. you're payment history. how much you owe. how long you've had credit. any recent inquiries. and finally the types of credit you have. improving your score is as simple as changing those factors. if you make late payments ... paying on time .. changes your score.
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you have more available credit .. and that helps your score. that alone over 12 months can improve your score significantly. but you can't figure out how to improve your score unless you know your score. and you can get that for free ... from the financial guidance center. ((michele johnson: we offer a free credit restoration counseling session and as part of that we pull an experian report and credit score and make sure they understand everything on their credit report. )) ((michelle mortensen)) they will also help you dispute anything on your report that might be inaccurate or obsolete .. and that too can improve your score. and that too is all free. ((dave courvoisier)) what about getting your credit score from an online site like credit karma? ((michelle mortensen)) great question ... you may not want to do that. i asked michele about them specifically ... she told me they don't offer fico scores? they base their
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utility payments .. and rent. they do not take credit card payments into consideration at all ... so it may not be accurate at all. ... and don't forget .. the latest edition of my daily deals, coupons and freebies is out and online .. so check it out. i've got deals on diapers .. fitness deals ... restraunt coupons and grocery deals... plus freebies. ((denise valdez)) and for any consumer question you might come across... just give the 8 on your side team a call... the number is 702- 650- 1907./// ((dave courvoisier)) > honoring martin luther king junior in a big way. the yearly tradition one major employer takes part in... that's making sure at- risk students and vulnerable seniors are taken care of year round. and it's almost here... the "living green super recycle event." just bring all yyr recyclables to the thomas and mack this saturday starting at 8 in the morning...
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that's accepted...
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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news now at 6 with dave courvoisier and paula francis. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > another big convention in town. this week it's the international builders show. ((denise valdez)) starting tomorrow, companies from all over the world will be products. 8 news now anchor paul joncich got a sneak peak at some of the latest designs. ((paul joncich)) this week's show is at the convention center. but today we got to see some of the high end products being installed inside a couple of the luxury residences at the mandarin oriental. a company called dacor (day-cor) designs kitchen appliances like this automated microwave that rolls out like a drawer. and there's this smart double oven that has a programable 7
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that will not only help with cooking instructions, but text you when your dish done. ((michael west/dacor: "i like mine a little more rare, you could set it to that, hit start and away you go...." "if you use the temperature probe, it'll stop cooking, put it into warming mode, and text you you and tell you when it's you can use this appilication on your phone. and it pairs it with the oven, and you can do alot of remote operations as well.")) ((paul joncich)) michael west's company is working with interior designers inside some of the residences at the make sure their appliances fit perfectly into the overall look. dacor also deals directly with consumers. ((paul joncich)) they say one of the hottest trends continues to be smart appliances that are programable away from home through your phone. dacor will be one of more than 25-hundred exhibitors at the kitchen and bath show, part of the international builders show this week. it starts tomorrow and runs through thursday./// ((denise valdez)) has the home
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recovered from the recession? ((paul joncich)) it's getting there. in fact it's recovering at a faster pace than the housing industry. more than 300 billion dollars spent last year. at the peak, it was 324 billion dollars. news music voice over: "from 8 news now, this is neighborhood weather with tedd florendo." < tedd florendo ((>skies a lot clearer this afternoon after clouds this morning. showers didn't really happen here, but we did pick up some sprinkles elshwhere. it's gonig to be another cool night, but at least not freezing by morning. ............................... ............. looking outside right now it was mild by afternoon with some 60's reported. staying cool up in kyle canyon this afternoon with chilly weather expected by morning and evening. cooling off a little tomorrow. ............................... ........ regional temps in the 60's also with mildest weather down in laughlin and death valley this afternoon. stayed chilly in the central part of the state and up in ely. reno cold as well.
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u.s. temps cold across much of the lower 48 states. with dangerously cold temps in upper midwest over to pennsylvania. wind chill reading will bring these areas certainly down to the negative 15 degrees. ............................... ............. that's where we're finding lake effect snow prompting a lot of lake effect snow warnings. expecting up to a foot in some areas like buffalo and upstate new york. maybe out in erie as well. ............................... .......... back to the west coast we go. more storms out here in the pacific, but jetsream staying to the north will send this parade of storms north of us again. we could get some clouds mixed with sun this week as they stay north. shower chances are going to be very limited this week. ............................... ....................... one system moves east and we'll see some clearing. but this next one hitting california already will bring some clouds tomorrow. shower chances will be even less tomorrow. with better chances in the mountains ............................... ..................... here's the travelers' forecast with l.a. picking up some rain early. phoenix partly sunny with high 60's. sand diego mostly clouds and 64. san francisco, not letting up. they're getting more rain. ...............................
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43 partly clear overnigth with chilly conditions. light winds. tomorrow expect a high of 58 with more clouds and seasonal temps. we could squeeze out maybe an isolated sprinkle or brief shower tomorrow, but probability not high. ............................... .......................... extended forecast shows at or above average temps all week. with some days in the mid 60's, that'll feel real nice. warmest days friday and saturday for our living green, super recycling event. thank you mother nature. could see a slight shower chances on sunday, but nothing to get too excited about.
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of people flocked to downtown las vegas today... for the annual "martin luther king junior day parade." this is the 34-th year for the downtown parade. las vegas mayor carolyn goodman rode through the streets in a pink cadillac... along with her husband oscar... and none other than elvis presley behind the wheel. clark county commissioner lawrence weekly was there speaking to the crowd...helping celebrate the life of king. our own tedd florendo and sharie johnson were the parde emcee's./// ((denise valdez)) > giving back to the community... that's one of the most popular ways people honor the legacy of martin luther king, junior. today... that giving spirit was seen in action at "three square food bank." that's where more than 100 volunteers from n-v energy spent the day... loading up packs to give to at- risk students and seniors in the las vegas valley. n-v energy executive tony sanchez ed with us... about how important it is for
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(( tony sanchez, sr vp of gov't & community strategy, nv energy: we like to instill in youth the concept of giving back which is what dr. king stood for giving back and non violent communication and giving back to your community and we're gonna help some of the underprivileged folks who might not have enough food during the weekends and such when they're not at school. )) ((denise valdez)) sanchez says last year... n-v energy employees racked up 35- thousand hours of volunteer work... and he hopes they beat that record in 2016./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the rebels are heading to logan utah with a new head coach who is feeling confident. chris maathuis has more on the matchup. ((chris maathuis)) they've all gotta be feeling pretty good todd simon in charge utah state is next on the schedule and what a place... long time rebel fans will remember that infamous 'water plus... who's the real champ talking trash in the ring? they both hold belts.. one is a brit, the other an american.
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news music voice over: "from 8 news now this is sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) the rebels travel to utah state for a date with the aggies tomorrow night, they'll be facing the league's player of the week. aggie guard chris smith averaged 29 points and 9 rebounds a game in two wins last week against air force and colorado state. the rebels will also be travling to logan, utah with some interesting history with the aggies. crazy history that dates back to the mid 1980's ((chris maathuis)) lets rewind the tape to 1985... a game for the ages. it was january 2 on a chilly night in logan. freddie banks hits a three sending the game into overtime. they'd go to a second overtime.... and in the 3rd ot, rebel guard
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a single point all season hits the game winner. unlv wins it 142-140... which at the time set a national record for most combined points. it's still a unlv record for most points allowed... it was also tark's 600th career win. from the classic to the most bizarre.. again against utah state. it was march 1st, 1990 rebels and aggies locked in tension filled game at the spectrum in logan. then... toward the end of the game... suddenly... and you've never seen this since and probably never will again... a water bomb goes off near the bench... tark is drenched... aggies accessed a technical... larry johnson hits a pair of free throws and the rebels win 84-82. tarkanian; it was a rigged device, done on pupose, was it really... are you kidding me. ((chris maathuis)) don't expect any crazy water bombs... but lets hope the rebels knock down some long bombs. aggies are favored by 2 1/2 over unlv. we all know the lady rebels... the talented dance group that has been entertaining fans for decades at rebel games during
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they're one of the top college dance teams in the country. and they proved it over the weekend in orlando... the ladies will be returning tonight with a national championship in hip hop at the finals at disney world. they performed a one minute routine and it went off without a hitch. in that world this is a big big deal. the ladies beat out memphis and lsu for the honor... they finished 11th in the all girl cheer team. kentucky won the overall honor. ((chris maathuis)) getting ready for the olympic games in rio this summer and today team usa announcing its 30 finalists for the basketball team. carmelo anthony and lebron james headline the 30 finalists. steph curry is a first timer looking to make the team... the 30 will be cut to 12 this summer in las vegas. usa will have a deep roster as they prepare for the games this august. they're 130-5 all time with 14 gold medals. u.s. heavyweight boxer deontay wilder is turning heads. he ko'ed a polish fighter over the weekend, that's 35 knockouts in his last 36 fights.
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challenger and wbo champ tyson fury jumped in the ring and called out the american wbc heavyweight champion. (( )) boxers; "there's only one tyson fury... what do you have to say about that deontay, what deontay. we all know fury is phoney, this is just an act. you know what time what place, i ain't scared of nobody, i'll come to your back yard for that my man." ufc fight night 81 in boston last night had dominick cruz back in the ring fighting for a belt. it was an action packed fight, back and force... non stop action from the two bantamweights. .. and when the dust settled after five rounds... cruz was given the split decision. the champion hurt his foot in the fight but hopes it won't sideline him for long. he also says he wants to sit down with dana white and lorenzo fertitta and talk money. ((dave courvoisier)) > finally
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surfers are flocking to the san diego coastline... with waves reaching as high as 15 feet in some places. check out these surfers... taking advantage of the high surf. the national weather service says the waves between six and ten feet will hammer much of the coast today and tomorrow. the highest surf is expected just south of carlsbad. and this reporter likely learned his lesson... as he was trying to take cell phone pictures for his station... his photographer caught him being slammed by a massive wave. luckily he was able to make it up the stairs safely... but he says the coldwater was up to his waist... leaving him drenched./// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas
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