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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 25, 2016 3:30am-4:00am PST

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it's monday, january 25th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." digging out. an epic blizzard buries the east and leaving dozens dead and hundreds struggling to dig out of the snow. >> the plane actually dropped. >> fell on its side and everything went flying. >> a mid-air scare. seven people are hurt after being tossed by violent turbulence on a flight from miami to milan. prison break. three violent california inmates spend months plotting an elaborate escape from prison. the massive effort to get them back behind bars. and the matchup is set. super bowl 50 will be a battle of new school versus the old guard. good morning from the studio
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headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. millions of people in the east begin the workweek digging out from this weekend's monster storm. at least 30 deaths are blamed on the weather. the system dumped nearly 30 inches of snow in baltimore. new york central park recorded over 26 inches. philadelphia and washington both got more than 22 inches. the storm, coupled with high tide, brought flooding to parts of the new jersey shore. residents of pennsylvania and across the region got to work sunday clearing sidewalks and streets. brian webb is in queens, new york, where they saw nearly three feet of snow. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the big dig has begun but there are still thousands of cars buried under snow like this one. officials really don't want people to dig themselves out. they don't want the snow back out on the roads and they don't want people to get hurt. already this weekend, several
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shovel in their hand. federal offices and schools in the nation's capital remain closed this morning as people in the area continue to dig out from under two feet of snowfall. crystal lucas got a hand uncovering her buried car from a good samaritan. >> even on a sunny day, they probably wouldn't say hello, but in a time of need, people are here to help. >> reporter: in virginia and maryland, residents did their best to chip away at the mounds of snow ahead of the start of the workweek. steve minecoff spent hours shoveling out his driveway, only to have passing plow trucks undo most-of-his work. >> i'm so outraged by the state, i'm liable to have a stroke now thinking about it. >> reporter: while much of new york city came back to life after record snowfall totals, residents here in queens are still dealing with unplowed roads. >> we are all wondering what happened to the sanitation department. why didn't they care about these blocks? they took care of the main roads. >> reporter: the impact is also
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nation's busiest airports. carol alvarez and her friends are trying to get home to new jersey in time for her milestone birthday today. >> this is not what my 30th birthday was going to be like. >> reporter: airports along the east coast are slowly getting back to normal, but hundreds of flights have already been cancelled for today. and so far, more than 1,200 domestic flights have been cancelled for today and many new york city buildings have barricades around them to keep people safe from falling ice. >> i tell you, brian, if you didn't tell me there was a car behind you, i would not have even known. >> i know, right? >> pretty intense. brian webb in queens, thanks a lot. >> it's in there somewhere. we will have the latest on the cleanup from this massive storm. that is coming up on "cbs this morning." just over a week before the campaign's first votes. donald trump has regained his lead in iowa. the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows the billionaire mogul atop the republican field
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senator ted cruz is second with 34%. senator marco rubio is a distant third. and the race in iowa is neck and neck on the democratic side. senator bernie sanders has 47% support compared to 46% for hillary clinton. to mix things up a bit, former new york mayor michael bloomberg is exploring a third-party presidential bid. cbs news has confirmed bloomberg is considering an entry into the race if sanders and trump are the nominees. seven people were injured on late sunday when their americanairlines plane was hit by severe turbulence. flight 206 took off from miami bound for milan, italy. the plane made an emergency landing in newfoundland. ambulances and first responders met the plane when it touched down. passengers described scary moments when the plane hit the rough air and suddenly dropped. >> everything went flying and people and -- yeah, it was pretty intense. >> reporter: were there people
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bumps? >> american says three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to a hospital. alaska residents are cleaning up this morning from a powerful earthquake. the 7.1 magnitude quake rattled southern alaska early sunday. it knocked products off store shelves and triggered gas leaks and explosions or fires after the quake destroyed four homes. there are no reports of injuries, though. the usgs says a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit overnight in the mediterranean sea. the quake was felt widely along spain's southern coast but no reports of any major damage. hundreds of residents in morocco reported damage. a furious manhunt is under way for three dangerous inmates who broke out friday from a southern california jail. authorities are asking for the public's help and offering
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elaborate escape. >> we will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody. >> reporter: authorities say jonathan tieu and bac duong and hossein nayeri. they may have spent months planning their daring escape from the orange county jail. sheriff sandra hutchins. >> it appears to be a very planned operation. >> reporter: the planning was meticulous says sheriff lieutenant jeff halak. >> it seems the inmates cut through the steel bars and cut their way through the plumbing tunnels and ultimately gained access to an unsecured area of the roof. from the roof the inmates repelled down to the ground. >> reporter: authorities say it's likely they used bed sheets and other clothing to fashion a make-shift rope. after what tools they used to escape, how they got them or if they had help, all those questions got the same response. >> we are still looking into that. >> reporter: they are also looking at whether a disturbance inside the jail just prior to the nightly head count may have been aroused by other inmates to
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authorities don't believe they have left the country. they say tips have poured in, but, so far, no confirmed sightings. this mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. be new video from isis purports to show the paris attackers before their deadly siege of the french capitol. the video captures the group of nine men who killed 130 people in paris in november. they can be seen carrying out atrocities in syria and iraq. the extremists also make threats on camera, including to bring carnage, quote, under the eiffel tower. malaysian investigators will travel today to thailand to inspect debris that may have come from missing flight 370. the curved piece of metal measuring 6 by 10 feet washed ashore in southern thailand. the malaysia airlines flight disappeared in march of 2014. the fate of all of those on the plane, 239 passengers and crew, remains a mystery. in sports now.
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super bowl 50. the nfc championship game was a rout! carolina quarterback cam newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for two others as the panthers steamrolled arizona 49-15. >> we have been doubted and we have been slated. all of the above but, yet, you know, when you have turnouts like this today, it makes it all worthwhile. >> in the afc championship game, peyton manning threw a pair of touchdown passes to owen daniels. but with just 12 seconds left, tom brady threw a td pass and setting up a chance for a two-point conversion that would have tied the game. brady's pass was intercepted and denver beat new england 20-18. denver ties pittsburgh, dallas, and new england for the most super bowl appearances. >> to me, this victory sort of is a great example of what this entire season has been like. it's -- it hasn't been easy.
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people stepping up and doing their part at different times. >> you can watch super bowl 50 right here on cbs february 7th from santa clara, california. coming up on the "morning news." another actor takes the stand. the actor who played martin luther king jr. in "selma" has harsh words for the academy. later, allegations of match fixing at the australian open after a lopsided loss. this is the "cbs morning news." to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming!
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"the new york times" reports actor david oyelowo who played martin luther king jr. in "selma" says the makeup of the academy does not reflect the academy award overall. 90% are white and 97% are male. reuters reports test found elevated lead levels of a small northeast ohio town. volunteers distributed bottled water over the weekend in the village of seabring after a test revealed lead levels exceeded federal standard. lead can cause brain damage and other health problems. "the miami herald" reports on the arrest of a florida man accused of being radicalized by isis. police arrested 20-year-old enrique dominguez friday on an alleged aggravated assault charge. he aledly told coworkers he had bought a shotgun to kill his boss and played execution videos from isis.
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reports on a health scare videos from isis. "the washington post" reports on a health scare boss and played execution videos from isis. "the washington post" reports on a health scare involving israel's former president shimon perez. the 92-year-old was taken to the spital after experiencing est pains. had been in the hospital a week earlier after suffering a minor heart attack. buzzfeed says betting on a tennis match was halted after match fixings was suspected. at the australia open yesterday due to odd betting activity. it comes just days after a buzzfeed and bbc investigation revealed possible match fixings has gone on for years. coming up, a historic landing. the space company founded by amazon's jeff bezos successfully reflies and lands a rocket. ar ar. and later, lick ping-pong. astronauts pass the time in
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today marks kelly's 304th level day in space. that is perfect for my hand and eye coordination. nice and slow. on the cbs "moneywatch." the economic of the east coast blizzard and a second landing for a reusable rocket. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> reporter: stock markets in asia got a lift from rebounding oil prices. tokyo's nikkei added 1% and hong kong's hang seng gained half of a percent. experts say restaurants, theaters and other entertainment venues sustained the biggest hit as millions of americans hunkered down and stayed home. one expert said people probably just shifted their spending, including online shopping and renting vies. gas prices continue their plunge. they are now way below the $2 gallon mark.
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for a gallon of regular is now $1.83. that is down almost 7 cents from a week ago. it's 17 cents lower than the past month. experts do caution the price drop may not be here for long as crude begins to rebound. there is a major management shake-up at twitter. three senior executives are reportedly leaving. the company is also hiring a new chief marketing officer. twitter is expected to make the announcement today, followed by plans to add two more board members. twitter declined to comment. the private space company blue origin founded by amazon's jeff bezos successfully reused a rocket and landed to get back safely on earth. it launched friday in western texas. it returned to earth and made a successful upright landing and equipped with a crew
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on subon or about -- suborbital space flights. uber was offering flights to attend the sundance festival in utah. the company began offering flights from the salt lake city airport on thursday. the next day the county sheriff demanded those flights stop. on saturday, uber agreed, despite arguing that there is no permit needed for this flight. >> oh, no. jill, how will we make it to the theater? >> big suvs, i guess, right? >> i think my stretch escalade is in the shop so we will have to figure something out. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still to come, extreme sports in times square. a man goes snowboarding through the snow-filled streets of new york on a video that has become a hit on social media. what it can do. make you peanut butter happy. it's a whole new kind of joy you get when you bite into a new jif bar
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the country. here is another look at this morning's top stories. the workweek is off to a messy start for millions on the east coast. the weekend blizzard brought near record snow to major cities. roads are still slippery and transit service is spotty. at least 30 deaths are blamed on the weather. while most new yorkers spent snow, one stunt man made use of the fresh powder. armed with a snowboard, a jeep, and a camera, this guy went snowboarding through the streets of new york. pretty empty streets. the nypd pulled him over for a the youtuber is no stranger to viral stunts. he was actually using an acm i-cable rather than a rope. pretty good.
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"star wars" looked more like snow wars at dupont circle. the aptly named washington, d.c. snowball fight association organized the "star wars" themed snowball battle yesterday morning. actor mark ruffalo turned to twitter when he lost his wallet and phone in the blizzard. on saturday, the oscar winner tweeted to his 2 million followers he lost the items somewhere on the streets in new york city. less than 20 minutes later, they were found! pretty good. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the ceo of zillow, spencer rascoff. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morning news." (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well.
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president obama has just under a year to go before leaving office. last week, he spoke with lee cowan and reflected on his time in the white house. >> there are times where you get there are times where you're frustrated. >> reporter: do you wonder why you did this? >> absolutely. and, yet, there has not been a day that i have not walked into the oval office and understood that, at no point in my life, will i ever have the chance to do as much good and make as much of a difference in the lives of people as i do right now, and that is precious, and so i'm going to try to squeeze every last little bit of good work that i can while i still have the chance. >> reporter: if you could run for a third term, would you? >> no, i wouldn't.
3:55 am
let me. you know, this is a big sacrifice and a great privilege, but its takes a toll on family life. this is a process in which the office should be continually renewed by new energy and new ideas and new insights, and although i think i am as good of a president as i've ever been right now, i also think that there comes a point where you don't have fresh legs, and, you know, that is when you start making mistakes or that is when you start thinking that you are what is important as opposed to the mission being more important. >> reporter: how much time do you wonder or spend thinking about what you have done might be undone if a republican ends up in the white house? >> well, you think about that.
3:56 am
you're president is that the institutions and programs and things that you have put in place and filled, if you've done a good job and you've done them sensibly, in some cases, may need tinkering with, can be improved, but if they are good things, they are harder to undo than you think. one thing i'm confident about and maybe why i don't feel obliged to yearn for a third term is i'm very confident i'll be able to say that things are a lot better now than they were when i came into office, and, you know, it's a pretty good eight years worth of work. >> that was lee cowan reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a look at gender pricing and how women often pay a higher price for the same product as men. plus, the ceo of spencer rascoff joins us in the studio. and we will show you a company that sets up workers on blind
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that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching.
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have a great day.with kirsten joyce, sherry
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