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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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"be like bob!" you've likely seen it yourself... but as michelle mortensen reveals... sharing that meme could open you up to a whole slew of privacy concerns./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > (( this man was as good a man as there were on earth and the rotten dirty buggers killed him in cold blood. )) ((dave courvoisier)) > nevada rancher cliven bundy speaks to the media... about the death of one of the militia men who occupied a wildlife refuge in oregon for nearly a month now. ammon and ryan... were among eight people arrested in last night's shootout. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez... in for paula. we want to get out to paul joncich... who is actually in mesquite now... after people at the bundy ranch in bunkerville threatened to shoot reporters. paul it's good to see you in a safe area! ((paul joncich))
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intercepting militant leader ammon bundy and several other militia members on a oregon highway.not far from where they've occupied federal land since the start of the year. shots were fired, bundy was arrested, his brother ryan was shot but has non-life threatening injuries. lavoy finicum, a spokesman for the protestors was killed in the shootout according to ammon bundy's father cliven who spoke with cbs station koin it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. on january 2nd bundy and his armed followers took control of the malheur national wildlife refuge. they claim the federal government is forcing ranchers to sell their lands. we will continue to work toward resolution and will do so with the primary goal of restoring normalcy to this community. it is unclear how many people still occupy buildings inside the refuge. law enforcement officers have established roadblocks around militant leader ammon bundy and several other militia members on ((paul joncich)) ((dave courvoisier)) > paul
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cbs news, burns oregon (( )) ((paul joncich)) ((dave courvoisier)) > paul we're hearing ammon bundy is telling the remaining occupiers ((dave courvoisier)) > paul we're hearing ammon bundy is telling the remaining occupiers hearing ammon bundy is telling the remaining occupiers to stand down and go home...
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the ranch? ((paul joncich)) ((denise valdez)) > the threats coming from the bundy ranch today really had people talking on facebook. dennis says.. ."arrest that family for attempted murder! they should have been stopped last year when they started all of this." tiffany simply said "stop giving these people attention." others questioned whether news crews were really threatened... and we assure you... paul and his photographer would not have had to leave the scene had that not been the case. you can join in the conversation at anytime... just search for 8 news now on facebook./// ((dave courvoisier)) > metro police hope you'll be able to help them find the people behind
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part of the valley. they released this surveillance footage today... showing a bicyclist riding early saturday morning... near owens and nellis boulevard. in the video you also see a pick- up truck drive by and make a turn.... that's when someone inside that truck fired shots... hitting the cyclist. the biker stumbled into a parking lot and ended up dying. it's pretty hard to see anything... but if you happen to notice the truck in this video... or know anything about the shooting... call police or crimestoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) > cameras can be found in many daycares and preschools... and now one attorney also wants to see them inside special education classrooms. the recent arrest of a special education teacher... accused of being intimate with her student inside her classroom... some say cameras are needed for the most vulnerable students. sharie johnson explains. police arrested 25-year-old jullian lafave january 15th. she confessed to kissing her 17-year-old special needs student several times... in her classroom. classroom. the arrest report says there we're 13,000 texts between the two...
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nature". and special education attorney marianne lanuti says the solution to preventing this type of misconduct... is cameras... in special ed classrooms. ((marianne lanuti, attorney specializes in special ed law teachers need this to protect themselves to bus drivers need to protect themselves everyone the innocement will be rpotected there is no excuse )) ((sharie johnson)) lanuti has pushed for this 10 years now. she says texas recently passed legislation for classroom cameras. ((marianne lanuti, attorney specializes in special ed law according to texas, the cameras cost $150.00, there is no reasonable explanation to fight this )) ((nicholas umlenov i think with cameras in their school, in the classroom, they can be watched for safety for everybody )) ((rebecca bernard it's not violating anybody's privacy )) ((sharie johnson)) parents agree something has to be done for students who often can't speak for themselves. as for lanuti... she's trying to form a coalition with parents and concerned citizens then take her research all the way to carson city. sharie johnson, 8newsnow./// ((dave courvoisier)) lafave had only been teaching at valley high school since august.
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education and english teacher./// ((denise valdez)) > mccarran international airport had a very busy 2015... with nearly 45- and- a- half- million passengers flying in and out of town. that makes last year the third busiest in the airport's 67- year- history. the peak was back in 2007... before the recession... with 48- million passengers./// ((denise valdez)) > saving the lives of pets in southern nevada. the new mission "the animal foundation" is on... and where its re-directing money to make sure more animals survive. and tedd how's the weather? tedd florendo >funny you should ask denise. we're tracking a warm up for the week with temps near 70 degrees. but we also have some rain and cooler temps not far behind. we'll break down your entire
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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are emerging tonight... that may help catch whoever is responsible for a rash of mail thefts in the west valley... near sahara and hualapai. 8 news now first reported on this story monday... and homeowners are releasing images they say are of a van connected to the thefts. patrick walker shows us the new video. ((patrick walker)) ((mailbox doors closing)) several mailboxes in this west las vegas neighborhood... left blowing in the breeze since sunday. ((margo erickson/discovere d compromised mailbox: "this is not the first time this one has been broken into.")) angry homeowners have checked their security cameras... and have found the vehicle they believe is connected. take a good look at these photos from a homeowner. you can see a white 2000's g- m-c or chevy van parked in front of the mail box. the homeowners says this is from 4:02 a-m sunday... and the van was stopped in front of the box for only about 20 seconds. then there's this video... from another home owner a few streets away. this is at 4:17... 15 minutes after the photos were taken. a van pulls up... stops for 20 seconds at the mailbox... and leaves. as it swings around the cul-de-sac...
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it appears to be the same one. residents say the common theme is the thieves break into the older mailboxes... not the newer ones. ((margo erickson/discovere d compromised mailbox: "if you've got one or two broken in, it's time to replace them all.")) they urge anyone with information to contact the postal inspector... or call police. patrick walker... 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) mail theft is a felony offense. if convicted... it carries a penalty of up to five years in prison... and fines of up to 250-thousand dollars./// ((denise valdez)) > local teenagers live out their dream... of appearing on "wheel of fortune." if you haven't watched last night's episode yet... this is your spoiler alert! we'll tell you how much cash the
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facebook fans ...
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likely posted one of those "be like bill" meme's over the past few days. ((dave courvoisier)) and while you may have thought they were fun ... they could also pose a security risk to your computer. 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here with the details. ((michelle mortensen)) over the weekend ... those cartoons were popping up on everyone's facebook feed. if you don't know what i'm talking about ... here .. take a look. the meme's were cute. if you downloaded the app ... it gave you a personalized cartoon .... that a lot of people found pretty funny. but here's the problem ... most folks ... probably didn't read the terms first. and boy are they a doosey. the meme's creator ... bobla .. says in its terms ... quote "you will allow us to use, edit your content... with our service ... permanently, no limit and no recover." basically ... if you downloaded it ... you gave them free reign to your
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your facebook priofile and all your content. that means your pictures .. and anything they can find. what are they looking for? we don't know ... but ... a lot of sensitive material can be found on a computer. ((michelle mortensen)) so what should you do now if you downlaoded it? go to your facebook settings .. select the apps category ... find the app... and remove it. and in the future ... either read the terms before agreeing to anything or just quit dowloading those apps and quizzes. ((denise valdez)) > here's the number to call if you have any consumer questions... 702- 650- 1907.///
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tedd florendo ((>check out the pic from cartwright elementary today where is spoke to third graders. this is where we begin our segment ask tedd. one of those students asked me about what did i do when i forecasted tornadoes in the midwest. here's what he had to say. hey tedd, what did you go when the tornadoes hit? i told him our station basement. which where everyone should go in a tornado. or the lowest level of your home in an interior room away from windows. the best place when you dont' have a basement may be the bathtub. ............................... ....... looking outside today we saw plenty of sun and milder weather than yesterday. many neighborhoods jumped up to the 60's. winds stayed calm in the the valley with temps right where we were yesterday by afternoon. ............................... .......
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milder. warmer for the neigbhorhoods over the east side of the valley where we're lower in elevation and cool up at kyle canyon. near 60 this afternoon for anthem and henderson too. ............................... .......... regional temps in the 60's for sure this afternoon for areas like mesquite and down the colorado river. milder in laughlin and death valley close to 70. chilly for the central sections of the state in the 40's from rachel to pioche this afternoon. expected to drop below freezing through the evening up there. ............................... ............. national number show cool weather from tulsa to dallas. col for chicago and new york where they're still cleaning up the snow in the mid-atlantic. milder in florida which helping fuel the thunderstorms. ............................... .......... that's where we find the severe weather tonight with storms some
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through . ............................... ......... back west more rain for the pacific northwest as they can't get break from the rain. this will change over to snow in the cascades tonight. and we have some clouds coming in from the west tonight giving us some cloud coverage this evening. tracking another system out in the pacific that is going to slide in from the north and bring us several things this weekend. ............................... .......... first we start of with saturday where temps ahead of that system will be close to 70 and comfortable but breezy winds can be expected. sunday cloudy and gusty winds come in along with showers. a few hundreths of an inch are possible. monday morning showers still possible but we do know this could be our windiest day with gusts up to 40 or more possible. ............................... ............ tonight expect a low of 43 with high clouds this evening and overnight. light northwest winds not an issue tonight. warmer than yesterday. 64 the high for tomorrow and milder and comfy. above average for temps withlight winds......................................ighborhood highs in the mid's througmany neighborhoods and milder over to the east part of the valley and in henderson......................................extended forecast shows warmer ather through saturday. huge temperature drop by sunday in the 50's only along with showers and winds. really wind monday. (( hey tedd where'd you go when the tornado hit? ))
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((dave courvoisier)) > amtrak is set to receive more than 4- and- a- half million dollars in damages... after a deadly crash back in 2011. a federal judge in reno refused to grant a new trial for nevada trucking firm "john davis trucking." jurors decided the driver wasn't paying attention when he crashed into the train just outside of reno... that truck driver died... along with five people on the train. the trucking company argued the jury should have considered evidence suggesting a faulty crossing signal may have been to blame for the crash./// ((denise valdez)) > the animal foundation has a new initiative... to save more of the valley's animal population. it's being dubbed "mission possible 20-20." one of the big pushes is an expanded cat trap- spay- and neuter return program. in the past six months that's already saved more than 740 cats. they're also moving money to jumpstart a surrender intervention program... to keep more animals with their owners.
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you'll still see familiar specials throughout the year like the "clear the shelter" events: (( last year we did more than 10 thoussand adoptions we want to continue to grow that number, continue to offer promotions and discounts for public spay/neuter, vaccine clinic and a host of other programs )) ((denise valdez)) the foundation is also working to increase their live release rate. right now---it's at about 65- percent. just a few years ago in 20- 12....only about 40% of the animals left the shelter alive./// ((dave courvoisier)) > there are three games in the mountain west tonight. ((denise valdez)) the most important one taking place at the thomas and mack and chris maathuis says wear your red tonight. ((chris maathuis)) that's right it's a celebration of red... the mack will be decked out with fans in red. unlv hosting boise state.... the second place team in the league gallops into the mack. i've got a preview. plus... why are these japanese coaches here? and look who's escorting them around. more coming up here on 8 news now.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together,
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and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) it's red out night at the thomas and mack tonight... fans are encougared to wear their rebel red. if you get there early you can get a free red shirt. rebels are hosting boise state. the last time the two met here at the mack, the boncos won the game. unlv is averaging 77 points a game, which ranked 5th in the league, but is the most by a rebel team since 2002. the rebels are 3-1 under coach todd simon... but the broncos have won six straight on the road. simon wants this team to be tough, tougher and toughest. (( )) todd simon/coach; "that's part of who we need to be going forward, a gritty nasty team that when you play unlv they lay in bed physically sore afterwards" jerome
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compete with anybody in this league... obviously our record doesn't show it... we want to win more then we lose, but when it comes to competing i know who ever is first whether its sdsu and boise. ben carter/unlv center; "we look toward this week as two games to get back and get back in this rrace in the mountain west and that's who we're looking at it." don't forget tipoff tonight is set for 8 p.m.... not 7.... so plan accordingly. but if you do go a little early you may get one of those red shirts. ((chris maathuis)) something a little unique over on the unlv campus today... a group of japanese coaches are here looking into american football. they're getting a few pointers from those at unlv. their host is former rebel and nfl linebacker adam seward, who grew up in las vegas and played at unlv back in the john robinson days. now seward is the defensive coordinator at kyoto university
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american coach at the school. he broguht the guys here to talk to coaches, trainers and equipment guys. american football has been played in japan since the 1940's. so for over 75 years, surprisingly it still hasn't caught on. (( )) adam seward/former rebe; "when you have a sport like baseballand the way baseball is in japan, it's really hard to break through. it's much like soccer in the u.s... we've seen a rise in soccer, but it's tough to break through when you see the amount of money being made in football" seiji miaw/gm; "baseball and soccer are popular... why not football? not many high schools have a football team. adam seward; "baseball, baseball baseball, soccer... there is american football, you have to go to certain high schools to find good players." yesterday the group visited bishop gorman and tomorrow the guys will visit faith lutheran and talk to coach vernon fox. ((chris maathuis)) in less then
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will kick off in historic super bowl 50 from santa clara, california. san francisco, santa clara and the rest of the bay area are busy making super bowl preps. and the tickets are going to be expensive... some are speculating that they could be the most costly in super bowl history. but this is the big's golden number 50, so ya know the nfl is going to play it up as much as possible. and channel 8 is your home for the game... carolina is favored by 5 1/2 over the broncos. many are saying this could break the all time betting handle for the state. station casinos has already come out with its prop bets... and they have an mvp prop... cam newton is a 5-8 for the panthers and peyton manning is 3-1. total number of touchdowns in the game 5 1/2 over 120, under 150. let the fun begin. for special insight into the big game,e,check out our web site and we've got dj williams giving us special insight into the game. ((denise valdez)) > finally
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two local teenagers had their time in the spotlight... after appearing on "wheel of fortune" last night: ((6:39:we'd like to solve. a long way from home fries, you got it! you won 27-hundred dollars. )) ((denise valdez)) it was all part of "teen best friend week ." and while taylor berka- beel and emma shepherd didn't make it to the bonus round... they did take home 84- hundred dollars... so not bad./// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter.
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