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tv   Politics Now  CBS  January 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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them involved in the political process, what is in danger ofliu driving them away. >> now you want to trump trumpng one immigration. >> immigration takes centeris stage as they argue who will change their position first.h >> and know hee is going home. because the iowa caucus is relevant. >> i disagree. i love the >> our faceoff panel takes onth caulkouses asi nevada place in first in the west primary state. from 8 news now. this is "politics now ."er with steve severus and patricks. walker much of the focus is on latino voters and how to persuade them. >> u nlv professor serves as senior analyst for latino decisions i sat down to explain what they're looking for?
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we cannn expect and more. >> the latino vote in nevada well have seen the democrats pushing hard especially barry sanders and hillary clinton. who is winning that ground game? is there a notable leader? >> i think early on clinton was first. she came to nevada to give her immigration speech. she has a lot of battle tested folks in nevada, a strong latino out reach team. and saunders came in late. wasn't well-known among latinos and had to introduce himself and competing in the other early states. they're playing catch-up behind the clinton campaign. >> when that happens, tail end saunders campaign trying to open u a ton of offices i think 12. hillary ground game is established, but it is not that large. talking about the number of ofsz. does it make up for the time
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>> i don't think so. you have to staff those offices.eva you have to bring those people up to speed. a lot of people already there are not a lot of undecided. clinton is well-known and defined. saunders is coming, introducing himself, particularly to western states like nevada. he has to play the catch-up and bring in the infrastructure, where she has already built that. >> what about the republicans? there was a much larger group of republicans trying to fight for that vote.sid what have you seen? >> nevada has always for a couple of reason. going to be reduced significantly so cans will put more attention in iowa and new hampshire. we're far away from the east coast. you're spending a day coming here. if they want to get republicans they might have to leave the urban areas to the remote
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lastly i don't think we can ignore the point. there's probably not a lot of confidence in the state republican party.r >> what would the candidate have to do to draw the latino vote? >> you look at nevada. our data was about 52% arefa democrats. 20% republicans.d the rest are minor party or nonpartisan. the electoratate will guilt l towards the democratic party. but you have a lot ofi infamiliarty withc the political process and a fair amount of distrust. those are barriers that campaigns have toover come. they have to explain process. particularly caucus, which is not something most are interested in doing and make the case how there campaign will advance the issues in the latino community. it isn't just advertising. it is going out and engaging the
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going out and talking to the voters, as well as the latino leadership in the states. >> maybe it is a question, where we already know the answer. can republicans overcome that? seeing the number. if only 20% are identifying as republicans? >> yes, and no. they will never win a majority in nevada, but it is about cutting the margins. we have seen that. we look at the last, three elections in nevada. 2010, harry reid. our poll has harry reid winning 90-10. in 2012, alabama wins three quarters. there's a drop-off. and then to 2014, where you really don't have a candidate against ryan sandaval he wins 48%. the highest we found across the entire country. so there is a little variable. looking at candidates and messaging. and everyone says it is in the bag for the democrats. it is to some extent and how
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margin and how big can the latino electricorate be? >> we have the first in the west. it is relatively new there. are rumblings lately whether we're going to be able to keep that was your opinion? >> i think with harry reid exiting it makes it more difficult to have the key player on the democratic side. and the republican side. the last legislative session a bill to get rid of the caulkus and move to the primary in nevada for the selection and that brought to the fight between the establishment republican party and the tea party who thought it was a move to have input in the process here some that infighting we're seeing across the country. it doesn't really help the case. i think a lot will come down to how well do the caucuses come off in february and it will matter who ends up winning the white house. one side will not have much of a
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that may quell some of the discussion about reshaping the nomination process. >> does part of it turn out the tie down to turnout? >> how big, how big it is. how just successful they are. can they count the votes in the effective manner. that's the republican side here. you know we have seen dessparty to the 2008 caucuses with the two parties, in terms of the resources they're able to bring to bear and that paid-off in a huge turnout for the democrats and much smaller for the republicans. let's look back at 2012. when you talk about political dollars there. was a lot of money and a lot of advertising in las vegas. one if not the top market when it comes to spending money. will we so that considering it is a year where the white house is up for grans. >> i think we may have more spending. more outside groups and you will have a competitive u.s. senate race, a competitive
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competitive house races in the state. you're looking at all of the factours and you can reach 87% of the base population by advertising las vegas to reno. it is very tempting compared to some of the other swing states where it is much more expensive. >> another interesting point made is that and a half and a half is the first urban stateer and lav is the largest city in the process.i numbero two, by the waye greenville, south carolina. we putc this full interview and more of the conversation, including why the political polling here in nevada on our webca sites. >> yeah, absolutely.iv you know senator harry reid said when he moved the caucus up he wanted and a half and a half to be an early state. because it had the ethnic diversity lacking in iowa and new hampshire.wa: and jokingly, but really that is true. there is the other two early
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ethnic diversity. we'll be the first test of it here in nevada scrairk it will be interesting to see how it- plays out. as they trickle down. next a showdown in iowa.atr >> i feel like i need, i feel t like i need a washington to english converter. >> chris christiey tried to take the washington outsider.del >> does bernie saunders have ayo superdelegate problem? and explain what it is next. you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate.
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get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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> ((patrick walker)) >with iowa voting morrow, one underlying roadblock to the democratic noinan r brnie >> with iowa voting tomorrow, one underlying roadblock for bernie saunders is what could beber called the superdelegate problems. of >> superdelegates are democratic national committee members or elected members of congress, who each get one they canl cast it for whomever they choose, regardless of how voters in their states casted
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only democrats have superdelegates in november thet associated pressio counted 369 backing hillary clinton. saunders has the pledge support of just 15 nationwide so far and there's two for martin mally leaving the 337 unknown or undecided. even if saunders won every, oneki won.h clinton would still win. nevada has eight superdelegates fourle pledged their support.d three. h congress woman diana tipus pledged their sometime for hillary clinton.wire and bilbray to hillary saunders./ saunders will have to win enough to overcome clintonox superdelegate majority. >> something we don't often hear talk about, but very interesting there. >> absolutely. the. >> themped republican debate on "fox news "had a notable absence. donald trump skipped it he didn't participate in the debate
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and a lengthy interview on cnn ratings were pretty strong. the number two telecast in fox news history during the debate his absence was addressed early >> i'm a man back, everyone onay this. stage is stupid, fat, and ugly and ben you're a terrible surgeon. that we have the donald trumptio portion out of the way.l / >> the attack came onu' immigration and the definition of am >> he is the king of saying you're for am nesty, except forai ted cruz. itu'v is a falseness. the truth is ted, throughout the campaign you are willing to sayo s and do anything to get >> marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors because thought it wasth politically advantageous.r >> as you can see marco rubiot.
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over win one changed the immigration stance. i chris christy tried to paint himself as a washington outsider. >> i feel like need a washington to english dictionary convert.o stopx the washington bull and let's get things done. >> the frank lunes group thoughtd marcoe rubio was the winner manyse declared trump the winner for not showing who made that who made up some ground that they need to make up? trump didn't have anything, but he had a lot to lose. >> he was there, although heyb wasn't there.t o what i found interesting wasth that the republican candidatesda were arguing who maybe in the moment of weakness might havepa allowed the immigrant to get here to get citizenship. most would agree is a pathway toe g- legal working status. everything else they said was am
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that is a terrible thing.fu >> every one of the democratic candidates agree that includes a pathway to full citizenship some? we saw we were talking about the latino vote. the contrast was clear. >> absolutely. we'll talk about that more, as this continues on. >> well, coming up. our caucuses good or bad?fa >> it is kind of that's democracy at its best.te >> our faceoff panel debates whether nevada should keep the caucus system and whetherveg caucuses anywhere really matter. >> north las vegas is alive andf well.min >> north las vegas mayor john lee gave the state of city address. highlights in the race a few minutes, and i got exactly the kind of coverage i wanted at the price i wanted... it was a comforting feeling to know that our family is secure and that we have health insurance...
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qualify for financial help to make coverage moreaffordable, lowering their monthly premiums. financial help with makes it possible... you could find a lowpremium plan and avoid paying a fee for nothaving health coverage.
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talk about big topics of the week from the left and right. joining ussee fhe >> this is faceoff where we talkdio about the big topics from the
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joining us this week.p allanr stock from from the left. the executive director of battle born progress and the iowa caulkus and who has to do well. who will be in the worst position if they don't do well? who will go home, in other words if they don't win iowa caucus. joe bidenen did poorly and went home. who stands the most to lose? >> i don't see how martin o'malley. >> this is a bold prediction. >> i don't see how he stays in in terms of numbers. a lot are a numbers game. i know someone asked him in the town hall how do you stay in this when you have to meet a threshold. i think for the sake of the party he needs to get out so the voters can sort them out. and the republican side. i think jeb bush is on the bubble here.
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i was watching the "daily show "he's on the slide. he keeps going lower and lower i think search in danger as well. i don't see how he stays in it? >> who is going to go home, if they don't do well? >> no one is going home, because the iowa caucus is irrelevant. caucuses are irrelevant. they have to go the way of high button shoes. it is over for caucuses in primaries you have people voting and turning out in big numbers to vote. i think that makes much more of a significant statement. new hampshire, i think will be much more significant in many ways than iowa will be. and south carolina, places like that, but nevada and iowa. i don't think it will add that much to it. o'malley is not expecting to get anything. and jeb bush is not expecting
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bush is not expecting anything. o'malley has already been at the bottom 2 or 3%. it is the iowa caucus. we're not talking about the convention. >> so that us to the give me two segues you think the nevada caucus is snirlt. >> i think that caucuses are irrelevant. >> i have attended a caucus before. >> i remember the stuff that happened with the democrats and the stuff that happened with republicans. >> i think they're irrelevant. if you want to really make us a significant voice, you take and move a presidential primary up to the first of march or so. you have it as a primary. whether it has to include all of the other offices that's another discussion for another show for another day. at least have a presidential primary, where all people get to vote. this caucus thing is a bunch of bunk.
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an attempt to change our caucus into a primary. >> what do you think? >> i love the caucuses. >> i attended 2008 and 2012. i think it is important for nevada to be an early state. represent what the country looks like. i think we have an important role to play in deciding who is going to be the nominee for both parties. i think we need to work hard to protect those. we use them as an organizing tool for both the republicans and democrats to organize on issues for me, it is critical that we keep these caucuses that is one of many steps to get to the general election to motivate people. >> they are chaotic. >> that's part of the process. that's democracy at its best. it is messy and kind of chaotic and hopefully something really good comes out of the process
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>> republicans you know they had rand paul and that whole thing controlling the republicans. there was chaos with the democrats one year on the strip hey bob. and then anyone want to say anything? not really? let vote. all right. 10 or 15 minutes later. decided and then it goes to the neck level. the neck level it turns out was the county and then the county. and each level they can decide whether they want to abide by the last decision or not. we have a primary. that's set in stone. everyone votes. now the winner takes all. whoever it happens to be for the democrats and republicans. you move the primary early. enough so we'll still be relevant. early march or february. and maybe it has to be separated from the general primary. maybe not.
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system. more people democrats and reps will turn out to vote. >> and the panel what id in on the standoff with 11 arrests andn a tragicde death.e whatn happens if michael bloomberg runs for president? you can watch the faceoff discussion on the web. and click on the poll tab under sessions. >> tough figure out how he feels about caucuses do you see any more in getting rid of thene caucuses? >> they tried in 2015 in the legislature to advance a bill toth get rid of the caucuses. the concern was, one of the concerns we would lose our early state place. number three in the nation to vote, if we went from the caucus to the primary.e w >> that discussion continues. absolutely. now it is time for the race now.s: where we recap the big stories
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>> my mandate was made clear by the residents of north las vegas. increase their property value. bring them high paying drops. protect their property and maybes their better. >> mayor john lee gave the state of the address and noted thers credit rating has stabilized and north las vegas was more than 150 million in the red when he took office two years ago. now that deficit he says has been slashed to $23 million. thousands turned out for what was dubbed as a school choice rally to support nevada savingsst account program. exors say it was also about raising awareness about the n variety that nevada studentsne- need. >> we want to have a unified voice that people understand it is not a one solution.
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after an injunction by a carsonge city judge. mo they say it violates the statebe constitution and. the money was supposed to have been deposited in an account starting next month.
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we'll be right back.union here in las vegas. on thursday cin id de >> the bernie sanders camp got a reprimand. on thursday they said staffersork have been going in employeeer dining room representingde themselves as culinary workers, in order to recruit saunders the culinary decided it won't endorse a canned before the caucus on february instead they will focus on organizing members at the voter registration drive. it represents 57,000 members on the strip. >> this is what to watch. the big political stories happening next week. surprise. the iowa caucus is tomorrow.
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the latest poll has donald trump followed by ted cruz and marco rubio. on the democratic side. saunders has the slimmest leads over clinton in the polls. saunders predicted if iowa has abe large turnout he believes he will win. a the democrats are addingn-l unsanctioned debate between thear iowa caucus and new hampshire primary the union leader will host it. it is scheduled for february 4. but at this point neitherici clinton nor sanders have committed because the dnc threaten to exclude anyone who> a excludes from future debates. >> we are your local election
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see you nexto week.n _____
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