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tv   8 News Now at 6 AM  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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obilor and brian loftus > kirsten joyce > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker in for brian loftus. the 2016 presidential race now turns to new hampshire... just a day after the iowa caucuses. kirsten joyce while the republicans have a clear winner... democratic officials in iowa say the race is too close to call. ((patrick walker)) 8 news now reporter michael stevens has been following the results and joins us with the latest. good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) > patrick, kirsten... as of early this morning... hillary clinton and berine sanders remain in a virtual tie... while ted cruz takes top spot for the republicans. (nats) "god bless the great state of iowa" ted cruz takes a victory lap after a clear victory in the iowa caucuses. (ted cruz) "tonight is a victory for the grassroots." the texas senator got 28-percent of the vote... while donald trump earned -24-percent. he vows to fight on. (donald trump) "we finished second, and i want to tell you
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really honored." florida senator marco rubio made a strong showing in third place... giving his campaign a shot of momentum. (marco rubio) "if i am our nominee, and i will our nominee, thanks to what you have done here in this great state." meanwhile on the democratic side, the vote came in much like the previous polls... a dead heat. until the early morning hours, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders was just too close to call. (hillary clinton) "i stand here breathing a huge sigh of relief, thank you iowa!" (bernie sanders) "what iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. [applause]" but it's the end of the road for at least two candidates. democrat martin o'malley is calling it quits after getting just one- percent of the vote. on the republican side, mike huckabee bowed out with humor. (mike huckabee/fmr arkansas governor) "its time to officially suspend the campaign, but not because of the votes it's because of illness. its obvious the voters are sick
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that." now the candidates look hampshire primary. ((michael stevens)) > and of course, after new hampshire... it moves to south carolina... then right here to nevada february 20th and the 23rd. ((patrick walker)) > michael... how is sanders campaign reacting to the close poll numbers? ((michael stevens)) patrick... bernie sanders says his razor- thin contest against hillary clinton in iowa is giving his campaign a "kick-start." the democratic presidential candidate says it shows the american people that "this is a campaign that can win." sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk don't leave without the warm coat again this morning... we've got clear skies and very cold temps this morning.
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even some chilly 20s in spots. ............... yesterday cleared up quickly and we wound up with a lot of sunshine in the afternoon, but the 40s. ................. the winds have calmed down a lot but we will still be breezy in some spots. ............. a very slow warm up this week. back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > outspoken
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preparing to lead a fight against the government once again. on monday..bundy sent this notice to an oregon sheriff... cc-ing the governor of the state and president barack obama... stating we the people will retain possession of a federal refuge, and to remove all law enforcement from the county. this is much different from last week... when bundy told militia members to standdown after the death of 1 and arrest of several other protesters. while some groups in oregon are calling for peace, there are reports of several protesters still at the refuge./// ((patrick walker)) > henderson police are investigating the
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the victims was found shot dead yesterday at an apartment complex on green valley parkway near warm springs. officers have released little information so far.. we're still waiting to learn a suspect description and there's no word on a motive. if you have any information, you are asked to call crimestoppers. this is henderson's second homicide in 2016.. they had 4 last year./// ((kirsten joyce)) > county leaders want to know your opinion...on the beautification of maryland parkway. plans include using public art to revitalize the roadway...from russell road and the airport to cashman field. the meeting will be held this evening at the winchester cultural center on mcleod drive. it's part of a study funded by clark county, las vegas, u-n- l-v, and the national endowment of the arts./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor eastbound flamingo from the east side of the strip to koval is closed down. it's scheduled to reopen soon. crews are filming the new bourne movie. accident on the blue diamond ramp to i-15 south. no other crashes, but plenty of cones...
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back to you! ((patrick walker)) > the nfl tried to tone done the super bowl's media day madness... joyce)) we'll show you all the craziness during the press conference.. and what peyton manning had to say about retirement. > plus.. construction starts then stops, but the cones aren't going away. demetria finds out what's going on in "what's driving you
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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on to the big game! the denver broncos take on the carolina panthers this sunday right here on channel 8! and we're giving away 25- hundred bucks during a special newscast after the super bowl. to enter..
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com to click the banner at the top of the page./// ((patrick walker)) > media day is perhaps the most interesting and weird press conference leading up to the super bowl. ((kirsten joyce)) and this year was no different! reporters dressed up in full body suits and what looks like super hero outfits.. there was even a dancing leprechaun, and it looked like the guys had fun answering questions from miss universe. and of course.. reporters were asking the players some off the wall questions.. one even made light of the panthers' cam newton's zebra pants that we showed you yesterday... and actually gave newton another pair of pants! (( reporter: why you checking the pricetag?! cam newton: i wanted to check the tag to see if they was really versace .. reporter: so you think i would stunt on you like that? cam newton: no, i didn't know they was from you. you know, you getting a second hand gift! reporter: i ain't gon walk up here with the bag but really, the ones that you wore, did you look in the mirror before you walked out and say, "man, imma kill em with these." cam newton: absolutely. it's super bowl 50. the mantra, the colors are black and gold.
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had in my closet was extremely limited. so when i looked at my pants and said, "these are black and gold. these shoes are black and gold. to tie along with the whole super bowl 50 black and gold." )) ((kirsten joyce)) there ya go- the mystery over those wacky pants has been solved! some of the other panthers' players had a a little fun and dressed up too.. (( reporter: is this your last game, man? peyton manning: i don't know the answer to that marshall. i think one thing i've done well all season, this team has done well all season is stay in the moment, focus on the task at hand, i'm excited about this week, looking forward to playing in this game. i'm gonna focus on that and then deal with all the other stuff after this )) ((kirsten joyce)) so it looks like we'll find out after the super bowl if peyton manning will retire./// sherry how's the weather today?
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they're getting some showers today for all the superbowl pre-game fun. but q big warm- up by the weekend. they will have low 70s in santa clara by sunday! ............ let's go to the radar.
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pacific northwest again. .......... for us just the cold air stays in place. then a slow warm up by the weekend. ............... the snow storm rolling through the middle of the country today. blizzard conditions at times. .......... the groundhog did not see his shadow and so an early spring is forecast for the country. but we won't feel it here for a while. ........... even with sunshine - the cold air will take a while to move out of the desert. temps stay below normal for the week and finally rebound by the weekend. demetria, how are the roads this morning?
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no delays up in centennial hills right now. more traffic pouring down southbound 95, but you're still good. you're probably noticing more cones in this area, which is due to centennial bowl construction. this project will connect new < >
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((patrick walker)) > super foods... for the super bowl! ((kirsten joyce)) the folks from the cheesecake factory are joining us in studio... to show us how to whip up on the pounds. ((patrick walker)) > and it's time for today's facebook contest. register to win on our facebook
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and one of the best parts about the super bowl sunday.. is all the super food! ((patrick walker)) and this year.. the cheesecake factory wants to help you enjoy all that grub.. while sticking to your diet. ((kirsten joyce)) joining us this morning from the restaurant is shannon venturo.. to show us how to whip up
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thanks for joining us, shannon./// demetria, what's driving people crazy? demetria obilor > rick says, "twain ave., going east after paradise rd., has been down to one lane for months. how long is it going to be that way?" this past december, county crews got started on a sewer project on twain and palos verdes street, which is just east of paradise. work here was delayed due to a water line conflict. the las vegas valley water district was in the area first, with their cones, before the county could even get started. the water district is all finished now and the county expects to be out of the area in
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hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. back to you. ((patrick walker)) > the n-f-l is keeping the door open... for the oakland raiders to move to las vegas. the league issued a memo yesterday... in it, it didn't rule out the possibility of a move... but just told the teams how to respond if questioned. raiders owner mark davis met with sands owner sheldon adleson last week. they talked about a new billion dollar stadium that is being proposed near unlv. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > after many protests.. there could be light at the end of the tunnel for solar customers... ((patrick walker)) the customers nv energy wants to allow pay the cheaper rate.///
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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> there are leaders in the race to the white house... who declared a victory.. after last night's caucus in iowa. kirsten joyce > plus... the prediction has been made on this groundhog day! the weather heading our way. ((patrick walker)) > and... it's one of our favorite parts about the super bowl-- the ads! we'll check out some of the popular spots that were released a little early./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > kirsten joyce > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker in for brian loftus. the results are in... ted cruz takes iowa... in the iowa caucues... while hillary clinton and bernie sanders sit at a dead tie this morning. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now reporter michael stevens joins us with a closer look at how these results impact... nevada's upcoming caucuses. good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) patrick, kirsten... 99-percent of the precincts have
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and bernie sanders move on to new hampshire neck-and-neck at 50 percent... while republican ted cruz... wins with 28-percent of the vote. with the iowa caucuses in the books... two candidates have dropped out of the race... mike hucakbee on the republican side... and martin o'malley suspended his campaign leaving only hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the race for the democrats. the focus of the campaigns now move to new hampshire... then south carolina... before coming here to nevada... for the first in the west caucuses on february 20th and the 23rd: ((steve sebelius // review column journalist: things can change very rapidly. remember the campaigning that you've seen now is retail campaigning. they're on tv, they're talking to masses of voters at rallies and they're doing all that. what you haven't seen is the organizing behind the scenes. that's when you have your precinct captains, organizing their fellow captains organizing the people that actually come out to caucus -- that is how you win these things -- you don't win it with just speeches and rallies.
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((michael stevens)) in recent months... even weeks we've seen a number of candidates making a stop here in nevada -- trying to drum up support for their campaigns. "politics now" anchor and review column journalist steve sebelius says what makes our caucus different from others is -- that it's the first ethnically and economically diverse state... which more closely represents the demographics of america. ((michael stevens)) sebelius says... there's a very good chance we could see more candidates drop out before nevada's caucus... but as for trump... he has staying power because he's financing his own campaign. ((kirsten joyce)) michael... where will people be able to take part in the caucus here in clark county? ((michael stevens)) i'm told their are a number of locations to do this across the valley. you do have to check which precinct-- you're in... and you can do this by going to either parties website. ((sherry swensk)) > is winter
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here to stay? or is spring on its way?? punxsutawney phil was awakened early this morning.. to find out: (( the inner circle goes to great ends, to keep me abreast of all the latest trends. down in my burrow i never get bored riding on my hoverboard. and i sure have fun flying my drone but the eather forecasting is my comfort zone. is this current warm weather more than a trend? per chance this winter, has come to an end! cheers there is no shadow to be cast! an early spring is my forecast! )) ((sherry swensk)) that's right! punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow..
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way! but phil's predictions aren't always on the mark. since 19-88, phil has been right 13 times, but wrong 15 times./// ((sherry swensk)) > we have our own weather predictor here in southern nevada. mojave max is a tortoise who is currently hibernating in his burrow at red rock canyon. clark county students are encouraged to guess when max will wake up... and bring spring-like weather to southern nevada.. and they get to win prizes if they're correct!///
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fresh snow in the mountains to the west... the sun not quite up yet. and it is cold! temps around freezing and into cold 20s. .......... the cold air stays in place. then a slow warm up by the weekend. ............... .......... the groundhog did not see his shadow and so an early spring is forecast for the country. ....... it won't feel like spring yet for us... winter cold air sticks around, but plenty of sunshine and temps just into the upper 40s for the afternoon. back to you! ((patrick walker)) > metro
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released new details about a shooting involving one of their officers. they tell us officer samuel solorio fired at least two shots at 35 year-old gilberto gutierrez...last week.. they say gutierrez pointed a loaded gun at a motorcycle officer who was chasing him. gutierrez was wounded. he crashed a car that was reportedly stolen... and ran. he remains in jail pending a february 16-th court hearing./// ((kirsten joyce)) > two people are dead after n-h-p says a wrong -way driver caused a crash on the 215 near aliante. it happened yesterday... n-h-p says three vehicles were involved...
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a woman was taken to the hospital where she died. it's not clear how fast the cars were going when they collided... or how one vehicle ended up going the wrong way. n-h-p does not yet know which driver is responsible for the crash./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor crews are reopening flamingo right now. crews were out overnight filming the new bourne movie. expect the closures to be back in effect tonight at 10pm through about 7am the next morning. crash in the northwest on southbound 215 and lone mountain. crash in the south part of town on the blue diamond ramp onto i-15 south (minor). < > < > back to you! ((patrick walker)) > it's a
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smile to your face.. and possibly a tear.. ((kirsten joyce)) the moment a mother heard her son's heart beat again.. after donating it when he passed...
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the kleenax... this story is sure to bring a tear to your eye. ((sherry swensk)) for the first time in nearly 3 years.. a mother heard her son's heart beat again.. when she met the little girl whose life was saved by his donated heart....
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((kirsten joyce)) don champion shows us the heartwarming moment in phoenix, arizona. hug and crying the tears flowed instantly between heather clark and esther gonzalez. crying through their two children, the mothers know too well the tragedy of loss- and the beauty of a second chance. "crying thank you" their story started in 2013 when heather's 7- month-old son lukas died suddenly. "he was just so outgoing, he was just a little ham" in her moment of grief, heather made the brave decision to donate lukas' organs. she remembers what she thought. heather clark/donated sons organs) "there is another family out there, somewhere, you know who's feeling something of what i'm feeling, somewhat, and i have the chance to make them not go through what i'm about to go through" in arizona, it's exactly what ester gonzalez was going through at the time. her 18-month old daughter jordan was fighting for her life because of a congenitalheart defect. after countless surgeries and seizures, jordan needed a new
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and that's exactly what she got; lukas' heart was a match. but, because the donation was made anonymously, the families hadn't met... until this past friday. "can i have a kiss on the cheek please" the moms found each other online. their bond was instant. then came a gift. "heather this is for you" a teddy bear... "say that's my heartbeat- heartbeat" ... that played the beat of lukas' donated heart. then heather got to listen for herself. esther gonzalez/daughter received donated heart: "she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she's going through her grief," two moms brought together by tragedy... "it's so strong" ... but now bound by triumph. don champion, cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) right now,
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in the u-s are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. last year, more than 30- thousand transplants were performed across the country. ((sherry swensk)) you can sign up to share life through organ, eye and tissue donation at sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk they're getting some showers today for all the superbowl pre-game fun. but q big warm- up by the weekend. they will have low 70s in santa clara by sunday! ............ let's go to the radar. showers into california and the pacific northwest again. .......... for us just the cold air stays in place. then a slow warm up by the weekend. ............... the snow storm rolling through
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blizzard conditions at times. .......... the groundhog did not see his shadow and so an early spring is forecast for the country. back to you! ((patrick walker)) > the cdc is adding more tropical destinations... to a list of countries pregnant women should avoid...amid the zika virus outbreak. the list includes costa rica and nicaragua. the development monday came as world health organization leaders declared the virus an international emergency.
6:33 am
rare birth defect in thousands of babies...mostly in south america./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor southbound delays in the spaghetti bowl along i-15 at us 95. cones out along sammy davis junior and circu circus. < > < > back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > everyone looks forward to the super bowl... but lets be real....
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that steal the show! ((patrick walker)) we've got a sneak peak at all the kooky ads for this year's big game. plus... (( norah ahead on cbs this morning--major garrett talks with ted cruz after his big win in iowa. plus, john dickerson and bob schieffer break down the virtual tie among democrats, and rubio's rise. and- we show you how the super bowl has changed from its humble beginnings. the news is back in the morning. see you at seven.)) ///
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obviously the talk of the super bowl... but the ads are also a hit. and folks online are tweeting and facebooking about the sneak peak at all the spots you'll be seeing on sunday: (( i think she needs no introduction, here she is! cheers happy birthday to you .. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday mr super bowl..)) ((demetria obilor)) as you can see.. it was supposed to be marilyn monroe singing her ever famous rendition of "happy birthday" ... but things don't go as planned... this add is for snickers.. and they say there will be a
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((demetria obilor)) > and this one is kinda weird... mountain dew created their first super bowl ad in 16 years.. it features a creature that looks like a mix of a baby, a monkey, a horse and a space alien. mountain dew is keeping pretty tight lipped about what this is all about./// ((demetria obilor)) and this dog-gone commericial is for heinz.. as you can see, it features little weiner dogs running through a field... to heinz condiments. the ad is dubbed, "meet the ketchups". companies are shelling out a pretty penny for super bowl ads.. cbs is charging 5- million bucks for just 30 seconds./// sherry how's the weather today?
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cold air in place in the desert and a hard freeze warning right now for western clark county, nye and mohave counties. temps are in the 20s and could cause damage to pipes, plants and animals left out in the cold. .......... defnitely make sure the kids are dressed warm for school today. it will stay cold and especially in the shade.
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but less wind. ........... the snow storm that brought us the beautiful photo op moments yesterday is now rolling through the middle of the country today. blizzard conditions will make for dangerous travel and super cold conditions. ................... with all the great snow in the west... use our ski report to help plan your next trip to the mountains. go to las vegas now dot com ................... our days and nights stay cold... then warmer finally by the weekend....getti ng back to low 60s by then. ............... back to you!
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just submitted its proposal ... to grandfather in customers to cheaper solar rates. their filing says it would apply to existing rooftop solar customers if they installed their system or applied for one by september 10-th of last year. the proposal also suggested 7 ways the public utilities commission could grandfather in customers. one proposal calls for solar customers to move into higher rates over four years... and a proposal at the other end of the spectrum would let customers keep the old rates for 20 years./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor < > back to you!
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((kirsten joyce)) > bill cosby is due back in a pennsylvania courtroom this morning.. ((patrick walker)) the deal he says he struck with a district attorney... that protected him from criminal charges.///
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> the markets just opened and right now, the dow is down 257 points. it was a calmer start to february for the stock market. the down dropped 17 points
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((kirsten joyce)) > if you've been craving for some chipotle... the c-d-c says the e-coli outbreak seems to be over. federal investigators have yet to pinpoint the cause of the outbreak. it sickened nearly 50 people in 9 states. chipotle plans to win back customers... by giving big discounts for the upcoming super bowl weekend. next monday, all chipotle stores will briefly close to meet with employees./// ((patrick walker)) > comedian bill cosby is due back in court in pennsylvania today. he's expected to ask a judge to dismiss a criminal charge alleging he sexually assaulted a woman in 2004. cosby claims the sexual encounter was consensual. the 78- year- old says he made an agreement with the former district attorney a decade ago... that if he testified in a deposition, it would never be used against him. however, prosecutors say there is no evidence of such an agreement. parts of cosby's deposition was unsealed last summer... which prompted a new d-a to re-open the criminal investigation./// ((patrick walker)) > david bowie left most of his estate -- about
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the new york times claims... bowie also set aside money for his other loved ones, and employees. bowie died last month at the age of 69./// ((kirsten joyce)) > caesar's palace will host a celebration of life later this week.. in honor of rene angelil.. celine dion's late husband. it will be held tomorrow night inside the colosseum. a series of speakers will be on hand to share their favorite stories and memories of angelil. it will also be streamed online. he passed away last month after a long battle with throat cancer. celine came back to the colosseum in august... after taking a year off to care for her husband. she's scheduled to perform again this month... but it's unclear at this time if she'll keep those shows./// ((kirsten joyce)) > las vegas is known for hosting rock legends... so it's no surprise hall of fame band "heart" is planning a return to the strip. ann and nancy wilson will hit the stage this june at the house of blues inside mandalay bay beginning. this is the second residency for the band... who first performed back in december. tickets go on sale this friday and prices start at 55-dollars. for more information head to the
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our website at las vegas now dot com./// > thanks for joining us. right now./// good morning to our viewers in the west, it is tuesday, february 2nd, 2016.
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