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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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drivers./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) i'm denise valdez... in for paula. first we learned that mgm properties will charge for parking. now even more changes are coming for the valet service at these resorts. ((dave courvoisier)) patranya bhoolsuwan is live on the strip... with how outsourcing valets -- will affect both the workers and their customers. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) there was a closed door meeting just a few hours ago where it was annouced that some 400 valet employees at mgm resorts international will soon no longer be employed by the resort company. mgm resorts international now plans to contract out its parking operations sometime in the next 2 months. under the new deal, valet workers would be hired by a company contracted by mgm called "sp plus based out of illinois.
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will match compensation, health benefits, paid time off and also will maintain their mgm senority. the decision impacts all valet employees at aria, vdara, bellagio, mandalay bay, delan, mgm grand, the mirage, new york new york and monte carlo. union discussions are still underway at circus, circus, excalibur and luxor. this all comes after mgm resorts international recently annouced a new paid parking strategy that comes with the construction of the new t-mobile arena. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) as far as how this will affect customers who either choose to park or valet at mgm properties... the only price point the company would tell me is overnight parking would run around 10 dollars or less...and if you valet it will be slightly more expensive. we are reaching out to some
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affected by this...hear what they have to say coming up tonight 11.// ((denise valdez)) so any chance any of the valets will lose their job? ((patranya lose their job? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) mgm execs told me the new company "sp plus" is commited to keeping all the employees and they are even thinking of hiring up to a hundred more workers over the next year.//
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vegas parents are on high alert. this after clark county school police say a man tried to lure a group of girls into his car. 8 news now tony smith is live outside o'callaghan middle school near washington and hollywood.. where he has been speaking parents about this incident.. ((tony smith)) police are still looking for the man who is believed to be involved. and as you can imagine, parents still on edge -- worried about their children.. 20:56 "we shouldn't have that anywhere." bill khonsavan is on high alert. :15:15 "i got a phone call from the school around 6 o'clock. it said, they said somebody saw some car drive up and talking to kids and get them into the car confirms.. last wednesday - two students where approached by a man who tried to lure them into his car. school reps called and sent parents letters home. 16:59 "i told my son and he was like oh, my god, really day.
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so, he was happy. but his friends, they all walk and go to school early in the morning, you going back and forward. i don't know about their parents, i don't know how worried they are but i would be worried." the troolling driver is said to be an older white male, who was driving a gray mustang. with no specific description.. and the person still on the run.. it is leaving parents concerned this can happen again. :15:49 "i don't know if they caught the guy or are they are providing more security on campus or camera. as a parent, i am really worried about my kid." 20:44 "that person, you shouldn't be doing that you know. this is anybody kids." ((tony smith)) investigators say this is an on-going search for this person. they are encouraging anyone who might have seen the gray mustand last wednesday to call school police at 702- 799-5411.
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and hollywood.. tony smith 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) > henderson police have made two arrests in connection to a deadly shooting we first told you about monday evening. 23-year-old krystal guice and 25-year-old deonte coleman were taken into custody at about 2 o-clock this morning at a home near cheyenne and hualapai. police say the two were involved in a shooting less than 12 hours earlier... near green valley parkway and warm springs. that's where a 26-year-old man was found dead. investigators say guice and the victim share custody of a child... and shots were fired during a meeting with the child. this is the second homicide in henderson so far this year./// ((denise valdez)) > and the coroner's office has identified the man hit and killed getting off the bus over the weekend as 43-year-old gabriel mannino. police say he was hit near camino al norte and lone mountain sunday morning. witnesses say mannino was in a hurry to catch another bus when he crossed in front of it and was blind-sided by a car.///
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of 2-15 is proving to be deadly. in the last six months, there have been at least three deadly crashes on the beltway, near vegas. the latest wreck happened yesterday evening... two drivers were killed. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live where the crash happened... and found out what is being done to prevent more road deaths. karen? ((karen castro)) the deadly crashes you mentioned were all caused by wrong way drivers. there is construction underway to prevent more head-on collisions... including placing a barrier separating traffic in both directions. but drivers we spoke with say the road project cannot be completed soon enough. ((adriel ross - driver: i don't feel 100-percent safe.)) ((karen castro)) adriel ross drives along this stretch of the 2-15 beltway, near aliante parkway, everyday. it's the same place where in the last 6 months four people have died in three separate wrong-way collisions. ross witnessed a crash last june when a motorcyclist was killed. ((adriel ross - driver: me,
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to watch.)) ((karen castro)) the latest crash happened monday evening in the same area. 48-year-old maria dennis and 38-year-old tracy michael simpson were driving in separate cars and crashed head on. both drivers died. ((corey rochford - victim's neighbor: i met him a couple of times. he mostly kept to himself. very quiet guy.)) ((karen castro)) simpson's neighbor says he got an unexpected visit monday night. ((corey rochford - victim's neighbor: the coroner came about, asking if we knew if his wife was there. i said, i don't believe we've even seen a wife.)) ((karen castro)) drivers hope road improvements along this stretch of the 215 beltway will prevent deadly crashes. ((art walnum - driver: when it's done, it's gonna be great but right now, you have to be very careful.)) ((karen castro)) crews are working on freeway upgrades along the 215 beltway between north 5-th street and decatur boulevard. the improvements include: widening and a divided highway. as of now, only certain sections of the 2-15 have a barrier separating traffic.
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physical divider at all. ((adriel ross - driver: i know the construction is going on trying to fix it but it's a little unsafe right now.)) ((karen castro)) the road project is expected to be completed by the end of the summer. yesterday's crash marks the 8-th road fatality in n-h- p's jurisdiction. that is four more road deaths compare to the same time last year. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) > n-dot is also working on smoothing out your commute along a different part of 215. work on the "centennial bowl" is expected to be finished midway through 2017. the project will add connector ramps from the 95 to both directions of 215. officials estimate nearly 108-thousand cars pass through the area every day./// ((denise valdez)) > today was the day! punxsutawney phil predicted an end to the cold weather... calling for an early spring. but you wouldn't know it by looking outside. tedd's here with your weather
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how much colder is it getting? < tedd florendo >hard freeze warnings go into effect tonight. we have clear skies and calmer winds and believe it or not, that actually makes if feel not, that actually makes if feel colder. those areas with hard freeze warnings could see temps degrees by morning. with those temps it's recommended to wrap the pipes or at least keep them slowly dripping. also bring in the pets. ............................... .......................... morning temps in the valley expected to drop to below freezing for many neighborhoods. even some 20's expected again in valley. no hard freeze warnings here, but nonetheless it's going to be a cold morning again. ...............................
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regional temps also stay cold from pahrump where the freeze warning goes into affect through kingman. cold down the colorado river valley as well. and subzero temps expected up in the northern portions of the state. ............................... ....................... re ur evening anner.t a lot of cloud cover, t it will certainly be cold.remembered former couymmissioner darwin lamb, thlast of the lamb policalnasty.the 83- yearld died a week ago his homen utah but amorial service was held this ternoon at the lds cp inlas vegas. lamb served as a county commissioner at the same time his brother ralph was clark county sheriff and oldest brother floyd was the most powerful member of the state senate. by the way... back in 1990 darwin lamb was told by doctors that he had terminal cancer and only months to live. he survived another 25 years./// ((denise valdez)) > the 2016 presidential candidates hit the ground running today... trying to use their success in iowa to appeal to voters in the next contest state.. new hampshire. ((dave courvoisier)) that's where cbs's danielle nottingham caught up with gop winner ted cruz and his supporters. > ted cruz greeted an enthusiastic crowd in new hampshire.....where he's looking for a second win. ((ted cruz/r- candidate for president)) "it's gonna be
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the men and women here in this room." cruz's camp wants to rally as much ground support in new hampshire as they pulled off in iowa. ((beverly steoughton/new hampshire voter)) are you surprised he won last night? no i'm not surprised - but i'm ecstatic! ((matthew coombes/new hampshire voter)) "ted cruz is the guy we've been praying for since ronald reagan." marco rubio is using his third- place finish to position himself as the mainstream republican candidate... and the one best able to clinch the general election. ((marco rubio/r- candidate for president)) "we need to unify the conservative movement and the republican party - and i can do that better than anybody that's running." ((danielle nottingham/cbs news, windham/new hampshire )) "while cruz is riding high off his win, the democrats will have to duke it out in new hampshire." hillary clinton narrowly defeated bernie sanders.. in the closest iowa democratic caucus in history. ((hillary clinton/d- candidate for president)) we are in a fight to the finish about whether or not we'll build on that progress or watch it get ripped away. "we're this together!" bernie sanders called iowa a political revolution - and says he plans to "astound" the world again in
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danielle nottingham, cbs news, windham, new hampshire./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the nevada caucuses are coming up fast as well. the democratic votes will be cast february 20... and the republicans february. 8 news now is your local election headquarters... and will bring you the latest results as they happen both on air... and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > downtown will be "beautiful" once again this year. ((denise valdez)) when the 2016 life is beautiful is set to take over east fremont... and when tickets will go on sale.///
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punxsutawney phil is calling for an early spring. but here in southern nevada... it's not official until mojave max says so. groundhog day marks the start of the "mojave max watch". the tortoise lives at red rock and is still in brumation.. which is the reptilian form of hibernation. so students from all across clark county are making guesses as to when they think max will wake up from his long winter nap.. marking the beginning of spring-like weather in the valley: ((heather green, desert conservation program)) "the kids love the program, they love to see mojave max. last year, we got 5,000 entries, and that's just agreat indicator that the kids ar really into the
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((denise valdez)) the student who guesses closest to when max wakes up will win a laptop... a digital camera.. and a pizza party and field trip to red rock to meet mojave max./// ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo > ((denise valdez)) > a fast-food
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((denise valdez)) > a fast-food favorite... favorite... making a comeback. ((dave courvoisier)) how chipotle restaurants plan to win customers back... as they move past the recent e-coli outbreak./// <
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5 with paula francis and davenevada is now.")) > ((denise valdez)) > a case of the zika virus has been confirmed in dallas, texas. the c-d-c says the patient was infected after having sexual contact with an ill person who returned from a country where zika was present. the virus is usually spread through mosquito bites and is linked to a birth defect that leads to babies being born with abnormally small heads. investigators have been exploring the possibility the virus also can be spread through sex. health officials have noted that there are no reports of zika being transmitted by mosquitoes in dallas./// ((dave courvoisier)) > attorneys for bill cosby have asked a judge to throw out the only charges filed against the
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a woman... despite dozens dozens of accusations over the decades. today cosby made his first court appearance since his december arrest. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his home in 2004. she settled a civil case against the comedian in 2006 for an undisclosed sum. cosby's attorney now accuses the new district attorney of reopening the case for political gain: ((monique pressley/bill cosby's attorney - "a former district attorney says there wasn't matter, but instead over a decade later, one hot campaign later, we're here.")) ((dave courvoisier)) cosby has been free on one million dollars bail and could get up to 10 years in prison, if convicted./// ((denise valdez)) > promising news for chipotle. the c- d-c says the e- coli outbreak seems to be over. but federal investigators couldn't pinpoint the cause of the outbreak. it sickened nearly 50 people in 9 states. chipotle plans to win back customers...
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upcoming super bowl weekend. next monday, all chipotle stores will briefly close to meet with employees./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the life is beautiful festival... announces it's return. ((denise valdez)) how soon you'll be able to get tickets to the three-day event happening this fall. > and tonight at six... michelle mortensen is on your side with the single major tip that will help you plan a super bowl party... without breaking the bank./// ((coming up... clinton and cruz win in iowa. next stop, new hampshire. analysis on whats to come. the zica virus spreading. the cdc's plans to protect america and what brazil is doing to contain it. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) <
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((dave courvoisier)) > as we continue to countdown the days to super bowl 50... the players are now getting a chance to talk about how they're feeling.
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at super bowl 50 media day... hoping to get a word with some of this year's top players. as with most events... the fans were getting a lot of attention too... like a man with a puppet... one dressed like a superhero... even this guy covered in orange from head to toe. players from both the broncos and the panthers say they're still trying to take it all in: ((chris alecxih/panthers wild, man. i'm gonna be honest. nothing you ever saw on tv can kind of prepare you for being here, you know what i'm saying?")) ((dave courvoisier)) also announced today... lady gaga will sing the national anthem before the big game. at 6... as our own chris maathius will join is live with more from super bowl media day./// ((dave courvoisier)) > and 8 news now is giving away 25-hundred dollars during our to enter.. just head to our website.. las vegas now dot com and click page./// ((denise valdez)) > the popular life is beautiful festival has
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the three-day music and food festival kicks off september 23-rd. pre-sale tickets go on sale thursday at 10 a-m and start at 225-dollars for general admission... 575 for vip. no word yet on who will be performing this year... but big names like stevie wonder -- duran duran -- imagine dragons and the killers have all been part of the event in years past./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((denise valdez)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave >> pelley: iowa shakes up the deck. >> so what a victory last night. >> pelley: iowa shakes up the deck. >> so what a victory last night. >> pelley: for the republicans, it's now a three-way race. hillary clinton barely escapes. >> i've won and i've lost. there it's a lot better to win. >> pelley: also tonight, terror in the sky.
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