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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. metro police are investigating after a man was found dead... near euclid and olive. ((brian loftus)) we do have a crew on the way to scene. as we get more information... we'll update you on air with the latest. again... police are investigating a homicide near euclid and olive. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > valet employees with m-g-m resorts learned... they will no longer be employed by the company. ((brian loftus)) this comes after m-g-m announced... it plans to start charging a fee for valet and self- parking. now for the valet employees being affected... they will be hired by another company... that's contracted with m-g-m. ((kirsten joyce)) as patranya bhoolsuwan reports... many workers say they're upset... and worried about their future. no m-g-m valet workers we reached out to about this story... were willing to go on camera...due to fear of losing their job. but one who agreed to talk to us by phone...says that could soon
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((mgm valet worker: 'it's a definite possibility a lot of fellow employees are already looking to transfer with other positions in the company so they can stay with mgm.")) this man says he had worked as a valet for an mgm property for 10 years and was shocked to hear the resort company decided to outsource some 400 current valet employees to a company called "s-p plus" based out of chicago. ((mgm valet worker: "it's going to impact a lot of people not only employees but also guests.")) according to mgm officials, employees were told at tuesday's meeting that s-p plus will retain all of the workers and match their mgm pay, benefits and even seniority standing. the deal will affect valets at 9 different properties starting as early as april this coincides with when the resort company plans to start charging for both self parking and valet. the valet worker we talked to on the phone say when that happens... valeting your car could run up
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and that could slash what he earns in tips by half. ((mgm valet worker: "people have house payments, car payments, they have children...")) he says he and other workers are now considering other jobs in the company or leave t trusting what their new bosses could do in the future. ((mgm valet worker: "it's a sad state of thing for mgm to go this way and who knows who will follow suit and what will happen.")) > ((kirsten joyce)) excalibur, luxor, and circus circus are not affected... becuase they're protected by the union. as for the other workers... the transition to the new company is expected in april. /// ((brian loftus)) > callers had difficulty trying to contact emergency responders and police via 9-1-1... after the system went down for six hours yesterday. metro police say they're trying to figure out... what caused the system fail. 9-1-1 calls were being answered... but police say some callers experienced delays: ((officer larry hadfield/metro police: we apologize to our community. this is a critical infastructure
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diligently to get this done and this is the sheriff's top priority at this time.)) ((brian loftus)) the department says this was a technology issue. a notice went out stating... there could be delays for 9-1-1 calls. it also urged the public to not call 3-1-1... because officers would only respond to true emergencies. metro was routing calls to north las vegas and henderson... while they dealt with the issue. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk clear skies and cold temps again
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stars are out and winds are light. ............ temps stayed in the chilly 40s yesterday, but the sunshine felt warm. we should have plenty of sunshine again today. ................ just a hint of high clouds maybe by the afternoon and highs just getting into the low 50s so slightly warmer air will eventually move into the area. .......... right now we're close to freezing. highs in the 50s today. ((sherry swensk))
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with demetria!> demetria obilor no freeway crashes, but there's one downtown at fourth and las vegas boulevard. metro is reporting that someone was injuried in this crash, so expect some delays. eastbound flamingo is closed between the strip and koval as
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< > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the life is beautiful music festival is coming back to las vegas... for it's fourth straight year. ((brian loftus)) the event will be from september 23-rd through the 25-th. pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10-am. the line-up hasn't been released yet... but expect it to be a good one! in the past... the festival has brought big names into town... like kanye west, the killers, imagine dragons, and kendrick lamar. ///
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airline is bringing back a policy... they got rid of nearly 15-years ago. ((kirsten joyce)) when united airlines will allow families to pre-board...
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for bill cosby asked a judge... to throw out the only charges
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for sexually assaulting a woman... despite dozens of accusations. cosby made his first court appearance yesterday. he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee... andrea constand at his home in 2004. she settled a civil case against the comedian in 2006... for an undisclosed sum. cosby's attorney now accuses the new district attorney... for reopening the case for political gain: ((monique pressley/bill cosby's attorney - "a former district attorney says there wasn't enough there, it was a civil matter, but instead over a decade later, one hot campaign later, we're here.")) ((kirsten joyce)) cosby has been free on one million dollars bail... and could get up to 10-years in prison if convicted. /// ((brian loftus)) > los angeles prosecutors filed criminal charges... against a southern california gas company... for a massive methane gas leak. the gas leak started back in october 2015. the charges against the company involve four misdemeanor counts. if convicted... the company could be fined up to
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for each of the three days it did not notify the state of the leak. on top of that... there will also be one- thousand dollars per day... for air pollution violations. last night, a town hall was held for residents... who were furious about their bills. the city council member suggests there may be a problem with the electronic metering system. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > united airlines is going back to an old policy... where families with small children can pre-board. if you have children two- years-old or younger... you will be allowed starting february 15th... to pre-board on any united airlines flight. united dropped this policy back in 2012. a company spokesman says they were trying to simplify the boarding process... but also says going back to the policy... is simply doing the right thing. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > a group of 19-th century women are putting their skills to the test... when it comes to battling
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((brian loftus)) we'll give you a behind the scenes look at this weekend's box office movie... "pride and prejudice and zomibes". ((kirsten joyce)) > and we catch up with an acts of kindness recipient... who's helping at-risk children
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acts of kindness recipients... who brings his passion for dance to at- risk kids in the valley... used the funds provided by klas tv...
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we're talking about tyrell rolle. he received our award last february. he's created the " rolle project"... which is a dance company and arts- centered non - profit project. tyrell had been a full time cirque performer, but had to take a break due to hip surgery. he's focusing full time on the rolle project, which he says is a positive place where kids... and teens can escape the crime and violence that plagues certain communities in las vegas. (( tyrell rolle/recipient: "right now we're working with the at risk underprivileged kids, so we are now giving them a chance to have a scholarship, to be able to dance, and sing, do much greater.")) ((kirsten joyce)) proceeds from an upcoming performance will go to those scholarships. that performance is scheduled for next friday, february 12th... at the west las vegas library theater. you're watching one of the dancers who will be performing that evening. again... all the proceeds from the dance... go for scholarships for the teens. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > if you would like to nominate someone in our series... go to las vegas now dot com. click on "sections" in the upper left corner... and acts of kindness will be under the "community" tab.
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acts of kindness at las vegas now dot com. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk clear skies and cold air over the desert this morning... we're near freezing in most neighborhoods right now. ........
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warnings in western clark county and northwest arizona. .............. monday's storm rolling into the plains and midwest with blizzard snows... and cold air. ......... but to the south springlike thunderstorms blew up storms with tornadoes in the south. ........... we will finally warm up as the week goes on. --- pickens county, alabama --- homes were damaged --- several
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((brian loftus)) > a 19-th century romantic drama is coming back to life... in this week's upcoming box office. david daniel gives us a first look at "pride and prejudice and zombies". "it began with the black plague. within weeks, the dead began to rise." jane austen's classic of english literature gets reimagined in "pride and prejudice and zombies." "now, the few of us that are left have only one way to survive. we must bring the fight to them." the movie stars lily james of "downton abbey," "doctor who's" matt smith, and "game of thrones" veterans charles dance... "the fairest wifely choices be right here in this room." "my daughters are trained for battle, sir..." (nat-fighting) "not the kitchen." ...and lena headey. "i do not know which i admire more, elizabeth bennet: your skill as a warrior, or your resolve as a woman." based on
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and seth grahame- smith, the film doesn't just throw zombies into the plot without a reason, or sacrifice the original story. "i think there's a sort of timelessness in a universality to the love story, and i think that pride and prejudice element of it is really strong in the movie." "it was keeping a lot of the original text, keeping the characters very much of linear with the original text. the zombies just are a factor of the movie, and i think that makes it all the more better for it." "i shall never relinquish my sword for a ring." (nat-sword drawn) "i think it's really smart and really and fun and just, you know, i was desperate to be a part of this film, which had like five girls at the front being total, you know, being the fighters and that was something that was quite unique, i think." "yee-ah!" (nat- sword) in hollywood, i'm david daniel. ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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demetria obilor construction underway on underway on paradise and convention center drive.the county is working to improve this stretch that gets a lot of pedestrian traffic. < > > that's a look at the roads...
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> the first u-s case of the zika virus... > the first u-s case of the zika virus... transmitted through sexual contact... has been confirmed in dallas, texas. ((kirsten joyce)) the c-d-c and dallas authorities revealed the finding... a day after the world health
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virus... a global health emergency. omar villafranca has the latest. infectious disease experts say a patient in dallas county was infected with the zika virus through sex. (( dr. christopher perkins, do/ dallas co. health & human services, medical director)) "this particular person, resident of dallas county had not traveled out of the country or the county for that matter, was exposed to someone that had in the tropical regions where the virus is circulating." ((dr. tom frieden/ cdc director)) "it is no surprise that there may be rare sexual transmission of zika. there have been a couple of in the world literature before. but the overwhelming way that zika is spread is by mosquito." there are more than 30 confirmed cases of the zika virus in the country. all, except the most recent patient, were infected overseas as the virus rapidly spreads throughout latin america and the caribbean. but there are no reports of zika being transmitted by mosquitoes within the u-s. ((dr. tom frieden/ cdc director)) "everything we've seen so far doesn't suggest that they'll be a widespread outbreak of zika in the us." the virus is linked to a serious birth defect that
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abnormally small heads. dallas county officials say they plan to increase awareness now that they know zika can be sexually transmitted. ((zachary thompson/ dallas co. health & human services, director )) "that is a concern as we go forward since 80% of individuals don't have any symptoms.// that is a game changer and we have to be prepared as a nation." health officials are urging residents traveling to zika- affected areas to use mosquito repellent.and now.sexual protection. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. ((kirsten joyce)) currently, disease experts are still investigating how long the virus remains in the body... once an individual is infected. /// > we'll be right back......../// ((michael stevens))
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homicide where one person was found dead near euclid and olive. ((brian loftus)) > plus... san francisco has been partying all week... as fans get ready to see the broncos and panthers for super bowl 50. what the football comittee wanted to do... to make this year's super bowl experience memorable. ((kirsten joyce)) > and the power of posture. why just standing up can instantly improve your overall health.
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