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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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i'm dave courvoisier. francis. before we get to those stories.. we want to welcome our cox viewers to channel 8. ((dave courvoisier)) our parent company nexstar has reached an agreement with cox. that means... all your favorite shows are back... and so is the super bowl! glad that's settled. moving on now... more than 20- thousand hunters have decended on las vegas for the 44th annual "safari club international" convention. ((paula francis)) the show has drawn criticism... for its focus on overseas trophy hunting. patrick walker is live outside mandalay bay with a closer look at the convention. patrick? ((patrick walker)) the trophy hunting community received a black-eye last year when a minnesota dentist killed cecil the lion in zimbabwe. the s-c-i revoked his license... but the organization is still drawing a lot of attention. ((patrick walker)) las vegas is once again home to the 44th
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hunters' convention. ((larry higgins/sci president: "the greatest gathering of hunter conservationists in the world.")) ((patrick walker)) s-c-i president larry higgins... welcoming some of the 20- thousand expected hunters to the convention wednesday night. ((larry higgins/sci president: "everything that we will do in the next 4 days supports the missions of safari club, conserving our wildlife and protecting our freedom to hunt.")) ((patrick walker)) s-c-i says conservation is a major part of their mission. their website says 70 percent of the money raised here... goes toward conservation efforts by the group worldwide... something s-c-i member bill racine says he is proud of. ((bill racine/sci lifetime member: "sci does a lot of conservation stuff, they help people over in africa, their hunts help the native people over there.")) ((patrick walker)) the humane society international disagrees... citing a 2012 study by eco resources at large. it concluded only 3 percent of money spent on trophy hunts make
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((masha kalinina/humane society international: "the funds that are raised from trophy hunting are not actually making it to the conservation efforts.")) ((patrick walker)) african hunts can cost tens of thousands of dollars. that money often covers travel, hunting permits, a hunting guide, and other expenses -- money the humane society says doesn't go toward helping anybody. ((masha kalinina/humane society international: "we're playing a key part in a blood sport that's taking away the world's most magnificent animals.")) ((bill racine/sci lifetime member: "no, no, the money that you spend over there, most of it goes to the local people over there.")) ((patrick walker)) since last july... 45 major airlines have banned the transport of several trophy animals from africa. and the humane society says some african countries are now banning exports of trophy animals. paula... ((paula francis)) has the humane society taken a stance on hunting here in the united states? ((patrick walker)) they are against all trophy hunting...
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the u-s. but they do not have position on sustinance hunting... like deer and elk. /// ((paula francis)) > las vegas is certainly no stranger to controversy when it comes to animals on the strip. for decades -- those animal acts drew crowds -- and criticism. denise valdez has more on the diminshing role of four legged performers: ((denise valdez)) even today -- there is an active campaign to release the dolphins at the mirage. when dirk arthur and his big cats returned to the riviera -- protestors greeted them. now he's at the westgate. many show producers have found ways to entertian guests with live music or impressive acrobatics -- instead of wild animals. < (( 45:37 david saxe: what happend on the stage tonight stay right here )) ((denise valdez)) david saxe has been producing shows in las vegas for more than twenty years. (( 37:07 david saxe: ive had animals in the shows ive had
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((denise valdez)) his sister was a dancer with siegfried and roy. (( siegfried and roy performing )) ((denise valdez)) the pair performed to sold out shows for years at the mirage. we all know how that ended. the mgm was beat up for years over its captive lions -- it eventually shipped them to a sanctuary and built a nightclub in what was once their enclosure. but decades before that -- was a magician named bobby berocini. (( 37:56 david saxe: if you see old footage of the the orangutans. bobby berocini very first came to the lido it was really amazing act but then you saw the video ... )) ((denise valdez)) this video. (( )) ((denise valdez)) in 1989 showing him abusing his apes. peta protested. the show was canned and his wildlife permit pulled. saxe knows working with wild animals is costly and risky. (( 40:17 david saxe:i have seen scenarios where eeh .. dont think they should do that .. 40:22 magicians with birds you can stuffed inside of a little pouch and then yanked out .. eehh 40:29 ((denise valdez)) at
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features domestic pets all rescued from shelters. the days of big cats on stage are few and far between .. as crowds become more savvy about their care and quality of life. (( 38:22 david saxe: you dont want to see animals forced to do something they dont want to do. 38:25 )) )) > ((denise valdez)) ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus will phase out elephants in its shows by may of this year. and of course sea world is in the crosshairs over its captive -- performing killer whales. according to the animal legal defense fund -- dirk arthur is one only three illusionists in big cats. arthur has been cited several times for violating the animal welfare act. ((dave courvoisier)) > a man waiting at a bus stop is dead after being hit by a car. the crash happened at 1-30 this afternoon on lake mead, near rancho. that's where 8 news now reporter karen castro is live at the scene with what she's learned so far. karen. ((karen castro)) the victim was
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struck by this 2-door black car. you can see the electrical wheelchair is in pieces and the car has front end damage. investigators remain on scence. right now lake mead, between rancho and valley drive is closed. here is what police are telling us. a car driving eastbound on lake mead... for some reason... hit the median... causing two tires on the left side to deflate. the vehicle then lost control... crossed over to the westbound lanes. striking the victim who was at a bus stop. the car did not hit any one else or other vehicles. the victim is believed to be in his 60's. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. as for the driver, police say she is cooperating with investigators. she hasn't been arrested but police are also not calling this crash an accident. ((lt. david jacoby - metro pd: it looks like it may have been preventable. we don't know what the initial cause of why any vehicle would hit the median area, the vehicle tires wouldn't deflate if it hit something that high at an angle of any sort. ))
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but investigators have not ruled out speed as a factor in the crash. the car. ((karen castro)) again, one person is dead after being hit by a car. lake mead, between valley drive and rancho will remain shut down for at least another hour. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) a deadly shooting on the west side of town leaves one man dead. and right now there's no suspect in custody as detectives actively investigate. it's already the 14th homicide within metro's jurisdiction. 8 news now's mauricio marin joins us live from the scene. and how authorities are working to combat the violence. ((mauricio marin)) metro police say the shooting happened in broad daylight in this shopping center parking lot near rainbow & westcliff. one person we spoke with told us
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the scene after hearing multipe gun shots. (( elvira couzzens/witness: "then they came out into the street of westcliff and they ran the red light because mine was green to go so they drove in front of me and very fast. i tried to grab their license plates but they were going way to fast for me to do that." )) ((mauricio marin)) metro police say it appears people were meeting up in the parking lot around 12:30---why tho---that's still being investigated. during it all....detectives say a fight broke out while the victim was sitting in the back of the suspects car. which police are describing as a gray four door nissan altima. shots were fired. the driver tried taking off with the victim still inside the car. the victim got out of the altima and raised his hands up but more shots rang out striking the victim who died on scene. this deadly shooting happens as police work to build relationships with neighbors seeing more violence in their communities. ((capt. andrew walsh/metro police: "see something say something is not something that just applies to acts of terror but applies to basic criminal street level criminal activity. we hope people are comfortable enough to call us and tell us. we have a limited number of resources and to be able to
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really what's going to solve the problem.")) ((mauricio marin)) to try and reach out to communites stricken by violence...police held a bbq today to get neighbors to know officers that patrol their streets. officers want to gain the public's trust so more crimes get reported and even stopped before they happen. ((mauricio marin)) the name of the victim killed in this shooting will be released by the coroner's office. but police believe he was of mixed race and in his 20's or 30's. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// > another suspect is still at large after a shooting overnight. police were called to a home near buffalo and flamingo at about 2-30 this morning. metro says the shooting was sparked by an argument between two men inside the house. the victim was taken to umc trauma... metro has not released a description of the person they are looking for./// gears now... las vegas standards... but tedd..
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< tedd florendo nice day today with some afternoon clouds streaking through. more clearing expected through the evening and we get a little chilly overnight. cool conditions this afternoon and winds still remain light for the most part. warmer than yesterday at this time. ............................... ......... weather headlines say expect warming for the weekend and nice for superbowl sunday. breezy winds will pick up again though and we'll tell you when. 70's in the forecast for next week and feeling more like march. ............................... .......... here's the forecast for tonight. mostly clear skies this evening and chilly. we go from near 50 at 7 to mid
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more on your forecast coming up. ((paula francis)) > super bowl 50... just days away. ((dave courvoisier)) coming up.. what changes are being made on the field... making this year's game different than year's past./// <
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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--- ((dave courvoisier)) a lot of excitement in the bay area with this year's game --- ron futrell is here --- he's covered many super bowls over the years, but this one is special --- ((ron futrell)) paula --- dave --- yes --- its the golden bowl --- the 50th --- plus that nice the 50th --- plus that nice new stadium has a lot of people excited. 1 point 3 billion dollars worth of levis stadium in santa clara this is the newest stadium in the nfl and they want everything to be perfect --- and 1.3 billion dollars --- that's a lot of levis --- it had better be nice. the home team --- the 49ers struggled in their new stadium
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issues, mainly with the natural turf --- ravens placekicker justin tucker was attempting a field goal this year and the grass collapsed under his foot. four weeks before the super bowl, more than 600 tons of new sod was brought in. from the magic place from wherever they find the special grass from --- now this is not new --- they do this every year for the super bowl --- and it has to handle the players --- and the crazy halftime shows with all the stages and stuff --- so, they've gotta make sure they get this right. ((mangan: this is babied and spoon fed every single day // it's a living breathing growing entity and you can't turn your back on it jeff glor: this stadium has had its issues. are those over? mangan: yeah the 49ers did a great job of handling that // new stadium everything is new you work out the bugs)) anotehr issue --- fixed this year by the nfl was the height of the uprights on the goal posts. field goals would go over the uprights and it was almost impossible to tell if it was good or not --- the nfl can thank talk show host adam carolla for that --- he's been complaining about it for years, and they finally listened to him. imagine a super bowl winning, or losing field goal and we didn't
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also improved this year --- technology there are more than 400 miles of fiber and copper cable, supporting 40 times the bandwidth of typical stadiums. allowing fans to call, text and tweet .. watch instant replays from their phones as well now, on sunday, if the green can match the gadgets, the league is hoping for a pitch perfect experience. ((ron futrell)) thanks ((dave courvoisier)) > about an hour away from where super bowl 50 will be played... little remains of a historic stadium. demolition of candlestick park began one year ago today... and crews are still leveling the ground. it was the former home to the san francisco 49ers and giants... and was the site of the beatles final full concert... 50 years ago. once the cleanup is complete... officials say condominiums will be built in it's place.///
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< tedd florendo > cool conditions right now with temps in the 50's this afternoon and chilly weather expected tonight. slightly warmer than yesterday at this time. skies clearing more overnight with passing clouds early. .............................. low to mid 50's by afternoon and chilly up on mount charleston. milder for the east part of the valley where we're lower in elevation and cooler for the northwest sections and foothills. chilly and cold temps expected in kyle canyon again by morning. ............................... regional temps in the mid 50's from mesquite all the way down to laughlin where we're milder. mild also for death valley and cold again for tonopah and ely this afternoon. cold readings again expected there by morning. ............................... ... superbowl forecast looks good.
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sunny skies. we could have some breezes on sunday, but gusty more for the colorado river. sunny and nice for that sunday which airs here on channel 8. ............................... ....... east coast getting slammed with more rain. we had reports of flooding in georgia and the carolinas. this front will continue to move up the coast and mix with the colder air from the north. rain snow line will drop and this precip will change over to snow tonight through tomorrow down the i-95 corridor bringing more snow for the mid atlantic and up to maine. it will be fast so many just up to 5 inches or more ............................... .............. locally no radar echoes, but we do have clouds coming in. they will clear more tonight. high pressure will dominate the region this weekend into next week. sending any storms to north. we stay dry and warmer into the 70's nextg week. ............................... ....................... 38 the low by morning and chilly. not as cold under mostly clear skies. tomorrow expect a high of 58 sunny and milder. near average temps with some north breezes between 5 and 15. stronger gusts in the colorado river valley. ............................... .............. mid to high 50's tomorrow with 60's over to the east side of valley. these should be more noticeably warmer temps but if not tomorrow definitely this weekend. ...............................
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extended forecast shows sunny skies for the much the weekend and next week. each day get warmer eventually into the 70's and we stay dry. no chances for shower as of right now. ((dave courvoisier)) > a mysterious caller... threatens a massacre. ((paula francis)) how the threats to a wisconsin police department... are connected to a popular netflix series./// ((dave courvoisier)) > republican senator ted cruz
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took over a federal wildlife refuge in oregon... are facing charges for their standoff. that's according to the federal indictment released today... which names ammon and ryan bundy... sons of nevada rancher cliven bundy. the armed standoff has been taking place at a wildlife refuge in oregon since january...
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of conspiracy to impede officers of the united states. one of the protestors was shot and killed by police during the standoff./// ((dave courvoisier)) > wisconsin police are looking into the connection between two bomb threats... and a popular netflix series. the first call came in at about 7 last night. police say the man told officers there were bombs in the building... and that he wanted "justice for steven". a few hours later... another call came in threatening a massacre. neither call was legitimate. manitowoc county police have been in the national spotlight for the past month since netflix released it's docu-series called "making a murderer." it chronicles the encounters between steven avery and law enforcement during a 2005 murder investigation. based on the netflix feedback... police say the bomb threat wasn't exactly unexpected: ((captain larry zimney/manitowoc police department - "i can't say i'm totally surprised at it. i was hoping nothing like this would occur.")) ((dave courvoisier)) the police captain says there was a very good chance the threat came from
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avery was sentenced to life in prison... but recently picked up a new legal team to re-evaluate his case./// ((paula francis)) > winning scholarships on the spot. ((dave courvoisier)) where students can go tonight... for a chance to win money for school. ((paula francis)) no degree.. and a big pile of debt. tonight at 5... the unclear future for students after controversy forces a beauty school to close down... ((coming up. how can the zika virus spread in the u.s? it's not just mosquitos. plus football is no longer the boys club. how the league and its advertisers are wooing women. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) < ((voice over: "now, nevada's
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at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > nevada state college wants to get you in their classrooms.. and it's offering "on- the-spot" scholarships.. to do it. n-s-c is holding its first open house for prospective students today... to show off its newly expanded campus.
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g-p-a of 3.25 or higher will be eligble for on the spot academic scholarships. nevada state college's open house kicks off at 5-30 this evening at their campus in henderson./// ((paula francis)) > we all love seeing the budweiser clydesdales show up in super bowl commercials every year... but today... locals got to see them in person. the iconic horses were sighted at the welcome to las vegas sign this morning... alongside.. who else? some glitzy showgirls. and that wasn't the only place the clydesdales have been spotted. the horses made a stop at the south point... to place a bet on sunday's game... but they aren't telling which team they picked./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. ///
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george knapp and we are >> pelley: a new health emergency has been declared inge another big florida county, as concern grows that the zika virus can now be spread through blood transfusions. also tonight, trump looking for a new hampshire comeback. >> it's called crunch time, right? >> pelley: the smirk that irked members of congress. >> i know you're smiling, but i'm very serious, sir. >> pelley: and a sunday kind of love between women and the nfl. >> there's just something about football. it always keeps you on your
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