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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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big story this friday night... the super bowl. it's now less than 48 hours away... and san francisco is packed with football fans, celebrities, and media from around the globe. ((paula francis)) > our own chris maathuis has been in san francisco all week long... he met up with a group that's been to every single super bowl... and also found out what team owners think about a possible n-f-l move to las vegas. chris? ((chris maathuis)) today was a day we heard from nfl commissioner roger goodell. you spoke for 45 minutes, only one member of the media from the west got in a question. so we couldn't ask him about about las vegas the gaming the raiders or stadium in las vegas although he did touch on raiders owner mark davis (( roger goodell/nfl commissioner "primary interest i have is in the integrity of the game so that's why we've opposed sports gambling in the past mark davis has a lot of options the league supports both these teams" mark davis/raiders owner
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commissioner mentioned you have a lot of options and one of those options is certain las vegas if sheldon adelson on the folks get behind the stadium can talk about that "what happens in vegas stays in vegas i'll just keep it there ok i really want to talk about this game is there a market for this i believe it can be")) ((chris maathuis)) > this is the golden anniversary of the nfl's super bowl games. this is number 50. can you imagine having attended is number 50. can you imagine having attended all 49 games? of all the people in the world there is just over a handful that has accomplished that. the prestigious list of those who attended all 49 super bowl's continues to shrink. for the first time all 16 members of that elite group gathered in san francisco. the group includes three print writers, three photographers, one groundskeeper, the wife of
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hunt, the super bowl five, who are five friends that have attended every single super bowl and 3 other fans who haven't missed a game: ((walter looss photographer i think that number is sort of remarkable i asked the cabdriver last night how many people do you think have been to every super bowl he said i have no idea thousand and i thought it was 11 i didn't know there were even 16 norma hunt kansas city chiefs "it is just amazingly interesting to listen to them they're terrific recall how they can pull facts out of super bowl four and super bowl one jerry izenberg columnist "it's far too commercialized but i understand these gentlemen are in business but roselle once told me one thing i hope these guys he did heed that advice down the line and i fear they won't. i said what's going to happen when paid tv comes into its own he said as long as i'm commissioner you'll never see it on pay-tv, it's the greatest ad for what we do. it would be criminal to make people pay for that i hope it doesn't come to that i wouldn't
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((chris maathuis)) reporting live... chris maathuis... 8 sports now./// ((paula francis)) > clark county still has a serious teacher shortage.. and today governor brian sandoval signed an emergency regulation... addressing the problem. even though c- c-s-d hired 430 new teachers since august... the district is still short 709 teachers. the governor's emergency action allows the department of education to start issuing provisional licenses to qualified people. those hired will then have a year to get their full credentials. in the regulation... the governor says this will
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recruit educators from other states and put them into classrooms immediately./// ((dave courvoisier)) > two pedestrians have been killed while waiting at a bus stop this year. the latest crash happened yesterday afternoon on lake mead and rancho. a car hit and killed a man on a motorized wheelchair. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live at the bus stop with a closer look at safety issues in the area. karen? ((karen castro)) the regional transportation commission has been moving back bus shelters around the valley. the issue the agency is running into is at locations, like where yesterday's crash happened, where there is no space to push the bus shelters back without intruding on private property. ((louis westry - bus rider: i do not sit at any bus stops, especially if it's that close to the street. i would stand to the side.)) ((karen castro)) louis westry used to catch the bus where a rider was hit and killed thursday afternoon. police say a driver lost control of her car, jumped the median into oncoming traffic...
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electrical wheelchair. ((louis westry - bus rider: something that i had envisioned in my head that i thought was going to happen to me if i stood there and it happened.)) ((karen castro)) there are roughly 33- hundred bus stops in southern nevada. about 12- hundred of them have a shelter. last year, the regional transportation commission pushed back 6- hundred bus shelters for safety. the plan is to do 3-hundred more by the end of the summer. ((erin breen - bus shelter advisory committee, rtc: moving shelters back is the most promising mitigation to avoid a crash such as the one that happened last night.)) ((karen castro)) but, there's one problem. ((erin breen - bus shelter advisory committee, rtc: there is only so much utilities easement and land.)) ((karen castro)) the rtc is working with some property owners to get approval to move bus shelters back. but road safety advocates say it comes down to driver behavior. ((erin breen - bus shelter advisory committee, rtc: impaired drivers, speeding drivers, distracted drivers.)) ((karen castro)) police do not believe the driver in thursday's crash was impaired but speed has not been ruled out. ((erin breen - bus shelter advisory committee, rtc: she may not have even been speeding, we have fast streets in this community.)) ((karen castro)) most major streets in the valley
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miles per hour. ((louis westry - bus rider: i never trusted the area cause i knew something like this was going to happen.)) ((karen castro)) this bus stop had a shelter before yesterday's crash. it has since been removed. the rtc says they will not be replacing it until they can move the bench back. but as of now, they have not reached an agreement with the property owner. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((paula francis)) > a former metro officer... accused of beating his girlfriend. the alleged victim takes the stand. what she had to say about the night her ex was arrested.----- plus... tedd has your super bowl forecast! tedd florendo >and it's looking like the perfect super bowl weather too. temps warming up and more clear blue skies. but it's about to get even warmer next week. we'll explain in your weather now, most accurate forecast
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for a preliminary hearing on his domestic violence case. james burt was arrested last month after investigators say he attacked his live- in girlfriend. she took the stand today... saying she feared going home the night of the alleged attack: ((i delayed going home by going to the grocery store because i knew that something wouldhappen eventually there would be an argument )) ((paula francis)) a metro detective involved in the case also took the stand today. burt is currently on unpaid leave./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a funeral was held today... for the man shot and killed by federal agents... after occupying a wildlife refuge in oregon for nearly a month. the memorial was held in kanab utah... near the arizona border. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin was there. he was able to talk with lavy
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who says she stands behind her father's decision to take on the federal goverment: (( thara tenney/finicum's daughter: "he sincerely believed that he was following the rule of law. and that it was the federal government that was violating it and we agree with him." )) ((dave courvoisier)) hundreds of people showed up to the memorial today. authorities say the 54- year- old was reaching for a weapon during the confrontation... when they tried pulling him over for the oregon occupation. the son's of nevada rancher cliven bundy were considered the leaders of the movement... they... along with more than a dozen others... were indicted on several charges including conspiracy this week./// ((paula francis)) > accused of missing a court date... and threatened with jail time. that's what one local person was faced with. michelle mortensen runs through the red flags to make sure you know what to look out for... if a scam artist ever tries to contact you.///
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place
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where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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they are horrified by a parade of animal carnage caused by discarded fishing gear. hundreds of ducks, geese, and other birds have been killed or maimed by fishing line and hooks that get left behind in those parks that have lakes. ((paula francis)) george knapp of the i-team is here with a preview of his special look at the problem. ((george knapp)) it's getting so bad that some families don't want to take their kids to the parks anymore because they know the scene will be upsetting. and we warn you, some of the images you will see in our reports are pretty graphic. at sunset park, ducks, geese and other birds live near the lake year round. the park has receptacles for fishing line and hooks but too many of the people who fish there either don't know or don't care about the consequences of their trash. volunteers walk the park every
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birds, their limbs amputated by fishing line, unable to fly or even walk, hooks in their eyes or bills. one of them-- barbara bogar --says she picks up fishing line and hooks ever time she visits the park. she's found 28 dead or injured birds thin last 2 months. she told us about a goose she had already rescued once before. ((barbara bogar/resuces birds at sunset park: both feet were tied together and one foot was so deep it was horrific. both back toes were blackened and necrotic, and one of the legs, the other leg was over her back tangled in feathers and so she was on one leg and couldn't even walk. )) ((george knapp)) the hooks are also a danger to pets and kids who walk through the park. this is video of a dog named booji who got a three- pronged fishhook through its snout. the volunteers say they've repeatedly tried to get help from mulitple agencies which have partial jurisdiction but have been told its someone else's problem or that there isn't enough manpower to deal with it.
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some of the examples of animals in distress and evidence of just how extensive the problem is at sunset park. it's also true in other parks with lakes where fishing is allowed. for now, we will focus on sunset. ((paula francis)) george... while you're here... a week from today will be one year since tammy meyers was killed outside her home... it really gripped the valley's attention... and even made national headlines. ((george knapp)) right it went national after police originally thought it was a case of road rage... but eventually learned it was a case of mistaken identity and terrible timing. tammy meyers was driving in the park with her daughter... when she ended up in a road rage incident... went home to get her son brandon.. and drove back to the scene. brandon brought a gun. eric nowsch saw them driving in the park... and told police he thought they were somebody else out to get him... he eventually opened fire on their car.. killing meyers in front of her home. in april of 2015... i sat down with the meyers family... we talked about their regret
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(( bob meyers/father of tammy meyers: the thing is, in my daughter's eyes, if she didn't ask her mom to teach her how to drive that night, her mom would still be alive.)) ((george knapp)) erich nowsch and derrick andrews.. who drove the car.. have a murder trial scheduled for march. they both pleaded not guilty./// ((paula francis)) > in about an hour... president bill clinton will be campaigning here in las vegas... to try to win over voters for his wife's presidential bid. he's meeting at the "united brotherhood of carpenters" international training center... that's near sunset and las vegas boulevard. the former president will also make his way to pahrump tomorrow... speaking at manse elementary school at 9:45 in the morning./// ((paula francis)) > and we want to remind you... we are your local election headquarters through the campaign. you can stay up to date on-air and on las vegas now dot com... and watch politics now this saturday at 7:30.///
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(( hey tedd, what do you think is the most dangerous weather?)) < tedd florendo ((>nice weather today and tranquil too despite some breezes down the colorado river valley. winds not so bad right now for the valley and we're warmer than yesterday at this time. ............................... .......... mid to high 50''s with some neighborhoods near 60 this afternoon. cool in kyle canyon and expecting some chilly conditions tonight and overnight, although not at cold as the past few nights. ............................... ............... regional temps in the 60's this afternoon for the colorado river
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afternoon in laughlin. very mild late today in death valley and cold already for the southern great already for the southern great basin near the freezing mark already by afternoon. ............................... ............. superbowl sunday looks great with a high of 65. could see some north breezes, but otherwise sunny and nice conditions expected. very comfortable too. ............................... ................ we've been tracking that coastal storm overnight in the east coast that brought snow for the mid- atlantic up the northeast. most neighborhoods received about 5 inches or less as this storm hugged the coast but moved
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now it's up near canadian maritimes. ............................... ..................... flight delays seem to be in new york and boston. those are the major delays this afternoon, most likely due to the storm. moderate delays for lax today , elsewhere airports seem to be running smoothly so far. ............................... ........................ clear skies right now with the low bringing rain and snow in the pacific northwest again. high pressure off the coast will bring a big bubble of warm air over the region and keep us dry and warmer than normal by next week. and it's going to stay that way for a while as it stays nearly stationary. ............................... ........................ tonight 39 for the low and chilly again. few cldaund with northeezes expecd.morrow expect a high of 60. nny and sean tomorrow with mps nr average.n up to 10 at times.............................. ...................... crtion forecast shows 45 for unt charleston with cool rock at 56 by afternoon.lake mead 63 but could be gusty at times especially down river through laughlin at 65 for their high. ............................... .......................... extended forecast showing 60's for a few days, then the 70's next week with more sunshine. staying dry for a while. maybe addtional clouds a week from today.
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fine or go to jail. that's what one woman was told over the phone recently ... and it had her concerned. should she pay? was it a scam? ((paula francis)) with all those questions ... she knew the only place to turn was 8 on your side.. where if you have a problem .. you tell michelle. and consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here now to help. ((michelle mortensen)) these types of calls are always a scam! thankfully ... madelyn called us right away .. and collected a ton of information from the caller. turns out there were tons of red flags it was a scam .. and i'm going to reveal them all .. so you don't get taken if this call comes to you. here's how it all went down. the call came from a 702 number and madelyn said she was told she missed a court date and needed to pay a fine immediately. if she refused a bench warrant would be issued in her name ... the police would be sent to her home and she would be arrested. when she refused to pay they
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stanley. he answered ... and informed her metro was on the way to her home. of course they never came ... because this is a scam. here's the clues. first ... if you miss a court date ... you are notified by mail .. second ... debt collectors have no arrest people. is illegal. third ... the scammers transfered her to sheriff john stanley ... when the clark county sherrif is joe lombardo. wrong name .. wrong guy ... dead give away. ((michelle mortensen)) so what's the take away here. anyone who calls you and tries to scare you or threaten you is likely not legitimate. that's how scammers operate... through fear. so if you get a call like that .. hang up. but if your too scared to do that .. get their call back number ... and call me or the police ... to get some reassurance.
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((paula francis)) > thanks michelle... ron futrell is here with sports. ((ron futrell)) never a dull moment with that game coming up sunday --- and the ufc has a fight tomorrow night ---- today the weigh-in and a fighter proposes to his girlfriend --- there's a new touch --- sports is next. /// <
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news music voice over: "from 8 news now this is sports. > ((ron futrell)) the ufc has its super bowl fight night coming up tomorrow at the mgm grand --- the weigh in today --- the co main event --- roy nelson --- big country taking on jared roshalt --- love big country --- the heavyweight from las vegas
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--- just goes up there and weighs in at "a bunch" here's the highlight of the weigh in --- alex nicholson --- 6 and 1 --- on a 5 fight win streak and he's hoping that streak continues as he pulls out the ring and proposes to his girlfriend right before he steps on the scale --- i think she said yes, but i'm not sure. ((ron futrell)) rebel guard daquon cook has been removed from the basketball team -- no reason given by coach todd simon. cook missed most of the season after a dui put him on suspension --- he returned to the team a couple weeks ago and played just 4 minutes in two games. rebels play at fresno tomorrow. i think you can remove rick pitino from the list of possible unlv basketball coaches --- louisville basketball has put itself on probataion for the ncaa tournament this year because of a campus sex scandal. word came out last october a former pitino staffer held parties with strippers who performed and had sex with
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---- the ncaa is still investigating and may impose stiffer penalties --- i'm assuming this would be regarded as an "extra benifit" to the players and would take pitino off the list as a unlv prospects. rebel hockey plays its rivals --- san diego state tonight at the ice arena on west flamingo --- national league mvp bryce harper will be there to drop the first puck. this team is catching some steam right now --- they're a club team at unlv --- but out west --- thats how most college hockey teams make it happen. the skatin rebels and san diego state begins at 7: --- they play tonight and tomorrow, yes, they are the skatin' rebels. dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. paula francis see you tonight at 11. goodnight./// this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are today's contestants -- a sophomore at the university of california berkeley, originally from boise, idaho...
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