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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the strip with metro officers... to find out the new way tourists and locals are being targeted by criminals on a daily basis. ((denise valdez)) > using the solar industry to his advantage: i propose that i'm an energy company now how one man hopes to turn the tables on n-v energy... and the likelihood of success in his new venture. ((dave courvoisier)) > our debt destroyer family... faced with a major life change. michelle mortensen is on their side... with tips helping them stay on track to being debt free in a year... despite a job loss./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > super bowl weekend meant huge crowds of visitors and locals on the strip and other properties. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez... in for paula. visitors see the neon and the spectacle of las vegas, but the police who work the tourism corridor see something else entirely. ((dave courvoisier)) as the economy has rebounded, so have
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more visitors means more criminals here to rob them. metro police are out there every night, but they need help. ((denise valdez)) the i-team was given total access to tag along with the teams who are on the front lines. george knapp is here with the first of two reports you'll only see on 8 news now. ((george knapp)) > veteran officers say they've never seen anything like it. there's a new breed of criminal on the strip. they're highly organized, relentless, and ubiquitous. metro is out there every night, but at times it feels like trying to hold back the ocean with their fingers. it takes a special breed of cop to handle this work. (( )) calvin wandick/metro officer-lv strip: this is our home. i've invested myself in las vegas boulevard. so i see it personally when guys or casinos call us and they got hit 5-6 times... oficer calvin wandick worked the las vegas strip even before he joined metro. he knows the nooks, crannies, and cast of characters that line the sidewalks or cruise the casinos nightly.
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porsche, that's one of our girls. that car right there.a lot of girls in range rovers, nice cars like porsche, mercedes.. a new wave and new breed of working girls is at the heart of the crime explosion in the tourist corridor. prostitution is linked to more than half of the serious crime metro sees each night, including assaults and homicides. it's not a victimless offense. sgt. francois obasi/team leader on lv strip: you have your trick rolls, your pickpockets, gang involvement, pimp involvement. there's a lot of violence. two squads of uniformed officers work the strip at night. their nightly briefings are loaded tales of new and egregious crimes and suspects.a jewelry store hit for 700 grand..two white females pulling armed robberies out of their car.a kidnapping scam targeting's a depressing lineup
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the team got good news from their captain .reinforcement s are on the way. the squads will increase from 6 to ten officers each. they'll need it. calvin wandick: 2908 how you guys doin? when they hit the strip, the officers cast long shadows, on purpose. this stretch of sidewalk is known as a hangout for drug sellers, so the team interacts with as many people as possible, to find out what's what. nat pop..calvin asks busker if his gun is real.. 3020 how old are you man? you got id that says you're 26? 3611 you hangin' with some nice weed tonight man? why you smell like it. take your hands out of your pockets. (bald cop talking to promoter) an unlicensed promoter turns out to be a felon with an active warrant....he gets taken downtown. 2125 calvin it's kind of a circus up here, man. on a pedestrian bridge, a young man with an open container reeks of vin: you
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much you got on you? turns out, he's holding more than a personal stash and is arrested. officer wandick says its important to stay on the small- time criminals criminals because the low level crimes often lead to more serious offenses. and there's so much of it that without enforcement, it would quickly get way out of hand. the team makes 70-100 contacts per night on the street, and the only time they slow down is to await transport to the jail. george knapp: your guys are very active. is that by design? sgt. francois obasi: our motto is get busy, stay busy. at least once a night, they march into one or more casino properties to disrupt the rampant prostitution trade that has overwhelmed hotel security teams. they are organized operations that are more about robbery than sex. the tourist hopes for a clandestine romp. calvin voice over: 1400 the prostitutes and pimps have awhole different game plan. they want to take everything. you know, they want the money,
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everything.they'r e using prostitution as a front, but they're basically all committing robberies. when the team enters one casino, girls scatter. within ten minutes, they've coralled six suspects. eveyr one has been trespassed from the property and most have been linked to trick rolls. 2410 nats..woo hoo. it's my birthday, i'm trying to get lucky. with what, a football team? you are going to jail for trespassing. i'm going to jail? ((george knapp)) >many of the women working in prostitution are themselves victims, beaten and intimidated. one working girl intercepted by police was only ten years old. the i-team has done other ride-alongs on the strip over the years. it's never been like this. metro is devoting more resources to enforcement but that means taking manpower away from some other priorities. beyond the street criminals, there's a far more sinister criminal presence these days. tonight at 11, we go along with metro sgt. mike ford and his plainclothes
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some truly dangerous predators. we will also have some news about sgt. ford. ((denise valdez)) > hearing from the remaining holdouts... at the oregon wildlife refuge. we get an inside look at the camp set- up... as four people refuse to turn themselves in... and how they taunt government officals on youtube. and tedd it's hard to ask for a more perfect february day! tedd florendo 73 degrees of perfect weather and clear skies, d. it's going to around for a while with near record highs. but changes are in the forecast for next week. we'll tell you about it coming up. ((dave courvoisier)) >
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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after the public utilities commission decided to push back a meeting until friday. the p-u-c was supposed to talk about a possible decision to "grandfather- in" solar customers who were on the old net- metering rate structure. ((denise valdez)) but as the solar debate continues to make headlines... one henderson man has come up with his own way to take the fight to the p- u-c. patrick walker has the story. ((jet flying over)) ((patrick walker)) this is the next solar power plant in nevada... at least... according to the man who lives here. ((terry kniess/solar customer: "i propose that i'm an energy company now, because they are now buying my electric from my panels.")) ((patrick walker)) terry kniess installed his rooftop solar panels in 2014. he says before the rate change january first... n-v energy reimbursed him for his excess electricity by giving him portfolio energy credits. now... he gets reimbursed less per kilowatt hour than what n-v energy pays him during off- hours when his panels aren't generating...
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((terry kniess/solar customer: "i would like to apply for a rate hike, at least to get it... i'm entitled to make a profit just like nv energy is, if i'm an energy company, so i would like to see my base rate go up to a point where i can make a profit too.")) ((patrick walker)) kniess generally produces enough electricity to cover the cost of what he uses... meaning his bills are usually just a few dollars every month. but he's taking issue with the 79% base-rate increase he's seen... which has nothing to do with usage. ((terry kniess/solar customer: "i don't see how anybody right now can make any money going solar, this just totally killed the solar business in southern nevada.")) ((patrick walker)) kniess admits his idea sounds far-fetched... and while he doesn't expect to win... he says he wants to prove a point. ((patrick walker: "do you feel your chances are good?" terry kniess: "honestly, no, i don't think they're very good, nevada power is the goliath, i'm david with a little rock, and i don't know how good my aim's going to be, i hope it's really good!")) ((patrick walker)) patrick walker... 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) kniess admits he installed solar panels as a way to make money... but he says the new rates impact all net metering customers... regardless of why they chose to
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we reached out to n-v energy for comment on this story... but have not yet received a response. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > a job loss deals a major blow to our debt destroyer family. michelle mortensen will join us... to find out the options everyone has when they lose their job... and how she plans to still get the family out of debt by the end of the year.///
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credit card debt in less than a year can be done with great sacrifice. and in our debt destroyer series ... we've been watching one family .. as they try to tackle their debt in just one year. ((denise valdez)) but even with sacrifice .. comes the unexpected. 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortense is here .. with an update on our debt destroyer family. ((michelle mortensen)) from the very beginning ... i described this as reality t-v. it's real life. and things just got real.
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just not so soon. just last night i told you about the debt snowball plan we had for azalee and tammy. it would get them out of debt in 8 months. all they had to do was join the financial guidance center's repayment program ... cancel their cards ... and make monthly payments of 12 hundreds dollars combined. but just as they were enrolling ... azalee lost her job. see ... real life. she now has no income ... no savings ... and no way to make those payments ... or follow her budget. as soon as we found out the news ... michele johnson with the financial guidance center recommended several temp agencies for immediate income while she looks for something permanent. i found her some other leads and azalee also filed for unemployment. things like this happen all the time in real life. just when you start to get on track ... something derails you. the key is ... getting right back on track. hopefully with the temporary
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and the interviews azalee has already secured ... she'll stay very close to schedule. and i'll let you know .. as soon as i have some good news to report. ((michelle mortensen)) this is also a great time to talk about the importance of savings. having an extra 2 grand or more set aside for emergencies .. can make all the difference when the unexpected happens. if you aren't saving .. you need to start today. ((denise valdez)) are there any resources for people when things like this happen? ((michelle mortensen)) a few.. lots of places help with things like groceries. and the financial guidance center offers help for one time emergency expenses. but the best resource .. is simply talking to a financial expert ... like someone at financial guidance ... because they can help you rework your budget ...
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and try to keep you on track ... while things are definitely off track. news music voice over: "from 8 news now, this is your most accurate weather now with tedd florendo." < tedd florendo ((clear skies again holding together all week. 70's back in the forecast and here to stay for a while. winds not too bad in valley, although some neighborhoods to the north feeling those north breezees. slightly warmer than yesterday at this time. ............................... ......... temps in the 70's through all neighborhoods in the valley. this is above average but staying cool in the kyle canyon. cooler for the west side of the valley and warmer to the eastside where we're lower in elevation. ............................... ........ regional temps stay warm in
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warmer in laughlin in the mid 70's and check out death valley with their afternoon temps in the 80's. and it's about to get warmer out there. temps improve in the high 40's this afternoon in the southern and central great basin. ............................... ............ wind advisory still in effect for the lake and colorado river until 10 tonight. then it will expire. gusts up o 40 reported for laughlin and bullhead city today. could still see some leftover gusts, but expect them to relax more the coming days as the high settles it. ............................... .............. clear weather across the west coast. the high to the west slow dominating the region. it will bring warmer highs for us and especially down to the southern california where they'll be in the 80's. now when the jetstream goes high and amplifies, at the same time it forms a dip in jetstream. ............................... ............. what that means is the dip digs south and send the cold air from canada out here.
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cities all the way to georgio with a strong low and winds. we also have that coastal low pulling away but still sending snow to boston, the cape and maine. ............................... ............... big high pressure isn't going away. in fact stays near stationary all week. bringing us warmer weather and keeping any storms away at bay. ............................... ............... so here's what to expect. near record high in the 70's. dry all weeek. staying sunny and clear. changing by sunday with more clouds and shower chances tuesday. ............................... ................. tonight expect a low of 45 and not as chilly. winds slight breeze from the north. tomorrow expect a high of 74 comfortable again with above average highs. record is 78 so not quite there yet. ............................... ............ mid 70's neighborhood by neighborhood with warmer temps to the eastside of the valley ............................... ............ extended hows near record highs
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then cooler weekend with clouds sunday and especially on monday only four occupiers remain at the oregon wildlife refuge taken over more than a month ago. in the past week... they've posted more than a dozen videos on youtube... at times taunting the federal government: (( you see this pt cruiser? it's government pt cruiser but you know what? this is now the harney county resource center. see that fbi, feds? it's the harney county resource center and you know what? we're going to use every resource we have here. and i think we have every right to do that.
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((denise valdez)) in the video... we get a look inside the camp set up by the occupiers. they claim the fbi threatened to press additional charges for fortifying the refuge. the holdouts are among 16 people charged with conspiracy to interfere with federal workers. they're calling they're compound "camp finicum"... named after lavoy finicum... who died in a shootout with federal agents last month./// ((dave courvoisier)) > homeowners in a golf course community are getting a break on property taxes. residents went before the clark county board of equalization claiming their properties have dropped in value after the golf course closed last september. the board sided with some homeowners who have a property backing up to the golf course, granting them 25-percent off this year's taxes. ((hobie hellerstein - resident: the people that paid those huge amounts to be on the course deserve something so i think they should be happy for now because we have a bigger fight ahead of us.)) ((dave courvoisier)) other property owners will not receive a tax break but they plan to appeal the board's decision with
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((denise valdez)) > lunch was not served at chipotle today.. across the country - the chains' restaurants shut down for hours today. instead, employees met at hotels and convention centers to talk about food safety. the company's has been on damage control following several food- born outbreaks, and is now trying to get the public's trust back. that includes tightening its food safety procedures and doing new dna- based tests on ingredients. it's also stepping up worker training. (( "i've awways loved chipotle but i'm not going to get sick and get food poisioning . (edit) if they could get my trust get back (edit) then yeah i'd give them another shot")) ((denise valdez)) > while it was closed down the company offered a rain check for people who missed out on lunch today... by offering free burritos if you signed up for a coupon through text message./// ((denise valdez)) > coming up in sports the broncos made some gamblers a lot of money ((dave courvoisier)) jon tritsch is in for chris maathuis tonight... ((jon tritsch))
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millions..and why this is nothing new./// <
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that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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> ((jon tritsch)) > vegas dave did it again..bronco fans are celebrating their team's super bowl victory but dave oancea is cashing in.. vegas dave put big money on the bronco's as a future bet and it paid off to a sum of 2.3 million the expert gambler predicted the broncos would win the super bowl before the season and after peyton manning got hurt mid season and now he collects.. william hill sports book presents him with a check of 965,000.. dave also predicted the royals to win the world series and
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((jon tritsch)) >unlv big men are an endangered species these days..and it could get worse.. center stephen zimmerman is undergoing an mri today after leaving saturday's fresno state game with an injury it was an awkward play with an unexpected consequence.. zimmerman got tangled up with bulldogs forward terrell carter in the first half.. but as zimmerman fell down he winced in considerable pain.. sports information director andy grossman tells me zimmerman is getting his knee evaluated and should have more information tonight..hoping for the best for a kid with a promising future ((jon tritsch)) >let the countdown begin.. year two of the tony sanchez unlv era has it's first target.. the school announcing jackson state will be coming to town on september first.. like unlv the jackson state tigers are coming off a 3 win season..sanchez and the rebels claim there is a culture change at unlv.. the best way to show that is by getting off to a fast start.. september first is a thursday..
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set.. ((jon tritsch)) >before he is going to the hall of fame.. peyton manning is going to disneyland..the legendary qb is a traditional guy and was already in worked out nicely peyton manning is used to floating he's just on a float..but in front of thousands of people.. the 39 year old quarterback is expected to retire..but he says the first thing he had to do after winning super bowl 50 is take his kids to the iconic theme park 6 hours south of santa clara's levi stadium.. ((dave courvoisier)) > finally tonight... you can expect to see a familiar face on cbs' hit show "scorpion" this evening. penn jillette... of "penn and teller" will make a special appearance on tonight's episode. but we'll have to wait and see if he does any of his famous tricks since he's playing the role of a couple's counselor. you can watch "scorpion" right here on channel 8 at 9 pm.///
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watching for 8 news now at 6.
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