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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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family none of this his family // i am on the news i found my baby dead he don't care, don't touch me!" )) ((dave courvoisier)) > raw emotions at a vigil for a 2 year old girl hit and killed by a car in north las vegas. thanks for joining us, i am dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i am denise valdez in for paula tonight. the family of little evelyn green gathered earlier tonight at a memorial set up near the crash scene near lake mead and pecos. ((dave courvoisier)) that's where we find patranya bhoolsuwan. she spoke with both the girl's parents...and we understand the two sides were not getting along tonight. patranya? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) reporters including myself were caught up in this emotional situation at one point... the mother as you can see on the earlier video...physicall y pushing us aside in the middle of our interview with the father...
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who was there when the little girl when she was hit and killed right here here on this street. her memorial is growing tonight with candles, flowers, dolls and cards. this as the search for the suspect continues. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > police say this all happened just before 6 sunday evening when the 2 year old was hit by a white van as she was crossing the street near her house. the mother, vicky davis told us that evelyn was playing with her brother on scooter when she was hit just steps from her front door. she did say the driver of the van did stop and talked to her... but ended up leaving the scene before police got there: (( vicky davis/mother: "the guy came out of the car he talked to me and said i am sorry for what i did like he was drunk and smelled like tequila something on his breath i am so rry for what i did he kept telling me sorry sorry sorry." joshua green/father: " i just want him to turn himself in it's hard for me to say that real hard.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the
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had just left the house to go to work when the crash happened and rushed back as soon as he heard the news. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) i checked in with north las vegas police tonight. still no one in custody. police are looking for white full size panel style van with no windows. if you have any information you are asked to call crimestoppers. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) patranya, this was just one of two vigils you were at tonight... the other for a motorcyclist that was also killed yesterday right? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) that's right, his mother spoke exclusively with us tonight right before a vigil set up for her son near the scene of that crash near 215 and north decatur. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) that's where police say 27- year-old joshua connell was killed after the motorcycle he was riding crashed into the back of a vehicle on bradley road.
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according to detectives her son was going at more than 80 miles an hour in a 35 speed zone. she says joshua has gotten hurt before on his bike and knew the dangers of riding: ((regina connell/mother: ""i can't be a parent that turns my cheek and says that can't happen i need to step up and take responsibility and say yeah my child made a wrong decision, a bad choice and it ended up costing him his life" )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) this is a facebook picture of joshua doing a stunt on his motorcycle. he leaves behind his girlfriend and their 5- year-old son. they also have another baby on the way. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > we talked to some neighbors in this area and they say motorcyclists speeding is a problem in that area...due to a long stretch of road on bradley with few traffic lights and stop signs to slow down traffic.
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bhoolsuwan... 8 news now./// patranya. well, if you're driving and you see police cordoning off an area with crime tape... you'd think to stop and find courvoisier)) not all southern nevada drivers have figured out what to do in this scenario... and it can be dangerous. no one knows that better than our own vanessa murphy. she joins us live to explain. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) see that? those are my brake lights! braking is what i should do if i come across a road that's blocked....with crime scene tape... but while we're reporting at scenes, we see cars drive through it repeatedly..... ((newscast: tossing to vanessa - sorry.... )) ((vanessa murphy)) this live report at a homicide scene last month took an unexpected turn.... ((picking up tape )) ((vanessa murphy)) and then we saw three more cars drive through the
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((sgt. richard strader/metro police: it's dangerous to be in the road in the first place and then all of the sudden you hear the honking of horns and the sirens blurping and then you hear tires rolling towards you)) ((vanessa murphy)) sergeant richard strader heads metro fatal detail, a team which investigates deadly crashes. ((strader: i've almost been hit probably about four times working in a closed off scene by either drivers that just weren't paying attention or even drunk drivers.)) ((vanessa murphy)) just last month - a driver who wasn't paying attention drove through this scene near jones and smoke ranch where a motorcyclist died. earlier in december - a man was arrested for driving drunk after he drove through this crash scene....near desert inn and eastern - and in november - another man was arrested after police say he collided with a motorcycle as officers were closing the road for an investigation into an officer involved shooting at desert bloom park. ((strader: it's frustrating for
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also frustrating for volunteers trying to help protect police. ((andrew bennett/voluntee r: so they're not having to watch their backs constantly.)) ((vanessa murphy)) andrew bennett blocks roads with his vehicle which has emergency lights.... ((andrew: as soon as we get to the scene )) ((vanessa murphy)) and redirects pedestrians and drivers. ((andrew: it amazes me how many people drive distracted or drive impaired.)) ((vanessa: have you had to jump out of the way? andrew: yes, umm, unfortunately, it's one of those where you try to pay attention as best as you can but if someone sneaks up on you, that's gonna be your first reaction.)) ((vanessa murphy)) even a combination of flares, cones, and tape don't stop all drivers..... and each situation is dealt with on a case by case basis. driving drunk or speeding could get a driver arrested or cited.... and for those who are confused....offic ers may let them go....probably with a stern warning.... ((sgt. richard strader/metro fatal time i see this.)) ((vanessa murphy)) sergeant strader says metro looked at mobile barricades and even
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but after metro looked at the cost and figured that in with the number of times drivers go through scenes - the department did not purchase them. back to you. ((denise valdez)) vanessa, are the volunteers called to most larger scenes? ((vanessa murphy)) no, they are not called to all of them. but you usually see them at the scenes of deadly crash investigations. andrew bennett - the volunteer you heard from says he decided to volunteer because it's a great way to get officers back to patrol responding to calls...rather than blocking a street./// ((dave courvoisier)) > all-new tonight... a spokeswoman for assemblywoman michele fiore says the nevada lawmaker will go to oregon on thursday... to support the bundy brothers and other militia members who are locked up, for their role in the occupation of the malheur national wildlife refuge. fiore hopes to meet with ammon and ryan bundy... but she has no plans to protest. we're told they are looking for
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the self-styled militia members face multiple charges. the spokeswoman says bunkerville rancher cliven bundy will not be joining them./// ((dave courvoisier)) > tony sanchez just locked up one of the most promising recruiting classes in rebels football history... and now we know the first challenge for the team in year two of the sanchez era. that's coming up in sports. plus: (( ford: there's so many more criminals on the strip now. )) ((dave courvoisier)) a new wave of criminals loose in las vegas. the i-team's george knapp rides along with the detectives responsible for stopping them./// ((tedd florendo)) more 70 degree temps. we're going to come close to reaching record highs this week. the week ahead. here's a look at your 10 hour forecast. more details on what to expect this week, when we come back.
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haven't been to the strip in awhile, be forewarned. ((denise valdez)) while most visitors and locals have enjoyable experiences at the hotels and restaurants, a new crime wave is underway, including an explosion of prostitution- related robberies, gangs, drugs, even pickpockets. ((dave courvoisier)) the i-team was allowed to tag along with both uniformed and plainclothes teams who have their hands full trying to keep the strip safe. george knapp is here with the exclusive story. ((george knapp)) the first line
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officers who project a strong police presence on the streets and sidewalks. the more sinister and sophisticated crime groups are a whole different challenge. they're involved in drugs, robberies, human trafficking, auto thefts and a range of often- violent, highly- organized criminal pursuits. that's where the plainclothes detectives come into play. what they do each night is both impressive and unnerving. sgt. mike ford/metro detective: we are dealing with a mini new year's eve every friday and saturday night up here with the same amount of officers we had 5 years ago. riding with metro sgt. mike ford is always an eye opener. a few years ago, when he headed up a uniformed squad, he showed us the gritty underbelly of the strip, the part that most locals never see. he recently returned as head of a team of detectives with the flexibility to follow crime wherever it leads. there's no such thing as a slow night. ford: there's so many more criminals on the strip now. it's...
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great word for it. the mob may be gone, but organized crime is alive and well on the strip. the prostitution rings that are now prominent in most casinos with nightclubs are largely fronts for violent, high end robbery rings. ford says there are 5 or more trick rolls per night and many more that are never reported because the victim doesn't want his wife to know. ford: they show up, get to your room, spike your drink with a sedative and you wake up 15 hours later with your rolex cards, all that stuff is gone... the same gangs have their fingers in human trafficking and drug sales on the strip. we could walk a 100 foot area up here and be approached a dozen times by people trying to sell narcotics. ome of them are smut peddlers, the people who hand out the stuff. you go to buy some dope, the person walks up to the smut
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it's all pretty linked up in cliques.... although dope is not a primary focus for ford's team, they can't avoid it. during the briefing at the start of their shift, they outlined a plan for sending an informant in to make a controlled buy of meth. mike: we're buying 20 worth? the detectives on this squad were hand picked voice of mike ford they want to catch bad guys and be proactive and want to be able to take someone who robbed somebody's mom dad grandpa.. we take them into custody the same night. the team targets some dope dealers because of the related crimes--robberie s and burglaries done to support the users habits. as we waited outside a notorious apartment complex, three unknown men burst in, then left in a hurry. ford's team ran them down within a few miles.
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any guns knives drugs in the car. mind if we check. guns and stacks of cash were found. one suspect was wanted in an armed robbery case. heading back to the strip, ford told us about rings of auto thieves who prowl parking garages nightly to pick out the exact vehicle they want to steal. and, a new twist, rings of modern pickpockets who target cell phones in crowded nightclubs. ford: really good pickpockets, and they're really coordinated. you might feel a bump and you look down and your phone is gone. teams of 5 or more thieves will hit a club and walk out with as many as 40 cell phones in a night. ford: absolutely it's organized crime. they fly out here for the sole purpose of doing that. one of ford's detectives spots a known drug dealer in front of a
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on a table in the security office is a thick wad of cash and grocery store of drugs. including baggies of fake cocaine. but the suspect offers a deal..informatio n on the location of a dangerous fugitive. the team springs into action, regroups at a crime-ridden apartment complex off the strip...and collars the suspect, who's wanted for attempted murder in another state. all in a night's work. ford: the tourists and the people at home don't come up to the strip, they don't see it and they don''t pay attention to it because they're not immersed in it everyday. ((george knapp)) we've been working with sgt. mike ford for the past several weeks in setting up our ride-alongs, and we've worked with him many times over the last 10 years on other stories. early this morning, we learned that he died at home overnight. one thing mike wanted to see happen is for elected officials and maybe some casino bosses to take this same kind of ride along and see for themselves what it is like out there at night.
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"from 8 news now, this is your most accurate weather now with tedd florendo." ((tedd florendo))
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with their afternoon temps in the 80's. and it's about to get warmer out there. temps improve in the high 40's this afternoon in the southern and central great basin. ............................... ............ wind advisory still in effect for the lake and colorado river until 10 tonight. then it will expire. gusts up o 40 reported for laughlin and bullhead city today. could still see some leftover gusts, but expect them to relax more the coming days as the high settles it. ............................... .............. clear weather across the west coast. the high to the west slow dominating the region. it will bring warmer highs for us and especially down to the southern california where they'll be in the 80's. now when the jetstream goes high and amplifies, at the same time it forms a dip in jetstream. ............................... ............. what that means is the dip digs south and send the cold air from canada out here. snow stretching from the twin cities all the way to georgio with a strong low and winds. we also have that coastal low pulling away but still sending snow to boston, the cape and maine. ............................... ............... big high pressure isn't going away. in fact stays near stationary all week.
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keeping any storms away at bay. ............................... ............... so here's what to expect. near record high in the 70's. dry all weeek. staying sunny and clear. changing by sunday with more clouds and shower chances tuesday. ............................... ................. tonight expect a low of 45 and winds slight breeze from the north. tomorrow expect a high of 74 comfortable again with above average highs. record is 78 so not quite there yet. ............................... ............ mid 70's neighborhood by neighborhood with warmer temps to the eastside of the valley ............................... ............ extended shows near record highs on wed and frdiday in the mid 70's. then cooler weekend with clouds sunday and especially on monday ((denise valdez)) > do you know where your kids are right now?
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and police want parents to make sure their kids aren't involved. tony smith shows us the damage from some recent tagging./// < jennifer deocampo, neighbor "we don't know what's next. we don't know who is hanging out on our streets. it is scary." ((tony smith)) jennifer deocampo lives near an area that is being defaced by taggers repeatedly. jennifer deocampo, neighbor "it's been going on for years. i mean it is on and off, like there will be graffiti somewhere and we ill complain to the school and then it will be gone. but then a couple of weeks later, it will back again in different places." ((tony smith)) the most recent tagging... at canarelli middle school on torrey pines and robindale early sunday. nearby property also spray-painted. jennifer deocampo, neighbor "we all pay mortgages here. and we pay to keep the area nice and maintained and landscaped. and no one want to see that on their walls." ((tony smith)) "school official told me, over the weekend they did sand blasted majority of the graffiti off. but they will be adding some
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"captain ken young, ccsd "also, starting with parents, if these are young people, ensuring you know where their young people are especially in the evening time, knowing what type of activities they are involved in. it is a community, team effort." ((tony smith)) tony smith, 8 news now. > ((denise valdez)) if you spot graffiti in your neighborhood, you're encouraged to report it by calling the graffiti hotline at 455-4509. the number is also on our website - las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) big game on the hardwood for coronado hoops. your full highlights and analysis just ahead... and how long will the runnin' rebels be without big zim? the latest on stephen zimmerman's scary injury... next./// "from 8 news now, this is
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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basketball's depth chart was thin.. now it has a gaping hole.. a 7 foot hole in fact.. center stephen zimmerman..the team leader in rebounds and blocked shots..
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the hometown kid went down hard at fresno state on saturday.. it was an awkward play with an unexpected consequence.. zimmerman got tangled up with bulldogs 260 pound forward terrell carter in the first half.. but as zimmerman fell down he winced in considerable pain..unlv announcing the mri performed on zimmerman's knee reveals a significant sprain and has no time table for his return..we're hoping the best for a player with a bright future ((jon tritsch)) > vegas dave has just been taken off the christmas card list for valley sports books.. the expert gambler went all in on the broncos in a futures bet at multiple casinos and is counting the money..super bowl sunday earned him $2.3 million dollars dave oancea laid money on the broncos before the season and after peyton manning got hurt mid season and now he collects.. william hill sports book presents him with a check of 965,000.. dave also predicted the royals to win the world series and holly holm to beat ronda
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((vegas dave )"back in august i predicted them to win the super bowl. they were 14-1 odds and then when manning got hurt it went to 16-1 odds and i bet $50,000 on them at that time. a lot people are cutting my action out. they don't want the liability of me. the last three months between the royals..holly holm..and denver broncos..that's five million dollars i've taken from the las vegas casinos." ) ((jon tritsch)) (jon) it's getting heated on the hardcourt..sun rise southeast conference rivals green valley and coronado battling tonight..the cougars enter 6-0 in league play..but is that good enough to take a bite out of the gators coronado not afraid of state rankings or with humans..impress ive.. but here come the gators.. canyon lewis.. 26 points.. and with a hair cut that says..i dare you to stop me.. but the cougars counter with rebounding and toughness.. kennedy kohler collecting and scoring.. you want teamwork..we've got teamwork.. jake desjardins the rebound and touch pass to kohler who can't help but score.. 15 point game.. kennedy kohler..have a day.. 26 points..
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meanwhile..nick of difficulty is great.. but so is his jumper.. 81- 64.. the cougars stay perfect in leagueeplay and improve to 15-4 on the season ((jon tritsch)) >let the countdown begin.. year two of the tony sanchez unlv era has it's first target. jackson state will be coming to town on september first..this is the alma mater of walter payton..thankfu lly the rebels won't need to game plan for anyone like him like unlv the tigers are coming off a 3 win season..sanchez and the rebels claim there is a culture change at unlv.. the best way to show that is by getting off to a fast start.. september first is a thursday.. game time and tv will come later /// >peyton manning is used to floating he's just on a float..but in front of thousands of people.. the 39- year-old quarterback is expected to retire..but he says before any life changing decisions could be made he had to take his kids to the destination of super bowl champions.. disneyland /// ((peyton manning/broncos qb: "my two kids are waving to every
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that they see people that they know out in the crowd which is fascinating to me. you see a lot of broncos jerseys out there and you see a lot of people who are excited who just watched the game". )) ((denise valdez)) > we're back
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bourne film that was shot on the las vegas strip: (( "remembering everything doesn't mean you know everything. the world is a bore." swat truck plows cars )) ((dave courvoisier)) universal studios bought super bowl ad time for the spot... which shows a swat truck plowing through traffic in front of the paris hotel and casino... and across from the famous bellagio fountains. the movie hits theaters july 29-th./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) "papa bear" bill o'reilly is colbert's guest next on the late show.
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