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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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metro says officers first showed up to the rosemont gated community near hualapai and desert inn around 4- o'clock this morning. when they got here they found a man and a teenage girl suffering from gunshot wounds inside of a home. officers on scene started emergency aid... before the two were taken to u-m-c. the man and the girl are both in critical condition. metro police do not believe this was a burglary... and think the suspects and the victims knew each other: ((officer michael rodriguez // metro police: the biggest thing i can stress is at this point in time. we believe that this is not a random incident. so neighbors in the area should feel comforted in that fact that we don't have somebody -- randomly going out targeting residents in the middle of the night. )) ((michael stevens)) police do not have any information about potential suspects... they say detectives are still trying to process the scene and interview witnesses. one thing to point out... a handgun was dropped in the park across the street. police do believe the weapon was used in this shooting. police are turning to the public for help on this one...
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and and might've heard or seen anything... they want you to call police. michael... could neighbors shed any light on the people living inside the kirsten... all of these police cars and news trucks... are certainly getting the attention of the people living in this normally quiet area. people here say the people just moved into the home... where this incident happened... not many of the neighbors i spoke to knew them... and say this is normally a pretty tight knit community. kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) > a local woman has a complete stranger to thank.... for helping her escape her yard.... moments before a fire really took off. jeremiah romero was driving past the home near washington and valley view... when he saw a woman standing on the back porch as smoke was pouring from the home. he quickly went to her... to convince her to move. ((
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was able to get her from her porch and we had to pick her up over her fence and bring her out to safety, and during that time is when the flames exploded through the window )) romero says the woman was very concerned about her dog... and right now fire investigators have not located the dog. romero stayed with her and helped her call her son before she was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation./// ((kirsten joyce)) and another overnight fire left a family homeless. the flames started at about 3-30 in a shed behind the mobile home near lake mead and sloan. the fire quickly spread to the home.. while people and several animals were inside. everyone got out safe, except for the family's dog who died. the red cross is helping the family find shelter. firefighters are still flames./// ((kirsten joyce)) > police have located the van that hit and killed a 2-year- old girl... and her father says.. the suspect is now behind bars.. evelyn green died after getting run over in front of her home near lake mead and pecos...
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news now.. the man responsible turned himself into police.. as soon as we get that confirmed, we will pass that informatoin along to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the woman who says a former metro police officer beat her while arresting her... is speaking exclusively to 8 news now. ((((amanda: i felt like it was wrong. i know my rights as citizen.)) ((kirsten joyce)) amanda ortiz says former officer richard scavone threw her to the ground, slammed her into a patrol car, and knocked out a couple of her teeth while arresting her for prostitution in january 2015. months later, he was fired. last month, he was indicted in federal court of excessive force and obstruction of justice...for lying on a report. police say scavone was wearing a body camera at the time.. filing a complaint. but police refuse to make it public. ((amanda ortiz: i think it's wrong. it's wrong because it was what, what is the point of having a body camera if it's only gonna be internal?)) ((amanda
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officer that's supposed to be there for my safety, or you know what i mean and at that point, i just felt unsafe.)) ((kirsten joyce)) we filed a freedom of information act request to access the video.. which police denied. they say it's part of an open criminal case. but the u-s attorneys said they would not prevent metro from releasing it. ortiz is now suing scavone.. metro, and several other officers.. claiming they victimized her./// ((kirsten joyce)) > metro police officers are dressing up as hearts.. to make sure yours keeps beating. the department is promoting pedestrian and driving safety on some of the most dangerous streets. this is video of an officer crossing boulder highway and sun valley avenue this morning... that stretch on boulder highway claimed the most pedestrian lives last year... 12 people died on that road. (( erin breen: it always comes down to teh pedestrian, whether they are doing everything right or not it's always literally up to them because they are the ones with the most at risk. i have never seen a case where a pedestrian has killed a driver it is always the other way around.
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no matter whose fault it is, someone dies and someone is left with the responsibility and it is always the pedestrian who dies, and the driver who is left- whether it is their fault or not- you don't take a life, without it effecting your life for the rest of your life )) ((kirsten joyce)) right now.. an officer is walking up and down flaming near arville. drivers and pedestrians spotted breaking the rules of the road.. will be cited./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the democratic presidential candidates.. have their sights set on nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take part in a town hall event.. here in las vegas next week. it comes.. two days before the democratic caucus. state democrats have not released where the town hall will take place. as soon they do, we'll update you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > republican front runner donald trump secured victory in the new hampshire primary... along with democratic senator bernie sanders.. now the candidates are focusing
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hillary clinton is facing an uphill problem with young voters... lead... with youth. ((bernie) bc of a yuge voter turnout - and i say yuge - we won! ( clinton) i know i have some work to do particularly with young people )) ((kirsten joyce)) trump took new hampshire with 35 percent of the vote... with 35 percent of the vote... and has promised to grow his popularity. ohio governoe john kasich came in second./// ((kirsten joyce)) > don't forget... we are your local election headquarters throughout the season... both on air and online./// ((kirsten joyce)) > tackling the zika virus.. the high- ranking health officials.. meeting on capitol hill. to stop the illness from spreading even further./// ((sherry swensk)) > ((sherry swensk)) plenty of sunshine on this wednesday before valentine's day... and i think most of us are loving this springtime warm-up! ..................... your weather now current temps
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pushing above normal - right into the 60s at the lunch hour - and still climbing. we could set a new record high today... we'll find out what that magic number is and check your most accurate extended forecast through the holiday weekend coming up!///
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> now nevada's first ((kirsten joyce)) > two people are facing felony charges. . after police say they were having sex on the high roller. police arrested philip panzica and chloe scordianos on friday. an operations manager saw the two smoking and taking their clothes off on a security camera, and told them to stop.... over the intercom. investigators say the couple did not listen. and we are learning this noon... this is not panzica's first run in with the law, he has numerous arrests from texas from burglary to d- u-i to assaulting a family member./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a former music teacher is facing charges.. after police say he inappropriately touched two 12-year-olds. north las vegas police arrsted william crawford. for the incident which police say happened in 2012, while he was employed at somerset academy. the school says he was only an employee for three months, and they didn't know about any claims against him when his employment ended. if you have any information regarding this're
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((kirsten joyce)) > concerns over the zika virus are growing.. and today.. two of our nation's health leaders.. will go before congress to discuss the illness. both the c-d-c director, and the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious disease will testify in a hearing on capitol hill. the mosquito- born illness causes birth defects. it's predominately in south america.. but the world health organization estimates as many as three to four million people across the americas will be infected this year./// ((kirsten joyce)) > as some areas around the county have a fresh layer of snow today.. we are enjoying beautiful temperatures, sherry will let us know how long these 70's will last./// <
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potential hazmat situation at the luxor right now... there are few details as crews
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determine what they are dealing with. we will stay on top of the situation and bring you the latest as soon as we have more./// ((kirsten joyce)) > now let's send things over to sherry for a check on today's beautiful forecast./// ((sherry swensk)) we're creatures of habit... and for us in the desert we like our blue skies and warmer days... so hopefully most people like a warm springlike weather this week. ............... weather now temps already in the mild mid 60s across the valley... and are still rising. .......... we started out very mild again with lows in the mid to upper 40s. a few cooler spots in the low
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are you ready to set some records today? i think we might do it and we've hit the mid to low 70s the last four days and today could be a new record. normal high should be at 61 degrees... and we've already passed that here at noon. the record high of 74 was set two years ago. ............ morning lows very mild - nearly 10 degrees above normal. and the days are looking and feeling longer which is great to enjoy the warmer weather. .................... that's what's happening across the west as high pressure is building up temps some ten, twenty, even thirty degrees above normal. long beach, california hit 92 degrees yesterday! the jet stream is very lopsided and temps are cold back east... and it looks like will get colder into the weekend with another arctic blast coming in
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cold and snowy winter weather hangs on across the eastern u.s. today and that cold air spreading all the way to the deep south. and so many states picking up snow... like nashville. the winter conditions creating hazardous travel. ............... warmer temps keep coming for the desert with highs in the mid 70s lasting through the work week and a very mild president's day weekend heading our way. such a warm valentine's day... have dinner on the patio with your sweetheart!/// <
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((kirsten joyce)) > we have just learned carly fiorina is presidential race... it was announced through a facebook post today. this comes after the new hampshire primary where donald trump took 35 percent of the vote..we'll be right back./// ((kirsten joyce))
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we're working on for our news at four. election's are easy to grasp... but what about a caucus? politics now anchor patrick
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before democrats and republicans caucus in nevada later this month. ((kirsten joyce)) > "deadpool" star ryan reynolds isn't just a super hero.. apparently he's a pretty good looking father. people magazine just dubbed the actor "the sexiest dad alive." reynolds became a dad in december.. when his wife, actress blake lively, gave birth to their daughter james. the 39-year-old says having a daughter was dream come true./// ((kirsten joyce)) > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas
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